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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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he took the free yardage right in front of him and got out of bounds. good decision there from rosen. >> second down and six at the 22. jamal in the backfield with rosen. rosen under pressure, underneath and caught at the 10-yard line by darren andrews. he went sidearm allah matt stafford. >> he had to. texas a & m brought a blitz, it was a free rusher in the face of rosen, but he got around. >> first down at the 11, and the officials blow it dead prior to the snap. wilson. >> referee: false start on the offense, all 1 1 players were never set prior to the snap. five-yard penalty. >> he wanted to snap it quickly because wilson was going to be wide open for the touchdown, but you got to let all
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players get set, and that's the quarterback's responsibility, to make sure that everybody is lined up. >> they back it up five yards. first and 15 at the 16-yard line. it will give rosen a little more room to throw it. josh rosen under pressure, throws -- touchdown! theo howard. what a throw by josh rosen. and with 3:10 remaining, ucla down 44-37. >> that was of the more incredible throws i've seen in some time. >> rosen had guys all over him in the backfield.
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molson for the extra point, good. 3:10 to go, 44-38. can ucla get the ball back again? >> rosen has to allude the first rusher, and as he's trying to escape to his left, nonetheless, he just rares back and launches it into the end zone. theo howard, he comes back to the ball perfectly, and it's a touchdown for the bruins. what an extraordinary effort from rosen, even to get that ball anywhere close to the end zone. what an extraordinary comeback this has been. texas a & m thoroughly dominated ucla in every facet for two and a half quarters, and now a brilliant quarterback, he's been given time to throw in the pocket has brought his team all the way back. >> and they are bouncing on the ucla sideline now. at one point the score was
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44-10. in 16 minutes the bruins have made this a 44-38 game. they just go 74 yards in 1:31. do you kick it deep? >> to a true freshman, i would kick it deep. they still have two time-outs. the defense has played pretty well. remember that last series, it was jump-started by a pretty poor penalty. other than that, the defense has played pretty well. i would kick it deep. >> and they do. kirk and bussey back. it's kirk brings it out of his own end zone. kirk looking for a hole, crosses the 20 and gets up to the 24. time now for the expectation shattering drive of the game sponsored by buick. and these are drives. >> well, we've had, what, four straight unanswered touchdowns. they got a 34-point
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they've come all the way back, making this a six-point game. the extraordinary effort for josh rosen. 28 unanswered points for the ucla bruins. you give that man some time in the pocket and he will carve you up. this has been extraordinary in the send half. >> now the true freshman back on the field. he's got to milk the clock. mond running it, looking, and mond will gain about four yards on the play. as octavius spencer comes up and knocks him down. they give him three. >> we're going to see exactly what mond is made of here. >> ucla calls a time-out. they have one remaining. a & m with all three of their time-outs remaining. let's go to mike hill for an update. >> got a good one going on between virginia tech and west virginia as well. 64-yar
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taking it home from three yards out. that put tech up 31-24. that's where we stand late in the fourth. gus. >> thanks very much. we do have a good one. ucla, we thought they were dead and buried, but somehow coach mora has figured out a way for his team to protect josh rosen, and he has been paying off. >> there was zero signs of life for ucla at halftime. really through the first three, four minutes of the second half. but that man, number 3. i'll tell what, this has been quite a show for him. >> second down and they call it eight. at the 25. mond underneath, incomplete. wadood
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football off. >> a & m is trying to go to their most trustworthy offensive weapon, christian kirk. but ucla knows that's going to be the plan. two bruins on christian kirk, double-teaming him on the inside and outside. >> biggest play of the game coming up right now. third down and eight. ucla's defense wants to get the ball back to josh rosen. mond, can he make a play? here's mond, and sacked. tuioti-marine, and a & m will have to punt it away. >> here he's going to come from the left side. jacob tuioti-marine, great effort and the sandwich sack, as ucla gets off the field in a quick manner, and is
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give the ball back to josh rosen. that defense has had a 180-degree turnaround from what they were at the beginning of the game. >> ladarius pickett is the deep man. shane tripucka will punt it away. ucla out of time-outs now. they just used their last time-out. tripucka punting from the 6. pickett with the fair catch at the 34. and here we go. 2:39 to go. they say he could be the number one quarterback selected if he lengths to leave ucla after this season. he's got no time-outs
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19 of 26. he's thrown for 300 yards and three touchdowns. >> in the second half. 4:15 overall, 28 of 49. rosen has been brilliant, absolutely brilliant. >> rosen in the shotgun, under pressure, underneath, and it's complete. andrews gets out of bound. a gain of 11. >> now, without a time-out, they've got to be cognizant of what they're doing with the football. so when the receivers get the ball, they've got to be looking for either a first down or to get themselves out of bound. but with two and a half left at the 45, they're not going to be panicked about the clock just yet. >> no time-outs. rosen looking le.
