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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  August 18, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> breaking right now at 7:00 this morning another confederate statue remove w withed. hours ago on the grounds of maryland state house with the rateest. >> plus once again terror in major european city this time the victims lining poplar street in bars loan and breaking overnight death toll rising as third arrest is made and also president quick response facing a lot of backlash this morning. a see a lot of green space room for a lot of people to come out downtown crown in gaithersburg that's where the crew will be this morning. tucker has been there already. allison, wisdom getting there now. we'll check in with the whole crew in a couple of minutes. >> meantime good morning to you i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> great to be here. >> if you are waking up with this us this morning it's a live look outside at the capitol dome. muggy start to the day. 78 already and getting hotter. woo. all right. >> keeping an eye on storms too. >> weather and traffic, caitlin and erin are standing by caitlin you're up first. >> busy friday hea
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into effect 11 a.m. feeling 100 to 105 later this afternoon and threat of severe weather. coming up in my forecast. erin. >> 7:00 and we're not seeing bad delays on 66 eastbound disabled vehicle by 50 looking at rest of commute in maryland and metro as we continue with the next look at traffic. >> thank you both. 7:0 1st time breaking news annapolis. controversial statue taken down and hauled away over overnight. >> maryland residents waking up to find that statue no longer stands outside of maryland state house. bob barnard is live in annapolis right in front of where the statue stood until a few hours ago. bob. >> steve, good morning to you. nearly a century and a half. we can show you videotape now of the statueen the back of flatbed truck. its with removed aun
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this morning. crews brought in a crane and straps and basically lifted the statue off its pedestal and put it on flatbed truck and being taken to storage where it remains for time being. no telling what long term will come of the statue. which was removed because the state house trust which basically has authority over grounds here at the state house voted by email its four members voted by email wednesday to remove the st statue. only one of the four who voted not to remove it right off the bat was mike miller the senate president he wanted more of a public referendum on this the statue of roger taney was basically controversial because he was the u.s. supreme court justice who in 1857 authored dread scott ruling which basically before civil war upheld shriver hiry and denied citizenship to african americans and yet
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state of maryland and so they erected this statue 187 for 1 45 years stood. on "fox5"social media are saying they felt evil coming from the stoot you and glad it's gone and this was a quick rush to judgment the fallout from what happens in charlottesville and removal of taney and three other statues in baltimore also done in cover of darkness. people are starting to come out and about. we'll get reaction from people in annapolis. basically roger taney a statue here for 145 years east front of maryland state house is gone this morning. >> bob barnard reporting thank you for that. 7:03 is the time happening today mayor of charlot charlottesville, virginia will make major announcement about the robert e. lee statue in one of the city parks. last week
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national debate of whether to tear down on he is also expected to talk about public safety and legacy of hyer was killed last week. >> now we're showing you moment of silence. >> way woman died after she was hit by car in a sea side town south of barcelona. back in barcelona 13 people killed in yesterday's vrana tack a third suspect arrested overnight and driver of that van remains at large. police in the spabish sea side resort town of cam breeze responded to latest attack. a vehicle that struck peded eds and police. five suspect were reported killed in a shootout.
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all of this after hover ivk attack in barcelona van screening into famous lass rambas ram dad. >> that's when i jumped off and ran as well and didn't look behind me. i didn't see any bodies or anything or driver. but i caught out corner of my eye and heard it behind me. >> they believe the two attacks were related or connected to what left one dead calling on spain to be tough and strong. vice press together with our allies we will find and punish those responsible for islamic terror and drive it from the face of the early. >> many see these attacks increasing now that isis is losing territory abrewed. and the use of vehicles is now being adopt bid terrorist
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>> terrorists have found we can't stop all vehicles and crowds. this is why the strategy to able to lies syria and finish off isiss is a state is so important. >> coming up for a we'll study what again rl erin did to the united states when terrorists were caught. there was no islamic terror for 5 years it is a rumored practice saying that he shot shot them and there's nev been evidence to support the claim. >> 7:06 time for zip trip headed to montgomery county. "fox5" accrue live in gauge irzburg this morning. saying good morning to everybody now. not just tucker barnes. we all know as hard as it is sometimes allison, wisdom
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stapling. >> yes he has to share it. >> he shares. >> you have to share this one. >> sharing kind of person. >> yeah. >> hang on a second. >> keep it quiet down there. we're on tv. >> okay. it's early in the morning. >> it's early. >> do you remember town crowd the crowd is coming they have to wake up and get down here. >> this is all crowd here that's what it is. >> we're helping them d.j. is getting ready. they'll be loud out here. we have a lot lot planned for this particular zip trip. as usual five stops you took care of. >> i'll ■tell what you you need to see when you come here. hometown heros. >> and we're also going to do cute kids and you'll try things. trying things i made ted tarts poptarts over there. a minute ago i don't know if you saw that. i'll be running around all over next couple hours. >> we'll talk about real estate and food this is what we do on zip trip we show you all the community
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>> come on down in this area. easy to get to off 270. no excuse come down on a friday. it's nice and cool now too. >> bit of a breeze. >> let me do weather. we have lots to talk about. heat advisory goes into effect combination of humid conditions. >> i'm gelled up i'm good come on humidity. >> there you go humid kndz and heat advisory in effect 11:00 this morning and through 8:00 tonight and again heat index 100 plus with air time or afternoon high temperature 92. let's quickly go take a look at temperatures. and just show you we're in the upper 70s across the region. and currently 78 washington and you can see area wide here upper 70s. warm and sticky start to day and hot and sticky finish strong thunderstorms a' bilingt again possibility of pretty good downpours gusty winds and severe weather certainly a possibilities as the cold front comes through. it's a
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change up the air forecast coming up. 92 look out for storms mid afternoon everybody is asking what time i would say 2, 3:00. >> okay. >> thanks tuck. >> let's toss it to erin. >> 7:09 now. can't wait to join you guys. perfect day for a day trip in gaithersburg. traffic 270 looks quiet both direction as long 270 stretch. metro track work ongoing through 20th. suitland stations remain closed. subtle service remains unchanged and we have weekend single tracking impacting red line. to gallaudet something to keep in mind. 66 eastbound disabled vehicle blocked left lane near 50. we're seeing typical congestion 234 that red zone to 28. as we get from mannasas to centerville factor in 30 extra minute and then you'll need that little extra time
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past that disabled at 50. drive times in virginia dale city. minor delays to the beltway. 22 minute trip and 40 from prince william to parkway. things ease after 28. inner loop quiet. annandale and not seeing any delays now on 395 looking pleasant to the 14 street bridge. 2eu7 call congestion there. 270 like i said speed at 95 is back to normal as you make your way icc to beltway. back to you guys. >> erin thanks very much. desperate plea for answers to family of promising teenager killed in cross five northeast d.c. friend and family gathered to remember lives of 17-year-old jamari saidner. a stray bullet hit her in the head as she drove down saratoga avenue and she just graduated and offer the weekend the family made the decision to take her off life support. >> jamari was a good girl she was perfect.
