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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  September 11, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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gone in the playoffs since 2002. >> that will be d.c. sports title there. >> i know. >> calling it now. >> we'll take it. >> tony and shawn standing by for newscast at 6. >> it starts right now. >> right now at 6:00 the search for a missing maryland pregnant teacher continues tonight hear her tear full boyfriend's plea for help. >> plus. >> when americans are in need americans pull together and we're one country and when we face hardship, we emerge closer and stronger and more determined than ever. >> tropical storm irma heads to georgia after leaving a trail of destruction, power outages and flooding across the sunshine state and messages of hate at george washington university. the group suspected of being behind these posters claims they were framed. the news at 6 starts
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the news at 6 starts right now. >> these are storms of catastrophic severity. and we're marshalling the full resources of the federal government to help our fellow americans in florida. alabama. georgia, texas, louisiana, tennessee, and all of those wonderful places and states in harm's way. >> well tropical storm irma continues to move through florida and georgia. >> georgia is reporting two storm relate the deaths as community as long the state coast are dealing with extensive flooding. and irma slammed florida gulf coast overnight and caused major flooding to coastal areas and first responders ramping up recovery options. serious threats remain in cities like tampa and jacksonville. >> irma responsible for deaths of 36 people throughout the caribbean bringing the overall death toll to 41. and more than 5.5 million florida residents are without power nearly
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>> and it will take with winds of 50 miles an hour with the last update from the national hurricane center at 5bg. it's no southern georgia center of it but there's a whole lot of rain down there pushing to ball bam and pushing into tennessee, kentucky, north carolina and south carolina and where you have to watch some of those outer bands pushing into south carolina could have spin inside them. they have a tornado watch up in that area. and in general it will produce 3 to 6" of rain at least it's moving and still capable of taking down trees and its current location about 150 miles south of atlanta headed to memphis in the next little while. it's interesting to see this. tropical storm warnings for much of georgia. first time for atlanta. not a surprise to see that for charleston. mu
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the eastern coast or eastern part of the state in tropical storm warning for evening hours and irma moving north, northwest at 17. between has sustained winds of 50 and should weaken to tropical depression this time tomorrow as tracking again through kentucky and tenn tennessee. eventually it starts moving more north, northeast and what do we get out of this. it looks like we'll have lighter showers tomorrow afternoon maybe rumble of thunder thursday and gust are bet area cross florida. they're strong. atlanta getting gust of 44 now and you can see it's impacting carolinas as well as even almost into virginia beach with winds. but, locally we're getting off easy as most of the remnants little stay south and west of our area again we'll get a couple showers out of this tomorrow and tomorrow evening and with you can see that on future cast pushinging in later in the day. much more on sure cape jose coming up in a few minutes. back over to tony. >> the family of a pregnant
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$25,000 reward for information on her disappearances. and laura wallen was last heard from september 4 the day before she was scheduled to begin teaching classes at wild lake high school. and today, her father and boyfriend spoke at a news conference where they asked for help in finding her. "fox5" paul wagner joins us live perfect police headquarters tonight with the story, paul. >> hi, tony, it's been 7 days now since everyone heard from laura wallen it was text message that she sent one week ago today. it was monday morning the day before she was to head over to school and begin teaching as you mentioned wild lake high school. today the family came here to montgomery county police headquarters not only to announce the reward but ask for help and today we heard from her father who is holding out hope she's still alive and we also heard from her boy friend who is clearly distraught. >> mark and gwen
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parents of laura sat with their daughter daughter's boyfriend as police released few details. the couple held his hand or caresed his shoulder. tyler tesier has known laura ten years and was looking forward to arrival of their bade when she vanished. >> laura if you're listening it doesn't matter what's happened and it doesn't matter what type of trouble there's nothing we can't fix together, myself and your family there's so many people that miss and so many people that were out. we haven't slept. we have not each. we're looking. >> montgomery country police say laura wallens isn't a text message to her family last monday morning that left them krnd a message investigators have so far dec
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release or describe. the very next day tuesday the 5th she failed to show up for work on first day of school. and two days later on the 7th her car was found in the 10600 grammarcy place in columbia not far from columbia mall and merriweather pavilion. >> i wanted to let laura know we're outlooking for her and not giving up on her. she is still alive somewhere and our family would like to offer a reward of $25,000. her student just adored her as we do. and we just want her back. >> laura wallen is four months pregnant and police are calling her disappearance suspicious. tyler tesier says laura was very excited for the new school years and nothing seemed out of place before she disappeared. >> i think leading up to, leading
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she's missing i don't, i don't believe anybody has any inclination to think that something was wrong. >> now the family is the one that is offing this $5,000 reward. this is not coming from the police. you all have questions about some of the circumstances of her disappearance and so did we. we asked the police today about who had last seen her alive and who had seen her not only seep her but where the police declined to answer that question and also again declined to answer any questions about the text message and who it was sent to and what it was about. and the police have also said nothing about the car her car her 2011 escape that was found in columbia. they have not described anything found inside it whether or not there was any kind of obvious foul play or a note or any forensic evidence they may have recovered.
