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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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protesters rally at the white house and nationwide as president trump is expected to announce the end of the controversial program. here we go again, florida is under a state of emergency as hurricane irma gains strength. the latest on where the category 4 storm may be headed a former football coach at the university of maryland is grieving after someone shot and killed his son. what we've learned about the investigation. your news starts now. off the top, the daca decision protesters hit the streets nationwide amid reports the white house is expected to end the program. many people who called themselves dreamers are fighting to keep daca lives. deferred action for childhood arrivals program. grants permit who game before the age of 16. white house is expected to announce tomorrow, but were the a six-month delay would give
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legislation to address the status of immigrants in the program. lindsay watts joins us outside the white house, there were a bunch of protesters earlier this evening. >> reporter: shawn, quiet at the white house now, the lights went out about 30 seconds ago. a lot of activity here earlier. there was a prayer vigil and the people you're seeing in the video are part of an asian american group, they have been at the white house around the clock for the last 21 days in support of daca. they've been trying to keep up the energy. their stay here will end tomorrow when the president is expected to make the final decision on daca. >> pending the decision tomorrow, i may not be able to can't my education. >> the future uncertain for hundreds of thousands of people who have been able to live and work in the u.s. under daca. faith leaders and immigrants advocates gathered for a vigil as president trump decid
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>> daca changed my high of. without daca, i wasn't able to go to school, college, even though i was accepted, they asked me for investigation >> he said he came here from south korea with his sister when he was 15. >> do you regret the decision >> sometimes. it was not my decision. i think i didn't have any intention to come to america. my parents thought that i can have a better future in america. >> reporter: while daca allows people like kim to avoid deportation for now and legally get a job. it is not a path to citizenship. president obama passed it through executive order as a stop gap measure. while congress worked on an immigration overall. sources tell fox news after ending daca >> it's one of the most difficult subjects i have. >> reporter: president trump is planning a six-month delay to give congress time to
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>> my thought is the approach the president is rumored to be taking probably right >> john wells is visiting dc and stumble upon the protesters. >> my problem is not daca, per se, my problem is the way it was initiated. president obama exceeded his authority in my opinion and i'm an attorney to by issuing this executive order. now, if we want to take care of these kids, that's fine. but it needs to come through congress. >> four daca recipients. >> you thought you were american. >> reporter: it's a waiting game, unclear if they will have to leave the place they call home. >> are you preparing yourself for that possibility >> no. no. i don't think i can prepare. i don't think no one can prepare for something like that. >> reporter: the reason that this is happening now, a group of state attorneys general gave the president an. they said end daca
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deadline they gave is tomorrow. expect nor protests, scheduled mere in dc and across the country. live in northwest, lindsay watts. someone shot and killed the son of maryland football coach mike locksley. meek company was found in the 2500 block of harper's farm road in columbia. he died at the hospital. evan lambert has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police say at this time they have no information about a motive or a suspect. i talked way neighbor tonight who says the shooting happened right in front of her doorstep >> it was just one shot that i heard. >> reporter: grace cole thought someone was setting off fireworks outside her columbia townhouse in the 5500 block of harper's farm road sunday. she later learned the sound was a gunshot. that howard county police say took the life of 25-year-old miko locksley. his
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photos, miko is on the right >> i saw a guy given cpr on the stretcher and taken away. i have babies in here and i don't think it's safe for them. >> reporter: locksley is the son of former university of maryland football coach and dc native mike locksley. the athletic department release add statement saying the entire athletic department's thoughts are with mike locksley and his family during this difficult time. mike locksley is now a coach at the university of alabama. at a before practice news conference, headcoach nick sabin sent his condolences to the family. >> i just want everybody to understand that our thoughts and prayer goes out to the entire locksley family and we'll do everything we can to
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mike and his family in this time of tragedy. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call howard county police, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. another big story tonight. hurricane irma grown into a fierce category 4 storm. florida and puerto rico declared states of emergency but still questions about where monster will hit. caitlin has a look at the latest track. what's the latest? >> the 11:00 p.m. update not much changed from the national hurricane center. one thing is for sure, irma is massive. take a look at this category 4. it formed days ago, last thursday as a tropical storm, it has been crawling west ward across the atlantic and starting to approach some of the lee ward islands where there are numerous hurricane warnings in evict. you can see the distinct eye in the center of that storm. some of those outer rain bands extending up to 140 miles around the diameter of the storm. here's irma, winds sustained
