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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 3, 2017 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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. >> this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. in my opinion, it device the school spirit. having it been taken away is just in my opinion, it's terrible. >> reaction pouring in after the principal of a maryland high school ended one of its traditions students no longer able to wear traditional native american head dress because some find it offensive >> students and members of the community are push back tonight in support of their time honored tradition. fox 5's lindsay watts has more. >> reporter: some students and community members decided to wear their own head dresses tonight in protest. people young and old. principal nancy doll wouldn't speak to us. an assistant principal did talk off camera. saying the school heard from numerous students alumni and community member whose object to the head dress and say it's insensitive. the students and former students tell us they believe
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overreaction and disappointed to see a long-time tradition come to an end, the student elected chief this year decided not to wear the head dress, even though he says he does still have it. we spoke to him and a few others about how they're feeling. >> i understand how people can be offended. i believe everything we do is to represent linganore high school and that's it. i don't believe we show anything offensive. i believe everything we do is in the name of linganore high school and in the name of school spirit. >> i'm a graduate, 2010 from linganore high school. and i feel like we've always respected the native american culture. >> do you know of any students who have taken issue with the head dress? >> yes, a couple of students in linganore, i do know, two or three. >> that was lindsay watts. some students say the principal asked them to remove the head dresses during last night's game. there were online petitions for and against the
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each of them have hundreds of signatures. the school's principal released a statement saying i truly respect the history of the linganore school community and its deep sense of pridely we will not take away from it. however r there are times when change is necessary. >> let's talk a little bit about the weather. it has been -- there you go. how are you doing? that's what happens behind scenes. >> it was tight. it was tight. >> glad you're here. >> i've been standing right there for the last ten minutes. >> glad we got you. >> it's cool out. cool out. but we're getting better. >> that's good. >> trending in the right direction. >> it's been the remnants of harvey we've been seeing. >> pretty much harvey is now kind of an open wave now thank goodness. harvey is all gone
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perfectly honest. beautiful shot from the capitol there, it's a liquid foggy, drizzley out there. we were 63 in town, now we're 64. dulles, you're 61, gaithersburg came up as well to 60, baltimore is 63. temperatures are pretty much where they're going to be overnight tonight. i believe our temperature could drop down again to 62 or 63 or so for a low but again, not much different than what it is right now for morning low. generally speaking, we have a couple shower, drizzle and down to the south, we're watching this shower come up from the south and as it's coming on the cross into parts of st. mary's county and it will quickly go right on across the bay and over to the eastern shore calvert county you'll get some of that as well. the bigger picture will see there's a little bit,
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rotation left. a little bit of rotation left which was the open wave from harvey or what was harvey several days ago. and it's now just kind of getting absorbed in everything and moving on off to the north and to the east and as it does, we get a little bit drier and then we get a little brighter the sun will come back out. overnight, i believe showers in at 1:00 a.m. few showers around at 3:00 a.m. drizzle here too and by 5:00 a.m. drier air starts working on in. you can see on futurecast we're all done, tomorrow morning clouds, i don't think we wake up to perfectly sunny skies or anything like that but as we trend through the day tomorrow, we'll get into sunshine and i think by late tomorrow afternoon, we should have good amounts of sunshine before it's all said and done and before the sun sets it will be real nice. this is our next hurricane we'll concern ourselves with, not major anymore, it was up to major strength backed off little bit. it is forecasted this is ir ma, forecasted to become
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hour wind, they will official fly a plane out into tomorrow to get the exact measurements. right now, these readings are coming off observed satellites and you can see the track and trends potentially up to a category 4 hurricane as it moves towards the bahamas late next week. the track here is far from certain and i think it's going to change several times before it's all said and done. 65 tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy breaking into sunshine by lunch time, 79 degrees. i believe we're right around 80 for a high tomorrow. look i guess in the afternoon. labor day looks gorgeous. 85 degrees, sunny, warm, winds will be out of the southwest at about five to ten miles per hour. unofficially summer goes away but it will certainly feel like summer on monday and tuesday. middle 80's to right around 90, we'll cool off little bit wednesday maybe a shower or thunderstorm. still shower is possible on thursday, primarily thursday morning. the way it
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then we break back out into sunshine for friday and saturday. there's your forecast. guys? >> thanks, gary. a restaurant server in florida did a lot more this week than take orders >> when a life-threatening situation unfolded for one of its regulars he sprung into action. one of alvin lopez's customers joseph comes in twice a day. this day while joseph was eating his lunch, he stopped breathing. when lopez realized the man was choking he didn't think twice, he ran over and performed the heimlich getting the food out and saving his friend's life. that quick thinking is being praised by his manager, who said it was no surprise to see him spring into action. >> definitely a hero. absolutely. >> you could see he couldn't breathe. first i patted him on the back thinking it was going to be ok. but that didn't work. heimlich, two seconds. it was over. >> lopez has been a server for nine years at the miami establishment. after the
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was back in his usual space ordering his usual meal. >> every server should know the heimlich maneuver. >> i know the basics of it but i'm not sure. >> come on. i'm here what if something happened to me? you don't know >> there's scott and gary is over there >> is anyone in this room >> somebody, help. >> seriously. >> it's important to know. >> we need to get training. >> we do. i can see that. it's nothing to laugh about. the nationals need late and heroics to get past the brewer >> they begin the 2017 with a bang, brody logan has more in sports.
