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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 10, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead north korea responding to president trump's tough talk calling his warnings a load of nonsense. now, pyongyang is getting more specific about its plan to tack guam. we'll have the latest as the crisis continues to escalate. no charges for the dc police officer that shot and killed terrence sterling nearly a year ago. i'm annie yu and i'll have the full story inn clueing reaction from the family. the request for a super bowl begins tonight. it's the battle of the beltways. the redskins heading north on 95 taking on baltimore the first preseason game of the year, but a lot of familiar faces will not be on the field. we'll have an injury update when we check in with grant paulsen. later, tailor swift's mom takes the
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not go to police after claiming a dj groped her during a photo shoot. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ trouble, trouble, trouble. >> ♪ >> who sings this son, maureen. >> do not do it. >> it's tay tay. >> whose in considerate right now. >> what's her name? >> if you embrace it and move on you'll be a better person for it. >> you know what, wisdom, preach. >> words of wisdom. >> there you go. you'll be a better person. >> tip of your tongue. >> you dope like this song. >> oh, hell, no. [ laughter ] >> throw back to yesterday. >> okay. let me say it. taylor swift. >> there you go. >> you feel better. we reached new milestones on this thursday morning. august 10th thanks for being with us. good day dc. i'm steve along allison, maureen and wisdom. holly is off this morning. >> the rally cats that wouldn't go down without a fight the feisty feel line ended up being good luck for the st. louis cardinals. >> i'm not touching it. >> he's smart. >> oh, no,
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clawing him. >> off to good start. oh, no. >> even if he wasn't so kind to the grounds crew member who had to carry him off the field. >> you know it will happen. >> oh, my god. >> the problem f he picked up the cat and calmly slowly walked probably would have been fine you're in the middle of game. >> right. >> got to get off the field. >> yup. i want to know how you drew the short straw. >> right. you'll the one to get him. >> do you think he got bitten. >> scratched badly. >> yeah. my meadery action would be like, drop it. mine, too. you can't do that. >> that's your reaction. >> ahh! a bunch of drops. >> i hope he got hazard pay. before we get into everything else today let's start with live look outside on what could be one of our last dry days for quite some time. we'll check in with tucker barnes for first check of the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> first though at 9:00, new tension between the united states and north korea. pyongyang how responding to president trump's
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causing his warning about fire and fury a load of nonsense they're getting more specific about an tack on guam just the latest back and forth in an escalating war of words that could risk turning into actual military action. fox5's melanie alnwick has the latest this morning from capitol hill. mel? >> reporter: president trump and's off the cuff remarks reportedly caught advisers and cabinet members off guard. now these specific plans to attack guam are causing some tension in washington and be beyond. north korean provocations run the full gamut from missile launches to now personal attacks directed at president trump with one north korean general calling the presidency nile. >> they will be met with fire and fury. >> reporter: the president's tough talk generating some criticism at home and abroad. just as the white house had been pursuing diplomatic solutions for north korea. including consensus building at the united nations. but the state department defending that message
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>> let's consider what is alarming. what is alarming to icbm tests in less than a month, two nuclear tests that took place last year. >> reporter: in many ways what we're seeing from this administration may wind up being similar to others before it. rising tensions with north ko korea, followed by deescalation. >> nobody in the world wants this war. china doesn't want it. the south koreans don't want it. japan doesn't want it. i hope we don't want it, and the cost of it would be so tremendous that american administrations all through recent history have in the end chosen it's better not to fight. >> reporter: japan meantime saying this morning that it can defend itself from north korean missiles. the problem though even for the united states is that north korea could develop enough missiles to overwhelm defense systems. >> the 33 we're going to face is anywhere from 50 to 75 north korean icbm's that's the pro problem. and so let's just say
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missiles get through that we do very well and we get 65 out of 70. that's not good enough for america. >> reporter: meanwhile as far as possible diplomatic talks go, north korea says dialogue at this point with president trump isn't even possible. at the white house i'm mel know alnwick, fox5 local news. this morning, president trump appears to have switched his focus back to health care so far his only tweet this morning was one attacking mitch mcconnell for failing to pass a measure to repeal and replace the affordable care act known as obamacare. meanwhile another step in the special council investigation into president trump's campaign and his connections to russia. we learn the federal agents raided the virginia home of the former campaign manager paul manafort on july 26th. agents walk away with tax documents and foreign banging records. manna port served as manager to the trump campaign for five months last year. spokesperson says he is cooperating with authorities. ♪
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back to local story that has just gotten so much attention over the past year. the family of terrence sterling the unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a dc police officer last fall says it's not going to stop its request for justice in his death. that pledge came after the announcement that the officer will not face prosecution in this case. that announcement just made yesterday. we had chance to talk with the sterling family's lawyer about that decision earlier this morning and more on that annie yu is live this morning from third and m northwest the intersection where sterling was shot and killed. annie? >> reporter: hey, steve g morning to all of you. the family says this is far from being over. in fact they have filed a civil suit so we'll have to wait scene how this all plays out but, you know, no charges against the driver -- the officer, the dc police officer, brian trainor, and you know, moments after that big announcement a lot of people gathered right here at third and m northwest where this unfolded nearly a year ago to show their sign of support for t
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of terrence sterling, but as you mentioned, there was a lot of reaction to this. in fact mayor muriel bowser said yesterday she's calling for the officer's resignation. 31-year-old sterling was shot by officer trainor on sept september11th in the early morning hours just after 4:30 in the morning. officer trainor and his partner were following sterling's motorcycle, and they told investigators that sterling had been driving erratically but exactly what happened during that traffic stop still in question or was put no question because officer trainor didn't turn on his body worn camera until after the shooting took place. now the u.s. attorney's office maintain a grand jury was presented with extensive evidence i'm talking 911 calls, radio runs, surveillance video, cell phone video, but despite all of that, prosecutors said that there was inefficient evidence, prosecutors also say that sterling was going as fast as upwards of 100 miles per hour, that he nearly sideswiped a cruiser and that his blood alcohol level was . w
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twice the legal amount here in the district of columbia. we spoke to jason downs the family's attorney earlier this morning while he was live on our air and he had this to say regarding the evidence that was presented. take a listen. reckless driving is not an executable offense in other words it's not the death pen penalty. you shall not be shot in the back simply because you were alleged to have been recklessly driving. there was a camera at third and m streets. that is undisputed. that camera should depict the entire incident. what happened? where is that camera? it adds insult to injury to not give us the answer to where is the surveillance footage? >> reporter: so back out here live, there are a bunch of cameras. i'd say a handful of cameras out here at this very busy main access road. this intersection. so we're not sure which one would have captured the images. the is revsing you see one right there. there's also one further down but they're all -- the ones that we can see at least are pointing
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so, again, unclear as to which camera the attorney is referring to. but, again, the family says the fight far from being over. that they have filed a $50 million lawsuit so we'll have to wait scene what happens. guys, back in to you. >> annie, thank you for that update. 9:09 is the time. it's been one year since devastating apartment fire and explosion at the flower branch apartments in silver spring killing seven people including two children. and today vigil will be held to remember those victims. investigators believe a gas leak in a meter room caused the blast. last year a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the victims allegedly washington gas failed to perform routine inspections. tonight's vigil set for 8:00 o'clock in the parking lot across the street from that apartment building. nine past the hour. let's get update on what's been breaking news from montgomery county, maryland. a gas leak in kensington force add number of evacuations. this is the 11,300 block of newport mills road that's right near newport mills middle school. they had to evacuate that school the folks who were there working on summer activities. me
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be cordoned off as well. so we can see they are still working there. trying to get that situation better under control. i haven't heard of any problems with this but precautionary evacuations. we'll share more updates as they get this this morning. >> 9:10 is the time. let's tack about the weather because today will likely be another picture perfect day with few clouds. enjoy it while it lasts. >> very nice. some rain though is on the way, list wise. >> okay. but for details, let's get -- let's get with tucker barnes. >> hello. >> hi, guys. yeah. i mean you pretty much summed it up right there. another nice one today. temperatures top out again in the mid 80s. a couple changes from yesterday. little bit more in the way of cloudiness particularly this afternoon, and our rain chances really increase by tomorrow afternoon. so i mean we'll have more clouds later today. for the most part we'll be dry if you're doing sporting events. nationals game tonight and redskins and ravens going at it up in baltimore tonight at 7:30. 76 now in washington. big jump in the last hour. 72 in
