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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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because of fuel spill and tractor-trailer crash between joplin and what we're dealing with in triangle all traffic russel road exit there. route 1 northbound and hop back on 9 5. right now you're dealing with 30 minute delay back past 610. hof off well behind that point and take route 1 northbound and factor in extra time. best alternate to get you around the 95 northbound de delay. a second tractor-trailer crash garrisonville. i want to show you that delay so you know what you're up against. this is exactly why you want to avoid 9 a5 northbound side. you're completely parked now and it's just 4:30 in the morning. hov lanes okay and main lanes a parking lot. we'll have the latest on that and the rests of your commute on "fox news morning". >> we start this morning
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>> we start this morning at 4:0 with the latest out of texas watt death toll has risen as tropical storm harvey continues to wreck havoc. >> tens of thousands were displaced and rescue efforts continue overnight in midst of newly composed rescue effort in houston. annie. >> maureen, wisdom, there are new reports this morning that 18 people are now dead including houston police sergeant that drowned in his patrol car after trapped in rising floodwaters from ha harvey. largest city of houston unrecognizable as highways and businesses and entire neighborhoods are submerged in murky brown water. more than 13,000 people rescued and emergency crews statewide are working to save lives of those still stranded in floodwaters. many fled their homes in search of emergency shelters and symptom are still trapped in their homes. shelters are filling over capacity
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taking shelter george r brown convention center, toyota center and nrg center are used to evacuate evacuees. ten bus fulz of people pulled up before midnight last night. also lasts night the mayor announced mandatory curfew for residents in houston to prevent ludeing. the weather will get better in southeast texas today but harvey next is louisiana where storm will make a second land fall today. maureen and wisdom back to y you. >> more from you as the morning progressing, right now it's 4:32. in the meantime more news for defense secretary jim matic putting hold on transgender ban in the u.s. military. he announced transgender soldiers will be able to serve in the military pending results of study. he will hear recommendation from a panel and then advice the president on what next to do. this comes after president trump
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last month transgender service members can no longer serve sdmrb in departments to a massive brawl outside the turkish embassy last may. prosecutors say security forces loyal to the president attacked the crowd and caused a number of injuries. 19 people were indicted including 15 security officials. so far two are in custody and most people indiet ready no longer in the country. >> we continue to follow the fallout in virginia from charlottesville. dan boreden appeared pe before ohio judge yesterday. charged with brutal beating of black man in white supremists rally in virginia. he was arrested after video surfaced show him and self other white men attacking deanne dray harris in a charlottesville parking garage. >> a developing story from prince william county a nurse is in yale accused of sexually assaulting a
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worked at the medical center in woodbridge and between august 2 and 24 he inappropriately touched a 39-year-old female patient more than once. at this point it's unclear if there's more victims. we reached out to the hospital and have not heard back. he is held without bond. >> a jump jump in premium costs of obamacare in 2018. approved average rate increases of 23% to nearly 50% depend opingt plan and carrier. the increases will take a toll on consumers who don't get government sudden saidyes and insurance companies too. this adds to questions surround ago fordable care act and stability and ability. >> the university of maryland is taking steps to honor the leafy of army lieutenant richard collins. last may the buoy state university student was stabbed to death at a bus stop near the college campus. today the campus s
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collins. 12:05 both institutions were pawsed in silence for one minute and umd will hold a series of programs to discuss rate, hate and politics. >> and discussioning 68 million rate increase requestioninged by pepco. the council president plans to fight the rate increase and the company request to hike up monthly energy rates by $7 a month is not justified. public service commission is expected to recall on pepco rate hike request this fall. >> let's get a check of today's forecast. good morning to you michael thomas. >> good morning to you wisdom and maureen as well. today is a drier day. good news there. be a mix of clouds and sunshine. not sunny, bright, beautiful, good day nonetheless. satellite and radar showing rain moved out. again clouds, mostly high, thin, left out. there today starts with a good amount of sun. as we head into the afternoon we'll get a little more cloud cover in place. 64 the current
