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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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from galveston, we'll show you things are starting to deteriorate. the trees blowing, storm surgeon, this will only go downhill over the next few hours and next 24 hours, it will only be worse. let's take a look at the maps, the eye of the storm, extremely identifiable. it's very clear and continues to move its way, it will only be a few more hours before we start to see corpus christy north of houston being impacted more, those ran bands extending over to louisiana and texas is just getting pounded. 25 inches more expected, locally we could see even more of that. 12 to 18 inches to the north and this is only the beginning. problem is with this storm system, which is now just to the east, southeast of corpus christy. is that when it make landfall, it will stall out and meander and that just means as it stays over land longer, the more
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and more damage. the other issue is the track has it pulling out to sea once again which means into the warm waters it will intensify and heading back to land again, that's a one, two punch for area of the coastal region and that is not good either. this is a very dangerous and devastating storm. we're talking storm surge, rainfall and wind flying debris as well as rain and flooding in local areas as well. where we can see that storm surge affecting areas such as bridges and things of that sort. we're talking 12, six to 12 feet possible with that storm surge, 1530 inches, higher locally 40 inches in terms of rainfall and it may strengthen before landfall, here at home, things the opposite. calm, we have a very nice sunny weekend in store i'm happy to say. a little bit rainfall, but all in all a far cry from our neighbors in texas, back to you. you know, i
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this, you don't want to focus on anything but the well-being but there are political components to think the white house is preparing for the potential political storm that could follow hurricane harvey. the major hurricane is a critical test for whomever is in the white house. >> president trump visited fema with hurricane season underway, john kelly is the president's -- that's not true. excuse me >> homeland security secretary >> the white house said president trump is in the loop on what is about to happen down in texas. >> and president has been briefed and will continue to be continue to be updated. he's very aware of and will keep a watchful on >> the political consequences of a major hurricane can be significant for a sitting president. of course, we all remember george w bush in his time in the white house, widely criticize for his response to hurricane katrina in 2005 which really was the first major crisis of a second term. and almost seem like
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point, it was all downhill from there. >> the fall-out has continued for many year, what people always go back to. let's bring in richard l evick >> tweeted president, we have the tweet, he said really donald trump keep on top of hurricane harvey. don't make the same mistake that president bush made with katrina, the president promptly responded by saying -- not promptly but he responded quickly and said i'm on it, coordinating state and federal response teams. how important is it for the president to come off as very presidential right now in this time of a potential disaster? >> well, i believe for the moment, of course, the urgently important and i think he will, this is the kind of natural disaster this president was built for. it's an act of god likely to strike the united states. in fact, a red
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he's not going to need a teleprompterer to look genuine. two, i think that since the katrina, fema learned its lesson, much better flexibility, three, he's got general kelly with him, who was -- having his earlier position at dhs, homeland security responsibility for fema, so i believe that as a general, you're going to see the kind of command and control that you need to see here. and finally, i think that brock law over at the head of fema is remarkable leader who's got so many years of experience had in alabama, on hurricane, he knows what needs to be done. this administration is getting ahead of the storm. >> i believe -- that's a good point you made there, because i believe back to after katrina, michael brown, who's big achievement was heading up a horse organization of some source had no crisis management experience and we saw president bush say
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of a job. seems like this is a much different cast of characters, route people at the right time >> it and in many ways, it's a mirror situation. that is the president bush had so many of the right people qualified people in different important offices and yet over at fema, he had one of the at least qualified in michael brown. here, in administration, that has people and energy and education and epa, who largely want to disband the organizations over at fema in brock lawn you have someone who received near universal approval by the senate, 96-4 vote. so many years of experience, he's the right person and understands what needs to be done. this presidency will not be defined by what happens in the next 72 hours the way the bush administration was with katrina >> i think the last, ten days, the president had some up and down certainly, some negative press for his rally and the things that he said about what happened down
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charlottesville. if you were advising him, what would you tell him to do as we head into this time period with harvey >> there are few things, one, in terms of instantly. he'll be at camp david very smart. a good thing this weekend he's not going to be in a golf course, let's hope he doesn't go out to dinner at some place that's inappropriate for him at the moment. needs to be constantly in touch with governor abbott as he has been so far. texas, also with governor edwards of louisiana and so far he has been, he'll need to go to the scene at the appropriate time, he knows how to do that. when president obama couldn't get to louisiana because governor edwards asked him not to right after the flood, donald trump as a candidate understood the moment and was instantly there. >> by the way you mentioned governor greg abbott who succeeded rick perry as governor of it does. here's what he had to say. >> i have
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presidential disaster declaration, a major disaster declaration, that issued to the president, moments ago. of this, of course, will trigger the assistant or additional help and assistance from the federal government that the state of texas is asking for. we can obviously tell already at this stage, this is going to be a very major disaster. >> let me ask you one thing, when it comes to, and we go back to the politics. as you said, we've sort of laid out there, the president has his cards in a line right here. but you have people in the orbit of the trump administration. one is david clark the sheriff of milwaukee county. he sent a tweet out. democrats and liberal media are no doubt hoping for hurricane harvey to make a direct hit on texas so they can blame real donald trump. i won't quote. he
