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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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against hate. >> the shocking weekend violence once again forcing the nation to take hard look at its race relations. the target of much of the criticism, president trump. this morning, many still blasting his words for not going far enough and now the administration tries to do damage control. >> i think it's just a message of hope and love to show that we are better than this and our country is better than this. >> thousands rally across the country including right here in the district against hate. the voices not dying down this morning. first though it's 6 o'clock on a monday morning, a live look out there, it is 71 degrees. it's august 14th 2017. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. good morning to you, i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm wisdom martin. steve chenevey is live in charlottesville this morning with continuing coverage. welcome to fox5 news morning. our top story this morning is the latest from charlottesville. an ohio man accused of driving his car into a crowd of protesters and killing a woman on saturday is due to face a
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20-year-old james fields is facing second degree murder charges. the incident killed 32-year-old heather heyer and left dozens injured. >> meanwhile vigils remembering hayer brought a peaceful tone to the city last night. steve chenevey is live in charlottesville to begin our live team coverage. steve, good morning. >> reporter: al, good morning. you mentioned thousands of people marching in washington last night, hundreds more in charlottesville but this morning it's all quiet. it is very calm. as a matter of fact we went around the town this morning, there were more journalists out right now than i think city residents because it's a very calm scene early on this monday morning. you mentioned the young lady who died in the incident on saturday, heather heyer, this is where she died behind me and you can see the memorial continuing to grow as people have been coming throughout the evening last night adding to the flowers the candles and all of the chalk writing on the ground itself. the suspect as you mentioned as well is due in court later this morning for a bond hearing. that's scheduled to be at about 10 o'clock.
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where we're standing right now. want to find out a little bit more about what was happening as we have been able to talk to more and more people over the weekend since saturday when there were so many people here in the streets. right in this spot at fourth and water street where the vehicle plowed into that group of counter protesters, one of the folks who was here was a man named david strong and we'll let him describe what he saw. >> hundreds of people walked down that street along with heather heyer to fight against white supremacy. we marched and we laughed and strangers held hands and strangers gave each other food and then we turned this corner to water street and then a domestic terrorist ran a dodge challenger into 19 individuals, into 32 individuals injuring 19 and taking the life of heather heyer. and that's why i'm here to honor her life, to honor the ultimate sacrifice that she gave for charlottesville and to remember her and to hope that this
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our neighborhood. >> reporter: now, there was a question last night as to whether or not there would be another rally of support here in charlottesville, a lot of people who were wanting to honor the woman who died and the others who were injured here in charlottesville on saturday. they had scheduled that last night. they had then canceled that because there was some fear that there might be some more protesters who were here that might cause some problems and then they went ahead and had it anyway because people just showed up. that was last night in charlottesville but again this morning on this monday morning it's a very quiet start to the week here in charlottesville. again we'll see as we get closer to that 10 o'clock court date if more people start to come out. just after 6 o'clock on this monday morning, this very quiet start to the morning and work week in shallots, virginia. al we'll send it back to you and wisdom. see you in a little bit. >> all right steve trying to return to normal. thank you so much. our live team coverage on the chaos in charlottesville does continue this
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president donald trump has been facing backlash because of this response to the deadly weekend in charlottesville. >> rallies were held across the country yesterday and people united to denounce the president's response to the violence in virginia. the white house is trying to clarify the president's statement. fox5's melanie alnwick joins us live outside the white house this morning with the latest. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. so, the justice department has announced a federal investigation into the violence. the white house national security adviser has called the attack and riots terrorism but president trump's comments on saturday condemning violence on many sides was met with a lot of criticism. sunday the white house did attempt to beef up the president's comments somewhat. a written statement says the president condemns all forms of violence and "of course that includes white supremacists kkk, neo nazi and all extremist groups." vice president pence on an internationally trip in colombia spoke about the hate filled rally in
