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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tennessee, rain as far north as cincinnati and like i said, that's going to move northeast ward through our area over the next 24 to 36 hours. so we have the rain on the way. we've already had the cool weather in place, 66 is it for the temperature outside. washington right now. 63 in manassas, it is only 59 in winchester. this is jack weather for sure. winds are out of the northeast and east, enforcing the cool air in place all day, around high pressure towards the north. here's friday night, isn't that righting off the holiday weekend, you should be fairly. few shower, steadier rain will not be arriving until overnight but once we get to 7:00 a.m. that's steady rain over us from washington and unfortunately just expecting a wash-out for saturday. for this evening, temperatures in the 60's, few showers around but nothing too heavy, overnight tonight we'll see temperatures fall back into basically where they are now, upper 50's to the low 60,
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showers, headline head ongoing tomorrow, it's a rain soaked saturday. the second half of the holiday weekend looks better. by sunday we should get the sunshine back, i'll have the details on that coming up. sarah, back over to you. to the continuing disaster unfolding in texas. houston's mayor is urging residents to evacuate. that's because the city will continue to release water from reservoirs in that area, to control the massive flooding. >> that release of water means homes in that area we only have a chance to dry out for at least ten days, possibly as long as two weeks. fox allison barber joins us from houston, seems like people can't get a break. >> this area is one of those neighborhoods in west houston, where they're under a volunteer evacuation but as you said, sarah, the mayor is encouraging very strongly for residents, especially residents who have water i
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they could be stuck without power tool or electricity for ten to 15 days and other places just outside of houston like fort ben county under mandatory evacuation, they're releasing water into buffalo bayou. it is one of a growing list of concerns for people in this area. >> my whole neighborhood is flooded out. >> one week after harvey first hit texas houston area neighborhoods are still under water and from houston, easton to louisiana, crews are continuing to search home in contact beaumont, no clean public drinking water flood waters knocked out the treatment plant. baptist hospital has been moving patients to other hospitals. >> we survived the storm including 45 inches of rain, so we thought it was business as usual. then yesterday morning we received a call that sai
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city lost the water source >> other challenges include gas shortages, clearing mud from roadways and dealing with mountains of potentially toxic trash. president trump who plans to visit this weekend has declared sunday a national day of prayer. >> we invite all americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members and friends and 94s who are suffering from this great crisis. >> reporter: you can see a lot of activity behind me, there's a rescue crew. police down here in a boat. there's a car stuck in the water down that way. traffic outside of this neighborhood is a mess. many people are heeding the warnings and taking the chance to evacuate the area. this part of west houston is under a voluntary evacuation. if people don't leave that, could change, other parts mandatory evacuation. jim, sarah >> allison in texas. >> now, to the district. where emotions are running high
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this morning, as funeral services were held in northeast for 17-year-old jamahri sitner >> dc police chief peter newsham and mayor bowser were among the mourners. fox 5 tisha lewis reports. >> family, friends and no connection to 17-year-old jamahri sit nor poured into great mount calvary in northeast >> the magnitude of people shows how much she was loved. >> reporter: the 17-year-old's death struck a cord highlighting the violence. highlights young lives >> only one person in custody right now, they haven't found the killer. >> they didn't need to >> we anticipate we don't find everybody who was responsible for this. >> reporter: police chief peter newsham describes her death as
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he's ever seen, hits close to home. her mother is on the force. >> we were just here as a police department to support our sergeant, who lost her daughter, and their family. >> reporter: it was thursday, august 10th, and sit nor likely never saw it coming, she was weeks away from starting her freshman year in florida. when a stray bullet struck her, taking her life and leaving those left behind shattered. >> at lot to take in. i couldn't walk toward the casket. i want to remember her how she was, happy spirit and full of life. >> reporter: sit nor was shot in car, she drove along saar toe ago avenue in northeast. one person is in customer but denies being the shooter. after the break, a stabbing >> caught on camera and fox 5 has the video coming's next. detail when is it comes to that v
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involving snow plowing contracts. we'll tell you what an fbi agent had to say in court today. if you have a story idea, please call fox 5 tip line, the number is 202-895-3000 or you can e-mail your tips to
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did he have did have sit nor did he have
