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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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able to see everything has generally be moving to the northeast, pretty heavy downpours as we have a slow moving frontal boundary trying to move through the area, we got a few more hours to go. i think it will be in the overnight hours when we see this winding down. a brighter day tomorrow. maybe clouds around tomorrow morning. check out these temperatures though. low and mid 60's, winchester is only 59 unbelievable change in temperature in the last 24 hour, 22 cooler here in dc. 25 cooler in fredericksberg. rain will taper off overnight and it will get lighter as we go through the evening hour, the latest on irma, unbelievable. still a category 5 and had winds of 185 miles an hour for over 24 hours. the central pressure continues to be very low and is moving away from the british virginia islanders
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puerto rico. it's northeast of san juan. overnight models maintained shifted this a little bit eastward, so now it's closer to a land fall through the bahamas and near miami, scraping up the coast of florida, and now charleston looking at the possibility of a category 4 me category 3, savannah vivarin in the path,. we also have jose. i'm going to check quickly and make sure that jose didn't get changed. jose is now a hurricane. so it's, it's strengthening quickly that happened at 5:00. we have a third hurricane on the texas mexico a area. the latest with jose it's got winds of 75 miles an hour and also about 1,000 miles each of the lesser antilles, but they've been flying through irma relentlessly and still finding 186 miles per hour windss
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goes through that eye. it probably directly hit barbuda. no one heard anything. st. mart unhad storm surge flooding to the rooftop level. this is the strongest storm to ever hit st. martin and still quite terrifying, as it bypasses we think the northernmost coast of these islands look dominican republic, states strong and hits warm water greater than 80 degrees. the possibility of it maintaining category 4 or 5 is very strong. that's the latest and well let you know as we get other updates. now we have three hurricanes in the atlantic basin and gulf of mexico as well as the caribbean, but irma is the one everybody is watching right now. sarah and jim. back here locally and new, police in prince william's county need your help identifying a m
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member snapped a picture of him is it a home depot >> he exposed himself to a young girl but this didn't end there. matt ackland is live in woodbridge with the details on this story. matt? >> reporter: hi, jim, we're told that this happened on sunday right around 5:30, as you said at this home depot behind me, apparently, a young girl was approached by a man. he somehow exposed himself, a relative was nearby. then confronted that man and even snapped this picture we're about to show you. police want you to take a good look at this picture. police tell us the man assaulted that family member, as that picture was being taken, a 47-year-old woman. after that assault, according to police, the man ran away from the area on foot. police were called in, they checked the area here in woodbridge, but the man was not located. they believe the man is somewhere between 30
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years old. i went inside the store, talked to an employee. they're well aware that this happened. police are telling us tonight that they are following up on a lot of leads. they sent us this picture. they're hoping that possible someone out there can help them locate this person in the picture. live in woodbridge, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. ♪ ♪. developing in montgomery county, a search is underway for this missing woman. 31-year-old laurel what will inlast contacted her family via text on sunday. the family hasn't been able to reach her. she's pregnant and a teacher in columbia. we're told she may be driving a black 2011ford escape and we'll give you the tags of her car m 522-473, n 522-473. a group of protesters have been
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charlottesville to dc since last monday. trekked more than 100 miles bringing along a message demanding call. follows the deadly violence in charlottesville from last month. the protesters are calling on the removal of president trump from office. and moments ago, the marchers arrived here in dc. walking into the martin luther king junior memorial. tom fitzgerald is live as protesters continue to rally. what's the latest? >> reporter: let's show you this, let's get right in it. they just finished their rally here at the martin luther king junior memorial and they were here about an hour they said prayers, gave speeches, they held hands, they celebrated the end of this 118-mile journey from charlottesville all the way here to washington, dc. and where are they going? well, they said they're going someplace near the
