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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. a the 10:00, the death toll is rising, millions are without power and tropical storm irma isn't over yet. the tonight, we're tracking its path as it takes aim at georgia and alabama >> pleading for answer, family friends and students of a missing pregnant teacher from maryland are coming together in ho
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it's a story you'll only see on fox 5. a woman shot and killed in virginia and tonight, her family is speaking out. the news at 10:00 starts right now. we start with tropical storm irma, the death toll is rising with georgia and south carolina now reporting deaths related to the storm. >> irma battered georgia, brought down tree, houses and cars, the wicked winds took out power lines and left more than 1 million people in the dark, ken rodriguez joins us with the latest. ken, when we talk to do hours ago, the rain was still coming down. what's the situation now? >> reporter: it's still raining, shawn and tony. just when i step out here, thinking it will lighten up, it just continues to pour. we've gone through several changes of clothes out here in atlanta getting these reports done, but i can tell you the wind died down just a little bit. some relief in that.
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that ads to the saturation of the soils leading to a lot of problems around the state. we've had two confirmed deaths, one, of course, here in sandy springs where a tree fell on top of a guy's house killing him instantly. and that's the sort of problems we have in these situations in georgia of one of the more dramatic videos of the day, about 50 miles south of here in griffin, georgia, a driver just was driving down the road and a tree falls in front of him and he crashes right into miraculously, he survived the crash. and got a lot of help from passers by along the way. that's the kind of stuff that happens around here when these trees start getting heavy and the limbs start falling, pretty dramatic day around here, schools have been cancelled. and they've been cancelled for tomorrow as well. so the rain keeps coming, no relief just yet. ken, let me ask you. no relief just yet. how are we dealing with flooding? i know t
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earlier, some pretty nasty flooding in certain areas. what's the situation now? >> reporter: flooding continues in some of the places it's expected. of it's the usual suspects. some creeks and homes close by. you know, people usually aware of. those are the kind of evacuations you expect. otherwise, you don't see the evacuations here that you do in say, florida and along the south carolina coast. a lot of those people expect that kind of flooding. certainly after a rain like this. >> pretty different conditions for atlanta georgia, ken rodriguez thank you for joining us. what was appreciate it. meanwhile communities along the state's coast are dealing with extensive flooding >> irma knocked out power to nearly 60% of florida, first responders are ramping up rescue and recovery >> irma is responsible for deaths of at least 36 people throughout the caribbean. bringing over all, bringing the overall death toll to 42. nearly 13
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residents are now without power. it will take weeks to fully restore everyone's service as hundreds of thousands remained in shelters in florida. >> these are storms of catastrophic severity and we're marshalling the full resources of the federal government to help our fellow americans in florida, alabama, georgia, texas, louisiana be tennessee and all of these wonderful places and states in harm's way. >> authorities in jacksonville florida say the flooding could continue up to a week. let's get to sue palka pour the latest on irma. i know irma is not the, we've got some other hurricanes we're also keeping an eye on tonight. >> we'll be watching hurricane jose for the next week, if i get a chance, i'll let you know what's going on with that, but certainly within the hour i'll update you again. the latest on irma is that yes, it is still raining in atlanta
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they will likely pick up three, six inches of rain across georgia, spots could get ten inches, you can see by the rain footprint how massive irma still is. even though it is a tropical storm now with winds at 45 miles an hour. the center of what is irma is in southern georgia, it's about 120 miles south of atlanta at last check. but unlike harvey in houston, at least irma is moving. winds out of the north northwest or movement is north northwest at 16. it's actual winds are at 45 and i didn't see too many gusts up and over 35 at last check across georgia. what's next, remains as tropical storm as it pushes into alabama and then it weakens tomorrow to a depression then eventually a remnant area of low pressure moving toward memphis and into kentucky by wednesday winds of 25 miles an hour, in terms of the rain and going forward, certainly the very heaviest rain will be across georgia area and by the way, tornados are always a
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been a tornado watch for the coastal areas of south carolina but zero reports of tornados today. so a small amount of good news there. but obviously, the southeast will continue to get heavy rain, it looks like we will see a few of the rain showers from irma some time tomorrow afternoon and evening here although again, not expected to be anything heavy or severe unlike when isabella came through a totally different storm direction. the latest on hurricane jose coming up and i'll let you know if there's anything else we need to keep an eye on >> i sure hope not. thank you, sue. the family of a missing pregnant teacher from maryland is now offering a $25,000 with regard for information that will bring her home. today. laurel wallen's family made plea for help and her students are doing everything they can to help find her. fox 5 angelie hemphill joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it's clear she was
