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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 13, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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let's get it, nurses. suv smashed into the house overnight. what police are saying about accident investigation. >> mrs. a controversial snrot college park in the next local election. non citizens be allowed to cast ballots. a lot of reaction pouring in overnight. >> also ahead miles of destruction left behind the death toll rising as people in the florida keys getting their first look at damage and in many cases it's worse than first thought. we'll have a live update from tampa. >> if you just wake up this morning here's live look outside across the dmv right now. looking a little overcast if i'm honest. >> few raindrops out there. quick
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quick trek of warm and traffic. tuck while start with you you have rain out there. >> light showers across the rear. it's a warm front. it won't rain all day. afternoon sunshine will let you know how warm it fwet and never too early to know what the week forecast is. >> i'm looking forward to afternoon sunshine. rain and roads 50 inbound outside the beltway 202 crash blocking shoulder speeds of under 15 miles an hour. other issues around the dmv full look at traffic in a few. allison and steve. >> in prince george county it's a huge hole in the front of home on benning ton drive keterring and suv slammed into the front of house before 1:00 this morning police tell us there was a woman in the couch on the room thrown across the room after the truck slammed into the house. she's now in the hospital we're told she should survive. other people in the house were sleeping at the time and not injured. a man was driving the suv and we don't know more about the driver at this appointment time
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time. >> just a minute past the hour now and cleanup continues after hurricane irma left a path of destruction through georgia, florida and caro carolinas. >> 18 people day died in the u.s. from ferocious storm. nor and more florida residents are returning home to see the devastation. and the aftermath left from hurricane irma. recovery efforts are underway. millions remain without electricity. lauren blanchard is live in tampa with look awe how floridians are faring in the face of all this lauren, good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison and people in m so of those battered areas of florida are just now getting a clear look at homes and businesses as they're trying to figure out what comes next. and to what's left of homes. and a quarter of houses there were destroyed by irma and nearly every hole on the keys sustained some sort of damage. >> we had leaks
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we're places second floor. and leaks on the first floor. >> it's better in other parts where people are grasping foul effects of the storm. irma hiking harder than ot others. these were barly touched where rvs 'few feet away were owe plate rated. >> it lived it up took it over the tree and set it down about 50 feet. >> many floridians remain in the dark and other basic necessities also hard to come become like ac, water and gas. >> how long did you wait on that line. >> about an hour an a half. >> wu app hour an a half. >> that's the first too many i found a station open around here. >> some struggling to get to the pump in time to fill up their cars. >> i'm totally with the red light yes. yes. i don't know what to do now. >> and here on the state west coast power
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honest with customers telling them that they could not -- or they could wait possibly up to a week before they get electricity back. steve being allison. >> lauren before i let you go it's been the first time to shed the rain coat. from a werm perspective things are looking betser on the west coast. >> yeah def this thely is. it was a beautiful day in tampa yesterday and looking like the same today. remember it's very not florida and if you don't have ac that is a problem for coastal communitys with hot, muggy weather. folks overheating or becoming dehydrated. >> and still looks like more people than not will not have the ac. >> in tampa this morning. >> let's head to crib yap dire situation some island wiped out and somewhere leaving tuesday to talk about their traumatic experienc.