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. we're getting a look at police body camera footage of officers chasing down a suspect wanted in a brutal stabbing in german last fall. 26-year-old devon mobley was just you founding on multiple charges including attempted murder. here is video from that wild chase with police. police were initially called to an apartment in germantown last october. where devon was staying with a friend. police say mobley got into an argument with his friend in another what time in the apartment. mobley was told to leave but he later came back and forced his way in. stabbed both the man and the woman multiple times. when police removed, he took off. stole a car. led a police on a chase before bailing out. listen and watch the moment when police arrested him. >> don't move. >> don't
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behind a tree and quickly arrested him. both victims meanwhile suffered serious stab wounds but survived. he was hit with a slew of charges, a burglary, theft of a vehicle attempted murder. montgomery county explains what led up to the vicious stabbing and police chase. >> his motivation was he was embarrassed that this young man slight of stature was able to better him physically in a minor brawl. but then, he went out, jump off the balcony, stole a car, ran into the woods where k9 units were able to surround and subdue him >> he faces up to 75 years in prison for the crimes. scheduled for sentencing november 17th. fox 5's new information surrounding that case of inspected illegal activity at v dot. two v dot
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arrested yesterday charged with awarding snow removal contracts in exchange for cash kick-backs. matt ackland was in federal court in alexandria where one of the information was revealed about one of the employees >> two of the six suspects were v dot supervisor ofs, today they were in court for their detention hearing. when it was kenneth adams you turn in front of the judge, an fbi agent was called to the stand to testify. that agent said that adams told him, during an interview, he not only accepted bribes. he also made thousands of dollars from selling illegal drugs. getting back to the indictment, the alleged illegal activity is connected to six in total. four others who allegedly
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accepted money from the commonwealth and then paid the bribes. basically. the contracts were awarded to the clients who agreed to give those v dot supervisors a cut. we're talking about a lot of cash. officials believe both supervisors received about $140,000 in total. it's estimated this fraud involved about $9 million. the judge did release the v dot employees to return to court at a later date. all six arrested connected to this investigation could face up to 20 years in jail per charge. back to you. >> thank you, matt. coming up, ending a school tradition, while a maryland high school is fighting for the right to wear a native american head dress. the school most recently banned >> a new regulation is forcing dc taxi drivers to switch to a new system. will it help them stay
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>> an area animal shelter is opening their hearts from the flood zone areas out of the houston area and we'll show you how you can help little angus try to find him a forever home. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪.
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. another hurricane is brewing in the atlantic and it could posed a major threat to the united states next week. >> want to check in with caitlin roth, sounds like the potential is there to be problematic, it's a big early >> exactly. we do have a major hurricane out there but by the time it could potentially be impacting the u.s., we're talking almost ten days from new. so it is a ways away. we've got a long
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-- we follow these storms when they form off the coast of africa, but that's a long journey to travel across the atlantic to get into the caribbean and close to the u.s. this is a strong storm, look at that very distinct eye of the hurricane showing up on tropical satellite. it's got textbook structure. it's feeding off the incredibly warm water of the atlantic as storm tends to do this time of years ago, peak hurricane season, as of 5:00 p.m. ir ma has been upgraded from category 2 to 3. wind sustained at 120 miles an hour, moving west at 13 miles an hour, pressure, 964 million bars. there's a lot of blue, what you're looking at. the category 3, it's way in the middle of the open waters, and you can tell by its journey we're talking about not until next monday or tuesday that it even approaches the lee ward island, so the actual path is to ve
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major hurricane, strengthening to a category 4 by next wednesday. it looks like as of now, the panel of the storm will be north of the islands, puerto rican, british virginia islands great for anyone there, potentially a vacationing there. but from then on, it's really tough to say where the storm is going to go. and keep in mind we're talking about almost a week from now. here's a lot of major model that is track the progression of these hurricanes. it is the tendency to ride along the islands and head to florida but maybe anywhere, it's super early, too soon to say wherer ma will go but it is a major hurricane so we will be watching closely as we go through the next week or two, this is peak hurricane season and you can put it to the date september 11th, where we have the biggest increase in tropical activity, best time of the year that you can count on a hurricane. if ir ma were to be affecting the u.s., it would right around this time, that september 10th to the 12th time frame. again, that's a little way away. but that's what we know right now. category 3 storm. and heading west