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her students on a personal level. many credit her for getting them through graduation and tough times at home. they feel compelled to help in the search anyway they can >> if you're watching this, i want you to know how many people love you, myself included. >> reporter: lindsey murray made this heart felt video in her dorm room. she says she will never forget laura wallen >> we care about her so much and miss her, if there's a chance she might see that and see how much we love and miss her and care about her, maybe she could come home >> wild lake high school students past and present who have been in a state of shock since wallen disappeared, but they've been mobilizing search efforts on line, creating a hash tag bring wall lynn home and organizing search groups on the ground and lindsey hopes her video will help. >> she's someone who really establishe
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her students and i'm sure you can see by the hash tag and the search, we're trying to do everything in our physical power to find her. >> reporter: police say what will insent a troubling text message to her family monday and never showed up the first day of school. investigators say she's four months pregnant and are calling her disappearance suspicious. but they won't elaborate any further at this time >> i wanted to let laura know that we're out there looking for her and we're not giving up on her. she is still alive somewhere. and our family would like to offer a reward of $25,000. >> reporter: monday wall lynn's family held a news conference where her father and boyfriend pleaded with the public to come forward with information >> laura, if you're listening, doesn't matter what's happened, doesn't matter, doesn't matter
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there's nothing we can't fix together. there's so many people, so many people that miss you. >> reporter: laura's car was found near columbia mall but police not elaborated anymore on the condition or what else they may have found, meanwhile, wild lake high school is planning a gathering of hope. angelie hemphill fox 5 local news. now to a fox 5 exclusive. a fredericksburg family is heart broken after their loved one was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend this past weekend. >> police thought antoinette crashed her car. when they arrived, she realized, she had been shot. krysten leon spoke with her family in a vigil in her honor. kristen? >> reporter: that's right. a very emotional and painful night, a somber night for those who are gathered here to remember the woman they say was a beautiful
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would literally give the clothes off her back to those who truly needed it most. you can see there are about 30, 40 people. family and friends remembering antoinette beverly. it's hard for them to hold back the tears. >> i love you, baby, i love you. >> i love you. i love you. >> reporter: but paul let and her daughter reese want to stay strong for antoinette >> she was a bright girl and everybody that came in contact with her knew that she was a good person. >> reporter: on saturday night, they got a tragic call from police. that their beautiful girl was taken from them. >> it was a phone call saying that she had a car accident. and then as we got out the door, it was worse than a car accident. >> reporter: according to police, they received a call about gunshots fired on the 300 block of palmer street. when they arrived, they say
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found a car that crashed into a pole. inside, they found 26-year-old antoinette beverly in the driver's seat with a gunshot wound. they later arrested this man here, 34-year-old antonio cortez mills, antoinette's boyfriend, for second degree murder murder >> at tragic loss. she was too young. way too young. i should have been there able to hear what she calling me or what whatever. >> reporter: the pain still there and they know it's going to take time to heal and eventually find peace >> do you consider her one of your best friends >> more than that. more than that. my heart. >> reporter: the pain is still very real for these
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listen to them sing and again remember that beautiful woman, that beautiful soul that she was, family and friends have been here at least i would say about an hour now. and they're going to continue to stay and pay respects to this beautiful woman. i do want to make it clear that the name of the suspect is cortez antonio mills, not antonio cortez mills, it's unclear what led up to this tragedy. as you just saw, what is clear tonight is that family and friends will never forget this beautiful woman. in fredericksburg krysten leon fox 5 local news. coming up, keeping secrets. dc police officials and the mayor hiding information from the public. kevin? >> our district officials withholding illegally information about possible past complaints on an npd officer currently under investigation for misconduct. that story coming up. demanding justice for terrance sterling one year after hi
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protest coming up. protest coming up.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans
