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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the commander in chief chang ing his plans and re committing the us to a war in afghanistan. the president playing laying out goals for victory. now he's taking the message out on the road. this is the big story we're talking about tonight at 630:president trump is all set to speak at a campaign style rally. it comes one kay after his speech on a us strategy in afghanistan. this is also since the race-filled violence that broke out in charlottesville many weeks ago. many supporters are expected in feen is. what i've noticed so far is the description, his campaign style recall yivment this is being
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the trump/pence. he's rung for reelection at this point. when we see him out there he's run ning in his capacity as president. ksaz. you're live outside the phoenix convention center. you can he see the crowds behind you. are those supporters or are those protest ors? >> these are supporters, guys. i'm going to give you a little look at the line. this stretches on for three blocks. we're a talking probably 5,000 people who have liepped up. you are only see a fraction of it. these are trump supporters, people who got their number. you had to contact the trump folks and get your number, but it's not guarantied you will get in, but i think you guys will get in. you would think so. so supporters here protestors, a couple of blocks away and i think what they're looking at right now, guys, is to make sure there's no
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charlottesville, keep the sides, the two sides safely apart and keep them at a distance. that is good policing. phoenix is very very good at handling events like this and that's what broke down in charlottesville. the mayor of phoenix said something to the effect that he was hoping the president would reconsider of having the event down there. we saw a press conference talking about the precautions, is your sense from the mayor of phoenix that he would rather this not happen today in. >> yes, but we've got to remember, all of this is steeped in politics. this is a democratic mayor, greg stanton who likely will run for us congress if kir steen cinema, our congress woman runs against senator jeff flake down here as the democratic nominee to run against jeff flake in next
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's senatorial run. he is playing a bit to the base to say president trump don't come now, it's not the right time. the truth lies somewhere in the middle, right? he feels concerned about the crowd that. there was real worry about a potential pardon for sheriff joe . we learned property white house that will not happen in this building behind me. there will be no pardon of sheriff expwroa on the misdemeanor infraction for ignoring a judge 's order to stop his immigration sweeps years ago. he kept doing them in defines of that erd on. that pardon will not happen, not here, not tonight. it may happen down the line, but not tonight. that will certainly lower the temperature of what's happening out here on the treats of phoenix today. let me ask you, are most of the people who are there tonight sm are they from arizona. are these folks coming in from all over the country too >> let's ask them. i've talked to one guy from
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family he's with his little kids . they are out here on vacation. all you guys from ads >> yes. most everybody from arizona. >> yes. >> iran into a california guy with his two kids and he's decided to take in the rally. >> well, we're from arizona. did you just buy that hat today. >> no, we've had it for about two years from boston. >> thanks, you guys, be safe out here tonight. we should say some of these folks, there were certain rallies here for donald trump in phoenix and arizona before the election in 2016 and this event in 2015, the big event at the convention center here, the that kind of gave donald trump a spring board. that happened in july of 2015, two years ago and that was the one that really put him on the map where people took notice and said this guy has traction, something is happening out there very extraordinary because crowds were huge. they were expecting 500 and they
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donald trump returns to essentially the scene of the crime where it all started. john hook reporting live for us from phoenix, arizona. we certainly appreciate it, getting a firsthand view. you mentioned the rally immigration was the hall park of the trump campaign we will see it play into the rally tonight in phoenix. ronica cleary joins us with more on that angle of the story. >>reporter: jim and shawn, yes, we are of course expecting immigration to be addressed tonight. the president visited hum a today, the white house has release a handful of statistics that they feel successes, that the white house has accomplished during the start of this administration. a lot of people are talking about this report out by mack clach i and in it it says there are a handful of white house officials encouraging the president to bargaining, if you will, to not enforce or not hurt dreamers under doca, but in exchange f
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that would provide more funding for the border wall and other ill immigration enforcement tools, if you will. we nt what ted to learn a little bit more about how people might respond to, especially people who are opposed to doca. i spoke with ira medical man. he's with the american federation reform. that group is staunchly opposed to doca. he was a little bit close to the vest when it came to a comment on exactly what he would say if there was an exact, you know, exchange p p you will. but i did get him to comment a little bit more on this idea of compromise in washington when nette it comes to something like immigration in terms of an organization like his that really prides itself on caring about this issue whether or not you you agree with the organization's mission. take a listen to what he had to say. there are a lot of things that need to happen that bring our immigration policies in line to what we believe is the public interest and the reality of washington is
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everything they want and that is , you know, going to have to be some kind of quid proquo. getting out in front of this and trying to layout in advance what , you know, -- what is acceptable and what isn't is way too premature. now, he went onto say that if it was just in exchange -- doca in exchange for funding for the wall he says that is not enough. in his perspective or mine that it would have to be more than that nancy pelosi weighed in on twitter really slamming the idea . in a tweet she said it's irreprehensible to treat children as bargaining chips. they are encouraging the idea of a bargain or compromise, not everyone is buying into this. we took to the streets to ask people in washington what they think about the idea of a potential compromise when it comes to immigration. take a listen. i will be g