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in the scheme of things she had applause we all do. should was perfect for us perfect for family. >> now her appearance are begging anybody with any information to come forward. >> fairfax country police want to you take a good look this is man wanted for abducting and severally asoughting and child in reston. suspect has a beard and wearing what washington nationals hat. new the death toll more than 400 in sierra leone africa hundreds remain missing mudslides and flooding hit capitol of free down early monday following torrential rains. many victims trapped in their homes buried under tons of mud. queen elizabeth say she and
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saddened to learn of that. >> future u.s. involvement in after began stan today at camp david the president will meet with defense and foreign policy team to discuss the 8 8400 u.s. troops fighting 16 year war. this comes after months of debate over future role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. several u.s. advisors will focus on training afghan special forces against terror groups like isis. >> president donald trump business seeing backlash for comments he made about last weekend's white nationalist rally. the cleveland clinic for the first was to pull out yesterday and few hours later american cancer society decided to change venue for charity gala next year and third charity followed suit. >> school officials in arlington considering changes following charlottesville violence next. >> even murky brown water out of taps in montger
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and an update on that. turns out it may take longer to go away than first exp
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>> steve good morning. i wish i had a better for forecast. hot own humid. more in the forecast coming up. i wanted to show you a landmark at the crown here is this cool crab behind me can you see the crab? i'll get out of the way. and it
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it. he did -- dress today intentionally even though it's relatively new and you can see the crab. there crown brothers and used to be a farm here. crown farm. that's where this whole place was built upon the old crown farm. that's pretty cool and gives you that old town feeling even though it's relatively new. forecast. clouds out early and potential for strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. 78 now in washington. let me mention heat index already 81. heat index is up and over 100 later today because of that heat advisory that goes into effect later this morning 11 a.m. let's take a look at your next map. satellite and radar that's strong cold front out west. see green on map that's rain shower activity likely be strong thunderstorms when it rolls through mid to late afternoon across the region. again looking for poj for strong thunderstorms later today. there you go that's lights they are afternoon. and you can see that right across the 95 corridor fruit toor cast
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strong storms. be on the lookout. could have severe weather including downpours and potential nor gusty winds. air mass changes up and let's go to 7 day forecast. it will be a great weekend. still warm. upper 80s. less humidity and lots of sunshine should be dry. saturday, sunday, right now we're still thinking mostly sunny for the eclipse on monday and monday afternoon and great news for us locally as well good news is traffic is quiet. look at the green on the map. definitely feels like a lot of people trying to get vacation in before august wraps up. top suedive beltway usual delay 95 to george aavenue outer loop and seeing congestion 295 southbound 50 to pennsylvania avenue and southern maryland please tonight
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look going in charles county as you head to for the washington 210 northbound congestion livingston road. oxon hill quiet branch avenue to wilson bridge. area bridges are nice. we have a delay in addition to 295 southbound on 50 inbound and new york avenue north east past bladeensburg road as you head inbound and shevly as well. 95 wide open. route 1 and as you get out of the way bw parkway slight delay past powder mill road. crash after 100 cleared and those delays dissipated to the baltimore beltway and 270. look at that wide open 70 to beltway. rarely do i goat say that. northbound side quiet deep creek. if you head out to join us get a start now. things looking pleasant 355s as well. green line dealing with typical track work 20 of august. all metro rails
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steve and maureen back to you. >> these people juaned in connection with vand lymph confederate statue in lee leesburg. police think they painted vulgar language on the courthouse. if you recognize those people call loudoun county sheriff office there they are again. >> add arlington county schools to list of district rethinking name of of schools in wake of charlottesville violence arlen ton county released a statement saying it stood for and was committed to inclusion and diversity. it went on to say it's time to talk about the names of county schools and what they mean and why they matter. the school board plans to establish a naming criteria for current and future schools and says any decision about renameing a school would be made with a lot of community up put. >> we told you earlier this week about the brown murky water flowing from taps in montgomery continuey and this morning we have water problem in prince george country. >> more details why this is happening and what is zone to
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>> a family in north potomac let us pay a visit to the bathroom lack at what is coming out of faucet. anybody would ask is this okay to baiming in and drink. utility company says despite the color this water is 100 srs safe. we visited laboratory to find out what's done to ensure that. >> turning on the sink has turned into something sta startling for some in our a area. check out this bethesda bathtub here's a sink in silver spring discolored water is flowing from montgomery county and now down to prince george county. the purple you see on map are areas impacted. problem lies in the water source the potomac river specifically what all the recent rain has washed in. >> thupingz like river glasses and twigs and leaves anything that is living that comes document river. >> j.c. langley is with
7:21 am
wash con suburb urban commission. all that stuff in the river doesn't mix well with chlorine used to disinfect water. for now less chlorine is used and funky color is from magnese usually wiped out by chlorine. >> this is esthetic issue only not a public health issue your water is safe to consume. i stake my representation on it. >> langley showed us the alab where wsse. >> they are doing tests to check the safety. >> be ready to see off color water the next several weeks as rain keeps coming additional homes will be up impactd unfortunately it's in the hands of nature once organic loading gosz back to normal levels it's not close to normal we can increase chlorine dosage which will remove more of the
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>> flt cater still you can issue a claim if klonls are damaged or you want to get a rebate on water bill. that's not guaranteed and also ruled out. we have info on >> there will soon be a funky smell coming from the u.s. botanic garden sxwli think we know what that will be. >> flower one expected to bloom. >> three of them now. >> we head back to gaithersburg maryland this morning and invite to you come on down and say hello as well. downtown crown lots of space for everybody this morning. 7:right now. we'll check on the crew after the
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>> now is chance to check out not one but two not two even three corps flowers the botanical garden on capitol hill. the plant gets its name from stinky smell it gives off. if you plan to take a look get ready for triple the stink. last year one bloom brought crowds of 130,000. this is the first time three corps flowers are set to bloom at the same time. >> wow, 7:25 now. all right. let's leave that to the past and hook on to something sw sweeter. >> i don't know
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will be. active friday by the way i saw a corps plower last year. three i don't know how you escape the smell. high heat brings afternoon thunderstorms. as early as 2 p.m. and 78 in the disstrict now mid to upper 70s and this is right at 7 a.m. dew point where well into 70s. we have heat index values at 80 degrees. it's incredibly warm and humid. these are dew points and impressive into the 70s and highly uncomfortable. as the cold front comes through slight risk of severe weather later today. flash flooding may be a g big concern. otherwise strong winds and large hail. high temperature later today at 92. that is a quick look at forecast. let's get a chick check on roads. >> 7:26 now this should be the jam cam. i want to show you usual slow spots and how they're looking now. this is as you make your way 95 northbound prince william
7:27 am
lanes looking pleasant. as we forward things a lot we take a look at a slow zone and show you how it looks this morning. 270 southbound. >> the president was quick to condemn the barcelona attack. >> he's not backing down from racially charged di bait over federal memorials calling them beautiful. members of his own party we'll talk about that and much more ahead at 7:30 as the word impeachment is starting to be float around.
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we're back at 7:30 on this friday morning. live look at gaithersburg our zip trip crew is hanging out all morning long. tucker barnes, allison seymour, wisdom martin, erin como heading noun just a few. it's a beautiful day. the robots are taking over. >> i think they're bringing them coffee. they're programmed to that. >> safe lives and bring coffee. >> exactly. >> multi tasking. let's get a check of our top stories. we'll start in annapolis maryland residents are waking to find the statue of robert taney no longer standing. overnight crews tore down that and hauled away that statue to be kept in storage. days after governor hogan ordered that statue to be removed. >> now to virginia, state trooper pilot burke bates will be laid to rest in richmond. bates and cullen were killed in helicopter crash last saturday. cullen' funeral will be tomorrow in chesterfield. >> to the deadly terror attacks
7:31 am
