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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>>:00 another cop federate -- >> terror in major european city lineing a poplar street in barcelona. and attack. >> friday so you know what that means. time for another zip trip. live in gaithersburg maryland. tucker is there checking in with him for a look at the weekend forecast in a couple minutes. first good morning to you i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm allison seymour. >> on way to gaithersburg. >> welcome to "fox5 news morning" happy to be with you this friday. breaking news from annapolis a controversial start utaken down and hauled out overnight. >> stat statue no longer stands out the maryland state house. bob barnard is live in annapolis now with the latest, bob. >> maureen, steve, good morning to you this statue stood here outside the east front o
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for 1 45 years and right now here's what's left green basically fly wood surrounding mavl pedestal he stood on all these years since 1872. video from 2:00 this morning the statue was driven away on the back of a flatbed truck. crews using crane and straps and lifted the statue off the pedestal. just before 2:00 in the morning. there were about a dozen or so people here watching and this statue will be taken to storage at least initially we'll see what happens whether it end up at mu steam or this point. where it stood since 1872 and statue was of roger b.b. taney. he wrod the dread scott decision that upheld slavery and denied african americans citizenship in the united
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in light of what happened in charlottesville over the weekend rather than -- called for removal of the statue and state house trust on wednesday voted by email four members of the trust, three of them v voting to have this removed. mike miller senate president was the one that did not vote in favor of removing statue right away. he wanted to have more of a public referendum. it's gone in middle of night following what they did in city of baltimore earlier this week removing roger tawny statue there and three other confederate statutes and this was kind of under radar regionally until this week. and now the statue which had a prominent place at the maryland state house is gone guys >> bob thanks very much. bob will stay out in anna annapolis. mayor of of charlottesville, virginia will make ann announcement of the robert e. lee statu
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a national debate of whether to reprevb over call down. the mayor will speak at noon and is expected to talk about public safety and leg say of heather hyer killed in last week's violence. >> in spain there has been a third arrest to the terror attack in barcelona and overnight another attack nearby. five tourists wearing bomb belts shot and killed by police. this started less than 24 hours ago when a popular tourist spot was packed with people. this morning lass ramblas was reopen entered. >> i heard many people screaming and saw the van going down the boulevard. you see the bodies laying through las ramblas. >> bystanders say the van was deliberatel
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lily going back and forth in the crowd. it's full of restaurants and shops packed with locals and lots of tourists. >> this truck just gets to ramblas that's maybe boulevard in barcelona heart of barcelona just smashes people under the truck. >> we don't down a side street and all of a sudden we heard lots of people screaming and i crying and yelling. >> the driver fled on foot. two others were taken into custody and and third was arrested no word on involvement in the daytime attack. few hours later about an hour away in cambrils people were run over by a car. spanish police entered up kill be five people in connection with that attack. and we're told all five had bomb belts. officials are still investigating and do suspect the two incidents are are connected. >> isis is claiming responsibility for attack in barcelona.
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mike peps promising to punish those responsible and also a quick response from president trump taking to twitter to condemn the terror attack saying united states will do whatever it take to help. he's facing called the statues beautiful sdm president trump coming under fire for a debuvrned rumor. study what general pershing of the united states did to terrorist caught. >> there was month more islamic terror to 35 years. >> those people you see are wanteded in connects with the vandalism of a confederate statue in leesburg. police think think spray painted vulgar language on the statue outside the loudoun county courthouse. the graffiti was removed if
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sheriff office. >> arlington country school to list of districts. after ling top country was good for celebration of eye versety and why they matter. they plan to establish a criteria for future ape. >> today one of two va state troopers kill in helicopter crash last saturday will be laid to rest. and the funeral for lieu step enter c. r. callen and they were headed to cover terri mcauliffe ace motorcade when the cash wept do you know air. funeral will be held today in richmond for one of the fallen state troopers. >> time now to kick offer our morning of fun. it is
