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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 16, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hours ago confederate statue were taken down, loaded on to flat beds and hauled away. two days after the city council voted to remove them. this morning, reaction pouring in after the president again blamed both sides for the violence in charlottesville. democrats and republicans speaking out as protesters ramp up nationwide. remembering heather heyer. a live look in charlottesville, at the paramount theater, a memorial service will take place about a block from where she was killed. i'm allison seymour >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us. here's a live look, the weather story. fog. >> big time. let's get a quick check on weather and traffic. we'll start with tucker >> dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning, visibility and sun spots quarter mile. of we'll take a chose look at that coming up. we have fog and super nasty congestion. the outer loop through college park, about a 30-minute delay 95 to georgia avenue, other
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problems and if you're skipping the road, ongoing track work slowing down the green line, we'll have a full look at traffic and your drive times because this fog is adding to them. with your full look at traffic. allison and steve >> thanks. let's get to the big story, baltimore, the city removed all four of its confederate statues. >> baltimore one of several u.s. cities taking these monuments down in the wake of the deadly events in charlottesville >> angelie hemphill is live in baltimore at the park where one of those statues came down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. after 50 years of this confederate statue standing here of robert e lee and stone what will jackson, reminders of the controversy certainly remains here, you can actually see standing in front of the old statue, appears to be another statue. appears to be depicting a woman with her arm up in triumphth. sitting in front of the
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the confederate statue making a defiant statue. the new statue are both covered in graffiti. writing things like stop white supremacy, black lives matter, there are folks happy to see these statues go, on the other hand, there's also on top of the base here, a small memorial that was left here by a woman earlier this morning, she left it here so mourn the removal of art and historical value. so, both sides expressed here at the base of this double can we say treeian statue. all four confederate statues in the city of baltimore have been removed overnight in the cover of darkness, the first was roger taney supreme court justice, taken down and stone what will and lee were taken down around 4:00, the confederate woman of maryland statue came down before the sun came up and the fourth statue to come
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confederate soldiers and sailors monument. the decision to do this was by city to immediately remove these confederate statues after the violence that happened in charlottesville over the weekend. and so far, things out here have been quiet, but even in that video of the statues being removed, you hear cheering and clapping by bystanders as the statues were lifted off. unclear is if there are any events or protests planned after the removal of these statues overnight. we have heard people driving by some people yelling out things like good. other people showing their anger towards the city's decision to remove these statues, especially in the cover of darkness overnight when not a lot of people expected it. unclear at this point where these statues are going. however, the city did vote to immediately destroy them. so we are waiting to hear more information on that, but that's the latest here in baltimore. angelie hemphill,
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news >> we heard earlier three statues were down now we're hearing all four, is that correct? all four statues taken down in baltimore? >> reporter: yes. we can confirm all four were taken down, it's unclear the timeline of when but all are gone. now that the sun is up. >> thank you very much. live in baltimore this morning at 7:00 the removal comes as the president deals with major controversy over his latest remarks? the president is facing more backlash over most recent marks that he made yesterday to the press, maureen umeh joins us with the latest >> good morning the president was heavily criticized saturday for blaming quote many sides for the violence in charlottesville. one woman killed, dozens more hurt after a man plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters on monday in a carefully worded address, the president denounced the white supremacists and called racism evil but then yesterday, the president was back to blaming both sides. >> does anybody
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an infrastructure >> president trump hoped to talk about infrastructure and had a prop ready to drive home a point. but he was almost immediately questioned about weekend violence in charlottesville, virginia. and he reverted back to his original stance. >> what about the alt left that came charging as you say the alt right. do they have any semblance of guilt >> the statement was denounced by critics on the left but divided some on the right >> what trump did today was a moral disgrace >> we have to be honest about the evil of racism and also honest about the evil of a far left that is trying to tear down both history and intimidate free speech in the country. >> it comes as activities on the left toppled a civil war statue in north carolina. and others are being targeted. to that, the president says, where does it end >> was georgia washington a slave owner? so will georgia washington now lose his status? are we going
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>> are we going to take down statues to george >> how about thomas jefferson? what do you think of him? do you like him >> at the same time, the administration is struggling to get back on track. with democrats trying to pressure the president to fire advisor steve bannon seen by many as an ally at an alt right. >> hundreds took to twitter and that includes many members of the president own party, paul ryan said, quote, we must be clear, white supremacy is repulsive. there can be no moral ambiguity. actor, norma leery tweeted an article in the atlantic. white nationalists protests included fine people. leery tweeted that and tweeted i thought nazis in world war ii, they aren't very fine people. a lot of people are comparing this to the invasion of norman dein 1444 during world war i
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brings guns to norman dein 1944 without a permit and attacks people in nazi france and alexander tweeted. i can't stop looks at pictures in u.s. soldiers and wondering if both sides people think they too are as bad as nazis. >> those are some comments coming in twitter. steve and allison for sure there will be more controversy following today and perhaps more remarks. back to you. >> the president waking up at trump tower that new york and protesters have been outside. maureen, thanks very much. meantime police in at least nine cities preparing for alt right demonstrations set to take place in the coming days. saturday they will be marching on google to protest the firing of james demore fired because of a memo criticizing the compan diversity policies. the mayor in san francisco
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department to rescind permit. other alt right rallies scheduled for following weekend. memorial service for the woman killed on saturday will tack place this morning, heather heyer will be required at a service that the paramount theater in charlottesville. service begins at 11:00 a.m. doors open at 10:00 a.m. you can see a live picture from the theater right there on your screen right now as they prepare for people coming to say their final good-byes. the marquee says united we stand and then heather heyer gone but not forgotten. we'll stream the service on fox 5 dc facebook page beginning at 11:00 a.m. 7:08. let's get to tucker with a check on the fog -- i mean, forecast. >> our follow cast. visibilities no the been greatly quarter mile or less, dense fog advisory, we had heavy rain in spots yesterday. lot of rain last couple of weeks, notice the mushrooms coming up. >> i'm
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yard as a mushroom field >> they just lay and wait until they get the right conditions and just do their thing a couple days. i got lost there in my conversation. >> i'm living this nightmare. it will remain humid but we should be enjoying high temperatures in the upper 80's to about 90. summary reafternoon expected isn't he washington be 60's dulles, bwi marshal 69, there's the bigger look once we can burn the fog off. it should be a nice afternoon with high pressure building in from the north, and quiet conditions not expecting storms later, we'll take day off. storms back tomorrow, weekend forecast and yeah, that the all i got. >> that's enough. that's enough. >> ok. >> thank you very much. >> now we know. >> now we know. >> erin good morning. problems on the inner loop a large po
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of good news, this inner loop by gallos. visibility is improving there. as we move over to our maps, a large pothole elsewhere on the inner loop up by 450. keep it to the left and notice how the inner loop is delayed from baltimore washington parkway down to 50. keep it to the left. you don't want to start with a flat tire, cheverly usual delays to 295. southbound 15 out in loudoun county. closed downed wires south of point of rocks causing a big delay on 15, trying to find an alternate this morning, 28 darnstown road in gaithersburg still closed both directions downed wires between edison park and muddy branch road. rest of the commute, 95 about a 30 minutes delay from dale city to the beltway. south congestion in stafford, 66 eastbound about a 35 minute delay from manassas as you make your way to the beltway this morning and 295 southbound delays as well dealing with stop and go traffic from 50 on
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metro on time except for green line with ongoing track work. accused and then cleared of squall charges at rockville high school, 17-year-old jose montano ped guilty. him and an 18-year-old were accused of raping a 14-year-old in the school bathroom. prosecutors determined there was not enough evidence to support the initial allegation. in charles county, benjamin stoddard middle school holding an information night, as police continue investigation into an hiv positive former school aid. carlos bell is facing put up 19 charges related to accusations that he sexually abused 24 boys, including filming child pornography and knowing transmittaling hiv. police believe there could be more victims police are investigating a murder suicide that happened in upper marlboro maryland.
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8:30 for a welfare check inside the home they found a man and woman dead from gunshot wounds. it's in a condo area where a majority of the residents are senior citizens, police are working to establish the relatioship between those two victims in the district, dc police investigating an incident involving a metrobus and shots fired. this happened around 9:30 last night near minnesota avenue and 16th street southeast. investigators say the driver told them he heard gunshots swerved, he thought were coming at the bus and ran off the road and hit a pole. no passengers on the bus were hurt. the driver did suffer minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. still ahead, the removal of confederate statue such as robert e lee have become a flash point no doubt across the country, there are reports that lee actually predicted these monuments might one day spark trouble. interesting history here. bob barnard is coming up with more.
