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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 21, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, breaking news. a search for survivors near the coast of singapore. 10us sailors missing after a collision between u.s. navy destroyer and an oil tanker. now this morning big questions about how it could happen again. i'm melanie alnwick in upper marlboro the man accused of killing three small girls will be in court this morning. president trump back in the nation's capitol and turning his attention overseas. tonight he'll make a major address to the nation about the war in afghanistan. we'll have a preview. ♪ and later, hundreds of millions of people waiting to watch an event 100 years in the making. today all eyes will be on the skies as americans celebrate the big solar eclipse. we h
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everything you need to know to enjoy the show safely. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ blinded by the light ♪ ♪ >> 1971. >> still a question. that is debated. >> different artists have sung it different ways. show time, everybody. it is eclipse day 2017. thanks for joining us for good day dc. officially it's august 21. i'm steve alongside holly, maureen and wisdom. >> much more on the solar eclipse all morning long the path of totality crossing 14 states stretch throwing thousand miles from coast to coast even though we're not in it we'll have pretty good view. this morning anjali hemp him is live at the air and space museum where fans are lining up. mike thomas in south carolina. we'll check in with both of t them. >> hey, mike. >> so rl
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>> he's stretching. >> hey, mike u you're on tv. >> just so you know. >> he's like ut-oh. you just caught me. >> less his heart. >> yup. south carolina. >> we're good. >> okay. check in with him in minute. before we get into all of that let's talk about the weather will the skies stay clear we can see get a good look at our special -- with our personal glasses what's happening details now tucker barnes our first check of the forecast. hey, tuck. >> wisdom i got my special glasses i'm all ready to go. i'm i can't see a thing when these things are on. >> that's good. >> i don't think i'll be able to see the sun or anything. it's completely dark. it's completely dark. we'll see how that work out later today. hopefully we'll get a chance to use them. here here's the deal with this afternoon. we'll go partly sunny. there will be clouds around little later. very warm, hot and humid. low 90s. and even the risk of shower or thunderstorm by two, 3:00 o'clock. prime time for suss 2:42 this afternoon the sun will be 80% eclips
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and just kind of walk you through the timeline there. we'll get started about 1:15 and then again 2:42. 81% ecl eclipsed whole thing wrs up about 4:00. i'm cautiously optimistic we'll have enough blue sky out there we'll be able to see what's happening. but we'll be dodging clouds as well here little later today. 78 it's warm humid to start your day. 77 dulles. bwi marshall 77 as well. doesn't look bad on satellite/radar. low clouds and burn those off later today. unfortunately the air mass is kind of changed up from yesterday. and with it moistening up we'll see some clouds build around here looks like with we call a little trough coming through hanging out in the area we may get a few showers and thunderstorms developing as well. fingers crossed we hope for the best. partly sunny this afternoon. 91. hot tomorrow and big change in air mass. wee visit that but it will be beautiful fall like end to the week with temps in the upper 70s overnight lows in the low 60s. can you believe it? all right, guys. i'm all ready to go. hopefully you are too. 1:17 when it starts.
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>> we're ready to go, tuck. thanks very. nice and fall like this weekend almost. let's get to the headlines this morning the big story at 9:00 uss john s mccain guided missile destroyer docked in singapore after getting into a collision with oil tanker in the pacific. frantic search continues for ten missing sailors. vessels from several nations helping in that search. five others were injured in the crash collision. the uss john s. mccain headed to singapore when it happen. all new on good day we are learning that the ship had four deficiencies including navigation, safety violations, senator mccain tweeted cindy and i are keeping america sailors aboard the john s. mccain in our prayers tonight. appreciate the work of search and rescues crews. the ship by the way named after senator mccain's father and grandfather both of whom were navy admirals 6789 the president tweeting... meanwhile president trump is back in the nation's capitol this morning and get ready to addr
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>> the first family arriving at joint base andrews last night after that seven-day working vacation in bedminster, new jersey. tonight president trump will head to fort meyer in arlington for speech to the country updating the bath forward for the war in afghanistan. holly has look ahead what to expect. >> the president is expected to lay out a plan for u.s. engage many in south asia and afghanistan. the nation's longest war that's cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives. since it began 16 years ago. the speech comes just days after the ouster of chief strategist steve bannon someone known in the administration as a sceptic of military intervention. secretary of defense james mattis told reporters yesterday president trump felt settle odd an plan but wouldn't give specific details. >> i'm not willing to make significant troop lifts until we we certainly knew what was the strategy, what was the commitment going in. in that regard, the president has made a
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>> last night the white house announced a speech. monday at 9:00 p.m. from fort meyer president trump will tell the world and the troops how he plans to proceed in a war that began in 2001 and has claim the lives of more than 2,000 u.s. troops. before the announcement, democratic senator ben carson told fox news sunday more troops is not the answer. >> our objective needs to have we have a regime in afghanistan that can maintain some semblance of security so that we don't see growing terrorist organizations again win afghanistan. this is not the u.s. fight. i don't believe putting more american soldiers in afghanistan is the answer. >> the address comes five days after trump's now inn pham famous press conference on charlottesville. >> i think there's blame on both sides have i no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it either. >> tomorrow trump is heading to arizona for a campaign style rally in phoenix. despite calls from the city's mayor to delay it
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>> mayor greg stanton says he's disappointed in the president's decision to hold rally in phoenix when the nation is still trying to heal from what happened in charlottesville. steve and maureen. >> thank you holly you've been waiting and waiting and now the big day finally here. in just a few hours millions of americans will get a glimpse of a total solar eclipse. it will sweep across the entire u.s. starting around 1:00 p.m. our time today. lasting for about 90 minutes. eclipse like this one only comes around about once every hundred years. so millions of americans are staking out good seats for the lights out show. >> here in the district we'll get to see 80% coverage this afternoon but in 14 states star gazers will be lucky enough to see the total eclipse our mike thomas is one of them. he joins us from jenkinsville, south carolina right in the path of totality. first and for most mike you're right by the water. how is that humidity feeling this morning? >> reporter: it's getting worse and worse as the day goes on you can tell it will be a hot day down here, steve. certainly going to be steam
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so far so. good skies are clear. we're hoping this keeps up e. we've been tracking it on satellite/radar. so far so good. we're at lake monacello park down here in beautiful south carolina. again, total totality expected here similar to what you're expecting in d.c. right around 2:42 time frame it will start just after 1:00 o'clock here about 1:12 i believe when the moon will start to kind of encroach on the sun's territory. as we head towards the 2:41ish time frame we'll hit totality. about two minutes to kind of enjoy it, and then the moon will kind of moon on and it will be over. as you maureen mentioned earlier once in 100 year event last time it kind of crossed from the pacific to atlantic like this was 1918. he were had one that went up the east coast in the early 1970s but it's been awhile. so it certainly going to be an event we'll enjoy down here. make sure you got those glasses. we've been hammering it all morning long. i got a pair somewhere in my pock. there we go. i know
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about how he can't see anything much the sun coming over the trees this perfect yellow ball we can see and nothing nel these glasses but the sun. we cannot wait for the moon to start its approach coming up at 10:00 o'clock we got astronomers who have come down. we'll try and talk to them at 10:00 o'clock. folks here pretty shocked so far we've talk to folks down from vermont to see it. some from virginia. some local d.c. folks as well. and then someone who came all the way from south america up here just to see this event. a huge event. again, once in lifetime kind of thing for some of these folks. so can't wait until things fire up later on this afternoon. guys, i'll send it back to you. >> thank nature for all the tourism dollars coming in. >> south america, wow. >> many of you will not be at a museum or watch party you'll be driving. be on the roads it goes without saying please be careful. to not stop in the mill of the highway. these signs are actually warning people not to do that. all over the maryland highways. 270, 97, 50, beltway, officials really are concerned about people just stopping to catch a glimpse of the e
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imagine when it gets as closer to totality people might think i want to stop and get a picture. don't stop on the highway. plan your travels now. >> all right. from the dmv to the path of totality. fox5 has you covered for the eclipse. while you're at it watch us we'll be right there starts at 11:30. do you care it on fox5 did. news happen or fox5 youtube channel and fox5 d.c. facebook page. we'll bring you live coverage starting in oregon ending in charlestown south carolina five hours straight. you won't miss a thing we'll we promise. >> live coverage on and fox5 plus at 2:30 during the peak eclipse time in our area. hope you're all watching. >> wisdom and holly. >> no special glasses needed for anything you watch on fox. >> all right. 9:10 is the time. the man accused of murdering three children in clinton due in court for the first time this morning. we'll go live to melanie alnwick for the details next. remembering two comedy legends jerry lewis and dick gregory.