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still some 60s there off to the west. 66 in culpeper 64 this morning in winchester. satellite and the radar fairly quiet. little bit more in the way of cloudiness already this morning. with high pressure now off to our east and our flow coming off the ocean combined with some energy moving in from the west we will see the clouds kind of team up on the region by late this afternoon. a few passing clouds this morning. we'll turn mostly cloudy late think afternoon tonight with spotty shower out to the west. best chance for shower will be in the mountains. better chances that we'll see showers and storms tomorrow. details on that coming up and then next hour i'm going bowling for national bowling day. >> yay. >> all right. >> okay. >> okay. in the meantime -- don't lose. >> that's right. >> you better not, tuck. >> exactly. >> i'm betting on you. >> i wouldn't bet on me. >> who are you playing against? >> erin. >> erin. >> you were talking about the nicknames for the mlb players. tucker would just be competitor. >> is that right. >> the competitor. >> tucker -- >> that's pretty fierce. >> tucker competitive barnes. >> he's mulling it over. >> com pee. >> get back to us
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>> his other name snowflake. >> tender vegetation. >> king tuck is fine. >> all right. so playing chicken with president trump. coming up later the poultry politics on display on the national mall. >> first i know you've been waiting for football we're finally getting it tonight. some people love preseason. some people do the do not love preseason. we'll talk about it because the season is on for grant paulsen. he'll join us live next with a preview of the battle of the belt ways. ravens/redskins coming up much it's 9:12. ♪
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♪ hail to the redskins, hail victory ♪ >> that seems like the low energy version of that. ram up the up here. it's football season. all gets under way tonight. redskins preseason kicks off with a battle of the beltway taking on the ravens. game will be at m and t bank stadium. it will be our first chance to see this version of the team in action and they're first chance to hit somebody not wearing burgundy and gold jersey. kirk cousins wants to play as long as possible but i don't want to get hurt. might play a series on field. junior gillette for the first time in his two years with the team. grant paulsen joins us. good to see grant. first off your te
9:16 am
football. necessary or not necessary when it comes to games that fans actually have to pay lot of money to go see? >> clearly necessary for the teams but not to the extent to which they play these games now. there are couple clubs in the nfl that have five preseason games on their slate and they'll adjust accordingly not play their starters in couple of those games, but i think they could get ready for the season and ramped up properly with two pre-season games much the problem is that the owners still make the money for parking, for concession, when you're at the stadium a lot of times teams are charging the same for tickets for the pre-season as regular season. some of that has changed over the last few years, but they're not going to change this any time soon. i am a preseason guy because i'm football guy. i've been craving and desperate for football for 220 days i've been waiting for this. we get to see it tonight. >> i know it's a deaf money g grab. then then again the purists want to see how deep the team can be. >> if i'm going to the
9:17 am
field in september and october. i want to ask you a couple questions much first up grant i know one of the keys is receiver position. two key losses last year. three injuries right now when it come to the game tonight including jordan reid who just seems always be either touchdown or injury the two words that go with jordan reid. how is everybody looking? >> jordan reid is the most important player not only on the offense perhaps on the entire team. he's not practiced yet. there are videos coming out of redskins training camp though he looks good in his conditioning and side work on a field by himself. i think he's getting closer he's got a foot injury. he'll play later this preseason i would guess. no jamison crowder hamstring, josh docks son hamstring. terrell pry your is expected to play. kirk cousins is try to get into a throw with him. these guys have never played a game together. pry your was the big acquisition on offense brought in to help replace jackson and garson i
9:18 am
you mentioned they both went for 1k here last year. so that's my key story oh line offense pry your and cousins trying to build a rapport. >> so your gut feeling, grant's gut which is no longer in existence any because you look great, my friend, grant's gut feeling when it comes to receivers this year who leads the team? will it be terrell pry your, jamison crowder, will it be -- docket son going to break through if eusteles healthy. what's it going to be? >> i think jamison crowder is the most targeted receiver which may surprise people. i think he'll lead the team in catches. i think he's an outstanding player. he's did he miny tiff guy shifty in the middle of the field, wins one-on-one matchups and kirk cousins loves him. crowder will be the leader in catches. i'd be surprised if pry your didn't lead them them in yards. some of the desean jackson routes behind defenders will go prior your's way he'll be the leader all purpose yardage from the receiver position. but reid and crowder are still the guys
9:19 am
through in the passing game of the remember kirk cousins kind of used the field from the inside out. and that really helps crowder in the slot. >> internally here, grant, we were just talking in the studio as we do because we love football and we try not to be critical of this team we always have high expectations. i love the suring unfortunate defensive line. good changes made on the defensive side of the ball but overall we couldn't really come to an agreement that this is a better team than what we had last season. do you think this is a better version of the redskins? >> i think this is a better version of the redskins, because i think the two areas that are the most important in today's nfl are the quarterback position where cousins at $24 million has been retained and has somewhat more security although his contract is up at the end of the year again. they need it last year because he's making more money you saw him come off the practice field after a bad day last week and say to reporters i didn't play well. write that down. i'm not sure he would have been comfortable enough doing that two years ago certainly maybe last year. i think he's gro
9:20 am
as quarterback. that's going to help but most importantly you mentioned defense. they were bad last year. this third down defense was not only the worst of my lifetime, is it a tick klee the worst in nfl history. that can't be duplicated. it's not going to be. their defensive line is better they drafted a first rounder to help out. their line backing core is better they added all pro in zac brown they dra drafted a second rounder in ryan anderson. dj starting at safety. second round pick last year moving back to that position. and deangelo hall is now healthy so what was bad defense probably going to be about average this year. i don't have expectations of much higher than that. but if you're average and this offense is still scoring 24, 25 points a game, that has a chance to be a very competitive team. >> lot less pressure on the offense if the defense can hold the points down. grant, got to let you go. before we do for the pure wrists who will be like you still going to be watching in the fourth quarter tonight and they'll be watching all the plays, you see anybody as break out candidate tonight
9:21 am
>> i'll give you one name i don't think he'll break out necessarily but you should keep tabs on people are going to love kid named nico marley under sided linebacker the grandson of bob marley, and he is made a lot of waves at training camp playing very well. so he'll get a lot of runs tonight in baltimore. >> look for him. grant i'm not going to be watching the fourth quarter because it's past my bedtime but i'll be watching the first. thanks for sure. thanks, buddy. good to see you. see you again real soon. >> wisdom, nico marley keep an eye on him tonight when you're much whatting the game. >> any relation to bob marly. >> yes, baby. >> i was talking to allison. always ask me first. [ laughter ] >> you know what -- >> ask me first. >> no worries, no crying. >> we'll have you say taylor swift's name three times today. >> it's 9:21. >> that was so messy. >> me and you. coming up later why march land wayans is getting naked. >> is he related to the wayans? just kidding. erin, what are you working on. >> thank you maureen. the head of d.c.'s va bacon
9:22 am
the job days after he was fired& we'll tell you why. google, after that controversial workplace memo. >> infamous piece of history. how much oj white ford bronco could fetch when it goes up for sale. that will be next when we check what else is making headlines.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. ♪ time right now 9:24. on
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eve. >> baby friday. >> night match of the tie and cuff links. i noticed that when i look over. >> talk about matching allison's earrings we match perfectly she's got the green with my dress and purple like her dress. >> it's almost like we call each other. >> 9:25 right now. let's get to the headlines this morning. erin como will save you with some of the other stories we're working on. >> fashion report today. >> fashionable couch looking good today guys. >> thank you. >> former director of the d.c. veterans affairs hospital who was fired for mismanagement just 13 days ago already back on the job. the order to rehire brian hawkins comes after he appealed his termination to the federal merit systems protection board. hawkins was dismissed on july 28th after months of investigation into allegations of missing equipment and dirty conditions at the d.c. facility. hawkins allegedly sent secure va information he and his wife's private e-mail accounts. hawkins is not back at the hospital but rather in an administrative position at the va headquarters
9:26 am
overseas this morning we're learning more about the man police say rammed a bmw into a group of soldiers near paris yesterday. police say the suspect is a 37-year-old algerian who was legally living in france. he was already known to police as a suspect in minor crimes. but has never been convicted of anything. six soldiers were hurt when he struck them now one of them had life-threatening in. more than 60 women may sue google for gender discri discrimination. the potential suit follows google's firing of male software engineer for criticizing the company's diversity initiatives and suggesting that men are better suited for tech jobs than women. some women claim they make roughly $40,000 less than their male counterparts. a judge recently ruled that google must hand over their salary records. the big powerball jackpot is rolling on. there was no winner in last night's $27 million drawing. the winning numbers were 12, 30,
9:27 am
