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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  August 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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so what does this mean for expecting mothers and dealing with america's longest war laying out future of military presence is afghanistan and did you see it? the phenomenon in the skies. solar eclipse wowed crowds nationwide and "fox5" was in the path of totality. the news at 6 starts now. >> we're following developing news from silver spring a school bus with dozens of people on board caught fire this afternoon. thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> let's get right to "fox5" marina marraco. how is everyone, fist off. >> everyone is just fine, shawn, tony, this all happened southbound here on georgia avenue. we're a block away from leash you're world if that gives you a sense of what topps. fire crews are trying to put out that fire as
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bus engulfed in flames roofly 30 passenger he's opt bus the majority of them summer campers. there was a guidance counselor on the bus and it was actually another driver who nraingtd down the school bus driver and said bus catching on fire where the engine is. the bus driver pulled over and was very quick to self evacuate and evacuation everyone else on the bus and good news again no one injured on that everyone was evacuated from the school bus and jumped on another bus and got on with their day. as far as traffic on gorge georgia avenue at the icc all directions back open once again. live in montgomery county, marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> thank you marina. let's talk about the weather we had a number of storm warnings across the region this evening. >> things look good in down town d.c.. let's get to the latest on where the storms were. >> tony ushs, shawn, these storms
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d.c.. there's a new batch over annapolis and baltimore. d.c. drive and annapolis strong storms there and charles county a storm in your area. spotsylvania and st. mary's and those have active and strong storms. as we put them in motion we're moving southeast 10 miles an hour. let me tart with the most recent one a severe thunderstorm warning for an arun dull and part of baltimore going until 6:30 in the bay really soon. st. mary country we were watching closely there was a tornado warning for a while. we have not heard of damage and severe thunderstorm warning in effect for you until 6:15. charles county no warning at the moments but you have a flash flood warning as does s mauri until:15 tonight and we're hearing there's multiple trees down in the la playta area from a strong storm th there. and last up culpeper and talk ear and stafford starm warning for the area you can see it starting to
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of talk ear and that goes until 6:15. storms should be winding down as we lose sun for the day we'll talk about hot are day tomorrow if you that today was hot we add heat and humidity to tomorrow's forecast. >> thank you, sue. >> all right a dramatic day in court for maryland man accused of killing 6-year-old sister and two young cousins. as antonio williams was brought in court for a bond hearing he struggled yelled and seeldz disorientsed and said i'm the the one i'm looking for and i'm not going. within minutes the judge stopped the hearing and ordered mental couldn't tensey evaluation be completed by next tuesday. good we're looking forward to having that competency hearing concluded as quickly as possible so we might continue with proceedings in this case. and continue to prosecute it. but it is as you might imagine it was just this has to have been one of the most
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days we have had so far. >> williams mother and other family members got into a heated argument after william was led from the courtroom. his mother yelled my son needs me. she is the one that discovered her daughter and two young nieces stabbed to death in her home friday morning. williams was charged with with three counts of murder over the weekend. tonight there are big concerns over the future of providence hospital in northeast d.c.. hospital's owners announced they plan to transform the facility from a hospital into a health village. what does that mean exactly. sources tell "fox5" there could be change todz mat terpty and mental health services as soon as this fall. tox tox spoke with mayor becauseer earlier today and tom how was the city responding to this. >> good evening, tony. the mayor tells us she is monitoring these reports that providence hospital could be ending both obstetrics and behavioral health programs
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this month uned medical center down in southeast. they were told to stop delivering babies by the department of health because of mistakes that were made with pregnant women as they were delivering. keep in mind these are two separate kaets and result would be two less places in d.c. for women in these communities to deliver babies. mayor tonight says she's directing board of health in d.c. department of health to monitor the situation closely and in her words with make sure the residents of this city get the healthcare they need. >> we're very proud in our city 9% of residents have insurance. and so we know that women the first thing we want them to do is to get in touch with their doctor or their primary care physician so they're getting treatment and prenatal care as soon as and early as possible. that's how we know we have healthy
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>> this announce front providence hospital came at the end of last week. what they said is they're going to transform themselves in their words from being a hospital to village. now exactly what that will mean remains unseen. within the detailed news release there were a lot of questions for a lot of people that live in the neighborhood and does he pend on providence hospital. you talked to the residents in that neighborhood and they'll tell you quite frankly any changes that would eliminate mat terpty service orr's behavioral mental health care services in their view would not be good for the people to live in northeast. >> a lot of people go here. >> this would be very bad. >> this would be very bad. >> people people got a lot of issues they need therapist and things plus lady have babies. >> they need somewhere to go. >> this is important issue in the community. >> yeah. >> you