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ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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officer trainer turned the camera on after the shooting, which is a violation of protocol. demonstrators rallied this morning to mark the exact moment sterling was killed. >> we want the city to be accountable. for this young man, we should not be celebrate one year in regards of his murder but we should be celebrating he has another day in the land of the living. >> prosecutors determined there was not enough evidence to file charge against officer trainer. the family filed a $50 million lawsuit against the distribute fox 5 is staying on top of a story we first told you about in
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wearing a t-shirt that some called offensive because of a symbol associated with the kkk. evan lambert began asking the questions you were asking like was this officer disciplined for misconduct in the past? evan joins us live from dc police headquarters and evan, i understand dc police and the mayor's office are refusing to give you that information. why? . >> reporter: tony, they are. the investigation into the officer's alleged misconduct is still about a month from being wrapped up. we're not trying to find out about that information. but we're trying to find out is if this officer has ever been accused of misconduct while on the job before. so i asked that question npd refused to answer, i submitted a public records request. they denied that and the appeal was also denied. all of this hinting at the secrecy built into dc's law for these kinds of records. videos of
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misconduct like the arrest of this nurse in salt lake city are going viral. an officer illegally tried to draw blood from an unconscious patient. the officer arrested the nurse after she refused to break the law. >> but you're not black. >> there's this case outside of atlanta. where an officer is caught on dash cam video mockingly suggesting police only kill black people. >> we only kill black people right >> the public wouldn't have known about either of these if the videos weren't released as a result of a public records request. when this dc police officer was photographed in dc superior court wearing a shirt some say is racist or plain insensitive, i wanted to know if that officer had ever been accused of misconduct or anything related to discriminatory behavior on the job. more than a month i've been trying to get that answer by submitting a freedom information request. here's the response on august 1st, they told me r
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records of past complaints made against the officer would be an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. i submitted an appeal to that denial to the mayor's office and they denied that. of went further saying they couldn't admit or deny that those kinds of records even exist. >> i have not previously scene a glow mar response, which is when the agency says they can't even confirm or deny if the records exist. i have not personally seen that before and that's a really remarkable level of secrecy about this kind of material. >> reporter: dana green is a dc based media lawyer who once represented the "new york times" in its legal matters. she says the district's response to my request interpreting law to include a protection for officer privacy is just a bad legal argument. >> generally what that is supposed to cover is really personal things, like you're home address, social security number, marital status >> none of which
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find out. >> the troubling thing we've seen and you experienced is when the police officer's personal privacy is being used to withhold records that are about their public duties. >> green said what's more troubling is the financial hardship. fighting for these records can create for the general public. our last option, filing a lawsuit against the city and npd could cost thousands of dollars, most people just give up. and we are seeking the advice of our attorneys to bring you this story, i reached out to the my partner office to find out if mayor bowser was concerned that some records are essentially shielded from the public view. a spokes woman said they're working to bring me an answer, evan lambert, fox 5. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. today marks the 16th anniversary of one of the darkest days in u.s. history, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, nearly 3,000 people were kille
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when terrorists hijacked planes mid flight crashing them into the twin towers in new york. the pentagon in arlington and a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. from manhattan to the white house, shanksville to joint base andrews, today was a day of remembrance for those whose lives were lost. 9/11 was also the deadliest day in u.s. law enforcement history, 72 officers were killed in the line of duty. the terrorist attacks would go on to claim the lives of many immediate survivors and heros as well. who contracted illnesses during rescue and recovery efforts. still ahead, getting your caffeine fix could counterfeit. >> what is to blame for the rise in price of your cup of coffee. and tomorrow morning on fox 5, what is it like to be a storm chaser? steve and alice get a closer look at the job. helping your skin recover from that summer sun? and the morning crew is going to be whipping up delicious treats in honorf
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milk shake day. the morning show starts at 4:25 a.m.
