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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 22, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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traffic. i do this every morning erin you have noticed. >> i like it looking at the traffic i have my eye on it it all works. >> caitlin we start with you though. >> i have eclipse blues. >> someone will be talking about it today i guarantee y you. we have quite the uneventful than monday. very, very hot. those numbers coming up. >> not looking forward to the heat. pleasant drive. i love checking out the eclipse yesterday as well. back to you guys. >> 4:30 is the time now. breaking news overnight 33 people are created tore injuries they suffered at a train crash in suburban philadelphia. 12:15 this morning inbound high speed train crashed into unoccupied parked train at terminal in upper darby. several people were taken to the hospital. >> there was blood everywhere. the driver is banked up interest was one girl pleading out of her face pretty bad. but i mean they were pretty fast. they were pretty responsive.
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minutes. cause of the crash is under investigation. >> time now 4:30 developing overnight a confederate monument in howard county is removed and monument sat on the grounds ever the howard county courthouse in ellicott city. monday the county council gotta approval for the rem removal. leaders decided to donate to the museum. police are searching for the person that covered up the monument. a tarp was placed over the top of the structure. >> and in the middle of city council meeting in charlottesville new jersey the meeting since violence of ten days ago. angry residents took over the meeting half hon hour shoting down for how they handled white supremists meeting that turned debately this month. by end of meeting city leaders agreed to have a third party review and city planen and reaction to the rally. >> meanwhile, 20-year-old james fields makes a second appearance in court via video monitor. he's accused of ramming car into a
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supremists rally in charlottesville killing heather higher and injuring 19 others. fields faces charges in court yesterday and the judge charged him with five felony counts included aggravated malicious wounding. >> and terry mcauliffe will most likely pursue a bill to take down the statue of robert he e. lee. this comes in response to dead le chaos in charlottesville. he said last week he believes confederate statues should come down. >> this morning insight into a former ku klux klan member who is now a priest. >> he said hatred and violence in charlottesville he gave his past. >> good morning, guys, since 2014 father william has been a priest st. leo the great. he's been with the dioceses
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quite sometime and is publicly revealing a dark fast. father ach inson revealed his former life. he was catholic priest 40 years. but he was a member of the kkk. he was impressionable young man and apologizes for his past saying to anyone who has been subjected to racism for bigotry i'm sorry i have no excuse i hope you forgive me he continues my actions are despicable when i think back on burning crosses, threatening letter and so on i feel i'm speaking of someone else. it is hard to believe that was me. ach inson said he was compelled to write the article after the rallies brought back memories of the bleak period. he tried to forget. you will find no fulfillment in ideology and he hopes they find mercy in god. the die ses responded to it saying while his past with the kkk is
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troubling i pray that in our current political and social climate his message will reach those that support hate and division and inspire them to conversion of heart. that from arlington bishop berbridge. father atchison took a leave of absence. while he's been with the arlington dioceses there's been absolutely no accusations of racism for bigotry against this priest. live in fairfax. "fox5 local news". >> time is 4:34 today the president will hold a political rally in arizona ashes a day after making a major announcement on the war in afghanistan. commander in chief is signing off to send another 4,000 troops to afghanistan he addressed nation and u.s. troops for the meyer army base in virginia last night. the war claimed more than 2,000 american lives and 16 years after the 911 terror
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attack there's still no end in sight. >> meanwhile dangerous conditions could shut down a temple hills condo complex for good. we told you before about major problems at the lynn hill condos. take a look what we found inside last night. today the fire department will shut the building down if fire code violations have not been fixed. there are currently about 100 people living there and most residents left after utilities were shot off after management got a million behind ob on their bills. >> 4:35 any this morning a purple line is set to get the green line from the gove government. governor lauery hogan said agreement is in the near future. federal money is needed in order to construct the 16 mile light rail system that spans from bethesda to new carrollton and college park. it's a 2 billion project and once agreement is signed construction can begin in a matter of weeks. 4:35 is the time now. let's get a check of today's forecast and talk to caitlin roth. >> good morning. >> good morning