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charlottesville. >> these dangerous fringe groups have noplace in american public life and in the american debate and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms. >> reporter: and also the president's daughter and white house adviser ivanka trump tweeted on sunday morning "there should be noplace in our society for racism, white supremacy and neo nazis." pressure is coming from both democrats and republicans for president trump to make a stronger public statement condemning these hate groups. we can tell that you president trump was uncharacteristically quiet on sunday, really doing nothing more than just a few retweets. he does plan to return here hero washington for prescheduled one day trip back here. he's been in new jersey during those renovations but so far no public events are on his schedule and we're told he plans to return to new york this evening. live outside the white house, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local
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>> melanie, thank you very much. this morning still no word on what caused a saturday's deadly helicopter crash that killed two virginia state troopers. the chopper crashed into a wooded area in albermarle county shortly after governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency. the troopers killed were cullen and trooper pilot burke mm bates of quinton virginia. cullen was a 34 veteran. both were married. each leaves behind two children. >> time to switch gears and talk a little bit about weather. pleasant yesterday. it was rough out saturday for awhile 'cause it just came out of nowhere. >> and friday as well. friday night and both saturday. yeah, yesterday worked out great. sunny and bright and beau beautiful. and i'm trying to make a nice transition to we're going to do that again today but we're not really. >> we're not. >> temperature-wise it will be pleasant but we'll have more clouds tha
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let's do it. 71 this morning at reagan national, dulles 64 degrees and 65 at bwi marshall. yeah, a lot of clouds in the forecast today. there's an old frontal system, the were unthat came through this weekend hanging out in the carolinas and moisture along it will ride up into our region. along 81, mountainous areas, shenandoah valley you might see a shower this afternoon but i think for the rest of us just generally cloudy skies and temperatures top out in the mid 80's. temperature-wise we're going to be fine. we're just not going to get a lot of sunshine with the clouds around. 84, mentioned a stray shower, best chance will be to the west. i'll be back with lots of talk about the seven-day. and all the fun i had on friday in culpeper and this weekend. >> oh, yeah. >> okay? >> thanks, tucker. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> let's see what's happening on the roads with erin como. >> good morning. we have some problems on 66 in virginia right now. this is out in the manassas area, 66 eastbound at sudley road. crash moved over to the left shoulder left lane. traffic slow from 234 prince william parkway through 28 in
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centreville. factor in 15 extra minutes. manassas city back to school today. just a friendly reminder to slow it down through the neighborhoods and school zones adjust to the school o buses and kids walking to and from the bus stops. now kind of an interesting situation going on in upper marlboro. if we could take a look at those maps i will certainly show you four looks quiet right now out by woodyard road but we are getting reports interestingly enough of some cattle loose on the roads. if you are driving threw upper marlboro let me see if you see any of those at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. use caution out there for now as we investigate that situation and i did say cattle reported on pennsylvania avenue. as we take a look right now in northwest, beach drive is closed between tilden street and broad branch road due to a downed tree. caution through northwest this morning. blue and yellow line disabled train at king street. because of that delays to largo town center mount vernon square. some caution there. aside from that ongoing track work on the green line branch avenue and suitland sta
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shuttle buses sevice replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue. more traffic in a few but starting to become a busy monday morning commute. wisdom and allison. >> thank you. >> all right, still ahead, breaking overnight a suspect -- a suspected terror attack on people eating at a restaurant overseas. >> plus, a sad update to that shooting in northeast last week and that 17-year-old caught in the crossfire. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> new this morning, annapolis police department is investigating a homicide. it happened last night just after 11:00. police say a man was shot and killed in the 1200 block of graph court in annapolis. no word yet on a suspect. there is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an an arrest. >> ♪ >> to the district now where the search continues for two suspects who shot and killed a 17-year-old caught in the crossfire while driving in northeast. jamahri sydnor was hit in the head by a stray bullet last week. she passed away on saturday. police say she was not the intended target but shot when two men opened fire on a group of people on saratoga avenue. sydnor recently graduated from woodrow wilson high school. she was planning to attend college in florida this fall. police arrested one suspect, philip mcdaniel. they're still looking for two others. mcdaniel claims his only involvement in the shooting was dropping off two men nea