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underneath, and incomplete. theo howard closest man to the football. that stops the clock at 2:19. >> texas a & m has tried a bit of everything in this second half. they've changed up their coverage, they've sat back, they've blitzed, they've done everything. but the difference has been that ucla has been able to protect rosen regardless of what a & m is doing defensively. and he's been carve vining up as deshawn capers-smith gets his left leg attended to here on the field. they've been running a lot of crossing routes, gus, because texas a & m has been playing man coverage underneath. any time you've got man to man defense, you want to get your wide receivers running across the field. you don't want them settling down in space that makes it too easy to cover them. that's why you're seeing a lot
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you're going to see a wide receiver come across the field, rosen is going to want to let him get outside of the hash marks before he hits him. >> second down and ten at the 45. rosen over the middle, caught again. this time it's andrews. >> they've got to go fast here. he did not get the first down. the clock will be moving the entire time. they've got to get a play called, get up to the line of scrimmage and try to execute to move the chains. >> third and one at the 46. picked up by rosen, underneath, first down wilson. josh rosen with t
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derek jeter on that play. >> that ball was all the way down on his left foot, then gets a good grip in order to throw an accurate ball. >> rosen first down, throws it again. a 16-yard gain. >> this kid's hand are unbelievable. wilson snatches that ball out of the air. >> first down. rosen, in trouble. incomplete. texas a & m blitzing. >> and he was so fortunate that that ball wasn't picked off. he had it right in his hands after had got batted down. watch this. watson bats it down, then alaka is going to have a shot at it. that could have ended the ge
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>> second and ten at the 24. bruins trail 44-10 in the third quarter. rosen -- >> i think they got a delay here. >> referee: delay of game, offense. five-yard penalty. second down. >> these situations, those mechanics of operation like looking at the play clock can leave you because you're so focused on everything else going on in a drive of this magnitude. >> caleb wilson has been josh rosen's go-to player, number 81. second and 15. rosen over the middle -- caught. andrews. they back him up behind the 15, but let's see if his forward progress will sp
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the 10. >> the hard part was that he re-established himself after coming back, that's why it's not a first down. >> third and down rosen again, and a false start. >> referee: false start, offense, all 11 players were not set prior to the snap. five-yard penalty, third down. >> these are big mistakes by josh rosen. it's not like there's 10 second left, there's 1:07 left. he's got to calm himself down, make sure that his offensive players are aligned and set before he snaps the ball. >> remember the bruins have no time-outs. third down and six at the 20. down by six. rosen sideline. gordon lasley unable to hold on as he takes his eyes off the football. >> remember a year ago there was a third-down drop in
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that doomed ucla in their attempt to win at college station. there a third-down drop, and the game comes down to a fourth down snap. >> fourth down and six at the 20. bruins need to go to the 14 for a first down. rosen looking, drops it off, caught, first down ucla! and he gets out of bounds. with 48 seconds to go on the clock stopping. >> what a great read from rosen. no one from texas a & m went with the swing out of the backfield which was gentleman bow. rosen fakes a spike in the end zone touchdown! jordan lasley the legend of josh rosen.
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dan marino would be proud. are you kidding me? but the most important thing now, j.j. molson in to attempt the extra point to give the bruins the lead. and it's good! 45-44. what a comeback by ucla.
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i still don't quite believe what we've just witnessed. josh rosen threw a perfect ball in the corner of the end zone to jordan lasley after faking the spike. you talk about playing this game with ice water in your veins. josh rosen, the chosen one. his nickname in high school was chosen rosen. 35 unanswered points since being down 34-10. rosen four touchdown passes in the fourth quarter.