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miles an hour, central pressure 943 million bars over the next 48 hours it will move over the islands and puerto rico and looks to go north of he is pan yowl la and cuba but maintains its strength. before then approaching some sometime late weekend, midday saturday, saturday night, the southern tip of florida, places likes key west, miami, west palm and fort lauderdale in that cone of uncertainty as far as it goes out, day five on. many models were taking the storm through cuba due north through the coast of florida. i want to show you the latest models, they had a lot of consensus today, moving the storm north northwest. between the before a had a ma islands and cuba. that has been the consensus today. we'll continue to follow irma as the days get closer to the weekend. shawn, back over to you. developingon
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growing tension between the u.s. and north korea. this weekend, pyongyang conducted its strongest ever nuclear test. detonated a hydrogen bomb so powerful it felt like an earthquake. fox 5 marina marraco joins us now with the latest. marina. >> reporter: it could be a show down of epic prose portions: yesterday's nuclear test launched by north korea. the regime that tested a 6.5 artificial flake. nikki haley did not hold back. s diplomacy will be the first route it tries. but added there are also more serious options still left on the table. >> only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we've kickeded the can long enough. there is no more road left. his
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his nuclear threats show that he is begging for war. war is never something the united states wants. we don't want it now but the country's patience is not unlimited. we will defend our alleys and territory >> the response to the nuclear test came hour after the bomb's did he do nation, the united states is considering in addition to other options stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. sunday's nuclear test was the sixth and largest of its kind in a decade for the communist regime. another before you were line protest in bethesda, bicyclists. the closure was only announced last week, many are upset about the short notice. there is an alternate route that puts users on a busy sedan
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protesters announced a new legal challenge to the closure. >> yesterday, we filed a new complaint in district court we hope to address. but tomorrow, we're filing a motion for a temporary restraining order to focus on three violations of law that this thing has brought us today. >> i just love walking and biking on the trail. and i'm just -- i can't imagine they will be able to cut it down for five years. and it's not even a done deal yet. i really don't think that's fair. >> last week, larry hogan and transportation secretary elaine chow signed an agreement for the purple line, they said it will create thousands of jobs and protect prince george's county with bethesda and mark and amtrak >> parents of student at a prince george's county charter school had to find way to get their kids to school. they posted a message on the website saying, it's suspended bus service for it's first week of school. the transportation will resume, they say, next monday,
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any questions to the transportation provider exquisite limousine service, neither the school administrators or the transportation provider were available for comment. coming up next, harvey's aftermath, we're with one texas woman who says the reality of the disaster is just starting to sink in. find out how the wrongful arrest of this nurse is leading to hospital changes. fast food is going high tech, how your smile could soon help you pay for a meal. coming up on the final five, congress gets back to work tomorrow. what's on the agenda? and how could it affect you? catch the final five tonight at 11:30. 11:30.
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♪ ♪. the nurse in this video is now considering suing the police department that arrested her, a slablth city police officer threatened and eventually went after alex as she followed hospital rules and
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draw blood from an unconscious patient. this body cam video was recently released. the two officers involved were placed on administrative leave. the hospital made changes to its policy only senior nursing supervisors can speak with law enforcement. those conversations with police are no longer permitted in patient care areas. michigan state university is facing a lawsuit for denying a request to allow white nationalist richard spencer to speak on campus, it seek as preliminary injunction to force the school to rent space for spencer to give a speech. university said the decision was made due to significant concerns about public safety and cited the violence in charlottesville. the suit said spencer does not advocate violence and the decision violates his right to free speech. now, to the disaster in texas. harvey is now being blamed for at least 60 deaths. the feds say 560 families now register ford federal
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assistance, some residents still cannot return. ellison barber is in houston with more. >> reporter: piles and piles of potentially toxic trash now line the streets of neighborhoods in and around houston. >> today is the first time i really broken down. >> reporter: more than a week after harvey first hit, access to clean drinking water, electricity and sewer service continues to be an issue in multiple communities. while scenes like this are playing out in southeast texas monday, homeowner peggy morton back inside her home of 38 years. >> flood insurance was just too expensive. homeowners is not going to cover anything, but maybe sewage backup >> the federal government said 37,000 people have been using emergency shelters in texas alone, auto industry experts estimate as many as a million
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vehicles have been damaged by water from harvey with most total losses. in houston, monday engineers began release water from two swollen reservoirs, while nearby neighborhoods remain evacuated. >> this was an unexpected unparallel event, more than a trillion gallons of water fell >> people living near the arkema chemical plant were allowed home. >> we're going to continue to maintain air quality testing for some time to come. >> reporter: with clean-up underway in many areas, officials with the houston health department are now warning people if they come into account with flood waters, they could need a tetanus shot. in richmond texas, i'm ellison barber, fox news. >> seems like it just keeps coming for them. here in our