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>> the search continues this morning for a missing five-year-old in the district. jo'alle parham is believed to be with her biological mother wolanda parham. the little girl was last seen saturday in the 400 block of rhode island avenue northeast. someone called and reported the girl was missing the next day. >> ♪ >> now to some breaking news from overseas. at least 17 people are dead after a turkish restaurant in burkina faso became under attack last night by suspected jihadists. this is in an area that has seen a surge in violence by islamic extremists over the past few years. shots were first heard around 9 p.m. security forces responded to the scene with armored vehicles and heavy gunfire could still be heard hours later. so far no immediate claim of responsibility. sunday's attack comes less than two years after a terror attack killed 30 people at a downtown restaurant popular with out of towners. >> also developing overnight the search is on in wisconsin for a suspect who shot and
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blank range at the an auto racing event in union grove. now, that's about 25 miles south of milwaukee. men were standing by a food vendor when another man opened fire. at least two of the victims were from aurora illinois. the sheriff's office says that thousands of people were at the race way for an event that includes drag racing and a car show. >> stepped up security for senator marco rubio after an alleged assassination attempt from a top venezuelaian politician. rubio has been an outspoken critic of that country's government. the alleged threat was said to come from a leader of the venezuela's ruling party. the son of venezuela's president is threatening to seize the white house with rifles if president trump sends the u.s. military to his country. this comes after comments made last week by the president in response to the ongoing antigovernment protests there. he said he would not rule out the possibility of a military intervention in that country. now since april 120 people have died. the un's
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said venezuelaian security forces have used excessive force and unlawfully detained thousands of people. >> two american soldiers have been killed in iraq while conducting combat missions. initial reports from the military indicate the incident was not due to enemy contact. the statement also said five other soldiers were injured but did not provide further details. more than 5,000 u.s. troops are taking part in the war against isis in iraq. >> tourists continue to visit gaum despite north korea's threat to fire four missiles into the waters of the u.s. territory. possibly within a few days. visitors expressed little concern over the potential gaum is a key outpost for the u.s. military which uses it as a base for bombers and submarines. still ahead, a warning from amazon about some solar eclipse glasses sold on its site. >> and a live look outside as we head to break on this monday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s is coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back at 6:15. happy monday morning as we take a live look outside right now. it's 71 degrees. mr. tucker barnes is here to talk weather. >> all right. pretty much all i should be allowed to talk about, right? weather headlines, let's do it. week starts cloudy and humid, yeah, you saw in the live shot the capitol, lots of clouds out this morning. we'll have both a little more humidity than yesterday and a lot more cloud cover than yesterday. temperatures in the mid 80's later today. i don't think we'll get a lot of rain. most of the rain we get this afternoon should be out to the west. although i can't guarantee a few of those won't sneak into our western suburbs. temperatures rising. you know, not going to be totally hot and humid but back near 90 by the middle of the week and we got gert. why did we name it tropical storm gert? i have no idea. but we have gert out there. we'll take a
6:17 am
71 in washington, 73 annapolis. temperatures a little closer to d.c. particularly close to the bay are in the 70's this morning but plenty of 60's even some 50's off to the west. winchester 59 this morning, 64, dulles 64, manassas culpeper 64, 64 in leonardtown much you get outside the beltway and temperatures fairly comfortable. beautiful yesterday. wish i could promise the same for today but we got cloud cover moving in from the south and west and you can see it and moisture back into kentucky and parts of west virginia and this will kind of try to sneak into our area but again the best chances for a shower this afternoon will be in the mountainous areas so what's happening here is you got a little frontal system that's just off to the south. this is what came through as that cold front this weekend and it's kind of hanging up here and with it just to our south we're going to have some cloud cover and again temperatures top out in the mid 80's with a few showers around a little later this afternoon. all right, to the tropics. we've got number -- we got letter g. guess that wouldn't be a number, would it? we got letter g here, gert. winds