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very hor pieing experience and found people that lost everything. >> it was most terrifying storm i've ever been through. my hotel room was a foot deep in water. other hotel rooms in the same building were totally destroy. >> at least 28 people killed across the caribbean. >> back in d.c. a vigil for laura wallen called a night of hope for students, family and fred of the 2-year-old. many students are trying to ak of itly help in the search paving out flyers an housing # bring wallen home. she's four months pregnant and last heard from haib or day. her car was found five days later and her family now offering 25,000 reward. day in the disstrkt a man is accused of killing local actress and yoga teacher will be in court. adrian dwayne johnson
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last december for murder of tricia mccauley she van ibd on way to christmas diner she was strangled to death and may have been sexually assaulted. >> all right six is past the hour. let's check in with tucker barnes for the forecast. >> it's warm front associated with irma air and rain will not do this all day. mobilely good news forecast. after school with you get out. >> it's nice. >> saver a little bit of summertime. >> exactly. >> after school activity. >> little more tropical. some of irma left yovs kind of working through our region and we'll be dealing with that the next couple days. 67 washington. 66 bwi marshall an 63 dulles. remember yesterday in fact honestly most of september we've been waking up with morning lows in 50s and warmer this morning. the bulk of rain shower activity
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us for a few more hours and then things should gradually imof a little later today that comes through oaf night tonight and showers. maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow. details on thursday forecast and all-important weekend forecast in a minute. 82 this afternoon and again rain should quit by 10, 11 and sunshine this afternoon. >> tucker. >> start with a mess and then strong. house commute looking. >> commute is not looking great right now. >> boo. >> boo all right 7:07 arlington crash columbia eastbound south scott street and all lanes blocked there cause. and look at your drive time and rain eastbound side will take
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beltway. and then once you cross to 395 we're seeing northbound conditions beltway to 14 street bridge could just your honor. looking at crashes we have a crash delay on 5 southbound icc to beltway. heavy traffic crash poud are mill road. you see the lay it leading to the crash. word fromit wither follower of mine one of my buddies that 95 southbound backed up to as well. baltimore bement way dealing with congestion in both directions official red don't 20 southbound we have a crash blocking shoulder 28 and that's delay leading to that lobe. >> 7:08 now let's catch up on the news from city of college park. just before midnight officials made a decision on a controversial
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local voting rights to non citizens. >> the vote came down after nearly four hours of debate. melane alnwick live this morning from college park with what happened late last night early this morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, here at city hall college park there were a lot of hard feeling as people left this meeting in the early morning hours and some people even saying they plan on taking on city council men's here in the next election. what does this mean? it means that non citizens we're talking about legal permanent residents who are green card holders and visa holders and undocumented residents in college park they'll be able to vote in low elects local elects only here in the meeting room last night it was mostly a civil meeting. 'largeer mess res
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for hi in citizens they say gives them a stake in the community they live. officials are holding close to wording in u.s. constitution. >> reality is allowing all people to vote in municial elections will make college park more inclusive and that's history of voting rights expansion in the united states. >> i think it's federation of federal law i don't see how that can -- it drags all of us into this. what will the consequences be? will we be denied federal fund something. >> now the city has to establish a separate list of in citizen voters. it's not clear yet how it will do that or how much it will cost. they do have a blueprint from several other communities in maryland who have also done this over the last several years. tacoma park nearby
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allowing in citizens to vote for more than 20 year the final vote here was 4-3 with one abstention and as we mentioned it is only local elects live in college park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> college park council decision on the fox d.c. social media pages. >> sample on facebook. what's the problem being a citizen. other countries will not allow people to do thlt. doesn't feel like we have a kupty anymore. >> are they reading a different conty constitution did they gra alfred says as long as they don't bring to national election that's their business. we like to hear from all si sides. keep comments coming to social media. in the meantime 11 past the hour now and appears al
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for discussion capitol hill. >> lawmakers both sides of the aisle expected to unveil new healthcare plans today. will they gol anywhere. maureen umeh is in the room with what's being perform m some rep law makers in back with their attempt to reform healthcare. >> latest republican healthcare effort is not repeal of at fordable care act but change in way aca funding is used. states could use federal block grants to implement their own healthcare plans as they see fit. potentially getting rid of the individual mandates. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's a work if frog gress and nothing has been finalized. >> it's not clear but those discussions are underway and we'll see where they go. >> democrats blastinged of loose unidentified model for states. >> from what i'm told it takes away even more