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gaithersburg on the zip trip friday. >> as always tucker barnes is getting the party started. good morning to you tucker. >> hey, maureen, steve. good morning everybody. downtown crowd here in gaithersburg getting ready for the zip trip. time to get the party started and why not get the workout in early. we have foundry fitness here and i'm already impressed with the group that showed up to get the early morning workout. we'll talk to them coming up. >> lots and lots of if you remember normally not only am i here come out and see us again wheeling sdmroring in and around game irzburg all morning long. not to mention the humidity pleasant. that goes into effect 11. this is primary issue. we have a lot of water in the atmosphere and daytime highs in low 90s feels like 1 0 0 plus around later this afternoon. lot
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outdoors later this morning. 77 annapolis and 78 this morning in quantico and 79 in frederick. those are not cool temperatures for the overnight lows. and now the sun iset going up there and we'll watch the temperatures june wick to the low 90s. storms west. they're on the way this afternoon. and we could be looking at the potential for strong thunderstorms. just keep that in mind. any time after 2, 3, 4:00 they roll in from westp and potential there for very heavy rain and cloud to ground latesting rest of it unfortunately later this afternoon that's a strong cold front that changes our air mass for the weekend. look for those storms later this afternoon. all right all things gaithersburg. zip trip. friday morning, downtown crown let's toss it to erin. >> i would say tucker you'll join them when they get done. >> yeah, yeah, yes. >> get on over there
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>> can't wait to join the crew at the zip trip. crash clauseing delays. we'll get that mapped for you. southern maryland looks good a live look outside in virginia now of 66. things getting back to normal by sutly road. we had earlier crash out by 28 in centerville and little leftover congestion a 10 minute lay it 234 prince william to 28 in centerville. i'll let you know if that changes. let's switch things over and show you back at the maps. aside from that camera shot and crash we told you about southern maryland quiet. 295 we're seeing a tiny bit of volume 3 minute delay 50 to pennsylvania avenue and things look going new york avenue past bladeensburg in nort northeast. inbound nateer road is dli three. if you're fweting out of town traffic on way to bw wixt and looking good and start to
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back to you maureen and steph. >> fire you coos. >> out pour of support for d.c. teenager killed in gun battle days before starting college. back in 0 second.
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>> upon arrival smoke coming from rear of house. fire was located in the rear. we got hose lines in place quickly. all could be pants accounted for. >> captain rodney vawp of fairfax county and fire rescue squad describe what fire crew encountered when responded to late night house fire in falls church. home in 3400 block of annandale road and cause of fair is not known. >> desperate plea for answers of a teenager killed in cross five r fire of d.c. friend and family gathered to remember the life of 17-year-old jamari saidner. a straw bullet hit her in the head driving down saratoga avenue. she just graduated and was days before clem in florida. they made the decision to take her off life support. >> jamari was a good girl, perfect. she was perfect. and i
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scheme of things that she had flaws. we all do. she was perfect for us and family. >> now her parents are begging for anyone with information to come forward. there was a man who said he was a driver athat for those who for the shots. >> new this morning the death toll more than 300 fol tore ep shall rapes. many victims are trapped in homes buried under tops and tons of mud in a message queej elizabeth she she's and a mass burial was planned for today. >> president trump will meets with the foreign policy team to address the troops in afghanistan after months of debate in their role of the 17 year war whi
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has been questioning for a while. several bang proposal to add more troops. president donald trump business is starting to see backlash for comments about last week's nationalist rally. three charities auto noupsed they're canceling fundraiseers at the mar-a-lago resort. a few hours later the american cancer society decided to change next year and third charity way to follow shoot. >> the power boat race team got 48 foot, 100 miles from havana assay em. that surpassed a record set in 2015. drivers attempted to set a faster return trip but then the boat broke down. well on the way there. >> they sure did. >> and got the record. >> 6:13 is the time and millie
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is planning on help. >> a live look outside this friday morning and we're seeing weather is next. pa pass
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pa pass >> welcome back. 6:16 zip trip friday we're in sgaimingersburg. >> we know we're getting late in the zip trip swhn it's dark in the 6:00 hour. >> steve that's a good call. we're losing over 2 minute after daylight a day. it's still a little bit dark out here this morning. little cloudy. very humid and warm with. temperatures were in 70s we have a eat advisory and calling for snow all right