in spain showing you moment of silence that was held one hour ago. spain's king and prime minister joining thousands in barcelona main square to honor victims. sadly the number of victims has risen to 14. woman died in secondary attack a car attack at a seaside town about 60 miles south of barcelona earlier this morning. in barcelona 13 people were killed yesterday when that van attack. a third suspect arrested overnight but the driver of that van remains at large. let's turn back on our focus on the president right now and his response to charlottesville and massive backlash he continues to receive. >> support of the president's eroding among the gop. senator bob corkery yesterday calling for radical changes at the white house saying "the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful" senator tim scott telling vice news that president trump's moral authority has been compromised. let's talk more about this with dr. alan
7:32 am
scholar and distinguished professor of history at american university. thank you for joining us. you've been here before. >> i have. >> more or less predict wagon we're seeing now. the president's approval rating low. now, the new poll coming out talking about people who want him impeached at 40%. what do you make of this? >> remember, i wrote the book the case for impeachment. my book came out in april. and i pointed out eight vulnerabilities of this president with respect to impeachment, and somehow he seems that he's convinced he wants to make me right. look, you can't necessarily be impeached strictly because of his response to charlottesville. but it sets the context for impeachment. it weakens him within his own party and weakens him with the public. you can draw a moral equivalency between nazis and kkk and those who are protesting fashion shim. you can't say the
7:33 am
fine people shouting slogans like jews will not replace us or the nazis slogan of blood and soil. can you imagine any other president in this predicament? you can't. >> i want to come back to the impeachment we want to talk about what that would take. it's a long and lengthy process. >> yes. >> and if he actually is crossed any of those lines. i want to come back to that in a minute. i want to talk about the working relationship when it comes to other reps. we heard from bob cork kerr thought he would be a vice-presidential candidate. >> yes. >> we're hearing more and more speak out. two fold here. the reason why i ask. one, the president has not obviously not been impeached none of that process has started he's the president of the united states he has to work with people in congress. so what damage is he doing with other republicans by calling them out publicly second of all if it does been impeachment process you have people on the senate judiciary committee he has called out publicly. what does that do then to the chances of pushing through that impeachment? >> you know, you don't attack people who you need. he should know that as a
7:34 am
the republicans have 52 sen senators. they have no votes to spare on priorities like infrastructure and tax cuts. and when it comes to impea impeachment. that actually starts in the house. in the house judiciary comm committee. it would only take 24 or so republican members of the house to go over to the democrats to get a majority to start an impeachment queer. that's just 10% of house republicans. >> and yet the president attacks members of his own party we don't see them coming back and slamming him hard. maybe privately they are slamming him, but publicly they certainly are not taking that route which says to me what will it take for these gop congressional members to finally start peeling away from this president despite the words he spoken, dose despite his jacks they're still visibly with him at least from camera standpoint. >> i'll apply an old saying when it comes to trump and the republicans. can't live with him, can't live
7:35 am
that's the dilemma they face. they don't like living with him because he's bringing down the whole party. on the other hand, if they really go after him, they're afraid they're going to lose that trump base which is search to republicans. they can have primary challenges. the trump base might not come out in general elections. had they will turn against hell, though, is pretty clear. the first requisite of any office holder is survival and if they believe living with him is more threatening to their survival, than living without him, that's when you'll see the turn. >> it seems like that might be the direction that things are going right now the latest example is a poll that came out where they -- if you look. i'm just talking about trump hard core base i'm talking about republicans who were polled agreeing with the president's statement about charlottesville about equal blame that should be shared a comment vol will he tide bite media. a loft republican lawmakers have spoken against. but vast majority of
7:36 am
polled agree with that. does that tell in you these members of congress' jurisdictions people are saying we're going with the president? get on board. >> at least the republicans. but i got to tell you, there are 20 to 30 members of the house who are republicans who are in vulnerable districts and can't simply count on the republican vote. they're going to need independence to come around for them, and independence right now do not share the reviews of those republicans. plus, you know, how many times can you slam into a structure before you start knocking it down? >> yeah it hasn't shattered yet. but, boy, trump seems to be doing everything in his power to sing his own presidency. >> has he done anything yet to warrant impeachment? >> i think so, yes. i think there's now a stronger case on obstruction of justice against donald trump than there was against bill clinton on a vastly more important matter, foreign i
7:37 am
democracy and our freedoms. in bill clinton's case he was, what, covering up a private affair. there certainly are grounds for impeachment queer there and violation of the a monuments clause f you're president you can't take anything of value from foreign governments or their agents without explicit authorization from congress and who knows what might be uncovered in the mueller investigation on russia. so plenty of grounds for an investigation. remember, the mueller investigation is not an impeachment investigation. it's a criminal investigation. and the two are different in water gate you had both an impeachment investigation and a special prosecutor. >> professor alan lichtman we'll have to leave it there your book is called the case for impeach many. fascinating times we're living in. we'll have you back again. >> thank you. >> in the meantime send it back out to tucker barnes on our zip trip in gator bug. good morning, tucker. >> hey, maureen, steve, they told me to help myself i'm here at crown wine and beer, and we're going to be talking all things b
7:38 am
up in just a minute. but steve, i think i've got the party going for us, so just selection of a few of the beers i've pick out here for us this morning. thanks, team. here we go. i'll go over and get some more in just a minute. but i got to do some weather. all things beer and wine. we'll learn all about it and learn about what makes this place so coming up. let's do some weather. real quick heads up here. we've got not only heat advisory with the potential for very strong thunderstorms this afternoon. so any time after 2:00, 3:00 o'clock today the storms are really going to be rocking and rolling potential for heavy rain and gusty winds as they come through. there's your heat advisory in effect at 11:00 this morning. very humid this morning. our heat index pushing a hundred later this afternoon because of that. 78 now in washington. quick look at everybody in the 70s, upper 70s very sticky out there. there's your cold front out to the west. and again as that rolls through later today, storms are going on the strong side and big change in air mass this weekend looks beautiful. in fact it looks great into monday for our big eclipse day mondayft
7:39 am
perfect around here with lots of sunshine a chance to see the eclipse. this afternoon storms after 2:00, 3:00 o'clock. high temperature 92. it will feel like 100. all things beer and wine what makes this place awesome coming up in just a couple minutes. crown wine and beer. crown beer and wine. erin, toss it in to you. >> i'm counting on to you sample all the drinks and pick out a good one, good beer for me when i get there. can you do that? i think so. it. right now unfortunately outer loop dealing with crash out by georgia avenue. really heavy traffic picking up back to 95. let's go ahead and take live look outside by colesville road show that you delay. bum four bumper traffic. you can see that crash emergency lights blocking the right shoulder and right lane. so pretty nasty scene out there. speeds under 10 miles per hour.. conditions earlier but now with that crash in the mix it's really slowing things down. something to keep in mind if you normally take the outer loop there was college park. inner loop looks pleasant. switch it over from our camera back to our maps. show you what else you're dealing with this morning. 95 route 1 looks good. more volume picking up
7:40 am
in both directions outside the beltway. northbound 95 fredericksburg to the aquia harbor. look at that. not blip of yellow the map. love what we're seeing there. southbound side down toward virginia beach looks good. green line delays other than that metro is on time. we'll keep you cover. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, erin. got a planned vacation, no season there to watch the dog for you? well, if that's the case you'll love this week's fox beat free friday give away. $250 voucher to use on rove >> go to between now and 11:59 p.m. one win are in selected by random drawing on august 21. so entrants have to be 18 or older complete rules and online entry forms available at f f 5 back after this. ♪
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♪ nestle slapped with lawsuit over poland spring water. now the class action lawsuit accuses poland spring of deceiving people by claiming that the water is 100% natural spring water from maine. alleging its ac actually just bt ting common ground water. nestle says the water meets all of the federal and state regulations for spring water. back in 2003, it settled a similar lawsuit. it was a big day in space during a six-hour space walk cosmonauts from the international space station set free the world's first satellite made almost entirely with 3d printer. researchers want to is he
7:44 am
made parts hold up in space they also released a few other nano satellites installing some go pro cameras on the outside of those cameras. nasa hopes new partnership with the girl scouts will encourage more young girls to reach for the stars. the mission of the five year program to give girls the opportunity to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math. the girl scouts plan to introduce six new space science badges they'll be available starting in 2019. all right. after the break we'll head back to gaithersburg. >> york we have the five must stops plus we're talking beer and wine. back after at 7:44. ♪ ♪♪
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[vo] one moment can change a life.
