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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> president trump taking a tough stance against north korea. >> fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> tag a tough stance against north korea leading to the north against u.s. territory of guam. we have reaction from guam where thousands of u.s. military personnel are stationed. >> a hospital ordered to temporarily stop delivering bades and offering prenatal care. >> looking outside 5 a.m. wednesday morning august 9 we're in for another pleasant summer day temps low to mid 80s. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is wednesday, august 9.
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culpeper county, virginia. >> man, michael thomas talking about back to school weather for culpeper country kids and erin como has eyes on the road and mike what's the headline this morning. >> couldn't ask for a better day for back to school. sorry kids, georgous day today. comfortably cool. >> quiet in culpeper now and we have a police investigation in the district. we'll see how that is impacting your commute in southeast next. and if you're getting up with us now 5:01 top story from breaking news paris france several soldiers rundown suburb of paris and what is believed to be a deliberate attack. six solders hurt two seriously when the drive of a vehicle hit them two hours ago. the manhunt is underway for the driver and the vehicle and no word whether the driver has terrorist ties. soldier hurt are part of force created in wake of several extremist attacks in france in 2015. north korea best not make any more threats
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states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> strong words from president trump as tensions escalate over north korea v vowing revenge over u.s. following sanks. the u.s. territory of guam. >> following overnight developments live on capitol hill this morning. mel. >> good morning, guys, law makers in back in home states. they're definitely reacting to the president's words from new york senator chuck shumer. he says they're reckless. maryland senator ben carden calling them blustery and proactive and in home state of arizona john mccain speaking to local radio station saying those words could bring united states one step closer to serious confrontation and president trump was speaking in new jersey at an event on opiate addiction. he lashed out at those reports that north korea accelerated nuclear capabilities
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bomb small enough to put head on missile that could reach u.s. main land and following young's comments north korea is examining plans to attack guam u.s. territory is armed with our missile defense system and key launch site for military operations in the region. the language from kim and trump are threatening. >> i think that raises pressure both on the united states and hopefully that will then mean u.s. raises pressure on countries it's working with to reach a solution here. >> reporter: now, meanwhile, un am bar door nikki haley and secretary of state rex tillerson were in the region working on this and trying to get other countries to enforce economic sanctionss in north korea. back on commonwealth of pennsylvania toll hill guam has a non voting delegate
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in congress. she was speaking last night to colleagues at fox news and said she remains confident her island nation is protected and safe. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you. 5:04 is the time. striking contradiction from trulp about the russian investigation. he is calling it a witch hunt and through his lawyer he spent private messages to muller thanking him for his work on the investigation. earlier this year president trump came under fire for speaking privately about the investigation with former fbi director james comey. president fired comey shortly after. >> i'm, 5:04 d.c. policeer for a killer after a man was shot in northeast. resttors remain on the scene collecting evidence. the victim was shot 1:20 this morning and no word on whether police know who they're looking for. >> d.c. health department ordered united medical
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offering prenatal care. the lane or unit will be closed 09 days. source told mat aklin united medical center was warned by department of health to improve patient care in ob unit. they believe the suspension resulted in overall poor care being given. we reached out to united medical center for comments and did not hear back. >> decision on whether to give voting rights to non citizens in college park maryland was postponed. police beefed up presence after threats made against some council members. prince george county police are investigating the threats and that vote was rescheduled for september 12. >> fairfax county police are searching for a teenager missing a week. 18-year-old miguel coreo was last seen last week thursday. he was walking near a wooded area in habla valley and detectives believe his disappearance is gang related. anyone knowing his whereabouts is asked
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>> winning numbers were 11, 17, 50, 52, 74 and mega ball 14 and next mega millions is friday and jackpot went up to 382 million for now. but tonight is powerball and that jackpot is more than $300 million. good luck. >> 5:06 is the time and let's get to mike anesthetic and talk weather. >> what a beautiful day in store. mornings in august does it get better than this. check out temperatures in the 50s north and west. kind of close to the upper 40s in a few neighborhoods. couple better land 52, culpeper where kids were back to school, 57 at this hour. 5 a5 mannasas here in the district it's 66 and mostly near the river elsewhere comfortable start to the day. it's a clear morning as well. lots of stars, mop, big, bright and beautiful and not full though. that was two days ago. it's waning. lots