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people and people that live in the neighborhood who you did not hear from throw. with providence hospital we can tell you "fox5" has been sending. mails and phone calls and messages for days. we still have not heard back from them to answer any questions. we're live in northwest tonight tom fitzgerald all right it's about a long time. 9 years since u.s. seen a solar eclipse today. it was one of the key ream your honors across the u.s. in eclipse pam of totality. >> he is thriving bang from 2340r7b8 car line ain the car. mike i heard your description earlier this seemed absolutely incredible to watch this in person. >> yeah, shawn, you got that absolutely right. it honestly just took my breath away. there's no other way to describe that. as i mentioned earlier we have chills and goose bumps wit witnes
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play-by-play. let's do a little play-by-play here and kind of give you totality. we started seek things change a little bit. colors got shaerp. we described it all most as looking through one of those instagram photo filters that pops brightness. that happens in real life. colors got sharper and shadows got kharper as well and light kind of from the sun really started to focused in as it disappeared you barely saw the sun mok ago round mountains and valleys and then boom the corona sun atmosphere super heated atmosphere in the sunny describe it like super web shooting in many directions that more motion than i thouxt you could start to see stars popping out. was
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enough plants were bright and jupiter and veep us brightly. i believe venus-up tier for sure and we saw stars come ought as low. things got still and quiet and nighttime crickets started going as animals thought we were going from day to night. and then unfortunately it was over fasted than i wanted it to be. in totality 2 minutes and 10 to 15 seconds where we were. it went by temperatures did drop. but once that sunshine came back out eighted up against. holt, humid day in norm carolina that total eclipse was occurring it get great for the xho minute period of time. >> very good, michael thomas sounds like it whats a lot of few, thank you, sir. >>
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parking lot and had the glasses on. it was very cool to see. it didn't get dark here. but it was cool. >> i don't have the glasses i didn't get a chance to look. i watched it on tv which was pretty cool to see. >> cool stuff. >> president trump takes on war in afghanistan. >> ronica cleary. >> shawn, tony, we go so lar clip madness to tornadoes in the area. the president addresses quuntry in future of afghan tan. we'll break it down after the break.
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the nation's longest war spans three presidencies and 16 years. ronica cleary is live in for the meyer in arlington virginia. ronica what can we expect to hear from the president tonight. >> we got a nrims of what
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might expect earlier this weekend. defense secretary general mat sis on over fight flight with reporters on saturday night. he shared the president at that time came to decision about future of troops in afghan tan stan. he's retired bringing deer general author of be siegeed. what is military options they can put endplay from this point forward. >> the options are.
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what he's seep is in iraq and syria allows commanders to fight the fight you get acceleration of defeating enemy whereas in the past xhapders were handcuffed. >> many pointed to a handful of tweets that president trump posted in 2013. now at that time he said we should not increase troop levels in afghanistan and in fact pull out because of increased cost associated with the war and of course, cost of life. now, clearly since that time it's been years. we're expecting president to give a completely different set of remarks and statements. we expect he will increase that troop level as of ton tonight. now i spoke with niles stanton she's white house columnist at the hill and about his rocks and the president has to walk a fine line between idea he put forth so often america first agenda while also fo
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focusing and being tough on terrorism. so i asked nile, now that we can expect president to increase troop levels in afghanistan, is this a smart move, safe move political my for the president. >> it's a relatively safe stance to take. political khaevrping here is partly explaining what a victory in afghanistan would look like or mean. united states has been there 16 years. we don't really know what victory would mean afghanistan now and therefore it's not all that clear how you add in a few thousand and more trips get to that goal. >> what would you like to see happen anyone afghanistan. we brought you to the streets to give the pulse of the people since we deposit weigh in with you use 5@630 i'll be back coming up. ronica cleary, "fox5 local news". >> still ahead, ten sailors missing at
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that u.s. navy destoyer collision in singapore. >> and back to work house majority whip steve call ees getting back into the swing of things and what he's saying about his condition. >> one candy company is cashing in oregon based company unveiled rosea flavored yep they put real whine in every pop and alcohol burns off during cooking process. red, red
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if you just join us here are the top six stories at 6. search and rescue operations are underway singapore to find ten missing sailors and they went miss when a u.s. navy destroyer collided with oil tanker and destroyer suffered significant damage. >> owners ever providence high school announce aid plan to transform the
