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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 18, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> sunshine, warm, luckily the storms whiming holding off until the afternoon. zip trip should be fine. anyone in gaithersburg. weather will be okay, >> come take a look at us we'll look at traffic in a few moments. >> to the news at 4:30 breaking news a controversial monument that stood 140 years no longer sits outside the maryland state house. overnight crews removed the statue of former supreme court chief justice roger tawny from state house circumstance until annapolis and a few people were on happened to watch the statue being taken away. tawny wrote the dread scott position that said african americans could not be citizens. this comes after governor hogan ordered the statue to be removed in response to the violence that was in shar l lotsville this weekend. >> there is debate whether a confederate statue should be left alone o
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in florida, tampa residents raised 140,000 to have a confederate monument removed. >> there is historical significance to some but it doesn't belong in a public square where people walk by the courthouse expecting justice. >> in george athe mayor of savannah announced city is in process of adding confederate monument to the city park. >> one of two virginia state troopers killed in a helicopter crash last saturday ill will be be laided to rest. bert bates was remembered and h.j. cullen will be in chester field virginia. they were monitoring in charlottesville and going to cover the motorcade when the chopper went down. >> a third person was arrested in connection with that deadly vrana tack on a busy tourist street. anti-terror forces are serving
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for the driver that caused a van to plow cloud a cout of people. 13 dead, others wouldn'ted and police in the spanish city of cambrils there police kill five suspects apparently the attack was linked to a deadly sxloson in a town 400 miles away. >> there was a lot of old people they must have trampled them as they went fast. >> united states of america together with allies will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said the attack has haul marks of terrorism. homeland security is monitoring. trump said united states condemns the attack in barcelona spain and do whatever they need to help be tough and strong we love you. barcelona consolate
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citizens in barcelona if are you safe notify friends and loved one. if you use social media be sure to update your status. >> upon arrival smoke was coming from -- fair amount of smoke coming from the rear of the house and the fire was located in the rear. we got hose lines in place quickly and had the fire knocked down. all occupants were accounted for. >> that was captain rodney vaughn of the fairfax fire and rescue he's sfwribing what fire crews encountered when they responded to a late night fire in false church in the 3400 block of annandale road. cause of the fire remains unknown. "fox5" told you about the brown murky water flowing from taps in montgomery country. it started last weekend and now spread to prince george county as well. officials say the problem lies in the potomac river because of all of the recent rain that things like river glasses and twigs, leaves, gets in and doesn't mix well with chlorine thco
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is ublly gone with chlorine. they're using less chlorine but it's 100% safe the utility company says. >> it esthetic issue only not a public health issue. your watt wither is safe to con suxt i stake my reputation on it. >> even if the water is safe to drink brown on yellow water can stain clothes and wash. wssc give ago way doyts help with that and you can issue a claim if clothes are damaged or get a rebate on water bill. that's not guaranteed but not yet ruled out. >> time 4:34 the president will number maryland camp david today meeting with defense and foreign policy team to discuss the 400 u.s. troops fighting in afghanistan coming after months of debate over the role in the 17 year war which the president has been questioning for a while. several advisors back a propose ol to add troops to work against terror
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like isis. >> we have an update on stephen strasburg he is expected to return and start saturday against padres. he has been on the disabled list since july 27 when a nerve issue in his throwing elbow. during a five inning rehab start monday he felt no pain he said. time now is 4:35. happening today if you head to the national harbor expect to see a little snow. today kicks off the opening of summer snow globe the gibility grand opening features chris christie tails, live music and snow. that's right you get snow in august. dustings of snow will fall from the ceeling to give thought winter wonderland feeling. that sounds beautiful. but i will see way have gotten pleasant august weather aside from humidity. >> not bad at all. >> good morning to you both, wisdom, erin, you may want to go there to think cool thoughts or cool off. actually the humidity building for so many afternoons heat advisory ib you'd for this afternoo
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suburbs in washington metro itself baltimore, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. today dew points in the mid 70s. high temperatures in the low 90s. that combo makes it feel like 100 plus. high heat index values yesterday too. right now as we start the day it's dark, 0 washington and upper 70s. dew points now in the mid 70s. making it feel like it's in the 80s we'll look at planning forecast coming up at 4:45 erin. >> 4:46 caitlin keeping an eye on the roads it's a quiet start except for congestion -- constructioning causing con jeton. it will thereby with intermittent closures 95 and washington. i would avoid that if pos possible. 14 street bridge looks good and memorial bridge in the clear. problem free 495. other green conditions for the friday morning. got that friday morning feel headed to kent island looking good on 50. questions erin fox