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comfortably warm temperatures. no humidity. wednesday to get out and en enjoy. of course kids in culpeper county have school today. over to erin como now. >> i almost said indicate lip roth. she was filling in for erin como. >> well thank you very much. and right now for wednesday morning ride things look going college park beltway. 270 looking fine as you make your way down from spur. as we take a look in southeast we have a police investigation closing w street south east between mlk jr. avenue and 13 street southeast. things on suitland looking good problem free. if you take metro service is kicked in a5 a.m. all rails on time exempt the green line. metro track work will be in place august 20. suitland station closed. shuttle service will replace trains naylor road and branch avenue and i'll let you know if any
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the green line slows down and we're up against that this morning. beltway look going to and from the baltimore beltway to capitol beltway and route 1 and bw parkway not seeing issues. looking good on way to bwi. reagan national and dulles. 270 in clear and 95 looking good through fredericksburg in virginia. maureen, wisdom. >> thanks, erin, coming up on fox news morning trump administration said to be looking at privatizing war in afghanistan. >> and suxing protest all because of student painting happeninging in his office. >> headed to break a live look across the d.c. region, culpeper country first day of school for you. we want to see your back to school picks, ice #fox5firstday when you post them online we'll be share to air them throughout the morning. 5:08, 68 degrees. glad you're watching this morning. we'll be
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>> 13 people are dead after a earthquake hit china. it knocked out power and phone networks complicating efforts to find survivors. officials say tremors could be felt in nearby cities.
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a 16-year-old war against taliban. under proposal 6500 private contractors most under special operation troops would analyze afghan forces. and currently stationed in afghanistan. >> and two psychologist that master minded ci. a torture program will two to court next month. three victims in the program filed a civil suit against creators. john mitchell and john bruce johnson. more than a year of research brought enough evidence to support victim's claims. >> student painting of conservative groups say artwork hanging in lieu corea california office is unpatriotic they threat tone protest september 11. korea refused
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controversial about the painting. >> a deadly outbreak has taken 109 people in the united states and cdc says source of outbreak was traced ba being to carbean papaya one new york city resident died last month and one was hospitalized with sal mow nel a they tested trut and found five strands of salmonella a recall was issued jewel 26. it was told units jewel 10 and jewel 19. >> conservative group slamming two mothers. >> one of best dining halls is in mid atlantic region. >> use the #fox5firstday. all right. get up, get up, get u
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first day of school, culpeper kids and teachers. back after this
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>> back now at 5:14 with a check of of top stories wednesday august 9. there is breaking news this morning from suburb of paris. six french soldiers hurt two seriously after a vehicle slammed into them the vehicle appeared to target soldiers. the manhunt is on the way for the driver and vehicle. no word if this was act of terrorism. >> officials in u.s. territory of guam are saying residents are safe and there's no real threat. the army is examining operational perhaps for attacking guam. u.s. territory is home to anderson air force base the threat came after delivering a warpinging to north korea that they could face fire and fury as they make more threat to the u.s. >> russian medaling in the election president trump publicly calling
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investigation a witch hunt and the president legal team says he's been sending private messages to robert mueller thanking him for work on the investigation. the president fired comey shortly after conversations about russia. fda cracking down on ecigarette u.s. among young people. fdaing is aid proposal to lower nicotine in ecigarettes. all right. 5:15 the time now as we look outside at is that a full moon, michael thomas. >> 97.5%. >> got to be specific in the moon business. >> 3 more%. got you. is this crescent moon. >> it's a gibis moon. >> it's a waning gibis. >> waning gibis not to be confused w