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national feeling cool and pleasant. dulles 61. check out bwi in 50s this morning. light jacket to start the early portion of the day. temperatures warming up through the 70s this afternoon and i don't think we'll make 80. most of suburbs won't. 72 at 11 and 77 at 2 and 78 by 5 and harvey has the latest details on the track where it's going and when it's expectsed to make landfall again in ten minutes. that's weather. over to erin for traffic. >> 4:36 and huge problems if you head out on 95 northbound quantico and triangle. what you're looking at is traffic completely parked barely crawl ago long. we have two tractor-trailer crashes northbound. the delay is leading up towards garrisonville road. right now what they're doing is diverting all traffic russel road. and then you can hug bag back on to 95 northbound after joplin road this morning. we have a tractor-trailer crash and a fuel spill out there for hours. hov looking good and south of that point hov crash involving tractor-trailer gary ton road
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it's a mess in hov and main blinds 95 northbound half hour delay already and 4:36 in the morning. take jeffersonville highway or route one to get around that and we'll keep you updated on the breaking news. back to you guys. >> coming up on "fox news morning" stars line up to raise money and contribute to the harvey relief effort. >> and for the first time since 9/11 people without tickets will be allowed to go to gates only at one airport. >> an a live look outside across the dmv. time 4:37, temperature 64 degrees. back in a
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>> time now 4:39 we're back with what is hot on the web. >> holly morris is here with what you are engaging with most on social media. >> furious texans take to social media to slam millionaire pastor
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millionaire pastor joe oldstein coming under fire for for closing mega church. he claims it was inaccessible due to flooding he posted pictures of the church saying it is open and able to receive anyone. in the pictures it appears the building was not anrekted by flood water at all. >> donations for victims of harvey are pouring in from celebrities to big companies pitching in to help out. actor sandra bullock donated $1 million to american red cross. google. amazon and facebook agreed to match all donations given by their customers. so far it's a total of million dollars. >> pittsburgh international first u.s. airport to allow non flier past security since 9/11. tsa approved the same rule. non flyers have to go through the same screening process as those taking a flight. >> cbs takes a galactic gamble making new
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reboot series only available through streaming. fourth installment is one of the most expensive in history. cbs says there are enough "star trek" super fans that won't pay for a large cable package but will pay $6 a month for the show. the show premiers on cbs next month but the rest of the episodes will only be available for streaming. >> and disneyworld not just for kids. disney is offering wine sl slushyes at theme parks. slushyes come in strawberry and mango moscato available at disney springs in florida. fans expressed their excitement over spiked drinks on social media. great treat for adults while meeting mickey mouse. >> the whole experience 2459 much better. >> they call it happiest place on earth. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i was thinking that. >> you're right here. >> holly morris, good morning. >> see you later. >> good morning. >> 4:4 1st time coming up on
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breaking news, northbound i 5 shut down after quantico. >> after two tractor trailer crashes overnight much more on the crashes and backup when we come sglak in the meantime a look across the d.c. region, 4:42. 64 degrees. drier ahead today we'll have the details when mike khaimz in with the weather and erin with the accident. back after this olay eyes new deep hydrating eye gel with hyaluronic acid born to outperform the #1... prestige eye cream for better hydration. and your best look yet. olay eyes collection. ageless. (cough) i'm never gonna sleep with this cold. i'll take a sick day tomorrow.
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a fire involved and now a fuel spill. hov lanes are open and filling up fast. erin como will join us with more. >> gulf coast preparing for another blow from tropical storm harvey. it's expected to make land full a second time in louisiana. harvey dumped so far 51.8" of rain more rain than any other tropical storm in u.s. his history. so far 18 deaths may be reported and expect toynd crease. a houston police officer is among those killed. roughly 200,000 people forced
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>> controversial transgender ban is hold. and military pending six month study. and panel then advised president what to do next. >> ohio man a.m. it shows boreden and deanne dray harris in charlottesville parking garage. and he won the first and fourth sets before federror was able to close it out in the fifth. after the match the 19-year-old giopo said that federror won before the skin of his team and federror said he had a great career ahead of him. >> that's confidence. winning by the skin of your teeth. >> today is wednesday, august 0 we
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talking about weather. first because of what is happening on 95 near quapt go we have erin como first. >> it's a huge mess 95 northbound tracking breaking news all right. 4:4 this morning parked in main lanes. hov crowded than usual this time of morning. two tractor-trailer crashes one 610 gary sopville road and after russel road. all traffic diverted russel road because of huge tractor-trailer crash out there for at least the next few hours impacting majority of morning rush. let's look at maps now and show you what you can do to get around that. best bet this morning take route 1. especially south of quanitco. get on auto route one so sewer not stuck in that delay. again, 95 northbound autopsy main lane closed between russel and joplin road. second one blocked at least one lane at the hov lanes garrisonville road.