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i believe at this point, i believe that the wise thing to do and i think you'd agree, is keep politics out of this, keep, stay out of the, i feel luke they're setting the stage be people in that orbit to say, well, you know, if the democrats want to start blaming somebody, you have your boogie man out there. >> i think you're absolutely right. that's a terrible tweet. these are americans. but certainly, as any human being we would be concerned. we have to dispense with that tweet and say extraordinarily poor judgment. i believe where politics will come into this is -- and some of this is out of the president's control. how bad a storm is this? how long does it last? how many lives are lost? does he go to the scene? and does he look like he's helping out? he can control that but these other things that he can't, and the other challenge is going to be you've already seen with oil and natural gas, nearly 25%, a quarter of platforms have been closed
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going to be closed down. does this mean an impact in gas prices? those are the kinds of things that will start to become political if the damage extend over a long period of time. >> richard levick >> we're coming up on 12 years convince since katrina hit, late august, 2005, there's a lot of parallels >> you think back to last year, when they had the devastating flooding there. there's a lot at stake. let's talk about something it is at stake. the debt ceiling, the deadline is inching closer and closer and the president is still at odds with congress >> sometimes i like the music. >> she thinks of good ones, you ma i recall the president was critical of the gop leadership including mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tweeted they haven't done what he wanted in terms of the debt ceiling and have created a mess in congress, the presid
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shut down the government if congress didn't come up with funding for his border wall. steve ma knew chin weighed in >> i've had discussions and we're all on the same page, the government intend to pay its debts and the debt ceiling will be raised >> we see this every administration, you may have missed the tweets this morning the president said if senate republicans don't go to filibuster rule and go to a 51% majority few bills will be passed eight demes will be passed. of that would not have changed anything so far. the healthcare bill >> still didn't get through. >> you almost want to make sure it's at that point going any higher >> he seems to be attacking you say his own party instead of going after democrats. they're not
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responding back. >> main r many say he's in campaign mode, he filed the paperwork. i want to say right after he was inaugust graded. >> devon henry from the hill joins us. thank you for joining us. we've heard a couple of names, corey booker, bernie sanders, you wrote a column about another democratic contender >> one name to watch and a lot of folks are keeping an eye on is senator al frank ken from minnesota. it he's not going to run but that's something when all remembers of congress say when they're contemplating. he's gone after some of his nominees as they've come before congress's he's become one of the more out spoken members of the democrat party when it comes to
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president trump wants to do and oh top of all of that. he wrote a book. it's not the type of book that other politicians write. it's a funny book. and, you know, but even still, it's something that you look at and you say, that's kind of interesting, i wonder if there's something a little bit more of a long r long-term strategy category 3 on here. you mention al frank ken, here's a guy was an international figure being on the saturday night live. he had to confront that on the campaign trail. he had the long recount. what he did after inaugust great add he stayed in minnesota, didn't do national interviews, about six years, then reelectioned now sort of remerging as a national figure >> i covered al frank en as he was a member of the minnesota delegation during the recount and during the reelection campaign. it's very interesting. he really did a good job of putting his head down focusing on issues, he has a good interesting legislative
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he focused. he's at the misunderstand state fair, people be there ten out of the 12 days the fair is going on and kept a focused on building himself up in misunderstand and focusing on minnesota issues and that's helped him politically. he won by 312 votes in 2008. he won by double digits and helped him. when you mentioned those minnesota issue, it's a stark contrast to somebody like elizabeth who, you know, i covered elizabeth warren running, seems she had these these national issues and she's a national figure from the get-go. i see two very different parallels, those are two names thrown out for 2020 >> there will be a dozen if not more democrat whose run for president in 2020 and we'll see campaigns come online probably early
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presidential campaign cycle has been so elongated and they last forever now, i believe elizabeth warren and corey booker are more likely to run, i think frank ken is you don't have the thinking about it. they're all taking different approaches and different tacks to how they confront trump. elizabeth warren is becoming one of those out spoken leaders along with bernie sanders who goes after trump for a little bit of everything that he does. some republicans say that they're -- they're not going very in-depth and trying to oppose everything that president trump does to raise the national profile but we'll see if that works for democratic voters going into 2020 and the 2020 cycle >> we'll be watching. of seems like the presidential cycle never ends. devon thanks for joining us. happy friday to you. . healing over hate
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community rallies after anti-immigrant flyers pop up in the neighborhood. i on a on a arrow a
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. white house chief gary cohens said he came close to stepping down. "new york times" said cohen drafted a regular nation letter. he says business associates even his wife urged him to think about leaving. cohen decided to stay on since expected to play a big role on tax reform. a dc community is taking a stand after several anti-immigrant flyers were founder all around the neighborhood. krysten leon is live now with more on this story, these signs just started popping up now there's a whole reaction to it. right? >> this should something that the neighborhood tells me they're not going to take lightly same with city
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this type of hate or any for that matter. take a closer look. this is why you got trump meanwhile this one says, even r bg backs the ban, build the wall. on the flyer we say take a closer looking there's a logo that says dc counter resistance. after becoming aware of that us, council member brandon todd of ward 4 put out this statement, i want you to know that this is not something we will tolerate in ward 4. or the district of columbia. all residents regardless of race, color, creed, religious affiliation or sexual preference deserve to feel safe and respected in their community. some neighbors are not only horrified but repulsed this idea of hate and hostility is being spread in their community. >> this is disgusting. it's disgusting that people take the time to even create that kind of garbage much less post it anywhere
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it. it's sad. >> i don't understand it at all. it's mistfying, disgusting. something we have to continually fight. >> reporter: now, takoma residents also say they pride themselves on being a place of inclusion, acceptance and divesity and those qualities are what they stand for as a community. now, right now, dc police are investigating those flyers that you just saw there. if you happen to see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood, you're asked to call 911. live in takoma, krysten leon, fox 5 local news >> thank you. malia obama and tiffany trump are on campus this fall. what will it be like? we'll talk after the break.