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intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. ♪ all right. welcome back. we are in gaithersburg this morning for zip trip. we're in the crown shopping center, shopping plex we're in crown wine and beer. >> yeah. >> i'm joined by one of the proprietors. raj. thanks. how are you guys. >> and dave. >> general manager. >> yes, sir. >> how are you. >> we'll talk all things wine and beer but first let's talk about this shopping center because it's really come to life the last couple of years, hasn't it. >> downtown crown is one of the premier shopping centers in montgomery county. we're right off 270. it's got some great restaurants and most importantly got downtown crown wine and beer here one of the most unique fine wine and beer shops in the area. we offer a bunch of stuff, but
7:48 am
this shop, if you live in montgomery county super convenient to get here from d.c. yeah, check us out. >> dave, what makes this place little different? let's start right -- i don't know if we'll be able to see it or not we have drinking board. i don't know what to call that. >> this is the digital pour menu this showcases the 22 beers that we have on tap. what makes this place unique is not only are we a retail bottle shop we're a bar as well with beer and wine by the glass, beer and wine on draft to go as well which we'll show in a little bit, but, you know, we have -- we have a unique venue space here. we host weekly events on fridays typically we'll feature a brewery and offer tap takeover. something fun. we draw in big crowds. we have fun events, come ins have beer, have a great time and take home something to go as well. >> that's pretty cool. >> all right. i'm just looking at those beers they're not terribly main stream obviously off lot of choice h here. >> definitely. like right now i'm drinking the allah garb james bean a triple with cold press coffee wakes you right up for this to hear your weather report
7:49 am
>> so how do you decide what kind of beer and wine you'll bring into your place here. >> you got to be different. you can't have your, you know, normal kind of beer, wine that you can find everywhere. you can find bud light and all that stuff in where you go. dave does amazing job queue rating this list and it's very unique but it's something for everybody. there's something light. there's something dark. something hoppy. i mean, you know, we have a great variety and anybody can come in here. if they say they like light beers we got it. we got amazing light beer from port city right now german pilsner. i drink that all day. >> well, i'll drink whatever all day. >> hey, dave, what's hot in the world of beer these days? what should i be focused on. >> so the local beer scene is probably the maryland local beer scene probably a i would say is blowing up the most actually next friday we'll be featuring brewery called burly okay down in berlin between salsbury and ocean city. maryland brewery right now that has probably the most buzz right now. so we'll have
7:50 am
beers on tap. some of their really rare hard to get beers that people have to go down to the brewery wait in line get there super earl to get these beers we'll have them on tap. that's going to be fun. but, you know to, answer your question, yeah, the maryland local beers probably what's most hot right now. >> all right. you can fine most of that here. i got to wrap it. show me real quick what we're looking at here. they'll make something for me. >> this is what's called acral l growler. 32-inch can we fill with 22 draft beers. what this does it allows you to take home beers that are, you know, only available on draft if a convenient package. it seals up. it lasts for a couple of weeks at least in the can. so let me show you here how this works. >> you don't put that in brown bag for me at the end, do you? >> we can if you like. if that's what your thing is. [ laughter ] >> five cents g i got to wrap it. again, thanks so much for joining me. thanks everybody forgetting up early. we are at crown wine and beer. you can see there's got lots of great specialty beers and wines here many erin i'll toss it to yo
7:51 am
when you get out here i'll share this beer with you. >> yes, i cannot wait. >> there you go tuck. >> just how i want to start my friday morning. head out to gaithersburg and visit us. outer loop crash cleared to the shoulder by georgia avenue. 25 minute delay 95 to georgia avenue. let's hop outside because we have really big problems on 66 eastbound. this is breaking news right now. all lanes completely shut down because of a disabled bus. carlos i'm talking to my producer what is the intersection on 66 where this is? just before 50. so as you come out of centreville trying to get to the beltway, just before 50 all lanes of 66 eastbound blocked. we're seeing some huge slow downs right there, again, traffic is park right now because of that. again disabled bus before 50 has all lanes blocked 66 eastbound. we'll keep updated on that breaking news this morning. could start to cause huge delays coming out of centreville toward the capital beltway this morning. right now that's your look at traffic. owe want to toss it back out to allison because you have our five must stops today with wisdom right now. ♪ >> we sure do. >> good morning, people
7:52 am
>> good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> we got to hype it up out here. we got to hype it up. these are some of the beautiful people from this area who come out to visit with us, allison. >> yeah. >> they're coming out to say hi. >> all right. if it doesn't hurt we have dj done meyer pumping up the crowd. >> i found something interesting about dj done meyer. >> he opened up for drake. >> yes. >> lil wayne. >> one direction. >> and your boys one direction. and supposed to be on tour witness biebs, your boy. my boy the biebs but that guy dive bomb. that's another story for another day. you got a story you want to tell right now. >> we're in beautiful gaithersburg crown downtown crown. i love it out here but there are on the stops out here that you cannot miss when you visit gaithersburg. just a stone's throw away from the district really. check it out. here are the five must stops. ♪ number five, the kent lands. coat lands is the first knew urban civil union of community country built around historic kent lands farm in
7:53 am
yeses the first residents moved in 1991. many historic landmarks are still in use today. the mansion is a great venue for special functions or to take a class in the arts barn. head to market square for unique small town shopping and dining or check out oktoberfest. number four, bore rah park. there is no shortage of fun h here. play miniature golf on this beautiful course. the author washington great for kids of all ages. with multiple water slides and a children's splash pool. the skate park is popular in the evenings. rent one of the public pavi pavilions. if you'd rather be indoors, check out the amenities of the activity center. number three, rio washingtonian. the lake front is full of activities for the entire fa family. ride the carousel or take a paddle boat out on the water. don't let the kids miss out on feeding the ducks and geese. go shopping
7:54 am
dinner. lots of options here. number two, old town gaithersburg. enjoy the small town feel old town has to offer. the community museum is located in a restored 1884b and o reel railroad station complex. the hands on children exhibit is educational and fun. not too far away, is constitution gardens a great nature may space for the kids. and number one, downtown crown. gaithersburg's newest urban living community. this is where we are today. east eat, live and may here. great options for dining, shopping, recreation and so much more. so much more including all the great people that are already here this morning and we're sitting with one of those great people today. [ cheers and applause ] >> spokesperson to where we are crown. >> this is beautiful. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good to see you.
7:55 am
>> so tell us what's so special about this particular community restaurants, living, the whole . >> other than the people. >> other than the people. >> and the people. >> and the people. >> the nice thing about crown is there is a housing option for everyone. mi homes, michael harris homes down homes, single family homessers there's condos even apartments. so at every range you can get into crown and the nice thing about crown is, it's completely walkable. there are linear parks that you can walk right into downtown where all the buzz is where the restaurants are where the gym is the little gym, la fitness. >> right. >> we know people have to work and maybe it would be out of the area. there's even a plan to get folks to the metro from here. >> yeah. there's a free shuttle to the shady grove metro which is just a couple minutes away. >> yeah. >> so you really don't need your car. you can get to work. you can get home from work. you can get to the grocery store and you can get your groceries. you can go to dinner. >> you can do everything. >> yup. >> look real quick because we'll see this later on.
7:56 am
>> well, the retreat, the retreat community center and it is where there is a bot chi court, a rock wall, tennis courts, a pool so really the community center where everyone can get together and relax and have parties and it's good gathering space. just like the parks are like the park we're in now. >> okay. what i love every community we come out to i want to relocate there. >> is that right? >> so i want to relocate to crown and christa you're doing an excellent job. >> you'll have to within the lottery if you want to relocate to crown. >> real estate is hot out here. we appreciate it so much. thanks for having you. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> all righty. >> a lot more to come from the zip trip. we got food, we got tucker barnes trying stuff out here. we got beautiful people! [ cheers and applause ] [ laughter ] >> we want to go back to you in the studio. >> we have something else for you. very exciting to announce this morning check it outate cher auto group of laurel and five fox giving away one year lease on acura tlx t
7:57 am
our zip trip finale on friday, september 1st at national harbor. >> to enter for a chance to win go beginning on monday august 21 through august27th. click on the contest link and registered to be register to be one of the five finalists. you must tend the zip trip finale in person and then one lucky viewer will go home as the winner. you must be 18 years or older to enter. get ready to ride the complete rules online entry available at again, you can start entering on august 21 through august 27th. >> all right. in the meantime let's check in with erin como for look at the roads and problem on the road. >> that's right, maureen. , improvements disable had all lanes block just before 50, 60 eastbound moved over to the left shoulder that huge delay starting to ease a bit. it's still adding about 20 extra minutes to your drive from centreville through that point. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back. ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us. >> it's 8:00 o'clock on this friday, august 18, 2017 here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> first up terror in barcelona we just learned a fourth suspect has been arrested as the death toll continues to rise. we have the very latest developments coming up in live report straight ahead. plus another controversial statue removed overnight.
8:01 am
maryland state house with all of those details. and it's friday. well, hell local there. ♪ >> aww. >> what great dog. well, it's our friday zip trip, and today the fun is ramping up in gaithersburg. hey, wisdom. oh, yeah. wisdom always has time for our great viewers who are out there with wisdom, hugs all around. tucker, allison all there this morning. come out and say hi. downtown crown in gaithersburg, maryland. >> in the meantime live look outside on this friday morning. 8:01 is the time. 78 degrees your temperature. we've got your weekend forecast coming up in just few minutes. >> first at 8:00 o'clock let's begin with the terror attacks in spain. the death toll now at 14. a woman died earlier this morning after she was struck by a car in a seaside town about 6. >> 13 people were killed in yesterday's van attack. we've just learned a fourth suspect in these attacks has been arrested but it's believed the driver of the van remains at large. in the
8:02 am
king and prime minister joined thousands for a movement silence in barcelona's main square to honor the victims. let's get the latest now on the investigation from fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. she joins us live from capitol hill now with the latest. good morning to you, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, steve and maureen. so at this hour, there's a manhunt in spain for an 18-year-old suspect who believed drove that white van through downtown barcelona yesterday killing 14 and injuring dozens of others. based on our reporting, he rented the van and he used his brother's department at the papers. that's why we saw widely circulated yesterday this photo of his brother who's about 29 years old. what's key this morning is that all of the evidence is pointing to a much larger complex plot with a number of cells as opposed to just the work of a lone wolf or a single terrorist in this case.