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. welcome back at 7:15. a little foggy, making visibility a little difficult. sit always does it will eventually burn off. >> how will it feel throughout the day? >> it's going to be humid. we will lose the fog, that's a current look at visibility, two miles in washington, manassas quarter mile. you don't see it often get down to 0, but fredericksberg, culpeper, martinsberg, hagerstown, visibility is being reported at 0, it is that are thick, dense fog in many spots to start your morning, and certainly likely to slow the commute a little bit. it will take a couple hours to bu t
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we should be back into sunshine here by afternoon. 73 now in washington. regionally cooler, when we get outside the beltway. 68 up pittsburgh, 68 in binghamton. we'll show you gert in a second you can see it's pushing off to the east. we got quiet conditions locally midatlantic nice and quiet. high pressure will keep things dry this afternoon, once we get the sun out, it will turn into pleasant summer afternoon with highs in the upper 80's to about 90. quickly gert, category one, it's out of here, i do want to mention the tropics are getting active. it's starting to heat up. there may be additional tropical storms we got do watch next coupled days gut gert will be pushing off to the north and east to the united kingdom. our forecast, 89. sunshine this afternoon after the fog is out. storms back by tomorrow and friday, weekend looks good, less humidity, that might be a loan
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some storm on saturday. 7:16, fog causing problems, visibility issues still tucker elevating in some areas, low lying fog, causing slowdowns on the beltway as you make your way out to and from the wilson bridge, give yourself extra time there. use your low beams this morning pand leave early, have caution n the roads. switch it overand take a look at our map, show you what else, drive time also right now, 95 should not be in the green, dale city to the beltway, 41 minutes, 395 only about a ten-minute delay, not seeing much fog from the beltway to the 14th is it r bridge, 66 pretty good shape, and the inner loop really slow from the springfield interchange to gallo's road with a 30 minutes trip. maryland outer loop 28 minutes, and 95 southbound be a lot of fog there from the icc, to the beltway doubling your drive time. 270 not terrible. urbana to the beltway. more congestion adding to the drive time. as you make you
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loudoun county southbound 15 closed due to down wires. detour around that one and darnstown road in gaithersburg shutdown between edison and muddy branch road and that is because of downed wires. rest of your commute, you can see some red on our map, seeing a lot of slowdowns because of a pothole by 4:50 on the inner loop, give yourself extra time, everything on time metro except for the green line with the ongoing track work, that's your traffic, back to you guys. a new federal report is shedding light on a deadly scpo at a silver spring apartment building last year, investigators found a disconnected vent pipe in a basement road at the flower branch apartments, natural gas station built up where the blast originated but the report said the cause remains undetermined. that blast killed seven people and hurt dozens more last august. a sketch of the man that fairfax county police believe
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abducted and sexual assaulted a 5-year-old girl on sunday. of she was able to get away and run for help. officers were back in that neighborhood along tower drive in mt. vernon canvassing the area for clues. the search continues this morning for the vandals who spray painted graffiti on the lincoln memorial. the vandalism discovered earlier yesterday morning, the national park service says it will take at least a week two remove the vulgar language. 7:19, something a lot of people might not be familiar with, general robert e lee whose statue is at the center of the violent protest in charlottesville and other cities across the country, actually predicted the monuments to the confederate might spark trouble >> the statue has been the focus of controversy for months. since city leaders voted to take it down and sell it. the decision is on hold because of lawsuits in the case. so, what did the statue's name sake really think after the civil war? very interesting history. bob barnard is live in alexandria where robert e lee was born with more on this
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intriguing history that not a lot of people really know. bob, good morning. >> reporter: alice and steve, robert e lee was born a few blocks north of here, we're at the intersection of south washington and prince streets. basically in the heart of old town, and there's the statue in the intersection, a confederate soldier erected in 1889, this one controversial as well. locally some people would like to move it to a museum and put it in a museum nearby. but basically, the general assembly, the virginia general assembly needs to give permission and it hasn't, there's also efforts to rename jefferson davis highway here, in alexandria. that is still an open question. but i want to show you a quote tributed to robert e lee, something he said after the civil war before he died in 1870 and it goes as follows: i believe it wiser not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who
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rate the marks of civil strive and to commit to bolivian the feelings it engendered's as we've seen the last several days, it is a statue to robert e lee, which i'm sure he did not want erected down in charlottesville. would not have wanted that erected. that has touched off those violent clashes. the focal point of those violent and deadly protests. now, as you guys mentioned earlier in this newscast, in baltimore overnight, four confederate statues were removed including one honoring robert e lee and stonewall jackson was also a confederate general. that standpoint in baltimore was erected in 1948. the one here, again, 1889. and we'll see. i mean, something is, eventually going to happen to this statue. it's not robert e lee, but a confederate soldier and interesting that the man who seems to be at the focal point of all of this seemingly
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keeping this alive, when the south lost the war, may be not such a good thing. yes, maybe in museums but in the public square? maybe not so much >> bob i happen tobin treated by this, he also said the flag he considered it a flash flooding tree son and didn't want to see it again after the war. very interesting person in history. bob barnard live. >> reporter: from here in alexandria. >> complicated history indeed. still ahead, the justice department is facing a big test as it launch as civil rights investigation into the violence in charlottesville, we'll talk more about this ahead at 7:30 >> amazon now promming two minutes delivery? the new service taking aim at college students will soon be available on the local university. we will fill you in in a couple of minutes, let's order something maybe we'll get it at the break?
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♪ ♪. water rescue in baltimore gone viral after revealed to life on facebook by the stranded driver. high water surrounded the woman's car climbed out on the roof and waited for help to come. rescue crews from baltimore city fire arrived on the scene, they were able to get the woman and another stranded driver to safety. >> glad she's ok. >> not the place you want to be. 7:25 now. good
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unfortunately we had flash flood warnings for dc and worked its way up 95 into baltimore with the locally heavy rain at the end of yesterday's rain event. had a lot of rain only. and still winds overnight. we've developed a layer of fog that is really thick in spots. be on the look-out for sudden fog, visibilities in the mountains, and for parts of the area, a quarter mile less. neck, we got reports of zero visibilities. of that is not great conditions to be out driving. keep that in mind. currently 73 with clouds around, again, that's the fog, winds are calm. once we lose the fog, we should be back into sunshine today and a pleasant afternoon. of quiet locally. once you get a couple hundred feet up we should be in a storm-free afternoon. and eventually highs near 90's. storms back thursday and friday, weekend will be pretty nice, highs about 90 with less humidity. again, burn the fog off late this morning, sunshine this afternoon and highs i t
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80's to about 90. it will get better from here. that's what we want to here. >> here's the thing about jam cam, i want to show you this in newing ton, you can't see the jammed traffic because fog is so heavy there. camera just went out. but believe it or not this sniff in knewing ton, not looking great. you can barely see any of the traffic behind me and it's gone to black's didn't work out i want to do to show you the impact. give yourself 45 minutes from stafford, you'll hit the dense fogs as well as secondaries use cautions. that was my failed attempt at jam cam. keep it to fox 5. we'll be right back
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♪ welcome back. live look at the white house on this foggy wednesday
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it is right now 73 degrees at 7:29. weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5's. let get to your stop stories now. overnight in baltimore, crews removed all four of its confederate statues in baltimore. this is the lee jackson monument reposed from baltimore's why man park. baltimore's city council decided monday night to remove the monuments d.c. mayor said she would get it done quickly announce the. though have the support of governor hogan. today the woman killed in saturday's car attack in charlottesville will be honored memorial service for heather heyer will begin at 11am at the paramount theater in charlottesville. those attending are encouraged to wear purple. we'll stream the service on our fox5 d.c. facebook page. steve, over to you. allison thank you very much. president trump once again stirring up rest about violence in charlottesville he said both sides share the blame for the violence there. >> the all the left that came charging at the as you say