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let's get to warm. heads up again. strong thunderstorms. there's responsible for it in washington. quick look at satellite radar will show you frontal system off to norm and west and as it comes through later we're h hikely to get showers and thunderstorms that could being strong and coulden include potential for rain and cloud development lightning that sort of thing. there's future cast. storms working through the region during the course of afternoon. some of these could be on the strong side later today. we're lucky to have storms rocking and rolling. daytime high 90 saturday and sunday. we're in gaithers bur i'm at the crown. saturday and luck. >> eric come talk to me. >> wt
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>> eric tell everybody your full name. >> eric palici. >> founder fitness. >> correct. >> the first thing i noticed is you know build-wise we could be breaths right. >> absolutely, absolutely you can see the resemblance. >> you have a hard working group if they're out doing this. >> we're located in gaithersburg maryland and folks on building body composition and improving performance. so we want to burn fat. build muscle and get faster and stronger. >> okay i'm looking at everybody and thinking this is not like your beginner class. >> no, no, we're pretty hardcore here. our members work hard. built we have something for everybody. if you're beginner we regress the exercises and make it easier for you. if you're more advanced progress them to make it to tougher. >> you have classes. >> it's all classes. all classes not like a walk in gym. all classes 5 a.m. until
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at nights. >> okay tell me what everybody is doing with the rope. >> rope slams. it's another cardio exercise you can do instead of for example running on treadmill. it's full body exercise and you can burn up to 10 calories a minute by doing rope slams. >> one our. >> it depend everybody is different. >> people want more information on foundry fit fs. >> foundry fitness or visit us in gaithersburg, maryland. >> i'mp impressed a everybody is up early and b working h hard. >> members have to obtain 200 glass classes. it's like a trophy. >> 200 classes. >> yeah. >> i took the expression rertion. you heard that. earn. >> i didn't even take one lass i have to tell you membership has privileges
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>> rope swings are harder than they look right. there right now southbound 16th street northwest closed because of crash between military road and manchester lane. caution in northwest. as we take a wide view of friday morning commute the beltway quiet. looking good on inner and outer loop through college park no show downs no problems on 270 north or southbound. southern maryland looks good. live look outside right now. see what you're up against. volume increasing and since that earlier crash at 28 cleared only five minute slow down. metro is next. back to you. sfwlp anticipation builds from the sew ar eclipse. >> a lot of people headed to the zone.
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your own cup weekend 7-eleven you can fil any cup or container with favorite slurpee $1.50 it must abide by a few guidelines leak proof, food safe, sanitary and fit up righting in 10 i diameter play enjoy all that sugar.
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>> there was a 15 mile traffic jam this picture was tweeted by oregon state police in helicopter up above. that's a huge line of cars bumper to bumper and
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the last down before the exit of i remote festival. >> all those people would they not see the total eclipse. would you not have to go to the festival. >> why not see with 35,000 of closest friends and few bev rams oaf the weekend. >> 4 by the time it comes and goes tops of data well be f fox's david lee miller has a closer look. the great american solar eclipse is coming and there's a lot to learn from it. >> we have 11 different space crafts observing this from space and i think even more excitingly to me is we're asking people all over the country to help us observe how the eclipse changes the atmosphere of the earth. did this wonderful
6:25 am
experiment that's happening. know the chateau will pass by and that changes things like temperature levels, humidity nasa collects data have from safe and earth and help us make even more accurate measurements of how sunlight affects atmosphere. >> solar eclipses a lot of plants and animals will respond as if it's daytime. rooster go up to roofs and air place is go through nicku nast yoo with when have thus of them maybe you'reing their hope toes or apps to
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able to gatherer the kind of data we always wanted and never been able to get. >> geo tech, uses observes and pictures. making a does it citizen scientist job easier than ever. in new york, david lee miller fox news. fascinating. just so fascinating. >> it is. >> aid from seeing all the good it can do for science and whatnot. good visibility in the mor morning. the exact moment it happens overhead in washington let's hope we don't have cloud cover then. because we might be in ep and out of clouds during mid afternoon hours and hopefully you know seeing as much as we can through the duration of it. 4:01 p.m. here. >> we heard it might have affect on temperature