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kirk back deep. and lets it go out of the end zone. 45-44. kellen mond the true freshman quarterback comes back onto the field. he'll start from his own 25. 43 second to go. and remember, danielle lacamera is their field goal kicker, former soccer player. he had kicked at least a 68 yard field goal in high school. first and ten at the 25. mond, drops it off, incomplete. intended for williams. where the aggies have to go to
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>> they've got to get -- realistically i understand what he did in high school, realistically you have to get this ball at least to the 38, 39 or 40-yard line. >> lacamera earned national attention on thanksgiving in 2014 when he kicked that 68-yard field goal. mond in trouble, throws, incomplete. 33 second left. jalen phillips the true freshman, he's their best pass rusher. this is when the best pass rusher has to be great. shaken up on the last play, he'll leave the game. >> a & m has all three of their time-outs remaining. third down and 10 at the 25. >> if you're ucla, you have to know where christian kirk is on the field. >> top of the screen in the
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>> mond play fake, dancing throws, incomplete. and that brings up fourth down. with 27 seconds to go. fourth and ten infringement the 25. mond the true freshman wants to run it. can he get there? mond, taken down, and it looks like he has the first down. >> it's going to be awfully close. he had to get to the 35. it looks like that ball is going to be spotted right on
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35-yard line. mmm. boy, that looked like the spot was favorable by what, about the length of the football. based on that replay. the one that was hustling after him, number 93, he's a junior college transfer, and it looks ike that spot is about the length of the football off. based on where he hits the ground with his elbow, that ball should be short. >> the ruling on the previous play was a first down. this play is now under review. >> gus, i don't think he got there. >> let's go to our rules analyst. dean can you hear us? >> yeah, guys, i'm here. i'm looking at it. you can see the backside is down, the elbow hits. that ball is about a half yard short of the line to
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& m will turn it over on downs. there's 20 seconds to go. >> there's the look. pretty clear, remember they're going to need the indisputable video evidence. that right there is indisputable video evidence that ucla is going to walk out of here with a victory after being down by 34 points in the second half. remarkable. >> will it be reversed? right now the ball is spotted right at the 35. it's pretty clear. i'm sure they're just making a hundred percent they're going to take their time, because this end the game. >> josh rosen can't
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he put his teammates on his back. his coaches figured out how to protect him. one of the great comebacks for this young man in the fourth quarter alone, 19 of 26, 292, four touchdowns, and the aggies may have a deer here it comes. >> after video review, the runner was only able to make advancement to the 34-yard line. since the line of gain was the 35-yard line, the ball is turned over on do you understand to ucla. >> ucla 20 seconds away from one of the most miraculous comebacks that you can ever see. josh rosen, chosen rosen.
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texas a & m with two time-outs. not enough to do anything. josh rosen just completed one of the most epic comebacks in our sports history. remarkable. unbelievable. this young man from manhattan beach, california. >> hey, he was getting drilled all night until those, what, last six series. and he still stood in there and picked them apart. what a performance. rosen backs it up, they don't come after him, and now
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a knee. 12 seconds to go. and that's it. ucla comes all the way back behind the brilliance of josh rosen. they defeat texas a & m 45-44, instant classic. did that just happen? >> i'm shaking my head right now, folks. kevin sumlin is shaking his head, too. the pressure will mount on him this week, as the
11:25 pm
to college station. >> i will say it bass not a series of mistakes that led to this. i mean ucla went out there and earned it, stopped them on defense, rosen down the field 19 of 26 for 294 yards and four touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone. coaches will tell you most games are lost, not won. this one was won by number 3 for ucla. >> rosen faking the snap inside the red zone. and as our bill rafferty would say about josh rosen, onions. let's go downstairs to jenny taft. >> josh, it is hard to describe what we just witnessed from you, bringing this team back, 34 points. how did you do it? i mean, at a certain point you just got to play your
11:26 pm
drives and not focus on anything else and just play the best football you can. >> it has been almost 11 months since you last played for this team at home at the rose bowl. you get the win in this fashion. what does it mean to you? >> it feels great, it's been a long off-season. a lot of thinking. i had reflection, and hopefully sus the first win of a very successful season. >> how proud of you of your teammates and how they responded in the send? >> i'm so proud of them, we're breaking in a new offense, they're going to have some bumps. certainly in the first half we just weren't getting off to the right foot. and i guess we just kind of needed a little spark in the second half, that's what we got. at a certain point it started to get it. we're playing against ourselves, our own championship standard every single day, we just wanted to go out and execute on offense and hope that it end
