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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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dead and prime minister reports 90% of properties damaged and 60% of population is homeless and island is barely habitable. >> the storm is predicted to hit florida. 25,000 people evacuated florida keys. here's pictures. that's a long process the roads there jammed up after ail visitors leaving. this reports report of gas sort so are shortd amps and long blinds. the governor hopes fuel will be restocked in a day. >> some people are planning to ride out the storm. govern nor rick scott is asking them to take every precaution necessary. >> do not ignore evacuation orders. we can
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not your life. >> scared. >> i am. >> you hope for the best. >> we can it will you that latest hurricane track came in moments ago. and the question is, are there any changes to the storm's path. >> sue just got it live on air ten minutes ago. sue what can you tell us now? >> they're not many changes tonight and that means florida has to continue to brace for impact eye big one with hurricane irma and i'll show you the big picture tony and shawn we continue to monitor three storms and reminder you're watching "fox 5 news" at 11 in case you didn't tell you that a little bit ago and thank you for bearing with us as we're working with technical difficulties. we have the information you need to know and that is wow, three is a crowd isn't it we have irma out there. all eyes on irma because it's category five and maintaining tonight its winds of 185 miles an hour. what an extremely dangerous core it has we saw firsthand what it did as it went
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northern leeward islands and right now 5 miles north, northwest of san one purt look owe and trailing behind it hurricane jose strengthened at 11:00, 5 miles an hour still category one and katia is gulf of mexico and that makes a land fall in mexico. so let's start with latest with irma and you can see it maintains those winds of 185 miles an hour and it maintains central pressure of 916 milibars and it continues to be one of the strongest hurricanes we've seen in this part of atlantic and for it to continue winds of 15 miles an hour shows us it is not going to be storm that will weaken easily. it did not make full impact in puerto rico. that horrible 185 mile an hour winds stayed offshore. hurricane warnings for u.s. and british virgin islands are discontinued and they had a os
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here's what's next it looks like it passes north of dominican republic. it also passes on this path it's updated from the national hurricane center still as a five going by cuba friday night. and saturday, it's in the florida straits no direct hit on this direct path to cuba. that direct hit is still close to unfortunately southeastern coast of florida, west palm beach. sunday:00 winds 140 miles reason hour working its way up east coast of florida and monday:00 it's category two somewhere near savannah charleston has to worry about that. continues to look at gulf of mex a.m. and florida pan handle may be able to take a sigh of relief but keep in mind with this hurricane being so huge it will have hurricane force winds out 50 miles perfect center and beyond that hurricane models have great agreement and keep it
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yesterday do die verge as we get later to the path. that's is the latest. as we look at tomorrow expect another cool day. but a lot more sunshine. the rain showers that have been lingering tonight look like they're going to be pulling away in the overnight hours. perhaps with a little bit of fog and then sunshine and that sunshine will take us through the weekend and on into the first part of monday. i'll have more on the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. shawn, tony. >> thank you, sue. >> well as you know the storm does have local ramifications not just in terms of what kind of weather we may get next week but in terms of some of the folks who help out in these situations from here. search and rescue teams from maryland and virginia are once again gearing up to help with the hurricane aftermath. >> in fact tonight virginia task force two is in puerto rico as irma slams caribbean. "fox5" lauren demarco spoke to members tonight as they're preparing to help out. lauren. >> nationwide there are 28 search and
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reports to fema during times of disaster and out of the warehouse in rockville. they all responded to hurricane harvey and they're geared up with virginia. task force two out of virginia beach were sent to san one and we spoke to them as hurricane irma was passing them to north. >> conditions greatly improved in the last hour and we were met with i would say 45 to 50 mile an hour winds us is stained and gusts and our basic location sustained well no real issues and generator power and the island is that way without power but we're with generators and teams are ready to roll we're waiting now for the hurricane to move further to the west so get out and work. >> the 45 member team was air-lifted to puerto rico yesterday along with equipment and two vehicles. they're prepared to carry out rescues and recovery miss
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under a long list of situations from flash flooding to structural collapses and other teams from our area, virginia task force one out of fairfax country and maryland task force one out of montgomery county were in texas rescuing people and pets from devastation there. and maryland hazmat team didn't even make it back home deploying straight to bm bam to await further instructions as irma barrels to the east coast. and the guys if fairfax did get to spend one quick night at home with families before they headed south as well. >> right when i pulled in the parking lot i knew it was a possibility we were going back out. >> this is a big storm and we have an idea on what things needed to be added from the last mission and so we're able to build on it and have great logistic support an it and these guys are working on it. >> our folks do this as we all are responders we want to be public servants and surprise pour the community in time of need. that's why we come to workday in and day out and