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affect on temperature would it. >> i don't think so moisture collecting at the surface. >> i was reaching for a break any time we could get it. >> nice try, steve. >> we have a break this re reason. temperatures 0s. humid, 92 will be the high temperature later today with strong thunderstorms. this weekend less humid. >> hi, erin. >> good morning, 6:27 now keeping our eyes on the roads and rails. we have weekend single tracking on the red line. this is not taking place now but tomorrow and sunday to gallaudet. as for right now green line i opened relatively watch for residual delays buses dealing with delays. aside from that pleasant drive time in sir vir except for 45 minute ride prince william to beltway. 66 eastbound. keep it to
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we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to "fox news morning" tag a look at zip trip in gaithersburg maryland in the downtown crown area. tucker is getting the party started and allison is on her way and business wisdom is on her way. zip trip in gaithersburg maryland perfect weather if you like it hot. we'll have that for you. welcome back to fox
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traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05. first at 6:30 breaking news overnight. maryland residents waking up to find a statue of roger taney. it was removed out of the state house ow. it said african americans could not be citizens and come several days after larry governor hogan said. >> anti eye terror forces searching for driver that used a van to plow through a crowd of people killing 13 and wounding 100 and in the city of cambrils they are investigating an attack there. six people were hurt in that attack. this attack was linked to a deadly explosion the night before which killed one in a small spanish town more than 100
6:32 am
>> back locally and in the district the person suspected of killing a man along the anacostia river trail rather is behind cars. nondell roy of northeast is charmed of death of victor williams fairfax county police want to you a good look at the sketch. this is the man wanted for abducting and trying to sexually assault and woman in reston. he was wearing a washington nationals hat. >> and murky water in montgomery country. started last week and spread to prince george county. officials say the problem lies in the potomac river because of all the recent rain things like river glasses and twigs and leaves get in and don't mix well with chlorine. this is usually by
6:33 am
>> we're using less chlorine but the you stillty company said it's 100% safe. your water is safe to consume. i stake my representation on it. >> even if the water is safe to drink brown or yellow they say you can also issue a claim or rebate on water bill. it's not guaranteed but not rule out. steve. >> 6:3 quick check on sports in morning line. if you were up late last night you got to see a nats win. late night match-up between nationals and padres. not a lotto fence in this one. san diego that ballpark doesn't have a lot of offense. checking out highlights second inning no score. looked like it was going to be put out. not easy to rome run in this ballpark. looked like he would have it. nice catch actually
6:34 am
all right we'll give him that one. brian zimmerman could go on to hit a rome hundred. his left the ballpark. that would do it in thes win 1-2. first pitch at 10-10 and in other news the nationals line matson and they recalled shawn kelley returning to dl. washingtonen without price harper and stephen strasburg all are expected a reason for the postseason against his humid town bad rays and somebody else has been missing from the ballpark. principal owner has not been at games recently a lot of people wondering why not in letter of washington revealed he is recovering from cancer had left leg annual pew dated earlier this month. he's feeling well and healing well and cancer free and looking forward to eventual new prosthetic and getting to the ballpark.
6:35 am
>> kevin during respect will not go to the white house to visit trump is nba champs are invited. he said i don't agree with what he, meaning president agrees with so my voice is going to be heart by not doing that. might not even have a chance though because so far golden states has not been invitesed to the whitehouse each though they take on wizards. the parade and steph curry for the young kids too. >> preseason football. raveens and florida taking on the dolphins. took to the field withstanding ovation. played two series. as for baltimore joe black owe won't play until regular season and backups looking good. raveens beat dolphins 31-7 because it's preseason speaking of
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>> our own tucker barnes on zip trip in gaithersburg maryland. >> i'm in the crown area of gaithersburg. good morning. >> so usually after i'm doe running marathon i bike 100 miles and often go for no one tan climb or something like that. >> yeah, just. okay for me we are going to make the famous ted tart coming up in a couple minutes i already ate mine amazing one of the establishments beautiful place we're learn all about it and how to make pop start for breakfast. >> let's do weather. we're looking at warm e. humid conditions outside this morning. 78 washington. and humidity real story. potential for thunderstorm activity this afternoon. so looking at that satellite and radar you can see that there's heat advisory and one mentio