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can make some concessions. the people who are here who can help the economy, you know, so i don't think that everybody needs toking behind the wall. it would be great if he can make some concessions. i think that a compromise is appealing, but at what cost? and if it is money for a project that will not be completed and not be effective, it's use less. i don't support building the wall so i don't really support a compromise that's in furtherance of building the wall. compromise is always good, but it sounds like it's a tough compromise on both sides. i think it's a wash, to be honest with you you. >> you know, when i go into these each day and ask people, sometimes i think i know what people are going to say. i have to be honest, i expected a lot of people to say what the first woman
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people would say compromise sounds great, it's a good place to start. but it was really interesting to he me because to hear so many people not get that enthusiasm about compromise. it does make sense. these are controversial topics. these are issues that really matter on each side of the aisle, but if compromise isn't possible it does make you ask the question is anything going to happen? it really -- it's just a sad place to be. so we'll just have to see what happens and see if this report is accurate and if those people who are pushing for the president to make this this compromise, if they're success ful because there are of course people cited in the article that are pushing him not to do it. back to you jim and shawn. >> i think that makes sense when you talk about the lack of compromise because we saw the senate really fall part in the early part of this decade where there bass some sort of talk about an immigration compromise never saw it in the first place. >> let's talk about another important issue in a major address to the nation last night
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us to its 16 year old war against after gan stand. the message came up short. here to weigh in on this one. jared, from young voices. thanks for coming in tonight. i assume you you watched the speech. we all did. what did you this i about the president's message. >>reporter: what i think about this war, it's america's longest war. new army recruits who are going to join the fight in two years, fresh 18 year old recruits, they will were not born when the war started. i remember 9/11 very vividly. i was 12 years old now. i'm 28 now. the war is still going on this is something you think about in the 16th and 17th century. it's not something you think about in the 21st. the democrats were critical of the president's speech saying there wasn't a whole l
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republicans like john mccain said it was a good start. steve bannon came out with a headline saying the slamming the president saying he reversed course. is there any way for any president whether it's donald trump rum p or not to win this. they're criticized for being in and crates iced forget ting out. >> i don't think so. in 2010 we had 100,000 troops in afghanistan. right now we have about 8,000. the pentagon has talked about ramping that up by four or 5,000. if we were unable to accomplish anything in 2010, what will an extra 4,000 troops do right now? what's this about? what's the the point. >> i think the point, the president in particular i think he is afraid of sort of conced ing defense. no president wants to look militarily and i think he's ultimately afraid of being the one who goes down, is blamed for any type of failure that there is. we have 30 seconds left. i thought about the one line
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last night, you pull up his tweets and you see the tweets pull out, pull out and then he said this office changes you. it was the first time you heard dlonld trump admit i had a previous view, my views have evolved. we would not be in the business of nation building. he talks about economic development . you can't have economic development without suspect stainable governance. we are still in the business of governance. it's just being packaged differently.
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>> welcome back. more fallout from the deadly white supremest rally in charlottesville. let's bring in fox5's tom fitzgerald right now. the aclu is blasting the democratic governor. >>reporter: yeah, that's
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shawn and jim. this has been controversial within the aclu in virginia itself. one of the members resigned because of this because they thought that the ac lu coming in on the side of the white supremest neo nazis and clan members that have demonstrated down there in charlottesville was not where they wanted to be on this. you could be on the side of the law in their opinion and not be right at the same time. so keep in mind even though the aclu of virginia is now finding itself in opposition to the governor right now in virginia there is not unmint about where they stand on this issue. the situation is this, the governor has imposed a ban on protests at the robert e lee statue in richmond for the time being. now, in his order, the governor said this is was an interest of public safety and to not allow these kinds of demonstrations to escalate into the kind of violence we
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charlottesville. the aclu of virginia has come out in a very strong statement and basically saying in their opinion the governor is wrong on this. they say this is a violation of people's first amendment rights and by not allowing people to demonstrate the at robert e lee statute in richmond they are being denied their first amendment rights of free speech and assembly. so we reached out to the governor's office about this. we wanted to see if we could talk to the governor about what is going on in this situation right now. we were not able to talk to the governor . i did have a conversation with his press secretary brian coy today and brian told me that we could use this statement as their official position on this from the govern or's office. he says, quote, the governor acted to protect public safety. the govern order is to allow public officials to absorb the lessons of charlottesville and make an informed opinion, consistent decisions that allow the exercise of free speech in a way that keeps
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both safe. but you can guaranty this shawn and jim. these arguments are not going away any time soon. it is not uncommon that an organization like the american civil liberties union when they deem justified could file possible litigation. it is not clear at this oint whether or not they're going to move in a step in that direction, but what does appear very clear tonight is that the aclu statement to governor terry mcauliffe has not scared off governor mcauliffe one bit. this order is going to remain from his office until they've decided in the interest of the public safety and public property that they're going to allow any of these types of demonstrations to move forward. interesting to see how this fight is going to play out. you can certainly understand the perspective present the governor saying we want to make sure what happened in charlottesville, that situation doesn't happen again. we are still talking about public property so who knows.