8:03 am
catherine d that mean more tax are possible, planned, already in the works as far as the planning stage of multiple cells are involved? >> reporter: really goes to the heart of where we are today. if i can just connect the dots for a moment for people at home. just to give them an overview of what happened in the last 24 hours. we had the van attack in barcelona. then the police confirmed that there was a connection with the van attack and an explosion the night before in a town about 10 barcelona. they thought it was a gas explosion. but it turn out to be what -- what it seems now was a bomb making factory. they then made a connection to another event last night which was a white vehicle in a coastal town ramming down pedestrians. they then opened fire on those individuals killing all of them and they appeared to be wearing suicide belts. those were kind of mock up belts which are used by these terrorists so that they are martyred in these operations because at a distance the police will think
8:04 am
they're just fake. so when you take all of those pieces together, it speaks to a larger group that was being operated and it also suggests that it may have been directed by isis prop in syria or in libya. and you have this drive whose on the loose. someone like this who carried out an tack, really is willing to die for the cause, and that means that they are highly dangerous and they are capable of even another follow on attack. steve. >> is this the face of terror using cars now to ram into crowds and if so, how can you ever really protect against this? >> reporter: well, you have to think of terrorism like this. it's constantly evolving, and it's like water it take the path of least resistance. you know we do thing, we change security, let's say at airports or on trains. and then the terrorists see that and then they move to another method. in many case, using vehicles as weapons. there's reporting that the cia had warned the spanish that this part of barcelona because it's like times square or it's like
8:05 am
chance he will cease in paris was high profile and likely the focus of an isis terrorist cell. so certainly steps can be taken to fortify these areas and to limit the traffic of cars and trucks. but there's no perfect security answer to this situation. because when you have individuals who are radicalized and operating underneath the radar or be meath the radar, it's not difficult for them to get a vehicle and in a master minutes turn it into something quite deadly. >> all right. right now the search still underway for the person who was driving that vehicle. >> that's correct. >> catherine, great to talk to you. thanks for having me. >> 8:05 is the time. we want to get back out to gaithersburg where our zip trip crew is this morning. tucker barnes -- actual the whole crew is there looking amazing and wonderful. >> tucker, don't think we didn't see in your, energy your beer segment there that the bosses were there as well. so, i know it was a little extra pressure on you this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> the bosses are
8:06 am
>> right. >> extra pressure on you because all the bosses are here this morning. >> oh, yeah, i know. >> they saw them in the shot. >> you know what, pressure doesn't faze you, tucker, right? >> actually it gets to me. [ laughter ] >> actually he's really nervous. >> the crowd is coming out. a little earlier it was little slow. ya'll woke up. [ cheers and applause ] >> there it is. >> it's all right. >> we even got -- we'll explain what this is all about. >> this is amazing. >> that's pretty awesome. >> we'll explain what this is all about. tucker has got important business to talk about. >> i'll do little wet. i got a water bottle being deliver. we'll learn more about that. >> do you weather. i'll take this water bottle. >> valerie, open up your sign and show everybody. i love tucker and the fox5 crew! >> and the fox5 crew. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoop whoop. >> your sign game is impressive. that's the easiest way to get on tv. valerie, i got something for y you. >> give it to valerie. >> oh, valerie, thank you. >> thank you. >> heat advisory in effect this afternoon.
8:07 am
morning. >> yeah it is. >> allison and wisdom we can a test. >> bad hair day. >> my mustache is curling up. >> is that what's going on? >> yeah. look out for thunderstorms later this evening. pretty strong. >> okay. all right. more on the weather coming up. >> you know what, now allison has a sign as well. >> thank very much. >> i made allison a sign. >> just my name but there you go. >> ya'll like my sign. >> sign for allison seymour. >> next we have our fox5 first five. really cute little girl today out here. so you got to stay with us for that next weather hit, right. >> we'll explain why these robots are rolling around. >> i'm kind of scared now. >> we'll explain what this is all about. >> i'm excited to head out that. i can't wait join you in gaithersburg. we can't wait to see you. >> thanks guys so much. 66 eastbound disable bus it's right by 50 blocking the shoulder had previously had all lanes blocked. so right now it's about a 40 minute delay from manassas to the beltway because of that. give yourself extra time aside from that one, suitland parkway inbound a crash at stanton road delays back
8:08 am
extending past naylor road. we'll keep updated on that one. 295 northbound looks good. now the outer loop dealing with some leftover delays. we had an earlier crash by georgia avenue that cleared to the shoulder. but coming off knife to the outer loop all jammed up about 30 minute delay 95 to georgia avenue. baltimore washington parkway both directions some light volume to and from powder mill road. 270 still looks really pleasant if you want to head downtown crown and join us in gatorringing burg for the zip trip. i'll toss it back to you guys. ♪ >> thank you erin. want to get breaking news we have been following throughout the morning. a controversial statue no longer sits outside of the maryland state house. >> crews tour it down and hauled it away in the middle of the night. fox5's bob barnard in annapolis for us all morning long with the latest now. bob? >> reporter: hey, maureen and steve this was a statue of a maryland born u.s. supreme court justice roger taney. as you see behind me the only thing that's left is greenwood den box covering the marble pedestal. it stood here for 145 years.
8:09 am
house, well, overnight, between 1:00 and 2:00 o'clock this morning, crews came in with a large crane and hoisting material and they lifted the statue off its pedestal, put it on a flatbed truck, you see it there on the flatbed truck as it left here around state circle, to be taken to a storage facility. we don't know what the long-term future is of the statue but for now it will be put in storage. there are maybe a couple of dozen people here in the middle of the night watching this as it went on. now this was precipitated by a vote of the state house trust which really has authority over the grounds here around the state house and indoors as well. and by e-mail vote on wednesday, the state house trust voted to remove the statue. now, mike miller who the senate president was the lone person on the four member trust who did not vote for it he wanted a public forum a referendum, if you will to, make that decision, not to have it done quickly and in the middle of the night as it
8:10 am
now, i mentioned roger taney was a us supreme court justice in the mid 1800's. in 1857 he wrote the supreme court decision the dread scott decision to up hold slavery and deny african-americans citizenship. >> unfortunately, that was a decision that i think was very detrimental to our country. so i -- i approve of the removal of the statue. i just think it's a reminder of a terrible situation. >> i'm wicked happy to see this happening it's way too late. we got to get over our differences. we got to fix this country. >> i'm really glad to see it gone. very happy. no place to be here. this is supposedly the so-called free state and the dread scott decision was exactly opposite that. so glad to see it gone. >> reporter: now, previous efforts to remove the statue really never got off the ground, and this all follows the
8:11 am
the weekend surro surrounding te robert e. lee statue there. i will tell you in the mill of the night earlier this week authorities in baltimore removed for couldn't federal statues one of them roger taney statue and now it's this one which stood here since 1872 and it really guys in prominent place overlooking the annapolis water front here. the east side of the state ho house. this statue nearly a century and a half standing here is gone this morning. >> bob barnard live in annapolis for us this morning. 11 past the hour. the mayor of charlottesville will make a major announcement about that robert e. lee statue in one of the city parks the centerpiece of what happened last weekend. the mayor set to speak at noon expected to talk about public safety and the legacy of heather heyer who was killed during last weekend's violence. still to come this morning what happens to the earth when there's solar eclipse. >> a lot of mims. a lot of superstitions. we'll break it down. what's fact,
8:12 am
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♪ all right. time for another edition of a zip trip friday. 8:14 right now. >> all right. wisdom and allison standing by. tucker are you in the frame there? no, wisdom and allison at the downtown crown in gaithersburg. take it away guys. >> looks like play time. >> i see. >> it i
8:15 am
thanks to the little gym just one of the many activities attractions out here at downtown crown in gaithersburg but right now it's time to honor cuteness. >> that's right. >> we're here with dad ben. good morning. >> good morning. >> and our child of the day is mora. good morning. >> can you say hi. >> hi. >> you are so adorable. how you come over here with daddy. >> turn around right here. we want to learn everything about you. >> smile at the camera so we can get more viewers. when you smile at the camera we get more viewers. there you go. >> what do you like to go. >> do you like to go to the little gym? >> yes. >> want else do you like to do? >> hang on the bars. >> you hang on the bars? >> oh, that's so hard. >> dad s she good hanging on the bars. >> she is amazing. >> amazing hanging on the bars. tell me what this is right here. do you do this right here as well? >> what's that called? >> what's this called? >> cheese mat. how does it work. can you show me how to do. >> wis, let maura do it. >> i know i'm too old. show me how do you that.