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not expected to impact land areas. it will bring some higher surf to the carolinas and perhaps even the lower eastern shore over the next couple days but it is going to kind of sneak between bermuda and the east coast here which is great news and then looks like maybe intensify. 84 for us this afternoon. stray shower again. best chance to the west. we haven't done 90's much in august. a few days with temperatures in the 90's for wednesday, thursday and our zip trip on friday erin. how is it going. >> good. 6:18. problems on the roads tuck for this monday morning. this is out in manassas. 66 by sudley road. dealing with about a 15 minute delay from 234 prince william parkway through 28 in centreville. friendly reminder back to school for manassas city. use caution on the secondaries through school zones. watch for a lot of kids walking to and from the bus stop. slow it down. as we switch to this lookt
6:19 am
our maps we have problems on our roads as well. this is really weird tucker in upper marlboro we have reports of loose cattle on the road. >> what. >> out by woodyard road. please slow it down. use caution. investigating that situation. we don't have any actual confirmation yet but interesting report. we'll keep you posted on that one. through oxon hill the inner loop looks really good. beach drive closed because of a downed tree between tilden street and broad branch road. downed tree there so caution and then as you make your way out on metro, disabled train at king street. blue yellow delays. on the green line this is ongoing to the 20th just want to make sure you stay in the know, branch avenue and suitland stations closed. shuttle service is replacing -- shuttle buses replacing trains between naylor road and branch avenue. i got you covered. allison and wisdom back to you. >> george washington's mount vernon estate cleaning up because of saturday's storm t heavy rain caused this
6:20 am
it took out portions of a brick wall. other locations suffered water damage. the estate does remain opened. it's estimated repairs though will cost about a million dollars. >> coming up next a warning from amazon if you ordered special glasses for next week's solar eclipse. >> first though, sea turtles covered a beach in mexico over the weekend leaving the water to lay those eggs in the sand as part of their annual migration. they'll lay about 15 million eggs but only about 10 percent, whiz will make it to the sea. just sitting and waiting to get those little babies. hate it. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> the hbo hackers continue to release more episodes of tv shows. first though a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti. good morning. good monday. >> reporter: hey there. happy monday. how is it going. >> it's go
6:23 am
right on wall street. >> reporter: futures here up about 80 or 90 points after modest gains on friday after three games of pretty intense selling but we're seeing the markets in china up about 1 percent, some markets in europe up 1 percent so this is definitely a monday of rebounding over the weekend it seemed like there's been a deescalation in rhetoric between the united states and north korea and investors buying the dip quite honestly. technology consumer discretionary and healthcare. >> let's talk about hbo. they say they're not going to come out with a statement every time something new is released but the hackers are really busy. >> reporter: their system was breached and these hackers got a lot of shows. it wasn't just "game of thrones" but now unreleased episodes of the brand new "curb your enthusiasm" as well as two shows honestly i've never heard of barry and the deuce. these are unaired episodes. also more shows from insecure and
6:24 am
many of these hot titles the hackers say give us ransom, we have this material and hbo is basically saying we're not playing ball. for a i rem consumer a fan of te enthusiasm you would take a peek 'cause of curiosity. >> it's not so serious. >> reporter: if you're really a fan you're probably going to wait for the show to really be released. >> i would think so. >> reporter: nonetheless hbo says it's not paying up. >> crazy times. meantime amazon, i guess the good thing pow amazon is it's so huge you know what i mean but the bad thing about it is it's so huge that they probably can't check every thing on there and even when it's a fraudulent item for sale and it looks like some of those eclipse glasses might do more harm than good. >> reporter: one week from today we get to see the celestial phenomenon that is the solar eclipse and amazon acting out of an abundance of caution is recalling and refunding several pairs of eclipse viewing sunglasses on its z you may not have realized this but looking the
6:25 am
damage to your eyes because the rays will be so strong on that day. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: so amazon is now issuing refunds for these potentially phony solar eclipse glasses. if you need to be sure that your glasses are the most secure out there you should go to either nasa or the aas, the american astronomical society to see which ones have a legit stamp of approval. they're supposed to have the iso stamp of approval but some do falsely. so you need to be really careful here and maybe -- i don't want to say don't trust amazon, but don't trust amazon when it comes to something like this. >> with your eyes, exactly. okay. let's end with something which you can trust which is amtrak giving you that -- i would do this if i had the time. you can take a train i guess go on the path of where the eclipse will be to get that great look. tell us about it. >> reporter: about 400 seats sold out in less than a day. tickets were around a hundred dollars. basically you can get from chicago or champagne illinois to carbondale,
6:26 am