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alt right. do they have any assemblance of guilt? >> let me ask you this. what about the fact they came charging, that they came cha charging with clubs in their hands swinging clubs? do they have any problem? i think they do. >> facing backlash from both democrats and republicans comes acing a big test now as itt is launches civil rights investigation into the charlottesville attack. joining us now discuss the situation break it down lawyer and civil rights expert frederick lawrence visiting professor in law and public policy at georgetown university former us attorney and chief of the civil rights section of the u.s. attorney' office for southern district of new york. also, author of the book called punishing hate which came out while ago but has been undated throughout the years and to add that former dean law school george washington university here in d.c. impressive resume. let's talk right now about what we saw in charlottesville this weekend. what the justice department now has on its plate. where does it justice department go from here. >> justice department does an investigatio
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underlying violence, but whether the intent was to violate the civil rights of the victims which is to say these things done because of the race or ethnicity or gender of the victims w they done to inte interview -- to interfere with constitutional rights? if, for example, you have protesters who are exercising their free expression rights and there's criminal activity to under fear with that, that becomes a constitutional crime, a civil rights crime. that bring the federal government in. >> so let's take a couple different perspectives here. let's say what happened in charlottesville right now even the president saying yesterday there's activity on both sides here. what does that do as far as the legal standing of the case. >> there are two different things going on. on the legal side, we would all do well to get it out of the newspapers, out of the headlines let the department of justice and for that matter the attorney general of virginia investigate, charge crimes and prosecute. then there's the public piece of this. really is incumbent all of from political leaders on down to look for common ground a
7:33 am
because we need social healing at the same time as we need criminal prosecutions. >> what does it take for in the eyes of the law for it to be considered the hate crime, in this case, let's -- i understand people were hurt and a woman lost her life here. if we remove any physical injury from it, can it still be a hate crime though from what we saw in charlottesville? thinking that occurred there? >> well if you take all of the violence out, then, no, it's not a crime. but when -- what makes a hate crime different it's a criminal manifestation of bigotry. so it's not just that there's a crime. it's not just there's an assault or arson or vandalism or in this case homicide. but it's done with bias motivation. that's what makes it a hate crime it makes it a hate crime for very particular reason it hurts not only individual victim of course but the entire target community. when you have cases, for example, of hate crimes targeted against african-americans, it's not just the individual victims who is hurt. the african-american community in
7:34 am
sometimes nationwide woe observe symptomatology of victim hood on behalf of all members of the group. sense of separation of society. a sense of attack, and then finally, with a hate crime, you hit what i call a social fisher line society splits in a particularly dangerous way. that's why you and i are sitting here talking about this. >> we've seen civil action being taken in regards to what happened over the weekend from criminal standpoint how far can it go? can a leader of the rally be charged with a crime? is it simply in this case would it be the driver of that vehicle that drove into the crowd or kit be other people who organized the event that could be drawn into this from criminal standpoint? >> whole things turns on the intent of the actor. if the organizers were complicit in the crime, then they could be. if the organizers organize an event which is constitutionally protected speech and then someone at that event behaves in criminal way no, they're not criminal responsible. >> it's been sometime since your book first was publish much it's been
7:35 am
years. >> correct. >> what have you seen in the last couple of decades now as far as the attitude, the amount of hate groups out there, the prevalence or just the openness of hate groups being out there in society? >> the truth is, over the past couple of decades, we've seen two different trends. we have seen improvement in the sense of a much greater awareness by law enforcement, by the public that these crimes are different. police taking much more seriously and understand wagon they are as different kinds of crimes. so i would call that a positive development. now, in the last couple of years and particularly i have to say in the last months, we've seen much more prominent public presentation of this kind of hate directed activity. so i think it's too soon to call this a trend, but it bears very very close watching and i think you see the whole country focused on this for a reason. >> those who were involved or members of the hate organizations, when they see all of this played out over and over again d that empower them? >> absolutely. absolutely. which is why you see right now discussion
7:36 am
on college campuses this fall. i'm a former university president and now as the ceo of the if i beta cpa society we have 300 chapters across the country this is the world i live in and focus on. college president is concerned about what could happen on her or his campus. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> pleasure. appreciate it. >> 7:36. turn things over to tucker with a check on the forecast. >> steve, got baseball this afternoon. let's get it. fog this morning is take its time getting out of here. by afternoon we should in for partly sunny conditions and temperatures at first pitch 1:0n 84 degrees. it will be warm and steamy out there with some humidity this afternoon. so plan accordingly. maybe plenty of water. 74 now in washington. upper 60s dulles. 68 degrees. 70bwi marshall we're looking at fog locally that's gert. hurricane gert 90 miles an hour winds off to your right right side of the screen. won't be impacting us here.
7:37 am
pressure which will build in and give us dry afternoon. highs in the upper 80s to about 90 later today and again we got to burn the fog off and then things should get better. there's your seven day. notice on monday now we have mostly eclipse. [ applause ] >> get it, erin? >> yes. it actually looks great around here on monday. mostly sunny skies. >> total eclipse? >> oh, yeah. total eclipse party. >> total eclipse of the heart. >> katelyn in here, too. she likes that song as well. we're seeing nasty commute 95 southbound out after 619 triangle area. really backing up traffic. if you're heading south towards fredericksburg keep that in mind you'll hit that nasty delay left lane left shoulder block. rubberneck delay on the northbound side. northbound side clear here however once you get into newington dense sr. fog really impacting the northbound side. seeing about 30 minute delay from steelie dale city to the city on the northbound side. take look at our maps. dealing with this issue out in london closed down with down
7:38 am
make your way out on darnestown road in gaithersburg closed in both directions with downed wires between edison park and muddy branch road. congestion on 270 once you get closer to the spur. really nasty delays on the inner loop. we had a pothole reported in the right lane by 450 and disable vehicle as well and then we're seeing outer loop delays extending back past 50 now blending in toward the top side of the beltway as you get into college park. fog there. inner loop dealing with about 30 minute delay from the springfield interchange up to 66. stop gone traffic across the legion bridge and 395 jams up as well. look at metro next. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ 7:41 now. amazon making life more convenient for some prime members with what it calls instant pick up. the online retail giant launched the new service on tuesday and right now focusing on college students. you can order items like snacks, drinks, electronics and pick them up in as little as two minutes. from a self serve locker. instant pick up will soon be available in college park, maryland. amazon plans to expand the service to 22 colleges as early as next week. >> ups taking new approach to training its drivers starting next month the shipping giant will use virtual reality to train drivers before they get behind the wheel. trainees will experience trips around different city environments they're able to make mistakes without doing any real damage. driver training will last
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one month. well no more boozy flights at least not on ryan air uk largest budget airline yesterday the company called on british airports to enforce a two drink limit and to ban alcohol sales before 10:00 in the morning. the airline cited statistics showing a 600% increase in rowdy behavior on nights over the last four years most of those incidents involved booze. seltzer sales have spiked more than 40% over the last five years. and now some of the biggest names in beer and spirits are cashing in on the trend. some of the click settle seltzer spike seltzer, truly spiked and spark lynn and white claw hard settles seltzer. experts believe the drinks have become popular among millennials they're low gallery and grew ten free. all right. still ahead the countdown is on now just days away until the solar eclipse. i can tell you exactly, steve, that it is five days, four hours, four minutes and four seconds. >> all right. after the break we're headed to nasa
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center in green belt. we'll talk more about the much anticipated event five days, four hours and less than four minutes. >> okay.
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>> 7:45. take a look what's coming up on good day d.c. in just about an hour and 15 minutes. a lot of great guests on tap. >> cheryl lee raffle is live with us in the loft. also
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michael w. smith live on the show. we'll find out what you can see them around here coming soon. kevin sits down with actor max green field he's in the new girl and now stars in the glass castle. check in with tmz live in los angeles. get the latest on breaking celebrity news coming up during good day. >> all right. >> hey, tuck. >> i've been nervous all morning. >> what's the matter? >> i going to get -- get my check up. >> dentist today? >> yeah. >> just a cleaning or check up? >> that's always preliminary. like taking your car in. >> right. >> the gateway to the bill. >> right. i know. >> fine out of the the real d deal. >> the good news you only need three crowns this time. >> last time i need two. >> i owe him a call. can you let him know i'll call later. >> when he seize me he gets excited. >> we're twins. >> i've been personally paying for his children's private school education for the past eight years. all right. let's go to the forecast. i hope he takes it easy on me. >> he won't. >> i know. hey, fog that's been the problem this morning.