nine. but do you have another chance saturday night with the jackpot now up to a whopping $356 million. i'll take that. that sounds really nice. and if you're feeling extra lucky the mega millions drawing is tomorrow and that jackpot is up to 382 million i would like a ticket for both. finally, it was part of the 1994 car chase and it captured the nation. now oj simpson's infamous white ford bronco is up for sale. it will be put on for auction on the auction show pawn stars next week. bronco being sold by former agent mike gilbert and tmz is reporting that gilbert is asking for at least half million dollars for the car. would you guys be in on that bit if you had half a million dollars? >> half a million dollars for an old bronco, absolutely. >> but i mean would it garner enough money that you make more money? good here's my take on this. >> i'm curious. tell me. if it really was going to get that kind of money would they put it on pawn stars. >> do you watch p
9:28 am
>> i watch pun pennsauken stars. >> this is a mug that somebody famous touched. i want $50,000. i'll give you 50. i'll take it. >> sometimes they pay big money for stuff. >> nowhere near $500 million. >> i don't want that for 500. >> we pass erin. >> auction block on the couch says no. i am off to beat tucker at bowling guys. i'll see in you little bit. >> good luck. >> i'm so team erin on this one. >> thank you. >> i hope you win. >> me, too. fingers crossed. >> see you later. >> you are a. coming up next we're going ring side with jim ross. good old jr after the break. the legendary wwe announcer is in town for a special event at the d.c. improv. he'll join us live right here in the loft. so cool. >> tucker is coming back with an early look at the weekend forecast. i guess before he heads off to bowl. as of right now, it look like it might be a little wet out there sometimes. mo. >> fresh at 10a allison's chosen one jennifer lawrence covering the coveted september issue of vogue magazine, and, yes, again. she's opening up about her new
9:29 am
boyfriend inside. we'll have all the details in the celebrity dish. plus bill murray living a real life groundhog day. is he? why it might have felt that way for the cast of the new musical based on his hit comedy. and she's one half of the grammy award gospel duo mary mary this morning singer tina campbell is flying solo with a special performance right here live in the loft. and then later, tucker and erin doing their best big lebowski and letting it roll. we're celebrating national bowling day on good day at 10a. right now, it is 9:29 and we will be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ wild thing, you make my heart sing ♪ >> 7:32. let's check the good day sports report. already talked about the redskins last night -- few minutes ago. tonight. they're playing in baltimore. >> you probably talk about it last night, too. >> i was thinking about last night the with the nationals last night they played really well. to night nats park washington wraps up game four with miami. if you're going to the game tonight it's big ten night. you can join alumni from across the dmv to support the conference and don't forget to wear your big ten school colors and if you don't have any big ten colors to wear just wear a jersey last night it may have well have been -- may -- >> bail out. bail out. >> bail out. >> it should have been -- there it is. >> it should have been zim. >> it should have been zim night. second inning there's the solo shot. souvenir for fans in left field makes the
9:33 am
career leader in runs batted in. he's already the all time homerun leader. he's your legend just get the statue ready to go outside of nats park. bryce and the hair flying as he rounds third. that was bryce running. >> that hair is amazing. >> it's a main zeing. >> you like that. >> come over here and kick your butt. >> what am i doing? jr is here. he should be talking sports and be the voice of all of this. he hit another homerun for the bullpen out in right field. two homeruns, four rbi's, five hits. marlins lose ten-one. >> look at me. >> and then what happened, steve? >> well, he was up staged by a cat. >> he sure was. did you see it? this is matchup between the cardinals and royals. mvp a cat. little kitten made its way on to the field at bush stadium in st. louis during the sixth inning of the game. bases loaded with two outs for the cardinals but they had to delay the game for few minutes to wrangle that cat. >> ooh. >> player got a pretty good laugh. i don't think this guy is
9:34 am
>> um-um. >> that little kitty, oh, man. >> arrr! >> it's like having a squirrel in your hands. >> cardinals go on to win eight-five. a lot of people calling this the lucky cat. >> that dude is like i'm not messing up my money playing with no cat. that's not my thing. i'll catch the ball. >> do you think a puppy would have done that? >> no a puppy would have lick his face and been all happy. >> that's precisely why i like dogs better than i like cats. >> probably would have adopted him after the game. >> that gave them the fire they needed. >> yay! >> maureen, really? really maureen you. >> saying allison. >> nothing. i rethought what i was going to same dogs are better than cats. >> oh, no, no, no. that's what i said. i can't say it. >> all right. >> we can say this. tucker has our weather update. good morning. >> cat was hilarious. i mean he was going off on that poor guy. well he was scared. he was very scared. my mom's cat would have definitely done that. like he was like a tough cat. >> i just don't understand cats. that
9:35 am
cat. >> i'm with you that's why i said dogs are better than cats. >> you didn't have to go there. >> i did. i'm a dog -- i never had cat. >> i'm just saying. all right. wisdom here's the better question are the redskins better than the ravens? you want to get involved in that? >> crickets. >> silence. >> um-hmm. >> the skins are better than the ravens. >> whoa allison is going out there. >> got to do it. >> okay. we'll have to wait and see. 77 if you're going up to the game in baltimore tonight 7:30. increasing cloud cover. temperatures will be pleasant and we should rain free. so it will be very pleasant weather wise if you're headed up to baltimore to the game. if you're going to the nationals game tonight at 7:00 nice here as welch not expecting rain with temps in the 70's. currently in the 70's in the city city. 76 degrees. 77 in annapolis. 73 in leonardtown, manassas 71. culpeper, lash shout out zip trip tomorrow morning i'll seal you early. 68 degrees for you. 64 in frederick. we'll be in the mid 80s later today. on the way of cloudiness you'll start to notice that humidity
9:36 am
right here in the immediate washington area we should be dry later today. little better chance if you're in the mountains off to our west you'll encounter a shower this afternoon as we start to get some energy moving in from the south and west. high pressure which is been delivering a couple of gorgeous days. particularly yesterday. slips offshore. and there's your flow today again we'll start to kick the moisture back in here that will bring us cloud cover and a little bit on the way of humidity. maybe a shower if you're well off to the west. quick look at future cast. there tonight at 7:30 just clouds not expecting rain around here as we get into tomorrow. tomorrow we are going to have some showers. i don't think for the morning that's the morning hours we're okay for zip trip with clouds. but by afternoon, evening, there we go. showers start to move back in with a warm front. maybe a thunderstorm as well we'll have to see if we get thunderstorms going we'll do that again this weekend. the weekend i know looks ominous it won't be a wash out. we'll have spotty showers saturday afternoon with a cold front. and perhaps lingering shower or storm on sunday and it will be warm and humid temperatures in the 80s both saturday and sunday
9:37 am
sunday. wisdom, let's see the cat video again. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, tucker barnes. wrestling fans get ready because our next guest is easily, easily one of the most recognizable names in the history of wrestling and that's because he's coined the phrase as the voice of professional wrestling. >> about what i said last week, i meant every word of it. [ applause ] >> that was a clip of wwe hall of fame announcer jim ross whose career as an announcer and executive as spanned for decades tonight you can catch jim ring side at the d.c. improv for a special inter mate called ring side with jim ross. he'll be sharing stories from amazing live and career as one of wrestling's most influential figures. he's also hosting a no holds bar question and answer session at the end of the night. before he takes that trip down memory lane good old jr is live right here on this friday eve. good morning t
9:38 am
thank you for coming in. >> yes, sir. >> good to see you. i watched you for a lot of that. for a lot of your career. >> i'm sorry. >> no. it was good stuff. >> looks like you turn out all right. >> i watched you and stone cold and the rock and all the restless. at what point in your life did you realize that ring side announcing for this massive entertainment was going to be the career path of yours? >> probably my second contract with ted turner. >> is that right? >> he took good care of me. >> is that right. you said i can do something with this. >> i think i want to stay here. i want to stay in this line of work and of course getting -- i came along unique time when satellite tv became cool, cable tv became big in the '70's and paper per view. everything now digital. i've been lucky timing wise. right place right time. but the second contract with turner was a nice one. i was glad i was between marriages. >> right, right. you were able to work that out, right. >> yup. >> okay. all right. so look you have also done some sporting events as well
9:39 am
out all the events that you've done, contract aside, money aside h-1 did you like better? >> i had -- believe it or not as much as circus as it was, i enjoyed the xfl. >> really. >> i'm a football freak. >> yes. oklahoma high boomer sooner. >> three sooners on the redskins nw. >> okay. >> i'm digging that. >> okay. >> i kind of had fun with the xfl but it was wrestling, and little bit of football and it was, i can had great partners. >> um-hmm. >> dick but cuss, jesse venator as. big personalities and i had fun doing that. >> let's talk about wrestling. not only were you a rink announcers but you got in the ring. >> well kind of. [ laughter ] >> it's horrible. >> i saw you in there. please. i had therapy for this. i don't want to go back there. stop! >> were you nervous getting in there? absolutely. >> with the big guys. >> i wasn't trained. >> right. >> i didn' k
9:40 am
fall. >> how does that work when you get in there with the big guys who do know how to do it and you don't know how to do it and you're the face of the organization. >> you keep your fingers crossed everybody takes good care of you. >> it's a trust thing. >> take care of jr now. >> that's our man. that's our man. >> that's our game you don't want stone cold to come and get you. that's your bud deem talk about what will happen when you get to the d.c. improv about some of the stories you'll share. >> well, i got 40 years worth of stories. >> um-hmm. >> and i got in the business i back doored. i wasn't a great athlete. didn't have relative in the business. no nepotism. i got lucky to get in. i'll tell that story. >> uh-huh. >> they're all fresh because my auto biography will be out in october i got all those things in my mind we'll talk -- we'll tell stories they'll be d wrestling centric stories involved and get right into the q and a with chad dukes radio personality here in town. >> very familiar with him. >> will be the emcee. so it will be fun. it's a fun environment. nobody bullied at my
9:41 am