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warm out there to start. yet again it's a hot day. it will be the last one in quite sometime. we have a major cool down on the way in the 7 day forecast we'll show you coming up. 75 degrees outside. active yesterday afternoon and i'm not talking about total solar eclipse i'm talking about the thunderstorms we had. there was a tornado count threat in st. mary county and winds caused significant damage. i don't think it was tar identify owe but you are cleaning up a bit. quiet and hot. temperatures in mid 70s look at that upper 70s. 79 in stevensville and 77 cambridge. it's incredibly sticky out. there 95 high temperature today feel like 100 plus on gusty south breeze. cool down on the way. coming up in the 7 day forecast. here's erin. >> we have a problem if you head to lorton this morning. 95 northbound right
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you can see all the flashing lights to right-hand side of the screen taillights making northbound in main lanes keep to left. hov looking good this could cause slow downs as more people hit the road and i'll let you know about that as it starts to pick up. for now add extra minutes to the trip a side from that going back to maps that's the only crash scene we're tracking now in maryland things looking good in frederick and montgomery country 270 southbound delay free and 66 crash free as w well. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you guys. >> coming up on "fox news morning" new reports suggest secret service is running out of money. >> and number of high profile celebrities are targeted in a nude hacking standle. >> live look outside across the region time 4:37 back in a moment
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>> holly morris joins us now with what is trending on the web. >> both of you good morning. first up a record 417 million that's how much johnson and johnson is ordered to pay a woman that claimed tall come powder in one of company's products gave her ovarian cancer. the company failed to warn customers the risk while aplaying baby powder for feminine hygiene. johnson and johnson plans to appeal the decision. >> secret service hit salary in over time limits for the year. they're calling for congress to lift the cap. hundredsive agents will work over time and not get paid. factors listed include size of first family, trump's multiple homes and freak rent travel. secret service says the budget crunch is nothing new and tight over time funding is ongoing issue. >> national anthem
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the field continues. another joins the cause. seattle sea hawkdz michael bennett plans to sit the entire season. he said it would take a white person doing the same to really change the conve conversation. >> tiger woods is threatening to take celebrity gossip web site the celeb gihad to court. the golfer highered a lawyer. he said someone hacked into vaughn's phone and found the nude photo while dating. >> and nasa apparently has a humerus side. the official handle@nasa moon ha, ha, ha i blocked the sun make way for the moon and they showed a tweet. e
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the sunshine, i unblocked you in the sky and on twitter. >> ohh celestial burn. >> celestial shade i like it. >> coming up military issues new requirements for u.s. troops receiving yearly physical. >> and poll about confederate monuments. >> and 4:42 now. 75 degrees. we're back. more "fox5 news morning".
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>> time 4:45 a look at stories we're following for you today, tuesday, august 22. people hurt in a train crash in station in suburban philadelphia. around 12:15 this morning inbound train on norristown high speed rail line crashed into unoccupied parked train at the terminal in upper da darby. several people were taken to the hospital. cause of that crash is still under investigation. today president trump will number arizona for huge political rally coming one day after the president made major announcement on the war in afghanistan. xhapdner chief is signing off on sending more troops to afghanistan. several reports say that could be at many as 4,000. war claimed more than 2,000 american lives in the past 1
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members of the u.s. military will be required to undergo mental health evaluations as part of routine annual physicals. it was approved by.2015 national defense authorization act assessment is online questionnaire that focuses on issues like quality of sleep and social interactions. >> and a new poll finds majority of americans would like to preserve confederate monuments and royters poll found that 54% of adults say confederate monuments should remain in public places and 27% said they should be removed from all public places and another 19% said they did not know. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, august 22. it's first day of school for clark county virginia. >> back to school weather that is caitlin roth's department. she has that detail. erin como has details on the roads. caitlin. >> one of those afternoons it will be tough to be outdoors.
