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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. right now at ten, caught on camera, gunmen chased and ,sitting here today, at a man as he ran down a metro escalator. how d.c. police hope you you can help them find a shooter. april a fox5 exclusive, the mother of a man accused of throwing a mol tol cock stale into a liker store is speaking only to fox5. she is sharing more about her son's troubled past.
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battle is brewing over a popular beer gardens to expand. why neighbors are concerned and how the owners responded. the news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with the search for the gunman who chased and shot a man going down the escalator at the columbia heights metro station. police say they know who they are look ing for and they're hoping you can track him down. marina maracco joins us live. >>reporter: if you see this man , the first thing you should do is call 911 and this is 22 year old caesar morales. he has arrested on an outstanding distinct face and neck, completely covered in tattoos and he is considered armed and dangerous and it's because of this incident that you're going to see right me behind me. this is surveillance video from friday. detectives believe that morales fired off a single round . police believe it was a targeted act and you can see in that video there's a second person with dread locks. police say \he\es also
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interest wanted in connection with this shooting. following the shooting officers were close on the shooter's trail, but he got away. there was a brief foot pursuit. that suspect discarded a firearm which we were able to recover that evening. unfortunately we were unable to capture the suspect. investigators went back to the scene. they were able to obtain video footage of a shooting where we had a suspect that actually fired one round down the escalator. once again we want you to get a good look at this man. this is caesar morales. he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see this individual, you you are asked to call 911. live tonight in columbia heights, marina maracco , fox5 local news. now to a fox5 exclusive. the mother of a man accused of throwing a mol tol cocktail inside a belts
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ing objection to the form to fox5. contact van edwards was behind the attack over the weekend. two employees were burned by the flames, one is still recovering tonight. edwards dz mother didn't want on go on camera and canned us to disguise her voice but she did tell us her son has been in and out of mental facilities since 2011. and saturday she told us he escaped from a mental installation substitution in rock vivment once she found out about the attack she was devastated. it was unbelievable to me. i was crying all night. i was crying on the inside. every day, not just now, but just every day because it's a nightmare i'm going through not being able to help my son. detectives say edwards now faces a long list of charges, included attempted first and second degree murder. the motiv
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today is national overdose aware ness day much it's important because the death toll associated with drug overdose, open ibuprofen ideas and heroin are skyrocketing daily. several events were held in our area today. fox's anjali hemphill was at the white house and she joins us with the latest. >>reporter: unto are the nately we have to do stories about this continuing over april over. drug overdoses now is the leading cause of accidental death. it kills more people than cars and guns. tonight family directly affected here marched here to the white house demanding to see real change happen to stop the growing epidemic. i was actually a very emotional evening on the white house eclipse as family and friends who have lost someone to drug overdose came and gathered they came from all over the country. a similar event was also held simultaneously in rock ville. dozens were seen holing hands, ultra hing. they brought pictures of people t
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group has been meeting for several years, but they say the group gets bigger and bigger. every year we talk to many people tonight in different parts of their overdose gurneys, parents who have just lost their 23 year old sofnlt a former addict who is now mentoring others. it's only been what, five, six months. it feels like yesterday. he was a wonderful person. he was loving and he tried so far to deal with this. the only cons consolation now is that he is at piece. we lost my nephew. he could have been saf ed with narcan. he was left in a house by himself. the rest of the people fled, didn't call 911. april april i thought he would be the instance expiration for my son, but unfortunately my son fell into the same. but we're celebrating his recover