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>> or waxing gibis. >> real knees seriously waning gibis that means we're coming down waxing going to full and waning coming down from full. two days ago was full moon. >> science in the morning. >> we love it. >> know what, kids in culpeper will get a lot today as they head back to school. perfect august day coming up here in d.c.. georgous, starting off good. clouds from yesterday have cleared coastline. few more left on eastern shore and eastern portions of virginia. that's it. lots of sun. nothing on radar off west. it will be a nice day. temperatures super comfortable 66 in washington. look at the 50s north and w west. 52 martinsburg and cumberland and win chester and dulles 58 and mannasas mid 50s. leonardtown, lower 60s for you comfortable start to the daylight jacket weather north and west. later this afternoon a near summertime feel. good one highs in the mid 80s. high pressure over the midwest pushing in northerly breeze dry air. all that bwn
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forecast map. there that's good news what you wants to see this time of year. if you don't like that humid, sticky feel high pressure settles in northerly breeze. high today low to mid 80s around the region low to mid sunshine again doesn't get better than this mid-august. >> 85 degrees daytime high today. again winds out of north sun filled afternoon. comfortable temperatures couldn't ask for better day for the first day of school. 67 overnight low tonight. suburbs once again kind of lower 60s. maybe even a few upper 50s. windows open weather one more night with low humidity and humidity creeps back in a little bit as we head through your day on thursday. starting with sun thursday once again. but by the evening hours we'll start to see clouds filtering in ahead of next system. friday mix of clouds and sun chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afte afternoon. saturday not a washout. looks like it will be mix of clouds and showers around. kind of the same deal sunday. right now looks like it could
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>> 5:17 this morning. volume picking up a little on 270 southbound by father surely boulevard. you see headlights making their way to spur. now just above that point 70 to truck scales increased volume and not enough to cause delays yet. i'll let you know if that changes. as we forward cameras live look hov and main lanes 95 northbound by duke street. volume increasing and both sets of lanes and not enough to cause delays. drive time beltway to 14 street bridge i'll let you know when that changes as well. let's take a look at maps now. aside from that we're seeing quiet traffic on the beltway. things looking good on 50 through cheverly and we have a police investigation. this sim pacting our drive in southeast w street and southeast closed mlk jr. avenue and south 13 street east. everything on time for metro and slow downs on ongoing traffic work. questions fox d.c.. >> and mcdonald's
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expand global reach. >> district of columbia ranged one of the best cities in the country to find work in one particular at the and no it's not the federal government. >> we're going to break with a live look across the dmv. culpeper county first day of school we want to see back to school picks, use #"fox5" first day onlne and we'll air them throughout the morning. time now 5:19, temperature 66. back in a moment.
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you each drive a ford pickup right? yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- oh my... the current chevy silverado.
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a total value of $9,600 or, get 0% financing for 60 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. sdmv time now is 5:21. mcdonald's planning super size number of locations overseas. the fast food chain will double the number of restaurants in china within the next five years to 4500 locations that makes china mcdonald's second market outside of u.s. with fewer eating. they hope to significantly grow sales in china. >> interested in tech job
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be according to a survey. washington d.c. is third largest market for jobs in tech markets and survey looked at 25 largest city and cross referenced job listings on linked in to come one snap chat of american workforce. seattle number one and san francisco number two. >> u.s. airlines bumping fewer passengers after a man was over booked. one in every 19,000 passengers war kicked off an over booked flight. lowest rate in two decades. many airlines are avoiding over booking and shelling out more money to make passengers more willing to give up seats. >> from driverless cars to pilotless planes several major airlines looking to fly without anyone in the cockpit. more than half americans said they would never fly on a plane without a pilot even if cheaper. eliminating pilots altogether could save airlines
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billion a year. not going to do it. >> not happening. >> me neither not on that o one. >> 5:2 let's look at stories you're engaging with most on social media with our realtime news tracker. >> minnesota mosque attack could have been faked. sebastian white house national security advisor made the statement yesterday after asked why the president yet to publicly comment on the incident h he said trump wants to wait until he learns more about it gorker went ton say we had a series of crimes committed alleged hate crimes by right wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to be propagated by the left. >> next up a family group slamming popular disney cartoon doc mcstuff ins by featuring two mom family focused on two mom dolls separated after a toy dragon caused earthquake it received high praise from
5:24 am
