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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today anti-trump protes turned violent. gore fiveness or restitution. opening up about a former kkk member who is now a priest in northern virginia. >> a live look outside in for cloud question skies and temps medicine 80s and some of you could see a stray shower or two as well. >> thank you nor joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, august 23. >> gary mcgrady in with us today with look at forecast. erin como she's checking out the roads hey
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headline. >> couple showers out this morning should not be a big issue for the morning commute that's always good and listen we're trending nice, nice, nice it looks like great weekend we'll talk about that coming up. >> i like the sound of weekend forecast on wednesday. hey we have beltway construction we'll get you around that. >> sounds good thank to you both of you. 5:01. >> caught on developing use overnight. tense standoff between police and protesters reaching a boiling point. thousands of demonstrator marching outside where the president was speaking peaceful throughout the day and those protests took a okay anotheric turn when they starting hurling rocks and bottles at officers. they had to use pepper spray and tier gas to disperse them. >> thousands of protesters ban together outside and inside president trump set a combative tone aat campaign style rally and addressed plans for imgraetion and porter patrol in attempt to shift focus back to campaign
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the president then lashed out at the media and defended response to violence in charlottesville they don't report the fact just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred bigoty and violence. >> the president is expected to depart phoenix this morning and head to reno, nevada he is scheduled to speak to the american legion national convention there. the event is not open to the public. >> back closer to home following developing news out of bladeenerburg maryland. he was shot on 5 place and emmerson 9:00 last few and then drove to bladensburg police head quart rz a mile away. sky fox was over the scene as an ambulance was leaving the station. no suspect were identified. >> amazing pictures out of hagerstown maryland take a look at this firefighters battle
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at an apartment complex near hagerstown community college no official cause is given though a lightening strike is thought owe to have started the inferno fern owe. thankfully no injuries. >> time 5:02. exclusive details of a "fox5" exclusive. >> documents show father aitcheson terrorized residents 40 years ago and threatened to kill core et cetera ascott king "fox5" annie yu is live from fairfax with the latest. >> maureen, holly, as many of you know father william aitcheson made revelations about troubled past through off ed piece published days ago in the catholic herald and he's taken a leave of absence and most recent post was right here
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st. leo the great in fairfax virginia join the church in 9 and took the leave of absence after exposing his past life as a leader of kkk lodge at umd. since then we made several attempts to spoke with father aitcheson and have not heard back. however we tracked done a family we spoke to yesterday. they did not want to be identified and may speak out later with details. they are one of the african-american families targeted by aitcheson in the 19 70s and suffered hateful acts including cross purposing on front lawn an couple tells us they're owed civil damages from aitcheson and after 40 years they still don't know they can forgive him for what happened. fbi documents "fox5" obtained from the light 70s reveal father aitcheson burned crosses in front of several homes of african-american homes and made paid numerous threats to coretta scott king threatening to kill her if she spoke
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member of the naacp says actions did not stop there he planned on fire m woulding northwestern high school but says he forgives him. take a listen. >> i commend him for coming out publicly and acknowledging his past. if we cannot forgive people, then what good are we. we have to forgive people. like i said, he's fond a new life and he's a priest and trying to do good. so understand on self reports they said he was in hiding he should not hide. i think he needs to come out and let his experience be known. >> and now we can tell you the catholic church did publish a statement in reference to aitcheson's cop fetion saying it was sadly and deeply troubling and we hope to hear more from the family later today. that's the latest from fairfax virginia annie yu. >> 5:05 is the
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fallout from charlottesville violence. they have the whole country talking under fire this morning for controversial decision to spul this sportscaster from calling upcoming football game because of his name. robert lee was supposed to call the university of virginia william and mary game in charlottesville on september 2. but a spokesman for espn confirmed he's being reassigned due to the violence and con fed late robert e lee it was for announcer's safety and in a statement espn said it's because of coips dense of his name and it felt right to all parties. >> much more to come from that. a lot of people typing off about this one. this post own twitter so we're clear this is robert lee the play-by-play announcer at espn and colder guy on the right is robert e. lee. >> jessica says way to go if anyone is offended by a name alone they
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tammy posted this espn you are not helping someone there lost his mind this dude didn't choose his name. again we will talk about this one. we said materialier when you talked in trending. >> it's a real issue that now you have just made. >> it's coo-coo season. >> we lost our mind people. >> perspective. >> our way. right, seriously? >> let us know what you think obviously on all our different social media portions. we'll talk about it throughout the morning and talking about the cool down headed our way. >> aloha. >> you agree on that right. >> yes, it's going to be super nice and i was just mentioning weekend. see where temperature is now 79. we have more humidity. this weekend highs upper 70s some of you many mid 0s. this weekend will feel like touch of fall around here. we may be even turning corner. i don't see more heat coming out.
