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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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rewind to the crime the search for justice. may their families find closure. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". >> right now at 11 get ready for rain remnants of harvey headed this way. houp of the weekend will be a washout. >> plus a massive crackdown on illegal atv ryeers and how police are would being on the roads and sky to keep you safe. >> and is it offensive or school spirit? hear from both sides on the controversy surrounding a friday night football tradition. your news starts now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. two people snot northeast d.c. >> it happened less than an hour ago police found victims 400 block eastern avenue and tonight's gunfire
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other shootings in the area this afternoon. lauren demarco arrived at the scene. lauren what you have been able to find out so far. >> tony, shawn, you can see behind me here 400 block eastern avenue blocked off this is active scene steps from mlk highway. there's detectives out here. as you said we're told the victims were found here. what i'm learning they were shot likely in another location. we're told there's another scene 59 and e streets northwest and we're told there's two mane adult male victims taken to the hospital and they're reportedly conscious and breathing so their injuries is not life-threatening and again this comes on heels of two other shootings earlier today. both happening within 2 to 3 miles of this location and there was a man shot along minnesota avenue northeast. and he was in a white car that was riddled with bullet holes sitting in front of friendship collegiate academy not clear whether he was shot there or drove there after being shot this happened shortly before 4 . just minutes earli
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300 block of anacostia road southeast. we're told a teenage boy was shot. he was also dealing with non life-threatening injuries and taken to the hospital same as man along minnesota avenue both of them expected to recover. and it sounds like that is the same story with the two victims here this evening. again shot three problems away and victims were found here 00 block of eastern avenue and remains shut down at this t time. there's police out here investigators from what year learn they go were shot three problems away and found here. all four victims from today expected to recover. certainly busy day for police and violent day in the city. that's the latest in the northeast back to you in the studio.
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let again to gwen with everything you need to know. >> the rain is definitely in the forecast. it will be a soggy saturday for you. let's begin with look at maps and show what you is happ happening. remnants of harvey bringing plenty of heavy rainfall over the ohio valley and moving its way across the mid atlantic. parts of our area are seeing a bit of that rainfall right n now. we've got light showers happening in leesburg as well as quantico. and gauge rzburg seeing some activity and frederick. and so, ocean city as well. so it's starting to move its way through. we have a pretty good dry spot most of the day. some of it having a problem hitting the ground right now. right in the city of d.c. proper we're not seeing anything at this hour. in the overnight hours expected to start to fill in quite a bit. marginal risk of severe weather for areas east as we move into saturday. slight risk to the west. we could see storms popping up. not only remnants of harvey but we also have a frontal system that will move through north.
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cool night ahead and that's what we're talking about temperatures that feel actually like it's fall. your weekend is not a washout. that's good in surprised warming up to 80. dpar cry from 68 we expect to see on saturday. we'll start with a few morning showers on sunday. and then get back to drier conditions and little sunshine for you to enjoy and meantime saturday it's a rain soaked day and make indoor plans and if you have to go out grab the umbrella. i'll let you know what is to happen for the holiday monday forecast in a bit. tony. >> we turn to sdaingtner texas a chemical plant in houston area caught fire again flood waters knocked out the containment and houston mayor is upping residents to evacuate western part of city. tonigh
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skong gress to approve 8 billion for recovery more on tonight's developments. >> hurricane harvey reached land a week ago. still flooding continues especially in places like h here, west houston. >> we now have across state of texas 258 shelters now open. >> neighborhoods in metro houston now under new evacuation orders issued friday as engineers work to release water from two reservoirs a move that could keep 20,000 homes flooded for weeks to come evacuation records in place in crosby texas after part of a chemical plant erupted in flames. this marks the second fire at the archma chemical plant in two days. the plant lost power due to flooding and lost ability to control the temperature of sensitive chemicals. authorities are now closely monitoring
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area. in bumont people are lining up waiting for bottled water because harvey knocked out the drinking water plants. >> it's not a good situation. >> you know there was a long line across front of store here. >> evacuees returning to damaged homes many are dealing with potential health threats from mold to bacteria in the water aacross the gulf coast gasoline is in short supply. greg abbott says the state has plenty of gasoline and whim not run out. in houston i'm allison barber fox news. prince george county police and maryland state troopers are meeting to keep this activity off the street. more than 75 officers will be on to ck down on atv riders and a tool to keep violators get ago way. they're use tire deflation
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devices to slow riders down and force them to stop. >> the specific strip the spike imbedded in tire is hollow. instead of popping the tire or causing a very rapid deflation it imbeds itself in the care and it's like letting -- it's basically letting the air out of the tire slowly at a controlled rate which allows the vehicle to come to a slower more controlled stop. >> the task force is relying on the public to report illegal activity. >> principal of maryland high high schoolnded a school sports tradition. starting tonight, students were no longer able to wear the traditional native american head dress because some find it offensive. students and members of the community are pushing back in support of time honored tradition. lingnor high school awrlz had a connection to the tribe in the area. the student by
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itself as a tribe and there's longstanding tradition elected member of senior class wars a head dress during games. senior elected chief. the chief last year gave me photos of himself wearing that head dress. some say this is all about school spirit. others though have taken offense according to school administration. we'll take you into the game now. some students and community members decided to wear own head dresses tonight in protest people young and old. principal nancy doll would not speak us to despite efforts and assistant principal did talk off camera saying the school heard from numerous students alumni and community members that object to the head dress and say it's insensitive. students and former students we talked to told us they believe this is over reaction and they're dispointed to see a long time tradition come to end. student elected chief this year decide ised not to wear the head dress tonight even though he says he has it in his possession.
