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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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♪ ♪ here we go you don't mess with america sglot happy friday final five femor responding to hurricane irma as the storm heads to florida. a push for healthcare reform in congress and from the president as well. special council wants to some to top, current and former whitehall staffers and north korea is getting ready for a holiday. first in florida up to 6 million people were asked 20 evacuate. storms killed more than 20 people across the caribbean and even with all the warnings some are determined to stay behind and ride the storm out. look if you want to do it don't expect help during the
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>> at some point people willing on their own to so to speak where flooding being, rain and wind bear down on them and they need to be prepared if they're in that panel and have not taken action to get themselves in a less dangerous position and be ready for a 7 hour period. my advice for them to have food, water and shelter bra the g can get back in. we have predeployed and prestaged. >> the president and team will be catching conditions in florida closely over the weekend and the president and first lady went to camp david they'll spend the weekend there and cabinet members and spouses and the president will hold his fourth full meeting where they will address devastation of hurricane harvey and airm. >> we're doing what we can and when the time comes we will restore, recover and rebuild together as americans n times such as these we
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strength and resolve of the american spirit. >> today president trump signed combined hurricane relief debt ceiling government funding bail proved by the house earlier today and sends $15 billion in relief for harvey victims and in texas greg abbott handed over checks from areas hit strongest by the storm. >> one thing i know is that the city, the county, as well as all these other governments have desperate needs. one is ongoing effort to ensure they can remove debris to clean up the city to get it going again. i know you have incurred a whole lot of costs and judge you have too and we know there's a whole lot more. but i want to make sure that you don't leave here empty handed today. >> governor abbott calf gave a kheping for more than $91 million. harris count
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that came from fema. >> passing hurricane debt ceiling bill and how it all went down everybody wonder physical we see more bipartisanship in washington. chuck shumer and nancy pelosi who he called incompetent. whipping gop efforts to reduce spending and cut debt ceiling by end of year. >> is this one time things or something we'll see the president doing more of. i think the goal is to have bipartisan efforts and certainly legislation where you have republicans and democrats both working towards it. that was something that the president talked about during the campaign. and certainly something that i think the american people expect and one of the reasons they voted for him and i certainly would expect to continue to see that. >> the press secretary also said the white house is less focused on what makes congress happy and more on what is good for the countries we'll be
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paying attention as things going on. >> let's mrav on on the final five. one other story. democrat and republicans will be able to find any common ground when it comes to healthcare. republican chairman of the senate health commits tee says he's hoping to release a bipartisan healthcare bill in ten days. he spoke to them asking them to take action. senators bill cassidy, lindsay gram and dean heler taking another shot at obamacare reveal. the president clearly wants to see something zone on healthcare. he tweeted republicans sorry i've been hearing about repeal and replace 7 years. they would nev allow us. eight dem control gets 60 versus 51 and republican death wish. >> really quickly keep in mine the president said a lot about the 06 vote take it down is 51. he didn't get 51 vote for hemth care what they're
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threshold f they get john mccain to sign on you get your wish. but again 51 votes was tough enough let's alone 60. barney sanders said to roll out a single care health care plan next week. it's cosponsored by elizabeth warren and kamal harris. in russia investigation robert mueller alerted white house he want to interview six top, current advisors of president trump. each advisor will run for internal decisions that draw vehicle in investigators. and the president's lawyer says the white house is fully cooperating in the fwrob but remember that disclosure from facebook earlier this week the within a russian troll farm bought political ads. facebook won't say which ads were purchased by accounts liked to russia. they can't because
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law and ongoing investigate. for twitter they're set toe give analysis from its side during the 2015 campaign sometime soon. >> north korea tensions escalate. u.s.s. ronald reagan is headed back to the korean peninsula. saturday is north korea founding holiday and you know what they like to do to celebrate. launch missiles. trump administration officials keep pushing for diplomatic detion and president is talking to himself saying all options on the table including military force which subsided car makers on suicidal -- they want neotiations and sanctions. >> diplomacy does not work without incredible military operation. >> we need to ramp up sanctions increase pressure and get