high praise from lgb it groups. >> barbara cook to starred in broadway music man died. over came alcoholism, depression and obesity and second life in cab ray and concert halls. she died early tuesday at home in manhattan at the age of 89. >> next up critics slamming people online mocking a woman of acusing usher to exposing her to herpies. quantakesia is lying because of her size of. after footage of her conference after the lawsuit surrounds making rounds on gossip sites. >> according to princeton review the best food on college campus is university of mar massachsetts amhurst. the closest in our area james madison came in number five. >> what are they serving over there. must be good eats. >> clearly. >> we're coming up on 5:25 now michael thomas weather. what is it looking like today. >> maureen, it's looking fantastic. it's looking perfect
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check out numbers, 66 degrees your current number outside. mostly clear skies. winds north and west bringing in nice, dry, perfect feeling air this time of year and again for august waking to temperatures in 70s. highs in 90s. not doing that none of that on the 7 day forecast. clear conditions over taking region we'll have a lot of sunshine today. you want to get outside and do anything outdoor, lunch, morning jog, evening jog, it will be a perfect day for it perfect planner for today surprise, sun and more sunshine. by 2:00 up to 0s we go and 5:00 a comfortable and less humid 85. we'll go 85 for daytime high in washington. that was cooler near the water 8 for you and leonardtownle 1 and mannasas and fred fredericksburg and call pe person. culpeper kids starting school today. not a bad first day. winchester high of 80. kind of repeat tomorrow. we'll have more details on changes though as we head to end o
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and we'll have more details on that coming up in a few minutes. let's check the weather forecast. erin como is back with tra traffic. >> i am. i had coffee and it doesn't feel like it yet. we're waiting for it to work. >> kicking in. >> yes. >> if you travel on the beltway inerin outer loop by coalsville road. looking good as well. as we forward things along to 295 southbound side eastern avenue yeahet taillights making their way to pennsylvania avenue he no delays. same story northbound side i'll let you know if that changes this morning. we'll switch to maps. aside from that bottom side of beltway good. no slow downs there and police investigation in south east w street southeast closed between mlk jr. avenue and 13 street southeast give yourself extra time to get around that. things looking good across the wilson bridge. all broyms are good. slow down from track work. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter, w
5:27 am
>> a new study suggestions fossil fuels burning in united states could impact air quality around the world. >> labor differenty unit in a local hospital shut down by regulators. >> culpeper kids it's first day of school. we want to see your back to school picks. put the smiles on as you take pictures use #fox5firstday. we'll be sure to air them throughout the morning to make you more happy. time now 5:27 back in a moment.
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sghv they will be melt with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> north korea responds with the u.s. threat of trair torey of guam. closed for the 0 days a local hospital ordered to temporarily stop dliving b babies and offering prenatal care and tonight a second chance to win a jackpot worth more than $300 million and third opportunity is coming on friday. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, august 9. also the first day of school for culpeper country virginia. >> all right. hey, send us
5:31 am
we know you're excited about going back to school. i know maryland deposit start until. >> after labor day right. >> anyway, erin como watching rose and michael thomas talking about weather. >> happy fist day of school to kids in culpeper county. beautiful, highs in middle 8 80s. hey, erin. >> culpeper traffic look going if you try to get to school nice and early this wednesday morning. we'll leak at rest of commute next. >> right now 5:31 if you just get up with us here are top stories breaking news from france. several soldiers rundown in suburb of paris in what is believed to be a deliberate attack. six owe soldiers hurt and two seriously when the driver of a vehicle him them two hours aago. a manhunt is underway on the driver and the vehicle. no word whether there's terrorist ties. they're part of security force created in extremist attacks in france in 2015. >> following breaking news closer to home. d.c. police searching for a killer after a man was shot to death in southeast this is a live look
5:32 am
w street remains closed as police finish up their investigation. the victim was shot arundd 1:20 this morning. no word on whether police know who they're looking for. >> residents there are safe and there's no real threat this is despite reports that north korea army says it's examining its operational plans for attacking guam. u.s. territory is home to anldzer son air force base. thousands of american personnel and families are based there and threat came after president trump delivered a warning to north korea they could face fire and fury if they make more threats to the u.s. >> striking contradiction about the russian investigation. he has been publicly calling wide inning investigation a witch hunt. through his lawyer the president sent private mes messages to kouptionler robert mueller thanking him hor positive work in the investigation. he came under fire for speaking privately about the investigation with former fbi director james comby. the president fired comey shortly afterwards.