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about how they're feeling. >> i understand how people could be offended by it i just believe that everything we do is to represent lingnor high school and that's it i don't believe we show anything offensive. i believe everything we do is in name of the high school and school pirt spirit. >> i'm a fraud 2010 from l lingnor high school and i feel like we always respected the native american culture. >> do you know of any students that took issue with the head dress. couple students in lingno ri two or three. >> principal nangsy doll released a statement saying in part i truly respect the history of the lingnor history and pride we will not take away from it however there's times it's necessary and she
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sa decisiveness are unwelcomed at school event. frederick, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> still to come the tension with russia is escalating. plus, metro bus drivers asking for police escort. >> caught on camera officer arrested and nurse dragged her out of the hospital it was the officer in the wrong. latest developments surrounding this viral video. >> and coming up tonight on the final five. congress heads back to work next week and they're scheduled to tackle taxing reform. what will it mean for you. catch the final five tonight at 11
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>> vigilant community members are watched for shooting of a map in d.c. ceasar morales was arrested yesterday in silver springs. he was wanted for chaseing a man and shooting him at the columbia heights metro station last friday and alerts residents spotted morales near veers mill road and called police and when officers arrived h
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nearby parking garage and another witness told police morales was under a parked car. officers found him and charged him as a fugitive from justice. the officers seen in disturbing video forcibly arresting a utah nurse has been placed on leave. and salt lake city mayor says prosecuteers are prer pursuing a criminal investigation. and in this body camera video from july detective jeff pain is seen grabbing and taking nurse alex rubbles into custody and at rest happened after the nurse refused to draw blood from unconscious patient. pain wanted to test that injured patient's blood fol a deadly car crash. woblees told officer he need aid warrants or patient consent. you can see pain take the nurse out of the hospital and handcuff her. she said she was trying to protect the rights of her unconscious patient. >> i was trying to do it the right way. i if they needed blood they needed to go through the prop
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tonight university of utah health plan to work with salt lake city police to find the right steps are taken in the future. >> would worst diplomatic back and forthwith russia in decades is's lateing and moscow accused u.s. of violating international law and in order to change the consolate tomorrow. here's the latest from the white house. russian leaders condemning the u.s. forcing for clear you're in san francisco. a response to earlier this month. >> we'll have a tough response to the things that come totally out of the blue to hurt us and driven soley by the desire to spoil our relations. in addition to san francisco they were closed in new york and wash tone and russian americans voicing disclosure as diplomatic fights lights.