8:16 am
>> awesome. >> that's pretty cool. >> what about this thing right here? can you do that one, too? >> okay. show us how you do that one. >> it's the baby roller. [ laughter ] >> wow! okay. >> it's the baby roller. i understand you guys are musicians. probably lots of music in the house all the time. >> lofts music. we love it. >> tell me about what you love about living in gaithersburg. >> there's just so much stuff here and surrounding area that we can do. >> when we night to take the night off, it's great good i love it. >> how about amusement parks. you like going to six flags and parks like that? >> yes. >> well we have something for you. it's a little goodie bag and that's just for you from six flags. we hope you enjoy it. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> you're welcome, beautiful. >> we rarely do we come with gifts so i'm happy that we have gifts for you guys today. >> yes. she earn it by going through the obstacle course. >> she definitely did.
8:17 am
cuteness overload maybe we have a little more room for cuteness in the form of tucker barnes. >> go ahead and say it wis. that's a stretch we'll toss it over to tucker barnes any way. >> hey, tuck. >> allison, and wisdom you are too generous. super cuteness over there. more than just a shopping center a lot going on. a lot of housing being built. obviously we can hear the hard work of the construction teams building all of these brand new places around here pretty amazing. let's get to weather. we'll be looking at not only heat index today but the potential for very strong thunderstorms this afternoon. 79 now in washington. heat index 83 very humid. winds south southwest at eight. quick look at at the satellite pick which are you the cold front out to the north and west that will roll in here later this afternoon. so the potential is there again for strong thunderstorms mid afternoon, late afternoon. could be some very gusty winds and heavy rain with the storms. there's future cast. you can see the storms develop later today as they move on through. so again look out for potential for strong storms. going to be a great weekend. 89 on saturday. 88 on
8:18 am
eclipse on monday as well. so today is the last really hot and humid day. less humidity this weekend in to monday. that's the weather update, guys. i'll be back in couple of minutes having great time in gait gaithersburg come out and say hi to you. ervin coming up too. >> i can't wait. in about ten minutes i'll head out there to join you. traffic should be pretty light on 270 right now northbound and southbound looking good in gaithersburg. we do have this on-going track work suitland station closed on the green line through august 20th. shuttle service available between naylor road and branch avenue. single tracking on the red line f you're headed out red line tomorrow or sunday keep in in mine. bw parkway southbound we have a crash on-ramp to 50. new york avenue so watch for building delays there. 295 very jammed up with about seven minute delay. 50 to pennsylvania avenue. and then aside from that 66 eastbound disable bus at 50 cleared to the shoulder. just a little bit of a leftover delay about ten minutes from 28 through that point at 50 things open up to the beltway. inner loop just minor delays from just after the springfield under change to past little
8:19 am
toward the american legion bridge this morning. inbound suitland parkway crash at stanton road delays are easing. they had been back to about naylor road. back to branch avenue but starting to ease like i said. 295 northbound looks good. we got you covered this morning. pretty light volume overall. lift over delays in college park on the outer loop. steve. >> erin, thank you very much. allotted of people looking forward to monday that's the day of the solar eclipse. always causing traffic troubles in part of the country. oregon state police tweeted these pictures of cars backed up for 15 miles bumper to bumper. they're headed to eclipse themed festival. the rare 93 nom non will take less than three minutes for the total blackout. essentially. but it comes with a long shadow of myths and superstitions. we know that a total eclipse happens when the moon lines upper infectly with the orbit of the earth. as the moon passes between the earth and the sun, partial or total eclipses happen. but humans
8:20 am
rationale explanation for an eclipse. folk lore and mythology filled in the gaps. rationale liesing that eclipse e the sun. or a sign a god or goddesses displeasure with human kind. superstitions related to total eclipse remain today. for example, some people believe pregnant women should not go outside during an he clips. that's due to superstition that eclipses bring bad news with them and could harm an unborn child. according to national geographic, some asian societies believe eclipses cause food to turn bad. people empty their kitchen of food after eclipse in the belief that the eclipse contaminated prepared food. nasa says it gets questions from the public about whether eclipses or an indication of a warp in time and space. scientists there reassure us that's not true. but it is true that the weather can abruptly change during an eclipse. temperatures could drop up to 1 one. >> now temperature expected to be about 90 degrees. i think that little dip might be accepted by many here in
8:21 am
>> exactly. i think so too. >> if we can drop it down into the 70's if only for few minutes or few hours. >> coming up at 9:00 o'clock on good day we'll take closer look at the best cities to watch the eclipse. can you still travel there? can you still find a place? caitlin was telling us about the weather conditions across the country, too. you don't want to go to the places where it's going to be stormy or cloudy along with safety tips that you need to make keep in mind to make sure you don't damage your eyes of course a lot of talk about that. on monday we'll have a special live eclipse show beginning at 11:30 am on fox5 live. you can find that streaming on our fox5 d.c. facebook page. tucker will be helping out with that as well. i hear nashville will be really good place to watch. >> that should be fun. >> that city is selling out in a hurry. >> in hur reach nasa they're hoping nounier ship with the girl scouts encourage more young girls to reach for the stars. mission of the five-year program to give girls the opportunity to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and math. the girl scouts plan to introduce six new space science badge
8:22 am
2019. time right now 8:21. before we head to break if you have a vacation planned but you don't have anybody to watch your dog for you well you will love this week's fox beat free friday gift. >> you can win 250-dollar voucher to use on go to between now and 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win. one winner will be selected by random drawing on august 21st. all entrants have to be 18 or older. for complete rules and online entry they're available at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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8:25 am
>> oh, my goodness. that's tucker and -- [ laughter ] >> oh, man. >> mike is on vacation. so can't be mike. >> wisdom, good to see you, sir. good to see you. wisdom. >> oh, maybe it's wisdom then. >> makes sense it is. zip trip crew in gaithersburg maryland at the crown in downtown. as you can see the crowd already gathered. we've got allison, wisdom and tucker and erin headed down there very shortly. good time had by all. >> caitlin has a chegg on our forecast so far. >> so far so good. overcast skies out in gaithersburg no rain yet. however it's very warm. high heat bringing in the afternoon thunderstorms some of which will be severe. temperatures right now in the upper 70s. it's ver
8:26 am
78 annapolis. 79 washington. 78 in manassas. heat advisory takes effect at 11am. that is all out ahead of this cold front. you see it back off towards our west. that's going to bring those strong storms actually we could get them as early as mid afternoon. so the two-day forecast high heat and humidity today. 92 degrees. very hot with those late day storms. lucluckily we clear thing out fr the weekend not nearly as hugh for saturday. warm and sunny beautiful weekend humidity is low. still going mostly for the eclipse meaning mostly clear skies for viewing. hot and humid on tuesday, and those showers return next week. that is a look at your seven day forecast. erin will give you i believe her last look at the roads before she hit the roads. >> i'm heading up to gaithersburg. 270 quiet bw parkway crash on the ramp to 50. watch out for delays there. new york avenue past bladensburg heavy traffic inbound as usual. 295 southbound heavy traffic as usual there as well. on your way down to pennsylvania avenue. as we take look at 66 eastbound earlier disable bus cleared to the shoulder b
8:27 am
lingering from 28 to 50 this morning ten minute slow down. 28 in chantilly looks nice. give yourself a few minutes to get out to the dulles airport things looking pretty good on the way to reagan national. 395 problem free. inbound suitland crash at stanton road that moved over to the shoulder. still some heavy traffic back to branch avenue. green line delays on-going track work. i'll get changed into my red polo shirt and join the crew down in gaithersburg. i'll toss it back to you. >> uniform awaits. >> safe travels. >> thanks lot erin. 8:30, tme for zip trip trivia in gaithersburg. putting local leaders to the test. >> we're learn about the area, too. later good day has your fix this morning as in the local band going to join us live in the loft with a special performance. they're already here getting ready to go. it's only 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
back now 8:30 with top stories and we're getting word of br breaking news prince george's county. death investigation underway at a home on brook jane drive in clinton, maryland. prince george's county police are headed to that scene and so is fox5. bob barnard on his way as well. we'll share updates as soon as we get them. >> breaking news elsewhere nerd in maryland overnight where bob was earlier this morning. folks waking up to find the statue much former supreme court chief justice roger taney has been removed outside the maryland state house in annapolis. oh wrote the dread scott decision which said african-ameran
8:31 am
citizens under the constitution. this comes several days after governor hogan ordered that statue to be removed. fox5 told you about the brown murky water flowing from some taps in montgomery county. started last week and now has spread to prince george's co county. officials say the problem lies in all the recent rain we've h had. elements like grass and twigs don't mix well with chlorine but officials say the water is still 100% safe. national pitchers steven strausburg expected to get back on the mound the major league level this weekend against the padres in his hometown of san diego. strausburg has been on the disable list since july 27 with nerve issue in his throwing elbow. during a five inning rehab start just down the road in potomac on monday he said he felt no pain. so good news there. >> good news indeed. all right. good news keeps coming because our zip trip our crew is there in gaithersburg with a bit of trivia now letting us know more about history of this wonderful town. good morning to you both, steve. not steve. >> i'm sorry. >> wisdom and allison. [ cheers and applause ]
8:32 am