show. because we all get kidded about you're that wrestling guy. >> yeah. >> i guess that's my legacy. >> i'm the skinny yesterday kid at fat camp. >> whole persona with jim ross with the hat is that or did you create that for wrestling. that was vince mcmahon. >> good old jr. >> i couldn't change how i sounded and unfortunately i guess i can change how i look but i like to eat too much. he said let's make him look like he sounds. >> uh-huh. >> i guess vince assumed that stereo typically oklahomas are all cowboys and so i became this. >> right. the man with the black hat. >> that's it. >> good old jr sitting on the side lines talking about wrestling. did you ever think wrestling would get as big as it got. >> gosh no. >> it was small initially and just blue up in the '90's. >> my first job i was making $125 a week all in. >> wow. >> no expenses, no 401k, no nothing and that's an interesting start to my journey. but i never believed that we'd become wwe would become a publicly trade
9:42 am
monies that were being made. the money we were earning, you know, so -- i had one time on my roster i was in charge of talent roster at wwe. we had 21 guys making over million dollars year. >> wow! good money. >> make going money. >> that's decent money for grunting and growing man. i like it. >> go old jr. >> all right man. >> good to see you. >> yes, sir. >> you see the information right there on the screen. d.c. improv. come on down. you'll get insight. great stories. you'll hear some things. some secret stuff, right. >> top-secret. >> top-secret. >> double top-secret. >> good old jr. there's the information on your screen come on out and check him out. d.c. improv. >> jim, i want to jump on "the q" and a first. we're all big fans of dwayne johnson the rock and he's escalated himself to as a list as you can be right now. did you know at the time when he was starting out, could you see something in him that you felt he'd go this far? >> i went down to florida to recruit him and we went to lunch little cuban place he liked. i remember what we had. 83 low rice, black beans and chicken. >> uh-huh. >> he was going to buy
9:43 am
said i don't have any money. i got seven bucks to my name. >> wow. so his company is called seven bucks entertainment. all i knew that every female in the joint was coming by to fill up our tea glasses. [ laughter ] >> our water glasses i think some women were coming to fill our glasses that didn't even work there. [ laughter ] >> i thought i got something here with this guy. because every man want dodd look like him. every woman wanted to be next to him. i'm in. we're good. >> thank you for there. >> what great story. >> we all thank you for that. >> my goodness, that is worth the price of admission right there. >> jim, thanks very much. there's the stories you'll get tonight check him out at the d.c. improv tonight. thanks, jim. good to see you jr. >> that was great. >> march land wayans getting naked had his next movie and coming up kevin sits down with the star of the netflix comedy to find out all about it. it is now 9:43. ♪ ♪♪
9:44 am
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the choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental. ♪ hang on buddy. i'm coming. i think we got it. >> oh, no. we don't got it. ahh! >> ♪ >> excuse, sir, you're naked. >> i'm supposed to be at my wedding right now. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear what you said i'm trying not to look at your junk. >> you have to accept the fact he's not coming. >> he will be here. >> ♪ >> so that's clip from the movie called naked. it's a new netflix
9:47 am
around the main character set to mirror the girl of his dreams but can't make it to the alter because he's caught a time loop. so each day he wakes up naked in hotel elevator movie stars marlon wayans also dennis haze bert the president of the united states and moore. kevin got a chance to sit down witness stars and he joins you with a look at the details. >> i would think of dennis hayes bert passion as the 24th president. >> he's the allstate guy. >> i spoke to marlon wayans and the cast which is a netflix original film. he keeps waking up naked every day i wanted to speak to him there's a repeated scene in the in many dennis tosses him out of the church because he keeps getting upset about the way he shows up at the wedding. i spoke to him about shooting those scenes if marlon wayans was actually naked while he was shooting these scenes and moore. watch this. >> hang on buddy
9:48 am
>> i'm curious about this when you're filming a movie about naked and you have to wake up naked in scene how naked are you when you're shooting these scenes? obviously we're not seeing everything so do you actually wear like boxers? how does that work? >> naked enough to where you can feel the breeze in the room. >> hang on buddy. i'm coming. i think we got it. >> oh, no. no. we don't got it. >> excuse me, sir, you're naked. >> i'm supposed to be at my wedding right now. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear what you said. i'm trying not to look at your junk. >> people outside basically different kind of each time depending when you're waking you. >> yes. >> reset the crowd and you just get up and. do you even know who you're waking up in front of at that point? this literally what that is. >> the same people but the extras change. i caught some extras looking -- what is that? i'd like over. some old lady just sitting there going hmm. >> dennis is throwing you out, when you're doing those throw out scenes, are you actually launching yourself off there like do you land on the pad. >> i'm landing on p
9:49 am
and he is tossing me. but i had really good stunt man, too, kind of looked like me. so he did the crazy stuff. like he jump out the van. i ain't tom cruise. i'm not that guy. you ain't going strap me to plane and i'm going to go up new york city,. we got to get a brother that look like me. give him rat turds on his head he gone to do that. i'm going to be down at craft service. that looked crazy. he look a lot like me. >> i need your help. i'm freaking out. i'm buck naked 20 blocks from the hotel and i keep repeating the same hour and over again. >> you naked? in public? >> obviously he's repeating the same day over and over. you are doing a lot of the same scenes over and over. can you talk about how many -- would you do them all at once like that altar scene shoot all those in one period of time? how did that work when you were shooting it? >> i think it was like the with because the church people were there every day. so it was like a comradery that sort of happening because you were sitting in the
9:50 am
over a period of time sort of like the same people, and so the conversations start having conversations. you sort of like had a feeling you knew everybody. there was some amazing people in the cast that were there. regina hall and marlon and scott foley from scandal. >> i'm sorry. >> it just needs to be taken out in the back. >> i'm going to take it out in the back. >> ahh! >> ♪ >> is it a stunt person? >> really we sold it really well. [ laughter ] >> he did a lot of diving and his stunt man took a lot of, you know arc lot of abuse. >> right. [ laughter ] >> then we would do over and over and over again in different outfits. so funny. >> yeah. it was, you know, like groundhog day. >> it's funny. i realized we used the exact same clip in the bump in we did in the package. i guess it goes along with the theme. >> right. >> like groundhog day. >> normally i don't do that. that's my fault. i apologize it work out for that particular video. >> naked starts on --
9:51 am
>> friday, august11th. that's correct. >> tomorrow. >> netflix original. it might actually be available at midnight tonight technically speaking august11th is the actual date it will be released. >> zip trip tomorrow are you still going to do movie reviews. >> of course. i'll do my review in culpeper tomorrow. >> that's awesome. >> annie bell creation and the glass castle. >> live audience reaction. >> i'm doing myhre viewing naked for the theme of this theme. >> culpeper just canceled. >> you're welcome. >> thank you ketch. >> i'm joking by the way. >> totally joking. if the really. >> 9:51 is the time. how one of the most popular hair treatments could be dangerous for you and why new lawsuit is demanding the fda intervene. we'll be back with the details next. ♪ . ♪♪
9:52 am
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9:54 am
♪ that will forever be a bop. >> right. health alert though now about popular hair streit tenning treatment that many women get faithfully the chemical used in brazilian blow outs is at the center of a lawsuit. th
9:55 am
formaldehyde causes cancer and their demanding of the fda ban the chemical from salons nationwide. fox5's tisha lewis has the details. >> salons could be forced to go green if the environmental working group and women's vo vos for have their way. the organization filed this lawsuit demanding the food and drug administration implement a formaldehyde ban nationwide. >> some of the health dangers are difficulty breathing, asthma, some women have suffered hair loss, rations on the head and neck. bleeding gums. loss of smell. there's also a cancer risk from formaldehyde. >> reporter: chemical is often used to products straighten, soften and relax hair. linda says being formaldehyde free zone is personal for her. >> my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 forty one that point on i kind of knew that i wanted to go ahead and lead a
9:56 am
the kerr rah ton treatment consists of formaldehyde and our treatment does not have it in it. >> love therapy creator brittany says hair products should go undergo the same scrutiny in products inn jeffed. >> in order to love your hair you have to make sure that you put the right ingredients and natural ingredients in it. >> we filed a suit in december telling fda they need to take action and what fda said in in response is, we're looking into it. we're taking action. and we just think that's really inadequate response. >> reporter: tisha lewis, fox5 local news. okay. that's scary stuff. >> it really is. >> all you're doing is -- you think you're doing is doing, you know, conditioning and changing your hairstyling your hair. >> fromm did he al did he hide. >> dangerous for you. dangerous for the stylist. >> going right into the hair follicle. i have to be honest and say that there are some times when you hear about thighs ingredients and these things and you're thinking how -- where is the fda on this. >> exactly. >> who a t
9:57 am
and are they looking out for us or business? i don't know. i hate to feel that cynical but -- >> much more to come. we'll be watching this. a lot more to come on good day at da. one last of the sinning duo mary mary here tina campbell she's got a new album an new single. she'll drop it right here in the loft. is it real life groundhog day? maybe. bill murray is going back to the stage play of groundhog day. he's been there twice -- baaing to back. >> all right. we'll talk about how to spice up your time in the kitchen. spicy. >> actually just talking about real spices. >> okay. >> upping your spice game. >> groundhog day. you see what i did there. >> i see what did you there we'll spice up the kitchen, new york city. >> i went too far. did too much. >> just a little bit. two times in row. we're back after this. good day at 10a next. deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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10:01 am