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a warm-up. here's where we are. starting with clouds obviously and a couple showers out there this morning and as progress through in the afternoon plenty of sunshine. temperatures lower to mid 0 out there and if we he have any showers later today it will be well down south us with along the front and could be as far as hey, erin. >> she's back. >> thank you gary, pretty quiet start to this wednesday morning. no complaint now from the traffic world. upper loop construction two right lanes blocked between gw and leemon bridge. we'll let you know what that clears. volume is light enough to not cause delays. outer loop look at wide view. things looking good. we had earlier outer loop construction. if you see a blip of yellow there south of 66 that cleared out of the way. things getting back to normal
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questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you holly and maureen. >> thank you, erin. coming up on "fox news morning" changing made to navy leadership after the deadly accident aboard the uss mc mccain. >> self communities in kansas city region are underwater. >> heading to break. 5:09, 70. back after this
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u.s. navy dismissed commander of 7th fleet. under his watch 17 sailors died in four collisions since sdping of year. latest monday between u.s.s. john mccain and oil tanker. president trump tweeted con dole epss as they recovered some bodies. >> a spanish judge brought terrorism charges against two suspects in last week attacks in barcelona that killed 15 people. third suspect was ordered detained for 72 hours for further questioning and final suspect still alive was released due to lack of evidence. court officials say one of the suspects confirmed the group planned a large area tack including an amom blowing himself up
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barcelona. >> debris littered a resort island off naples, italy. two people were killed and 40 others hurt during tuesday's earthquake. they found and rescued three brother from a collapsed home. this is stram attic moments of the video where they freed youngest of the three. -month-old baby and rescued three adults including pregnant woman. >> record flooding in kansas city, mow mower, turning into one massive rescue operation more that 100 people had to be saved from standed homes. unfor the fatsly one person died. one family of 7 had to scramble to the roof to avoid the floodwaters and they were stuck up there for eight hours. a neighbor saw the family during live tv coverage and drove over to rescue them in the 8 wheeleding truck. firefighters say they were wait are
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recede. >> girl scouts of america beefing with the boy scouts. >> one of the most famous hotels in the country are up for sale for more than a billion dollars. >> a live look across the d.c. region wednesday, 5:12 or you send it tomorrow. gar fwar will talk about the forecast on the other side.