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hurts average americans even more than the previous bill that was defeat the. >> meantime senator bernie sanders wants to sdpand medicare coverage from elderly patients to all americans and his plan would essentially cover most medical needs with some exceptions and republican senators were quick to label the concept a takeover. >> bernie he's interest dueing for all bill. it seems complete government takeover of healthcare is becoming litmus test for liberal left. >> health and human services secretary tom price has own reservations about any plan is that the not patient centric. >> problem with single player lution the entity making decision what keep youp of healthcare you receive and whether you receive it is the federal sglovrment it's not clear that either party has backing of their relationship
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>> traffic this particular weekend. two big rallies planned and that's not the only thing going on. >> no love for kid rock? he opens show in detried to protest. we'll be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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erin between 109 and split, 63 minutes. we're in the red zone and that is not the red zone like football that's red zone meaning extra slow. >> and the rain of course not helping. >> not at all. >> not at all. >>
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>> one of those days. >> it's a warm front lifting through. i'm doing that with my. >> ear a demonstrative person it's not going to rain all d day. bad timing. it will be with us a few more hours. what'sp a lot of clouds around peaks of sunshine and mild temperatures. warm temperatures there this afternoon. >> raining at the bus stops. >> raining at the bus stops. of. >> rain shower activity lifting off to north and north central mar around and we'll be look acloud for late morning hours and this afternoon again starting to see breaks. rain shower ak differty west. that is yes irma leftovers. >> irma we should be talking pot roost and mac and cheese. in $day number
7:18 am
>> what a crazy hurricane season. >> offering up few more showers and storms. we should start better is it a and sunday gorgeous and summary late summer feel. low to mid 80s. >> mostly in the afternoon. we should be okay in the afternoon. >> time for showers tomorrow. >> as long as this show is good friday morning. >> joint base andrews. >> hi, erin. >> look at this guys. it's just one of those days. it's wednesday 66 eastbound there's a crash between business 234 all lanes completely parked up with speeds under ten miles an hour and you can see emergency vehicle blocking right shoulder we're seeing delays gainsville to bel
7:19 am
nasty ride 66 eastbound to beltway. we're seeing delays in that area as well heading to arlington. caution there. 395 northbound and beltway to you 14 street bridge and 270. earlier crash 278 southbound cleared and because traffic is so slow with rainy roads local main lanes will take you an hour and three minutes just to cigarette 10209 split at the beltway. have patience please gets early start through gaithersburg and rockville this morning and tag a look now at 50. earlier crash cleared 50 westbound 202 and look at t that. wet roads beltway to 295. good 25 minute display. metro rail lines on time. have patience on the roads back to you. >> group of 100 university of virginia students faculty and
7:20 am
the university row tun day last night in school response to white nationalist group that gaerm this summer. crowd could haveed statue of thomas jefferson in black schroud. schroud though since removed. corn couldn't versusy surrounding kid rock outside little seize areas in detroit yesterday. must circumstance is teasing senatorial campaign since july he onened arena with concerts. kid rock regularly uses confederate plaque as part of brand and demonstrators have calling that hate speech. he said he refuses to be politically correct. >> it's only wednesday and d.c. police prepping for three large scale events saturday. one is home of all rallies. >> three events expected to draw huge crowds. and
7:21 am
with more, bob. >> hey, allison, steve, ideally better weather we heard tucker say saturday should be nice. mess of traffic this is fourth street here and it's closed pennsylvania avenue to independence basically all day morning to night on saturday. that's because mother of all rallies. and 11:00 in the morning and there's tens of thousands and maybe a few thousand and people here and it's going to be big rally. fist nationwide rally to show you there they're advertising the rally an basically saying look no confederate flags we're pro trulp we don't want confederate flags and they say they condemn racism of all colors and they condemn supreme receive call colors and that they stand united to defend american culture and values
7:22 am
but because of this valley a number of streets around the ball will be closed for a good khuching of day including ninth and twelfth street tunnel. keep that in mind if you have any other reason to come down around the area saturday. second biggest vent is held noontime at the lincoln memorial. these are folks who are fans of the rap band up sane clown' y upset the fbi labeled the wrap group a gaping. these fans paint their face. one of the big hit songs for insane clown pos. es they do not plan to clash with mother of all rally people they'll be here and there will be road closures on that west side of bhal and third thing you mentioned was if this was all not enough 7 annual race to beat cancer on saturday. that starts foggy bottom and you see the map there up eastern part of georgetown
7:23 am
and that brings road closures north an west of mall. keep that in mind three big events on saturday. and keep that in mind. lot of people here lot of police and quite a few road closures. >> bob with the mist out there. >> it's there. >> thanks bob. >> 7:23 now. >> some closure in four decades old mystery. >> convicted sex offender pled guilty to killing two sister who vanished more than 40 years ago. we'll talk to the state's attorney and this long awaited outcome. tcome. you can't have this frenchie. sam just snagged it from tcome. homegoods. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie.
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he shows up for whoever pays him.