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weekend. that's a look at erma. i'll be back with your local seven-day forecast. lauren? thank you. caitlin. a big catastrophes like harvey hit sometimes we tend to forget about the if you are refriends, an animal rescue in waldorf maryland has been taking dogs in hopes to find them forever homes. looks like these dogs are in good hands there. >> that's right, lauren. a beautiful thing these guys are doing here, we just saw a line of people coming in, wanting to adopt, wanting to foster in this case, little pups over here like mr. angus -- very, calm and it's thanks to these wonderful people here at last chance animal rescue, in particular, this woman, standing right in front of me, you're an angel here, thank you so much for doing what you do. >> i'm not so much an angel. it's the people i work with are angels and
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huge outpouring of support for local community. it's amazing that the people stepped up and their fostering, they're sending us, you know, one of the other rescue groups sent us dinner, i mean, it's just a beautiful thing that people are doing. >> this may sound like a silly question, why do what you do? >> why not? i have the best job in the world. i get to save puppies and kittens all day long. >> reporter: i want your job. tell me about what state were these dogs in or these animals >> all these guys came up yesterday, came from areas affected by hurricane harvey. you know, now, even, even nashville is flooding from harvey, so it's going to be a huge multi-state effort. this will not be a couple of loads of dogs and over, this will be a long process to get them back to where they need to be. >> reporter: it's been an overwhelming 24 hours but tell me about just the accomplishment that you guys have made here with these dog >> yesterday, we got a 100 animals, exactly 100 from the flood zone. he's helping. we got puppies,
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cats. we got mamas, we got rabbits. guinea pigs and a ferret. 100 animals. i think we have one left to foster. one left >> this guy right here >> 24 hours, later one left and that is all the people in this area, banning together to help these animal >> i'm going to move my little arm over here, so i can talk in the microphone but i'm so attempted to want to foster >> i think you should foster them >> fox 5 i think we -- i honestly think we should. look at this guy, how can you not resist his face? what about again for those who are very, very interested here? this isn't over, there's still a chance to come back >> many transports scheduled, and it's very easy to foster, we provide everything you need. we give you the food, the crate, any medical care is taken care of. you might have to buy a couple of rolls of paper towels, no cost, and easy as possible.
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foster fail that means you decided you have to adopt your foster -- he wants to chew your microphone. >> look how comfortable he is right now and look how comfortable i am here. >> look at this. >> and then, you guys have one more event coming up. >> and on september 16th, we're having a large adoption event in columbia, maryland, and there will be hundreds of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and probably a infer it or two for adoption >> like i said you're an angel, all of you guys are, thank you so much for doing what you do. >> go on the website and you get all the information. >> thank you so much. again, you guys, it is not over here before i go and try to foster this little angus and some other coming in. like you heard, there's still a chance and of course we'll post all of that information on our website fox 5 i'm going to go back and play with angus and enjoy him >> that's the most adorable life shot i've seen
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>> quick question, kristen, are the dog coming from shelters in the flood impacted areas? >> reporter: you know what? that's a good question. actually, i'll refer that to cindy over here, cindy, question from our anchors, they want the to know if they're coming from the shelters >> the dogs we're getting now have been in she woulds. they were like in the shelter prior to the hurricane. they're not like owned and there's no owners searching for them. so it's going to be a long time before we start taking dogs from that -- those types of dogs? . >> reporter: the first step is fostering and it could lead to adoption. >> it's a great way to see if it's a good fit. >> reporter: and in turn, a forever home >> i'm sure they will find great places for them. so cute. coming up, caught on camera act woman walking down the street, approach by two
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try to steamy the handbag. where the suspects are targeting victims >> new details how police capture add suspect wanted for a shooting at a metro station >> metro drivers protesting their employer, more on the unsafe working conditions they say they're angry about.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. dc police need your help to identify men involved in an attempted robbery last month. take a look here. each was wearing a distinctive shirt and police hope someone will recognize them. investigators say it happened on r street northwest nearly three weeks ago, the men attempted to steal a woman's bag but she held on and they ran away. >> we now know the name of the man shot and killed two blocks away from columbia heights metro station, police say someone shot 42-year-old mark lewis on wednesday. it happened along harvard street northwest.