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transgender people joining the military but appeared to leave open the possibility of allowing some already in uniform to remain. of course, there are questions about what will happen to the transgender individuals who are already serving openly again we're still working to get more details on this and we'll have more for you tonight at 8:00 and 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30. all we know we'll be talking about, it's amazing how quickly in this news cycle. on friday night. not anymore. it is also an exciting time for millions of young people out there who heading off to college. but is it the same for two students headed to college with the most famous last names r names >> we're talking about malia obama and tiffany trump. how are you. >> glad to be with you >> presidents have send their kids off to college. bill clinton sending chel off to hartford >> you
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to sanford and if you recall, it was a big team, she came in with her parents on air force 1, police presence, everywhere, secret service and quickly it got quiet and chelsea had a somewhat normal experience and that's what both malia and tiffany trump are hoping for, so far, we haven't heard much from them. the obamas helped her move in the a harvard, there are a few photos that popped up on social media. >> she went early. they went like during the eclipse monday to sort of keep down the media attention. >> the official move-in day was tuesday. but they moved in on monday. and like you said, it was right at the eclipse. folks were looking at the sky, they were slipping her into the building and came off wearing big sunglasses so maybe there are some tears shed >> i'm sure act mom taking a child to college. do we know if the former pled carried boxes in? we didn't
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>> ok. >> just curious >> tiffany at georgetown, obviously she'll be close to her dad. >> i think that we'll start to see her as like maybe some white house events, around town in washington >> she hasn't done a whole lot of that so far >> not yet. you know be this summer, she was in europe, we know that from her instagram feed. she took some time off after graduating from u penn. i believe we'll see her in the mix with the family in washington >> how will things be different on campus? do you think we'll see more of a secret service presence? how will it affect the other students. >> when chelsea was at stanford, the secret service sort of do their best to blend in. they're wearing backpacks and dressing down. unless you're paying attention you may not necessarily know you're around >> like the one guy in your dorm who had a mustache, you look a little old >> thank you very much for coming in tonight. >> sure >> we'll be right back.
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president trump grade of the cover of playboy magazine in 1990. hefner said we don't respect the guy. even though president trump is fan of his father. the hefners don't return the affection. he wrote why am i embarrassed because we promote all individuals to choose a life they want to live. if the 1990 team would have known the platform. the president would never have found his way on to our cover >> different time. although. i believe, through the 80's, donald trump was seen as maybe some day real run for president. lasted a long time. >> back then people thought he was more liberal >> he was. >> you thought of himself as a democrat >> we certainly seen a change there. one man's perspective there. >> history is history. you can't change that
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on the breaking news about president trump and the transgender ban coming up tonight at 8:00 and 10:00 and 11:00 and 11:30. >> make it a good night and we'll see you later.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, we all knew it. it was only a matter of time before kylie jenner stripped. super nude photo shoot. >> can she become more famous than kim? harvey: she kind of has. >> the only thing kim has above her is a famous husband. harvey: who does kylie marry? >> what if she doesn't get married at all. what if she has a fabulous life and fabulous time? harvey: improbable. [laughter] >> taylor swift released her new single. ♪ i don't like your tilted stage ♪ >> the album is going to drop on the 10-year anniversary of kanye west's mother's death. >> she did not do it on purpose. >> to her defense, it's the friday two weeks before black friday, which is a big release for superstar releases. >> black friday? that's intentional too. oh, my god. >> tons of people last night at


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