they say you get the best view of the solar eclipse. >> what. >> reporter: sold out like that. >> home of the salukis. that's where my husband went to college. that's the only reason i know that and now the eclipse. >> reporter: i was going say i'm impressed. >> lauren thank you so much and yes, this is not business related but you look adorbs today. i like your hair. >> reporter: oh. >> different, right. >> reporter: it was a little bit of a mess and i don't know, i kind of fixed it real quick. >> don't tell that part. you're looking great. well needed this morning. thank you. >> you look great. >> what's a saluki. >> it's a dog. >> really? >> it looks like a -- like those old dogs that you used to see in the -- its -- the paintings, the 1920's. >> oh, i know what kind of dogs you're talking about, yeah. >> it looks like that. like a big sort of funny looking sweet puppy. southern illinois university salukis. >> all right. >> of carbondale. >> that is really
6:27 am
they were the salukis but what it was. heard of the salukis. >> it's a dog. >> 71 in washington. low to mid 80's today. lots of clouds in the forecast today. won't be quite as sunny and beautiful at yesterday and a little more humidity. some rain showers off to the south and west. if you're one of our western viewers, mountains, you have the best chance of a shower this afternoon. we might see one or two sneak in here later today, too, so we'll go with a stray shower 84 degrees. more of the same tomorrow and then we heat it up. near 90's. still some summertime temperatures to look forward to midweek, guys. >> i like it. >> i know you do. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> all right, let's check in with erin como and talk traffic now. >> all right, 6:township. 6:27.we have a crash blocking te right lane on pennsylvania avenue at woodyard road on the inbound side and that's in the area where we had reports of cattle loose on the roadso again, we're working on gathering information on that situation but look at that delay leading toward the beltway because of that. gw parkway southbound a new disabled vehicle locking the left lane after the overlook so that green could quickly turn red as you head inside the beltway down toward the memorial bridge. and then
6:28 am
closed between tilden street and broad branch road. downed tree. keep it to fox5 news morning. 6:30 half hour coming right up this monday morning. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 6:30 on a monday morning. we're glad you're with us right here on fox5 news morning. live look over the dmv. some rain i believe in the forecast today. tucker and erin will be along on the 5s
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and your traffic. welcome back to fox5 news morning. if you're just getting up right now at 6:30 let's get you up to date on the latest from the weekend violence in charlottesville. vigils remembering the woman killed when police say man plowed his car into a group of demonstrators. this as that suspect is due to go before a judge today. our steve chenevey is live in charlottesville this morning to begin our coverage. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, allison. one of the vigils that you talked about as a matter of fact the largest one we found is directly behind me. this is where that car plowed into that crowd of counter protesters on saturday afternoon but it's far from the only one. there's another one a block up the street right there where the walking mall is and you'll know that as the downtown mall if you're familiar at all with charlottesville. uva1. there are a few more smaller memorials scattered throughout the town. geographically where we are we're about two blocks from the
6:32 am
where we expect the arraignment later this morning. we're two or three blocks from the courthouse and the robert e. lee statue that way so we're kind of in the middle of all of it here at fourth and water streets. again, this is where that car plowed right into the crowd and you can see where that young woman died heather heyer. this is marking that spot. a lot of people throughout the day have come down and used chalk markers to leave messages on the ground and we only saw one person leaving a message. he didn't want to chat with us this morning as he was leaving his brief message in chalk on the pavement. to be honest we've seen very few people out and about this monday morning. i did talk to a gentleman a couple minutes ago who has lived in charlottesville for awhile now who says look it's time on this monday morning for us to start moving on. we don't want the hate here. we didn't invite the hate here. it came to us and now we need top continue to move forward. you'll get a chance to hear& what he had to say coming up at 7 o'clock this morning as we continue
6:33 am
happened over the weekend. saturday of course the violence here in charlottesville. yesterday a lot of church services and a lot of reflection and today i think the attitude is more moving on. we did mention and you did mention, allison, of course there is a 10 o'clock court hearing scheduled for this morning for the man that was driving that vehicle that plowed into this crowd. we'll have more on that coming up at the top of the hour for now. for now live in charlottesville i'm steve chenevey. back to you. >> a confederate heritage organization has asked the state of virginia for permission to gather in september at the the robert e. lee monument in richmond. the request was submitted by a former commander of the division of the sons of confederate veterans. so far the application has not been approved. it's under review. the charlottesville rally started as a demonstrator to protest the removal of a confederate statue. in the wake of all of this lexington kentucky's mayor jim gray now says he wants to see two confederate statues in his city removed from public view. the statues of john hunt