5:33 am
impacting patients at a local hospital. the labor unit at united medical unit close snrd at this time it's not clear why the d.c. health department gave that order but it could have devastating impact on the community. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, maureen, wisdom, this is a big inch pact on the community. first and foremost this is only hospital available on the east sie of the anacostia river. so this say big impact to those who live here and what this means is, with the labor unit being closed for the next 90 days for now it means if you are pregnant you'll have to make other arrangements to receive the care you need prenatal care you need as well as giving birth over the next 90 days. department of health ordered umc to stop delivering babies and offering prenate ail care and not commenting on specific reason for the suspension. a d.c. government source tells
5:34 am
by department of health to improve patient care in the obstetric unit and when conditions did not improve clearly the department took action on the hospital. a employee says they believe suspension was resulting in overall poorer care given here and there were two specific incidents aents did not eye rab late. department of health did not elaborate on those details. i want to send you a statement from vincent gray chairman of committee in helm expressing concerns saying i cannot comment to the situation that led to suspension of services or whether correct decision because communication by executive branch is unacceptably non existent. i'm concerned residents no longer have this option to have their babies delivered. it is far past time to timely bring health equity to the east end of city. for the next 90 days labor unit here closed and suspended and we know
5:35 am
department says they're working with united medical to make sure this suspension is lifted. and soon. and so we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out. we also reached out to united medical center asking for more information on those specific incidents that the employee told us about. they have not gotten back to us and have not provided any further comment. that's a very latest from southeast d.c., annie yu, "fox5 local news". all right, annie, thank you very much for the report. let's check in with michael thomas now. first dave school for culpeper county we can't say that enough. >> poor kids we're torturing them. >> they may be ready to go back some of them. >> i remember these days when a kid. these are the wovrlt days. >> where did you guys go to school. i couldn't wait to go back to school. >> i missed my friends. >> we had fun summers. >> that's where you're the strange one. >> all right. >> one of these tree is not like the other♪ >> let get it to today before the kids go back to school it's a beautiful start to the day. fortunately
5:36 am
anything to get you delays or cancel laces today gorgeous afternoon. look at clouds clear and coastline. clear skies over tape the region. temperatures fallen this morning comfortably so. dulles into the 50s. 5 this hour. bwi 60. many northwestern suburbs fell back to mid and low 50s. nats game perfect day for baseball. 82 degrees. perfect night for baseball. forecast over the next couple days kind of rips and repeat pattern in a good way. 85. sunshine. same deal tomorrow with few more clouds in the average. that's weather. erin is back with traffic this morning. hey, erin. >> 5:36 now taking a look at maps. active police investigation in southeast closeing a portion of w street between mlk jr. avenue and 13 street southeast aside from that wide view looks great and gw parkway problem free both direction
5:37 am
secondarys in georgetown quiet this morning. covt ton look going and no problems baltimore washington parkway to and from the beltway. if you have an early morning flight traffic on the way to bwi and reagan and dulles looking good. 95 to georgia avenue not typical congestion yet and spur looks nice. metro on time except for ongoing green line track work. wisdom, maureen. >> comingp a new study suggestions fossil fuels could impatient air quality around the world. >> psychologists reveal what your instagram account says about your mental state. >> guess what, culpeper, culpeper county it's your first day of school. back to school picks #fox5firstday when you post them on line use them on air throughout the morning and 5:37
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>> welcome back to "fox news morning". time now is 5:40. you're in for a pleasant summer day temps mid to low0s. michael thomas up in a few minutes with full wednesday forecast. >> all right meantime let's get you caught up on the news. federal government planning to quietly handover the license of new liver cancer drug to a
5:41 am
chinese form suit call company. national institutes of health proposing to grants company exclusive worldwide rights to patent on the new cancer drug. the deal would essentially give owner of a company a monopoly on liver cancer treatments and this comes amid growing backlash over deals which give companies such power over medications and vaccine. >> research hers found burning coal could produce tox taken yum ox sides and could enter lungs and blood stream and travel in the air and travel quite a distance on air current. nation with strong environmental regulations like united states most particles are quawingt particle traps and coal ash and smoke opened air. >> photos you share on instagram may talk about your mental health and say if suffering from depression those tend to be bluer, d drayer, daerk, drainin
5:42 am
from images and contain fewer people in them. luxury tooth pick maker changing up" popular post male ritual. canadian entrepreneur introducing tooth picks with single malt scotch and bou bourbon. he saw an opportunity even wanted to make best product they come in six flavor bourbon, begin ger malt, le lemon, honey, minute, cin cinnamon. and a full pack starts $25. >> a tooth pick? >> tooth pick. >> flavored tooth picks. >> i didn't know there were two tooth pick people. >> if you didn't know now you know. >> tooth picks though? >> okay. coming up on "fox news morning" after five years together disney decides toy ditch netflix in favor of own streaming service. >> mayor governor hogan has a test project leading to a cleaner che
5:43 am
>> tooth picks? am i the only one? >> okay. head add cross the d.c. region culpeper county it's first day of cool back to school picks. get your miley mug on air use #fox5firstday we'll post them and run them all morning long. it's 5:43 and 66 degrees. we're back after this
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>> we're back.