maureen. good morning, steve. yes. we are here in the crown area of gaithersburg and this is the time we like to put our elected officials to the test. >> that's right. i think we should. >> is that hospitable. i don't know. we'll do it any way. >> that's what we do when we're on zip trip. >> this morning we're pleased to have with us council members of the city of gaithersburg. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning allison. >> and ryan spiegel and some little spiegels. good morning to you. >> my little spiegels. >> that's right. >> little spiegel where is we get to this trivia let's ask from the council's point of view what makes gaithersburg tow amazing? ryan i'll start it were you with you. >> sure. we're not only the geographic heart of montgomery county with access to transportation, highways and transit, we're also an economic and job center of the county and the region with our biotechs and our science industry and our wonderful retail and town centers. but we're also an arts center for the region with great
8:33 am
we have wonderful diversity here one of the most diverse cities in the entire nation so we think we have a lot of great things going on here in gaithersburg. >> one of the great things that we talked about was there's more coming. >> that's right. >> more coming. >> that's right. well you're in crown farm or downtown crown as we call it right here this spot. one of the newest neighborhoods in the city. it's mixed use neighborhood. transit oriented neighborhood. it's growing. there's still parts to be built. there's even a school site on the other side of the property here. but we've got great town center here. restaurants and retail coming. people enjoy living here and people come from all over the region. not just gaithersburg, to enjoy what we have here. but what makes gaithersburg so special, what ryan said is important. but the most important thing is the people who live here. this is an example of what makes gaithersburg special. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's why people -- it's why people choose to live here. the quality of life that we're responsi
8:34 am
we couldn't do it without those residents. >> absolutely. well, we like to put the elected officials to the test. if you don't mind. >> okay. i'm ready. >> a little trivia section we do here. you guys have all your markers and -- >> yup. >> ready to go. >> here's what we're going to do. i'll say the number and ya'll repeat it after me and we'll hit them with some questions. okay. >> number one. >> number one. >> gaithersburg one of the largest cities in maryland and has just over this many residents. a, 50,000, b skate thousand, c, 1200, d, 20,000? >> the answer is... >> allison hook them up b that's absolutely right. 68,000 people call gaithersburg home. >> and growing. >> allison has the next question. hit it off with and i'll read the question. >> number two. >> number two. >> okay. somebody messed up. [ laughter ] >> number two. gaithersburg began in76
8:35 am
was known as a, german'ing burg, b, forest oak town, c, log town or d, daters town. >> c. >> the answer is c. >> log town. >> log town. >> all right. [ applause ] >> all right. all right. we're not done yet. number three. >> number three. >> good job. >> where was the famous forest oak tree upon which the city's logo is based? a, at casey b barn. at kentlands mansion near the intersection of montgomeryville and route 355. d near the intersection of diamond avenue and route 355? >> the answer is? >> the answer is... >> d. >> absolutely. >> three or three. [ applause ] >> we got 30 seconds left allison. >> hit it. number four. >> number four. >> what is gaithersburg's official flower. is it a, arose,
8:36 am
susans, c, pee own niece, or d hydrangea. >> the answer is c. >> pee own niece. >> they are perfect. they are four for four. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's how they get it done out here in gaithersburg. awesome. >> thank you very much. >> all right. >> that's how we roll in gaithersburg. that's how we roll. >> thank you. thank you little spiegels. in thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> come visit us in gaith gaithersburg. come back. >> we will. everybody wants to you come b back. >> yay! >> we will. [ applause ] >> tucker, good morning. all right, guys, listen, one of the great things about this community if you're luck company enough to live here you have access to the retreat which best i can tell is a place you want to hang out and just relax. not only do they have a nice deck here beautiful pool. parental climbing wall. we'll interview -- talk to somebody about the climbing wall coming up here many i'm just a few blocks away from steve and
8:37 am
absolutely surrene, quiet, peaceful and beautiful. they got bocce ball and tennis courts and kiddie pool and the rhett of it looks like really nice spot. 79 now in washington. we're looking at very hazy humid start to the day a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 o'clock this morning. that heat index will be pushing a hundred with some sunshine late early afternoon please if you're outdoors make sure you got a lot of water. quick look at our current conditions and our satellite/radar. 79 mentioned in washington. let's just role into that satellite/radar i want to show you the approaching storm system. it's a cold front moving in from the west you can see the green in western virginia and western pennsylvania. some of the storms when they come in later today could be on the strong side. look out for that mid afternoon strong storms with potential for heavy gusty winds and heavy downpours. 92 this afternoon. we'll take a sneak peek at the weekend all good news forecast. saturday sunday and eclipse monday look good with less humidity. i'll have the details coming up. i'm going to relax. steve, maureen, back to you. >> yeah. >> do what you d
8:38 am
>> what do you best. >> thanks lot, tucker. still ahead new hope for children who suffer from peanut allergies. >> i heard about that. plus you are what you eat. guys there's new research that says your diet could have a direct impact on your dating life. we'll explain coming up next. ♪ ♪
8:39 am
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8:40. look ahead to good day d.c. of course, our zip trip fun continues. plus, is it too late to take a trip to see the solar
8:41 am
what about the special glasses you need? can you still find them? we'll share all the info you need. >> and one of dc's top r and b groups stops by the loft. the fix performing live for everybody. not just for us but for all of you at home as well on good day. that should be fun. >> you've her the saying you are what you eat. that's how the saying goes and it turns out it could apply to your dale dating life. >> here the details. new study suggests that men who are single and looking for love should eat more fruits and veggies. it's not your mom speaking here researchers in australia looking at the link between scent and attraction in dozens of men they found that women preferred the scent of men who eat a lot of produce compared to the scent of men who ate a lot of carbs or a a lot of meat. >> yet another study. >> i don't know what scents you're talking about if you're single and nothing is working why not. >> exactly. promising news for children with peanut allergies. parents listen up this is serious business as you know. new study found treatment of pean
8:42 am
could help kids stay symptom free. researchers at the murdoch children's research institute gave the treatment to several patients. four years later, 80% could still tolerate peanuts without allergic symptoms. >> all right. still to come this morning, kevin mccarthy has our entertainment news. now where could kevin be? >> i wonder. how about right over there. >> hey, guys. i'm coming right next with my reviews for the new steven soto berg film logan lucky starring channing tatum and daniel craig also robert pattinson delivers the best performance of his career in the new film good time and i'll end with my review of the hit man's bodyguard starring ryan reynolds and samuel l. jackson. stay tuned to fox5 news morning. .
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♪ 8:45 right now. want to remind that fox5 is on top of breaking news coming out of prince george's county right now. a death investigation underway at a home on brook jane drive. that's in clinton, maryland. not far from brandywine road. prince george's county police are there. bob barnard almost there. when he gets there, we'll share the latest information. ♪ meantime want to get back out to our zip trip in gaithersburg, maryland w our crew has been holding down all morning. tucker with the yo man's work. what are you up to now? >> maureen, i'm having great morning out here. i've been having so much fun. what fantastic community up here at the crown in gaithersburg i'm joined by gary simon the
8:46 am
retreat. >> that's correct. >> did i get it right. >> you did. >> so earlier i showed you the pool and the bocce court and tennis courts but one of your features particularly special the wall. did i get it right. >> you got that i that is exactly what that is. that's a wall. and something that's unique here at crown for the residents is we have a rock climbing wall. we have a certified rock climbing instructor that's here at various times. the residents want to climb the wall get good work out here during the summer, even during the winter, they're able to come here when it's open and get a good sweat going up and down the wall. >> it's beaut you will the way it's enclosed in glass. these are two strapping young men. do you have people of all ages climb the wall. gary do you climb the wall. >> i did not climb the wall. there's a reason i didn't grow up being really tall i like being closer to the ground. >> i get that. >> all ages. >> tell me more about this community center, what do we call it. >> we call the retreat at crown and that's exactly what it is. community center that for a
8:47 am
the residents they have various amenities here attached to the pool as we saw earlier. they have the opportunity to rent the community center for various family functions. parties, graduation parties happen quite frequently this time of year at the end of the year. it's really a nice feature for people in the community to be able to bring larger crowds outside of their homes and into a central location. >> i get it. anything that makes this place i guess this is center of activity when you guys have like your day festivals and that kind of thing. sort of the center of activity with the neighborhoods around the retreat? >> with the community social events that we do have, this is generally the focal point. but what makes all of that great are the people that live here. >> it seems like you have more and more people living here all the time. >> every day. every day we have new wonderful members in the community. it's fantastic. >> thank you so much for joining us. the wall is a great feature here at the retreat, and i'm more bocce ball myself. right. >> well that for you, too. >> i kno
8:48 am
i quickly got to do some weather. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we've also popping some storms across extreme southern maryland and we're in for the potential for additional strong storms later this afternoon with a strong cold front. 92 today. this cold front will change the air mass and by saturday, sunday and monday back in sunshine looks great for the eclipse on monday. plenty of sunshine with high temperatures near 90 and nice weekend less humidity this weekend. thank you so much gary for joining me. >> thank you tucker. >> thank you gentlemen for climbing that wall. i'm glad you guys took my tips. okay. allison, i'll toss it over to you. >> hi. >> this is natalie she owns our restaurant. >> hi natalie i'm allison. >> hi. >> i'm charlotte. >> okay. we are now starting to highlight some of the great restaurants in the city of gaithersburg, and here at crown so let me welcome natalie and to the portion of the program and. >> charlotte. >> and charlotte and this is asia. >> tell me about this restaurant. >> yes, we have two locations here. this is new location in gaithersburg. >> okay. >> and the one in d.c.