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twitter. >> coming up on "fox news morning" another kennedy center honoree says thanks but no thanks. >> and head of nfl players association says a lockout or strike are around the corner. >> temperature 78 degrees. live look outside across the region. we'll be back in a moment
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>> time now 4:39 back with what is hot on the web. >> banning transgender service members could cost united states big bucks. 960 million big bucks according to report. it khechingz president trump argument that tremendous medical cost is a reason for banning transgentder members. the cost to replace those members is 100 times more than current costs. >> next up another one bites th
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carmen dela vida is skipping for kennedy center honors. she announced decision yesterday said in light of the socially deviceive and morally caustic narrative our leadership is choosing to engage it i will decline the invitation at the white house. >> nfl lockout to be on the hor eye sdoon. demorris stij smith said a strike in 2021 ai virtual certainty because that's when the collective bargaining agreement expires. power and how much power gu guidele wheels under the policy are issues certainly to be on the table. >> next up black lives matter movement may be headed to air jordans near you. jordan brand employee posted a incompetent picture of special edition not nor the public footwear on instagram account. it has # black lives matter
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the shoes some say it's support in wake of current injustices. >> enter dragon. "game of thrones" amilia clark posted a video of kid harrington. john snow getting into character flapping wins on the set. >> now, clark, captioned post, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he's one of them. >> cool video you know for "game of thrones" fans. >> got to get caught up on my last episode. that would be good. >> i'll start this weekend episode one behind the times. >> coming up, breaking news from overnight the statue of former supreme court justice roger tawny removed from the maryland state house in annapolis. >> and byoc slurpee day at 7-eleven all you want is $1.50 if you want one. >> live look across the d.c. region. 4:41, 7 degrees. back here on "fox news morning"
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>> 4:44 is the time now. looking at stories we're following for you today, friday, august 18, breaking news from overnight. statue of supreme court justice roger tawny is removed from the outside of the state house in annapolis.
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few people were on hand to watch it taken away. tawny wrote the dread scott decision saying african-american koz not be citizens. this comes after larry hogan ordered it be removed in response to the violence in charlottesville last week. >> and police are searching for the driver that plowed through a crowd of people in barcelona. a third suspect is connected to the tack was arrested. police in spanish city of cambrils 60 miles south of barcelona are investigate an attack. there they are investigating suspects that attacked pedestrian with a car. that wounded six people. >> president is meeting with defense and foreign policy to discussion troops in afghanistan. this comes after months of debate in the 17 year war which the president has been questioning for while. several more are going
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fights against terror groups like isis. >> stephen strasburg is expectsed to return and pitch day. he's been on disabled list since jewel 27 with a nerve issue in s his throwing elbow. during a start he said he felt no pain. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm erin como. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is friday, august 18, caitlin roth joins us to talk weather. you'll talk traffic in a second. first she'll talk weather. >> good morning a skeleton crew saturday morning. erin is pulling double duty here. starting with weather budsy day heat advisory takes effect 11 a.m. following strong to severe thunderstorms expected this evening. fox future cast shows haze around this morning and we'll break out to sunshine. temperatures jump quickly. by 3:00 you're fine. it's after the evening commute you start to see some of those strong cells pop off towards west. a lot like last friday night there's a threat for hail, damaging winds and
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out a tornado between 7 and 8 p.m. and propagate east ward to eastern shore. it looks like after 10:00 storms clear. we wake up to a nice saturday morning. so active friday. we've been in the pattern of these by the way. no problems through most of the day part 92 degrees. hot, humid, heat index value topping 105 in metro. strong to severe afternoon thunderstorms. we'll look at that risk coming up soochbility first a check of traffic with airport doing both this morning. >> i'm happy for sunshine for the zip trip as we make our way to gaithersburg. friday morning commute look going aund rot beltway. no problems clem park. 50 good from the bay brim. let me maybe give you my dream any if you are headed to the beach you're dealing with construction 110. it's close the intermittently in both directions until 5 a.m. between 395 and 27 washington boulevard.