5:46 am
first day back at school. we asked towsend us back to school picks and you're looking at some of them. these kids look happy to be going back. >> i told you they before happy. >> #fox5 first day. keep them coming we want to see your smiley back to school faces. the whole classroom there. video. getting fancy with it. >> love it. >> speaking of culpeper that's where zip trip is z zipping to friday, tucker, me, kevin. we hope you come out to see us we're there 6 to 11. i'm not sure of the location but we're coming to culpeper. if you have the time come out and say hello. we'd love to see you♪ ♪ young and dumb♪ ♪ >> yeah, yeah, young and d dumb. >> and broke♪ >> i can only claim one of those. >> and ain't the young part. >> all right. >> michael thomas what's going on. >> enjoy it while you're young, kids. >> oh, man. >> feeling a lot like fall talking about back to school. >> it does not feel like
5:47 am
that's truth of the matter. >> especially not in d.c.. later this week it will get closer. but really there's nothing on the forecast that screams summertime heat. >> i know. >> that is one of odd times. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. again feeling good outside. will feel good as well. pleasantly warm temps and wednesday to get outside and enjoy. as we head to end of week friday, saturday more unsettled weather comes in and yes weekend could contain unsettled weather with showers and possibly thunderstorms. in the forecast not a washout. none of these days like friday was. at least a chance each day we could pop a shower or storm. satellite and radar here showing no threat for showers and storms today. look at last of clouds from the system that moved through a few days ago. continuing to push off the coastline and look back out west. there's nothing going on. lot of sunshine our way and passing fair weather clouds. 66 your number outside. what a comfortable start, gaithersburg 57, cumberland 5
5:48 am
gaithersburg 57, cumberland 52, martinsburg 52. super cool. that's light jacket weather in the mountains north and wet. frederick 55. frederickburg at 61. leonardtown is a while been good seeing you guys. welcome to 50s. 59 as you start the day. high pressure across the midwest pushing in northerly winds that bring in the dry, nice feeling air. already did into the overnight hours and continues in the afternoon. high today low to mid 80s arounlt the region feeling good early to mid-august feel out. there 85 the daytime high. here in mannasas quantico 8. martinsburg 8. win chester 80. how about tonight. another windows open night. give ac a rest. we may need them august, september, not out in the clear until we get to d.c.. look at 50s once again settling into mountains. gaithersburg 60. windows open weather. one more night in
5:49 am
gets humid tomorrow evening. 85 today and 84 tomorrow and again clouds roll back in and second half of average into the evening hours tomorrow ahead of next system on friday. what you can bring is scattered storms in the afternoon. and that coined of continues to be the pattern into the weekend. spotty showers day. same deal sunday. monday is 7 day forecast and looks like it could be a associating. will depend on how things set up in the atlantic. we'll keep app eye on that and let you know more details. for nowen join the georgous weather. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:49 a new crash 270 southbond side urbana after 10 seeing green on maps from 70 on down that quickly turns red because of volume as well as crash scene. use caution. south of that appointment to montgomery county looking g good. no problems right now in gaithersburg or rockville. inner and outer loop to and from connecticut avenue look going 95
5:50 am
beltway looks good as well and we do have police investigation still causing closure in southeast. w street between mlk jr. avenue and south east. little volume picking up khvly inbound. metro is on time and green line delays from track work. wisdom and maureen back to y you. >> testimony resumes in trial of radio host suing swift. he was fired for allegedly groping swift at red carpet event in 2013. in court tuesday miller said ape appropriately touching is wrong and so it accusing someone of it. visit with is counter suing for $1. >>:5:50 is the time. maryland govern nor larry hogan for improvement to cl
5:51 am
it's near the conawingo dam. that plan is an sdporment see if large scale dreming would help from the susquehanna river. >> virginia is announcing new plan to address public school to comply with federal laws. the plan gives state and local officials more freedom of how to turn low performance schools around and doesn't give a lot of specifics. under proposal state will identify schools as requiring comprehensive supports and improvement or targeted support and improvement. time now 5:51 let's look at stories you're engaging with most on social media with news time realtime tracker. >> and the announcement coincided with mixed quarterly earning. disney stock sunk. >> and
5:52 am