6:34 am
sit near the city's courthouse. >> time now is 6:33. that means it's time for the morning line. we can all take a deep sigh, a sigh of relief because the nats avoided one of the worst case scenarios when bryce harper his knee buckled after -- when he passed the first place bag. look at that in slow motion. it looks awful, awful but here's the deal t mri's show zero structural damage. he has a bone bruise and has been placed on the 10 day disabled list. so, not as bad as it looks. that's some good news there for the nats. meanwhile bryce harper's agent says major league baseball needs to take steps to ensure that wet slick bases aren't a safety hazard for the players. now scott bore says in the nba when a player hits the floor they clean it up immediately so the surface isn't slick. in baseball we have no one cleaning the bags between innings during inclement
6:35 am
weather: so that's an issue of concern right there. game one on sunday without bryce harper, double-header against the giants. giants take an early lead that the nats just couldn't overcome. they lose four to two. game two of a day-night double-header dip. washington up in the seventh inning until pablo sandoval ties things up. eleventh inning same score, bases loaded howie kendrick slams the pitch with the walkoff grand slam. that's his 99th career home run. first career grand slam. nats celebrate six to two with the win. day of rest today. then it's a two-game -- >> it was great. >> it was nice. look at him dumping that bucket over there. this is a two game home series against the angels beginning tomorrow night. how about a little golf? what a win for justin thomas at the pga championship at qu
6:36 am
major title. the world's 14th ranked player closed with four birdies in a six hole stretch. now look at this one. this is a dramatic putt on the par 15. >> does that count. >> here's what happened. >> okay. >> the ball was lingering on the left edge of the cup for several seconds before it fell in. could, to the rules, now when it was hanging on the cup right there he had 10 seconds to wait for the ball to fall in. >> really? >> and it did fall in. >> yeah. >> so, yeah, so he waited a couple seconds and then the ball fell in and that helped him on to victory so yeah. i didn't even know about the 10 seconds rule in golf. >> you know what it is, he's wearing that tiger red power shirt. >> is that what it is. is that a red nike power shirt. >> maybe it's not. [laughter] >> well, that's got some power in it. >> you should be so lucky, sir. >> those things are hard to come by. >> uh-huh. >> i don't normally rant but i'm going to rant about the baseball bag thing. >> okay, go ahead. >> home plate is flat. why don't they make them flat because it's not just bryce
6:37 am
harper. adom eaton tore up his acl, a couple years ago manny machado almost did the same thing. conditions were dry. it doesn't have to be a wet bag to be a dangerous bag. >> baseball is steeped in tradition and the old way of doing things. anything that will change things and move things into the 19th century they're completely against. >> you know what, maybe a power house like bryce harper sitting out will make a change. >> $400 million man maybe he can make a difference. >> let's hope so. >> the nationals season was this close to being over. >> it was. that would have been catastrophic. >> let's do the forecast. 71 now in washington. we'll be in the 80's later today. but the clouds and the humidity will be on the increase around here so you'll notice more cloudiness and a little more humidity than yesterday. you can see the clouds streaming in from the south and west. some rain showers out there, too. i don't think we'll get the rain here in washington but if you're out to the west, there could be a few showers and you know what, i'm just going to throw it out there. you might encounter a stray ow
6:38 am
>> nice. >> i don't have to get mean tweets. >> you might encounter a stray shower. >> that's my way of trying to avoid mean tweets so there you go. >> who would ever be mean to you. >> you know, i got a job to do. i get it wrong, i understand. >> if you're not hating, you're not trying. >> i like that. if you're not hating -- >> no, if they're not hating -- >> if you're not hate -- what. >> if they aren't hating then you're not trying. >> if they aren't hating a, you're not trying, erin. don't you like that. >> nothing like hating to be motivated. >> i like that, too. >> you got it tucker. stray shower doesn't sound so pleasant right now. roads are dry but the left shoulder blocked on 66 eastbound near sudley road. keep in mind first day of school in manassas park so please use caution on those secondaries and watch out for kiddos walking to and from the bus stops. as we move over from the crash we'll take a look at our maps. we're dealing with a crash on pennsylvania avenue inbound out by woodyard road. metro delays as well.
6:39 am
earlier train malfunction stadium-armory. in addition to that disabled train at king street blue and yellow place delays to largo town center. green line delays from track work. pennsylvania avenue because the right lane is blocked to woodyard road we have a lot of slowdowns. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 6:41 is the time. we're back with what's trending on the web this morning. twitter users calling out specific white supremacists who took part in the weekend's tragic events in charlottesville, virginia. an account on twitter has been posting photos from the violent protests with the caption, if you recognize any of the nazis marching in charlottesville send me their names profiles and i'll make them famous. another accounts joined in on the cause. we're told at least one person lost their job after they were identified. >> well, are you feeling lucky? well, you might wake up thursday morning as an instant millionaire. the next powerball drawing on wednesday is forth $430 million. >> what? >> $430 million. >> yeah. >> it's been rolling over since early june. so, good luck to all of us here at fox5 in the studio right now. >> and i won't see you tomorrow. >> hopefully we won't see each