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haunted the dnc and its chairman debbie wassermann schultz during the election. now these ' playinged with a different type of internet public. we're going to talk about this when the 5@6:30 comes right back.
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welcome back, the federal case against the former it staffer of congress woman debbie wassermann shuts. iran was trying to board a plane. he was indicted in multiple charges as well. luke broke this story. he joins us to talk a little bit more about the case and where it stands. i think this is -- there's a the lieutenant of interest about this story. this is really spanded in scope. what's new. >> it's like something out of a tom clancy novel. you have this husband and wife team who are working for not just debbie wassermann schultz and they're doing their server administrator , their
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administrator and basically they're the subject of a long running investigation into cyber security issues and theft. so there is basically this major procurement scheme going on in capital hill involving a whole bunch of congressional offices. so they get word and they start moving all kinds of money oversees to pakistan where they're from and basically the wife leaves to pakistan and she's over there with all this money. they've been indicted on four felony counts including what prosecutors call conspiracy against the us and what is probably going to happen next is when an arraignment date is set this wife isn't going to show up and at that point debbie wasser manassas' aid is a fugitive. itself it's a lot of questions why debbie wassermann schultz kept him on the payroll and she's fired back at this and she says they're being targeted because they're muslim. >> yeah, and it it's really funny because this news
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right now, people are partisan and when you look into it you'll ' these guys have lawsuits. they're suing their own stepmom and she's charging that they wire stapped and escorted her which are frightening allegations when you consider the kind of access that they had on capital hill. >> like you said, tom clancy, looks like something he wrote, but why? >> it really underscores cyber security as such a threat. politicians have been talking about it for the last year. you had the dnc leak and then you had opm and other agencies which have been hacked by china and others. so when the capital police and these members and say that there's these cyber security issue and wassermann- schultz says in her own words he was doing data transfer violations when you see this is something that we n
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hard to reconcile. there was one moment where debbie wassermann schultz, there was some are the some of altercation with a capital plaintiffs who was tied in with all this? explain. >> there was this missing laptop and it was found in this little cubby in the house office building. not in her office just kind of in a hallway and capital police have tied it to this investigation and they really want to see what's on that regard drive. wassermann really doesn't want to have them see that. she's hired an outside lawyer to fight them from seeing it which is a huge deal. she threatened the police chief with consequences and a budget hearing. basically she's going out of her way on mik sure that they don't see what's this hard drive. what's been reaction present other democrats or i can guess what republicans are saying, but what about other democrats? a. what we saw today is some of the basics about of procurement scheme, yvette clark from new york city she signed a form, her chief of staff did, that
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acknowledged that $120,000 of computer equipment had gone missing but by signing this form she basically said it's okay. we're not going to call attention to it. she didn't fire them. they're in the going to call authorities. the question is why. >> you're right, the mystery continues. when you find out, come back and let you know. >> we'll have you you you on the shown again. lieu gross acc, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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>> well, some say president trump could have people riding high in germany. take a there at this. police cease thousands of ecstasy pills in the shape of what they think looks president trump's head. they found 5,000 of these little orange-shaped pills. the pills feature the president's signature hair stale and have his name on the back. they say this is roughly worth $46,000. ecstasy pills could be deadly and often cause nausea and paranoia.
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look anything like the president ,. >> i'll say the hair. i can't even tell what that is. >> i have no idea what that is. you know what they actually look like? what's that. >> gold fish. the little gold fish crackers. >> i wouldn't eat one of those? a. we're not advising that. no, definitely not at all. i want to see if merkel has any on her home toif. i don't think we'll be seeing angela merkel pills on this identify of the upon. >> it's all very bizarre. we talked about this last night, tonight on the final five at 11: 30 we're talking to the guy who wants to erect a missy elliott to replace a confederate memorial right there. it's going to be fascinating. it's sort of a tongue and cheek because i'm fascinated just by the create creativity. >> they
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on this petition. they are when beyond. they have 15,000 signatures on that. ports mute, that's where she's from. thanks for joining us. bye.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i think conor mcgregor may be getting a bum deal. the guy calling the fight hates his guts. >> paulie malignaggi, who is also conor's training partner said -- >> he thinks none of this matters that he doesn't know how to throw a punch. harvey: an announcer is supposed to call the fight honestly. >> if you're listening to the commentary on the boxing fight, put it on mute and watch it drunk with your friends. oh, he throws a left. he throws a right. who cares? i can see that. it's true. >> desiigner at l.a.x. so we asked him obviously about the tommie lee video. i don't speak desiigner so i'm not exactly sure what his reaction was to this. [unintelligible] >> but what does that mean? >> sex in the bathroom, do you dig? ye, ye, yeah. >> ezekiel elliott on a boat. of course, ezekiel elliott has


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