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aside from huge issue in virginia we're seeing nice conditions if we can get things forwarded to main map there. things looking good on bel beltway. no issues in mar nar in the districts true no. >> that's good news if you make your way out around town other than quantico area. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter. mike tell me we're getting a break from the rain today. >> a little break from the lane later on. busy on the roads erin thank you for keeping us updated. harvey update for you there. making land fall. and from this hour a
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officially make land fall until completely over land. it will take a few hours still a slow move and still on the move. winds 45 miles an hour and this land fall is good. we have to get harvey off the gulf waters itself so it kind of cuts off from the moisture feed and that eventually shuts off the rain machine too. good news is that harvey is moving off north. bad news is that it will affect us later on this weekend as we get towards saturday here in d.c.. and does look a little wet. kind of like yesterday was around here what you can expect on saturday. we'll have the 7 day in a couple minutes. here's forecast for the next couple days in washington. 79 today. mix of cloud and sunshine and should be dry. tomorrow stray shower possible cloud cover and warmer at 83. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up. wisdom, maureen, for now i'll send it back to you. >> metro police are asking for your help to find a woman responsible for revolt ago tack on a bus driver. take a good lo
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in police video. saturday afternoon she threw a full cup of urine on the bus driver as he was pull into a stop along x 2 route in northeast. the driver was taken to the hospital for decontamination after the attack. anyone from information is asked to call police. >> head trainer for penn state football team could testify today as preliminary hearing resumes in death of tim piazza. he died after falling down the stairs of a frat house during a hazing ritual. 18 penn state fraternity members are facing criminal charges. >> coming up on "fox news morning" american olympic distance runner found dead floating in a pool. >> less than stellar numbers after summer without a blockbuster. >> time now is 4:50. >> temperature is 64. back if a moment
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>> "fox5" is selling pod yaiv runner found in scottsdale. 31-year-old run are competed in 2016 games in rio. he was in arizona to train. it appears he drowned. no signs of foul play here. >> detective in washington state on administrative leave after video showing him pulling a gun on a biker. he was pulled over for a traffic stop and you see in the video the detective points his gun and demand to see his i.d. >> i said don't shoot that's my first thought. >> i can't hear you well can i turn my vehicle off.
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officer with a gun on me at all i don't want to do anything to make that person feel unsafe or whatever. >> randle says detective put the gun away and continued traffic stop. the sheriff office says he was pulled over for wreckless d dreving and they're investigating the incident. >> summer movie season ends this labor day weekend in the a moment too soon for studios. audiences rejected several films supposed to be block busters. transformers five and pirates of the caribbean five and mummy. experts say 2017 will be the first summer below 4 billion at the box office since 2006. don't cry for me argentina. billy. come on. bill ynz and you're complaining? hm. >> those movies. >> not resonating with audiences that could mean 300 blilon in lost revenue right there. beyond that the r rated comedies this summer there were five of them only one
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girls trip performed beyond expectations. >> experts take this will be the lost in the box office since 2006. >> i noticed. >> they're all remakes and reboots and expanded movies. >> i deposit contribute a dollar to any movie this summer. >> here's what we contribute to, two days away from zip trip finale, friday, september 1. starting us off at 6. alley sent and holly joining us on 7 and rest of the crew. >> and then those stragglers come on in. >> they'll get there when they get there. >> we'll all be at the national hash on until 11 a.m. come in and celebrate. i don't know how i feel about this. >> it's friday you'll be fine. >>
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>> are we being babies should we have taken offense to that. >> we totally t'eo fence. >> i'm not offended. >> shoo. sh ho oo. >> i'm not offended it's just the otherwise good the other guys we'll come up with tee shirts called the other guys. >> zip trip looks dry on friday morning. friday evening whoa could start to see showers moving in from what will be the remnants of harvey at that time. and future cast for the day today. and clouds and sunshine. that will be the theme for the day. periods of sun and period of clouds. and off to the west in town. i 81 and portions off west. could be a couple showers. you see on future cast sl slaiding through i think they stay out of d.c. and balt baltimore. quick look at 7 day temperature hanging below normal. cool. harvey remnants day. more details in the 5:00 hour. that's weather. erin has a busy morning on the roads. >> huge mess in quantico. 9
4:57 am
tractor-trailer crashes bl blocking our ride. between 6 19 russel road at that point you have to detour because of crash closer to 6 19. again detour russel road, route 1 northbound, all lanes backed up. hov lanes look okay and we'll have the latest on the 5:00 hour. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a d.c. grand jury indiets more than a dozen people for a fight outside the turkish embassy good and lawsuit over amputated big t toe. >> heading to break. live look across the region. 4:57 is the time. 64 is the temperature. back after this r this
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>> today on "fox news morning" tropical storm harvey gulf coast resident preparing for another blow from the deadly storm that won't go away. >> transgender military ban. pentagon presses pause button allowing thousands to continue serving their country. >> looking live outside it will be warmer out there today. prepare for sunny skies and temps nearing 80 degrees. >> what? what? >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. >> it's wednesday, august thursday -- august 30th on this wednesday is what i'm trying to say. >> we goit


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