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we're living in bay area and here was really comfortable to get. >> trump administration is arguing russia should not retalliate for the latest m move. they're trying to bring party to number of dip nats each can't write and russia has more diplomatic facilities in u.s. than america does in russia. the decision to bring total party was given to increase spiral of'slations. >> administration is offering olive branch to resume granting visas to russian that's wants to visit the u.s. after cutting off the service earlier this month. >> this is not full speed ahead. this is beginning of renewal of the office. >> rurkian consolate has to close tomorrow. the russian government says it's stutdying that decision. at the white house i'm kevin quark, fox news. it's
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inmates -- and today independent investigatorssh you'd cameing report about what may have contributed to the standoff. report found administrators ignored warning signs in days up to february riot and found the prison was over crowd understaffed and mismanaged and there was adversarial relationship between staffers inmates and administrators. the report calls for a complete overall of the department. >> when inplates not treated in a hugh main way resentment builds and creates tension between inmates and correctional officers which make conditions less safe. ultimately it's in everybody's interest for treatment to be hugh main and fair and recognizing that these individuals are punished for crimes committed. >> the report made several recommendations including mandatory over time for guards anas
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treating inmates hugh mainly. >> less than a week after a passenger threw urine on a metro bus driver the are helping them deal with what they call unsafe working conditions. drivers union protested today at the minnesota avenue station to air griefens and as a result, supervisors not accustomed to getting behind the bus wheel had to replace some of the drivers. metro called the protest unauthorized labor action and bus operators and union told us it's their response taken to crisising number of attacks on drivers. >> what happened the other day is the straw that broke the camelves back. no one should have to operate a city public bus under those conditions. you see all these officers and supervisors stand ago rounds instead of them threatening my people get on the damn bus and ride with them so they're safe. that's the answer to this. >> opal brown the woman there covering her face is charged died with misdemeanor assault for attack and she's oshded to stay away from the
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line and judge did not ban her from the entire transit system. little bit of rain headed our way. and tomorrow sounds like stay indoors. >> definitely stay n enjoy a good movie or something. >> sounds like a good idea. >> we've got rain coming up in and it will get a little more widespread late tonight for tomorrow. but good news is, not a weekend washout. i'm happy to say. we've got better weather coming your way on sunday. so, monday holiday monday is better than that. so things continue to improve. but live look outside right now some of are you seeing a bit of light rain and some of you are not seeing anything yet. that changes in the overnight hours. remnants of hurricane harvey is actually dumping a lot of rain over parts of ohio valley and that's what's moving way to mid atlantic. plus a frontal system south. that's going to move north. that will be another trigger for all this combination of those two things are what we're seeing here
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fill in. we see heavier rainfall begun to areas south and southeast. we had dry slot sitting there all day today. it's been a challenge for this rain to make its way through. it's gradually starting to now get light showers going on l leesburg, gaithersburg, quantico seeing that as well as fred rig. nothing right now in middle of d.c. that's going to change as we get toit hear part of tonight. marginal risk of severe areas west of city and west a slight risk. don't be surprised if we see storms popping up tomorrow. here's a look at future cast. this gives you a timeline what to expect. as we get through tomorrow early morning hours rain fills in quite a bit and here we are 3:00 in the afternoon still not rid of it just yet. once we get into tomorrow night heavier and storms popping up there. then we get to sunday.
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there are showers here and there popping up and we and sunshine as a ridge of high pressure builds in. that frontal system moves north and warm front tomorrow and could be stinger for storms popping up as the system moves its way offshore and transfers energy. ridge of high pressure builds n sunday we are anticipating seeing at least some sunshine and will be a warm are day on top of it this is i rma still a category three hurricane. imaginationive powerful storm moving west 14 miles an hour and really the models still too far to pick out if anything -- spaghetti models are in sync one area but we can't determine what will happen yet. we'll watch it closely. in the meantime, 85 and lots of sunshine for labor day. it will feel like summer and
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like it does tonight and temperatures only into the 0 06s. if you head to the beaches we've got showers on saturday and then on sunday early showers before it gets better and nice on labor day. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. things are heating up once we get to week and not bad at all 88s tuesday and wet weather on saturday and once again the sunshine will come back on sunday for you. we'll be back after the break.
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>> we have breaking news to report. d.c. police chief peter n newsham is reporting that former chief of police eye zach ford died at the age of 77. fullwood served as chief of police in late 80s and early '90s during a difficult time for the city. >> according to
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posts he was ill with kidney failure. he found it difficult to leave his home in southeast. his death was confirmed by the police chief and that point no cause was given to former chief eye zach ike fullwood. >> the districts was going through a violent stage called murder capital of u.s. it was also going through crack epidemics and also during his ten tour that arrest was made on than mayor marion barry on drug charges. >> yeah there's a lot of information starring to come out or just a lot of people are sending their condolences to his family tonight again former police chief dead tonight at the aim of 77. >> we'll have more on this tomorrow morning on "fox news morning". >> thanks for joining us tonight. stick around brody lobe allege is next with the final
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>> welcome to the final five. i'm here stuck like a shmuck and jim lokay is enjoying the holiday weekend he has afigured out. and praysh for victims of harvey. white house will make a decision tomorrow or monday or definitely by tuesday, they'll get it then yeah there might be a letter from the president laying out qua he was firing james comey that was never sent. do i that all the time and staff russian con sew flat san francisco forced to leave so they spent the day burning stuff in the fireplace. you have to stay warm even though it's 100 de sgreez and president is going to


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