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>> time 5:14 look at top stories following for you wednesday august 23. protesters clash with police outside a rally for president trump in phoenix, arizona officers use tier gas to disperse the crowds. the president addressed immigration and defended his violence by lash out at the media. >> residents at principle george county deemed to be up safe have until non today it watch out while investigating lynn hill condominiums they found holes and ceilings
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trash and strong odor in the hall ways. it will seek a court order to have them removed. >> researchers are developing a vaccine for fentanyl. it is blamed for a number of deaths in the u.s.. the vaccine force the body to view fentanyl as being foreign prompting immune system to create aunt bodies against it. >> thousands of lives could be saved in the u.s. if mammograms were done every year 40 to 84. studied author does not cover costs or fox positives or m mr. they could -- the jackpot is estimated 700 million. skd largest in u.s. mistory. you have to payments dolled out over 0 years cash option is $443
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winning 1 in 292 million. >> every other time we've done the lottery i keep forgetting to buy a ticket and it keeps growing. >> it's not your time yet. >> i'll tree to remember today for sure. >> fwar gar is standing by to talk about a taste of fall. >> the weekend looks great. >> that would be sweet. >> caisy don't it. so long heat and humidity. not necessarily today we're transitioning out of heat and humidity. one thing i can guarantee you we're not talking about one-on-one heat index today. we're talking about 85, not 101. >> we're having you thal in i second. low humidity. temperature of. some of you out in suburb be ushz will only be in the 0s for highs tomorrow. this
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look at chilly temperatures. detoyt is 5. chicago is 62. and it's really cool across the entire northern plains back into the midwest and eventually this cooler air mass will get all the way down towards the gulf coast. 65 this morning for pitt pittsburgh. and 57 for binghamton. over the next couple days into the weekend it's cooler air mass along with high pressure setslees on in. we're middle 80s today and by the weekend we're talking only upper 70s. loan some shower in montgomery county crossing to howard county it's real, real light and listen we have possibility of a few of these this morning. we have morning clouds and then we get into afternoon sunshine. frontal system to the norm west of us us. once it moves through skies will start to brighten up and later today if we have a few showers later today it will be southern maryland down through maybe fredericksburg. and fredericksburg i bets you stay dry and down to the south
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we trend dry. erin como stepped in the studio this is week for you. here we go. weekend an wednesday, how about that. is it a looks cigarette and there say little tropical system here amay come to texas and bring rain by next week. i hit the wrong button. come on erin. >> i did the billy goat trail it was amazing and sunday is perfect for another hike. >> i'm excited. >> be outside this weekend. >> enjoy the calm before the fall weather sets in off officially. >> no current delays from metro. we're clear and on time across all the lanes. it legal ut know what it changes. i'm enjoying moment. aside from that we'll he show you madz. for wednesday morning commute looking good calm 50 to cheverly no problems through riverdale park. outside the beltway 9
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bw parkway looks good on way to bwi. 70 to beltway at speed through rockville. don't no delays to report earlier overnight construction by gw parkway. airport, holly and maureen. >> thanks, erin, 5:19. we're looking at the stories engaging with most with the realtime news tracker. >> back now with what is trending, hey, wiz. >> first up, president trump held a rally in phoenix, arizona, president spent a good chunk of time bashing media for reporting of controversy sure oubding his comments following deadly protest in charlottesville. he defendeled response to the violence in virginia and blamed the media how the story is reported calling out cnn. abc, no, times by name. >> lincoln parallel park is still paying tribute to chester benning ton mrooingt. his death
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remaining band mates tweeted and uploaded about a special public event to honor his memory in light of lossing their friend they cancelled their upcoming tour you. >> boy girls are accusing girl scouts of trying to indicator to their program. girl scouts reached out to boy scouts of america they're upset the organization would try to use a program geared at boys to include girls to get membership numbers up. girl scouts went on to say little girls learn best in all girl environment. it's upsetting girl scouts are step ago way from opportunity to work together. >> the 2017 black girls rock awards show aired last fight on bet. representative max even water, roger p. henson hosted show
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field of entertainment social justice and community activists. >> a.m. famed new york city plaza hotel for sale valued $560 million. broker hired to sell the hotel. that was once owned by donald trump. the hotel has quite the le legacy. john f. ken dirks marilyn monroe even beatles all gets there. >> coming up in morning morning ceo expect federal section is into the back to grow. >> a new partnership with kooingle to make sure life he'sier. we're back after this. .