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. realized it's already sunday >> football saturday is every >> but it was a huge
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>> big day at college football and the maryland texas game was one of those games on back burner. might have been >> everybody is talking about it >> the biggest result, maryland football coach dj dire kin tells his team to bring the juice. energy and attitude i want to say. life blood of a successful football team. you got it or you don't. recently the football team has been running low on that juice like my cell phone. it was an 18-point favorite in vegas and if you want to pull off the monumental upset you need to bring the juice and maryland with this sign tried to warn him. today, they brought too much juice. texas. texas headcoach tom her man making his debut. dj dire kin little
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they call him pig gy. 25 yards for the touchdown. maryland up 14-7. second quarter, maryland up same score, rejects the texas field goal antwan brooks scrapping. he'll take it to score. 65 yards, turfs up 21-7. give me all the sad fan reaction shots. give them to dj. third quarter maryland up 30-27. tie johnson stiff arm, he's gone. 40 yards touchdown. turfs 263 yards on the ground including this bringing the font ices it. maryland gets the huge upset win 51-41, most points scored against a ranked team in school history. too much juice. >> people say the final parise game is meaningless but it meant something to seventh round pick to josh harvey klemm mondays, he made the difference in the parise game with his
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touchdown in atm pa he was on the bubble to make the final 53-man roster that play, this play, put him over the top. today is cut-down day for the nfl and harvey klemm mons just made the team >> matt jones was let go along with nate sudfeld. he was cut to make way for youth, duke co linebacker and the grandson of bob marley, he was released. don't worry about a thing. everything will be all right and best name on the team who had a nice pick, fish smithson. he just missed the final. i'm sorry, smith, fish, smith. >> fish. say it five times. te nats had to deal with a absurd amount of injuries. at one point it was 13 players
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come back. hopefully in time for the playoffs. one player that's been there all year, playing like a much younger version of himself, ryan zimmerman, no score, then left side of the infield going to score, kendricks up one nil. not tonight. michael a taylor, stands for tie ball game. ties it up two to two. he used to be on the dl but back from injury, a deep double that will score from second. the nats escape milwaukee way three to two victory. . markelle fultz back in town. after being selecteded first by the
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he gave out backpacks and school supplies in prince george's county. he said it's something he also wanted to do. >> just me growing up. i went to james madison and growing up in the area, people used to give book bags to us, we didn't have very many it's something i also wanted to do. just because i know it's kids school is about to start. school can't wait forever, they need supplies and i know i was in school and i needed a pencil and stuff, it doesn't hurt, i have the chance to give back and make an impact and always wanted to do that. >> last week's mayweather mag greg gregor made an insane amount of money, over 6 million pay per view, over 100 bucks a piece is worth at least $600 million of revenue. 1500 bucks unless you were this man, oliver reaches posted as a member of the
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puts himself down in the third row of arena situating him next to various vips, i think we see diddy there, he shared the photos on instagram. told the british tabloid the sun, i did feel a bit cheeky but this was a once in a lifetime chance, i could not believe it worked. there were quite a few empty seats. for those kind of prices in the third row. you would think there would be. >> isn't he supposed to be focusing on security >> stay away from floyd. if you act like you belong, >> you'll fit in. >> dressed up nice. >> he probably sat right in front, he sat right in front of leo dicaprio. he had to look past him. to see the fight. >> that guy didn't pay anything? who is this guy >> he's with floyd. >> all right. well, we will be right back.