♪ fresh at 10a what's up with the big chicken outside the white house. >> have your kids been glued to their smart phones and tablets all summer? it might be leading them down a road to unhappiness. in the celebrity dish real life groundhog day. why the stars of the new musical based the bill murray comedy may have felt like they were reliving the same day all over again. plus, mom take the stand in the taylor swift trial. >> tina campbell grammy award winning singer and one half of the famous duo mary mary performs live in the loft. ♪ and later, move over the dude. today tucker and erin are taking over the lanes celebrate national bowling day and it's safe to say it may be a little out of their element. good day at 10a starts now. ♪
10:02 am
>> how did we not know this was lazy today and we're just fining out about it. >> i know right. >> did somebody know. >> who did know? too lazy to tell us. >> steve, you're not going to say i knew it was lazy day. >> did you know it was lazy day. i thought tucker told us. >> now nobody listens to anybody on this show. >> it's very true. [ laughter ] >> what did you say. >> we ignore you guys down here. >> a lot of talking and not a lot of listening. >> our guests are here. >> yes. we'll fight in front of company. [ laughter ] this is i was m we love having obviously cooking segments indulge in that this is first time to my recollection we're having a spice segment. >> okay. >> it's because this gentleman right here to my left is one if not the leading spice experts in the world. >> is that right? >> he's big time. >> global spice ologist. >> yes. >> is that the right term? >> spice of the titans. >> i love it. >> any big name celebrity chef comes t
10:03 am
comes to spices. >> i love it. >> he's here with us. >> yeah. >> we're in for a treat. >> i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> it should be fun we'll talk more about it throughout shot and of course we'll get all the details coming up at the end of the hour. let you get back to work finish getting everything ready to go. thanks for coming in today. >> on this lazy day he's in here working with us. >> national lazy day. >> national lazy day. whatever that means. >> walk over like this. >> yes. >> i'm going to be celebrating national lazy day right after i get off this eight hours on my job. >> gotcha. >> is that what you tweeted. >> yes. >> what? >> sorry. >> follow me to know, mo. >> i was too lazy to get on twitter this morning. >> off to bad start just getting off tomorrow. if it's lazy day the alarm gets shut off and i'd just be getting up. i'm steve alongside maureen, wisdom, allison is here. holly has the day off f you're celebrating national lazy see day let us know. lazy activities what it is. i feel like it was easier on
10:04 am
>> that would have been perfect. >> right. >> that was nice just kickback and chill day. >> sunday a nice lazy day too after you get out of church. >> right. once you get up you may as well just be up. >> that's true. basically what you're saying there are no lazy days. >> there are no lazy days. i don't think. >> few and far between. >> sadly. >> all right. 10:04. we got to get back to work. before we see what's trending -- i do. >> maureen has a check on what's making had he lines. >> okay. maureen it's on you. >> oh. okay. let me get my game face on. first up escalating tensions between the us and north korea have world leaders on edge today. north korea announcing a det detailed plan to launch missiles toward the us pacific territory of guam which has two main us basis on it. comes after north korea respond to do president trump's tough talk about threats to the us calling it quote a load of nonsense. back here no charges will be filed in the deadly shooting of terrence sterling. last year officer brian trainor fatally shot sterling. the officer says sterling was trying to get away from a
10:05 am
traffic stop but his account of the incident was put into question because he did not turn on his body camera until after he fired his gun. yesterday prosecutors said there wasn't enough evidence to prove officer trainor willfully used unreasonable force. hurricane franklin roaring ashore early this morning. the powerful storm made landfall on gulf -- central gulf coast of mexico pounding the area with flash floods, mudslides heavy winds. short timing a the national weather service downgraded frank link back to tropical storm. franklin is expected to disappear as it moves further west today. now to update on taylor swift's trial. accusing radio dj david mueller of groping her back in 2013. swift's mother took the stand yesterday tearing up while testifying. andrea swift said they didn't initially report the incident for fear that it would embarrass the pop star's career. a number of witnesses are still expected to testify including swift's bodyguard her manager and the singer herself. and finally, something
10:06 am
city. a cheetos themed restaurant will open up from august 15th through the 17th the menu for the pop up restaurant in tribeca was described by ann burrell from the food net network include cheetos tacos, cheetos pride pickles and cheetos cheesecake. prices run from eight dollars to $22 per cheeto fish. >> better have a lot of napkins. >> it you will actually looks really good i think. >> really? >> no. cheeto pickle. >> chun chi or puffy. >> chun chi. >> puffy is like disgrace of a cheeto world. >> neither. >> neither. >> i'm not a cheeto guy. >> fritos. >> how about hot cheetos. >> i don't what want any of t that. >> no. flaming hot. >> you know i really whole potato chip i'm moving on past that. ice cream and poe thai chips moving and past that. >> really? >> here's what i say when it comes to junk food. just my little philosophy. >> let me break it down. sexy doesn't make itself. >> sexy snack? >> no. [ laughter ]
10:07 am
>> go ahead steve interpret for me. >> brake it down. i'll translate wisdom. what he's saying if you want that sexy, you got to leave the snacks on the shelf. >> you can't even snacks and be snatched. >> exactly. >> okay. i like that. >> i get it. i understand. >> there you go. >> no snacks. >> non sexy on the shelf. >> i got to have a little snack every now and then. >> oh yeah i can do a little every now and then. >> it's sometimes food. >> yeah. >> all the time. whose keeping track. >> i get it. let's check what's trending. politics and poultry was it it's not the first time this has been out but it's getting a lot of attention for sure. activists putting up 30-foot inflatable chicken with golden hair similar to the president's on the ellipse right behind the white house. the organizer talked to fox5 about the message that he's trying to send. saying that it means the president is too chicken tore less his tax returns, too chicken to stand up to vladimir putin and is playing a game of chicken with north korea. of course president trump on hi
10:08 am
so can't exactly see the chicken in person. >> so ronica cleary could she covers white house events for us and white house stories and she tweeted out this yesterday and said that the artist calls it chicken dawn. >> chicken dawn. just in case you were questioning if, you know, is it a hint, no he says it's chicken dawn. >> it made an appearance in d.c. before when they were trying to convince the president to release his tax returns and now it's back. >> okay. >> on display. >> getting a a lot of attention from tourists. >> chicken don. >> many of you might be able to relate to this your kids have been glued to their phones all summer long. does it sound familiar? while they sure act happy to have that smart phone right now, is it setting them up for a lot of unhappiness even depression later in life? new research says that that is a deaf yes with so-called i generation people born in the mid '90's or later who have never known live without their smart phone. studies have shown that feelings of lonel
10:09 am
this group and they show more symptoms of depresion. spending real face to face time with friends is considered by psychologists as one of the best protections against mental health issues, but this generation isn't always doing that. and we spoke with, um, gregory jones earlier clinical psychologist and he says something that was so fasc fascinating. so he said basically when you look somebody in their eye and talk to them, it basically it's like a chemical reaction. >> okay. >> that makes you more bond to do that person. so it's harder because i was talking about how -- even bullying or how people can break up so easily with significant others it's because the emotional as spec isn't always there when you're just -- it seems so simple i never thought about like the eye contact. how important the eye contact is. >> human contact in general just for your well-being studies have shown that. babies, et cetera. i'm not surprised that teens who are so engaged in their phone -- smart phones are more lonely and depressed because where is the human contact? >> exact
10:10 am
>> how often do you hear don't look at me if somebody doesn't want to connect and have that emotional bond. it makes sense when do you look you have that. >> did they offer solution? >> they did. >> turn the phone off or take it away. >> i thought about you because that were like sometimes you got to do tough love. teenage years can be turbulent and they're not going to always like you. >> if you establish the foundation i'm not here to be your buddy, i'm not your friend, i'm your parent which is it is in my house. all e-mail comes to me. i can shut it off wherever i want and nobody will be said because i pay the bill. you got to regulate the stuff. just regulate it. you can't let that be the end all be all. >> you know what else he said, though, that's why we love our dogs. doing look at you with those eyes and then if you're trying to leave and they're looking at you. i can't go. that's why we have -- it's the same science like why you -- why we love our dogs. >> he didn't say anything about cats. >> he didn't say that about c cats. [ laughter ] >> cats will break up with you on oh cell phone in a heartbeat. >> i had to throw that in there. >> texts from the
10:11 am
>> they're the worse. >> all you cat lovers you know where i stand. i'm a dog guy. >> i should just watch it n all seriousness you don't want anti social behavior. >> that's true. let's continue talking about phones right now because do you ever want a blast your favorite tunes but they'll only play as loud as your iphone can go. >> yes. >> apparently, there's a hack for that that can really boost the sound without an expensive speaker. all right. here it is. check it out. you can go into your iphone settings right now maureen. >> i'm doing it. >> scroll down to music. >> okay. >> get in there and then tap eq. >> eq? >> let me fine it. we don't have time to wait on you. you figure it out. that up sever audio choices including late night which will get that sound blasting than a fancy blue tooth speaker. >> i see it. >> then hit late night. >> hit late night. >> if you want even more sound, just put your hand like cup your hasn't under the speaker. it will make it even louder. or put it in a cup. >> make sure whatever song you're playing i
10:12 am
>> settings and hit eq. >> i just did it. ya'll go ahead. >> we got it. >> we'll play some music. i don't have anything set up. oh, for the love. i'll get it by the end of the show. maybe i can play this music coming you up. she's one half of the grammy award winning gospel dee woe mary mary and this morning she's in the loft coming up later singer tina campbell's joins us for a special life performance. i'll blast it. >> first bill murray groundhog day the groundhog day musical. rihanna responds to dip employee after opened up about the pop star dissing his music and j law opening up about her new rue shellings wip and her kardashian tent in the september 11 issue of vogue magazine.úall the detak the good day celebrity dish coming up next. >> so wait. >> ew, late night.