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for the gunman. there's a reward up to $25,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. community members are being credited with helping police catch a wanted man. montgomery county police arrested caesar morales of northwest yesterday. wanted for an assault that involved a handgun last friday at the uncle obey heights metro station, an alert resident spotted him and recognized his face if media reports. that person called police, when officers arrived, moral less took off running into a nearby parking garage. which is when another passerby told police he was newer a parked car. officers found him, charged him as a fugitive from justice. to breaking news we got in the district. two shootings, just minutes apart from each other. in less than a two be mile span >> one we're told is a teenager, tisha lewis just arrived at the scene in northeast. tisha, what did you also? >> reporter: and the shooting involving a teenager
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less than two miles away, about a mile and a half on the 300 block of anacostia street in southeast. right now, though, we're on the 4,000 block of minnesota avenue in northeast. if you take a look over my right shoulder you can see it's still an active scene here. here's why. a shooting happened within the hour, near friendship collegiate academy. we do know that the school let out around 3:30. according to dc police, we're told that a man was struck. we're also told that he is conscious and breathing and is expected to survive. now, we want to talk about the gunman who police are searching for right now. we're told that he's buy 5-9, 130 pounds, said to be an african-american man with long twisted hair. we're told that he was wearing a tank wrapped around his body at the time of the incident. and as you might imagine, he is armed and police say that he is dangerous and just want to paint
5:30 pm
you're in this area, you can expect a lot of traffic. there's a lot of students in the area getting out of school also. a lot of crime scene tape here, also, a lot of police in the area. they're still searching for a gunman. we do not know right now if the shooting that happened in southeast on an anacostia street is connected to this shooting. but again, two shootings happened minutes apart within two miles of each other. police very busy tonight trying to piece together exactly what went wrong, we do know that a teenager was shot in the incident in southeast and a man was shot in this incident here in northeast. all of this unfolding near the minnesota avenue metro station. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. we'll continue to follow that story. meanwhile, a metrobus driver who had urine thrown in her face, the disgusting act just the latest assault metro workers say they've been faced with on the job. those drivers held
5:31 pm
targeting the minnesota avenue station at rush hour to air their grievance >> angry about what they call unsafe working conditions. bob barnard has more on this. >> reporter: metrobus operators asking for protection on the job today are instead being taken away by metro supervisors. disciplined for refusing could work said the transit agency. some of those drivers are being replaced by white shirted supervisors. not accustomed to getting behind the wheel at work. >> keep your bodily fluids to yourself. right? anywhere. >> reporter: metro is calling this is an unauthorized labor action. the bus operators union telling us, it's just their response to a disturbing incident on the troubled x 2 line last weekend. that's a female passenger throwing what police say was a cup of urine on a bus operator. an unprovoked attack they say against a female i do not. >>
5:32 pm
is the straw that broke the camel's back. no one she don't have the operate a city public bus under those conditions. >> reporter: the accused, 38-year-old opal brown, is being charged with a misdemeanor assault. she's been ordered to stay away from only that bus line not the entire system >> it's a multi-ton vehicle, god forbid if that bus gets out of control. we want to support the enhanced penalty and we ask the jurisdiction to help as well. police officers are assaulted all the time but it's not always a felony either. unfortunately that operations it happens. >>reporter: the urine tossing incident seen on tv by lots of metrobus riders >> i think that's ridiculous and something should be done. >> what do you expect? you see a lot. >> there was one incident where we were on the bus and a guy hijacked the bus. >> reporter: leaders of atu local 689 say this is not a work stoppage. the bus
5:33 pm
the x 2 route are asking only for protection in the face of an increasing number of attacks on their drivers. they say those plex see glass shields are far from full proof. the first eight months of this year, metro transit police say officers have made 211 arrests on busses along the x 2 line alone. >> you see all these officers and all these supervisors standing around. and instead of them threatening my people. why don't you get on the damn bus and ride with them so they're safe? that's the answer to this. >> reporter: metro supervisors say people trying to get to work and kids trying to get to school got caught in the middle of today's protests. so where does this go from here? local 689 leaders say they will keep making their concerns heard until they get what they want. in northeast washington, bob barnard, fox 5 local news. new tonight, a new