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you're watching good day d.c. ♪
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>> ♪ >> my favorite three words right there on the screen. >> love it, love it, love it. >> you're not talking about yourse.
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year round school. they would never have to go b back. >> if i rule the world that's the way it should be. >> alas, do you not. it is baaing to school today specifically for d.c. public school. kids first day so if you're heading out, snap a picture, tweet us using the #fox5firstday and hopefully we can share them. >> have fun, gleave good luck this school year. all right. we want to catch up on some other news happening here in the dmv. prince george's county it is sentencing day for former elementary school aid who plead guilty to federal charges of sexually abusing students. 23-year-old deonte car away work jed sylvania woods element school. he plead guilty to exploitation of a dozen minors he faces 60 years hyped bars. he faces 270 state charges. developing this morning the man police say killed his six-year-old sister and two other young children at a home in clinton will be in court. it's a horrific crime that gripped our entire region. the tragedy began unfolding o
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friday. fox5's melanie alnwick is live outside the courthouse in upper marlboro with the latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys. 25-year-old antonio williams has bond review hearing this morning right now he's being held on a no bond status charged over the weekend with three counts of first degree murder and three counts of second degree murder. it was 7:30 friday morning when williams' mother came home to find her daughter, six-year-old nadirah withers and two young cousins nine and six years old stabbed to death in a basement bedroom. prince george's county detectives say antonio williams had been the only adult watching the girls while his mother was at work on an overnight tonight shift. he was at the house when the bodies were discovered. the girls had puncture wounds and lacerations. they were all in the same bed. police released video of williams walking with homicide detectives as he was taken to the department of corrections. they say he waived his miranda rights and confessed to the murders. the crime weighed
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investigators. >> the there remains a lot of work to be done. we have a family that has suffered a tragic loss. incidents like these are not easy to handle. as parents, aunts, uncles and siblings of young children, it hurts us as well. >> reporter: now again we're told that there is a no bond, clark no bond status we'll see today whether williams will be able to post any sort of bon. i got to tell you seems pretty unlikely. one link we did learn there was a two-year-old child in the house at the same time also a sibling of williams but we're told that two-year-old was not harmed. another thing prince george's county police told us they did check their records and they found no prior contacts between williams and prince george's county police. they said either criminal or mental. live in upper marlboro, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> what do you say?
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>> no words. >> 16 minutes past the hour. five local breweries going head to head in a beer battle. we'll sample what they have to offer. oh, they're getting set up already. >> yeah. >> okay. then also coming up a possible terror tack in france. just days after the one in barcelona. plus, ben's final toll big ben's final toll for four years and saying goodbye to two comedy legends. we've got a check of what else is making headlines coming up next. ♪
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♪ black hole sun long to come ♪ one of tucker's calls for music when it comes to listening for the eclipse. >> not bad. >> a debbie downer for me. >> i said the same thing. >> that's all right. to each their own. 9:20. maureen has a check of other stories making headlines. >> first up at least one woman has been killed after van rammed into two bus stops in france. this happened in the port city of marseille. the driver of that van has been arrested. investigators say it's still too early to blame the incident on terrorism. another person was injured in the crash. marseille is the second largest city in france. comes a few days after the van attacks in barcelona and cambrils, spain. two comedy pioneers are being remembered by hollywood today. jerry lewis and dick gregory passed away. lewis was 91. he passed away peacefully in his sleep. he's remembered foreman nick physical comedy they rode to fame in very lucrative partnership with dean martin he did comedies on his
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civil rights dick gregory died at the age of 84. he was one of the first black comedian to find main stream success with white audiences in the early 1960's. most he can on the tick plants in the world and stings like something fierce so called d.c. corpse flowers began to open over the weekend they give off a nasty smell that lasts between six and eight hours. it gets it's name for from the awful flower similar to rotting flesh. corpse flower blooms once every few worries to once a decade. london famous big ben clock tower will go silent fort next four years. hundreds of people showed up to hear the bells toll for the laugh time today. the clock that sits above the houses of parliament is getting much n needed renovatio
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>> finally distracted driving being blamed for this accident. take look at this. man ride ago scooter crashes right into a sink hole. check that out. yeah. questions about this. how does someone on scooter not see a gaping hole that big. right? here's the reason. lesson in it. he was staring at his phone not paying attention to the highway. video comes from china that sink hole recommend up suddenly. the man on the scooter wasn't hurt by the fall just surprised he should thank his lucky stars that right there that's disaster written all over it. back over to you. >> scooter look ago your phone. >> keep your eyes on the road no matter what you're driving. >> we continue to downtown to the celestial show of the year hours away. after the break we'll head down to the air and space museum where the lines have been forming for hours. >> plus erin como out in the fox lot working on special eclipse
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themed menu for our little solar party. >> holly. >> love a solar party. fresh at 10a, taylor swift getting ready to drop new album we'l show you why social media is melting down. plus, jay-z opens up about his beef with kanye, and justin beiber out of floyd mayweather money team? i don't know what that means. we'll figure it out. we'll have more on the two new celebrity feuds and then the trial of prince they are o43 this morning hollywood power couple ann archer and terry gastro will join us live to talk about his new political thriller and then later former nfl star nnamdi asomugha -- there's debate how to say his last name. he's here to talk about his new roll in his real life drama crown heights. we'll try to get him to dish on his real life relationship with kerry washington. right now it's 9:23. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ dancing in the dark. little boss on this eclipse day. let's check in with maureen. >> you know someone tweeted me they said also ain't no sunshine when she's gone. might be good one. >> i like that. >> all right. the countdown continues only few more hours until we'll get a chance to see that solar eclipse and everyone feeling the buzz of anticipation here in the
9:27 am
air and space museum. fox5's anjali hemphill live there now with where people are lining up. they're trying to get those glasses i'm thinking much is that what's happening? >> reporter: yeah, maureen. these are the extra sought after eclipse glasses which they are giving away for free. they're giving away thousands for free at the national air and space museum. the catch you got to wait in line. you came to us at 7:00 o'clock this morning. we already had about 25 or so people in line. check it out now. that's the very end which wraps around the building. you see some folks down there that are prepared with their umbrellas there. not because it will rain because it's sunny then it wraps all the way around the building. let's cross over here before we knock anyone over. all the way through here. and up and around all the way until front entrance of this museum. all these people have been waiting in line all morning long. the first people got in line even before 6:00 o'clock this morning. even
9:28 am
will be when doors officially open and these folks can get in line again to get a pair of their solar eclipse glasses. let's talk to somebody in line real quick. hey, guys. you're live on fox5. can you ask you being in line right now? >> it's been a long wait. it's exciting. kids are looking forward to. >> what time did you get in line? how long are you willing to wait. >> we got here 7:45. we got a another ten minutes or so. we'll be good. >> is this the only time you've tried to get glasses leading up to today. >> we had this planned for wh while. >> the kids obviously excited much what's happening today? >> what are you in line for? [ laughter ] >> little shy. he knows though. obviously a lot of excitement going on. you know, everybody here is either probably missing school, maybe a little bit of work, but they're making the time available because this is once in lifetime sort of experience here. we also got someone heels wants to talk to us what's your name. >> bruno. >> what are you doing. >> i'm waiting in line to get
9:29 am
once in lifetime experience. >> reporter: why are you here to get glasses? >> i want to watch the solar eclipse without getting my eyes like -- like, what do i say? >> right. it's dangerous the risks. you know about the risks. did you expect to see so many people this morning? >> no. well, kind of because some people are waiting for, like, they're doing the same thing. they don't want to get, um, they're eyes bad. so yeah. >> reporter: bruno, good luck again they are giving away several thousand i'm told glasses this morning. they will make -- they will cut it off at a certain point and save several thousand more closer to when the eclipse starts to happen. again there will be safe solar tell scopes that you can also view in around the national air and space museum if you don't have these eclipse glasses but again if you are around this area which is a great area to come down and bring your kids today, you might be able to snag yourself a pair of the
9:30 am
glasses. even without waiting in this long line. that's the latest here in northwest, guys. i'll zen it back to you in the studio. >> anjali we were talking about this earlier. if you wait in line to stand in front of the tell scone are they like regulating how long people can stand in front of it? >> they are anticipating that they will have to do that. yeah. they're playing it by ear i did ask them that question because obviously it will be crowded and those tell scones are really great view it gives that you close up view. there will be people on sight that are going to keep people moving and keep them pushing through because you'll have to look in and take about 302nd look and move on. but definitely worth the experience especially if you don't have those solar eclipse glasses, guys. >> all right. if you wind up in front of telescope at the two minutes that it happens leave there and buy a powerball ticket. >> exactly. >> if you had to choose one or on the other i might go with the powerball. >> you know who has glasses is tucker barnes. he didn't have to wait in line for his.