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it's close. high temperatures in mid 90s with high dew points making it humid. reminder it is still august and still in summer here. it can be brutal. hot and humid. like yesterday, temperatures even higher, 95 in washington and low to mid 90s just about everywhere with humidity it will feel like 100 plus. so if you work outdoors and if you have to be outdoors for extended period of time take brakes in the shade that helps and a lot of water. >> 7 day forecast shows welcomedry leaf. we are talking major welcomed release in 7 day forecast. thunderstorms arrive late, late tonight and may liping to early wednesday morning. that keeps temperatures at bay. 85 and maybe humid. effects of cooler drier air thursday. 82. low humidity. that's beautiful. we don't stop from. there upper 70s is it for high temperatures. low in low 60s. 50s for suburbs to take us through a gorgeous late summer weekend. look forward to it. make the plans already erin to be outdoors
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weekend. major delays pop up. there as we switch over and lob another maps that's the crash scene we're tracking. right now things quiet cheverly and 295 and 395 looking good green beltway to 14 street bridge. all area bridges now are at speed. we're not seeing slow downs across memorial or key bridge rosalyn to georgetown. outer loop to college park. if you have early morning flight traffic on way to bwi and 95 baltimore washington parkway look going. if you have questions for morning commute @erinfoxdc twitter back to you guys. >> 4:38 is the time breaking news from bwi marshall air airport. a&b security checkpoints are closed now due to security
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investigation at the airport. >> in addition bwi warrants some early morning flights may be affected by this again security investigation closing checkpoints at bwi and could impact some nights this morning. >> virginia priest has taken a leave of absence from church after revealing he was once a member of kkk. >> deadly violence in charlottesville prompted him to speak out. he hopes his message can help someone else. live in fairfax with the details. mel. father william has been a priest at st. leo since 2014 and is publicly confess fog a dark past. he revealed his former life. he's been a catholic priest 40 years he admits in younger days he was a member of kkk. he writes he was impressionable young man and apologizes for his past saying anyone subjected to race
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bigotry i'm sorry i have no excuse and hope you forgive me. he continues my actions are despicable. when i think back on burning crosses threatening letter and so on i feel as though i'm speaking of someone else. it is hard to believe that was me. and he says he was compelled to write the editorial after the charlottesville hate rallies brought back memories of a bleak period. he preferred to forget. he tells hate groups you will find no fulfillment in ideology and encourages them to find peace and mercy in g god. michael berbige responds it's sad and deeply troubling i pray in current political and social climate his message will reach those that support hate and division and inspire them to conversion of heart. we can also tell you that father achison took a voluntary leave of absence from the dioceses at this point he will not be available for interviews and also the arlington dioceses wanted
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parishiones to know and the public that while the priest priest has been here with the dioceses there's been no accusations of racism or bigotry on his heart. live in fairfax city, melanie alnwick. >> coming up on "fox news morning" bill cosby hires a long time celebrity attorney to defend him. >> a live look outside now. 75 temp. back in a moment.
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>> the father of a football player. his son
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raping a teen girl at a party in 2013 the case gained international attention and led to allegations of cover-up to pro tech the football team. richmond was killed seconds after firing several shots. >> iowa lottery official has been convicted of rigging lottery jackpots in several states. 52-year-old eddie tipton won the jackpot by rigging a computer program. he use today on lottery generated computer and lucky numbers in 2010 he gave the winningtic tote a friend in texas that tried to get it in. >> cosby hired michael jackson's former attorney to represent him during his tr trial. mesroe respected jackson during child molestation tr trial. cosby is being retried on sexual assault charges and first trial ended in hung j jury. >> will we are three days away from next
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august 25. "fox5" was live in fred fredericksburg virginia and i'll thereby along with steve and mike thomas. >> don't forget this was bo bonus. auto group of lurl and "fox5" give ago way one year lease on new 2018 acura tlx. it will take place friday september 1 national harbor. go to fox click on contest link and register to be selected as one of five finalist. finalist must attend in person and one lucky viewer will go home a winner. must be 18 or older to be a winner. rules available at foxd >> let's check in with caitlin roth for a check of the forecast today. >> good morning, quieter today not as exciting you could say. we're definitely bringing least. it was hot out there with you looked at the eclipse. it will be warmer for today.
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76 reagan national and 72 dulles and 71 bwi. it will be quieter several rounds of strong storms last night and one through southern maryland which prompted tornado warning shortly after 5 . no tornado and straight line wind damage and couple by frederick county and carol county in northern maryland. here's planning forecast for today. temperatures jump quickly. it's already warm. 86. hazy sunshine 11 a.m. 92 by 2:00. hit a high temperature of 95 that feels like 100 later today. that's a look at forecast. let's check roads early this morning. erin good morning. >> good morning, caitlin, 4:56 keeping eyes on crash in lorton past lorton road narcotics lights in to right of screen. left main lane getting by f fine. i'll let you know if big delays pop up leading to that location. caution there. move it over from the camera. southern maryland looks pleasant now. we're delay free 2
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for the washington and things looking good at 301 split. i'll let you know if that changes. metro picks up at 5. we'll look at that next. back to you wisdom and mau maureen. >> coming up, another baltimore police officer caught on body camera doing something questionable. >> there's a call do make over the jefferson memorial to reflect the former president involvement in slavery. >> live look across the d.c. region, 4:57, 75 degrees. back after this
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>> live look outside. warmer out there today. temps low to mid 90s. >> yeah right. >> he's back end of august. >> good morning to you thank four joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, august 22. this is also the first day of school for clark county, virginia. >> all right. good luck at school this year. caitlin roth is looking at weather and erin and is looking at roads. caitlin what's the headline. >> maureen, holly, hot for today. not feeling like back to school weather. te


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