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drivers to switch to a new type of digital meter system. drivers were initially given until september 1st to medication the transition but the deadline was just extended to the end of the month because many drivers weren't ready to make the switch. fox 5 contribute and transportation reporter joins us with more on this. sounds like this is part of the effort to stay competitive with those companies like lyft and uber >> absolutely. the dc cab industry has been suffering pretty large losses for several years now, and these regulations are meant to take the cab industry into the 21 it's send vee. we're at rock creek cab in northeast washington and this is what will happen to cabs like this one. you see that old credit card? it's not necessarily old but it's objects sleet. that's credit card reader, those are being torn out. rock creek cab has boxes and boxes of stuff like this to be replaced by sleek tablets that will ge
5:35 pm
experience, cashless payments, save credit card number, you'll know the fare if you use the dc taxi ap. let's bring in the general manager of rock creek cab. >> these are the new tablets being installed >> how is it improvement >> the taxi drivers love it. they don't have to have a manifest anymore, customer can say pay with apple pay, credit cards runway faster than they used to. they get transactions done in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: the key question here is whether this is going to help cab companies like yours which have really been struggling over the past several year, because of competition with uber. do you think it's going to make a difference >> absolutely. especial with the aps running, we'll be on a competing basis with uber and lyft. as long as we can compete with them, we should be fine. >> reporter: there have been difficulties with this transition. the companies that own these devices that are being taken out of cabs, they're telling cab drivers don't do
5:36 pm
sides, the city is telling cab companies like mr. raheem's to go ahead, make the switch. what are cabs hearing from companies that own these old devices >> they made the transition to the new system, in matter of day or two, they get e-mail sent to them from their, whoever their provider is, for $2500. sometimes ranges from 1800 to $2500. >> a cab driver would have to work weeks to pay off that $2500 invoice or penalty >> exactly and they scare the drivers, they keep mentioning they're going to send the drivers to other -- collections and everything. so i feel for my drivers. i see the situation we're into right now, it's a dire situation for the industry and i see and drivers struggle. to most of them it's frigh
5:37 pm
>> there's only 4200 healthcare that number used to be above seven thousand. three of these tech companies, c m t, veriry phone and hitch, which is a dc based company have written angry letters to district officials telling the city they're violating their contracts with drivers for these old consoles. these consoles are supposed to be in cabs for another year or two. the city is make the switch, the transition to these sleek tablets, a digital meter. no more physical meter on the dashboard. >> thank you very much. >> martin that's why they're saying they're trying to charge the drivers $2500 because of the breach of contract? does it sounds like the drivers are going to have to pay that? . >> reporter: that remains to be seen. the city office, the mayor's office, deputy mayor for economic development, told us that they're reviewing these allegations and they're taking the matter very seriously, it could wind up in court. of course, cab drivers with all their worries about these day, last thing they want to be stuck in is li
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>> just trying to keep you have no. thank you, martin, thanks for joining us. if you ever bought a home, you know that real estate agent fees and commission can say add up. one company is replacing its agents with robots. >> tell me about the roof. >> the roof was updated in 2004. >> that is rex the robot. he has the answers to 75 questions even though it sounded like a female. the developers believe he will enhance showings and make selling homes less expensive. the company charges a 2% fee instead of the 5 to 6% they say traditional agents usually charge. >> gives the facts. it allows people to look at what's interest them instead of just read a big piece of paper. >> i believe it's a great idea >> a virtual real estate agent. >> questions too >> not
5:39 pm
some real estate agent says robots will never plays any role agent because people want large transactions like buying a home handled by a professional. i kind of agree with that. coming up a disturbing story, where police officer was caught on camera making some racial comments. >> i don't know what's in his heart. but i certainly know what came out of his mouth. >> new information about the officer and his future with the police department. a stunning decision, the most serious charges are dropped against eight former penn state fraternity members in the case of a hazing death. what was behind the judge's decision coming up next.