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>> you go and enjoy this tonight. thank you, josh. >> thank you. >> humility, josh rosen. what an ending. ucla grounds them out behind this man, their leader, chosen josh rosen. coming up, we'll wrap it up from the rose bowl. bruins on top of the aggies. wow. stine lobster ravioli. for you, sir? the original call was for langoustine ravioli. a langoustine is a tiny kind of lobster. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos! you're here to buy a
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>> one of the greatest comebacks in college football history led by this man, josh rosen as ucla comes back to defeat texas a & m 45-44. gus johnson, along with my partner joel klatt. partner, that was something. >> i don't know what to say, man. i really don't. the largest comeback in ncaa history is 35. we just saw 34 tonight against a team that was completely dominated. and it's not like
11:32 pm
sudden turned the ball over, there wasn't a pick 6, there wasn't an onside kick. ucla systematically came back in that game and just turned them over on downs, come back, score. force them to pun, rosen again right down the field. this kid, josh rosen just put on maybe the most epic performance that i've ever witnessed. i've seen a lot of things in college football. i've never seen anything close to what we just saw here on this field. >> let's take a look back at how all this took place. josh rosen and the ucla bruins just found another gear. >> they did, and it started with finding something that would work. it was a little bit of outside running game. they did get fortunate right there, that ball went right through the hand of the defender. throws into the end zone. in the big spike, oh my gosh, the love the fact he got the
11:33 pm
onions to fake the spike and go to the corner of the end zone. this kid, he's unflappable. a & m beat him up pretty severely during that game. for the first two and a half gathers he was on his back constantly, hobbled going into halftime. comes back throws passes on time to a number of different receivers. >> i like what you said, josh rosen was beaten up in this game. the last time they played a year ago at college station, he was sacked five times and knocked down more. but he didn't quit. he went off limping a number of times, but when the game was on the line, he knew how to put this team on his back. >> you know what else he didn't do, he didn't scream and shout at his teammates on the sidelines. how many times to we see immaturity from these kids 18 to 20 years old, when they get disappointed, all of a sudden a hem gets thrown, they're shouting at a teammate. this kid just
11:34 pm
team back to victory from 34. america, this kid is the real deal, chosen rosen. >> chosen rosen. what a game. what a game for ucla and the bruins. the fireworks erupted in the second half here in pasadena. the time score ucla 45, texas a & m 44. next week, it's a big-time college football doubleheader on fox. first up, nebraska takes on oregon at 4:00 eastern. then it's 14th rank stanford taking on darn al them four usc. i'm gus johnson saying so long from the rose bowl.
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this is fox fox local news at ten. up first, north korea test ses a nuclear bomb meant for a missile long enough to hit the us mainland. how the united states is responding tonight. a violent night in the district. police investigating two shootings including one that left a woman dead. plus a suspect tries to run from police causing a crash that leaves five people injured, including two d.c. police officers. we have the details, the news that was at ten, but a little bit late this evening starts right now it has been a violent weekend in the district with several shootings and stabbings, a 19 year old woman was shot and killed right in front of her home last night. unique davis
11:39 pm
before she died and tonight family and friends gathered to remember her the at an emotional vigil. fox r5's lindsay watts has more from southeast. >>reporter: the home where unique davis lived and where she died yesteray is now lit up by candles. what you're seeing there just a few of the people who came out to remember her tonight. heartache was audible from devastated family and friends. she was like my daughter. i can't get that back . unique davis had just turned 19. a recent graduate of anacostia high school. family says she had start add new job recently. they describe her as a happy and sweat eastern p. i want people to know that she was beautiful and it's just crazy that she lived in the same neighborhood as me. she's the same age as me. it's just really crazy that this happened. >> alicia hill
11:40 pm
gunshots saturday right around f them went off. i came outside maybe five minutes later and i found out what happened. davis died on this porch. her sister was graced by a bullet and a family friend was also shot and survived. i opened my door to a crime scene. the things i seen when i came outside was terrify ing. police haven't seen what led up to the crime or if any suspects have been identif ied. family left wonder ing how they could have stopped this. i was just on the phone with her. if i would have went and got her, she wouldn't be gone, she would have been with me, but i missed that phone call. with a suspect still on the loose, neighbors say they worry what might happen next. i just wish all of this would stop . it looked a lot different here at this te