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day today. we got stuff heading our way that maybe folks won't likely >> we do have thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. back to school. which is, it's everyone. we're all going tomorrow. >> and it will feel like the middle of the summer as we take a live look outside. a beautiful comfortable evening. a little warmer, more humid and we do have thunderstorms arriving later on, so it is still shorts weather for the kids tomorrow morning. this happens all the time. we can still be pretty warm here. big weather headline as we get into tomorrow, here in our area tuesday. summer unofficially over. but we're bringing the warmth and thunderstorms into the forecast. that cold front which will bring the storms tomorrow will bring us cool fall air mass by wednesday, big changes ahead. 82 at reagan, dulles and bwi. we're about to go way below normal, 76 in dc, 75 in annapolis, 72 baltimore, 72 dulling 60's out west. it is just suc
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evening and tomorrow will be very nice and bright. satellite and radar clear size, here's the cold front bringing showers and storms across the great lakes into central ohio that a weaken overnight but will restrengthening and bring us showers and storms. we get the heat and a bit of humidity into tomorrow afternoon, we'll be tracking storms tomorrow, which we haven't donna while and some of those thunderstorms may be severe, marginal risk in dc, better risk north and east from baltimore up into philadelphia, but we all have the potential to see heavy rain. models come -- clouds thicken by mid afternoon and areas along the mountains west of 81, they will see the storms first, right now, saying that's later afternoon into the evening. so the time frame has been delayed for us here along the 95 stretch. and this would be about 8:00 as squall line of showers, maybe strong storms, if this comes through earlier, better chance
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of stronger storms, later, could just be heavy downpours, but we'll be tracking this from about late afternoon through the evening, look at this, heavy rain along extreme southern maryland tomorrow evening. still tracking hurricane irma way out in the atlantic, a massive category 4 storms with winds 140 miles an hour, important to notes got a lot of ground to cover in these warm atlantic waters as we go through the next four, five days. it's also got terrain to cross, and maybe the exact eye of irma will not hit land but you got plenty of islands and cuba and the track can change, even though there was a lot of consensus today on southern florida. it's important to note that day after day, these tracks change so the whole southeastern u.s. is following this closely and should be on alert for potential impacts. again, that's really from mississippi alabama coast along florida you will through the carolinas. of course, we'll be following that day after day for you here on fox 5. low temperatures tonight, back home
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washington, mild, 88 very warm tomorrow afternoon, with those thunderstorms arriving late, so i think we get into the mid to upper 80's, bus stop forecast before school it's nice and mild, then after school, again well into the 80's. seven-day forecast, look at that difference in air masses by wednesday, clouds and showers, cool 73. sun comes out thursday, weekend looks fantastic. beautiful weather, low temperatures in the 50's, next weekend. that's your seven-day forecast. sarah back to you >> if you use instagram listen up your private data may be comprised the. the social media giant admits a hacker exploited a security flaw. the hacker claims 6 million accounts and is now selling access to that information. imagine paying for your fast food with your smile? businesses in china have created facial recognition systems to pay
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the technology can recognize you, even if you change your hairstyle, wear makeup, you don't sees do have to sign up ahead of time for the smile to pay system and link it to their phones, the sum requires you to enter your phone number as a way to prevent fraud >> this stuff keeps freaking me out more and more >> i can't remember what that tom cruz was years ago when you walk in front of the -- it would be like, hello, welcome back. >> that was creep me. >> we're right there. >> more and more creep ness coming >> the official end of an era for mcdonald's >> tomorrow on fox 5 we will hear from the superintendent of montgomery county public schools as students head back to class. chef edward lee will be live to talk about opening his new restaurant. and the morning crew will talk live with harry connick junior about the new season of his daytime talk show. we'll be right back.
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apparently someone thinks it was a big hit in the 1990s, mcdonald's ditched the item years ago but a few restaurants in ohio and west virginia one in ohio, one in west virginia kept apparently mcpizza on its menu, mcdonald's told them to cease and desist, when they heard the news they came from all over, some from canada to taste one more time. >> i was quite young but as soon as i opened and saw it and smelled it and tasted it. it came flooding back. >> i never heard of this. fans of the mcpizza say they're sorry to see it go. mcdonald's spokesperson said the move was to streamline menus in all of its stores. >> ohio and west virginia, did you guys ever hear of it >> no >> it's not even close, no? the mcpizza? it was this big and the box was that big. >>
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>> at least they got to enjoy it. >> jim lokay is up next with the final 5.
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♪ ♪. happy labor day your final five, one day away from an official decision on daca. what should we expect after north korea from sunday's nuclear test >> the pressure on congress to quickly pass funding for harvey relief. lawmakers have a new other things to do. local cabinets get out to meet potential voters on this labor day. first up, dreamers are waiting for the official word on whether they can stay in the u.s. legally. president trump is expected to announce an end to the daca program tomorrow. the obama era program allows some who came to the u.s. as children to stay on work permits and without the threat of deportation, kids moved with their parents. di


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