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. brody logan joining us with more on that. >> those comments made by a georgia police officer during a 2016 traffic stop heard on dash cam video. the driver just told lieutenant greg abbott she was scared to move her hands because of recent shootings. abbott assured her she will not be armed. telling her quote, you're not black, remember we only shoot black people. the comments drawn swift condemnations, prompting officers to go out and smooth police community relations. the police chief is defending him, no not what he said >> no matter what context you try to take them in. it's caused men and women currently work on the street
5:44 pm
at me to regain the public trust that was lost by those comments. i've known lieutenant abbott a number of years and perceived him to be an honorable man. he made a mistake. i don't know what's in his heart. i certainly know what came out of his mouth. it's inexcusable. >> the officer's attorney said the comment were meant to deescalate a situation involving an uncooperative passenger, no disciplinary action will be taken now that he's retired. pennsylvania two of the most serious charges have been dropped against eight former members of a penn state university fraternity following the death of one pledge. he dropped uninvoluntary. the night of hazing and heavy drinking, now they will stand trial for reckless endangerment to alcohol violations and
5:45 pm
dallas runningback eziekel elliot is suspension. they filed lawsuit on his behalf for violating the league's personal conduct policy over allegations of domestic violence. the players association is calling the nfl's process league orchestrated conspiracy to hide critical information. they say the league's lead investigator made it clear she didn't think he should be suspend baud the accuser was, quote, not credible in her allegations of abuse. the union said this information was deliberately omitted. if it's granted he could be allowed to play. the preseason is over for the redskins and that means it's trial to trim the roster down to 53, they will take into the regular season as the name starts to trickle in. one big name being released by the club safety will blackman. he spent the last two seasons with the redskins starting 16 games, three interceptions, four forced fumble and 90 tackles. the outpouring of support
5:46 pm
harvey victims continues, within hours of offering nearly 20,000 free tickets to texas a and m home games, all the tickets were claimed. those who were able to snag them will attend after nickel state or louisiana and be treated free parking and shuttle service on game day. texas a and m is setting up a donation rally and a blood drive. and one other way where the sports world is coming to help victims of hurricane harvey, jay jay what the, his fund-raising effort started at $200,000. it's over 14 million. the houston text is an >> and max scherzer and his wife. >> that's for this weekend. >> you know, harvey now little bits of it making its way to our area, you could feel the change in the weather when you walked out the door >> it was definitely jacket weather out there and all day been cool, we've been waiting on the rain, it's the remnants of
5:47 pm
we're not exempt from harvey's rather or a what's left. let's take a live look outside. capitol dome still showing a little bit of blue sky peaking through there. we figured it would take all day and all evening probably for the rain to get here, and in the midst of that, maybe a few peaks of sunshine. that looks like a fall sky to me and feels like fall out there as we've had mostly cloudy skies today. but very, very cool. so your weather headlines as we go into the holiday weekend. as advertised. those remnants will be impacting us with rain starting later tonight. showers are moving in but they're mainly just in our very southern suburbs. a wet and cool saturday on tap. sunday nice improvement by afternoon, might be a slow improvement but the holiday forecast itself labor day looks great. it is 66 in dc, that's our high temperature so far today. 64 baltimore, 66 in annapolis, at least our high temperature for this afternoon, actually i believe it was warmer in the 70's after midnight but y
5:48 pm
the idea. cooler air moved in it is locked firmly in place, here's what we're waiting on, a lot of rain out there. just south and west of washington, heavy bands on the east side of the system moving through the carolinas bringing severe weather, there's tornado watch in evict there. but the center of circulation of this remnant low of harvey right over the tennessee valley and rain heavy at times spreading all the way up to places like southern ohio, dry air in place all afternoon, the showers are trying to get in but dissipate as dry air is winning out but once the atmosphere starts to saturate later on tonight, we'll get the showers in, and i'm just thinking the sooner we get the in, the sooner we can get it out. showers and storms towards our south and w the light stuff that comes through, you'll need the umbrellas as you head out but it will not be widespread. we'll wait until tomorrow morning nor that. we get more organized rainfall coming through by this time tomorrow morning, it's dark, it's a wet morning, it's a chilly morning. it's perfect for sleeping