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they're on their way right now and let me show you where they were. this was not just a march for civil rights. this was something a lot more. let me show everybody your shirt real quick. the title of this was the march to confront white supremacists. and i know you used the stick for a good reason. >> yes. it's because i've been marching about 118 miles. >> reporter: you just kept going? a lot would stop. why did you keep going >> because the white supremacy affects my life in a deep level. i kept on going, it's something that needs to be done. >> reporter: you've gotten a lot of attention, do you think you've delivered your message >> part of the message that we're confronting white supremacy and our next action and part of this campaign will deliver more message that we're not leaving. >> reporter: thank you for talking to us. we want you to meet the person responsible. one of the people who's responsible for setting this up
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martin luther king memorial. he's from rose el new jersey. how were you able to put this together in such a short amount of time and have this many people >> it was important for us to have a cross section of groups that come together, you have if in the now who's jewish as well as at united we dream. intersectional group of organizers to come together to dismantle white supremacy? >> reporter: do you think you delivered your message >> i think we did. we're marching now to the white house to begin to push the envelope forward. this is just beginning. we've only just gun, we're here to move towards positive legislation as well as dismantling white supremacy at its core >> i know you want to catch up with everybody. this was all races, all different people, jenny, meet jenny. she was one of the people who marched in a ago part of this, what is it
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people are not paying attention and you don't have have television cameras and you're just out there you and the road >> it's community is what keep you say going. we're singing songs, doing chants, we're getting to know each other. >>reporter: everybody is pushing each other? >> yes, knowing other people are there for the cause. and to support each other. >> reporter: you must be exhausted. from here, as we told you, they're on their way now north to the white house. from what we understand, they're not done. they say they're going to be here in washington tomorrow. they're not that clear. don't want to say what their plans are at this point. but as tired as they are, as many as is hundreds of miles they have walked, they say they have got a lot more work to do just getting to washington was the beginning of this. they say they want to make this into a
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they want to make a message what happened in charlottesville can be changed if things change. here in washington. for now live at the martin luther king memorial in dc, tom fitzgerald fox 5 reporting. change is underway at one of dc's landmark stained glass windows at the national cathedral are being taken down, two windows honoring robert e lee and stone wall. a hickly black church in south carolina. tuesday, the cathedral voted to remove those windows immediately. >> now, we've gotten to the point where we feel like these windows are becoming increasingly difficult. we're a house of prayer for all people and it's important that people find this is place of safety and welcome. and so we leadership feels like now is the time they should be removed. >> the cathedral will keep the windows in storage until they figure out where to keep them permanently. coming up, bigger faster and
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>> more on hurricane irma as it continues to church in the atlantic. we'll take you to florida where people are being ordered out. first, ronica? >> jim, reports broke this morning that the fema disaster relief fund could be broke by the end of the week just as the united states prepares for this category 5 hurricane. will fema be able to come through and help? we'll break it down coming up after the break. as we head to break right now, you are looking at web cam video from puerto rican take a listen. that's wind as things are starting to kick up with hurricane irma moving in and expected to make way there tonight. search is rough as well. we'll continue to track irma as well as all the other hurricanes in the atlantic as well when we come back.
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he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia.
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h northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. one of the strongest storms to develop in the atlantic ocean. hurricane irma is barrelling through the caribbean flooding streets on the small island of st. martin, this is web cam capturing the intensity. the category 5 storm is causing damage almost 200 miles per hour. this one from outer space. >> nasa's shared the video on twitter, cameras on the international space
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keep in mind this is the international space steaks as irma rolls west, the national weather service said the stormy will remain a category 4 or 5. this is the projected path. the storm is ripping through puerto rico tonight then looks like it will move towards the dominican republic and heyty thursday, then toss, and caico, before slamming into the bahamas and florida into the weekend. >> there's a mandatory evacuation order in evict for the florida keys. in order to help those evacuating, rick scott waiving tolls on state roads, power companies preparing for possible devastating damage, moving resources to key locations in order to restore service as quickly as possible after the storm. >> the storm is massive. the storm surge as predicted will go for miles. the florida keys should be prepared to start feeling the effects of this storm as early as saturd.