6:43 am
other tomorrow. >> finally southwest airlines is known to have a little fun with their passengers. passengers on board a flight from raleigh to denver were put to the test. about halfway through that flight the passengers were pitted against each other. they had to race a roll of toilet paper from the front of the plane to the back of the plane. now, the side that won got to deboard first. southwest posted the video online friday stating these passengers may have a future in professional toilet paper roll racing. what kind of -- >> what kind of thing is this now? what kind of fun is this on a flight and don't sit down and turn it off and shut up. >> if i'm on a plane the last thing i'm thinking about is let's race some toilet paper down the aisle. >> still ahead a look at the big winners from last night's teen choice awards. plus, it's summer restaurant week throughout the.c
6:44 am
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>> 6:46 on a monday morning. tucker is dancing. we're feeling good in here. it's 71 degrees. though it looks a little cloudy. tuck says it's just a hit or miss shower today. >> okay. all right. >> that's what he says anyway. >> you did my job right there. you got it all. >> that's it. >> yeah and i'm going to take two minutes and say the same thing. >> you go for it. >> yeah, i'm going to mention the
6:47 am
nineties back by midweek and a little more summery around here each day with the humidity on the increase and as allison mentioned yeah, got cloud cover today and there might be a stray shower this afternoon. let's do temperatures first. 71 in washington. that's about where we should be for this time of year. 73 in annapolis. those are your warm spots. leonardtown 64 degrees. culpeper great big shout-out to you and thank you for friday. great time in culpeper on friday. 65 degrees. great to meet everybody that came out to say hi to us. 63 up in hagerstown this morning. 64 out at dulles. the temperatures outside the beltway generally in the 60's. cloud cover on the increase today. there you can really see the cloud cover out into western virginia and shower activity back into parts of southwest virginia and kentucky and all of that will be headed generally in our direction but most of the rain showers should stay to our west today so with high pressure trying hold things back, i don't think we're going to get a lot of rain showers here locally but we'll throw it out there as a possibility of a rain shower this afternoon. reason why. remember the cold front that
6:48 am
stuck down in the carolinas and we're getting a little bit of energy kind of rolling along it so that will give us the cloud cover and again the best chance for a shower out to the west a little later this afternoon with daytime highs in the low to mid 80's. but you're going to feel the humidity today. so, it will be a nice summer feel to this afternoon. speaking of summer, tropical storm season and there is gert maximum winds 45 miles per hour. winds out of the north -- moving to the north-northwest here at nine. the good news is gert is going to miss the eastern seaboard and bermuda and get pushed out to sea perhaps become a category one hurricane later this week but the only real impact we'll have, higher surf alonalong eastern seaboard. warm end to the week here. could be a few showers next few days. we got the morning meme coming up erin. >> i'm excited for that one. right now
6:49 am
skyfox over pennsylvania avenue. crash did move over to the right shoulder. you can see a car kind of facing the wrong direction there. both lanes opened but watch for residual delays after woodyard road extending back for a few miles. good news is now that both lanes are opened we're hoping that crash scene will start to ease the congestion we're dealing with. let's take a look at our maps. i saw tucker staring intently me doing my traffic report but he's looking in the mirror. right now disabled train at king street blue line yellow line normal service resumes to largo service. orange blue and silver line& recommends to vienna frank cone and ya' wiehle. making your way out on breach drive closure between tilden street and broad branch road. dealing with a downed tree at that location. if we can hop out for a quick live look 66 super slow.
6:50 am
earlier crash by sudley road. that's your look at traffic. it's time for the monday morning meme. >> it is? >> it's time. can i do it. >> yes, let's do it. >> okay. the morning memes, let's do it. >> ♪ >> getting up getting ready to go to work, school maybe. >> manassas park. >> we need a little laugh. >> all right. i don't know if we'll deliver that but we'll try. >> that's the goal anyway. >> ah had. h. >> what is that? is that a kitty. >> go for it. erin this yours. >> the humidity is killing my hair. >> i can only think -- the only thing -- >> that's got to be photoshoped. >> you missed the highlight of her doing the voice. does she always do voices. >> the humidity is killing my hair. >> does that cat sound like that. >> you should do traffic like that. >> my goodness what's happening. pug on pug on pug. >> this is an actual picture. >> this is my cousin wallace.