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>> 7:26 three police officers in gainsville, florida, causing quite a stir on social media because of their good looks. selfie of three officers getting ready to go to work during hurricane irma has gone viral. after the comment exploded over how hot they are. steve, yes, some other people can be hand some okay? and good news ladies officer on the right right there with really good hair is single. so officer with the good hair. >> i'm so happy to get that attention but i will say tucker and i posted a picture once and we got twelve likes, fourteen. >> sim of those were from me, does that count. >> you can only like it
7:27 am
>> you can include family and friends it's a handful. >> you guys are hoot, too, there's enough to go around. >> we're a little jealous allison. >> he literally just fixed his here. >> the weather man with the good hair. >> 67 washington. light main showers not making commute fun at all. winds north at. good news rain will not last all day. bulk of activity here coming norm of d.c. up in north central maryland. rain showers out of here and a warm front and warm and humid afternoon highs in low 80s. again dry later today after school. so things will improve later weekend looks good friday, saturday, sunday, saturday, sunday blocks great. >> jam cam. >> back. >> all right i called for it yesterday and we don't have it and then i forget today. >> and we'll get back into the rhythm. 66 eastbound. before 234 sutly road. we have a crash involving several vehicles. huge delays back to gainsville and unfortunaly
7:28 am
66 eastbound keep it to fox 5 news morning. we'll have more on terrible roads as we continue.
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♪ 7:30 right now. back ups like this unfortunately all too common around the d.c. region this morning. this particular backup is on 66 head eastbound and a lot of these are quiet simply rain delays. now you do see some emergency lights on the left right there. so it appears there is some incident there, but we saw on 270 a lot of it just because of the weather the slick roads people taking it easy was need to do today. erin will join us in few minutes. more details much back to our news this morning after 42 ye years, john and mary lion have the bitter truth a consideration to the murder of their two young daughters ba mc 1975.
7:31 am
seen in the vicinity of what was wheaton plaza mall. over the years evidence pointed to lloyd welch but it took until yesterday for him to plead guilty. the girl's bodies have never been found. what exactly did welch reveal with his guilty plea? joining us now with much more john mccarthy states attorney for montgomery county and john, this case hit home for you too, you were working in the area when this happen 42 years ago. >> march 25th, 1975, we think the abduction probably occurred 2:30, 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon i was teaching at a local high school teaching seventh period history class. i was two blocks from where this abduction took place. it wasn't a mall at the time it was a plaza and look, we lost our innocence as community that day and i don't think things have ever turned back in terms of how we deal with our children in this community. >> and you double dip on this as montgomery county resident obviously as teacher at the time this stuck frowie for the last 40 years, and then in your life now you've become state's attorney for the county trying to solve this -- help solve this as
7:32 am
first of al all, why did it take 42 years for this to all come together and finally get a plea good morning case? >> the cold case squad of the montgomery county police deserve an enormous amount of credit. despite the fact it was not solved for 42 years, it was something that never left the collective consciousness of the police department nor the state's attorney's office and we tasked and over 16,000 man hours of work that went into this case in the last three years. we began to focus in on a suspect by the name of lloyd welch. he met a composite photograph the individual. he was only 18 at the time he committed these crimes. he was in jail for, n delaware for having molested smaller children there. he has other -- he's a pedophile. he's a pedophile. he's pathological ill, and has violated children all across the east coast of the united states began to look at him and realize that we could prove end actually made an admission he was at the mall the day the girls were abducted. and we went back into the files. found that and it was a cold case that montgomery county police
7:33 am
information. >> so with this plea yesterday, and there was some question as to what the plea -- the details might be around the plea, what did we learn from that plea yesterday? >> we know that lloyd welch took responsibility for being involved in the abduction with intent to did he file these two young girls. essentially they took them for sexual purposes. there were on the people involved. the exact and precise details of who was involved i will tell you he's made 14 different statements that probably exceed 100 hours in interviews over the last three years. none of those statements are consistent. his role remains consistent in terms he's involved in the abduction of these girls for the purposes of sexual gratification after taking them. but the people that he's had involved with him along the way he's always changed. those people have -- are dead. i will tell you enormous challenges in 42-year-old case. not the least of which is the fact that many of the people you may want to question as witnesses dead. or people you might have look at
7:34 am