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are the biggest concern right now. the storm is bigger, faster and stronger than hurricane andrew. >> the governor activate add thousand national guard members. >> let's check in with sue again, we're hearing irma had wind of 185 per hour 24 hour, that's setting a record. >> it is and maintained even at 5:00. unbelievable. and as we also mentioned we now have three hurricanes in the atlantic basin, kotia, closer to the texas and mexico area looks like that will be going more into mexico. irma we've been elaborating on, jose will begin a turn but we'll track that. back to irma, just a devastating situation. and here's what changed. we are noticing that the models now are in very good agreement. that's important to see, and that
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closer to the east side of florida, but south florida all of florida not off the hook. i'll tell you who may be off the hook if this continues is the gulf of mexico with irma. central pressure still very low at 914 million bars as the heads to warmer waters passing north of puerto rico, just north of dominican republic and cuba. that's good but what is bad is it will not weaken in any way this storm, as it heads towards turks and cacos in the bahamas, there's little to diminish the intensity of this storm and we've seen no diminishment overnight. if it comes closer to south florida, maybe scraping up the east coast or through the middle part of florida, that's a big storm surge for georgia, for south carolina as well. what might be off the hook, the gulf of mexico
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still watching for possible landfall as we get closer, the big events mainly this weekend. the weekend here look looks it will be really, really nice. if we see anything from irma, it's probably in the tuesday, wednesday, time frame of next week. tonight, we still have to ditch the rain that's going to take a little bit longer, keep it in the forecast through 11:00. it tapers off after about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, if we clear out fast enough, there could be fog around tomorrow morning. now, late week pattern, we're going to pick up a little breeze as a strong high will be building in and keep it on the cool side. we'll still maintain that fall feel as we head for the weekend brighter for tomorrow. and we just have to kick this system out of the way. >> we still don't know what irma will bring but disasters from hurricane harvey and insured losses could easily top 200 billion dollars, more than katrina and
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does fema have the resources? >> ronica >> jim and sarah, reports broke this morning, that the fema disaster relief fund was down to its last billion dollars. as of just this past thursday, the fund was at 2 billion dollars. showing you how quickly those resources are being used. raising some very serious and real concern that's fund could be at 0 by the end of the week, just as we prepare for this category 5 hurricane irma. >> we're confident the administration and congress are work together to do everything needed to make sure that we have funding, it is certainly not getting in the way of life safety and life sustaining missions. that was katie fox of fema speaking about today's decision by congress, it happened around noon. to pass 7.8 billion dollars in harvey relief funding.
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the majority of that would go to fema's disaster relief fund, saving it from insolvency. i asked fox about the unusual nature of irma coming right on the heels of harvey. she had to go back to 1994 to recall a similar situation where a handful of hurricanes rocked florida. she said even though it's unusual, it doesn't mean that fema is not prepared. she explained they already have 700 people on the ground in the u.s. virgin islands, puerto rico and florida and of course are willing and ready to send more. >> this is the federal government, we have a huge work force and mobilizing anyone that we need to be able to support. this is what emergency managers do, borrow resources from each other at the local and state level. fema is in support of the state, of course and we have everything we need to respond appropriately so that the folks who are in texas recovering from
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harvey will be taken care of as well as anyone who's affected by hurricane irma or any other storms or incident that is happen after this, we're ready to go. >> coming up on 5at630, we speak with the red cross about how they're handling the financial strains of these back to back natural disasters as well. ronica cleary fox 5 local news. coming up, it was caught on tape. >> a man going on a rampage with an ax outside a 7-eleven. a woman steals a police ar after slipping out of her handcuffs in the back seat. we'll show you how it ended when we come back. we come back.
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in california a man is accused of an ax attack outside of a 7-eleven. the suspect repeatedly struck another man saturday. this is how it went down. the victim offered to pay for items brown was allegedly trying to steal. that's when the man was attacked with an ax. the victim suffered serious injuries to his head and hand. a wild arrest caught on camera in texas. police arrested this suspect, the suspected shoplifter and put her in the back of the cruiser, as officers went through her bag, she removed her seatbelt slipped out of her hawk handcuffs and implied into the driver's seat, took takeoff leading police on a high speed ch chase. >> she was arrested again and now has a couple month of charges to face >> much worse than probably just previous one. she took
5:25 pm
virginia neighborhood. >> the message of hater -- we'll tell you who these messages of hate were targeting. the paul? >> reporter: the friends of the capitol crescents trail won a small victory in federal court today. i'll tell you what happened coming up. coming up.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a man 62-year-old eulailio tordil shot and killed his wife glads outside the school in her suv. >> disappointment. shouldn't have happened like that. >> she was ver n
5:29 pm