8:49 am
for ten yours already. >> wow watch made you want to open up here in gaithersburg. we like the community, and we like people like our food and we are the only family owned restaurant in the shopping center. >> beautiful. i love that. so tell me what we have here. >> what kind of food? >> our new menu the crying tiger. >> um-hmm. >> and we have the fish the red snapper with the sweet sauce. sweet and sour sauce and the famous tie food. pop tie. the slim and today paou on rice here. and then grilled salmon salad. >> beautiful. >> this is the -- >> dell me what's in the tum yum. it's shrimp and then spicy sauce and mushroom. >> wow. >> okay. >> so it really feels very authentic but sort of mixed with any other influences from it in any other sort of cuisine. >> we are authentic thai we want to branch out
8:50 am
for people that come to the restaurant. so if you like salmon, you like grilled pork, other stuff we have at the restaurant as well. >> what is this beautiful masterpiece? >> we have here our sushi. >> my goodness. >> our famous sushi rolls here. >> okay. >> this is our tokyo rolls and this is our phoenix rolls. very popular at the restaurant. >> my goodness. >> would this be a feast for a family to come in. >> yes. feast for the family. >> how beautiful is that. the colors are so exciting. >> thank you. >> yes. what would you say makes like a good thai restaurant? >> i would say you always start with a good thai. it should be sweet but not overly sweet. natalie and the chefs at asian nine maybe i think a perfect pat tie. but she brought out by favorite dish at the restaurant which is our kaau. a loft people know drunken noodles or basil noodles in the restaurant. this uses that same sauce and then puts this one is minuted
8:51 am
bell peppers such a good taste a little bit spicy but not overwhelming. >> now i'm super hungry. >> i'm also thirsty. you see beautiful drippings down here. >> yes. our new drinks here is watermelon sangria for the summer. this is asian eye drink there. >> do we need to make less acervations what do we need to do to get in asian eye. >> you can reservations on friday and saturday. we're easy that way. >> second restaurant. i love that it's family owned. you bringing that authenticity here in a community, the new community. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tell us exactly where the restaurant is locate brrr'd we send it back. >> it's 254 crown park avenue. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's eat. back to you. >> it looks real good. >> hi, kev, how are you. >> steve, maureen. good to see you guys. i'm usually not up before the animation. >> i know. >> honestly -- >> something new. >> getting more screen tim
8:52 am
here. >> wow. >> i wore this green shirt today. >> i know. >> i had to do that. >> it's bright. >> big movies opening up this weekend three films actually including steven soderbergh new movie logan lucky i know steve is excited about as a big nascar fan. steven soderbergh he's done the oceans trilogy, magic mike one and two, sex, lice and video tape traffic. one of the best film makers working today. he's retired a couple times and come back. this is essentially the ocean films with nascar as the background versus the casino. charlotte motor speedway. >> trying to rob the speedway. >> exactly. >> these two brother, channing tatum and -- channing tatum's character work at the speedway they figured out thou rob money. >> daniel craig is in prison they find a way to bring him he's the explosive vault expert. >> it's very funny movie. >> as far as heist cape% go how does it rank. >> the oceans films are kind of the top of
8:53 am
realm. this is definitely very similar the music the pacing the comedy the drama the way it's all laid out. great cast. daniel craig is fantastic in the role. his accent is hilarious. it really is just that subtle comedy that work they did actually have participation with nascar. they were filming at the actual race at times as you mentioned they doubled some of that in at land today. but they really kind of blended it so well together you think it all happened at the race. >> i read that none of the film makers had never been to nascar race before. they literally showed up to film not knowing what to expect. >> leanne rhymes sang the national anthem. this was back in may when they filmed that particular footage. >> is channing tatum any good. >> he's great. i feel like -- is he becoming more a comedic actor. >> he's both. he was great in fox catcher. he's really good -- he's very very good range. >> does he start dancing for money. >> no. i just want to make sure. >> magic mike was the same film maker. >> same director. >> yeah. real fast, moving on to good times
8:54 am
the 80 behind this film two brothers who rob a bank. pattinson blew my mind in this film. the film makers literally took their hands out of the screen, grabbed me by the neck and took you into the movie and didn't let you go. it's a very have visceral -- very immerse seive experience. one of the most immerse seive experiences because of the cinema graph and because of the score the music is phenomenal use the score as leading character. pattinson's cash he had one of the most insane act sets british in real life. accent in this film is insanely well done. it's very gritty very dark they don't make movies like this any more. shot on beautiful 35-millimeter film. it captures that intensity and that gritty element of the characters. you will find yourself on the edge of your seat. this is a career changing performance for pattinson. i'm speaking with him later on today. he's in europe right now. >> interesting. >> i'll have more from that on my twitter page which is kevin mccarthy tv. i think he's calling me around like 3:30 or 4:00 o'clock for the interview. i'm looking forward to
8:55 am
>> look who it is. >> to clarify publicist will call me and connect us. just sounds cooler to say that he's calling me. >> mr. mccarthy on the line for you, sir. >> exactly. >> next up real fast the hit man's bodyguard starring ryan recented in as samuel element jackson. action comedy. when i think of action comedy, my go to is probably bad boys one and two. this is definitely on the funny side. it works because they are so great together. i had some problems with the script and some of the cgi the basic premise ryan reynolds is the bodyguard to hit man played by samuel l. jackson trying to get a court case to deaf against villain played by gary roll mon this movie 3.5 out of five. has some funny moments it work because of jackson and reynolds but overall not the most memorable action comedy. good time by the way is playing at arc light bethesda landmark e street those two theaters and then wind river the movie i reviewed
8:56 am
elizabeth olsen and renner opened up wide the best films of the year as well from the writer of hell or high water and is a car yo. >> you'll be helping out on good day today. >> i'm co-hosting. >> i can't wait. >> i co-hosting with caitlin, maureen. >> yup and and paul. >> it will be amazing. >> it's going to be the best good day d.c. of all time. >> ever. we'll take a short break our fan of the day is next. ryan reynolds is on the phone for you right now. >> hey, ryan. >> you better get that. ♪ ♪
8:57 am
well let's do say hello to today's fan of the day. wow. she's looking great. this is are a trees and are a trees was nominated by her mom nicky. >> nicky says are a trees has been watching fox5 since kindergarten. heads off to college in pennsylvania this fall. good luck to you, young lady. thank you so much for watching. good luck in college. want to be fan day post your picture under hers. >> how we looking outside. >> we've got a thunderstorm on radar. watching for strong storms later this afternoon have one crossing east from montrose virginia into saint mary's county. saint george island watch out for heavy storms and lightning. much nicer this weekend less humid. locks beautiful. >> erin is on her way to the zip trip. we'll see her and everybody else coming up at 9:00. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ straight ahead, breaking news. the death toll rises overnight after series of terror attacks in spain. this morning another suspect is in custody. but the driver behind the barcelona carnage is still on the loose. president trump condemning the attack back here at home he's facing fresh criticism for his response to the attack in charlottesville. three days and counting the solar eclipse arrives monday which means time is running out if you plan on a get away t


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