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paul wagner "fox5 local news". >> developing right now george washington university police are vehicleing who put up islam aphobic posters on campus. turns out whoever created these hateful anti-muslim materials tried to make it look like they came from on campus conservative group. this group, this is not the first time i understand they've been targeted before? >> reporter: they're really return concerned about this. this group young american foundation spent all this morning putting up thousands of these. small american flags as tribute in memory to 9/11. but that's not what has people concerned here. on friday over the weekend, they started seeing flyers pop up on this campus, flyers that were against islam. they were hate speech. flat out. but they were made to look like they came from this group young american foundation. we talked to the president of
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this group tonight. she'll till this is not the first time they feel they've been victim of dirty tricks and harassment. >> when we first saw this we were shocked and disgusted this is not what we sand for and we're really dispointed to see someone would try to attack us. >> why do you think they did this. >> honestly over my years here at gw i can't help but think it's because we're conservative organization. >> all right. take a look at these things. it's troubling. this is one of the fake posters they claim to be from young american foundation and it's not it contains revrps to thing about what typical muslim has things like laysers in eyes and venom in mouth and hidden ak 47 suicide investigate and flat out hate speech and it did not come from this groupon gw's campus. young americans foundation says this is not the first time they've been targeted with dirty tricks or harassment on this campus.
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and shannon bell the president of the group you heard from her in her viewpoint there's a double standard here on this campus. she says that when a liberal group is targeted well action is swift and effective. when her group is targeted it's not the same situation. so we went to the gw administration, they spoke to us the dean of students he says in his viewpoint that is simply not what is going on here he says the university is taking this very seriously and they intend to take action if they find out who is resposible. >> we work closely with all student org sdations and we want any student who feels there's something disruptive brought to our attention we want to look into it and remedy it. that remedy is come in the form of police investigation. we are told if they find out who is responsible for this
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they are going to be prosecutesing them. >> we'll have is more "fox 5 news" on ever
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>> back now to our coverage of tropical storm irma. wow, joel, what a difference a few days and hours makes. what it it like there now. >> shawn, tony, it may be moved out of florida. but the damage is done. 6.7 million without power in the state of florida and that includes the homes right behind me here off miami be beach. this here is a fik us tree that is down. i'll tell you -- take you for a quick tour here. that's what the roots look like whether they come up out of the ground and benny had a little bit of bad luck this is the homeowner you see here these are three big trees intertwined that fell during hurricane irma. the sidewalk here was
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the sidewalk here was a saving grace for benny the homeowner, it tacts as a counter weight. instead of just boom crashing on top of house it slowly keeled over he said during the storm. he says he was not scared but what he's more worried about now is dealing with insurance company already says he's sent out photos and they're telling minimum already that the damage does not look so bad they don't think they'll pay him a whole lot maybe not even cover deductible. tells us he doesn't have a lot of money he's hard working guy and he's been out here cleaning the yard whole someday day on his own and the issue with the tree it's on the sidewalk on city line and he's unsure if the sit we will come and try to clean this massive mess up including all the sidewalks. the sidewalks of course will eventually have to take care of. he went and try to buy a saw, nothing is open. shawn and tony. >> my gooness the cleanup aft storm. thank goodness no flooding. joe walden. thank you. >> coming up irma moves on forecasters are tracki
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another big storm. >> what can we expect from hurricane jose. gary. >> it's way out here in the atlantic. looks like it will do a loop de loop the big we what will it do after that. see if we can put ans to questions and how strong is jose. all coming up in a few minute when the news continues stay with us.