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it may be harder to get your coffee fix several year >> researchers say coffee grown in latin america could be decreased >> basing it on the rise of global temperatures, the countries appear to be nicaragua, honduras and venezuela. it may be able to develop coffee for heat tolerant. whether it will taste as good is still u
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they're not enough coffee? you're going to have a very irritated planet. >> i'll be the angriest one. >> especially right there. >> way too much. thanks guys. . at 10:30 a local school district switching up the grading system and e does not stand for effort. >> we're going to continue coverage of what is tropical storm irma with more on how fema is dealing with the aftermath of not one but two major storms in less than a few weeks. category 4 storms unbelievable. you know, it seemed like we're overwhelmed with hurricane activity. i wanted to mention today as a matter of fact is the peak of hurricane season, we expect to see a lot of activity here in early september but i also want you to see that we expect to see this rapidly decline as we work our way through rest of hurricane season and the month of october. november 30th i
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wraps up's but we still got jose out there. hurricane jose may still cause problems for the eastern u.s. we'll talk about that have your seven-day forecast when the news at 10:30 comes right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have.
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this is fox 5 local news at 10:30. at 10:30, the search tense if is for a pregnant woman who's vanished >> two major storms within three week, how fema is responding to harvey and irma despite stretched thin. what metro is saying after a bus driver was spotted reading a newspaper while driving the bus. the 10:30 starts now. off the top it's been a week since anyone heard from a pregnant teacher in maryland >> laura wall lynn's family and students are speaking out. angelie hemphill is live with an update. >> laura wall inclearly made
10:31 pm
mobilized to help in the search for her. gone door to door to put up flyers and created a hash tag bring her home so they can communicate the latest information to each other online we spoke to one of her former students that made a youtube video hoping it will get shared and make someone come forward. earlier, laura's family and boyfriend spoke out to the media about how they're desperate for answers, offering a reward of $25,000. of she's four months pregnant and never showed up to the first day of school last week. her car was found friday but shies she's still missing. the damage left behind is coming into focused, areas of houston and along the gulf coast still under water, fema finds itself stretched thin be there are however, signs of progress, tens of thousands of houston students returned to school >> irma, on the other hand, now a tropical storm but continuing to cause damage is
10:32 pm
florida and worked its way into georgia. millions of people in florida still without power, it could take several days for flood waters to recede. an aircraft carrier and other navy ships have been sent to florida to help with search and rescue. it's good to have those out of our focus right now as we take a live look outside. things are nice and calm. but we're still keeping an eye on things in the tropics, let's get to sue and get the latest on what we're watching. another recap on what irma was able to produce in florida. jim and sarah. and really just horrendous damage with this kind of wind damage from naples where the eye was close, 142 miles per hour wind recorded, to marco island where we had a landfall, winds of 130, as you mentioned, they're going to be power outages across florida, for some it may last weeks. that becomes incredibly default to have to live through the situation where stores aren't able to open and gas pumps aren't able to get running.