>> because so many inconsistent tease in his stories does that eliminate the pursuing any additional charges against anyone else? >> it would make it extremely difficult. using him as a witness, i will tell you he's such a liability because he is such a pathological liar you could never -- other than his being consistent about his role, the other people that he says were involved, if those other people were involved, you don't have a simple truth here. >> the girls bodies never recovered. >> never recovered. >> did we get any more information what might have happened with them? may we ever find their remains? >> i will tell you, it is pretty clear to us that the bodies were -- of the young girls were transported to bedford, virginia, where the plea took place yesterday. i think that we are pretty satisfied that the bodies were burned up on that mount ten and destroyed and the likelihood of recovering their bodies is i think non existent in light of where the information is and the information that has developed during the course of the investigation and some of that was
7:35 am
yesterday. it's horrific. the lyon family are magnificent. john and mary are magnificent people. >> how are they doing? >> not great. not great. i mean i will tell you, you k know, this is very difficult and the details of what happened to their children in the last couple of years as they've learned more has made it even harder. >> john, i know you're touched by this and appreciate you joining us to share the details on this. i do want switch gears a little bit right now one of the big issues that's happening not just in montgomery county but across the country, pleas to get help for a lot of inn meats have mental health issues. >> yes. you. >> hear that so many times when it comes to it and i know you're in the front lines of this as a prosecutor. what can you can be done to help now in montgomery county specifically where you have some say in this? >> right. >> to try to help get help to those who are having mental health issues and up committing crimes? >> two statistics very quickly m statistics tell when you say the police are on the street and have
7:36 am
doing their job from day to day 50% of plea contacts are with individuals with mental health issues. my jail is about 26, 27% but about one, out of three people are in jail in america today probably has primarily mental health issue that's brought them to that institution. we dee institutionalize the mentally ill. they have been injected into the criminal justice system and we have a revolving door regarding. them. we talk about this just few minutes ago. we had one young man in and out of the jail 28 times last year. we've got more intelligently deal with stabilizing individuals in terms of work, jobs, medication, keeping them out of the criminal justice system. it's really interesting talking about the lyon's case opposed to the mental health issues shows how have to be able to deal in my position with most serious kinds of cases like the murder of the lyons girls and at the same time look for creative ways so that you use the precious dollars we have available to us in the criminal justice system as intelligently as possible. we have mental health courts in montgomery county. they've bee
7:37 am
in one year we're a complete capacity. we can't take another individual that's what the demand is we have append up demand for treatment fort mentally unfortunately the fault of the criminal justice system. >> you're looking for more help when it comes to the mentally ill. real quick while i have you. ms13 we talked about it over the summer. we heard from the white house when it came to this issue. situation getting any better, worse, stabilizing in montgomery county. >> i say worse. i say worse. we've had 20 gang murder that is have occurred in montgomery county over the last two years. we average less than one typically. we i think are in desperate need of revamping and changing our strategy in terms of addressing gangs. there's been increased level of violence towards particularly in the area of recruitment. not exclusively ms13 but they are probably in terms of the 20 homicides we now know are gang related in the county, two last week that added to the 18 i spoke about just a few
7:38 am
ago. ms13 is probably has their hand in at least ten of them. the others are among a number of other gangs. we have some serious issues and we've got to deal with that intelligently as a community and i think we have to aggressively go after those gangs and in particular the leadership of those gangs. >> tom, thanks for -- john, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> john mccarthy state's attorney for montgomery county. >> let's check in with tucker get a look at our forecast. not a lot of rain but enough to cause some problems. >> you got it. enough at the wrong time of day we got light rain showers across the area that wet the roadways and feel tropical late this afternoon. daytime highs in the low 80s and the humidity has been creeping up the past couple of hours as this warmer air is working in. 67 now in washington. temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago, so we're off to warmer start. it won't be a hot after but a warm afternoon and we should see not only the rain stop here the light rain showers stop but get afternoon sunshine you can see the rain lifting quickly off to the north and i think by
7:39 am