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rich he ' two years in recovery this could be me. like i could be dead today. and i'm here to be a face and voice of recovery to show that we don't have to use ever again. all these groups are calling on the white huss and the fed government to step it up, free up more funding immediately, declare the issue a national emergency and they also want to re move the stigma to allow families to finally feel comfortable to come forward and start asking for help. that's the latest here at the white house tonight, anjali hemphill fox5 l local news the cleanup from harvey is already underway in some areas of texas. meanwhile volunteers and first responders are still rescuing people. so far the storm is being blamed for more than 30 deaths. today people in an area northeast of houston lad to evacuate after explosions at a nearby chemical plant. then virm al protection agency said that there are no toxins being released from that. so what's next f
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over to caitlyn roth and get the latest. >>reporter: the good news is that yes, tropical depression harvey has finally wreak end and moved out of the gulf coast but it's still bringing flooding to places like memphis, tennessee. it's going to bring heavy rain as far east as the carolinas eventually setting its sights on our area. radar right now still showing the distinctive circulation of a tropical cyclone. it's still got a ton of moisture with this guy plenty tf heavy rain across tep. that's a tornado watch for central portion of alabama. as far as the path of what remains of harvey it's moving due northeast at 20 miles an hour by tomorrow afternoon it will be somewhere in northern tennessee and by saturday afternoon it's just towards our west. during the day the saturday the outer bands will have already reached us. this is what it looks like if you put a tck
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remnants of harvey. heavy rain along the southeast coast all the way into southern ohio, rain sures arriving by early saturday morning for us. that is noon on saturday with steady rain across the area. it doesn't look like it will move out until late saturday even possibly into early sunday morning. that guaranties a soggy start to the weekend. all that coming up in the seven day forecast. >> not a washout. thank you, caitlyn. new tonight federal agents put a snow removal bribe ry scheme on ice today. under arrest two transportation officials and the heads of several snow removal business. they're accused of scainging cash bribes for contracts. lauren demarco joins us with the details on this one report report for the past few geezer when snow would fall over northern virginia two ddot employees were using their positions to enrich themselves by accepting cash bribes that according to the justice department. the indictment identifies the two men as andy will i a
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the names of the four contractors listed on the screen . all six men facing various fraud charges. this began in 2013 and tipped each winter through 2016. federal investigators say will i and adams illegally awarded $9.1 million in contracts to the four other men and pocketed at least $140,000 in bribes. according to a fox five a source more than a dozen fbi agents swooped in and carried out a raid. they arrested one of the officials there. meanwhile another group of agents arrested the other vzot employee the at his home. one of the men, kenneth adams is also accused of secretly operating as a subcontractor for one of the four snow removal companies using a business he owns called supreme landscaping. that began in 2011 and he allegedly used it to take in an additional $160,000 in illegal payments. a lot of money here. it involves a lot of
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all six men are facing up to 20 years in prison. vdot tells me they have proked assistance and will stin to do so as he needed but they have no further comment . sarah. new video tonight of a burglary in the district. this happened in southeast on tuesday in the 1400 block of pennsylvania avenue. you can see three people getting out of the car right here. investigators say they stole an atm and other merchandise before driving away. please call police if you recognize these men. the woman charged with throwing a cup of yeern is out of jail. this is surveillance video from the bus. oam brown is the woman right there. she attack the driver on saturday a long the x2 route in northeast. today in court she pled not guilty but we learned brown wrote an apology letter before she turned herself him. the company needs to do more to protect its drivers. we're ask ing
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and virginia to increase the penalties from misdemeanors to felony charges when you assault an operator, a transit worker. the bus driver's union thinks brown should be bannedded from riding the entire transit system . a popular beer garden wants to expand and give its customers a little something new . not everyone is thrilled about the plans. hey, evan. >>reporter: neighbors are fight ing that plan. you'll hear from both sides coming up in my live report. plus, amazon is macing a lawsuit. why one couple says the eclipse glasses that they bought on the company 's site accident work. back after this.