10:33 pm
th show you the rains produced in florida as a result of irma. and in southern virginia. a heavier downpour towards richmond you can see it moving south to north, we'll keep it at bay for awhile during the day and tuesday will end up being general al cloudy day with lighter showers working their way through the drier air we have over our region toward the afternoon and evening. meanwhile, as we watch irma in motion here, and we also have a tornado watch up for parts of charleston. the storm is going to be moving out of the georgia area, taking its heaviest three to six inch rains moving into alabama and eventually tennessee, the remnants of irma will affect us in a lighter fashion as we go through this week, some unsettled days ahead for us, tuesday will end up being drier rather than wetter. we still got to talk about harvey, which may still be
10:34 pm
next week, more on that coming up in a few minutes. of jim and sarah? . more now on the response to hurricane irma and harvey. >> fox reports from the fema operation center with the latest on the recovery effort. >> reporter: female faces the extraordinary task of handling twin disasters of historic proportions from irma still lashing the florida coast to harvey in low lying texas where the damage assessments are only beginning. the fema administrator is confident his team can handle the competing commands. >> we have the management staff and capability to begin helping those impacted by harvey with a bridge to recovery. and we are laser folk focused on the life saving response, later it will be georgia and alabama, we're looking at south carolina as well as this is a big event. >> reporter: before irma hit the florida keys, fema had more than a million
10:35 pm
million meals, 20,000 tarpons and 70 generosity along with 900 urban rescue search personnel with major disaster declarations federal support extends to the u.s. he virgin islands and puerto rico. fema deploying federal assets from florida to alabama, georgia as well as north and south carolina, in the short term long said severe power outages will complicate the efforts >> we have nearly almost 6 million without power. it will be off for days if not weeks in some areas. so that's why we've been asking people to prepare. >> reporter: having learned hard lesson in 2005, where the hurricane is subsequent floods killed more than 1200 people, the majority in louisiana experts said fema is now a more nimble agency. the sign up process for emergency aid is streamlined and there are new systems to reduce fraud and abuse which ran as high as 20% after
10:36 pm
>> i know we're ready and responding to both hurricanes, i don't have any doubt that we can support both governors. >> reporter: based past disasters a national lined of volunteer groups tells fox news about 80% of recovery happens because of nonprofits and the vast majority are faith based. catherine heritage, fox news. police in georgia washington university investigating islamphobic posters, whoever put them up tried to make it look like it came from an on campus conservative group. they say it's not the first time they've been targeted. one of the members spoke to fox 5 earlier. >> when we first saw this we were shocked and disgusted, this is not what we stand for and we're disappointed to see that someone would try to attack us >> why do you think they did this >> honestly, over my years here at gw, i can't help but think it's because we're a conservative organization. >> campus police are now taking this seriously and
10:37 pm
arrest anyone if they find them. at least the ones responsible since charlottesville we've seen an out cry who want memorials and buildings with ties to the confederate see torn down. the committee is considering whether to change buildings who fought for the confederate see, final decision will rest with the chief of naval operations. back to the future when it comes to grading in montgomery county public schools, students once again get a's, bs, cs, ds and fs on report card, previously the grades were e, f four ceptionnal. believe it or not, that never really caught on with parents and the schools are going back to the more familiar grading policy. a metro bus driver has been suspended. after this new video surfaced. it shows him reading a
10:38 pm
it happened friday on board a bus traveling along annapolis road in college park. a passenger spotted the driver reading the paper, posted this video to social media, metro released a statement about the incident saying, in part, we appreciate the rider who brought this concern to our attention be what is shown in the video is obviously disturbing and completely unacceptable. the bus operator was quickly identified friday and immediately removed from service pending an investigation. still to come here at 10:30, apple is getting set to unveil new products tomorrow >> details on the new technology the company is rolling out with the new round of iphones after this. ofer this. of the economic fall-out from irma, according to a report from jp morgan, irma could be one of the top five costliest in u.s. histories, some are estimating it will be around 40 billion dollars in the u.s. which is lower than
10:39 pm
wall street is breathing a see relief. dow surging better than 259 points, the s & p 500 hitting an all time high. and even with irma making landfall over the weekend, gas prices have started stabilizing a bit. national average for regular unleaded gas holding steady at $2.67 a gallon. if you're looking for smiles, you might want to head to minnesota, from wallet hub minnesota is the happiest state in america, a sense of community and physical well-being, must be those lakes, that's business, i'll neil cavuto. eil cavuto.