11:41 pm
there was still a crime scene and some distraught family members and friends. more officers had to be brought in to control the crowd, a very volatile situation things have bench quieters here tonight. in southeast, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> and also in southeast another shooting happened this afternoon on pomeroy road. the gunfire hit a teen this time and we're told the team's injuries are not serious. he is expected to make a fuel re coverry. police are still looking for that shooter. breaking news out of washington the associated press reports president trump has decided to end the controversial daca program that grants work permits to illegal immigrants brought to the united states as children. former president barack obama enacted the program for the people who came through the country through no choice of their own. president trump would delay for six months. t
11:42 pm
officially announce his decision on tuesday. any threat to the united states or its territories , schuing including guam or our allies will be met with a massive military response , a response boat effective and overwhelming. that was defense secretary james mattis, amid growing tensions with north korea. overnight the community isabella nation conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test and marks their sixth and largest nuclear test in a decade. and the first since president trump took office. south korea's military responded with a live fire exercise meant to strongly warn ping yang after this latest test. we are not looking to the total anielation of a country, normally north korea, but as i said we have many options to do so. more posturing from north korea this weekend. the
11:43 pm
detonate a hydrogen bomb. the early morning test was so power ful it triggered an artificial earthquake register ing 6.3 on the richter scale. pink and inspecting a hydrogen bomb that they say could be on the top of a inter continental ballistic missile. president trump was asked if there would be a military response. sunday senior pentagonning officials were seen filing into work in the million dollars of a three-day holiday wend. zeff secretary jim mattis at the white house for a national security meeting. any threat to the united states or its territories including guam or our allies will be met with a mass massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming. mattis and others warn any military action will quickly be met with retaliation
11:44 pm
the president tweeting, quote, the united states is considering in addition to other options stopping all trade with any country dog business with north korea. anybody that wants to do trade or business with them would be prevented from doing trade or business with us. we're going to work with our al lies. we'll work with china, but people need to cut off north korea economically. the united securities council will hold a meeting early monday to discuss the situation. at the pentagon, luke tomlinson, fox news. a police chase ended in a car craze right outside trump international hotel. evan lambert is live tonight with this story. >>reporter: those five people hurt do not have live threaten ing injuries. that is a according to police. this start ed as a chase here and ended with a crash in front of the trump hotel. a witness shot this video of the
11:45 pm
presence outside trump hotel moments after the crash. you see officers rush a white chevy sedan. according to than withs that's the the suspect's car. officersened up pulling the suspect owlt he was taken out on a stretcher by emergency workers . police say what ended here as a crash starred as a pursuit of a stabbing suspect in another section of the city. five people, including the suspect and two officers had to be taken to the hospital. this white car that you saw comes screaming down and police are chasing him, the bumper is already off the car. i don't think he expected the barricade there. hit some woman in her car. i mean, i'll tell you you what, these cops were out of their car immediately and on this guy. and that witness that tells us the suspect driver slammed into a woman's car. she add at least one child inside. a witness took a snapshot of an emotional al moment when a plaintiffs and
11:46 pm
to comfort the child inside the car that got hurt. right now police have in the release the name of the suspect. it's also unclear what charges he will face. live in northwest, evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> dozens of people march from charlottesville, virginia and arrived in the district today. they began their gurney ten day ten days ago. they were anxious the call from faith and community lead inners their city . the protestors are demand ing that white supremest groups across the country be command mantled. it comes several weeks after protests broke out. one woman was killed and nearly two other people were injured. q. still ahead, a new update at this hour on the track of hurricane irma in the atlantic. the effect of harvey still being felt. the recovery efforts happening right now in texas following the deadly and devastating storm.