6:51 am
give your dog heart attack.and- this person a dressed up as a pug. >> that's bad. >> dressed up as a pug wearing a pug shirt and then look at his poor pug. >> look at the poor pug. >> the pug is having a melt down. >> cousin, i denounce this picture. this is a terrible picture. >> look at that poor guy. >> pretty funny allison. >> yes. >> shout out to whiz. >> he says -- the pug is like. i scared or am i in love. >> i can't decide. >> that poor pug. >> maybe he's in love. >> in pug is horrified. >> here we go. >> go ahead allison. >> waiter, would you guys like to see the desert menu. no thanks just the bill. me. okay, all right. >> but i have waited all meal for the desert. >> that little kid is like a really famous little instagram person. >> is he. >> i think his name is gavin. >> this is how i feel most mornings. >> oh, no. >> no wait i'm not ready. >> oh. >> i said i wasn
6:52 am
[laughter] >> hashtag morning meme send them in. >> boy, those were funny. >> did that cheer up a a little bit whiz. >> do that again. >> the voice. >> i forget how i do. >> i have to see the cat's face again. [laughter] >> oh, boy. all right. today -- >> it was funny. >> today marks the start of a restaurant week in the dmv from today through august 20th you can chow down at more than 250 local restaurants running deals on brunch, lunch and dinner. the cost will range between $22 and $35 during restaurant week. many participating restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds earned to the capitol area food bank. >> all right. well, it's back to school today for students in manassas park in prince william county virginia and in the district the mayor and school's chancellor, well, they're going to be celebrating the first day for 11 of the city's extended year schools. >> your dream for all
6:53 am
>> just go year round. the addition in ally time in the classroom helps kids thrive in all subjects. the district's remaining schools they're going to welcome their students next monday and we would love to see your kids' first day of school pictures. use the #fox5 first day. it's a beautiful thing, back to school. it's great. >> ♪ >> summer is over, summer is about to be over. >> that's true. all right, let's talk about today's fox beat. the 2017 teen choice awards ceremony kicked off last night in los angeles. the awards celebrated the year's achievements in music film television sports comedy, the internet and of course fashion. >> of course. the show aired right here on the mighty fox5. the big winners are "wonder woman," beauty and t "beauty an" bruno mars and maroon5 also took home some big awards. >> singer miley cyrus who has won 18 teen choice awards through her career was set to
6:54 am
award the ultimate choice award but at the start of the show it was announced that miley would not be coming. >> oh, no. >> the singer tweeted about it saying it's a bummer and that she had created an unrealistic schedule. so, she was a no-show. >> too bad. singer bruno mars making a $1 million donation to the victims of the water crisis in flint, michigan. yes, it is still going on. bruno made the announcement during a concert in michigan over the weekend. the funds will be donated to the community foundation of greater flint. mars said we need to stand together to make sure something like this never happens in any community again. giving back where he's performing. love that. >> annabelle creation has created a lot of interest at the box office. the movie which only cost about $15 million to make brought in an estimated $35 million on its debut weekend. "dunkirk" still going strong. it came in second place in its four
6:55 am
rounding out the top three nut job two nutty by nature movie ticket sales in north america running about a half million dollars behind last summer's box office making this one the lowest grossing summers in years. >> all righty. i think tucker is -- >> don't run, mike. >> serious weather conference right now with mike thomas but mike is scattered. >> right. >> you didn't have to do that and we say good morning, tuck. >> you scare people away. >> it's not like he doesn't work here. he acting like he doesn't belong in the building. >> he's the brains behind the operation. >> he did run off like he doesn't long here. >> like he's an intern again. >> we were just talking about the long term weather patterns over the next couple weeks. >> good or bad? >> 71 now in washington. we were talking about breakfast. winds out of the northeast at six. we're going to be low 80's later today. lots of cloud cover expected and you know what, there might be a shower this afternoon. best chances going to be out to the west but anything we
6:56 am
scattered. you can see cloud cover on the increase and you can see the showers back into parts of west virginia and kentucky and might be a scattered shower later today but we're all going to experience the cloud cover and the warm temperatures and again, low 80's this afternoon. do it again tomorrow. then i want to mention we haven't done a lot of 90s in august. we do them wednesday, thursday and friday and overnight lows a more summery mid to upper 70's. a couple days where we warm it up but nothing too extreme. erin is back with another check on your roads before the 7 o'clock hour. >> i was having a pleasant hallway conversation as i stroll into the traffic wall. we have metro delays unfortunately. earlier train malfunction stadium-armory blue silver and orange residual delays to vienna franconia and wiehle. gw parkway disabled vehicle cleared over by -- before the memorial bridge so delays have eased in that area. key bridge volume increasing from rosslyn into georgetown and then as you make your way out in northwest beach drive between tilden street and broad branch road. doed
6:57 am
green line suitland station remains closed. shuttle service between naylor road and branch avenue. usual congestion building stop-and-go traffic 70 to the beltway. leave it to fox5 news morning. we'll be back with your 7 o'clock hour. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ♪ >> morning and trying heal. remembering a young woman killed while demonstrating against hate. the shocking weekend violence once again forcing the nation nationto take a hard look at its race relations. this morning many still blasting the president's words for not going far enough. now the administration tries to do damage control. >> behavior by others of different militant perspectives are also unacceptable in our political debate and discourse. >> reporter: the vice president speaking out on the charlottesville events as the president prepares to come back to washington today. will he address this raging issue? and thousands rally across the country including right here in d.c. against hate. the voices not dying down this morning.
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