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive for that honey you know ♪ ♪ a sweet tasty bowl ♪ ♪ of that get up and go ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ honey to the o is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ playing around that's how we roll ♪
10:15 am
♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> hey it's time for little good day celebrity dish. shall we? >> waking up at 6:00 a.m. what a joy. >> i know. that would be great if i can wake up at 6:00 a.m. >> wouldn't it be great. okay. first you will bill murray loves himself the new ground hog day musical. how much you ask? >> how much. >> he's gone to see it twice. >> what?
10:16 am
>> okay. >> he's gone two days in a row. >> okay. all right. >> he is groundhogging groundhog day. groundhog you might say. murray starred in the 1993 film groundhog day, of course, and the musical is based on that film. new york times reporter tweeted about his back to back broadway visit and wrote that he was moved to tears by the performance. >> wow. quiet show. >> he's crying about it aft the show he went back stage to congratulate the cast and he told them it was really beautiful. you got me. you really got me. >> that's interesting. i saw that bill murray didn't even have an agent when they -- >> no. >> they called and leave a message on his answering mac machine. >> negotiates his own deals. then.probably got a good lawyer- >> he has to have somebody i would think. >> right. >> that's crazy he's a good actor. he's a good comedic and straight actor too. >> what about bob was my favorite bill murray movie. >> it was silly but i like it. >> i do like him
10:17 am
>> national bowling day. >> speaking of musical the boss is coming to broadway. like a boss. >> i thought you meant diana ross. >> you're right the boss. >> i got it bruce springsteen that's who we're talking about. the springsteen music is br bringing his music and his memory to the walter curt theater on broadway a fraction the size of the stadiums he's used to performing in. solo shows will run for eight weeks starting in october. springsteen says i chose that venue because he wants to the show to be as personal and intimate as possible. the boss has sold out arenas with 50,000 seats but this season hold as thousand. >> are you kidding. >> make sure you get your tickets. >> don't even say this. >> a thousand. >> don't even say this sentence. how are you going to get one of those tickets. >> i all right got on waiting list. >> really. >> i don't want to give all the secrets. if you go online and do research much it's like what you tried to buono mars you have to make the first cut and
10:18 am
a code and then you might get them you might not. >> for harry styles i didn't get them. >> i got the code still get the tickets. >> trust me. i'll going to try. they said that that venue is 900 some seats. so that's about the size of 930 clubbing to see springsteen. >> wow. >> do two-hour show. >> you know they'll sell out like that. they're done. yeah, they're gone. >> all right. well this year vogue has achieved a major milestone for any publication. celebrating its 125th year in print. celebrating how they doing this they're going to put one of their favorite actresses on the cover. >> okay. >> for the third time. >> what? >> and featured in four covers jennifer lawrence. >> an american beauty as you see there. >> who is she, al. >> she opened up in this article this latest one for vogue about the devastating violation this is serious of having her nude photos leaked on the internet back in 2014 and the video tape of herol
10:19 am
party in austria when she talk about that pole dancing incident, she sort of played it off like hey, i was just having -- i guess it really did bother her that it was leaked. she opened up about her relationship with her director, um, on and off the screen i don't know if i'm reading that right. >> her boyfriend. >> her boyfriend and also her next movie called mother. she said she likes her boyf boyfriend's directness and is quote never confused with him. now is this when he's directing her and stuff or just in gen general. >> that may be in general. >> okay. >> i don't know. i just said that. >> one flaw in their relationship she says -- >> on and off camera. >> he does direct her i guess at times apparently. >> all right. he directed this new movie mother. if you're wondering how come we get to be experts all of a sudden in something, it's because chris whom you see from time to time our really handsome producer in my ear saying it. >> is that right. >> he produced -- >> he never talks to me. >> he produced mother the boyfriend of j law did. any
10:20 am
relationship as she see he is it her boo finds her obsession with reality tv quote fastly disappointing. now 20 years apart in age difference, energy age. just throwing that in. lawrence is obsessed with the kardashians calling them her happy place. so okay. that's it. anything you want to know about jenn for lawrence you can find in this vogue article. >> she'll be on the cover again in three months if you missed it. >> right. she's the it lady. >> just in time -- america's sweetheart. >> just in time for her next oscar nomination. >> which shell win. >> she's won how many oscars? >> one. >> i think just one. >> several. >> several? >> at least one. >> at least one. >> yeah. she's america's sweetheart allison. >> she's america's sweetheart. >> i think i see a foul in your brow. >> no, you don't. >> i just saw one. you just did it. >> oscar for that performance, al. >> 10:20 is the time. he wants to work with rihanna i just want her on a major laser song she
10:21 am
that we can ever get. dip lowry sealed in recent interview with gq magazine i played her lean on she was like i don't do house music. i face palm so hard on that one. by the way, lean on racked up over 1 million streams on spotify. >> she don't want to do it. >> this story gets better. dip low says another time he had a session with her and future and was -- also invited the weeknd that was will. future played her 6700 songs 4:00 in the morning and he played her a song rihanna responded to his song with, this sounds like a reggae song at the airport and she laughed. >> oops. >> he says said he was disappointed. rihanna responded publicly took a screen shot of a paper magazine article that pick up on that story posted it on her instagram page on august 8th it said my bad. >> my bad. >> go ahead. august 8. >> my bad. >> she capture the snap along with the hash tag --
10:22 am
>> with the crying laughing emoji. there you go. >> she doesn't like your music. okay. move on. it doesn't matter. finally, you don't have to be steadman to have oprah for dinner. ut-oh. the former talk show host is now launching her own line of comfort food including refrigerated soups and side dishes she teamed one with craft heinz ps i didn't know they teamed up craft and heinz but they did. you know how i feel about heinz for the new venture called -- that's good. the comfort foods will include a healthy twist despite the venture has no connection to winfrey's weight watchers deal. she does what she wants to do. >> she sure does. she's oprah. >> he's she's a boss. new products -- oh it's good good are set to debut this week. >> just got breaking news she just brought craft heinz. >> you know what i say to that. >> oh, that's good. [ laughter ] >> good dish as always. [ laughter ] >> 10:22. coming up, strikes and gutters. tucker and erin
10:23 am
bowl you over. that's because they're out celebrating national bowling day just a little bit early. we'll check in with them little bit later. >> big lebowski references we can work in. first a sneak peek of the weekend forecast as well. looks like a beautiful start to the day. mike thomas has that for us coming up much it's 10:23 right now.