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>> we're following breaking news right now out of prince george's county, these are live image fres a deadly hit and run in suitland, maryland. this happened right around 8 p.m. in the 4500 block of suitland road
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took off. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died. again these are live images from the scene. police have the area roped off. disturbing right there. it look s like what appears to be the victim's shoe. police are looking for the driver as we get more information on the description of the vehicle we will let you you know. now to a battle that is brewing between neighbors in logan circle and a popular beer garden looking to add a second location. neighbors say the expansion would just bring more noise and traffic and even worse. fox's evan lambert is at the current doch a location. >>reporter: doch a beer garden is actually pretty busy on a thursday night and even through the weekend. that has neighbors in the planned new location worried about the noise. the beer garden is hoping for a compromise. on a thursday night or pretty much any other night glasses
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garden on seventh street northwest. but the noise coming from the open air beer garden has neighbors protesting a second planned location for doch a on busy 14th street. i would say we're very enthusiasmic about the night life on this street but we would like it to be enclosed. last week doch's owners thought they found a solution. these renderings show their compromise. the plan was to take this run down parking lot and turn it into a partially enclosed restaurant and bar aimed at minimizing sound and keeping neighbors happy. when a city neighborhood commission said doch couldn't have enough sidewalk to build the enclosure, the plan fizzled out. now it's back to square one to come up with a design to satisfy neighbors at beer gardens owners . hundreds have writtenave wrin approve doch a's liquor license for 14th street. small business advocate mark lee was one of them.
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washington. this is good for logan circle and it's good for our tax base. and dop a's owners did give fox5 a statement . they say in part we continue to be engaged in discussions with those who have concerns about our liquor license olympics and are optimistic we will be able to re solve their worries about noise we are committed to being a good neighbor and are working with sound engineers and architects to mitigate any noise from the new restaurant/bar we are plan ning the. obviously we will keep you on the liquor license decision. no decision made just yet. amazon could be facing a class action lawsuit. a couple claims defective eclipse glasses they bought through the online retailer damaged their eyes. amazon said they began e-mailing customers to inform them about a recall. the couple claims they were never notified. they also claim they didn't look into the sky without wearing those
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glasses. the fda just approved a trial. in one study near 4reu7 0 percent of pt td patients didn't have any signs of the disease after three sessions. 23 percent of non ecstasy assisted patients had the same results. not all psychological gists like the use of the year. some fear it would increase the use like what happened with opioids. >> later school start times may actually help the economy in the long run. a new study by rand corporation says starting the school day at around eight:30 each morning could add 83 billion-dollar to our economy within a decade. apparently the move would let kids sleep more and the report says that would improve graduation rates which would then lead to better jobs. there you you go. i'm all for sleeping in. i think the students would be all for that, too. those 7 a.m. start times are awfully early. the pumpkin spice yeas is going to a whole new l
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many like to ethan descring. would you you want to smell like it? it's an idea one company is trying to sell. we'll show you there's something special about these sneakers that beer drinkers might love. take a close look. we're going to explain coming up. and join the morning crew tomorrow forth final zip trip of the season. they will be at national harbor for the grand finale so make sure you stop by and say. tuck er will kick things off at 6 a.e morning team will join in throughout the morning. that's between six and 11 a.m. tomorrow at national harbor.
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>> it started with the pumpkin spice latte, now pumpkin spice is in just about everything, including now your deodorant. can now smell like that delicious treat. >> yum any. the company called nati
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spice deodorant for both men and women. it's an all natural made with shai butter and coconut oil . a stick of that will cost you $12. i don't think i would mind it. there's the deodorant smell that most deodorant smells like. like the lotions women wear. they have flavory subsequents. >> i i think it would smell like old spice instead of pu pumpkin spice, adied as has a brand new product that may come in handy for some of you. how about a beer repel event. it is saluting its heritage at the german fess they coated the shoes in what they call a special sauce to repel any potential spillage. so if you're