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apparatus and emergency medical vehicles. here is an opportunity where we can help other communities further than the national capital region. >> search and rescue teams are made not only of first responders built civilians like doctors and engineers and they tell us there's plenty more members ready to go when needed in rockville. lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> and the group of protesters who walked from charlottesville to d.c. to speak out against white supremacy is planning to camp out in fargat square. >> they started their 118 mile journey last monday and arrived in the nation's capital this afternoon. protesters are calling this sustained vigil which they say means around the clock presses. police sources say this is not permitted demonstration. >> park police will allow them to stay here unless things get violent or they set up camp. people told us offer camera tonight there could be demonstrations and they plan to stay herent
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september 30. here's what they have to say. >> i don't have a specific answer to that that's not my role. >> do you have a permit. >> we're in compliance with the law in what we're doing here. >> so will be you sleeping overnight and camping here. >> like i said it's sustained vigil so vigils are not encampments. >> but it's 24 hour presence. >> yes. >> you guys will be here for the remainder of that time. >> uh-huh yeah and then we definitely invite people to come join us on the march for racial justice september 30. >> there are several big rallies scheduled this month here in the district. this group says they will end their round the clock vigil september 0 the same day as march for racial justice. >> i suspect we will be reporting on them continuing in days ahead. >> sounds like it yes indeed. >> we've been having a fe
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technical problems we thank you for hanging in there and all the comments on twitter and face sglook if we can't get to you in traditional ways we will find you you can counts on "fox5"to bring you the latest on air and online, we'll be right back trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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>> welcome back we toll you latest own hurricane irma and we'll it will you more about that later. >> in the meantime other big stories of the day. jim and sarah standing by with the latest, guys. >> all right. jim lokay and sarah simmons back in the newsroom with a look at other stories we're following for you rights now and this is a story that happened involving -- this is scare question one out of montgomery county search underway for missing woman and while show what you she look like. name is laura wallen 31 years old and family heard from her last on sunday she was preparing for first day of school and she's a teacher at wild lake high schoolness columbia and our family has not been able toyb reach out to her since may be driving a black 2011 m 22 -- m 522473 tags. >> and case we've been following out of maryland more life
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a man that went on shooting rampage last year. he killed his estranged wife outside of beltsville high school. tordell shot and injured a man trying to help his life and the following day shot three people in the parking lot of montgomery mall killing one man and kill another woman in a grocery store parking lot as he tried to steal her suv. today he got two more life sentences from prince george county that is on top of four life sentences on montgomery county. so he's going to be stepped spending the rest of his days in jail. >> all right. this is a story out of prince william county quite a disturbing one i want to show you a picture of many man and police are asking a simple question. do you recognize him. he's accused of exposing h himself to an 8-year-old girl in woodbridge. and one of the family's family members they saw the guy and con fronted hem and took this picture and then ran off. that's why prince william county we want to hear from you if you recognize this man. >> following transportation stories which we always love around here whether metro,
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whatever it is talking about the purple line now. there's a small victory for opponents. federal judge agreed to listen to new argument from the friends of capitol crescents trail they're the ones fighting this and called argument a real stretch is what he said the group is claiming the development would harm the community and they want the judge to issue a temporary restraining order against closing of trail and removal of trees. the trail was closed yest yesterday. we're with with following that story yesterday as well. the judge may issue a temiary restraining order as early as friday. >> it's aies mag all the talk about purple line for years and years and years suddenly you got the funding and we have word closing down the trail. it took so long and then. >> it went quickly. >> it took some people that were not paying close attention to it by surprise. >> as a look at stories we're following in the newsroom for you. tope, shawn, sue you have covered with everything else tonight. back to you. >> thank you, guys. >> sue
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of course we've been talking about the big story irma. it's all about airm aeven though we have three hurricanes out there. hopefully we won't see affects from jose. but i have to show you it previously gets up to a category three and becomes a tropical storm. we'll start tonight with a look at d.c. area. we still have a little bit of fog out there and last of showers trying to depart the region and drier day will greet you tomorrow. wow, what did you think of that 2 hour season of change we had. quite a departure. one point today temperatures are running 25 cooler than they were on tuesday. and tonight we'll see showers departing the area and run you through the weather headlines to get the local picture first and get back into the latest on hurricane irma in case you missed it earlier. showers tapering off earlier tonight or later tonight and then we'll watch to see if we get enough clearing we need fog developing and then if we do there may be a little bit of low clouds and fog in
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last long. we should be able to burn it off mid to late morning and get back to sunshine thursday afternoon right on through the weekend. we have a big area of high pressure setting up shop and blocking irma out of our area probably until tuesday of next week depending on track an we have a new track we'll show you in a moment. feel of fall today sticks around tomorrow. but with a lot more sunshine. we head for 50s tonight. check out temperatures alr already. we're already in the 50s in many areas and winchester 55 degrees. culpeper 60. gaithersburg is 57 and here in d.c. of and quantico 63 and fredericksburg 62. and overnight we will head for 50s just about everywhere including in the district with again showers really starting to run their course now. get an update on that radar any amoment and our big story category five irma at 11:00 update maintaining winds of 185 miles an hour an west northwest turn beginning the storm is moving along way at 16 miles an hour