10:24 am
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dunkin' donuts mug for you. head to fox5 you only have until 11:00. it's 10:25 right now. hurry for your chance to enter and win. hey, steve. so i came over here to the weather bar i wanted to order up something that was going to be enjoyable today. >> way too expensive. you can't avenue for it. >> i'm hoping maybe we can get repeat of yesterday. >> little bit. little bit. it's a lot like yesterday. a couple of clouds. >> i would prefer less humidity on the side. can we do that. >> you didn't like yesterday. >> yesterday was great. i mean today. >> today will be fine. >> for august. >> it's tomorrow you'll really start to notice it. >> this is our bridge day. >> bridge day. >> what are we looking at today, mike. >> good bridge day. smooth crossing. >> we'll take it good all right. 80 degrees outside right now warming up a little bit. temperatures in the 70s elsewhere in the suburb. >> can i push the buttons. >> go ahead because this is pretty cool map. new feature we just got in this morning. that new satellite they
10:27 am
goes 16 which gives us ultra high resolution. what's new about this. >> better cameras on it. it can really get the clouds down to detail. >> steam coming from the west looks more cloud like. >> its looks more steamy. >> fantastic. you can clearly see there's the clouds moving into west virginia there. one or two popping up in portions of montgomery and fairfax county. that's it. lots of sunshine. bigger picture showing shower activity in west virginia. it will stay off to the west today. we'll be fine here. >> what if i push it again. >> let's fine out together. 2:00 o'clock today oy on future cast a mix clouds and sunshine here in washington. we're dry. forward steve get into the evening hours because we got baseball. we got football. who will win the game tonight, steve? >> it doesn't matter. it's preseason. everything good for the nats game tonight is? >> everything is good for the nats game tonight. hopefully they win ten-one again. >> we're still moving. still moving into tomorrow because tomorrow is the day you have to watch. heat and humidity back. we're fine for zip trip. culpeper we're coming to you tomorrow morning by we i mean
10:28 am
>> mike, that looks like heavier stuff down on 95. >> that's tomorrow night. >> all right. we won't worry about that. >> we'll talk about that tomorrow morning. >> today's high is 86. >> 86. battle of the belt ways tonight. you're going up to baltimore to see the game it will be beautiful night for it just some clouds increasing out there. 77. not bad. there's the seven day. >> this is so fun. every time i push a button a new map comes up. i will say this when i've done this for tucker before i typically only have to hit the button three times and for mike i think i hit it 15 times. i don't know what that means. >> i like to organize, you know, little bit more maps than tu tucker. >> see now i wasn't going to go there. >> i was going to go there. >> i wasn't going to go there maureen. >> what are your odds on tucker bowling strike today? anybody? >> tucker will bowl strike as much as i hate to say it. >> really he will. >> mom o, back to you. so she is one half of the grammy award winning gospel dee yo mary mary but this morning she's going solo coming up next singer tina campbell she's joining us live in the loft with a special performance of her brand
10:29 am
single. right now it is zen 28:00. we'll be back with more miss tina campbell in the loft. >> all right. ♪
10:30 am
for years, men have enjoyed their man caves without guilt. now, it's mama's turn. welcome to my she shed. i've got my favorite outfit on. my literature. my armando! and these are my treats! i'm just gonna have one if that's okay. of course it's okay. this is my world.
10:31 am
allll mine. >> ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for mary mary! >> ♪ >> mary mary it's a gospel duo that
10:32 am
i. we've been around for about 11 years. >> i am the calm half, the big sister. >> i hear you and i respect what you're saying. >> i say what i feel. >> you better about you. that's how you get it. >> four grammys, over 5 million records sold as gospel artist. that's lot. >> wait. wait. >> that was a clip from witv hit reality show mary mary it follows the careers and lives of sisters and tina and erika campbell the group behind hits like shackles, got in me and the list goes on and on. now those sister tina is going solo again just released new single and her sophomore album is on the way. we'll hear all about her new project and the duo's hit reality show in just a minute. first, though, here to perform her new single "too hard not to" please welcome grammy award winner tina campbell. take it away.
10:33 am
♪ maybe you feel entitle the because this should have never, ever happened to you ♪ >> ♪ and maybe you've tried to let it go but letting go just ain't never easy to do ♪ ♪ and maybe you feel you'll end up with another broken heart trying to face some thing that seems way too hard ♪ ♪ but it's too hard to hold on to all of the pain and it's too hard to relive it over and over again ♪ >> ♪ it's too hard when the memories have control over you. some say it's
10:34 am
forgive. i say it's too hard not to. it's too hoard not to it's too hoard not ♪ >> ♪ some things so senseless and some things so selfish, try to come and tear your world apart ♪ >> ♪ but someone so loving and someone so selfless will help when you're at ready to reach reach ♪ >> ♪ it's too hard to hold on to all of the pain and it's too hard to relive it over and over again ♪ >> ♪ it's too hard when the memories have control over you
10:35 am
forgive, i say it's too hard not to ♪ >> ♪ it's too hard not to. i say it's too hard not to. it's too hard not to. it's too hard not to forgive ♪ ♪ lord, help me to forgive because it's too hard not to ♪ [ applause ] >> yes. tina campbell. it is a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> oh, my goodness your voice is just so beautiful. >> thank you the message even more beautiful. too hard not to. where did that come from? >> many people have watched me on my reality show. my husband and
10:36 am
went through infidelity and we thought we were going to break up and i fought and i ran to my faith and i realized it's too hold to all of that stuff i let it go although people were able to watch the devastation of the marriage they also watched the healing of it because it's too hold to on to stuff. i was like, god, help me to let this go. and help me to see that sometimes people who are amazing make bad choices and you don't just throw them away. i'm see sew glad i didn't throw my marriage away i'm celebrating 17 years this saturday. [ applause ] >> congratulations to you. it's powerful message so many people steal knead to hear. your new album is called it's still personal. was this cathartic for you. >> absolutely. >> like a prayer in song. >> absolutely. a lot of the songs on there were songs that got me through i didn't know i was making an album. i thought god was giving me my language. he loves me so much he gave me a song to help me heal. after i ended up with with nine songs i'm supposed to do to do an album. i had a bunch of
10:37 am
don't think everybody got a chance to hear this. let's try to do it again so we decided to do it again. re-release it with a bunch of new songs. this leading the way. and just you know helping people to heal give them good music is bunch of other songs on there very amazing i think help me heal. help you dance. help you party. >> right. >> all of that stuff. >> praise and worship an couple of different ways. the reality show, um, is it hard to watch yourself depicted? is it hard to watch yourself on screen, the good, the bad the ugly. >> nope. >> really. >> i take ownership for everything i give. i have some seasons that i didn't love the most. i felt like i don't know if the editing showed the truth of that but i take responsibility for it. i take responsibility for my life. sometimes it's high, sometimes it's low. sometimes it's good. sometimes it's bad. but i'm super duper excited about this new season because it is showing the truth of our hectic lives with mary mary, us doing our solo thing my husband and i and our new venture. >> who is right here off the side. >> i knew web series ten minut
10:38 am
>> i love that. >> we're helping other marriages heal. >> i love that. it is ten minutes. go and watch it. you pick a topic i know the last one i saw about forgiveness you talk about how god could forgive you why couldn't you forgive h him. > absolutely. >> i thought was so beautiful and again just if youing your faith out there in the in iowa people -- anyone can understand. you don't have to be a person person in church every day. you can understand that. >> that's the objective. a lot of people not going to church. since we exposed our life on the show countless people walk up and how are you smiling like that. my wife is not like your wife. how did you expose yourself don this? my husband came to me and said, we should -- we should create a web series don what we're doing unofficially like and just, you know, help people share the wisdom it's a discussion of life, love, family and faith and we just try to share what we've learned and help other people make it threw. >> i love it. i love it. it's still personal. it's out now. >> no. the new single too her not to is available digitally where are. >> okay. but the n
10:39 am
personal coming out in september. >> something to look forward that. >> we're touring in october. so i'm super duper excited. >> you're also show medium platforms so we can definitely keep in touch with you. >> i'm am tina campbell across the board. >> i am tina campbell. >> if you're inte interested iny and tina and the whole ross store race of love. teddy and tina. >> love you mary mary, love you solo. i just love you. >> thank you. > thank you for keeping it real and showing us how we can heal in love and marriage and everything. >> good stuff. tina campbell. everybody. pick up that single. back over to you guys. [ applause ] all righty. well, king tuck he likes to be called that. >> yeah i know. i heard that. >> yes. he is about to to do this best kingpin. no. that's because coming up next he and erin are on the lanes. >> this had better be strike. >> they're hoping to get lucky as we celebrate national bowling day. [ laughter ] >> oh, role that 100 times ch chris. >> oh, please save that
10:40 am
>> he's owning it. that's all right. we'll check in with them live next. >> please can we see that every day? ♪ day? ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. ♪ can i tell you i don't remember two scenes from grease two. i can tell you everything about greece -- grease. >> nobody can. >> right. >> is it b
10:43 am