7:47 am
visibilities have been unfortunately down to the zero in spots. and it's going take couple more hours to burn it off here. had lot of rain recently and, you know, just going to take while to get it moving on out of here. once you get the fog out of here sunshine should break out by afternoon and we're going to get -- it will be steamy. still humid. high temperatures up near 90 today. no storms today. they return tomorrow on again on friday. and both days could be fairly active. we can have pretty good rains around here by tomorrow afternoon. so we'll concern ourselves with that tomorrow. visibilities look at fredericksburg quarter mile. manassas quarter mile. frederick quarter mile. still zero visibility up towards martinsburg and hagerstown real problem early. i'll let erin tell you about roadways a lot of our cameras are not seeing a whole lot out there with visibilityings down to quarter mile or less. 74 now in washington. still warm here in the city. 74 in annapolis little better off to the north and west we have fallen back into the upper 60s, manassas, dulles, gaithersburg, 68. >> once we get the fog out
7:48 am
here noise day. temperatures into the upper 80s near 90. summery afternoon. humidity, should be a storm free day. that's hurricane gert maximum winds 90 miles per hour, moving off to the north and east at 21 miles per hour. will not be impacting us but i do want to mention the tropics are getting to get very active. most active time of year for the tropics is late august early september. as we look down in the cape verde islands we got lot going on there. have to keep a close eye on the tropics the next couple of weeks this one is out of the here. seven day, 89 today, storms back thursday and friday. weekend looks good. that's my effort at the moon. mostly eclipse. get it, erin? >> actually conditions look great around here on monday. mostly sunny. we shall get a good chance to see the eclipse locally as well. >> what kind of glasses do we need? allison and i were as asking. >> you knead the special glasses
7:49 am
don't stair directly into the sun. >> good advice. thank you for that. right now, traffic is super nasty on the southbound side of 95 after virginia 619. multiple cars involved in crash bloblocking the left shoulder lt lane causing 15 minute delay towards that locate. as you make your way out northbound things looking good there. northbound side from dale city on up is dealing with about 35 minute delay. heavier fog through the newington area. switch it over right now and show i was look at our maps. you can see lot of delays. we have inner loop slow downs by 450 a pothole blocking the right lane. we also have reports of disable vehicle in that area could be connected. we have outer loop delays as you make your way out from south of 50. college park super jammed up from before 95 over to the 270 spur. we're also seeing problems in gaithersburg as well as out in loudoun county 15 closed with downed wires south of point of rocks. closed between edison park and muddy branch avenue. to 95 usual delays on the southbound side 50 to penn
7:50 am
50 inbound very slow. outside the beltway 50 seeing a lot of fog by las a vista road. low beams, take it slow. still impacting our ride with that foggy condition. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. let's get a quick turn around fort nationals today. they'll be playing again in couple of hours. game finish late last night and at 1:00 they'll start after off. last night game against the angels. third inning. kendrick with homerun to left field. bottom of the fifth, he does it again. homerun to right field. two tour to two for had two homeruns for kendrick that put the nats up two to zero. gonzales took a no hitter into the sixth ink gave up two hits on the day and has the best earned run average if all of major league baseball. washington wins this one, three-one. lebron james making sure he's on top of his game during the off seaso playing pick up game with some friends yesterday. took the private jet from akron ohio to new york city to take part in the
7:51 am
friends. carmelo anthony and kevin du durant. >> wow. >> lebron played for two hours got back on the jet went back to ohio and attended his fun foundation's annual fundraiser at cedar point. total darkness in the middle of the day is coming. next monday's historic solar eclipse is the first in a century that will be visible from coast to coast here in the u.s. >> joining us now with more about the upcoming event dr. alex young associate director for science at nasa's goddard space center in green belt, maryland g to see you this morning. how on the excitement scale where are you at this point? >> um, i am through the roof. i cannot wait. this is just going to be amazing. >> all right. let me just -- can we just put it in can't text before we talk about some of the other aspects here. how historic is this? >> this is historic for a lot of reasons as you mentioned this is the first coast to coast eclipse since 1918. it's the first total solar eclipse in the
7:52 am
this unprecedented opportunity for nasa to do great science but also for the public to connect with one of nature's most am amazing events a total solar eclipse. >> we've seen that and we've talked to people that are he heading south try to find the best place to watch it. for those of us staying here in the washington area do we have any better idea as far as even weather conditions if it's going to be, f we'll be able to see thing, if it's cloudy on monday, will that hurt our chances? >> well, if it's cloudy, um, there will be definitely not as much observing of the sun. however, this event lasts for several hours. so with the clouds moving in and out of the way, that's going to be good but this is also environmental. it will change the light that's coming down. it's going to change the temperatures some. so this is something you're going to see all around you. the hue of the sky will be different. even the shadows cast o
7:53 am
ground will give you these re really cool cress cents. so there's a lot to see around you as well as up. this is definitely something that you probably were not going to miss. >> alex, let me ask you. we're in d.c., of course, and for those working down on k street or whatever can they come out of their office and experience some semblance of total darkness or what will we really see with the buildings and if worry just in our regular work day? >> so i think it's going to be spectacular because it's really going to change the environment. the shadow is going to be moving overhead. so the sky itself will change its color. there will be less light. the temperature will decrease. you know, imagine all of a sudden having a huge storm cloud move over that's 70 miles wide blocking out a huge piece of the sun but no, new york city thunder, no lightning, you're going to see weird shadows around you. so absolutely just make sure that when you come outside
7:54 am
use save solar viewing glasses if you have them, not normal sunglasses. but you can use pieces of paper to make pin holes or even see the pinhole cast through trees around you. so there's going to be lots of different ways to really enjoy this event. >> alex, let me ask you about that. obviously it sounds like anybody working in dc the rooftop might be the best place to be if you can get up to your building or your company's rooftop to check it out. if we don't have the glasses, and we're just going to go rogue and we want to see something, if we're not looking directly at that sun, is it still okay because i feel like there's this fear that we're going to blind ourselves if we look anywhere near the sun on monday? >> alex, i've been telling him you don't look in the sun. you be the decisionmaker here. >> right. so you don't look at the sun. you're going to want to look down at the ground with the sun behind you you can use your hands, you can see -- i mean it's no different than the sun on a regular day. you just don't stare at it
7:55 am
but there's so many ways to do it in up directly. you just won't have any trouble with pinholes or even the trees and the buildings around you but as i mentioned you can even use your hands crossed over to sort of make your own little pinhole projector to see what's happening on the ground. >> we got to end with this. there's some really crazy myths and some weird things that people have reported around events like this. what can we check off? like will the animals be confused and go berserk. >> i feel like animals always know what's going on. will there be isn't moment of craziness with this total -- totality, this path of totality. >> in totality, it is pretty odd. i mean the whole environment changes. so animals do respond differently because you're going from daylight tonight time. it's basically twilight in every direction. so animals respond like it's nighttime. so crickets come
7:56 am
stop chirping. we've even see things like, you know, cows go back to the barn for brief moment. it will be strange. i don't think that they're going to freak out per se. [ laughter ] >> but they're definitely going to act like that. they're going to act like it's nighttime. >> like it's night. >> you know who might freak out you know that even with all these precautions about not looking at the sun people are going to have their phones up and want to try to take pictures to post to social media. can you take pictures of this? >> you can but you want to be really careful, because you don't want to be looking up at the sun and then all of a sudden move your camera out of the way. so what you can actually do is if you careful you can actually take your glasses and put them in front of the camera because really it's so bright just like the sun that you're not really going see a lot with your camera if you don't have the little filter on it. but as long as you don't inadvertently look at the sun you're okay. that's what you really have to be careful
7:57 am
>> consider yourself warned. alex, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> our friends up at green belt at nasa. enjoy it yourself. i know you'll be watching just like the rest of us. >> thanks, to you. clear skies. >> clear skies. >> we're hoping for. let's find out from tucker. are we looking at clear skies on monday. do you we look now, tuck. >> around here we look great. conditions look ideal right now. allison, werewolves. full moon. >> right. >> it will get dark. >> full moon for a second. five days, three hours, 49 minutes, 32 seconds to go. >> 75 now. we're doing fog this morning. get the fog out of here and we will turn partly sunny this afternoon with highs near 90. should be a dry afternoon for us. storms are back thursday and friday. plenty more fox news morning coming up right after the break. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks so much for joining us this morning. 8:00 a.m. this wednesday, august 16th. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> breaking news out of the baltimore. confederate statues taken down in the dead of night two days after the city council said they had to go. nationwide backlash this morning over president donald trump's remarks on the violence in charlottesville. will his latest comments drive a wedge between himself and other republican leaders? >> outpouring of the support for the woman killed in that car tack in charlottesville memorial for heather heyer begins in just a few hours.