9:31 am
>> he nose people. >> he's got it like that. tuck, it's going to be clear for to us see in this region for the 80% that we'll see? >> you think so? >> i'm asking. that's a question. >> you're asking. >> question mark. >> hang on eye got breaking news. i just went outside and we have clear skies at the moment. >> okay. >> at the moment. >> it's only 9:31. >> that's okay. wouldn't you rather be clear right now than cloudy. >> i'm being pessimistic. yes, yes, yes. >> right. >> yes. >> look at the sign behind me. total eclipse troubles.roubles. clouds around that will be building later this morning early this afternoon. and the potential for few showers maybe even thunderstorm kind of mid afternoon. the timing couldn't be worse. but i don't think a, a total wash out, b, we're not going to be looking at complete cloud cover here. typically in the summer afternoons after we've had a hot sun here in the morning hours we start to build billowing clouds that we're looking at a little later. 79 now in washington. warm and humid definitely sticky out there early this morning
9:32 am
79 leonardtown. dulles 77. 75 up in hagerstown. let me mention the heat. if you'll be outside for any period of time this afternoon bring water. we'll be in the low 90s. yeah, little bit of cloudiness early. watched that break up and right now we're looking at generally sunny skies. as we look into the afternoon hours, we have a what we call lee to of in place that allow clouds to build along it after we get the daytime heating. we'll build clouds around here and the possibility that there could be a few showers and storms. also concerned this little complex of thunderstorm activity off to the north and west a few of these clouds may spill into our region. so the bottom line is it will be kind of 5050. the good news is, the actual eclipse from beginning to end about three hours. i think there will be sunny breaks in there. there's our future cast at 3:00 o'clock. notice it's trying to fire up showers where we don't want them right along 95. parts of the area southern maryland, just out to the west of d.c. in the clear. again, future cast is not so good that it's able to pinpoint exactly where the cloud cover is going to be later today. so it's certainly possible inside the beltway we could
9:33 am
periods of sunshine here right when we want it. there we are at 5:00 o'clock a few more showers and storms. if you'll be out again take your umbrella too you may see a shower pop up here we'll have threat of a shower through 9:00 o'clock and clear it out. tomorrow will be hot, mid 90s i mentioned that change in air mass. i mean the real deal change in air mass temps in the upper 70s and low 80s by the end of the week with overnight lows in the low 60s here in the city and low humidity. going to feel like fall around here the first hint of fall by this weekend. all right. guys, fingers crossed right now we got sunshine. 91 we'll continue to give you minute by minute updates in the 10:00 o'clock hour. >> hoping for the best. >> me, too. >> thanks, tuck. >> 9:33 is the time. he's a local chef who headed to hollywood and got famous there, too. but now, he's back and he's helping us get ready for the eclipse. err ren is out in the fox lot with the details. erin. >> that's right, wisdom. chef brian is from pet worth he made a big out on the west co coast. he just opened chef brian's comfort kitchen it's open for business today and you can enjoy
9:34 am
we'll talk about the restaurant and all the things he has to offer because you think celebrity chef, big prices this is a small menu affordable pr price. tell me chef, it's hectic day. it's hot out here. >> you're doing great. >> nice to see you. >> tells us what we're having for lunch today. >> to me the solar eclipse s about rustic about the earth. this is earth meal. so what do you have, number one, you have eggplant. on the grill that you have bananas that's very earth thee. >> mixing it altogether, all flavors. >> i'm going to stack it. >> i love it. >> we put the actual bananas on the grill with little sugar. old bay seasoning a little kosher salt, and literally, let me just show you i want to do. this is fresh tarragon by the way. watch this kids. we're stacking. okay. >> we'll make a real memorable meal. >> we're stacking. >> i like it. >> we're stacking. look -- hold on, hold on for second. be careful. bear with me kids at home. it's a monday. we got here. just in the nick of time. where is my salmon, too. >> it smel
9:35 am
>> salmon will be go on. we also have this right here. is what we make fresh at chef brian' comfort kitchen at 1020 it's granny smith apple and red pepper barbecue sauce. >> smell that. >> i want to try that. >> you will. so you ready for that wayne tucker. that's my kitchen manager. >> hello. >> by the way i've known this guy since i was 14 years old. >> your restaurant is a real family operation. >> it is. my cousin lee lee is also my assistant ant manager. >> where are you located 202,019th street. >> you just opened. >> we opened, what, five days ago, wayne. >> five days ago. >> so literally we've gone from almost something to almost something. >> i love it. >> it's just my girlfriend and i jt it's just our little money. >> how does it to be to be home in d.c.? >> well, you about to make me cry. >> aww. >> welcome back. >> my gosh. wow. wow. >> you cooked for so many celebrities. you're well known. and here u
9:36 am
your hometown. that's great feeling, right? >> okay. i'm back. wow! you almost got me. >> aww. >> from pet worth. we grew up very poor. college drop out. wow! >> look what you created. >> you got me. >> your own vision,. >> wayne, she got me. she's like oprah. [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. >> give me a hug. >> oh my god i love you so much. listen knee. >> look at the passion you put into meal. that's what people can experience if they come out to. >> nine items on the menu. the most expensive is $13. >> you want to make good food affordable to everyone. >> because i couldn't eat when i was younger. >> you'll make me cry now. >> you know what i feel you. i mention brrr'd and i love that you actually asking me real stuff because this means everything to me. this has been my dream since i was 13 years old. do you understand me? >> um-hmm. >> here i am now with a dear friend this guy i've known since i was 14 years old. >> and business with friends and family that's real life. >> lee lee is
9:37 am
is working seven days a week. do you understand me? >> he wants to make it happen for you. >> it's amazing we specialize in catering. and as a matter of fact catering delivery is free and $100 minimum and if they order individually it's $20 minimum but it's free. free delivery. so no more like $60 for this and $40 for delivery. it's free and we also -- >> good quality food. >> all fresh. it's not farm to fork. okay. >> look at that. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, do the beef barbecue. that's the low and slow. low and slow beef barbecue sliders. >> i wish you could you could smell through the cram. >> hold on let me put a little banana pepper. >> it is amazing. you can get that on the menu today as well. >> yes, you can. let me put a frill to this. gout to do the sex seem this is the sexy. >> plate a sexy. >> got to. >> come on, baby. >> you got that. >> got it. >> come on, baby. let's do it. >> this looks amazing. you can head out to chef ryan at comfort kitch
9:38 am
i love you so much for giving me the real you and asking me about it. >> he's running around getting the shot set up. house your eclipse lunch support brian's new business. >> thanks to my staff. my young staff chef brian's comfort kitchen they're amazing. >> are you going to watch the eclipse together. >> i'm going to say it's at 2:42. >> you watch the news. >> i watch you okay like it's my job. >> thank you. >> we're happy to support you. >> look at that. >> i'll try the salmon haven't my eclipse meal little early. i need to have bite of that. >> low and slow. low and slow, baby. >> low and slow. >> toss it back to you guys in the loft. i'll safe i was sandwich if you're lucky. >> low and slow, baby. >> just stack it. >> just stack it. >> get the party started early. 9:38. >> i'm not sure what we just watched there. >> that was informative and fun. >> last hour it was movies. >> coming up next kevin will share his eclipse play list and
9:39 am
we want to know what is on yo yours. this might be on kevin's grandparents place list. >> exactly. what is this? >> just tweet us with the hash tag eclipse on fox. it is 9:39 right now. ♪ ♪♪
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the sun today. >> last hour kevin geek out over his favorite space movies this movie he'll talk bout best songs for eclipse play list. we've heard a few of them already this morning. >> yes. >> you got a few more. >> a lot of these you probably have heard. i do want to mention you if are miff the five movies i'll tweet those out on my movie, interstellar and alien best space movies we'll do best songs listen to during the eclipse. before we get to my five. one of the viewers here in our studio this morning. >> he's a guest. >> guest gave a great recommendation dark side of the moon the entire album by pink floyd. >> that's good. >> but specifically the song eclipse. >> why mott. >> which is awesome. so this was one that tucker chose earlier. i think this is a great one coming in at number five on my list. check it out. ♪ sun won't you come ♪ >> like it. >> great song. right. >> clearly it makes the lyrics are -- >> it's a little depressing if we are clouded out today it serves a double purpose. >> in honor of chris cornell, too.