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time now 5:23 wells fargo bank
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consumer financial protection bureau looking into a number of cases they had accounts frozen or closed without their knowledge. a majority of classes were closed because of suspectsed fraud leapt activity. investigation is ongoing and news of the investigation came same day ceo warned the scandal could grow. kohl's is shrinking its stores they plan to reduce floor space. it works to compete with online retailers. it does not plan on cutting any jobs. >> panera putting calorie information right in your h hand. they'll offer calories on cups for druvrpingz and sodas and ice teas it's alsoed in. >> walmart is diving into the voice activated shopping
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with google to shop using the home speaker. it's gagle's largest partner surprise so far. the feature will be available late next month. >> 5:25 now let get to gary mcgrady and check of the forecast today. >> there's kid owes going back to school and let's stop with the forecast to get an idea of what is going on. annapolis 80. mostly cloudy skies there's possible shower here or there and far between otherwise humid, 82 to 86 skies brighten we will droy out any chance of showers today or well south of us southern maryland through hitch rond petersburg and it will stay warm, trending ral, real nice. check out temperatures this morning so you know lower
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view places still upper 70s and annapolis now sitting muggy 0. baltimore now sitting at 75. i didn't get a chance to show the 7-day last time. the looks nice tomorrow, 8 and check out friday, 80 for a high temperature. believe it or not i think my pressure rules this weekend sunshine temperatures only in the upper 70s how great is that. here's ernest campbell. >> 5:26 now we're seeing a lot of green on roads not dealing with any problems right now on 395 this is north ever etsell road volume building main lanes and hov and still at speed as you make your way poingt pentagon. roz lip, garage tune noise of that point congestion by the truck scales and northbound side quiet as well. let's take a
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we'll show you what we're dealing with. 95 wide open 50 to pennsylvania avenue. new york avenue past bladensburg looking good and queue tote south capitol. that volume starts to i'll let you know if we have issues tweet me . >> coming up a popular vitamin supplement many of you take is linked to cancer. >> new developments in the deadly accident involving u.s.s. xhk cane. >> a live look across the dmv happy hump day all. 5:27, 78 more news traffic and weather on the other side.
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sghvr today on "fox news morning" anti-trump protests turn violent. >> forgiveness or restitution. maryland man terrorized by clan opens up about a former kkk member now a priest in northern virginia. >> and mo, money, mo money, mo machine today we have a chance at jackpot valued at over 700 million. "fox news morning" starts right now. . good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin.
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>> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday august 23. >> erin como is watching roads and gary mcgrady talking about weather. good morning to you both. >> couple showers possible this mornin i don't think it's really enough to disrupt most of morning commute. we'll wait and see. morning commute that's erin como's job. hey, erin. >> depending on to you keep the rain out of the mix until it's over. roads are dry and quiet and i'll let you know what that changes. >> we'll check back in a bit. 5:31 developing story overnight protesters in phoenix, arizona clashed with trump supporters in police and thousands of demonstrators marching outside you where the president was speaking more peaceful throughout the day and those protests took chaotic turn after the rally is wovr even trump supporters plan to leave the building. police had to use pepper spray and tier gas to disperse the couz after they started throwing rocks and bottles. four people were arrested. >> meanwhile inside the venue the president said combative you ton in campaign style rally meant to shift
5:32 am
back to campaign promises in immigration and border patrol and defending response to charlottesville and lashed out at the media for reporting fake news. president also strongly said he would pardon mericopo sheriff who was ordered to stop racial profiling. >> and navy dismissed commander ofth fleet citing loss of confidence in his ability to leave. vice admiral joseph's watch 17 sailors died in four collisions throughout the y year. the latest upon president trump tweeted con dole epss of the ten sailors believed killed in that collision. >> the war in afghanistan sending more troops. first deployments could take place in days. national address last night president trump reversed past calls for speed
5:33 am
recommitted united states to 16-year-old conflict. we have new exclusive details in the story of a virginia priest who revealed his past as a kkk member. we've learned father aitcheson once threatened to kill coretta scott king. >> the other target of his terror are speaking out. live in fairfax with the latest in the this story. annie. well with, holly, wisdom, we were able to track down one of the families targeted by william aitcheson 40 years years oing go that this will be one step closer to closure. since this public she stepped down and he joined the church in '93. again he voluntarily stepped away from public ministry since exposing
5:34 am
lead are of kkk lodge of umd. we tried to get touch with father aitcheson but did not want to hear app the couple says they're owed civil dam from ach inson. fbi documents from the light 70s burned self crosses in several homes of african-american families in prince george country. window of mar tip lunger thing jr. if she spoke mean time offered a public statement in research to pup lick cop vexs he did not want to be identified until fighting legal counsel
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they hope to share more during a press briefing later this morning. hopefully we're learn more details and bring it to you. the latest from fairfax, app an, "fox5 local news". 5:5 right now. powerball jackpot now at estimated $700 million. making it second largest in u.s. historyment winners can choose to have the payments dolled ought over 30 years. don't do that. cash option is better. it comes out to $443 million oth of win ring about one in 22 million. >> they may as well take that 30 year things off the table or what are it is get rid of that. >> always take lump sum you can do better with your money than they can. >> that's a no brainier financial advice. >> exactly. >>fy win i take care of why you have guys. >> you really are. >> yeah, i'll take care of you down the street you get a combo number 2. >> i don't like the number two. i'll go number one. >> whatever you want. >> it's on me.