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hospital to health village. that means the hospital could end obstetrics and behavioral health services as early as october. you may recall earlier this month they ordered united medical sebts nor southeast to stop delivering babies because of mistakes. >> house majority whip steve scalise took place in his first conference call since shooting. the louisiana congressman thanked team for assisting in his absence. he told members his official return date is unclear. >> former prince george county teacher aid was sentenced in prison don't for assaulting students he abused at least a dozen children to produce pornography worked at judge sylvania words wodz elementary school. >> the video shows vandals smashing monument with slem happener and they are investigating so far there are no arrests. >> and
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solar eclipse today. millions of americans witnessed spectacle along the path of totality. stretched from 14 states oregon to south carolina. this is video from south carolina and the next total solar eclipse will be in 2024 ear in the u.s.. >> urn iting cool. of course it did not get dark here. but if you had glasses you could see the moon shadow across the sun. >> i watched in gaithersburg they have observatory park out there former observatory not in use any more they expected 1,000 people, 3,000 showed up. people were excited. >> they were excited and nobody was disappointed. we felt like the light cha changed. it doesn't get dark. it's like mike said like instagram filter changed. what's that? almost immediately at the mass eclipse 2:42 huge cloud comes and did not go. >> too bad. >> we saw it before that and eventually cle
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as i was driving in all storms bubbled up. >> we had our shares. >> sure did. >> we're watching live outside. d.c. has not seen any. most have been concentrated through southern virginia or annapolis and baltimore area. you know how humid it was today, right, oh, my gosh. nobody was complying out in gaithersburg where we watched eclipse it was hot. we were fascinated with the sun. boy was it hot and temperature around 90 felt closer to 98. the humidity helped to fuel up these clusters of strong thunderstorms. we had one with tornado warning in st. mary and not heard of anything touching down but there's definitely tree damage in charles county and now we're hearing about flash flooding in areas. around-up of thunderstorm warnings rights now includes anne arrundel county until 6:30 and this storm moving newt the bay lots of lightning and very heavy rain with that and kharps courty more warning on this one and heavy rain into the
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flood warning until:15 tonight. you want to be aware that water could come up very ra rapidly and it's scary when it does that. let me put nat motion you see it's moving down into towards the area that is warned for flash warning which is more eastern side of charles county and goes until 8:30 i said 8:15 before but yikes longer and it doesn't include s st. mary which is city of c chattico with rain, large hail, scary looking. this was the one we were watching. it's weakening out now. heavy rain threat there is just about over and just got a new receive area thunderstorm warning. this will likely go to 7. it's going down through culpeper and spotsylvania as well as culpeper we'll check on that to let you know if it goes until 7 or 7:30 as you can see this part
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seems to be expanding. this storm moving south 15 miles an hour and it will likely have strong and sguingtsy winds with it. here's the high temperature range today. 89 to 90. didn't it feel hotter it was so humid again today. and our temperatures still at 83 degrees which is maybe a little bit cool by some of the preezs we had around. westminster and frederick 90. culpeper 0. lot of rain there. and it still feels like closer to 90 to 95 degrees and here's headline for tomorrow you thought today was hot tomorrow was hotter and more humid. we're looking at high temperature tomorrow of 95 degrees in the district and very hot, humid, late night thunderstorms possible and maybe a shower or storm wednesday. really the threat looks like it would be after 9 or 10:00 tomorrow night. not only will it feel like 95 actual air temperature it could be warmer than that when
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we factor in humidity feels 100 to 103 tomorrow afternoon. we'll go from 95 tuesday to 85 on wednesday. whoa, look at this. your 7 day forecast has feel of september on it. there's a front going to come through on wednesday. now it could still come through with quick shower or storm on wednesday. but it looks like it will be early enough in the day that all day temperatures on wednesday will start getting more comfortable and humidity goes down and can you believe i have 70s on the 7 day forecast. >> nice. >> i knew that would happen because i'm finally going to the beach this weekend. when i want it to be hot. >> welcome to my world. >> watch the partial solar eclipse how about a tornado warning. >> we'll take the cooler t trip. >> thank you, sue. >> eclipse is pop booming business in some areas. >> that's right it may have cost companies millions in productivity. yeah we'll explain this we'll be right back.
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>> solar eclipse. companies will take major losses in work or produ productivity. they estimate that workers cut out of the office for roughly 20 minutes today but eclipse generated millions in tourist dollars. >> there's up side in addition to bonnie tyler. >> 5@630 next bass pass
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bass pass >> just a few hours president trump surprise set to make a major address to the war in afghanistan. >> we invite to you join us tweet us use 5@630 let get to it. >> mr. trump is expected to lay out a plan for u.s. engagement in south asia and afghanistan. nation's longest war cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives


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