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, they're going to cost a little bit more. more than a few pints of beer, too. they're 240 bucks. maybe it's with gor text. that's the waterproof thing instead of a sauce. there's a new way to keep people from taking your luggage the next time you go on vacation. put a a pick tu of your face on it. fire box disument just starting selling these covers. you upload aic p tour they make the cover and it stretches over your bag. when you show up at bug baggage claim there's no question who it belongs to. stea a look at this, also pretty cool, the nba's number one draft pick mark call fold returned to hand out 100 backpacks to students. he he tells us he remembers what it was like when he was in middle school and heading back to class. brody logan will have more. he actually talked to him today. i wonder if he
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some shooting. who do you think won? jim lokay says he wants to see the video if it exists. brody logan will have much more on that coming up at ten. thirty. we're talking pumpkin spice, isn't the big unveiling event coming up soon. >> that is the thing of which we will not spevment i'm not a pumpkin spice fan. would you want pumpkin spice in pure pit. >> absolutely not. >> he'll right it. >> no, i will not. i will not try it. i'm pumpkin spice free i'm serious. >> i'm not a big fan of fall. oh, well, then. shocker. i'm sorry. if it was like lemon mere rank it would be better. what's coming up, jim, i'm glad you asked, shawn. combating hate on campus. joining the discussion about preventing hate crimes at colleges. remember the plan that came out last year to
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$20 bit. now there's word it could be trashed by the trump administration. we'll have that for you coming up next at 10:30 with me and sarah in just a few i don't believe you don't like fall. you you must be the only person. we're going to hear more about that because guess what, tomorrow we got the fall feeling in the air. get your pumpkin spice latte ready, it is going to feel like mid-october, very cool air coming in and then we zeal with the remains of harvey. wet start to the holiday weekend. not all is lost. i'll have your full forecast on the other side of the break. .
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>> this is fox5 local news at ten:30 right now at 10:30 he was caught on camera firing shots at someone running down a metro escalator. tonight pol
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gunman. a maryland congressman joins the discussion about combating hate and racism on college campuses. one us airport is changing up its rules allowing passengers to pass security and into the terminal even if they don't have a ticket . could other airports follow their lead. right now the search is on for the gunman who shot at a man going down the escalator at the columbia heights metro station. police say they have identified the suspect ment marina maracco is live with more on this one. >>reporter: that's right that suspect 22 years old, caesar morales. he is considered armed and daing russments police say if you see this man right here you're asked to call 911 immediate limit he's wanted to. this is surveillance video of the incident where police say you can see 22 year old see or morales firing one round. they believe this was a targeted act they're also looking fr a second person of i
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you zoo he this man call 911. the mother of the man accused of throwing a mol toll cocktail spoke only to fox5. police say edwards was behind the attack at gallon veer ton liquors. two employees were burned by the flames. edwards' mother didn't want to go on camera but she did tell us that her son was institutioned and recently a scaped. effaces a list of charges. the cleanup from harvey is already underway in some areas of texas while volunteers and first spoarnds are still rescuing people in parts of the state. so far the storm is being blamed for more than 30 deaths. today people in an area northeast of houston had to he evacuate after explosions at a nearby chemical plant. the environmental protection agency said that there are no toxins, though, being release. all right. we'll bring the weather watch a little closer to home as we give you you a live look at capital and today was a gorgeous day and if we could bottle this and keep it
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we'd love to, because it's in the a pretty weekend on tap much it's kind of fall like. jim, this one is for you. fall feeling in the air tomorrow. you you don't have to wait until september 22. it's coming tomorrow. a loft people are excited by this. many people i get it. it's still the last weekend of summer, holiday weekend is approaching. it's getting cool too soon and tomorrow is definitely going to feel cool. we've got canadian high pressure building in. breezy out of the north and we've also got high temperatures struggling to hit 70s degrees. mid 80s right where they should be for mid august. a close front is cross the area. seventy-seven in d krrks p two in frederick, 72 in winchester. sixty-eight in manassas. we thought we'd get some showers out of this but anything you see on radar is a sprinkle l or two it's a little qulowdier, the wind has picked up a bit. temperatures should fallback into the mid 60s overnight. with that high pressure will be