afternoon we should be done with the rain and even some peeks of sunshine by three, 4:00 o'clock. time to get out of school later today. things should be improving. highs about 80 degrees. so it's mostly good news forecast later today. seven day we'll look at the weekend in just a minute. erin is back with roads. >> we have to get through rainy wednesday morning commute because it is pretty painful. crash seminary road in silver spring approaching second avenue and you can see the beltway checking in 15 miles per hour average as you approach silver spring on the outer loop. taking a look in virginia, 66 eastbound crash before 234 sudley road it has cleared. we have emergency response vehicles on the right shoulder. however as you make your way from gans gansville to the beltway as you pass by that crowded area about an hour and 20 minute delay from gainsville to the beltway. not looking great there. drive times in maryland slow as well that's the outer loop by new hampshire avenue you're looking at. and to get from 95 to the 270 split 38 minute ride. inner loop bottom side of the beltway coming from bridges prince george's county to the wilson bridge 33
7:40 am
80 minutes an hour and 20 minute delay just from 109 to the local lanes split coming down the spur on 270 southbound. get an early start as you make your way from frederick toward the beltway. because of the rain we're seeing local and main lanes super backed up. also a crash columbia pike eastbound at scott street out in arlington this morning. all metro rail lines on time. a lot of delays around the area. keep it to fox5. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ al, this is for you. if you thought you took a lot of selfies now with the girls, get ready for the iphone ten. >> okay. >> because yesterday apple unveiled the the latest home button which replaces the home button with facial recognition. allows wireless charging but they also upgraded that front camera for yourself fees. the new gadget will cost about a thousand dollars. it will be available on novembe. but they'll have that portrait mode for the selfies and everything. so basically said the front camera now just as important as the back. >> it will be as good as the samsung camera. >> i'm going to be honest with. >> huge debate. >> every too many i take a picture with somebody who has the samsung i'm like that's a good camera. right? >> well, put it to the test. >> okay. i'll do that. hurricane irma delivers a serious punch to the florida agriculture and farmers have barely begun t
7:44 am
sugar cane and vegetable crops. with power and communications still out across most of the florida could it take weeks to get a full report. officials expect the damage to be significant which could make your morning orange juice very expensive in the coming weeks. >> we have been talking about the massive equifax hack for about a week now, and there's more fallout this morning. >> after the break how to protect yourself. the director of communications for the better business bureau will join us live. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ time right now 7:46. looking i was towed a big morning on good day d.c., al. >> um-hmm. just take look at all the great people we have on today. journalist o'brien will be live with us in the loft. she's part of upcoming special investigation. who shot biggy and tupac that airs on fox later this month. >> porsha williams and tmz harvey levin dirk the celebrity news and the stars of upcoming web series mr. mercedes will join us live. also going sit down witness film makers behind the world first feature linked painted anim animation. kev says it's awesome. three motown legends reuniting on good day with a special performance do you not want to miss. all starting at 9:00 o'clock this morning. >> all righty. tucker, good morning. >> busy morning. impressed. >> we didn't even mention tam lee from hush boutique coming in. >> i saw her there. let's get the headline. morning showers have been with us for the
7:48 am
impacting the morning commute. erin will give update on that in just a second here. it's not going to rain all day. here got news. by afternoon not only should we be done witness rain but we shall get sunshine working in. the real theme around here the leftovers with irma so it will be both warm and humid this afternoon with a chance of showers returning maybe a thunderstorm again for the day on thursday. so we have a couple of days of some light shower activity again real light out there early this morning. rather mild, 67 in washington. 68 in leonardtown. 63 dulles. 63 in frederick. hagerstown 63. 61 in winchester. temperatures generally warmer than they've been with overcast and early morning showers. you can see that rain shower activity generally working through the city and off to the north now north central maryland getting the bulk of the activity once we get this little batch of showers north of us again it's a warm front. we should be looking at improving conditions. maim is leftovers, yeah. not smelling good here. as it's been sticking around for days and days and still light
7:49 am
we will have to dell with that tomorrow. so we'll have a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm around tomorrow and finally get irma's leftovers out of here. there's your warm front. lifting through as we speak. little warmer today. little more humid this afternoon with highs in the hoe 80s after school today if you've got outdoor activities, out and about, you should be fine for it with improving conditions. all right. quick look at osage category one hurricane spinning out here south of bermuda. the only reason i mention it iss unsettled or unknown. forecast to be here by early next week but some of the long-term guidance kind of just let's it sit out there off the mid atlantic coast perhaps new england coast bite end every next week we'll have to watch that. 82 for us today. again, peeks of sunshine this afternoon and it should be dry later today. showers return tomorrow with irma's leftovers hopefully we'll get them out of here early friday beautiful weekend and warm weekend temperatures in the mid 80s saturday and sunday. >> mifi. >> good work. >> there y