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>> you can actually pick anything you wants. >> anything you juan ot the menu i got you. >> he didn't say. >> chick-fil-a. >> yeah. right there. that's exactly it. i told you i got you. yeah. i got you covered. >> friends. >> oh, my gosh. >> nonetheless we'll be here tonl. >> we have to pay for par parking. >> that's not included. >> we have to stand and sit in the car while wisdom double parks something like that i don't know. seems like maybe we have experience there. 79 right here in town. there could be a spotty shower out. mostly cloudy kiz ka. pred ricksburg 75. culpeper 7 and winchester 7. lot of lower 70s there and we have one loan some 80. annapolis i'm sorry about t that. still warm and muggy. and we're changing things o okay. this is kind of day of transition all right. we'll push all the heat all the humidity out of here. and we'll eventually get sunshine. temperatures will be unto middle 80s. couple of showers this mor morning.
5:37 am
here's erin. >> 5 ooxingt 36 right now start stoing see volume pop on 95 northbound prince william parkway. main lanes crowded as you come to ewing town. south of that point through stafford as well. sutly road nothing out of the ordinary as you make your way mannasas to centerville no major delays yet. i'll let you know if that changes. we'll switch over for a look at maps and show you what they're dealing with this morning. once overnight construction cleared we're dealing with pleasant views of the map. wide views covered in green and beltway looking good and metro on time. i got powerball tickets and played numbers that came if fortune cookie i got at dinner the other fight and fingers crossed dpiz back to you. >> erin may take better care of me than you. >> you think so. >> it's hard to beat a combo anything on the menu. that's impressive at least i think so. >> uh-huh.
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>> 5:37 is the time now. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" a popular vitamin supplement many of you take linked to cancer. >> we know men are moody. >> especially after they win the lottery. >> pause for effect. >> now researchers are offering advice to save us all from the male mood swings. >> it all goes back to the lottery. i'm 5:38, 78, i'm upset and leaving, back in a moment.
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>> wednesday, august 23, time 5:41. let the cool down begin. expected mid 80s today. this is first day of cooling temperatures. gary is up with your full wednesday forecast. >> in the news this morning a new study revealing potential link between b 6 and b 12 vitamin supplements and lung cancer and study followed more than 75,000 people over ten years and found almost t two-fold increase in lung cancer in men that took highest of b vitamins. smokers had a greater risk. how much was too much. doses exceed what you would
5:42 am
pills increased lung cancer cases were not seen for women or with any other b vitamin folate. >> new study out of australia to understand daily mood swings many in men. average man's mood mrements . they're at best 10 a.m. and 7 . if you want to avoid afternoon slump doctors advice eating lunch outside to boost vitamin d levels and researchers did not test women for the study. >> ten in the morning we're doing good day. 7:00 i'm in bed. >> there you go. >> two high points. >> two high points of the d day. >> healthy snack company kind is using sugar to make a statement about children's eating habits they put a 45,000 pound mound of sugar packages in the middle of new york city time square. the display is illustration of how much added sugar kids in th
5:43 am
every five minutes. many times the sugar is hiding in drinks, sauces bread and cereal. >> i believe it. i believe it. >> coming up on fox news morning people are blasting espn on controversial decision to reassign a sportscaster because of his name. >> kyrie irving no longer a member of the cavaliers. >> live outside 5:4 3 is the time. 78 degrees. gary and erin have weather and traffic in a few minutes
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summer breeze♪ >> i'm going to let you sing. >> it's a good song to put you in a good mood on a wednesday morning. gary mcgrady is in the loft. good weather is headed our way. ♪ ♪ >> whipping the lottery tonight. >> we're lynn winning lottery tonight. >> it's all good. >> man this is a wonderful wednesday. >> it is, though. >> who said wednesday had to be bad. >> no. >> doesn't have to be. >> it seems to be particularly wonderful at this moment, gary. >> let's see, if we win the lottery. >> yeah. >> somebody in the building wins the lottery. >> yeah. >> i mean they have to share, right? >> well