6:37 am
because it goes into effect 11 this morning and combination of heat and humidity will give us heat index over 100. temps 78 washington and everybody wait waking up to 77 and looking at satellite and radar cold front coming through this means business later this afternoon. there could be strong. >> once air mass is changed up tonight and tomorrow we'll be in for highs in the low 90s. height index over 100 at 11:00 this morning. and that's the latest from t ted's bulletin. we learn how to make ted ta tarts. >> thank for joining me. >> i'll cost it for you. that looks like wonderful start in gaithersburg. can't wait to join you. a live look outside if you head to baltimore crash alert
6:38 am
northbound. literally parked traffic. southbound side looking good. we have awe little rubber neck delay causing slow downs. pallet more washington parkway if you head to baltimore this morning definitely better alternate than 95 negotiate it stand still several miles. let's switch it back to maps and show you what you're dealing with for morning commute. quiet conditions in gorn maryland past beltway upper loop looks good across the wilson bridge. good a 5 to 7 excuse me 50 and pennsylvania avenue and inbound cheverly looks good and we're in good shape. ishl morning con joington in the district. 95 to georgia avenue outer loop. metro rail lines on time. exempt for green line ongoing through august 20. back to you steve and maureen. >> okay do y h
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sfwhv serena william not slowing down at all. she post on snap chat doing squats. she has exercise bands. way to go. >> and next up count amy s shumer among many fans of judge judy we have many fans of judge judy. that's here in the audience during taping of show. she got sit in judge's seat. she posted behind the scene video to instagram page using # dreams. i guess you could call her ultimate daddy's
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daughter surprised her dad on wedding day by wearing chicago theme dress for the daddy daughter dance. back story dad jokingly found dress earlier some day when you get married you should wear this dress. she saved it she had a regular wedding dress for the ceremony and dressed into the bears dance with first father a. ww, okay, that's sweet, go bears, go bears, kevin mccarthy coming up with that's ted bulletin hanging out there in the downtown crown area. come down zip trip friday it will be fun. back after
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>> we're back at 6:46 zip trip friday we have something exciting to announce this morning. check it out. tisher auto group of laurel in "fox5" give ago way one year lease on new 2018 acura tlx. guess what happened friday september fist at. >> go to beginning monday august 21 through august 27. click on contest liching and register to be select the as
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the finalists must attend the zip trip finale in person and one lucky winner will go home -- viewer will go home a winner. must be 18 or old to binter and get ready to ride. >> all right as if you needed another reason to attend zip trips. sucker barnes. >> once in a while i get a chance to live my dreams one is to mack a ted's tarp. i'm joint by allison. >> spichinglestein. >> general manager. >> tell me what i got here. >> strawberry. >> tell people what a tart is. >> homemade hand pastery of
6:48 am
the name sounds similar to something you may know free familiar brand but it's our own version of it. >> you have your own twist. some would argue it's. >> little better. >> a little better. >> okay. >> though i'm not going to lie the other once aren't bad. >> tell me what do i what am i holding. >> strawberry jam. keep it in between fingers right in middle. >> how is that. >> i don't want -- i want people to get their money's worth. >> nope. >> is that too much. >> way too much. one line right in middle. >> that's all you need. >> that's all you need. >> that's it. >> and okay and tell how it works.
6:49 am
tell me more what you have here. great lunch openings. we have amazing pot roost for dip are i don't like pot roost ours became quickly a new thing. >> i need sprinkles. >> good happy hour offering 3 to 6 every day at our bar and through the whole restaurant. >> i hear the food is different. >> everything is made from scratch i don't think people know that as you can see. we take care in food. we make everything kitchen. so. >> am i doing that right. >> yes they can be glazed first. >> literally i took matters into my own hands. >> yes. >> we won't be selling these i promise you carlos our amazing roller will take care of this. >> carlos i apologize. >> beautiful work here. >> all right. >> solid first try. >> yes. >> this is browning is ar cinnamon when carlos does
6:50 am
>> cook them let them cool and put a lovely little fwlaiz and then sprinkles. you may not want to make it with sprinkles. >> you cut ahead a little bit. >> you have many different players they're wonderful. >> i hear meat loaf is good for friend, lunch. >> her name is on the door. when you get here asking for her. >> yes, please. >> thank you for letting us out this morning. >> we had strong storms could be strong later today. erin i'll stos it to you you. are you coming. >> i'm coming out to you i appreciate if you brake those and hand them to me 9:15 i'm excited. looks delicious, outer loop delays 15 minute s