9:43 am
>> very time less song, too. that could come out today. >> it could. >> it could. number four pretty obvious this is dancing in the dark by spruce springsteen. ♪ dancing in the dark ♪ >> anybody dancing in the dark today, wisdom? holly? >> of course. >> i always dance so yes. >> we get can literally all dance in the dark today. >> it will be 80% dark. >> 80% dark dancing. >> move on. >> dancing with a night night. >> i don't dance with the light on. it's terrible. next one another bruce springsteen song. ♪ blinded by the light ♪ >> would you say -- which version would you say is the most famous, mal forward fans or bruce springsteen's. >> i don't know. >> i would -- probably man foreman's would be my guess. >> really when when you hear this song do you think bruce springsteen? >> i don't. >> interesting. >> i think the original. >> all right. number three. number two -- >> ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ >> yeah
9:44 am
>> can't get wrong with frankie. >> i love this one. >> fly me to the moon by frank sinatra. >> that is my favorite by far. >> whole list of these. 30 of these all over the web. people are mosing these. >> this makes me happy. >> it's a great song. >> i'll dance to that one. >> like your wedding? >> he just does a little snap. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't get any bigger than that. >> that's it. >> this and this. >> there you go. >> my number one is, b we play it my number one is not a typical eclipse song but it's one i played earlier have i to give mack our audio person credit for pointing this out this is my -- this is my number one song listen to today during the solar eclipse. listen to this. >> ♪ hey. grinding. >> come on it's a good one. >> eclipse grinding. >> i lying it. someone put together on a graphic on twitter. i'm from 757 i'm clips fan grew up to
9:45 am
tunes and farrell. the two gentlemen in clips made i guess a circumstance queue lauer moon with two faces on it. it was kind of cool. >> you know you missed the opportunity to talk about one of your favorite bands iron maiden today. >> they have song called um -- >> i read it. >> it has eclipse in the title. >> total eclipse much the name of the song. >> ♪ >> i never heard this one. >> you can put this on the list. this is too of a yous. >> wait a minute. >> we really should have done our hair like her today. >> that would have been totally rad. >> that would have been awesome. >> what are you thinking, wis? >> no new moon on monday. >> by who. >> duran duran. >> are you kidding me? >> don't know the song. >> how old are you? >> i don't know the song. >> i'm not a big duran duran fan. >> but still. >> can someone play this for me. i don't know the song. >> not to be a total joy kill i was totally earlier about bonnie tyler song that is synonomous with eclipse. >> ♪
9:46 am
life. >> this is duran duran. >> you do know duran duran. >> duran duran. >> i know who they are. >> i want to mention one thing. only because i have this platform. the group that i played number one clips they have album called hell hath no fury most underrated hiphop albums ever. masterpiece. ten songs, farrell and chad producer from the neap tunes if you haven't heard it listen it to clips. since you interrupt immediate can i finish my story. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> i wanted to get that in. >> nice, steve. >> total eclipse of the heart sounds kind of familiar jim sty man road he wrote it who wrote all of the meatloaf songs. when asked what the story behind it was, this is kind of a debbie downer for today, it's about vampires end wanted to write vampire love story if you go back and read the lyrics from vampire perspectives that's what the song is about. >> that's awesome. >> what's wrong with that. >> it has nothing to do with an eclipse. >> a love story. >> vampires darkness. >> vampireov
9:47 am
>> okay. that's the back story. >> see you wawa you learn on good day. thanks, kevin. >> still don't know that duran duran song. >> some people started partying early this morning. some people start yesterday. a lot of parties are a few hours away. we got one in the loft. we won't wait until 2:00 o'clock let alone 5:00 o'clock some somewhere. we've five local breweries here to go head to head with a battle of barrel aged beer and all the details and tastings -- >> you're drinking already. >> no head starts. >> that's the guy that recommended pink floyd right there witness shirt on. >> with the shirt on.
9:48 am
9:49 am
♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ goodness begins with the seed that you sow ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ ♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪♪
9:50 am
>> you know we love a nice cold brew on good day d.c. we like to drink peer. tomorrow the best barreled aged beer washington returns in time for dc beer weeks which kicks off today. the battle of the barrel aged beer and the event pits local breweries against each other as they each try to wow the public and the judges with a special barrel aged brew. this year defending champions three scars brewing will battle out
9:51 am
port city as well first timers right proper. but before the event kicks off tomorrow at 5:00, we're having our very own good day brian beer competition right here in the loft. all right. gentlemen, you ready. >> yes, we are. >> we're ready. >> steve chenevey you ready. >> i feel like i have to do the heavy lifting. steve has got it -- steve is our beer connoisseur. we put him to the test. >> that's stretch and a half. >> well, better than me. we're going -- we'll blindfold him. >> i'm using my eclipse glasses today. here's the deal. they poured i don't know what came out of what but i do see -- >> he really does. >> i tecce a number of different styles. what are the ground rules here because it's not just everybody brewing the same style, right. >> right. >> what's the ground rules? >> every year the winner gets to dictate what the rules are for the following year. >> you wouldn't last year. >> we wouldn't last year. >> so what rules did we dictate? >> so we were we were originally and just do sours but not everyone in d.c. market can do sour beers so -- >> now you're just bragging. >> oh, snap. [ laughter ] >> he's
9:52 am
>> we decided to red wine beer or wine barreled aged rather. >> wine barreled age. >> everything was aged in wine barrels. >> it doesn't matter what the style as long as it's aged in the wine barrel. >> exactly. >> nor non beer drinker does it take on wine flavor, what is that what it does. >> there's definitely a character that gets picked you. >> wine drinker would prefer these beers. >> sour beer for wine drinkers are perfect. city levels can be -- acidity levels can be elevated and makes them feel at home. >> let us know. >> you learn something new every day. >> i want to talk to you. i want to get this out of the way. >> out of the way? [ laughter ] >> that's his -- he wants to get his drink on. >> to be fair to explain it to get it out of the way i like all of you and i like -- you guys are all great guests to the show and i put out great products. i'll hate to just pick one. >> get it out of the way. >> here you go. >> i can't wait to watch it. i cannot see a thing. maureen you'll have to help me. >> i'm hasn'ting it to you. you're not looking under. >> i can see a thing. >> here's the firstne
9:53 am
mouth right now. [ laughter ] >> okay. not so much, man. >> put that down. >> okay. this is one. >> let me finish it first of a all. >> we only -- does he have like a palate cleanser. >> that one has got suite on the front and sour on the back but also light. i like that. >> okay. here's your next one. >> got it. >> um-hmm. >> all right. okay. swish that around little bit. >> that one tastes more like a stout. that's a darker beer. >> okay. >> um-hmm. >> a little heavier finish but it's still smooth. >> okay. >> let this one tickle your palate. >> thank you for the details. [ laughter ] >> tie and coach matt match the glasses. >> is that steve talking he's trying to influence me with that beer right there. >> is that what's going. >> influence the judge. that one also tastes a little darker to me. >> okay. >> but also very smooth. >> all right. three for three so far. we can't go wrong. >> here we go. this
9:54 am
>> that one tastes completely different to me. >> that tastes sweeter almost like a cidar. >> hang on i got to taste that then. >> try that one maureen. >> i did. >> good, isn't it. >> excellent. [ laughter ] >> one more. here's the last one. before i drink this anybody waving money in front of me right now? >> anyone? >> no. [ laughter ] >> all right. and -- >> okay. >> finish it. >> come on. >> no influences. >> that one is like also a dark caramel type beer. it will be really hard to decide because they're all so diff different. >> all right. we'll have to get you out tomorrow night at boundaries come out and decide. >> the pressure is on, steve. >> do i really have to pick one. what say you? >> come on, man. you can do this. >> you can do it. (drum
9:55 am
>> i'll go with the first one. >> yes! >> is that you? [ laughter ] >> oh, man. >> you got in my head. >> how did you do that? >> we'll end this. >> fake out. >> tie is really nice. >> go down the line. who else do we have here. yours was first and that's three stars. harvest oh sarrow. >> metallica. >> yeah. >> wine barrel aged stays on. >> very nice. that's what i said hit nice mix of sweet and sour. >> let me be fair. >> second one town and country from atlas aged in local red wine barrels from loudoun co county. >> local touch i like it as well third one is d.c. bra nordic farmhouse weight behaved on peaches inside of red wine barrel. >> great description. >> the fourth one. right proper brewing company. farmhouse stage aged red while barrel. >> was i okay with little bit
9:56 am
cidar. >> the last one? >> could colas is that so six. aged in freshly dumped fresh oak barrels from -- >> you made it really hard. >> can i give you my favor. >> please. >> which one? what do you th think. >> sweet one. >> i'm going with number three. >> whoo! >> watch yourself. >> weird things can happen during eclipses. >> exactly. >> tomorrow the three stars legacy will be dethroned. >> ooh! >> listen people come out tomorrow 25 bucks you get to sample all the beers and then we vote. people vote that's how it work. >> your tickets at boundary stone 25 in advance. 30 at the door. >> all right. the event is tomorrow. i pick this one but because they forced me to pick one. [ laughter ] >> they're all maze check them out. support your local businesses. support your local breweries. you're doing such a great job. atlas wins for biggest sign. don't get any ideas next
9:57 am
>> thanks, guys. >> back over to the couch. >> cheers! >> listen we've got whole other hour of good day headed your w way. we've got ann archer and terry jastro both are here. they're a power couple. he's out new book. we'll talk to them about it. >> football player turned actor nam see as sam war talking about his new movie crown heights. >> in the solar eclipse coutdown is on. and good day at 10a is rolling your way next. next.