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there. >> wisdom said he will share. >> i definitely would share. >> number one chick-fil-a that's great. that's a good deal, wisdom. >> absolutely it is. >> and starbucks. >> yeah, there you go. >> so long heat and humidity. it will go away. it's not gone away yet. today gets pushed south. comfortable temperatures north and northwest. pittsburgh 65. columbus 58. detroit 58. color, drier weather coming out of canada. the next couple days will settle in. it all comes in behind the front of the front this morning is to the west and north west of us. this afternoon it pushes through. as you say this where the front is this afternoon. south of d.c. that's where there could be a couple showers out there this mor morning. so later on this afternoon pardon me we could have a couple showers ahead of the front that may be southern maryland. it could be as far as north as fredericksburg. however i think guys in fredericksburg stay mostly dry. most of that shower
5:48 am
richmond and petersburg and high pressure builds in. we're dry. painted again a little shower activity into south of us around front. look at trend on temperatures. this is super nice. today we will be huge and 5. let's humid this afternoon. tomorrow or 82. low humidity. friday 80 low humidity. is it a we're 7. low humidity. you this i go on. 78 how about that for sunday. was not on there sunday looks good too, couple showers ahead of the front. few showers time to time this morning not surprising not a big deal and not enough to wet the pavement in some places that's about. it bigger front is to the north west of us. you can see a couple sprinkles and showers caught up in the flow. weekend forecast looks fantastic. look nice saturday and great sunday. i don't know how you differentiate the two days to be perfectly honest, erin c como. i've been talking to off to the side. >> i'm waiting to tell you about this mess.
5:49 am
forecast. get to make good plans to enjoy the sunshine. nice mild temps. rights nobu crashes to report on 66. look at this we have police lights you can see blocking left shoulder. that leads me to believe there's a crash that just happened in the backup. we'll keep you updated on that one. right by 28 as you head out of centerville on 66 eastbound. it's a parking lot now. coming from mannasas to centerville i would say at least 15 extra minutes now we get you exact drive times since we figure out what is going on left shoulder. rubber neck delay westbound side. volume lighter than eastbound side you see they're checking out what is going on in the big parking lot over there. let's switch to maps and show what you you're dealing with aside from big 66 slow down 395 main lanes and hov lanes 295 looks good and southbound moving along long fine as well and metro on time. i'll dream about my powerball funded vacations and toss it back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, erin. >> 5
5:50 am
pushed bill cosby new trial on sexual assault charges to 2018 the new team of lawyers requested lay it to have more time to prepare. new team includes tom me. esro who won aquit nal michael jackson child molestation c case. >> after the parka sessment test we're being looking at how students are doing. students made slight progress on the test and less than average students passed tests n grades three through eight the pass rate for english has gone up. but only slightly while only a third of students have passed math portion. state school board says only 40% of students are on track and there are still huge achievement gaps. long time football rivalry heads back to city with of brotherly love. four out of the next five will be held in philadelphia. the city hosted 86 of the 1
5:51 am
army navy games. >> 5:50 is the time now. we're back on what is hot on the web. >> maureen umeh is back with what is trending, hey, mel. >> firstp a virginia sportscaster named robert lee will not cover virginia william and mary season open esh because of coips dense of name and recent violence in charlottesville over confederate robert e. lee statue. he was supposed to announce and two weeks ago when the violence broke out espn decided to switch which game lee would cover. espn says they gave sports reporter choice to stay on game or switch and due to sensitive situation he chose toe cover game they're saying he cheese to. vice-president mike pence is getting reaction to his take on phone questioned rat st statues. he wants to see more monuments built than being torn down. we should celebrate our hist
5:52 am