6:51 am
to georgia avenue a live look roudz. weaver seeing traffic to ease a little bit believe it or n not. 95 northbound crashed between 100 and 895. traffic slow even though db moving along better baltimore washington parkway a better bet really quiet now, 395. we had a slow downs in you pass laboratory road. 7 minute delay from 50 to pennsylvania avenue. metro on time excepts for green line days. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. erin what is coming up on good day of course we'll be very, very heavy on today's zip trip. in addition to that is it too late to take a trip to see the solar eclipse along the path of totality
6:52 am
special classes you need you can fun. >> one of -- c.'s top r&b groups and we'll have them on good day. >> it's friday app you know what kevin does on fridays besides entertain us. >> good to see you guys. by the way, green friday. >> i was going to say i'm liking green shirt. >> earlier in the week i was trying to figure outcome or pattern that steve, allison and tucker do and i figured out that tuesday was purple. wednesday was blue. >> you're giving it all away. >> i'm wrong. >> it's red whatever it is it's green today. >> okay. >> so i'm wearing green even no one else is. >> so you didn't really figure it out. >> today is green day. >> allison told me i was ri right. >> there may be more wrinkles in the system you're not a full member ever the club yet. >> i'm going to get in i will. logan lucky
6:53 am
phenomenal that is oceans 11, 12, 1, magic mike 1 and 2 and sex lies i believe is the actual date of the race. they did film partially at the race back in this may actually when leann rimes says national anthem. daniel craig teams up with two other brothers with channing tatum and roger taylor to rob the motor speed way. the comedy is right and pacing great and accent that daniel craig has in movie is absolutely hilarious and movie balances out that comedy in hight quality like oceans 11 films d you'll see the intricacies again this is fictional not how you could prob it
6:54 am
it was i gave that a four out of five solid heist movie. >> i doesn't see publicity or hype. >> it's independently financed film through a small studio. so he is working in that realm now. >> if snas car fan there's six drivers making cam bro's. >> i couldn't find all six but i bet you could. >> i read it soy think i could. >> movie called good times. this is one of best films of year. surprised me so much. robert pattison he's obviously being doing smaller films since twilight series. it's simple to logan lucky and two rathers are brothers are roning something and robert patterson is caught on the run after caught and sent to jail and mother bets get up i
6:55 am
and guess to hospital and he tries to break him out and get on the run. pattison is mind blowingly great and the score is the best i've heard it's film that is intense and grabs you filmmakers take their hands into the awd yuns and grab you into the screen literally and you're sitting there so involved in the story and it's very intense and r railted and only on eping up in a sfu theaters around the d.c. area. arch life bethesda and e street. see this movie it will change your per speng five on him. 4.5 out of 5 one of the best of the year. he's phenomenal i'll talk to him later today and ryan reynolds samuel l. jackson. protecting a hit man played as samuel jackson top testify against gary ol man character a villian in the film. fun movie no
6:56 am
home about. they're great together and the are on the movie works and to me the script is so-so some cg sixt off at times and action works. if you look for a good action comedy it's not great it's just solid and they make it work i gave it 3.50 out of five. if you have questions tweet me. >> out of the six nass war they shot par shallly at the coca-cola 600. >> we'll check it out. >> making me want to watch nascar, kev. >> it's a well made heist m movie like ocean 11 instead of a casino. >> 78 reagan and 76 dulles and 75 bwui and warm air mass and cold front on the move. you see showers across the ohio valley.
6:57 am
slight risk of severe weather. all along 95 stafford to d.c. and baltimore. so be prepared. strong storms later today. very hot with high of 92. that's a check of the forecast "fox5" will be right back.
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>> breaking right now at 7:00 this morning another confederate statue remove w withed. hours ago on the grounds of maryland state house with the rateest. >> plus once again terror in major european city this time the victims lining poplar street in bars loan and breaking overnight death toll rising as third arrest is made and also president quick response facing a lot of backlash this morning. a see a lot of green space room for a lot of people to come out downtown crown in gaithersburg that's where the crew will be this morning. tucker has been there already. allison, wisdom getting there now. we'll check in with the whole crew in a couple of minutes. >> meantime good morning to you i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> great to be here. >> if you are waking up with this us this morning it's a live look outside at the capitol dome. muggy start to the day. 78 already and getting hotter. woo. all right. >> keeping an eye on storms too. >> weather and traffic, caitlin and erin are standing by caitlin you're up first. >> busy friday hea


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