a very sweet person >> one of my patrol officers was patrolling the area of montgomery mall and came upon a shooting scene. where three individuals had been shot. >> we have a total of three victims, two males, one female. >> my brother calls and he says my brother is dead. >> it's tragic that we were not able to intervene prior to victims being harmed >> they came from all directions and rammed the car from the front and the back. >> tordil exited his car and surrendered. >> wow. crazy day. more life sentences for a maryland man who went on a shooting rampage last year after killing his estranged wife outside of a beltway high school >> eulailio tordil was sentenced to two more this morning on top of the four he had from montgomery county and in court prosecutors released new video from that shooting day. the de
5:30 pm
up to his wife outside of high point last may and shooting her while she was waiting for their daughters. in the video you see two witnesses come forward to her aid. tordil took aim at him killing two men. after that, tordil shot a woman in a giant grocery store parking lot. killing her as well. in the 911 call, from the initial shooting from high point gunshot, you hear gunshots before the daughter described the scene. one daughter said her mom was in the car and told them to run but the mother wasn't able to get away from the father >> he deserve ed and i turn in itty in jail. he got that this morning. we're so glad to remove this terrible killer who chose a school to commit this act in front of hundreds if not thousands of childrenn
5:31 pm
tried to get away. of we're satisfied that justice has been served in this case h. those two daughters are now in college. a dc firefighter will now spend the next 18 months on house arrest. john pig tearo plead guilty to assault and weapons charges arrested outside of his girlfriend's home earlier in maryland. court documents show he threatened her and another man back in april. in 2016, he was also charged with reckless driving for a fatal car accident in virginia beach. he was sentenced to 60 days in jail. during an he appeal was allowed to continue working. they defended that decision say he was allowed to do so because the driving privileges had not been revoked by the state of virginia. a federal judge said he will listen to a new argument from opponents of the purple line but called it a stretch. they want the judge to issue an injunction against t
5:32 pm
removal of its trees while the lawsuit is pending >> the trail was shut down so work could begin on the rail line, paul wagner live from the trail tonight with the latest. paul? >> reporter: guys, is this where it was shut down yesterday on a section of the trail that runs through the columbia country club and odors connecticut avenue. they want to shutdown the trail on the 18th of september be the developers of the purple line do, so they can cut down some of these trees that are along here. they say they have to get them out of the way so they can build the rail line, it's going to run from silver spring in bethesda. of you can see that they also erect add fence so you cannot use the trail and head up towards bethesda. now, earlier today, in federal court, the friends of the capitol crescent trail won a small victory when judge richard leon said he may issue a temporary restraining order as early as friday.
5:33 pm
>> the judge said he expects to be informed by the state and the federal government as to whether their crew can say basically stand down for several more days so that he can schedule a preliminary injunction in a few day you say from now. with briefs filed before them. if they cannot do that, he implied that he's likely to issue a temporary restraining order. which is not appealable and that could last 14 days. >> reporter: that was john fitz gerald one of the attorneys representing the group. the friend of the capitol crescent trail were in court asking the judge to stop the developer's plan. the lawyers argued there would be irreparable harm to the trail if the builders of the plural line go ahead with plans to cutting down the trees on september i think
5:34 pm
it should not begin in the 2014 lawsuit is finally decided by the court of aappeals. main issues being the financial health of the metro and an environmental impact study that's incomplete. the court of appeals restored the project's environmental approval which allows the construction to begin. the judge today, in federal court, said he wants to treated briefs that he will get from both sides. and that he will have a full hearing on september 19th. live on the crescent trail, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. it was an extra special first day for students in prince george's county. kids in upper marlboro were welcomed with high fives, part of the county's father hood back to school walk to inspire other meant to be involved in the school activities of their kids. also did similar activities in other schools in the county. >> they called it
5:35 pm
of positive role models in the community came out to show support and solidarity for students at john bane elementary school. they formed a line to give encouraging high fives or handshakes to the students and staff there. the gas station hogan wars coming to the district >> wawa making its move to dc and we'll take you there coming up. sue? hey there, sarah and jim. we continue to track the latest on irma. two other hurricanes out there. hurricane katia as well as jose. currently moving just north of san juan. it looks like it got a lot of open water ahead. what a buzz saw this is. still has winds of 185 mines. and it has not lost any intensity. frightening. if you missed our track earlier, we'll have another look and where did the
5:36 pm
yesterday go? we seen that moving away. 87 yesterday, low 60's today headed for 50's tonight. what about the weekend? we have all of that seven-day forecast just ahead. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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. the you get the hoagies, wawa plans to open five, ten more locations in the area over the next few