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>> first harvey then irma and now a third hurricane. >> posing a potential threat to the east coast sometime next week. let's get to sue ape gary on this. wow. >> it's not that bad. generally when we're together it's not a good thing. >> i may want to rewrite that it's awfully close and even tony saw bhikt we name it's getting kind of close but getting ready to do something unusual and gary you've been tracking latest with hurricane jose. nobody wants to here about hose say including us we have to pay attention. it's a little too close for comi f
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>> several people asked me about this and i thought we should talk a little about this this is jose. it's weak egged a little bit. even the last few satellite imagery looks like it's probably still weakening about it and and it's working around bermuda high and western edge. and you can see now the winds are 100 miles per hour and moving north 12 miles an hour and winds at 100ment here is interesting thing about this official forecast calls for it to do a loop de loop over the next 42 to 78 hours and saturday afternoon 2:00 it may approach the coast again not florida. i don't think florida will have to say any prudent of this sue i don't think it's a possibility. there's three things too i wonder sue if it's able to stay together to make this loop de loop. >> and it has to --
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to run into cooler water we think. >> hannah did this in 2008 and hannah was on the heels of gustov that was major hurricane gulf of mexico and it went to louisiana likened to katrina. it's not impressive for this to happen. look at spaghetti models will show you the more reliable dot loop de loop and move to the coastline. hannah, 2008, sue, came along the east coast as tropical storm. >> did not make landfall. >> just skirtd edge of coast. too soon. i think by wednesday or thursday modeling will have a better idea of exactly what jose wants to do. we can take a breath. take a breath for a few days before we -- >> don't panic on jose i don't think they're flying into it. >> not that i know of. >> we'll check on that too. thank you gary very much you take jose off my plate and i'll focus on what is going on olney. did you in the the clouds out there
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you know what that is a serious blow off from irma and maybe during the day tomorrow later in the day we think most of the day will be dry. high pressure which has been over us for so long will continue to keep remnants down south and but we will likely see a four showers late under day. here's latest irma moving through georgia tropical storms wind of 50 miles an hour and you can see where jose is as we were talking about and again compared to you irma seems like smaller storm. this things still is absolutely enormous. still producing possibility of 3 to 6" of rain across georgia and alabama tonight. meanwhile back to home we were in low to mid 70s today on cool side this time of year and continues to be so. a free sunday night to monday morning canine valley. we're getting that time of year. lot of places in 60s as we look at forecast. through the evening dry. falling through the 70s midp
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up toer 60s and keep the clouds around again tomorrow. here's what kids expect tomorrow at the bus stop. lot of clouds. range of 55 to 6 and dry. after school i would not be shocked if dry. we could have a couple showers moving into southern and western areas and temperature rise 0 to 75. cooler days tomorrow and comfortable and temperatures staying please enter and high pressure keeps irma recommend napts out of our area for a little while. we'll see moisture pulled north and showers will be possible in here probably later in the day. the timing a little tricky because it depends on how long high pressure wants to keep suppressed. for tomorrow a few showers. 74. generally drier day than w wetter day and wednesday, warmer with showers. maybe a rumble of thupd erin temperature of 81. and as we go forward through theest recreational vehicle we can just a little bit unsettled. we're not getting any kind of isabel smack from irma recommend napts. that's for sure. we have to keep it a little
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several days and cloudy start tomorrow morning. by noon, we're 70. maybe a shower but i think that better chance would be south and west of d.c. and maybe a few showers possible south and west at 5:00 a temperature of 7. and most places in low 70s tomorrow. we keep on cooler side and "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast you notice that thursday we're right back up to 81. so wednesday we're still on warm side on friday with temperature of 0 and saturday and but we have chances for showers and storms on all of these days and looks like we brighten things up a bit on monday with a temperature of 80. that's 7 day forecast. tony, shawn. >> thank you very much sue. i think we just saw i'll talk about it in a minute. >> okay. >> today marks 16th anniversary of one of the darket days in history and nearly 3,000 people were killed when terrorist hijacked planes mid flight crashing twin towers in
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from manhattan to shanksville to white house today was day of remembrance for those whose lives were lost. >> i like to think when people say 9/11 never forget, i hope they never forget. >> 9/11 was deadliest day in u.s. law enforcement history. 72 officers died in the line of duty on that day. terrorist attacks go on to claim lives of many immediate survivors and heroes as well who contracted illnesses during rescue and recovery efforts. >> and you know that day is still it just has been 16 years but very, very fresh. a lot of you know that was my second day on job pulling into the parking lot the plane hit pentagon every year you know it still takes you right back there. >> just a short time ago i saw a message on instagram
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claire morning show host and he said it seems like a long time ago but at the same time it doesn't feels like it was a few years ago. i get that. >> still ahead, you may want to start scaling back your workday. >> and the new study giving you another reason to take a little time off work. we'll be right back.
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finding a correlations of
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artery disease. cdc says it's important f finding because it's leading cause of death worldwide and people that work long hours have a higher risk of stroke. >> i'm not shocked by that. astonishing number of people in our country work well over 40 hours, 60, 65, 70 hours. >> and don't sleep. >> that's right the. >> it's a
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rescue and recovery from irma. >> this is what we're still talking about tonight at 6:30 let's get started irma slammed into florida over the weekend at category 4 storm and it's downgraded now to tropical storm but it's wreaking havoc. emergency crews are surveying damage and downed trees and power lines and debris are clogging up roadways. >> at least 220,000 women are emergency shelter and 6.5 million businesses lost power and could be weeks before electric di is restored. prison trump took a moment to talk about those affected by irma earlier today. >> when americans are in


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