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day part tomorrow. it's bat battling the in quomg remnants of harvey which is going to spread moisture by late friday night. it's not until after dark that we'll start to see some rainfall move in. that rainfall is with us throughout the day saturday. tomorrow's planning forecast, it's cool in the 630s. i put a shower chance in by 5:00 but even i this i that's too early. it's going to be rain free, but definitely feeling like fall. chilly rain on saturday, but the weekend improves dramatically. second half of sunday lookses nice, labor day monday looks beautiful . that's a a look at your seven day forecast. jim, back over to you. fox5 in frederick county where fire investigators are still trying to figure out what sparktd a two alarm fire at an apartment building in frederick. sky fox over the scene when the flames broke out on south market street . everyone made it out safely one person had to be seen . the fire damaged at least ate
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to prince george's county now where a maryland congressman anthony brown participated in a conversation about raisin hate at the university of maryland. the congressman wants college campuses to have zero tolerance fr all hate crimes and hate speech. police are investigat ing a number of incidents at maryland, including the stabbing death of a bowie state student as a potential hate crime. you i think the important thing is dialogue and conversation. the challenge is this. universities and column yes, they invite, they welcome freedom expression and speech. but when that speech and that expression is so hate filled that it can potentially cross over to violence, that's where we have to stop it. university police also received several reports of white national list posters around campus. the university is taking steps to address race relations on campus . speculation is growing tonight about the future of the immigration program known as doc a. the obama e
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gives young eligible undocument ed immigrants who came to the us as child remember. the president could announce the end of doca as early as tomorrow because today press secretary wouldn't confirm that during the briefing. when we have a final decision, this is under review, there are a lot of components that need to be looked at and once a decision is made we will certainly let you you guys know doca was put into place back in 2012 from executive order from then president obama. president trump spoke about ending the program but in february suggest ed \he\e may keep parts of it and said, quote, he'd handle it with a loft heart. the trump administration is slashing funding for outreach that encourages uninsured americans to enroll in affordable care. funding for advertising and other outreach will be cut to 10 million this year. that's down from 100 million last year. the department of health and human health officials argued that the administration is he seeing diminishing returns from outreach fundingment some fund
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help people enroll in obamacare will also be cut. the trump administration ordering russia to close its consolidate in san francisco as well as two two and nexts in washington than a new york. in retaliation for cut ting in russia. the us is not expelling russian personnel they could be reassigned to other diplomatic posts within the united states. >> a controversial i member of law enforcement stepping down. million walk i sheriff disaifd clark submitted his resignation this afternoon. he said he retired to pursue other opportunities. sheriff clark stepped into the national spotlight last year as a voluntary vocal vocal support of trump. he was offered a position in the department of homeland security, but reportedly withdrawn his name. in an interview with cnbc
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said he would follow through. me neuch in said there were more important and pressing ajep disa . changing curance i is preventing counter fights. the american family spent more on teaks than they did on food and clothing. american household spent an archg of $1,500 on state and federal taxes in 2016 $2,200 on food and $1,800 on clothing. the only other higher expense, housing, that average nearly $19,000. kind of assumed but seeing the numbers puts it into perspective. oh, i really do pay that much in teaks. next here at 10:30 could we see security loosening up at airports. let people pass security who don't have tickets will other airports follow the
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lead? our energy stockpile to help keep energy prices under control. the federal government saying it is opening up our emergency reserve. historic flooding along the gulf coast knocking out major ports, pipelines and refineries. helping shore up stocks to ease concerns about gas prices nationwide, the major markets managing to end the month in the green helping the nasdaq the most. folks across the country are making more and spending more. personal income rising in july by the biggest amount we've seen in five months and american ss were using most of that extra cash to go shopping. ping slips are coming at general electric. the company's new o is looking to slash cuts that would include significant job cuts. amazon is getting slapped with a proposed class actionion it was selling. a couple in
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ing them of defective glasses that damaged their eyes es. that's business, i'm neil cavuto.