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western pennsylvania your move sheets >> we've been having the sheets wawa battle in the studio. >> wawa got good sandwiches, a little coffee would come in handy today. >> yeah. >> so we're talking about, we talked about harvey, irma, joseph and katia. there will be a cuisine. i think that the other two aren't going to affect us, it's probably going to mexico, katia, irma is all we can handle right now, and everybody needs to continue to watch it. no one off the hook in the southeastern u.s., maybe the gulf of mexico getting much better information as this storm seems, the track slightly east going right up the middle, we'll start with a look at our cloudy rainy conditions and cool temperatures we're continuing
5:41 pm
see and what is the hurricane irma incredible strength. you can see where it moved away from the british virgin islands. there's a little glitch there. i wanted you to see it because it's so incredibly powerful to look at and jaw dropping. we may hopefully never see another storm of this intensity for years and years. let's hope not. it is the strongest ever seen in the atlantic basin with winds of 185 miles an hour that have been maintained over 24 hours. they're still flying night and finding sustained winds of 185, 186, at category 5, no weakening happened. if it misses the island, it appears the eye will stay off the coast. it might brush across cuba. that would mean very little weakening, so it's either a 5 or 4 going forward. this is the latest track from the national hurricane
5:42 pm
does it touch the miami area on sunday with winds of 145 miles an hour. and then move up with a big surge toward the charleston area. there's a lot of consensus with our models that they're agreeing on that path, that would be not only a big wind damage but a storm surge. it will likely stay a powerful storm with not much disruption of land masses or these islands to do anything about it. we're back here locally focusing on what was yesterday's high temperatures in the mid and upper 80's, humid. normal high is 83. and we're 64 degrees, we've had the showers most day, winchester, only 59, and all of us will be heading down to the 50's overnight and we're going to stay in the 50's. most of the rest of this week at night. and low 70's during the day. it will feel almost mid to late october. now, if not early november for some of you. the showers hang
5:43 pm
about 2:00 in the morning, then we think they will taper off but could be replaced closer to dawn by a little bit of fog. don't let that surprise you. storm tracker radar has showers in our area, you can see they're kind of moving from south to north. we still got more in the pipeline to our south. this will start to shift to the east and we'll cut thing off, we're seeing clearing out through western pennsylvania but as we clear out, fog could be around, we keep it in for the evening hours by maybe midnight starting to see breaks and notice at 7:00 in the morning, shows it clearing out but if we have enough, we could have fog and low clouds that aren't necessarily going to show up. the late week pattern, features a breeze as strong high pressure builds in, keeps us with the fall feel as we go forward. and looks like as we look at the weekend, a little reenforcing shot comes in to keep the temperatures having you in the mood for a spiced pumpkin latte. we had
5:44 pm
one time with these temperatures. jim hates it. fox 5 seven-day forecast, look how nice the weather will be going forward. even into monday, we start with sunshine and then start getting clouds. but will we see some of irma's remnants? if it stays on the path that it's on, we could see some of that rain in here on tuesday and maybe wednesday with temperature s in the low to mid 70's. it could be more impactful if it shifts to the east. plenty to keep track of but enjoy the next four days, they look beautiful here locally. sarah and jim >> pumpkin spice latte weather. there you go, jim >> pass, hard pass it's definitely football weather, the redskins opened against the eagles without one of here defensive starts, who's contemplating retirement at 22 >> brody logan is live in ashburn with more on this. this is sort of big mystery at the tail end of camp and beginning of
5:45 pm
>> reporter: jim, it was a surprise to his redskins team mates, to the front office, to the coaches, when cravens informed the team over the weekend that he wanted to retire. apparently in a group text to the other db's said peace. this are some reports that this divided the locker room a little bit. the team mates i talked to don't agree with that, shay support su'a cravens and hope he's ok when he gets back. >> i'm praying for him h hoping he gets to a space mentally and physically that he desires to be at. at the end of the day, football is a game. it's a highly competitive game but at game. you should always put your life first. >> i love su'a, that's like my little brother, and you know, i su
5:46 pm
sometimes stuff, you know, guys got stuff going on outside of here. that's your choice, can't nobody tll you what's right and wrong, but like i said i'm focused on philly. >> focus on philly is what the team did today. working toward their game won match-up with the nfc division rivals. they won five straight games but the last two times he played the eagles, kirk cousins anthony interception. but there's excitement about the first game. more so when you're taking on a divisional faux because this team knows how important those games are >> we do have to have a sense of urgency. it's an opinion game for us, hopefully everybody understands the importance of this game >> it mean as lot. division games you get six and zero of the year. it means so mu
5:47 pm
and january. >> i don't know that there's that much to say other than, i mean, start your engines, let's go. >> reporter: yeah, the problem for the redskins is recently they haven't been able to start their engines at the beginning of the season, last time they won in opening season game was against the saints in 2012 with rg iii. i mentioned that kirk cousins has the pick 6s against the eagles. those have been a little minor blip. he's thrown over 318 yards per game. in his career against philly. that's the best of any quarterback in the nfl. >> all right. thank you, brody. >> all right. flyers with anti-symmetric images posted around a fairfax county neighborhood. tisha lewis is on this story. >> reporter: denouncing hate speech in groups after a controversial flyers pops up. the leaflet
5:48 pm
confederate flags and more. details next. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you.