11:47 pm
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>> there you you have it. the capital. beautiful night, beautiful day, the holiday weekend definitely took a turn for the better especially after the saturday that was completely drenched. a few minutes until our monday, labor day and gary, good things in store. >> it really is. today turned off great. >> he yes, it did. and this evening was nice and temperatures out there are cooling off and the labor day forecast for later today -- tomorrow, i checked the clock is looking to be really, really nice. let me show you temperatures here because it's a little cool out, especially in the suburbs where some places already down in the mid 50 #-s, manassas your temperature there 5055-degrees, winchester is 63. gaithersburg 59. here in town we're still sitting at 67 greece
11:51 pm
. down in the lower 6306s before it it's all said and done fair clouds. overnight temperatures will drop down. this represents here in town, lower sixties, out in the the suburbs lower 50s. temperatures tonight get down into the mid 50s. it's a l cool start tomorrow but look at this forecast for your labor day. i don't know how it gets much better. sunny, warm, winds only out out of the southwest at five to ten miles per hour. anything you want to do outside, even at the shore it's really, really nice. talking hurricane irma. she stayed the same a intensity, but still a major hurricane. we want to talk about the latest on hurricane hawr i and destruction caused by the storm. thousands of people in texas still can't go home after the storm destroyed their properties. but for those who braved it out many are struggling right now. people in beaumont, texas still don't have clean
11:52 pm
water. the floods knocked out the city's water treatment plants. it's been hevment we've been in line every day at all of the different stores buying water. greg and the on the says the damage harvey causedded will cost somewhere between 150 and 180 billion-dollar. last week president trump called on congress to prove a nearly 8 billion-dollar aid package age as an initial down payment for re coverry efforts. animal shelters in texas and louisiana are trying to find homes for the many pets that are displaced by the storm. this weekend more than 100 of those pets landed here in virginia. fox5's lindsay watts has a look at some of the pets in needs of homes. we're here with a few of the purposes that arrived from southwest, louisiana. some of the shelters there and in the houston beaumont reej or are overwhelmed with animals and the hope is the the dmv can help out . the pla
11:53 pm
with 120 eager travelers. cage after cage after cage, manassas regional airport just a temporary stopping place. shelters from around the region are now working to find permanent homes for these louisiana refugees. this is angel. angel came in on the plane this morning with 20 or so of his friends. colleen lurch works with the lost dog and cat rescue foundation. her shelter took 21 dogs. the best thing that we can do as a virginia organization is offer our support and our space. the animals coming in were already in shelters when harvey hit. many shelters in desperate need of pets displaced by the storm. you're a wig letter. hour are you? for those that were up foray doption anyway w
11:54 pm
say bring them to us we'll find them great homes and you you worry about the dogs and cats that were displaced because of flooding. that way if t those dogs and cats have a chance at being reyou united with their families the chance is even better if they're closer by. lovely little faces there. if you're interested in adisopting we've got a list of the shelters on on monday, the lost dog and cat rescue is hold ing an adoption at the seven corners. that's from noon to 3:00. we'll be right back after this break much
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if you feel like summer breezed by and you didn't get to any of the outdoor festivals we've got some good news for you. there are a ton of celebrations in the week ahead. let's start with a quick look at the performers in town. did he person mode will be playing at capital one. it's not the verizon center anymore. and shear, the lovely cher continues he
11:58 pm
national harbor. she was there tonight, thursday, saturday and sunday coming up. brad praisely will be at jiffy lube live on saturday. for all the jazz lovers out there here's where you get into the fess tistles there will be a day of premusic from one to 7 p.m. on saturday when rosalyn hosts its 2017 jazz festival. then on saturday and sunday you you can get your fill of crabs and oysters and i'm going to guess a whole lot of old bay. eat the 50th anniversary of maryland seafood festival t. admission is $15 and you'll be charged separately for food. there's live music, chef demonstration than a and a big crab soup kiek off. a lot of excitement in frederick, maryland as the city gears up for in the street. this is an event that takes over the entire downtown area. wine and beer gardens.
11:59 pm
kick it off and then a beer and wine after hour for those 21 and over. the nation's triathlon, a run past the national l mall, swim in the potomac and bike through parts of d.c. and maryland. there's also something for those ofs us who may not be up for that kind of competition, a health h and fitness expo open to the public friday and saturday at yards park. a few bonuses, prince george's county fair begins thursday and then saturday adams morgan day and the tacoma park folk festival takes place. a the lot going on around town. a lot still to come on fox5 local news, stay with us after the break.
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