8:01 am
look outside it's been the story of the weather wise. that fog out there. >> the story overnight comes from baltimore. that is our big story this morning. overnight the city removed all four of its confederate statues. >> baltimore just one of several us cities taking swift action in the wake of the deadly events in charlottesville. our anjali hemphill. as some of statues were driven away. >> reporter: good morning, guys. the bronze statue that used to stand behind me was depictions of stone wall jackson and robert e. leon horseback. you can now see it is gone. they both took their last ride into the sunrise if you will this morning as the statue was removed in the cover of the night and hauled away on the back of a flatbed truck. the base still remains here, and on it is scrolled all over with graffiti and right next to the base is a another statue of a woman with her arm in the air standing in front of the base sort of a symbol of triumph. unclear
8:02 am
here. but you can see she's the only one that remains this is one of four confederate statues the city plucked off their bases using a crane and drove away overnight. all while police officers kept watch. the city ordered the meadery move of all of its couldn't federal monuments just days after the unrest if charlottesville. quietly overnight all four statues were removed. so far not many people are out here because again the ones that are out here say this was complete surprise. not many people knew this was going to happen. at this time it's unclear if any events or protests are planned today after what happened and also unclear where the statues are being taken. live in baltimore, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> thank you. backlash continues over president donald trump's response to the violence in charlottesville over the wee weekend. >> back and forthwith reporters yesterday had the president returning to his original stance that there was blame to go around for what happened much this is what he said yesterday. >> how about the alt left that came
8:03 am
right? do they have any semblance of guilt? >> i think there's blame on both sides. you look at -- lou act the both sides. i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> the president's controversial comments drawing criticism naturally from democrats but also strong condemnation from some republicans. setting up very difficult situation for the gop. >> joining us this morning to discuss gop strategist jason. good to see you once again. what's your take on this as far as the relationship between the white house and what we're hearing from other republican leaders? >> well, i think the republicans in congress and other republican leaders need to understand that donald trump is not a politician. he is a politician now that he's president, and he's learning the games that politicians play, but he himself doesn't really subscribe to sort of the way things have been done forever in washington. i thought his statement after the charlottesville incident was very strong
8:04 am
i also think, though, that the way that it's different than what politicians in the past and other presidents may have put forth is that he was trying to sort of acknowledge that there was violence on both sides of the aisle. certainly condemning the deplorable kkk and white supremacist factions that were present, but also saying, hey, there's this sort of antti if a group out there. >> what is antti if a stand for. >> hearing more and more about antti if a. violent left wing extremist that is show up to counter anything that they feel is a threat to their cause. when you think about it the kkk and white supremacy and you think about atifa. why are they violent? why do people condemn violence when they do these protests? it's because their cause is weak. let's face it of that's how they draw attention
8:05 am
>> it's short for antifascists. >> let me clarify. even if as shim. >> no, it's violence when you're protest, certainly not, but when you're protesting anti fascist groups like the kkk and you're putting -- you're donning yourself in black costumes and helmets and baseball bats and smashing windows like they did during the inauguration and set cars on fire, that was also the antifa. >> the method perhaps, does not justify the cause. >> okay. we can get back to this statement in a minute. the president's statement in a minute. i want to get back to the political ramifications of this. because you came out and you said that congress needs to realize the president is not a lawmaker, but there are 100 politicians, career hold physicians, in the state senate right now that are there to get things done in washington.
8:06 am
between the white house and congress? >> i hate to say that you know i haven't been that impressed by the republicans specifically in the senate. obviously we just saw the -- >> isn't their job to give into the president. >> the president needs to show leadership -- in are they not there -- are they not elected to represent the people -- >> their constituents. >> absolutely. i don't feel like sometimes they are. we just saw that with the health care debacle where, you know, just a vote or two will, you know, break the whole chain of what they've been saying for seven years by, you know, replacing or repealing or even improving the elements of obamacare that were not working. they couldn't do anything. they couldn't do any of it. you know what? the president does bear a little bit of blame for that. he's the leader of the party. he needs to step up and make sure that those things -- that he is putting in his platform -- >> who has to blink at this point? >> i think that the sides need to come together and when
8:07 am
the sides i mean the republican sides. >> right. >> not what we saw last week. >> i think there needs to be a sort of a meeting of the minds here. >> does that happen? do you think that that is truly what can happen especially if you have some of the, you know i'm not passing judgment here but what i am saying very device viv statements from the president. you definitely if you're watching, and you feel like the clan has a very long history or neonatzis stemming from natzis have very long tradition of hatred and you don't condemn them without a doubt unequivocally there's going to be division. there's going to be republicans and democrats that do have to answer to their constituents. so is this really possible without the president really listening to advisers or people who say you have to work with the majority of people. it's not just a party of one here. >> can that really happen, jason?
8:08 am
sure. i mean he is sort of his own m man. and he, you know, the things that people find refreshing about him is that he says what he believes, and sometimes, you know, the forum of saying what you believe is not always, you know, there. but he says what he believes in way, you know, i think he brought you played a couple of the clips earlier that, you know, you wouldn't hear a president typically bring up in less than 48 hours after an incident like charlottesville occurred. such as where does this end? you know, where do we draw the line when we start taking down confederate statue? then do we start, you know, taking down the washington monument? he owned slaves. he's trying to start a debate here among people, and i have heard it's sort of catching fire. we need to look within ourselves and figure out where does all of this end? where can we -- can we acknowledge that both sides in charlottesvle
8:09 am
elements to them and how do we bring these sides together so that we can avoid this in the future? >> jason meaning is a political media consultant. we appreciate your time here with us today. >> absolutely. pleasure. >> all right. nine past the hour. let's check in with tucker and get a check of the forecast. any break in the fog. >> starting to break up. we have a couple of hours until we break out into partial to mostly sunny skies up near 90. dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00. they may have have to expand that a little bit. 75 now in washington. just quickly roll you through some maps here. looking at clear skies once we burn the fog off or clearing skies and we should be partly sunny and dry this afternoon. still going to be humid but we should be storm free later to today. and quick look at your planner. daytime highs up near 90. going to the nats game this afternoon, we're in good shape for that. it will be warm and humid out there. okay. seven day coming up in just a minute. talk about eclipse weather. how are roads, erin yes. >> roads are dealing with a lot of fog right now, tucker. low lying fog use low beams and have caution. this is out by the triangle
8:10 am
has gotten denser than the last time we took a look at this camera. blocking the left shoulder and left shoulder by 619. give yourself extra time north and southbound. you can see fog just continues as you get closer to dale city as well we forward things along also -- this is a pleasant view. seeing much much dense sr. fog little while ago on the inner loop out by gallows road. once again we're seeing slow downs because of congestion but not because of visibility. things improving on 50. we have a pothole on the inner loop by 450 caution there. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much. happening today, a memorial for the woman killed in saturday's car attack in charlottesville. the city's newspaper says memorial service for heather heyer will be held at 11am at the paramount theater. the suspect in the attack 20 year old james ad alec fields, jr., faces multiple charges including second degree murder. he is being held without bond. a lawsuit has been file in the deadly charlottesville are a attack. two sisters involved in
8:11 am
attack filed a lawsuit against jason kessler the us inspected attacker james fields, jr. they were in a car that was hit during the attack. they are seeking $3 million. ♪ this morning, police are searching for the person who vandalized the lincoln memorial. graffiti was discovered around 4:30 yesterday morning. the national park service is working to remove it. this isn't the first time the lincoln has been targeted. it was one of four monuments along the national mall which were vandalized in february. anyone with information about this case of vandalism is asked to call park police. the number of people receiving honors at the kendi center this year could come up a little short. >> a number of celebrities have decided to back out of the ceremony. we'll tell you why. why.