seen either one. >> the one with maxwell call field and michelle pfeiffer. >> that's right. >> producer chris knows so much about this. >> there's michelle pfeiffer in the red. >> yeah. >> it's coming back. >> adrian was in some cop show. >> that would be tj hooker with william shatner. >> tj hooker. thank you wisdom. wisdom -- >> this is clip from grease two. >> yeah. >> in case you didn't know. >> why we showing this. it couldn't be a better set up to the next segment. we're cele celebrating national bowling day. it's not today. it's saturday. we couldn't let this one rolling by. >> i'm picking up what you're rolling down. >> to mark the occasion we sent erin and tucker to bowl more in bethesda. >> good morning. two. >> hi, guys. >> you met some friends. good morning. >> good morning. >> before we get started, allison, before we start, we have to clarify. >> the ball slipped out of my hand the last one. >> i didn't want to make tucker feel like a loser i
10:44 am
a gutter ball. it would have been rude if i didn't. >> he doesn't need to you make him feel like loser erin. >> excuses right out of the gate. >> come on. >> the fact that both of them are dressed -- not really dressed like they're going bowling. >> tucker has on a tie. erin has on dress. >> you're feeding him another excuse. >> it's really hard to bowl in high heels for the record. >> okay. >> introduce our gets. >> we're bowl more out in bethesda. this place is i was m music is great. tucker had a competitive game of air hockey. >> yeah. i mean it's like a total party atmosphere bowling alley. >> this is sharik and paville and they won the food and bowling and parties. tell us about this location in bethesda. >> well, we are a cosmic bowling center. it's not your typical bowling basically so we have a bowling center of 34 lanes on every television we have music videos, sports, everything you name it we just basically larged our first bowling app which is bowl more g. >> you're going to have bowling emojis and thingsha
10:45 am
families can use and have fun with and interact with while they're here. >> exactly. we have national bowling day coming up saturday augus august 12th. and what we ask they have -- it's free app and all you have to do is just present it when you first come to any -- any of your local bowl more amf centes and you get to ball for free. who doesn't like free? >> i love. this is place is for families, friends, co-workers. take a look at the food on the table. a hotdog that size, pretzel that size. super sized drinks. tells about the dining options. >> in baltimore we have different options when you think about bowling people think about regular food. >> nachos. >> in baltimore we create special signature menu with one of the best options we have. for example, on the table we have that -- fish bowl. >> that drink looks amazing. >> it's obviously made for sharing. you don't try to drink it by yourself. [ laughter ] >> a mixture of different cocktails and
10:46 am
we have over 2-foot long hot hotdogs. >> 2-foot long. >> yes. >> it's really really good and we have for example 5-pound burger that you can order here sharing it's really really good. we have 8-pound burrito. >> 8-pound burrito. >> you can try to eat it with your friend. really really nice menu. you can come here with your kids or friends on friday night or saturday you'll have a blast. >> you want to get that out for saturday for national bowling day. you can bowl for free, right. >> yes. >> i'm going to take tucker on right now. >> we're going to bowl because i feel like the bump shot didn't do our bowling skills justice. >> you mentioned that the bowling leagues are really for more serious bowling alleys and now it's more recreational. >> yes. >> do you have any tips for those of thus don't get chance to play every minute? >> just come and have fun. i mean for me i feel like the more you try very hard, you might hit a gutter. >> the worse it gets. >> yeah. i feel like if you
10:47 am
have cocktail or two if you're an adult and, yeah. >> i'll hand you this microphone and we're going to do it. >> sure. >> okay. maybe you can do play by play while we're over here. okay? just hey go ahead talk to the camera. >> erin let's see what you got. >> can we do this together. >> all right, guy. here it is. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. >> tucker barnes. good tucker barnes doing it. >> i see tucker. strike the pose. >> erin has on heels. >> i have two comments. >> erin has heels on. >> erin do they not have any bowling shoes that match your dress at all? >> you're going to hurt yourself out there. >> right. >> and two, we've seen tucker bowl four balls on tv now. he's knocked down a total of six opinions. >> erin you got this. >> yes! >> they might be tied now. >> better. >> i like to bowl
10:48 am
>> i challenge any of you guys sitting on the couch to a game here. >> tucker, you realize that means we have to get six opinions in two frames. >> i think we can do that. >> he's going to keep going until he gets a strike. >> are you kidding me? >> it might be -- good job guys. >> at some point during tomorrow's zip trip. >> heel wearing como over there. can you knock one down? the heels do come off. >> she did take them off. >> national bowling day is this weekend. >> this is going to be the strike. here we go. >> oh, cull on erin. see that. look at that. look at that. little better. >> yes! [ applause ] >> thank you guys. >> knock one down and get an applause. >> yup. >> that's one. >> they said it was all about having fun. >> okay. thanks. enjoy saturday if you go bowling. there's the information bowl more if you want to check out saturday national bowling day. good luck. have good time. >> 10:48. still to come some ways to spice up your life. literally we're in the
10:49 am
with a new york chef who is showing us how to step up our ice game. >> ice or spice? both. >> it's both. we'll tell you how coming up.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
♪ spice girls. our next guest right here israeli born a spice blender. you like that, didn't you. >> spice girls. >> we heard that thousand time. two time cookbook author and owner of a spice shop in new york city right in hell's kit his name is leo and he joins us live in the loft to show us a twist on the average ice cube and not just for adults. we have kid options, too. he will be very modest but i'll let you know he work with pretty much every major chef in the world when it comes to spicing include jose andres here in washington, d.c. these guys come to you and they say, we need some blends. >> we need some magic. >> make the magic happen for the food. how did you get in the spice game to begin with. you work with mitch lynn chefs before gone to prestigious culinary schools. you would think you would just got the path i'll open a fancy restaurant and you said no, i'm going to be
10:53 am
>> i cook for 20 years and so how people were struggling with spice both chefs and people at home. everybody has spices at home yet for the most part you don't know what to do with them. you either put too much you don't put enough. what about if i take on this idea of reviving the spice trade and really helping people to use spices on a daily basis. there's no holiday for spices. it's coffee in the morning, then lunch then snacks throughout the day, cocktails and then dinner. every day. >> completely under utilized you travel the world loo looking for spices back in time 500 years ago doing the same thing. now it's really cool all of these other culinary experts come to you and they say let's make some concoctions. let's put something together. >> yeah. you are here to tell us how to make hour summer patsies well spice cubes here and these ice cubes in front of us. let's start here watch do we have. >> the idea you add ice cubes to your beverage summertime having a let me non made iced tea having some water you're having drink, whi
10:54 am
water. can we season our ice cubes? the answer is absolutely, yes. so something as simple as this, for instance, ice cube we took some green mango powder with little bit of lib rush and cayenne mix the with some water then you can easily top it off with your favorite lemonade. two seconds you know you can do whatever size ice cube you want, and as this is slowly melting into your lemonade it will release this amazing flavor so that you can enjoy a spicy lemonade. >> i think this is genius idea because i'm going to just assume here the first sip you're not going to get the full spice flavor from it. >> a couple of minutes. >> as it sits there you'll get more and more and get that heat from the cayenne. some of the flavors from the licorice comes together. >> yup. >> the second one -- this 11 is a different color. >> the color from the spice. >> hibiscus. >> interinteresting. used in many mill east to make iced tea to begin with in
10:55 am
cube with clove and cinnamon. cinnamon does deliver a nice sweetness without adding sugar. >> very plural and sweet. iced tea again on it super easy. super fast. look at that beautiful color the iced tea changes right away. you'll enjoy this drink. it will release slowly into it. so again a super easy preparation. >> it's beautiful. these are also fantastic for kids. my kids at home, you know, how many times can i serve them water and water they want something fun. we make it together. so they take ownership of this and then -- >> we also have popsicles. >> we'll talk about the popsicle then, you know, comes -- >> let's go to do to adults right now. it's adult time. we have minute and a half. let's make beverage. >> ice cube with some turmeric and ginger and szechwan pepper corn into the glass it goes. we'll pour -- thank you for your help. you're hired. [ laughter ] >> you said alcohol and i'm here to assist. we'll pour some of this gin we made last year that has a beaut pull mint. that is kind of a
10:56 am
i'll have that one. [ laughter ] >> and then we're going to top it off with lime juice very quickly. here we go. that's my portion. >> about a six-one ratio there. six-one ratio. put a little bit of mint. >> let me ask you. if people want to try to do this at home is there secret forgetting the spices in the ice cube. >> do you literally mix it up together. >> mix it up with tap water and then let it sit for a second then pour night whatever ice tray that you have. and then you can enjoy this. here we go. going to have this version. we have about 30 seconds left. what you're seeing on the screen the spice pan i don't know is the new book he has out available right now fine it it on his website get it amazon all the book options. i was just looking threw it and it is -- everything you ever want to know about spices. >> cheers to summer. >> cheers, my friend. thank you very much. check out the book. more information if you're in new york stop by the hell's kitchen you can buy any spice you can imagine. back over to you. cheers! >> cheers! >> all right. we're zip tripping
10:57 am
culpeper, here we come. keep the rain away. >> i'm looking for gutter balls. no rain tomorrow morning. it should be nice. >> perfect. >> unlike what tucker is doing. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? >> it's going to be -- ♪♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ >> wendy: wow! thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my studio audience. they are my co-hosts.


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