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discovery inside and out.
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. to a story only on fox 5. unflattering flyers disrespecting virginia politician corey stewart popping up across fairfax fairfax county >> it shows stewart and president trump. tisha lewis is here in the studio to tell us a little bit more about this. seems to be a pattern in virginia with these flyers going out attacking somebody. >> it is a pattern. jim. you know what? we're likely just getting started because this is in the race for senator in virginia. we're talking about this palm-size printed sheet of paper showing swastikas, confederate flags and offensive language about the south rising, corey stewart who's running for senate described it as horrible and says he has no connection to it. we spoke with a woman who found the propaganda and shared it with us
5:52 pm
off of 612. and i was putting out some signs and i found this flyer. there were a few of them in the ground there. >> at first glance, realtor vicky thought this flyer was the real deal from corey stewart himself quickly realized otherwise when she spotted pork key instead of corey >> what do you find the most offensive >> it's the swastikas. i'm not that offended by the confederate flag, but to see the swastika here and everything that is happening in our country. what happened recently in charlottesville, that was my initial reaction as to let me find out what this is about. >> very disturbing. >> reporter: stewart is a conservative running for u.s. senate against incumbent liberal tim mccain, he's currently on the board of supervisors in prince william's county. he claimed he left his protest group and tifa for disseminating hate filled
5:53 pm
>> the failure by politicians to denounce antiif a and other is extremist groups like this this is causing them to get increasingly bold and pushing this garbage is extraordinarily disturbing to me. >> reporter: the flyer not only disrespects stewart calling him a fascist but shows an unflattering image of president trump. >> it's obviously, you know, put out oh by some extremist left wing group trying to defame me and the president. i might add. anybody with common sense can see that >> stewart is hoping to defeat mccain, they go on to say, mccain is focused on running a positive forward looking campaign about the issues important to virginia families. the campaign also says they had nothing to do with
5:54 pm
fairfax county police say this would be investigated if reported but it hasn't, they also say it does not reach the threshold to be considered a hate crime. no criminal act on property based on religious takens place. challenging the daca roll-back. >> what states are doing to block the action, coming up after the break.
5:55 pm
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♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. you. the attorneys general in 15 states and the district of columbia are suing to block president trump's plan to end daca. the deferred action for childhood arrivals protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. the lawsuit alleges the decision to end daca violates the administrative procedure act in the constitution. president trump says he'll give congress six months to come
5:58 pm
with an alternative before end, the program completely more on hurricane irma's. a convicted killer learns his fate. a man exposes himself to a child that assaults a woman inside a virginia home depot. they're now searching for the suspect. tony and shawn standing by with those stories >> the news at 6:00 begins right now. ♪ ♪ this is it fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, a one, two, weather punch, first a dreary day outside with temperatures feeling like fall. >> but you know what? all eyes tonight of course are on irma as the monster storms heads right for the u.s. if you take a look, there is also now a hurricane jose and katia, let's check in with sue palka. what can we expect >> let me reassure you, shawn
5:59 pm
turn between bermuda and the east coast. short term we don't have to worry about jose. and maybe not long term either. katia looks like it will go to mexico. so it's all eyes on mexico. it's last thing anybody wants to see but it's about irma. irma continues to be a big deal is and i want to show you the latest. we did get an update from the national hurricane center, and unfortunately, there is no change in strength, just also wanted to show you that it has, as you know pummeled anguila and st. martin and barbuda. appears to be passing a little bit north of puerto rico but likely pass the eye. a little bit north of the dominican republic. the hurricane warnings flying through the north coast. bahamas have to be concerned about it because it takes it as a 5 across
6:00 pm
republic, skims across cuba. sunday at 2:00, a category 4 very close to miami and brings it right up the coast at 2:00 on monday, all of the east coast of florida has to be concerned. perhaps the gulf coast is off the hook but the models did shift the track last night and early today, have maintained remarkable consensus that this shift to the east coast of florida or central florida has to be watched now and that has maintained itself with those wind of 185 miles an hour at this hour, again, we want to remind everybody it will be continuing to move into very warm water with little disruption of the islands going forward. quite concerning. meanwhile, today, we're in the low 60's after being in the upper 80's yesterday we have rain showers continuing tonight, i think they will taper off last after, say, midnight to 2:00 a.m. check out these


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