8:12 am
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>> tucker barnes, 8:14 right n now. >> cuteness! >> let's do it. hard to out do the one from yesterday but we got it. we got cuteness. >> i want to be best friends because she's making food. >> i'm going to guess steve and erin will love her because it looks like she's cooking. >> yes. >> she's so cute. hi, dimples. >> adorable much this is gracelyn ray. >> hi gracelyn. >> gracelyn ray. mom calls gracelyn her helper in the kitchen. >> i can see that. >> we can see it. >> cool. >> that's great. good to get staed
8:15 am
gracelyn is five years old but she's going to be turning great big six in october. >> she's a big girl. >> still enjoying summer vacation but getting ready to start kindergarten in a few weeks. >> aww. >> mom says, that gracelyn loves helping her out no matter the task. what an awesome daughter. >> what sweet daughter. >> yeah. >> aww. >> good look gracelyn we hope inter garden will be the best. >> it will be super duper cool. >> if you get nap time, bonus. >> i think nap time ends in kindergarten. >> i still found way to get a little time in. >> yeah. look at her little face. got her little apron on. >> killing it in the kitchen. >> we love. the love the smile, too. >> happy birthday coming on up. >> happy birthday gracelyn. thanks mom for sending it in. let's get to weather we got lots going on. fog has been the problem this morning. if you are enjoying the afternoon baseball special. >> yes. 1:00 p.m. game today. >> 1:00 o'clock today. we should break out in sunshine. it will be nice but it will be one of tho
8:16 am
out in the sun if you're on the wrong side of the stadium after like the second inning you're like, okay it's hot out here. >> yeah. >> right? and steamy. temperatures 84 at first pitch but upper 80s by the end of the afternoon. all right. fog has been problem. there are your visibilities still zero, zero in hagerstown and martinsburg. just a quarter mile in fred frederick. manassas half mile. 1 mile in annapolis you get the idea widespread fog has been major issue this morning. and we'll take a few more hours to burn it off. so probably late morning we'll start to break out in sunshine. 75 now in town. 60 there is off to the west and north gaithersburg 69. 68 in win chest. 71 fredericksburg, and once the fog burns off, it will be, hey arc dry afternoon. we'll take it. with storms back in the forecast by thursday and friday. monday mostly eclipse see. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> it looks like a good view. >> clever to say. >> mostly eclipse. >> but it looks nice. around here, of course we don't get the full eclipse we should have
8:17 am
80% of it. >> that's key. as long as we can see the sun. >> i'm excite. >> me, too. looking forward to it. >> coming you up. >> 8:16. hi erin. >> am i the only one who sings total eclipse of the you. >> no. >> this is 66 by fairfax county parkway heavier traffic. right now about 30 minute delay from 234 prince william parkway to the beltway. looks like the sun brightening up a bit and easing some of that fog but watch for some patchy conditions. especially heavy on 95. new crash northbound by lorton road you can see traffic is moving along okay. speeds reduced, though, because of the visibility issues again low beams caution patience this morning. 95 southbound we also have a crash as we forward our cameras. it's on the shoulder left lane partially blocked out by 619. northbound side quite there. southbound side pretty heavy because of that. again, 95 right now seeing the worst of the fog that is left. as we switch it from our cameras to a look at our maps, we are also dealing with a large pothole blocking the right lane
8:18 am
the inner loop is super sluggish from basically 95 on down so factor in extra time keep it to the left. that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> all right. erin, thank you very much. so we're staying on top of the social media circuit right now to show was stories are soaring this morning. >> we needed to enlist some experts so wisdom maureen and sarah all here with a look at the stories climbing the trending latter today. maureen let's start with you what you got? >> okay. unfortunately not great news. this comes on the heels of the controversy in charlottesville with the president's remark as you all know causing a lot of controversy. well now more celebrities are backing out of the kendi center honors because of the current state of affairs in the country singer lionell ritchie joining actor norman glory and gloria estephan he may skip out on the awards altogether because of the mood in our country with president trump in charge. it's considered the country's highest honor in the arts, you know, but in interview on the today show yesterday he mentioned that he might not go. lear says he immediately said
8:19 am
would would be skipping the pre gala event over art defunding by trump and gloria estephan says is if she go she'll have to have a sit down with the president over immigration. >> ll cool and dancer carmen are still a attending. the controversy continues. celebrities being honored bite kendi center might boycott. >> here's the question though. they're getting awards. are they still keeping the awards if they're not coming to the ceremony? >> they haven't said yet much this is still developing in least what's happening. people are backing out. maybe comes on the heels of those ceo' who's removed themselves from the president's council maybe they saw that and said, perhaps i shouldn't go. >> the president didn't pick the recipients. >> absolutely. >> often the president is there, though, right? >> he gives the awards. >> the optics if they dengue with his politics or they feel that strongly the optics of them being there all sitting together might be -- >> huge fight for funding in the are as you don't want to step away from an award in the arts community. >> its definitely a personal choice. >> again you're conviction wherever you stand on this. we'l
8:20 am
for now some are saying they'll boycott ll cool jay and the dancer carmen they so far are still there. wait and see. >> all right. thanks, mo. wisdom do you have. >> let's lighten the mood a little bit and talk about game of thrones all you game of thrown lovers, those of hugh don't watch the show, this is a popular hbo show series about war and families in a dark, very dark medieval world and on those families well they have some of those families they have huge vicious wolves. they're called dire wolves on the show. they're huge. they're massive. well now it look like life is imitating art because the berlin game shelter has seen a huge surge in huskies being returned. here's the problem. the whole back story with this. twice as many returned as january the past three years. they've had three this past weekend. now this is called the dalmatian effect this is when people want animal because they see it on tv basically or in the movies. they g
8:21 am
animals they don't realize this is a huge commitment to own a husky or any other animals that they see they want them and then they end up taking them back to the shelter. >> aww. >> because it's so cute on the big screen but when you get them home it's the real deal. >> they shed. they need exercise. >> you got to do all this stuff. take them out all the time. they don't realize how much of a commit many this is. so all you people who watch these shows gone get these animals and bring them home and end up ta taking them back to te shelter keep in mind long aft the show is gone and game of thrones is in its last season, the pets will still be there unless you take them back to the shelter. >> i'm personal al big husky fan. my loving dog cocoa i had for 17 years was part husky i think they're great pets but the good news here, they're in the shelters. if people want them they can go give them a happy home where they'll be loved for more than just a year because you got it because of the show. >> why would you think you could stand up to a warring family's pet if you're not going to walk the dog. i don't have time for it. >> give them back to somebody who will love them, right. >> watch the tv. >> sarah, you're up.
8:22 am
no more boozy flights. how about this? at least not on ryan air any way. this week the airline decided that they are going to ban drinks before 10:00 a.m. and a two drink limit and ban alcohol sales as i mentioned. before 10am. airlines statistics showing 600% increase in rowdy behavior in nights over the last four years most of those incidents involved booze. what do you guys think about the airline. >> if people want to drink they're drink. >> they'll find a way to drink. >> i bring my flask. >> they'll drink before or af after. >> have you ever been to an airport bar, sarah? >> yes, steve a couple, i have. but i think it's good. do you think it's responsible though that the airline is at least trying? they've had crazy incidents on ryan air not just fights but like people taking their clothes off. then they have to kind of land the plane. >> drunk behavior. drunk behavior. >> drunk behavior. >> a step in the right direction but it's not going to work. >> you're paying for the privilege to sit on that plane i don't weren't to pay that much money and have joker take his clothes off beside me and run around like crazy person.
8:23 am
jeopardy if he wants to run up into -- >> don't drink before 10:00 a.m. >> gets drunk and turn the plane around. >> have you been to good day. hello. >> on tv you can drink before 10:00 a.m. minus that. >> great job hiding from the shot and cameras. see in you couple of minutes aft the break. also -- >> coming up former president obama in the news this morning. all because of a tweet. >> we'll show how he made social media history. 8:23.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> all right. it's coming back to me. 76 now in washington. fog has been big issue this morning. visibility quarter mile or less. dense fog advisory remains in effect for much of the region here. winds out of the north and east at five. actually, improving forecast. i know we'll get the fog out of here. once we get the fog out of here, dry afternoon and warm afte afternoon. steamy, too. still be humid. upper 80s to about 90 we should be storm free later today, and we'll get the storms back in the forecast tomorrow. 89 eventually and again fog visibility still problem here. visibility in some spots quarter mile or less. storms back thursday and friday. i think the weekend will be n nice. isolated storm up near 90 summery and the good news right now monday looks sunny and bright except for when the moon passes in front of the sun for the eclipse. so we got nice weather here for monday. that's good news. okay. er
8:27 am
>> roads are still press tee nasty. fog causing problems much other issues as well so we'll start off with look at our cameras you can see in lorton 95 northbound by lorton road we have a crash blocking that left shoulder. low lying fog there use low beams take it slow. some delays through newington and south at that point southbound 95 also a crash by the triangle. as we take look at our maps unfortunate al large pothole causing big delays on the inner loop. it's blocking the right lane by 450 so delays back to 95. about 30 minute delay there. outer loop super jammed up in college park. only metro rail line delays are on the green line for on-going track work. that's your traffi. back to you guys. >> 8:27. back to school season is upon us many for many parents that means back to chaotic school year routine. hold me. >> i know, right? when we come back we'll have a little help for you and share some apps for your smart phone that will ease you back into the school year. >> my answers are in my smart phone? >> give it a hug. >> okay. hold me. ♪
8:28 am
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all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of you contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ time right now 8:30. here are some of the top stories braking news overnight baltimore crews removed several of the city's couldn't fed rather statues. as a matter of fact they took down all four. they said they would. this is video of the lee and jackson monument being removed. it was hoisted off its pedestal about 3:00 o'clock this morning before that crews removed a statue of roger tawny the suprem
8:31 am
responsible for the decision. baltimore city council decided monday night to row move those monuments and overnight they came down. city mayor said she'd get the job done quickly and unann unannounced. it also looks like a controversial monument will come down in annapolis. maryland governor larry hogan is calling for the removal of a statue of supreme court justice roger tawny. now it stands on the front lawn of state house in the justice was a calvert county native. governor hogan says the statue sends inappropriate message in country that continues to struggle over civil rights and equality. president obama making headlines for his tweets he posted in response to the violence in charlottesville he posted a quote by the former president south africa nelson mandela. no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. that tweet has been liked more than 3 million times that make it the most like tweet in twitter history. all righty. it is now time to
8:32 am
check on weather with our guy tucker. >> ♪ all right, allison, thank you. real quick. fog has been the issue this morning much visibilities remain quite low across much of the area we've got dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00. wouldn't be surprised if they extend it another hour or two it's been slow to burn off. 76 now in washington. 71 up in new york. little cooler off to the north and west with temperatures in the upper 60s in pittsburgh. let me mention locally temperatures in the 60s once you get outside the beltway. what can we expect today?? once we get the fog out of here mostly sunny conditions expected by afternoon. at least part toll mostly sunny conditions. it will be, humid daytime highs in the upper 80s it storm free later today. we are looking at improvement in the forecast here later today. again we need a day to dry out after all the rain we've had around here not only yesterday but seems like the last couple of weeks. high pressure off to the north. quick look at the forecast. 89 today. dense fog early we'll clearing but again going to be humid dew points are
8:33 am
humid afternoon. coming up, seven day we'll look at weekend forecast and we'll look at eclipse weather and hurricane gert. do you know what gert, gert in your life. >> gertrude. >> is there a gert of any kind? >> isn't gertrude chocolates. isn't that chocolate thing. >> i could be wrong i have to refer to google. >> you look it up for me all allison. right now unfortunately crash blocks the left shoulder. this is 95 northbound by lorton road delays some low lying fog in some spots. so please use caution there. we'll keep up it date the on that let's switch it over for a look at our maps right now. good news if you're traveling in gaithersburg darnestown road reopened. traffic moving once again. inner loop dealing with a pothole out here blocking the right lane at 450 causing some really big delays. at least a 30 minute slow down from 95 on down to 50. and 95 southbound dealing with those delays as you try to get on to the beltway because the outer loop jams 95 to georgia avenue. aside from that
8:34 am
rocks because of downed wires south of point of rocks. if you're taking metro the green line right now dealing with track work. other than that, all metro rail lines on time. use caution fog causing slow downs this morning. back to you guys. >> erin, it is gertrude hawk chocolates. >> yes. you're absolutely right. >> hurricane gertrude hawk chocolates. >> all right. are you a fan of nan dough's perry perry giving out free chicken at the college park location. >> that sounds like a win. 66:00 and 8:00 p.m. you can get a free quarter chicken, chicken sandwich, wrap or pita sign in early. first come first serve. it starts at sick physical. >> no catch. >> no catch we're aware of. >> going to buy seven other meals unget one free. very cool though. >> still to come bad news for bing watchers. >> binge. >> binge watchers that should be. >> okay. indulging -- [ laughter ] >> or bing indulging in hours of your favorite shows has side effects you might not know ab about. >> staying bing instead of binge. staying bing instead of binge.