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one airport is changing up its policy to allow people pass through security and walk around the terminal even if they don't have an airline tickets. this is big. will other airports follow their lead. >>reporter: these airport security lines will soon have more than just passengers. pittsburgh international airport will let the public go all the way up to the gait starting right after labor day. this is the first airport in the country to do this since 9/11 and airport officials tell fox news there are no safety concerns. you you go through
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you you were going through as if you you were going on a plane. they will have to show their id before they get to the ta check point. anyone on the no fly list will not be allow through security and a airplane passengers will remain priority if the line gets too long we're going to pull the non ticketed flyers out. this isn't new for pittsburgh international airport they've tested it out one day a year and representative tim murphy said quote rgs i remember the era and the day when you you would see someone off at the gait. we have not been able to have that in the usa for well over a decade. that's going to change this pittsburgh, the tsa says no extra employees are needed for this program and security wait times shouldn't change. a tsa representative told fox news say it's too early to tell whether similar programs will expand across the country. it is a very nice airport. take my word for it. i know you you were raving
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deal, apparently it's worse than we thought, three and a half accounts were opened without customers' permission. the problem went back to 2009. wells fargo reviewed account data. one .4 million addition additional fake accounts.:macy and best beu are expanding their same day delivery serviceses to compete with amazon. it will offer same day delivery in 15 additional markets this fall. best buy plans to expand to 27 melt poll tan markets starting next week and nearly 40 cities by the winter holidays. amazon offers same day shipping options to itself he ' ' 99-dollar a year prime program. walmart meantime selling knock off hats inspired by president trump. they are selling what it calls u sa trump hats. the president has been sporting these
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walmart version sells for $10, similar hats will set buyers back at the president's campaign fore. walmart hats don't appear to be official merchandise or made by the same manufacturer. or even if america. next at 10:30 he's gone from being a local hoop. mar california fults is giving back to t students in his home down. we'll show you what he's doing to give back next.
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markel fults
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some houston area barbers are do ing their part to help first responders who are down there trying to help out in the wake of hurricane have industry. since harvey hit. the club says they are doing this as a way of giving back to the
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they're out here away from their families, probably working multiple shichts without even sleeping, hopefully with these haircuts we can give them a couple minutes of piece just to ease their minds a bit and get away from all this chaos that's been happening around houston. the club has given 20 free haircuts since yesterday and i'm sure they'll continue. all the small ways that people have been able to help out big and small of course. it's just things you don't think about but when you're in the midst of helping water rescues -- it's six-days straight. some triems you you just need a break. we've got some big changes in our weather forecast. we do. today was fantastic. i wish we could bottle this weather through the weekend. it's the last weekend of summer. summer season coming to a close. because in august which is usually so warm we've had a lot of cool days and a lot of wet days. nice and warm with temperatures right around
10:50 pm
average. major changes for tomorrow. on top of that we've got rain on the way thanks to what's left of tropical depression harvey. turning breezy and cool tonight. as you you step outside with the drive in tomorrow it's going to feel like fall and it will all day.s it's cloudy we've got a decent breeze out of the north and temperatures will struggle to hit 70-degrees president and this is not even with any rain. we do have the the rain that's on tap for saturday. all of our labor weekend is not a washout. it's just kind of the first day eighty-six at reagan today. that was the high temperature. eighty-four at l disuls, 83 at b wi. right where we should be for late august and of course september beginning tomorrow it will feel more like mid-october seventy-seven in d.c., that cold front is moving through. cooler air should be filtering in through the next few hours. sixty-eight in frederick. radar here showing still a very distinct circulation attached to what's left of harvey and it's been places like memphis, nashville that are
10:51 pm