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let's look live outside and see if we can look at 395. traffic on 395 looking good except for that little area of 11 owe 0. across the 14 street brim you're in good shape. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. we'll let you know if anything else pops up. >> look at the sketch on the screen. this man wanted for abducting and trying to sexually assault a woman in reston she whats near a wooded area monday neighbors her emz screams and ran for help and the victim got away f you recognize the man give police a call. a desperate plea for answers from the family of a promising teenager killed in the cross five fire in northeast. last night friends and family gathered to remember the life of 17-year-old jamari saidner. a stray bullet hit her in the head as she was driving down saratoga avenue and days away from beginning college in florida. over the weekend her family made the decision to take her off life support. >>
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she was perfect. she was perfect. and i know in the real big scheme of things that she had her nrouz, we all do. but she was perfect for us. she was perfect for her fa family. >> now her parents are begging for anyone with information to come forward. so far one arrest in the case a man who says he was driver for the shooters. >> time now 4:49 happening today a d.c. man charged with shooting and injuring a 1-year-old would be in court. 39-year-old derrek watson is acharged with assault of a daivrping rear weapon and it was between a dice group. the incident was captured by surveillance in alley off i street northeast. >> well, coming up on "fox news morning" the government reach as i multi-million dollar settlement with maker of epipen. >> and a smell could over take the run on the nationa
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looking on the beltway. 4:49, 78 degrees. "fox news morning" is back after this
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>> the time now is 4:52 and developing this morning the florida man accused of mu murdering a couple and trying to eat their faces will not face the death penalty. 20-year-old austin hariff is charged with killing a couple in 50s inside their garage last year. police found him chewing on one of their faces and he's charged with multiple accounts. it's not clear if his lawyers will immediate insanity. >> maker of epipen and just had a settlement. the agreement
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potential medicade rebate liability claims of federal government and potential claims of hospitals. the deal also proyth fun funneleding for medicade programs in all 50 states. all right listen to this one. there soon will be a funky smell coming from the u.s. botanic garden home to three corps flowers all three expected to bloom in the next few days. this is video from when it bloomed last year. beautiful nroyer there interesting. rare tropical bloom gets the name because it emits a foul small that might remind you of rotten cab aming. the event marks the first time three corps flowers bloomed same tim at north american institution. it way be more freing rant than usual. >> all right. nasa hopes a partnership with the boy scouts will help girls get the opportunity to explore careers in science, technology and engineering and math.
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girl scouts plan to introduce six new space baths available in 20 19. >> start of another bring your own kun at 7-eleven. customers can fill up on any cup or container with shurpy deliciousness for $1.506789 cups must be leak proof, food sanitary and fit in the display cutout. the offer runs today and tomorrow 11 a.m. to 7 . get your slurpee on wiz. >> i don't do slurpees. >> you know what, they put that in here you. >> got the tempo going. >> fuel has to be pure. >> vacation plan and no one to watch the dog? you'll love this week's fox beat free friday giveaway. >> you could win a $ 250 voucher to use on allows you to skiple kennels. enter for a chance to win. one winner will be selected by
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all entrance 18 and over complete rules and online entry are available at look at the little puppies on the screen. >> all right. well, guess what? you are supposed to say what. >> what, wisdom martin, what. >> are awe wake over there. >> you how dare you you i had a cup of coffee. >> zip trip today the rio in gaithersburg, maryland. it's a lovely place. >> who will be there wisdom. >> tucker barnes starts 6 a.m. you can ask me who else will be there. >> who else will be there. >> wisdom martin is going to be there. >> the wisdom martin. >> who else. >> allison see more. >> and who else rounds out the strip allison seymour. >> and who rounds out the t trip. >> the most awesome person you know. >> erin como. >> yeah. >> erin como is coming. we'll all be there the "fox5" team will be there until 11:00 come say high we would love to see you out there. >> it's a fun one i'm excited for gaithersburg. >> lots of restaurants and good time had by all. >> my question sd
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getting sunshine for zip trip? caitlin roth. >> i had a voice inside my ear. >> are you hearing voices at 4:55 caitlin. >> i cannot listen to two people at once aparentsly. the weather, guys, good morning, shuk fine should the zip trip. it will be very, very hot, very, very humid, it's only 78 degrees there and we have heat index value of 81 is right n now. sormly flow ahead of the cold front across the ohio valley bringing showers and storms will make it uncomfortably hot. as the cold front moves through expect risk for severe weather to increase. slight risk for severe storms later this evening in washington. we'll talk about that at a much nicer weekend coming up in the 7 day forecast. wisdom and erin. >> thank you very much. caitlin. taking a look at roads. weaver been off to a quiteet start taking a live look outside on 5. traffic is crewing along through ewington and problem free 66 as well.
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looking at vdot camera we'll show what you else you're up against. it is quiet all over the place. no problemsen the beltway. up by walt baltimore washington pavshling way. traffic often the way to bwi, reagan and dulles. it's always nice to get to have a genuine laugh before 5 a.m. >> more news to talk about coming up on the other side. coastguard expanding search for five missing soldiers near hawaii. >> and brown, murky water flowing from taps in montgomery county. it's spreading unfortunately. >> going to break right now. live look outside across the dmv. 4:57 is the time. 78 is the temp. what day is it erin. >> friday. >> is that good enough. >> friday. >> we'll be right back on "fox5 news morning".
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>> today on "fox news morning" breaking overnight a statue of former chief justice roger tawny removed from the state house in annapolis. >> aunt a terror forces are searcging for multiple suspect connected to two separate attacks in spain. >> looking outside heat and humidity and chance of scattered storms. three things we're all expected to deal with today. hey, at least it's friday. good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> it's friday, august 18. >> we have a tea


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