9:58 am
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♪♪ happiness is powerful flea and tick protection from nexgard. a delicious chew that protects for an entire month. ask your vet for more information. reported side effects include vomiting and itching. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. ♪ >> good day 1
10:01 am
competition on a daily basis, and this historic monday is no difference. live at 10a we're live from the cruise ship where upon knee tyler is set to sing "total eclipse of the heart" this is parts of our epic solar eclipse team coverage. >> live in the lot of you know her from fatal al traction. clear and present danger and archer -- annne archer and her emmy award winning husband terry jastrow is here to tell us about his new book. a time many political thriller. >> from the nfl to the big screen nam see as sam war is married to scandal's kerry washington and he's here to tell us about his powerful new film crown heights. >> let's do it this d.c. three, two, one, the 10a starts right now. ♪ i really need you tonight. for sever going to start tonight, forever is going to start tonight. ♪ >> turn around bright eyes. >> every now and then i get a little bit lonely and you never coming round. but then -- >> when is the last time that
10:02 am
>> the last time there was a total eclipse. >> we are making the most of it today. >> whatever. >> did you realize, should we do it again. >> hopefully. here we go. >> hang on. >> take two. >> and. >> this never happened. >> in three, two, one. >> action. >> ♪ turn around bright eyes. >> ♪ >> almost. >> i couldn't do it. >> it was better when i sang it. >> let's try it again. >> no. >> the show is only one hour. >> whose are these? anybody's. >> kevin'. >> what do we have here? >> come get them. >> yes. these are from lincoln barbecue. >> brought the boys to the yard. >> yes. >> i don't think that's what that's all about. we'll go with it. [ laughter ] >> we'll go with it. we'll go with it. >> lincoln's barbecue they have a special eclipse milkshake, and we are going to be talking to her later. she's set this up beautifully, and going to tell us about all the eclipse goodness you can get at lynn's barbecue. come over here. c
10:03 am
i was on vacation the last week and a half, right. >> no. >> yes, i was. i know you didn't even know i was gone, right? if we can transition to lou wamu sick it would be wonderful because even though i'm not watching any news while i was away i did think of my -- >> you left all this stuff. >> i thought of my news friends. >> and i brought you back authentic lays. >> that's for you. >> maureen. >> whoever thought we'd get layed on good day. >> stop talking. >> skieve steve. >> i got the subtle one. pick a different one. >> are these macadamian nuts. >> these are cacao ya nuts the. >> the guys get the nuts. >> kevin i got one more you. >> they need a little extra help. >> this is for you. >> this is very nice. >> thank you holdly. >> i have one for allison, erin and tucker as well. >> very cool. yes. this is really funny i was just going to get them for the anchors and my five-year-old hayden goes you got to get one for tucker. >> you have to. >> oh, my gosh. >> this one is falling apart
10:04 am
hawaii. >> anyone, those are for you all. >> thank you holdly. >> i missed you as people. [ laughter ] >> while i was aware but i enjoy my time off. >> pat, here you go. can i have napkin my eclipse milkshake is -- >> oh, no. >> done around bright eyes. >> holly i appreciate -- >> temmoku mayo mayo wisdom is in town. >> i appreciate the necklace we're not allowed to wear them. >> okay. that means you have to -- >> we have whole bunch coming up on the 10ai steve alongside, holly, maureen, wisdom. kevin is with us so much. so much co come including the minute event. >> millions of americans will get to experience a once in a lifetime highly ants payed solar eclipse is about to sweep across the us. 1:00 p.m. our time last today lasting 90 minutes it comes around once everyone hundred years. we're talking eclipse like this millions of americans are
10:05 am
to get good seat for lights out. here in the district we'll get to see about 80% coverage this afternoon. but 14 states will be lucky enough to see total eclipse. we do have live team coverage this morning. fox5's anjali hemphill live at the air and spas museum where star gazers just now being allowed inside. but first, our mike thomas is getting front seat to all the act. he's in jenkinsville, south carolina whichs right in the path of totality. good morning, mike. >> eclipse is still hours away. among those most -- >> from south carolina just inside the path of totality i feel under prepared here. we have more and more folks showing up. they brought grills. they brought food. they're making a party out of even if you can see behind me here we got swimming and making a day out of it. will be one big party arc lot fun. you heard enough from me today how you shall wear those glasses and protect your eyes. no sunglasses. make sure nasa approved. anjali will tell you more about that. i wanted to getns
10:06 am
we can expect today from some professionallings out here believe it or to the astronomers who come all the way here to south carolina to talk about what's your name, sir. >> my name is mark phillips and i'm astronomer i work down in chili in south america. >> you came all the way up from south america just for this specific event? >> yes, sir. >> all right. so i guess what should we expect? first, let's kind of put this in perspective. how historic is this for kind of our area? >> well, solar eclipses on average -- total solar eclipse once every year and a half but in any specific area it's about every 400 years. so this is a once in lifetime opportunity for people that live here in the united states and are close to the, y the path of the shadow is going to fall. >> okay. so kind of walk us through it. give us a little play by play. what can can he expect to see here. d.c. is have about 81 coverage they're not in totality. here in south
10:07 am
we expect? good i forget what time the first contact is, but you'll start to see the moon moving in front of the sun. you put on your eclipse glasses, and you have to put on your eclipse glasses. you'll see just little peace taken out of the sun it will grow and grow and grow until finally the moon will completely block the sun and it's an amazing site. i've seen one solar eclipse before, and you see the sun's corona which is hundreds of thousands of degrees and it's halo around the sun, and you'll see the black -- blackness of the moon. black hole sun. >> we can't wait for it guys. it will be incredible event. we'll be live all day, facebook and youtube and we'll be back on fox5 later on this afternoon. i'll zen it to anjali hom hemphl who i believe is look for glasses. did you manage to find any. >> hey, mike. i d
10:08 am
our live shots this morning. listen the line has officially started to move and the enthusiasm has ramped several notches as people now realize they're free solar eclipse certified sole solar eclipse classes glasses are not that far away. all of these people waiting in line for several hours this morning has finally paid off, as like they said, they are handing out i'm told several thousand glasses today, and they'll also hasn't out several thousand more closer to eclipse time and we're hoping to speak to somebody that just got them. i'm telling you the reaction out here is pretty amazing. kids, oohing and ahhing first test -- sir, just got your glasses. no, okay but the first test do you when you first get your glasses obviously is take a look at the sunday they're really dark and you can't see anything but you know they're working when you look right at the sun and you can see that bright orange glow but ex queue me, sir you got your glasses. no, all right. people are probably rushing back to work because they obviously missed
10:09 am