heavy rain. still a tornado watch on the back side. across central portionses of alabama. stretching all the way up to eastern north carolina. let's time it out for you. it's quiet tonight. early tomorrow morning it's just cloud cover. maybe a few peaks of sunshine but mostly just going to be an overcast one and we'll wait on the rain until i think after dark. you might get ate ll shower out ahead of it, but look at this model. it doesn't have the steadier rain into saturday. some showers, some heavy on saturday. south and east of 95, southern maryland through the chesapeake up into delaware. we'll have to see if this area is outlooked for any severe weather. for now here in washington, the metro area it's just going to be rain but this will last through the day saturday maybe even into early sunday. harvey's remnants are to blame for what's putting a damper on our saturday. low pressure does quickly move out. we might start out kind
10:52 pm
cloudy with showers around sunday morning. we'll see some improvement through the day. the only place is that going to struggle is the beaches. i'm afraid they'll have to wait for monday for a nice day. 68- degrees. that's nearly 20- degrees blow normal. rainy and very cool. possibly a morning shower on sunday giving way to some sunshine, 80-degrees . low temperatures tonight. we're going to fallback overnight. fiftys to low 60s here in shall what than to. tomorrow afternoon barely getting out of the 60s north and west. seventy might be a stretch here in d.c. a lot of cloud cover around. seven day forecast, cloudy and cool for tomorrow, a chilly rain on saturday. now, labor day itself looks fantastic. we're going to have the nice sunny warm weather lead into tuesday, but as soon as you get into the warm weather we get another blast of some fall like weather next week. clouds and showers wednesday, thursday looks looks nice, but cool. morning showers
10:53 pm
to clear out at the beaches into the afternoon. laib ofer day itself looks nice, sunny and 83e awr seven day forecast. time to do some sports now with broked divment thank you, caitlyn. the nfl has proposed shortening the preseason from four games to two . and it's understood. teams don't really need four pre -season games and the redskins list of players sitting out tonight's preseason if i nal ly is 33 players long. the league would do itself a service by giving up the two game. they're not about to give the money grab that comes with it. the league proposes two regular season games. more live alters chances for head injuries and more money in the owner's pockets. swag i baker having some fun with their former teammates. none of them had to play tonight so live it up. we had to go to the four corner to get something positive for the redskins. josh harvey clem events. he has the con invoice in front of him all the
10:54 pm
the end zone. this one just went final. red skins beat the bucks 15-ten. nats and brewers in milwaukee. tray turner returned this week after 351 games on the dl making an impact early here. mike alley a taylor in scoring position. just past the short stop. that scores taylor. turner hustles into second. he would score on a jason werth grounder. the nats win two-one. he did not hold on one day, geo gave up, the nats currently trailing five-two. fultz has played a minute in the nba after being selected first. today fultz gaif out backpacks and school supplies to kid the at his old middle school james madison in prijt. he says it's something he always wanted t
10:55 pm
. me growing up i went to james madison and growing up in the area i know people used to give book bags to us. that's soggy always and the wanted to do. school is about to start. i know they need supplies. they need stuff. i know i was in school and i needed a pencil and stuff. it doesn't hurt. i had the chance to give become and make an impact on these kids. i as you wanted to do that, so -- the it wasn't just backpacks it was filled with all the supplies they'll need for the school season. he also gave large boxes of supplies to the school itself. when you you look at what kevin garnet has done for prince george's county and mark el fultz, it gives the kids the idea you can do it, too. he was just drafted a few months ago and the first thing he wanted to do was to give back to his middle school. so many guys give back to the high school and things but they
10:56 pm
middle schools. sometimes they're the most formative years . coming up next is fox5 news at 11. comings up next tonight we have an update on a battle that is brewing between a d.c. beer garden ats ' ' neighbor, investigators unraveled a multimillion dollars scheme involving snow removal companies. filthy conditions inside a d.c. firehouse. those stories and much more next at 11 . .
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right enthusiasm at 11, what we've learned about the hunt for the man who fired a gun down a metro escalator. investigators uncovered a multimillion bribery scheme involving virginia snow removal companies. rescue yours in houston begin a door to door search of tens of thousands of homes. plus, the trouble brewing between a d.c. beer garden and its neighbors and an update to a fox5 exclusive, filthy conditions found at a d.c. firehouse. your news starts now. and we begin with break news out of prince george's county tonight police are varietying a deadly hit and run in suitland. this happened just after eight night in the 4500 block of suitland road. a car hit a pedestrian and then took off. the victim was rushed to the hospital and later died. police are looking for the driver and a few minutes ago suitland rode reopened to traffic. also tonig


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