5:49 pm
luckily tomorrow is a saturday. waves of showers are forecasted through the day tomorrow. it's nothing really that heavy. but it's just persistent light rain, drizzle, damp cloudy, i'm not telling you on this picture perfect day. it will be a wash-out type of day. rain continues overnight until we see the final remnants by early sunday morning, when you first step outside, it will not look nice, leftover clouds and drizzle but we're hoping we get enough clearing that it turns into a halfway decent second half of the day, best chance of sunshine will be further off towards the west. the beaches are still going to struggle sunday. you might have to wait until monday to get a nice day. rainfall nothing like what we've been talking about in the past days with harvey, that's for sure, only about a half inch to maybe an inch half, some places getting the rain would be south and west of us, down near charlottesville along i 81, there's a slight chance of severe weather with any storms like what we're seeing in the carolinas, that's really a marginal risk
5:50 pm
across the bay down into the northern neck but honestly, with the water spout season that we've had so far, i wouldn't be surpriseded to something spin up over the bay tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast, again, morning showers giving way to sunshine, 80 degrees. labor day looks great. and then sunny and warm on tuesday before we cool back down next week. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks, caitlin. >> controversy at a maryland high school. two dualing petitions are in evict. why students are fighting for the right to wear native american head dress. we'll have a live report next.
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. a longstanding tradition is no more at link high school in frederick maryland, tonight is the first football game where a chosen student leader will not be wearing the head dress >> the principal wan
5:54 pm
tolerance, but there's push back >> lindsey watts joining us with the controversial decision >> lauren and sarah, this is another example of some feeling that there needs to be more sensitivity to native american culture and the way it's represented. and others feeling like they don't want to see names or traditions changed. the tradition here is for students to vote on a chief. who then wear as head dress to sporting events. kind of like a super fan, we'll show you some photos. we got pictures from last year's chief. gave me pictures of himself wearing the head dress, you can see him surrounded by students. this year, the school's principal decided this tradition is going to come to an end, it has some commending the change. others are not happy. there are actually right now two petitions circulating on one in favor o
5:55 pm
in a statement, the principal of link nor high school said, in part, i'm aware of the passion and petitions on both sides of the issue. and the emotions that arise when traditions change. she goes on to say, it affords the opportunity for reflection and conversation as new traditions are created. she also ads, actions that create divisiveness are unwarranted at school events. the football game will be starting about an hour, we're seeing a lot of activity here at the high school with people coming in and excited for this game. unclear exactly what is going to play out tonight. but we're hearing that perhaps there will be people wearing head dresses in opposition to this change. so we'll be here throughout the evening and we'll have more on this and our shows later tonight. live in frederick could you do, lindsey watts, fox 5 local news.
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. that's it for us at 5:00. tony and shawn standing by for your news at 6:00 starting right now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, new drone video of areas hardest hit by harvey shows the magnitude of the destruction. we're live with relief efforts as our coverage continues from texas. plus, a dc teenager killed in crossfire is laid to rest. how people are remembering her life on this emotional day. and a bribe rescheme involving virginia snow removal i want to say i want to say contracts is busted up. we lay out the money trail in a live report. the news at 6:00 starts now. we're staying on top of breaking news in the district two people shot minutes
6:00 pm
each other. let's get to tisha lewis live in northeast with the latest. >> reporter: you can behind me, there's a heavy police presence here on the 4,000 block of minnesota avenue. the scene for the most part is cleared. we're standing across the street from friendship cleve it? academy, school gout out at 3:30. i want to say. i want to show. we're told that the victim here in northeast was inside this white car when he was struck by at least one bullet, we're told he's expected to survive. he was taken to the hospital, was conscious, and again, expected to survive. but you can the shattered windows. that car was removed just a moment ago. but we do know that police are searching for a gunman who's described at about 5-9, 130 pounds, said to be african-american man long twisted hair, wearing a


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