manifesto led to ouster and complaint of company. james demore is listed on national labor relations board. what his complaint was about was not publicly vaim. his ten page memo sparked outrage after listing reasons why he thinks women don't exceed in technical fields claiming women are more interest afternoonard says he created a masters in system's biology. campbell of ripe stone cowboys pass away and sold records and had 75 chart hits he was 81 years old. tag a break from training calm. kurt cousin and josh norman and others took a spin around the racetrack with dale earnhardt, jr. they were richmond race bay and number
5:53 am
hour tour from the track. dale jr. is a huge redskins fan and was excited at the opportunity to meet the players. saying if there's anybody to get star struck or geeked out about it's anyone plying for the redskins. >> define love or maybe make yourself look like a stud. he booked 6 dates in one night truckston inn. the night was not a total bust the women became friends and ended up haptioning at a bar across the street. >> i want to know more about this. >> six women in the same place. >> not the brightest. >> not a good idea. >> yeah. >> all right. let's move on. 5:5 3 is the time letter man coming back to tv. he plans to host on netflix up seatled six episode series will
5:54 am
the second series. >> sort of like charlie rose. >> he needs to shave that beard. >> i'm not feeling it either. >> this friday wheeling in culpeper virginia, from 6 to 11, i'll be there and tucker would be this and i would love to he soo new culpeper. friday, zip trip. >> time now to say good morning to our facebook fan ever the day. say hello to lashaun voss turns 45 today. lashaun says it would mean so much to her to be the fan of the day. >> she wakes up watching fox 5 and goes to bed watching "fox5" with her phone app. we love fans. thank you for watching "fox5". you're look ago mazeing. 45 the new 25.
5:55 am
michael thomas wrap up this hour with warm for us. >> sure let's do it in fact let's wrap it up with first bus stop forecast of the year. >> i'm sorry well not of the year but of this school year. culpeper bus stop forecast 63 to 70 this morning and lots of sun as you get the kids off the bus stop. culpeper country, virginia, after school, 82 to 85 gorgeous day for fist day of school and i'm sorry the kids won't be outside all day to enjoy it tropical tracker here showing franklin kind of merged off yucatan peninsula expect to restrengthen. it's expected to make landfall to certain passions of mexico later tomorrow night. >> as good as it get to august, 85. tomorrow we start with plenty of sunshine. another cool start by the way. 67 d.c. and upper 50s for suburbs once again.
5:56 am
get unsettled weather rolling into town on friday. and that unfortunately continues through the weekend. we'll keep the chance of showers and storms in the forecast. saturday surprised, even into next monday. right now none of those days looks like washout and we'll hammer out the details in the next few days. checking the forecast erin is back this morning and roads not bad right. >> getting worse. you're seeing a sea of brake lights and that's because of a disabled dump truck 66 eastbound just after sutly road. this is delay you're talk a look at. from 234 prince william to past sutly road a 10 minute slow down. westbound side looking g as we move it over for a look in maryland flashing lights behind me. this is 270 southbound falls road dealing with a crash blocking shoulder as well as farts of left lane and that is causing some big slow downs in those local lanes. so please use caution there mainly and in a little better shape we'll keep you updated on the slow downs. let's switch to maps right now. other problems right now in south east but i want to show you a clear look at the top sood i o
5:57 am
you make your way south iingt closeing a portion of w street and mlk skr jr.. metro is on time except for the green line issues. fox d.c. on twitter, calm start to first day of school starting in culpeper today. are are more on that as we continue pass 35s
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
pass 35s >> straight ahead at 6:00. tensions with north korea hitting a new high overnight. the president's threat of fire and fury. met with a fierce response from the north threatening to take aim at the united states in guam. is united states ready for possible attack. reaction pouring in that hour. >> back here locally d.c. hospital ordered to suspend all baby deliveryes and prenatal care. why city health department director suspended its license. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning. it is august 9, 2017. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. >> good wednesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> great to be here with morning. picture of sunrise here this wednesday morning. if you just get up 6 a.m. let get caught unon top stories age group of soldiers is run over in a suburb of paris now a counter terrorism investigation in underway. six soldiers struck and two hurt and


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