8:35 am
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8:37 am
>> what are you doing? you burned off the food, the the rum. >> the sum gone. >> why is the rum gone? >> one, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectful men into complete scoundrels. two, that signal over thousand feet high. the entire royal navy is out. do you think there's the slightest chance they won't see it. >> why is the rum gone. >> good question. if you are all in high spi
8:38 am
jack sparrow day national rum day. >> rum is the third most popular liquor in the united states. behind vodka and whiskey. stirs up images of sandy beaches and relaxing vacations. not a bad thing to think about on this wednesday. so maybe treat yourself to a little rum cocktail. >> oh very fancy. >> i didn't know vodka was number one. i thought the whiskey drinks would be number one. >> whiskey had resurgence. >> okay. >> interesting though. >> all right. we'll talk more about it on good day. we actually have a local establishment coming in they do some high you have end rum drinks. they're spin on tiki drinks. >> that's like the big drink that you drink when you can finally legally -- the rum and coke. that was what we thought was cosmopolitan back in the day. >> except it's not cosmo. >> not cosmo. >> we have to go back to vodka. >> different. >> any who. time for the morning line. quick chegg on sports right now speaking of quick it is a quick turn around for your washington nationals. kendrick going yard last
8:39 am
hits it to left field into the bullpen. just to make sure every player and every bullpen has a chance to catch homerun ball he hit one to right field as well. two homeruns for howie kendrick last night. what great job he is doing in great addition to the team. gee row has been on the team for while now. he almost had no hitter in miami took it into the ninth ink recently. he takes no hitter into the sixth inning last night. gives up to hits on the night. nats end up winning three-one. they are going to play again at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. that's the quick turn around off to san diego for weekend series witness padres. let's get to an interesting story witness one it comes to a fan here. take look at the fan trying to get homerun ball it goes in the garbage can. fan number 36 says i'm going get it i got my arm in the garbage and then fan in the dark colored shirt has a longer arm in the garbage he ends up getting it the guy who initially jumps over the railing and immerses himself in the garbage comes away with nothing. >> but some garbage.
8:40 am
>> lebron james staying in shape with some buddies. took his private plain or a private jet i should say don't know if it was his or one that he commissioned but any way took private jet from akron, ohio to, new york yesterday to play ball with a couple of buddies. hey tucker let's get together and play ball on the weekend when you're lebron you call up carmelo anthony and kevin durant of it's it's all relative. >> it is. >> lebron and kevin and you and steve. >> talking weather with tucker on the weekend which i'm not going to do for two hours. lebron played for couple hours. no injuries which is a good thing. >> that's good. got back on his jet yet went back to ohio an tended his foundation annual fundraiser at cedar point. one of my favorite places to go when i was growing up. lots of roller coaster there is. >> greatest thing ever. >> by the shores of the lake. check in with wisdom and maureen we talk about the rum. what sells coming up on good day d.c. >> so much more. good day all over the big local stories including the confederacy backlash and baltimore force four statues come down we're live. >> we're following the fallout from the president's
8:41 am
yesterday about charlottesville and whose to blame. >> parents, the checklist you need when it comes to back to school help. >> maureen, what time is it? >> time to get down. >> time for that good day guest list, and it star-studded today. actress cheryl lee ralph will be here live with us in the loft. >> singers amy grant and michael w. smith live on the show we'll find out where you can see them around here coming up. >> kevin sits down with actor max green field from new girl. we'll talk about -- he now stars in the glass castle. we'll talk about that and we'll check in with tmz live from los angeles. >> good day d.c. just moments away. be there or be square. >> you don't want to be in l7. >> we will be there. >> no doubt. >> thanks, guys. you just mentioned kevin mccarthy he's big working on the latest entertainment news. what you got, kev. >> coming up next, daniel craig finally answered whether or not he'll return as james bond open though we've been did you go this for months now. he reveals how he landed a role as storm trooper i
8:42 am
the awakens. >> jennifer lawrence blames a guy if she's reading a wine or movie review. that and and more coming up next on fox5 news morning. >> yes! >> finally.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> live look at the capitol dome. guess what tucker we can finally see it? >> yes. it's been a couple of hours since we've been able to see through the fog but it looks like it's starting to burn off. >> big improvement. >> huge improvement. >> yeah it
8:45 am
on the lower level. >> visibility in some spots this morning zero. as you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. all right. let's get to it. headlines. dense fog burning off so we'll take that. although the dense fog advisory still in effect here for another 15 minutes. sun breaks out we're seeing that life right there on those cameras and it should turn into a warm and humid day today. and we'll hold off the rain chances get a chance to be dry for afternoon that's great news. rain chance do's return tomorrow. could be wet weather. could be potential for some flooding weather around here both thursday and friday with some slow-moving storms. so more on that tomorrow. but certainly got to keep an eye on the potential for a few more rain issues by tomorrow afternoon. okay. visibles improving here in d.c. now up to 2.5 miles visibility. all improving you can still see places like frederick at a quarter mile, martinsburg 0o hagerstown half. not done with the fog quite yet. fredericksburg still zero. give eight little more t
8:46 am
of the fog should be burning off or burning off and you'll be getting at least partial sunshine. sticks now in washington. 73 in leonardtown. north and west we're doing 60s frederick 68 degrees. 68 this morning in winchester as well. that's a quiet looking satellite/radar. high pressure to our north. that will keep things dry today. although still warm and humid if you're going to the nats game this afternoon, make sure you apply that sunscreen. plenty of sun and it will feel very tropical with dew point temperatures in the 70s. that is gert. hurricane gert maximum winds 90 miles an hour. gert will be pushed out to sea. let me just mention that the tropics are starting to look very active. so gert won't be a troublemaker but the potential is there for few more storms over the next few weeks. so i'll give updates here if we get anything developing down in the central atlantic over the next come couple of days. 89 today. storms back thursday and friday. weekend looks good. maybe a storm saturday but here's the good news even though temperatures areea
8:47 am
humidity for the weekend. and at this hour, monday looks fantastic for our mostly eclipse monday. 90 degrees. get it guys? >> but it's a total eclipse. >> well -- >> no it's not a total eclipse it's mostly eclipse. >> okay. >> instead of your mcm. >> yeah. >> this is an mem. >> mostly eclipse monday. >> i got it. >> kind of. >> that means sunday will be a mostly eclipse monday eve or a mem. >> can we do mostly eclipse of my heart. >> that's what we need to do. >> we could if you want the glasses to go with it. some more news about recalled eclipse glasses given out out by the howard county department of rec at solar fest last month. unfortunately those are part of the recall. county says it bought the glasses from amazon and amazon then recalled them because they're not considered to be safe. again, residents should not wear the glasses on monday on solar eclipse hits they will not protect your eyes. that's what we're being told. recalled glasses here. >> all righty. forget same day delivery. now amazon speaking o
8:48 am
has instant pick up. the online retailer introduced the new service to prime members yesterday. they have a selection of products that you can order that will be available in two minutes or less at any of their pick up locations including one in college park, maryland. some of the items available are snacks, phone chargers, and popular tech devices things college students need. >> you still have to go get it. >> you have to get it. >> you could call and you'd be like i want a snack. we've got it here. kind of like -- >> by the time you get there it will be ready for you. >> kind of like going to the store. >> yeah. >> okay. amazing. >> thank you. binge watchers listen up plowing through episodes of your favorite tv shows might cause you to feel sleepy in the morning from captain obvious. researchers studied young adults people who watch three or four more hours of television before bed were more likely to feel tired suffer with insomnia or have a poor overall sleep quality. >> go figure. now over to dolly wood and something pri feet great.