sir you're live on fox5. can we talk to you about getting your glasses. >> i needing to make the line. >> sorry. >> i don't have time. >> any way like i said lot of people have been waiting a long time in line this morning. so probably a little hot. it is, you know, pretty muggy out here. some people brought -- prepared with umbrellas and coffee but others are just trying to get this done because again we're only a few hours away from the -- >> good work. >> did you try them on what did they look like. >> let me bend them correctly. let's see. after this long wait -- >> how long did you wait? >> maybe about 45 minutes. i don't even know what time it is. my phone died. >> i can't see anything. >> look at the sun. >> it's worth it -- that would help, right? >> can you see it. >> i can. so -- i'm excited. it was -- the line is wrapped around far i almost quit. >> where else am i going. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. >> like she said the line was wrapped around the building until they finally started letting people in. there are still some left if you want to come down and get them
10:10 am
latest here at the national air and space museum. >> anjali, grab one for me, please. >> please. right. >> i'm trying. >> i know. i know. >> productly get those glasses than you can get someone to talk to you. >> there's pretty testy out there. >> hasn't hallie, man. >> brutal. >> good job out there. all right. steve schenn she we're talking about eclipse dangers. >> we are. but first before we go to steve and that melts on kevin's pants mack sure we get this milkshake in. >> yes. lincoln's barbecue in silver spring they're going to be serving eclipse milkshakes all day. obviously the moon is the oreo cookie you have the sun and the stars. >> this will melt all over you. >> it eventually will. i'm going to drink it before it melts. >> lincoln barbecue in silver spring it looks i was m you can eat and drink an eclipse today. >> you shall get it and drink it at 2:42. >> i like reading it as promo. yeah. >> thanks, kevin. >> cool. okay. so steve we'll toss it over to you more eclipse talk. >> oh, maureen, srt
10:11 am
bidding. what will you give me for them? >> two dollars. they're the boss' so you can just have them you heard anjali talk about those glasses. if you need any more proof, just ask our he next guest ophthalmologist dr. chad who joins us this morning with some important details on how to safely view the solar eclipse. which you will not be actually watching yourself, will you. >> no, i'll be in the door driving. >> you have places to be. >> not parking, driving. very important doctor. so much has been made about these glasses and everybody saying get the glasses, make sure you have the glasses. to be clear, this is for people who want to like look directly at the sun, right. >> exactly. if you're going to look at the sun even when it's not an eclipse day these are the glasses to use, solar viewing glasses much the importance of using them when the moon comes over the scene all the bright rays are block it's okay. our brain thinks it's okay to look but the dangerous rays are still coming through much those are the rays that are going to burn you we don't have to look away because it's not bright. >> even if the moon is blocking it -- you're getting tons of rays still coming
10:12 am
total eclipse when we won't experience around this area. >> this is graphic you can use as the doctor that you are to kind of let us know what could happen. obviously usually sun is up here. we'll put the sun over here directly into the eye. what would could happen here. >> the rays are coming in through this way. they enter the kearn ya through the lense this is the area of the eye that is damaged. this is the retina. and the retina has no pain receptors. so, you know, even though it's so bright and getting burnt the retina can't even feel that there's no pain receptor that. the damage is happening and you don't even know. that's why you don't feel like you need to look away. even though the retina is being burned. so kids, old people, basically the ones that are danger for doing this. >> we need to worry about the most. we're saying typically our brain would say, look away but you're saying if that damage happens, you might not realize that at that point. >> exactly. now clue it's happening. you won't have a clue until the next day. you can still have good vision even though your retina burnt. may not notice it for years. >> it might be the kind of thing down the road we could s
10:13 am
damage to happen? are we talking a flash or -- >> nom it's not a flash. >> a period of time. >> you can look at the sun for a couple seconds that's okay but the point is don't look at the sun it's dangerous no matter what. >> you know, when is the damage permanent? we don't know. i mean it can happen within seconds. but it's quick. it's never safe to look at the sun period. >> so all these questions all this concern about putting the special glasses on are people setting up eye appointments now is there a residual effect here people are concerned about their eyes. >> not yet. if you look at the sun and there's damage you could go see your eye doctor. >> we definitely want to be serious about it, and take all the precautions. now, if somebody didn't get the glasses and like maureen said obviously people waiting in line early this morning. >> sure. it's a need but not everybody is going to have them. is there a way to still enjoy the spectacle without directly looking at it? >> yeah go inside and watch your tv. >> there you go. that's the best way to do it keep it on on fox5. >> will you go.
10:14 am
summer day. if we're in the pool outside we can gaze in the area of the sun without look directly at it or is that not a good idea. >> those rays are hall full no matter what. during the normal days you should be wearing your sunglasses that block uva. uvb. this is important because our brain doesn't tell to us look away because a lot of the rays are getting blocked. >> most days we instinctively look away from the sun. >> exactly. >> people will be wanting to look today. >> save travels. >> thanks so much. >> don't pull off on the side of the highway and take pictures while you're driving today. and be safe out there. >> you got it. >> maureen, let me know what you want for them. >> my birthday is a couple months away. can we make it an early birthday gift? >> let me get on the phone with the boss. i'll seaway says. >> work deal, steve. >> thanks. listen they are a hollywood power couple tackling serious political issue in brand new book. comcoming up later actress anne archer and author terry jastrow will join us live in the loft. >> new music from taylor swift on the way. that's the big question. the clues that could be hiding on our social
10:15 am
jay-z opens up about his feud with kanye west and why justin beiber is no longer on floyd mayweather's team. >> this video looks amazing by the way. >> celebrity dish is coming up next. ♪
10:16 am
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10:18 am
♪ >> great songs. 99 problem but celebrity dish ain't one. [ laughter ] >> jay-z spoke about his feud with kanye west insisting in the lyrics from his new album the 4.44 are not a diss but admitted there's still bad blood between the two of them. the rap radar pod cost host they asked jay-z about his song kill jay-z which features the lyrics like this one. i know people back stab you. i feel bad, too. a lot of curse words and we couldn't say right there. but you ain't the same. this ain't come by ya. he says this is not a diss but did did say january kay's comments direct the at beyonce' didn't sit well with him. he said basically you can't bring my kid or my wife into it. kanye is lie mill little brother. he talk about me a hundred times he made a song called big brother we've gotten bigger issues but you brought my family into it. now it's a problem with me. that's real real problem and he knows it's a problem. >> it's a problem. >> i think it's a problem.
10:19 am
99 of them. [ laughter ] justin beiber let's talk about him. isn't he just off floyd mayweather's money team. he's now one of the boxer's mortal enemies. tmz is saying mayweather went quote insane called him a trader after beiber unfollowed him on instagram. mayweather stuck by the singer during his melt down. justin has been working with church counselors to pull back on friends who are a bad influence. >> really? >> really? >> on instagram. >> instagram set him off. >> how old are these men? >> hmm. >> not old enough. >> rich people problems. >> um-hmm. >> let's talk about taylor swift and her fans because they're going crazy literally over nothing. twist took down her website and all her social media accounts have gone dark. hash tag ts6is coming whatever. >> it is coming. >> that's ts6 is coming. all right. trending topic.