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>> president trump gech an order to shoot down any missile that's the may move to the main land, hawaii, guam for japan. that's your final five. >> is a college degree worth the cost? more and more americans believe the answer is no. we have theories why. we'll talk about that
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>> all right. welcome back a new survey shows americans are losing faith in value of college degree people saying higher education is not worth the cost. joining us program coordinator from campus hannah. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for being up late with
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education and rising costs of higher ed and seeing people say why spend the money in the first place. what are you taking away from this. >> this is not surprising us to at all at campus return. we've been reporting on ab suburb classes and college spending across the nation. look at university of pennsylvania course on how to waste time on internet and princeton offering a course on how to fight fat phobia. it's embarrassment to aca academia. students are feeling degrees are invaluable. >> we talk about rising costs and you have suddenyes out there saying if you have a four year college degree you'll make more money than if you don't. so what's the happy medium here? >> so this study shows 50% of americans feel that four year degree is not worth it a anymore. cost of college is not decreasing it's been dramatically
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ago heavy burdensen own many students and you know they're being robbed of education when they are forced to enroll in these frivolous programs and classes and you know these students are not prepared. it's not preparing them for jobs in the real world you know? >> how much is it -- you talk about those programs and hey look i went to a college that had a class called star trek and the modern man, that's 18, 19 years ago still the question is how much is u useless and wasteful spending on campuses versus public institutions the declining share of public funding for public institutions. >> that's something parent and students need to look got. students need to realize college is not for everyone. many students would be better off taking
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college is a privilege. not for everybody. and you know because these students feelen titled to education they're getting t themselves in a whole ton of debt they cannot afford it and not getting run on investment. especially ab suburb when we're seeing fax pair funded institutions offer courses and they're using student as piggy banks to push their agenda. that's what we're seeing it's a shame students are robbed of what they're laying pour. >> we're familiar with the work campus reform does and there's always a concern about liberal leapings on college campuses. but i also feel sometimes it's easy to say that under a broad umbrella i don't believe you see that eveywhere doing that using classroom as a pull p pitd. go ahead. >> it's not every school. you know it does seem to
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you work with stooped across the nation at over 100 different campuses and university and they're brave enough to report and expose things on their own campuses and willing to take the backlash because they understand that sunlight is the best disinfect tant in this case and they feel they're robbed of their education and you know we need to expose this at some point. it's not going on everywhere. there are many university and professors that allow we're seeing this lick ral agenda being pushed and see it through the wasteful programs and courses and minimum yonz are being poured into ab suburb centers for student and taxpayers. taxpayers should be the real ones outraged. >> i know having gone to public funded institution i went it public school and public university and i know that's a
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money goes and bottom line you have to get involved. have you to get involved. thank you very much for up here on the final five. we're back
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. it's been a busy week here. >> football is here. >> shameless plug time. >> 7:30 a.m. sunday if you think why not get up that early to watch a pregame show you're correct. redskins game time 7:30. and other guests religious them. it's few. if you want to see people talk about the redskins game if you put on the network you hear two minutes. >> and hear about the jets and bills. >> speaking of jets
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bills, hu? >> sorry go ahead. >> ill hillary clinton is the in the headlines you can guess her drink of choice. >> what lost her the election. white russian. >> and discussion last night -- then you brake the table. she talked about how she got through 2016 lost and said i had my fair share of chardonnay. >> clinton said she relied on prayer in yoga and tried -- what the hell is alternative nostril breathing. >> is that a euphmism for something. >> request for lock of hair could bring farmer back to jail. >> screlli put out a social media post offering 5,000 bucks for a
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grab a piece of her hair. i don't know about you i enjoy jokes of getting politicians hair. >> you should see the locks i have in aor at home. >> that could get bail rev revoked. former pharmaceutical ceo is out of prison while awaiting on security fraud conviction. they characterize him as i threat. >> as long as it releases woo tank album. >> but he put it only ebay. >> yes. >> and unalbum. >> one copy. >> former president of mexico fox is not a big fan of president trump or planned border wall. in new video fox announces faux presidential cam pain against president trump. >> every time i make fun of you which i do a lot