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western pennsylvania to the white house, the nation paused to remember 9/11 >> this is the 16th anniversary of the
10:43 pm
takes a look a how victims and first responders were honored today. >> reporter: in lower manhattan the annual reading of the names, more than 2600 who perished at the world trade center september 11th, 2001. here in washington, a moment. silence on the south lawn of the white house at 8:46 a.m. the precise moment the first hijacked airliner was crashed into the north tower. at the pentagon memorial, president trump spoke of our nation's resolve >> as we stand on this hallowed ground, we're reminded of the timeless truth that when america is united, no force on earth can break us apart. no force. >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania, vice president pence attends a 9/11 service at the memorial to
10:44 pm
and at joint base andrews, a remembrance ceremony honoring first responders. >> we work with them daily. depend on them daily. we certainly couldn't do our missions here at joint base andrews without the support of those in and around prince george's county in the national capitol region. >> reporter: at the andrews ceremony, fly over of f 16s, the 113th air fighter wing going on full alert in the moments after the attacks. >> as much as we were scared and frightened about the whole thing and what was happening to the world, we were banded together, working together. >> reporter: we spoke to three members of the dc air national guard, tony, steve and scott were here that fateful day >> i'd like to think that when people say 9/11, never forget.
10:45 pm
i hope they never forget. >> reporter: it's 9/11 again. 16 years after the one that changed the course of history, bob barnard, fox 5 local news. up next at 10:30, hurricane irma turned the parking lots of disney world into a staging area for power crew >> with the damages and outages, disney is preparing to reopen. back after this. back after this. he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor.
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h northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away. ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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. do you feel the excitement anticipation is growing for apple's big announcement tomorrow. company expected to unveil its latest iphone but rumors will introduce not one, two but three iphones to events in
10:49 pm
features including face id technology, and updated camera ap portrait lighting and new emojis based off user expressions. you can make phone calls with this thing. go figure. when you get a signal. apple, by the way has not confirmed any leaks. >> that's true. my gosh. that's pretty cool. soon more places to plug in. the company is rolling out more charging stations like boston and chicago. the new stations take up less place and will take 45 minutes to recharge vehicle, tesla said stations are planned for washington, new york and other cities nordstrom is creating a new kind of store but you won't find much midnight, the smaller stores will offer what they call experiences, these are experiences like manicures. on-site tayloring and bars. you can still try on cloth
10:50 pm
the stores won't keep inventory in stock. the store will feature personal stylists who will advise customers what to buy from its mall stores and its website. first is set to open up in california in october. this didn't take long, officials with disney world in orlando say the park will reopen tomorrow despite suffering some damage from hurricane irma. we're told some trees at the animal kingdom got knocked down and caused flooding at and the grand floridian. universal studios will reopen. a spokesperson said the park had minor damage. >> people got to get there. i guess they have power >> power >> generators >> that's golden these days, that's for surely i just got new information on irma, happy to tell you it is a tropical depression. of it's weakened more, down to 35 miles an hour. all tropical storm warnings
10:51 pm
discounted. it's still raining and we're going to have to deal with some remnants as we go through this week. that's good news, got the latest on jose still hanging on to category 1 status and i'll show that you weird little hurricane in just a moment as it is stalled east of the before a ma, last thing anybody wants to see, but we're settled in dc, started out with sunshine, had a big deck of high thin clouds come on over us, those are associated with irma and they will be back again tomorrow. this is our big storm, we continue to see a lot of rain coming in to south carolina, north carolina getting heavy rain, the worst pushing out of georgia, alabama getting soaked, memphis and knoxville getting a lot of rain coming in. here's latest a tropical depression, means it has winds 35 miles an hour, still moving northwest at a pretty good clip, it should be getting out of georgia's hair pretty soon, they will still have to watch for the falling trees. of a big danger down there. as we go through the next 24 hours, we'll see that likely becoming a remnant
10:52 pm