10:20 am
>> as in sixth album from taylor swift as in who cares? she's got reputation for doing social media blackouts before anno announcing a major project so many i'm with you maureen. i'm kind of over this. >> thank you. >> i mean really? >> stunts. >> um-hmm. >> stunts to sell records. >> so you take that tsi61 is not coming who cares. whatever. >> move on in your life. >> she'll take it all the way to the bank. brace yourself, folks. britney spears is giving us something to talk about and, b boy, is it good. the poprin sense sang live during her vegas show. >> what? >> she sang live. cover of bonnie rate's something to caulk about. she only lip syncs pick this song with message. let's take listen. >> please. >> ♪
10:21 am
>> what is she doing cher. >> let us know what you think. meanwhile how long do you think it takes her to get strapped into their outfit. >> right? >> i think she may have gone to the strip club or something. i didn't know. the louder the music in the background the better she so sounds. >> she maybe picked that song so everybody could sing along with her. >> we even had to put that title up it's just wrong. >> turn it up louder and she's good to go. >> britney spears. okay. >> gave you something to talk about. >> that's dish on monday. eclipse monday. >> coming up from the football field to hollywood. >> it's all good. former nfl star turned actor nnamdi assan what joins us live in the loft with more on the true story behind his new movie crown heights. we will be right back. 10:21. ♪
10:22 am
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♪ back at 10:24 now. want to head back to upper marlboro melanie alnwick has been monitoring the court appearance of a suspect charged with the killing of three little girls on friday. his sister and two cousins. mel bring us up to speed about what's going on there now. >> reporter: well, 10:00 o'clock was supposed to be a bond review hearing to see whether antonio williams who's being held without bond would be able to post that bon but instead it quickly evolved into chaos. as they were getting ready to bring
10:25 am
courtroom to face the judge, a large crowd of people showed up in the courtroom family on both sides as well as state angela also brooks was there we knew this was something very very big. then the defendant even before he was brought out from the background you could hear him crying, heaving, screaming. they brought him out. they calmed him down lee. three deputies p had hold him that the table. the judge also ordering deputies to move to the side so that everyone in the courtroom would be able to see what was going on. she did not allow them to try to block the public's view. but as the hearing quickly evolved, the judge said it was pretty obvious that they couldn't hold a regular hearing because the defendant antonio williams wasn't really communicating with her. therefore, she ordered a mental competency evaluation to be completed very quickly. and then as the defendant was being walk away, the defendant's mo
10:26 am
standing up and screaming out to him, mommy loves you, other people in the courtroom were upset. they were telling her to sit down and other family members as the mother was saying he needs me, he needs me, and the other family members were saying, your daughter needed you. your daughters needed you. basically saying she wasn't there and that's when the killings happened and then it really just kind of evolved into chaos one more time as those family members on that side were screaming expletives. f you to the mother. i hope you oh in the hell they also said. they clear the courtroom. everyone is out. we're standing by for states attorney angela alsobrooks to tell us more about the case. >> quite some e dids. melanie alnwick we'll check in with you for the latest developments. a tragic case hearing all of this unfolding your heart breaks. >> for all parties involved. >> yes indeed. >> 10:26 is the time eighths work
10:27 am
powerful real life political issues. coming up actress anne archer and author terry jastrow join you live to talk about his new book the trial of prisoner 043. right now it's 10:27. we'll be right back. ♪ z2fwbz z16fz
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10:29 am
>> all right next guests are hollywood power couple taking on a serious and political issue. she's the academy award
10:30 am
from fatal attraction, patriot games and clear and. (danger he's ass her husband and emmy award winning pro producerc sports. he's the author of the trial of prisoner 043. it raises questions whether an american president has the legal authority to wage a war the danger of unchallenged presidential power and ego. those it's a work of fiction the book makes the case the 43rd president george w. bush explexploited the september1111h terror attacks. they've been here lift last thursday. they did a book signing and spending their last moments with us. we're so appreciative. there's anne archer and terry joss vo both joining us live in the loft. >> it's so great to see both of you. >> thank you. >> you went to a couple museums. you went to couple wonderful restaurants. time you're in d.c. because i've
10:31 am
interviews, mr. jastrow, you love your country. >> yes. >> is it powerful when you are down down and look around and see what you see? >> yes. absolutely. it's impossible to go to the lincoln memorial at night which we did and read what's imprinted on the walls and not just have a huge amount of respect and love for your country all over again. so we love to come to our nation' capitol. good you're here for this book which is very intriguing. it is fiction though i think some people when reading it will have a hard time discerning whether it's fiction or not. so tell me a little bit about the premise of this book. >> yes. well it imagines that george w. bush the 43rd president of the united states gets abducted off a golf course in scotland and transported to haag to stand trial for war crimes he's accused of with the iraq war. it started right after 9/11.
10:32 am
bin laden perp 28ed those crimes there wasn't a huge amount of passion and sympathy for the united states. he had legal justification in the world did george w many bush to get osama bin laden and bring him to justice. after more than a year of not having done it with all the power and intelligence of the us military, he began to shift the dialogue away from osama bin laden and everybody knew was in afghanistan and towards is a doom hussein saying there was some kind of lynn catch between saddam hussein and the 9/left terrorists which there was not. >> it's a fiction in term of the scenario but it's based on lot of fact. and so as you're writing this, you decide to write this book, you have to think, okay, i'm probably going to get a little backlash from this, and when he came to you, anne and said i have great idea about book, what did you think? >> i lost sleep for couple of months. >> um-hmm. >> you
10:33 am
understand this is really about human rights and the sanctity of human life. and you know, we lost 4,500 -- >> 5,491 soldiers. >> 230,000 were wounded mentally or physically. 1 million iraqis died and we displaced 3.3 million civilians who one third of which are children. and for what? we dee stable life the middle east. >> some might say is this a witch hunt tour george w. bush yes. >> no, i'm actually glad you asked that. not at all. i have no personal vendetta against him. in fact i know him when his daddy was an oil man in mid land texas so was i. we played little league baseball against on the each other. he was on the cubs. out on the braves. when he was governor of the state of texas he invited anne in for 20 minute chat in turned moo an hour and a half catch up. but this is -- he's a very low quashees and popul
10:34 am
governance is not about popularity it's doing the will of the people. when our elected officials go way towards a across the world against countries that do not represent a clear and present danger, then they're misusing our military and misusing our nation's treasury. >> when you wrote this book, did you ever think it would be as timely as it is as we sit here today we wait for our current president to address the nation tonight about our -- his plan in terms of where we stand in afghanistan and in south asia? >> yes. i think one of the principal concepts here is that war is terrible. war is tragic. and we should do everything possible do sort out our problems before resorting to war. i love my country. but -- non one would ever say that all wars are unnecessary because that of course wouldn't be true. world war one. world war ii the korean war but some wars may, many wars are unnecessary and could have been avoided. vietna
10:35 am
it was a terrible war. iraq war. the more you scratch into the iraq war, the lessens cybill and lelegitimate it seems to be. if we as citizens allow such wars to happen, then we're doomed in the future for more such wars. and i believe that the only defense against it is an aware and engaged citizenry. think of what stopped the vietnam war. it was protesters in the street. so i just want people to be become aware of these issues. monitor what our elected officials are doing and have a conversation about it before the war starts and not dialogue afterwards. >> i want to ask a couple of questions in terms of you working together as team. so as he's writing it at home i'm assume you write at hem. >> i do. >> you write at home. do you read along the way? >> not along the way. when he finish his first draft, he had me read it. um, but this -- this piece of work is really his own. yeah, i have very strong feelings about human rights.
10:36 am
>> and those kinds of issues. um, i felt what i did say to him and he did deliver this, is that you need to tell a balanced story. you into he had to tell both sides of the story. so the reader as at this trial at the international criminal court has to make up his own mind or her own mind about whether it was right or wrong, whether george bush is innocent or guilty. and i thought that was very important. the other thing also is you shall explain why george and not cheney or rumsfeld or blah, blah blacks. >> it's bed rock principal of international criminal law that the single person most responsible is tried first. and should that person be found guilty, then his accomplices would be tried as well. so the thing -- the news -- 43rd president, the 44th and 45th president of the united states is they're not just citizen of the united states. they're citizens of the world. and there is such a thing as the international criminal
10:37 am
goved by international criminal law and all citizens of nations and the world have to comply with not only national law but international criminal law as well. >> i wish we will more time to talk. i have so much more to chat with you all about. this is an emmy award winning sports producer you've done super bowls, you've done olympics, you've done 60 golf tournaments and not to mention your movie career which fatal attraction is one of those that imprinted on me i still have nightmares about, i don't think fit left you with that same. you are wonderful couple and thank you for all that do you. >> well thank you for having us. >> and check out book the trial of prisoner 043. it's a great read and they say it's a perfect book for these very unsettling times that we have right now. >> wisdom, over to you. all right. thank you holly. crown heights is the incredible true story about a request for justice after a wrongful murder conviction. coming up next we're sitting down with former nfl star nam see asomugha making a turning star in the role. carl king he plays in the
10:38 am
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>> ain't no killing. the system doesn't work for people who can't afford to defend themselves. >> the whole neighborhood know what happened. the whole neighborhood know you grab the wrong guy. >> i'm an innocent man. >> i don't know the way a mother should know
10:41 am
>> everyone saying you did something. >> after awhile you start to question yourself. >> i work for free if you take look at his case. >> we cannot afford this. >> you want me to leave him? they'll keep me in here until i say i killed that man. >> you know i would die before i do that. >> i'll keep fighting for you. >> you got your family, you got your life. why you still wasting your time on me? >> that's a clip from the new movie called crown heights tells the true tower of connor warner wrong until convicted of murder and his best friend carl king devote his life to prove his innocence. >> king played by nnamdi asomugha who has made a transition to his acting career after his pro football career but if you're not football fan you might recognize him also as kerry washington's
10:42 am
does that sound right to you? >> not really. >> i don't know. >> it doesn't sound too right. >> that's not how you recognize him. >> i know who you are. this morning nnamdi joins us live in the loft. along with the man he plays in the movie to talk about the live long request for justin. thank you very much both of you for coming in and speaking with me. >> thank you for having us. >> let's talk about this movie we were just talking before we came back from break. this is something that's been in the work for awhile but just not getting to the big screen because it kept kept -- got picked up initially because of npr story and getting pushed back. tell me about that particular story. >> he had radio broadcast with this american life. it was aired 2005. warner brothers heard it on the radio. >> just to listened it to to it on the radio and decided they wanted to move forward. >> this had to do with this american life. >> that's right. >> and they reach out to us. we had two options. first option they didn't do
10:43 am
so paramount took it over. they partnership with dream works. >> they didn't do anything. >> they didn't do anything. so there was a writer strike in 2009. so the writers came back to us -- >> rights came back to us. >> our director stepped in. he heard the story on this american life and said i want to make this film and then they let him have the rights to the film. >> you were there the whole time. tell me a little bit for the people who don't know this story. tell me a little bit about the story. give us a quick synopsis of what it is. >> colin warner was my childhood friend. we both new each other from trinidad. came to the united states. he was arrested at young age of 18 years old for murder he didn't do. there was one single eyewitness pointed him out and, um, he was actually convicted based on that testimony of that sole eyewitness. >> um-hmm. >> and, myself being his friend stood by him knowing that he was innocent. >> um-hmm. >> and later on learned ways of
10:44 am
overturn his conviction. >> eyewitness -- the eyewitness was also 15 years old. >> right. >> and he wasn't an eyewitness but he was railroaded into pointing colin's mug shot out, and that was the genesis of the whole story. >> right. you play him in the movie. >> right. >> what is it about this particular script f you will, that said okay i want to do this particular acting roll? >> it was just the story. i mean our director made a five minute documentary of both of them, and he was passing it around and that's what i saw. when i saw what colin went through and the fact right when he got out, he was interviewed before he even got in the car to go home he was interviewed by new york one and he said, i'm not mad at anyone. i forgive everyone that had hand in putting me in this situation. i just want to go on with my life and i think that was the main thing that struck me and i said, this is something i want to be part of. >> you are also there when they were making this. >> yes.