8:49 am
first ever children's album named i believe in you. it's set to drop this fall. proceeds will go to parton's imagination library a non-profit that provides children with b book. parton started the organization in nashville in 1995. since then it's helped over 1 million children in four different countries. >> nice job on her part. she's done a lot of good. >> oh, my goodness. >> especially when the fires happened down in tennessee. was there to help out donate a lot of money. >> kev, what's the longest you've ever binge watched any show without taking the break, the most consecutive in front of a tv. >> breaking bad. >> how many hours. >> i can't specifically. maybe five, six hours. >> i went four hours on arrested development once. >> it's easy to do. >> i don't do it often at all. >> breaking bad so good i was visit mike brother this weekend in chesapeake, virginia we restarted the series and i watched three or four episodes in way. >> has he seen them all. >> no. i like watching things with people who haven't seen them. i showed him get out. i showed him get out. and get out. watc
8:50 am
because you don't -- they don't know the twist. >> i hope as steve mention did you not -- >> no spoilers. >> watch this part. >> pay attention in five minutes. >> i do do that sometimes. which is really annoying. i'm like pay attention to this scene. they started talking. i was hate when people talk during movies. >> you're doing the things in season one, watch this because it will be relevant in season four. you'll want to flashback. >> i am that guy. >> let it happen. >> so after all the back and forth daniel craig finally confirmed he'll return as james bond for the 25th film in the franchise. he was on stephen colbert to talk about his new movie logan lucky directed by steven soto berg i'll be reviewing that film on friday. here's the exchange daniel craig finally confirms it. watch this. >> danielle craig we could use some good news here. [ laughter ] >> daniel craig, will you return as james bond? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ]
8:51 am
>> thanks so much. daniel craig, everybody. >> listen so is this the last bond ask? can you tell me if you'll do the one aft this. >> i think this is it. >> you think this is it. >> i want to go out on high note and i can't wait. >> there you go. >> talking about that last hour. i completely agree with him on that, because in my opinion, the last james bond film was not good. called spector. it was not good film. neither was the quantum of sole lace film the film that followed casino royal. he's had two phenomenal bond films two of the best made casino royal and a film called spy fall. so i think he wants to go out with one gigantic. >> i don't blame him. >> i don't know if you do this. this is something i've done for awhile. i thought it was a cool thing. daniel craig played a storm trooper in star wars the force awakens. you never saw his face. you could hear his voice and stephen colbert when he had him on want to do find out why or how he ended up in a star wars film without his face on camera. >> right. >> this is the story.
8:52 am
>> that's you as the storm trooper and if you listen closely you can tell it's you. how did this happen? >> i slept with jj abram. [ laughter ] >> you slept with jj abrams? >> well, i didn't get a part in star wars. [ laughter ] >> most of the crew on that were working on the bond which was happening straight afterwards. i'm going to get him into trouble the ben dixon second ad i've known and work with for a long time is my lay yea son onset and he was working on star wars and i had some meetings with him and i just said how is it going, it's fantastic. movie is wonderful. jj is amazing. it's going to be great. i said can i be in it? [ laughter ] >> he sort of went, you serious. >> yeah. i'm serious. >> so he went away and smoke jj we're shooting a storm trooper scene this friday. you want to do it. >> wow! [ applause ] >> can i say one thing bout lesson learned there. just ask. >> yeah. >> just ask. >> it is
8:53 am
thing. >> i love it. >> people are afraid to ask questions. >> just like stephen colbert asking the question. >> right. >> are you going to do it or n not. >> he probably actually want to be in star wars movie i don't think he had any idea that they were going to say sure come on by and shoot a storm trooper scene. which is really fascinating. >> kevin, what if you find out all the storm troopers are celebs. >> kevin smith is one them. the director was actually a storm trooper in that movie too. a lot of different celebrities who wanted to be in star wars movie. >> right. that's neat, kev. >> no face on camera. in recent charity video for in speaking on this jennifer lawrence says this is charity to stop political corruption in america and drink lot of wine. she was given the task of reading reviews now she had to find out -- she had to guess in this a movie review for one of my movies or winery view. she's reading a card and here's a highlight real of some of the moments she had. watch this. >> full bod
8:54 am
grounded, simply sensational. it's a movie review about joy. i guess that's nice. majestic and intense without being loud. that's definitely not me. i'd say that's sauvignon. >> i'm an alcoholic. [ laughter ] >> i'm going read a few more of my reviews. i love stanley tucci's teeth. movie review. hunger games catching fire that was a review. do you have to get a license to give reviews? can i give movie reviews? >> the answer is no. yeah, yeah, yeah. first of all she's diminishing the job a little bit. >> she is. she's shaming your job. >> i actually said in my review of hunger games i liked stanley tucci's teeth. >> that was your review. >> i don't think it was my review i thought his teeth in the movie were really cool. >> how many other reviewers probably said that. that was you she was talking about. >> i'm sure a lot did. the job is little bit harder than just saying that. >> how many a listers do you think read their reviews. >> i think a lot of them do. you hear a lot of films johnn
8:55 am
his movies. he'll go to premier and then duck out. a lot -- i think they read the reviews i think a lot of people are more more into what's going on. plus they learn from it. they learn how to be better actors from reviews and things like that. that's my personal opinion. >> do we have time for elvis or no? >> all right. real quick. today we celebrate the king fans of the king are in graceland this morning in honor of the 40th anniversary of he will vision presley's death. people from all over the world came to his graceland mansion for this year's annual vigil but this year for the first time the vigil was not free to visitors the extra charge left some people a little upset. it was almost $30 and just one of the many -- vigil one of the many events scheduled this week which is known as elvis week. elvis presley sold more than 1 billion records to date and i was reading online by the way there's a new $45 million element to this tour that -- that's my assumption twos why they're charging 28.75 for the
8:56 am
after 40 years no charge and now there's a charge to visit. >> do people know leading up to it? if it's been free until this year. that's hard. four bucks is not, you know, anything to laugh at. >> almost $30. >> 30 bucks, okay. >> all right. >> thanks, kev. >> see you on good day. 8:56. stake a short break. tuck is next. ♪ let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day. tracy lewis and tucker barnes. how sweet
8:57 am
she just in our studio yesterday. >> that's right. grandma of young isaia on our show good day hello looks like tracy paid a visit of course to the studio as we just told you why. she's tuck's number one fan and she had the best day ever at the station. [ applause ] >> thank you tracy. thanks for your loyalty. >> and your whole familiarly. >> that's right. >> it was fun yesterday final check on weather and traffic this hour. erin? >> it's still a little foggy out and the inner loop has pothole blocking the right lane by 450. big inner loop delays coming down from 95. sorry. >> not good at 9:00 o'clock. hi, tuck. >> foggy out but the sun will be out this afternoon. high temperatures 90 degrees but dry later today. >> you said pool day, right. >> pool day. >> hot and humid. >> see you for good day next. ♪
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, president trump doubles down. >> what about the alt left that came charging at the as you say the alt right? do they have any semblance of guilt? montgomery in chief once again blaming both sides for the violence in charlottesville. the statement denounced by the left and dividing the right. plus the confederacy backlash spreads to baltimore. overnight four statues taken down and it comes just hours after the free states governor had change of heart. we'll have a live report. did you know the general who led the confederate army to de


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