pressure, now, it's going to sit out here for awhile, eventually parts of this are going to get send in our direction and we'll see light rain in here, i think late tomorrow. looks like it will hold off. generally tomorrow will likely just be a cloudy day for us with showers light showers showing up later in the day, if not at night. here's the latest on jose. it had been a category 2. it has been dropped to a category 1, winds of 85 miles an hour, it is stalled out here, wail till you see what this thing will be doing over the next several days, six, seven days, looks like it will make kind of a clockwise loop in the atlanta and after it gets extricated it starts moving again northwest as a category 1, what appears towards the east coast. i have to tell you when they're doing this kind of loop, it's very tough to figure out what's going to happen after it emerges from that kind of a pattern, i'll show you
10:53 pm
spaghetti models are doing and letter you know we should continue to keep an eye, looks like our models down the road want to take it out to sea. but that would certainly generate big swells, we better keep an eye on jose it's clouds and cool temperatures, mid 70's again tomorrow, not much in the way of sunshine and if we see showers again looks like they will be fairly late in the day. wednesday should be a warmer day, may be a little bit brighter, a bit more humid, as we get to 81, we might have a shower or thunderstorm to deal with, this week, a little bit unsettled although not one of these days appears to be a wash-out. for tomorrow morning, at the bus stop, it's a lot of clouds, 55 to 62. a jacket might come in handy and after school, we're showing a chance of showers but i think that chance of showers would be south of dc, i think they might work their way up to
10:54 pm
charlottesville, maybe fredericksburg, but most areas should be dry after school, 70 to 75. this is where we topped out. will be similar to those tomorrow, you can tell us on the cool side. by the way, ca nane valley had their first freeze, we got 40's showing up with clouds here in dc, will stay in the low 60's, quite a range. that is for sure. high pressure will continue to block out any irma remnants for the time being for usually again, late day rain showers are possible and on our fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast, you'll see that as we warm up to near 80, if not above it in the next several days, beyond tomorrow, we keep a chance of showers or storms in the forecast. part of that is irma. and we also still even see that possibility sunday on into monday, again, kind of getting strung out there, but not one of these days looks to be terribly wet. but just a slightly annoying to have to deal with all of that for the next several days, i guess we're getting paid back
10:55 pm
jim over to you. >>. a group fell flat to the philadelphia eagles, eagles bit the skins 30-17, going in a, washington beaten philly five straight times but not won a home opener since 2012, one of those streaks continued. kirk cousins completing 23 of 40 passes and the running game, yeah, not there. redskins headcoach jay gruden talking about the offensive struggles today. of >> i was surprised. we expected great things. coach cal hasn't holds them to a high standards as do i. they told themselves. unfortunately it was a combination of everybody. it wasn't just one area. it was, you know, left tackle had a couple. left guard had a couple. center had a couple. right guard, tackle had a couple. it's just they all had mistakes or poor protection things, inopportunity times, they will work at it and get
10:56 pm
>> the redskins on the road next week will face the los angeles rams on sunday, 4:25. game you can see right here on fox 5. let's hope they win, we need a happy tony perkins. >> attorney and shawn standing by with fox 5 news at 11:00 >> were you guys pay attention to him a minute ago? you nailed it. >> doesn't affect me, doesn't affect me. >> doesn't affect me. coming up at 11:00. we got more on one of the top stories, search for a missing teacher pregnant >> it's been a week now since laura wall in is family heard from her and what her boyfriend had to say and how they're hoping you can help >> judgment day for the maryland couple who gained internet fame for playing nasty pranks on their kids, those stories and more tonight at 11:00. tonight at 11:00.
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this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. at 11:00, irma a
11:00 pm
of destruction. trees down, neighborhoods flooded and millions without power. the missing pregnant teacher mystery, what happened to laura wallen? her loved ones pleads for her return >> there's nothing we can't fix together, self and family. an update on the metrobus driver caught on camera reading a newspaper while driving. your news starts now. irma the ones monster hurricane is a tropical depression >> it's on its way out of george and moving into alabama. check out this incredible dash cam video from our sister station. you can see the storm knocks a tree on to a road. fortunately the driver was not seriously hurt.


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