10:45 am
what actually happened much this is the real deal. >> yes. >> so you said it was 95% -- nothing 100%. 95% accurate because you were there telling them this is how this went down. >> y consultants on the set. >> right. >> how difficult of -- was it difficult for to you relive this whole thing. >> it was. it was. because some of the scenes seemed like you act actually was witnessing that at that particular time. >> right. how hard was it for to you capture the emotion and everything that he was going through? i know you've done a couple of acts gigs. done write and producing as well how hard was it for to you capture the emotion of what was happening this is not like this is a fun acting story. >> no. he's actually a fun person. >> right. >> got big heart. >> right. >> really genuine generous guy but it was responsibility. i mean he was onset every day. >> right. >> and he's just watching, you know, from across the industry just to see how things are go going. so it was definitely a responsibility but, um, you know
10:46 am
generosity that he has and was able to do it. >> right. the struggle, how long was the entire struggle to get your friend free? >> i would say 21 years. >> 21 years. you were there the entire time. >> yes. wow! okay. >> hard story. >> that's what friends are for. >> just not -- not good times but in times of need. >> right. >> all right. >> september 1st is here in washington, d.c. already out in some places it's out in new york. >> it's in new york, it's in la this weekend and comes here the following weekend labor day weekend. >> real quick. what do you hope people take away from this when they see this story? >> i hope they understand what happened to colin warner in 1980 still happening in 2017 and that we can make big differences. >> right. >> nnamdi? >> same thing. i look at his story and how inspirational and hopeful he was, um, and i just take from that. i think that's what people can look to that we can write wrongs no matter how difficult it is. >> right. more acting on the
10:47 am
>> all right. >> thank you gentlemen. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> appreciate it september 1st here in washington, d.c. crown heights is the name of the movie it's out in theaters as i said next month in d.c. and in markets right now. let's get back over to the couch. >> thank you. >> fascinating. >> nnamdi, congratulations on the crit until i was claim you're getting on this i read articles you say you kill this role. congratulations. >> thank you very much. fellow nigerin. >> say your name for us the proper way. >> i'm not going to get into it. >> you can do it. >> we'll settle it on tv. >> i can't. >> there's nothing to settle. >> we have been battling non-stop. please. >> like i was selling him, if it's wrong, every broadcaster in america has been wrong for the last 15 years. >> just like -- >> just like everyone of my features has been. how long did we call her rihanna until we learn it was rihanna. >> there you go. >> i'm just saying. gal gadot. >> nnamdi asomugha.
10:48 am
>> thank you. dropping the mike or blue piece of paper. >> there you go. >> thanks for coming in. >> all right. time right now 10:47. we're heading down to the caribbean after the break as we countdown to the total eclipse or caribbean? >> what would rihanna say. >> caribbean. >> there you go. ♪
10:49 am
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♪ >> oh, man. >> oh, bonnie tyler we'll never get tired of your song. total eclipse of the heart. she's currently on the royal caribbean south traveling through the path of totality. we want to the owe so yea sis to talk with the chief meteorologist jameses van fleet who has the hardest job on the planet. it looks fan tase tick out in the waters want a tough job you have sailing around in the seas and today you get to be in the path of totality. bring us up to speed. what are you seeing right now, what are you hearing want do you expect
10:52 am
>> can you hears? >> hello? >> oh, man. >> yup. >> okay. james, can you hears? we have a little bit of a delay here. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> the best laid plans. >> maureen here's the deal by the way good morning to you. d.c. hope everything is going fantastic back in the states. we are basically about 400 miles east of daytona beach that's the target we're looking for trying to get just north of invest that is epp vest 92 and that area as we would be -- are you there, maureen? >> i'm here. >> do we have you? >>i can hear you. yeah, yeah, i can hear you.
10:53 am
>> okay. i think we're having obvious technical problems here the audio very bad. james, we apologize for that. if you can hear me i think you've got awful delay on your end. our apologies to you. you're talking about being on the cruise ship the royal caribbean owe as. is. do we want to stick with james to see if we can get him. you havely we'll have to bail on this our audio is not cooperating today. perhaps eclipse having an effect on our computers already. >> sounds like we're online now. so essentially we're 400 miles east of daytona beach. that's the target we're looking for. >> all right. and with that said, with us being about 400 miles east daytona beach puts us just north tropical wave. that's been the prick key getting out of the tropical weather. clear skies which we have right now to make this area we've had to run six engines full steam and
10:54 am
6,000 guests. so 23 knots to get to the path of totality. at the same time we've got bonnie tyler i heard you playing the music earlier her song she's doing something different today with dnco doing a duet. they were practicing last night. then sing it together total eclipse of the. d.c. e will have cake by the oceans. a lot going on we're lucky because we have it better than most in the states they're going to one spot. they're locked down and the weather is the weather where they're at. we're a moving target so if things actually get a little bit different with cloud cover, little overcast, we can slide north or east and that's the benefit most people have come out here on the atlantic. fingers crossed. i'll either have a promotion or be looking for a job come tuesday. [ laughter ] >> we'll see how that goes but maureen that's what's happening out here on the high cease on oasis of the seas. >> that's very cool. >> thank you for that. we apologize obviously they're in the middle of the ocean. our aud i
10:55 am
happen. thank you for being a sport and working with us through those kinks. >> 400 miles off daytona beach. that's cool with d.c. ne. total eclipse of the heart. >> that's so fun. >> kick by the ocean as well. you buried the lead. how does he become the chief meteorologist for cruises. >> i was hoping to ask him that. darn machines. >> okay. from the dmv. to path of totality fox5 has you cover. come on. you're our peeps. while at work watch along with us at 11:30 on the fox5 d.c. news app. our fox5 d.c. youtube channel. fox5 d.c. facebook page. we'll bring you live coverage in beginning in oregon ending south carolina. five hours straight. you won't miss a thing. bringing you live coverage on fox5 and fox5 plus at 2:30 during the peak eclipse time right here in our area. >> that's all the details you need. we'll bring tucker on board as well as we get more information about today's eclipse because of course you know the big question we're concern
10:56 am
the sun factor, the cloud fa factor. i know there's going to be sun. >> right. >> but will the clouds be obscuring it. >> all right. latest coming in high resolution modeling suggests we'll be movely sunny around 2:00. >> awesome. >> that would be great news. >> good. so far so good. we have a little bit of high cloudiness. >> what about 2:32. that's the 2:00 o'clock hour. >> okay. all right. >> got to be clear. >> pardon me. next time i'll get get it down to the minute. >> car give away zip trip. we'll be in fred burg virginia come out friday morning from 6:00 to 11. maureen and i will be there. mike thomas will be there. here's your car give away. tissue cher auto group and fox5 giving away a one year lease on acura tlx the zip trip finale next friday september 1st at national harbor to enter to go to register to be selected as one of finalists. finalists must be there in person. one lucky viewer will go home a winner must
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show..." >> wendy: how you doin'? >> look at you. >> we won't judge. but we're judging. ♪♪ now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hello! hey, everyone! ♪♪ yeah! ♪♪ thank you so much. welcome to the show. say hello to my co-host, my


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