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. across nation, team pregnancy has been declining with numbers on a steady downward turn but locally a different story >> in fairfax county fairfax 14 for everyone thousand teens gets pregnant and doubles in prince william's county. that's why the work of the wood worth base 2% project in northern virginia, fox 5 allison seymour highlights the work of the nonprofit and the young woman behind it. >> reporter: autumn williams was all set. 17 and headed to virginia state university on a volleyball scholarship and world and all of its possibilities in front of her, but a week after she graduated came the news, she was six and a half months pregnant >> i literally have this three-month window, you know, to be a parent, not only be a parent, start doing adult
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never did that before, never went on an interview. never thought about it. >> reporter: the enormous responsibility didn't stop her and said it was her motivation to finish college and start a career. even when she found out she was pregnant again at age 19. >> i always say that was kind of like my i pif me moment i want and started getting serious >> she graduated four years, her two young sons in toe >> i came across this statistics that less than 2% of teen moms graduate from college before the age of 30 >> less than 2% of all teen mothers. that's what made her decide to reach back and help other young moms reach their potential too. the 2% project provides community, education and financial resources along with every day needs like diapers and strollers, as well as support >> if it's
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they ask us and we do our best to get it. >> reporter: they run solely on donation and fund-raising. all the volunteers, board members and counselors are former teen and young mothers. today. cynthia wood manages the nonprofit and counselors not long ago, she was sure of had he path with a new baby >> i was working in the restaurant industry and i didn't have myself together. i had just turned 20 when i found out i was pregnant. i hadn't completed high school. i wasn't driving. i was in the you know, not a very good position and i was terrified. >> her motivation is helping teen moms. some as young as 13 years old. >> if we can help the parents that's going to provide for their future and that's the most important thing >> client wasn't a teenager when she got pregnant but still a young mother and still sure of her next move. she admits it was tough coping at first. a topic that's still emotional for
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it was hard. it was really hard. >> reporter: with the 2% project, she found the support system >> there's times like i don't know what to do, i'm crying, the baby is crying, i'm crying with him and you know, so that's a good thing. >> reporter: a good thing an reason why autumn is paying it forward >> it make as difference and i definitely want to show my kids that your mistakes don't define you. how you handle them does. and giving back. >> reporter: allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> if you'd like to help support the 2% project, they're hosting a consignment sale next month october 21 it's from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at freedom high school in woodbridge. it's a great cause. still ahead. show up late and face your fate. >> new punishment for high school students who don't show up on time.
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coming up.
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be on time or pay a fine, a new policy for students at one utah high school. >> as you can imagine the new rule is not sitting well. >> reporter: at stand berry high school if you'll late you'll get this ticket. the first time ask a warning. but then up to $5 >> the principals say the halls are emptier compared to last year >> we have a goal of respect people, property and time
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>> reporter: the first offense is a warning, a second time they will pay $3 fine and then $5, only administrators not teachers will issue the ticket >> we're trying to target those periods between class where is really it's a choice, it's a personal decision of whether you're going to walk from class a to class b and be on time. >> we just implemented it on tuesday. this week, we've handed out just warnings, no fines at all. >> reporter: julie attends stand berry high >> we received an e-mail from the school district >> while she agrees the fines can teach personal accountability she said administrators should have consulted with parents beforehand. >> i believe it's opening like a pandora's box. it's not going to fix the problem. >> reporter: thinks the new policy is unfair >> i think the school board
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way to generate income, making money grab out of the thing >> if students can't pay the fee, they can take lunch detention. the money collected will go towards a school fund that will go directly back to students for incentives. >> our goal is not to get money. it would be great if i didn't get any money. we just want kids in class. >> administrators say they will send out a letter next week updating parents on the results of the policy. >> the new tonight far from over >> the news at 12:30, usually say 11:00, it starts right now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. first night we begin with developing news, south korean officials detected an artificial 5.6 magnitude quake in north korea, analyzes, whether


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