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hit for puerto rico and not the same for northern leeward islands as you know and these are all of the hurricane warnings that you see in the red here and that does include turks and cacaos and hurricanes for the bahamas as well. latest track keeps it offer the islands for most part. cuba looks spared a direct h hit. then it gets to florida straits and this water is incredibly warm and sometime saturday night late to sunday we'll see southeast florida possibly having a direct hit on this path. again we minder the cone very wide maybe we still get play out of this. and maybe the worst of it could stay out of that area. that would be fantastic. sunday at 8:00 still travel ago long the coast into the water. previously and then we're back watching it approach the charleston area at category two. that would be monday at 8:00. i would think by then we're starting to see clouds from irma as we get into monday 8:00. a tight clus
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operational models and this is a part of what this is being based on that track taking it again into the south carolina area and after that incredible high resolution satellite imannualy we've been seeing 8 a5 miles north, northwest of san juan and passes by dominican republic and again turks and caoas and it didn't hit much land in puerto rico today but boy the eye 15 miles wide if you notice it changing shape a little bit. we think what is happening is eye wall replacement cycle is ongoing. it may weaken and then emerge stronger since there won't be much disruption to circulation and entering warmer waters and favorable wind conditions. we have irma and hurricane jose behind it as well. updates on both of thousand and hurricane hunters continue to make passes through the core
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the eye wall sustained winds 185 miles an hour which is why this is strongest hurricane we've seen in this part of atlantic because it maintained that strength for so long about 35 hours now and central pressure of 916 also draw dropping as well. as it heads to these warmer waters that are 5 degrees if not warmer it could continue to stay as four or five. and i mentioned track for j jose. category one moving north, northwest 17 miles an hour and it will slightly grays the northern lee ward island and on weaker side gets category three thursday nighting to friday and then down to two and eventually weakening i'm hoping this is effect of irma churning up waters to tropical storm monday 8:00. we'll continue to watch that as well. as irma heads in the warm direction the southeastern united states and carolinas not off the hook. these could be areas impacted if
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florida peb ins la not off the hook and pan handle not off the hook and new orleans and texas can start to feel more comfortable this will not be heading their direction. looking at tomorrow in the weekends big area of high pressure finds a home over the north eastern u.s. and that's going to keep comfortable temperatures in here. cool mornings and a very nice air mass indeed with more sunshine tomorrow. we get back into the low 70s and quick look at weekend forecast. we'll forecast temperature of 73 on saturday with lots of sunshine and sunday sunny and cool. 72 degrees and your "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast, what? no 0s? we don't have 90s on this? it's all low 70s? it's pretty much 50s at night until we get to late night week or into wednesday time frame. if we have impacts from irma here probably tuesday, wednesday. >> tuesday, wednesday here. >> i can mention something on your 7 day. >> yes. >> sunday redskins home opener fedex home field. >>
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>> nfl has had to do scrambling for teams in the south. i don't know which was postponed. >> miami and tampa. >> yeah. yikes. >> we'll take it here. >> we'll take it we're in good shape. we'll be right back.
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>> are you ready for football red skips open the season this week at home again the eagle. >> more on how the burgandy and gold are gearing up. >> the regular season is here at redskins park skins getting ready for sunday's game against eagles and it depends which trpd you choose to believe. we'll call it rule of five. five straight times the redskins have beaten the eagles team even though kurt cousin threw with return to touchdown. he was able to get
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redskins lost five straight season openers and have not won season opener since rg 3 first game against saint in 2012. robert griffin iii his first game. redskins are excited it's came bun. we're all excited. it's ratcheted up more when you face divisional opponent. these games are so important you gets few of them redskins need a w this sundays. >> we have to have a sense of urgency it's a division game and home game and important for us. hopefully everybody understands the importance of this game. it means a lot division games mean so much come december and january. >> i don't know there's that much to say other than i mean start yourens and let's go. >> ready man. >> well josh one guy whose engine doesn't need it start up for this game is kirk cousins he destroye
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his career over 318 yards per game pass rating 102.9 and why is that important it's higher than any other quarterback in the nfl against philly. redskins park, brody logan. "fox5" sports. >> all right as you said the weather will be good for the game so hopefully that brings the team a big win. >> stay with us "fox5" coming back
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>> we're sxorpsing technical difficulty and can't bring you the final five tonight. you will see it tomorrow night we're here with the latest news and weather you need to know until midnight tonight. we'll begin with the big story everybody is talking about wrawj of hurricane irma. they'reing you through the caribbean and leaving a mass avenue path in its wake. >> slamming into the visual inislands winds up to 185 miles an hour and unprecedented damage in the typely island nation of


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