reand tell the whole story of america. >> it's up to local governments to decide whether to remove confederate monuments. >> one of the focuses was immigration and border wall. at one point the president threatened to shut down the government to make sure proposed wall at mexican bo boarder is approved and funded for lawmakers. it could become an issue as congress negotiates a funding bill this fall. they faes a shut down october 5. and we thought summer block busters was about movies they're nba deals. kyi after and first round pick in 2018. irving reportedly demanded trade last month and seems he got wish. >> and timely malia obama is set up at harvard university and ready to start fresh than year of college. former president obama and michelle helped their daughter move in monday. malia will
5:53 am
education earlier this month. former president obama attended harvard and studied law there. >> can you see the former president building a loft so she can have more time underneath. that's awesome. >> 7 minutes from the hour fox is looking to mack a child star with open call to find ralphy. for the live production of a christmas story. nationwide casting calls on the way to find the lead character. submit your kid digitally until tuesday. mia rudolf was already casted to play the mother. ends september 17. >> they better cast that soon. set to air december 17. >> and offering free back to school hair cuts 10 to 1 at the sgum springs mun sti center 100 fordsham road. permission slip is required. children under
5:54 am
accompanied by a parent or guardian. >> would days away from zip trip august 25 live if fredericksburg virginia going out to park from 6 to 11 a.m. at the corner of williams street and prince edward in downtown fredericksburg. with steve and michael thomas. >> and wisdom, don't forget tisher auto group of laurel is give ago way a one year lease on new 2018 acura tlx at the zip trip finale. it's a week from this friday. going down at national harbor. to enter go to d.c. cop test link and ask to be selected of one of five finalists you must attend in person and one luckily viewer will go home a winner. you must be 1 years or elderer to wepter. complete rules and
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available on. >> this morning we have but family from dem mask us. >> look how cute they are. >> is nominated by heather who say they love "fox5" and we're best news station so f far. >> no stop it go on thank you so much. we love the picture we hope you have a fab ulass day and remember your chance to be fan of day post picture below this one. >> gary good morning to you. >> good morning to you too. >> we're trending nice. the weather will be beautiful. kid owes this morning a few of you that have to go to schoolment sorry about that, to 78 time now. humid out there mostly cloudy could be a spotty sprinkle or lights shower in places. brighter skies this afternoon. warm 82 to 86. little less humid late today. trends is as the cold front comes through to take some of this hultty away
5:56 am
we're 79 very mild degrees out there this morning and annapolis molding 80. 75 to south in fredericksburg and culpeper 7. here's next 7 days. 85 today. look where we're going. thursday, 8. friday 80. 79 on saturday and 78 sunday. those are eyes, highs for the weekends. very nice a fall geel in the air. here's erin. >> 5:56 nasty glaze on 66 eastbound there's a crash and hevt lane blocked. we're seeing 20 minute delay prince william to 28 and you you beener neck or physician a skd airy to get around that. we'll switch it now from the live lookment sorry gary dropped something and it startled me. taking a look at beltway we have earlier crash by st. barnabus
5:57 am
and not major delays picking up there. good news. outer loop slow. reports of disabled vehicle by 29. metro rail ends on time. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter we'll be right
5:58 am
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>> straight ahead at
6:00 am
motions running high after president donald trump campaign style rally in phoenix and violent clashes between pro tester and officers hit with rocks and bought plies used tier gas to disperse the crowd. >> surprising new details about a local priest that admits he used to be a leader of the ku klux klan. "fox5" has exclusive details of his hate crimes and hearing from a man her terrorized 40 years ago. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning august 23, 2017. we'll have weather and traffic coming up for you on the f fives. beautiful sky in the meantime. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> developing overnight a dramatic scene in the moments after president campaign style rally in phoenix what started peaceful protests turned unruly when they were bhet trump supporters and officers had to use tier gas to clear the area. police no one was injured but they did make arrests. >> he covered a wide range of topics. more on


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