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be president. america i feel your pain ab we all do. today i'm proud to announce a candidacy for president of the united states. all i'm saying you have the bleep button i was cranething because i wanted to make sure we aired it it was a sensored version. >> we didn't get that far. >> did you see what he had on the desk. >> label p tape. >> there was a faux magazine saying fox throws baseball over the moon. >> this is a guy once president -- legitimate world leader. we're not talking about crazy ones. we're not talking about kim jong-un. he's taking celebrity to a different imdeposition. >> well consider
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president is talking mr. celebrity to new dprex -- >> that's excellent point. >> on the subject of people who cannot run in 2020 former president obama surprised students at mckinnley tech high in d.c. and posted video of reaction i think at the might be somebody else. >> let's tweet this. >> how what frame rate for video. >> take a look. >> how is it going, esh everybody? >> oh, >> they told me you guys were meeting. you okay? how is everybody doing? [ laughter ]. >> all right. so presence courages students as they start the schoolier do i believe most of the problems we have will be solved by you. >> i also love the thought we were talking about the president posting a video and trying to figure out snap chat
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>> i like the dug. >>fy open my mouth my tongue sticks out. >> this concludes bad obama impression. >> it's not good. >> both of us. >> here a fight tough to pick a side. chris sowers versus texas senator ted cruz the two continue war of world today. and he's quite confidence what cais christie had to say. >> can can do you this and ted cruz impression. >> you know what he it is. like ned nrabders. >> yes. >> he continued. chris should go back to the beach. >> no. i mean, map how do you -- >> we can't get enough of this picture. >> how do you choose a side. at least you know what i'll go with christie's side he doesn't care anymore and embraces the fact he's horrible. >> if you remember ted cruz. if you remember ted cuz cruz most prince william in senate not big fans. but people in texas
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that's what gets you elected. >> chris christie in talks to see n xwxt s and cnbs being a contributors and he decided allegedly that he was not interested although new york daily news. >> they're not interesting in i'm. >> which means we won't see him at the christmas party. >> what wow get chris chr christie. >> tank tops for at the beach. >> christian bale is set to the start -- that's a big big get. >> he will be 46 vice-president and he gained weight and mrachd steve corele as donald rums feld.
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>> is this real? >> this is the shipping this. >>y. all right. christie says it is. >> a lot of movies bomb this summer. that will be another one. >> hulu was developing siri about robert f. kennedy s starring chris brian. it sun title sod far. based on bobby kennedy making of liberal icon. kennedys are popular subject. >> i was going say you know that kennedy family someone needs ato make a movie about them. not enough exposure. you need more media about the kennedys. >> did you see jackie with narcoticly port man. >> i enjoyed jackie. >> it was a bit sad. >> and there was -- >> her accent. >> right. >> hi to look up like does she talk like this, this is odd. i don't know. i never heard -- >> did you do the comparison. >> yeah. >> but then wasik
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good accents but man do does she talk like this, it's we weird. >> we're not going -- fine, sgl we'll talk juglo next week. >> we have a juglo guest. 7:30 a.m. getting ready for what you're doing.
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>> president trump sound asleep tonight. of course he went on the stremingth of closing deals when he saw three month extension on debt ceiling as a way to bridge relationships with nancy pelosi and shumer
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with nancy pelosi and error 90 voted against the debt ceiling and the president leaves unskaijed from camp david trump would be asleep. it's hard to imagine bow jar bon and sam johnson and mack thorn bury will not toss and turn night. they supported harvey aid in principal and didn't approve the debt ceiling hike. he actually apologized to bp for federal government's audacity for the oil company to get the tab for deep water horizon disaster. put politics aside keep in mind increase is temporary, three months. they revisit this properly then. as always, it should be people first, then worry about the politics. >> all right. that is final five on this friday night. we thank you for stick with us. we're back monday. i hope you have a great weekend. my name is jim lokay the morning crew
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brody, 7:0, sunday morning. bye bye
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. we've got so much to talk abou today. janet jackson is unbeevable, but salt bae, this huge chef that works for every big star took his shirt off and it's unbelievable. >> his name is actually nusret gokce. he owns a wholehain of turkish steakhouses. harvey: what's a turkish steakhouse? >> i think it's just a steakhouse in turkey. [laughter] >> anthony bourdain, said he would be open to gto north korea. i say if trump and kim were going to have some sort ofeace summit and they wanted yo to caster, what would you serve them? >> hemlock. >> oh, no!


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