7:50 am
>> 7:49 it's rainy an lot of slow downs. 66 eastbound before 234 sudley road crash inv involving muddle multiple cars blocking the shoulder but look at that delay average speeds checking in under 15 miles per hour from ga gainsville through centreville. as we take look right now, at a different crash, this is in silver spring one of your secondaries seminary road approaching second avenue and the beltway seeing big delays down to 16 miles per hour from before 95 all the way over to the 270 spur in for the least 30 minute delay. now as you make your way out the third street tunnel northbound approaching second street southwest there's a crash and notice how 695 inbound the 11th street bridge completely stack and you're down to 11 miles per hour approaching the third street tunnel and delays across the 14th street bridge as well 395 northbound from the beltway to the pentagon very jammed up and more delays extent to the bridge so right now you need about 30 extra minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. 395 northbound. there's a crash on the icc eastbound involving a reported car fire after
7:51 am
briggs chaney road. caution as you make your way out in montgomery county this and that. live look at that crash. we started our report with. 66 eastbound before 234 you can see you're just jam packed 270 southbound about an hour and 20 minute delay from urbana to the beltway as well. met throw is on time. that's good news. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. well it has almost been a week since we learned that half of the population in the united states had their personal information compromised in that massive data hack involving he can equifax for many of us we check last week to see whether we were at risk or not. today is the day that the credit company -- the credit company said that you should come back and enroll for a free year of credit monitoring. over the past week, equifax has dropped language in the sign up for that that would have made customers wave their legal rights to sue. also, new since last week an offer from equifax to freeze your credit is that what we should be doing
7:52 am
helping us to sort all of this kelsey coleman with the better business bureau director of communication. good morning. >> good morning. today is the day a lot of people are going back to enroll. so what should you have in the back of your mind when you do that? >> right. there's lost ways that you can be monitoring this on your own as well. being vigilant is really key here. we want to definitely be monitoring our credit card statements almost weekly. not waiting for that paper statement in the mail. >> right. >> you can see your charges as they're coming in and flag them with your credit card statement. your credit card company on your statement if it's something that was not you. also checking your credit reports that's something you can do on your own. you're entitled to free credit report every year. they're each of different credit reporting agencies there's three of them many going to annual credit the only free website that allow to you get it for free. you can actually go in take look at your credit report see make sure all these credit cards are actually yours all the debts are actually yours. and all your personal information is correct. >> give the website again. annual credit
7:53 am
>> okay. so but if this just happened, say, last week, when should we expect a huge amount of the fallout because i think when you -- we her the news and we reported it everybody going to make sure everything is okay but realistically when should we start seeing those things and let our guard down at sometime. how long could we possibly be at risk? >> right. this is a practice we need to make, you know, do win our ourselves more frequently than we probably had been just on a regular basis now. you know, checking though credit card statements. you get those three credit reports so you can even space them to maximize your time so that you can see those things as they change throughout the year and of course next year and going forward. >> okay. >> but also putting that credit freeze that's really great proactive way to say hey, nobody can take out credit card in your name or use your personal information to take out new line of credit. >> let's talk about the credit freeze, because i think when you hear credit freeze, you know, we've all seen the movies. frozen their assets. will we be
7:54 am
credit cards. >> absolute. your credit cards, your lines of credit, your loans are fine. it does not affect those. it doesn't affect your credit score either. >> um-hmm. >> what you will need to remember though if you want to take out new credit card get a mortgage, buy a car you will need to thaw your credit freeze you will want to do a credit freeze on each of the three -- with each of the three credit reporting agencies though. to make the full impact. but again just remember that if you do want to open up a new line of credit you will need to do that thaw. >> how long does a thaw take. >> it's not a hard process to get through. keep that in mind for your timeline. >> with regard to this huge data breach, a lot of people are probably thinking, look, i trutrusted that you would make y information private and that didn't happen. so why should i even move forward with any sort of program or plan that you're offering? so to ease consumers minds on that, what is your advice from the better beau business bureau there's lot of credit monitoring services out there. you don't node to go with equifax. you can do your homework
7:55 am
them. if it's a free year, make sure you understand what happens after that year. is your credit card going to be automatically charged and just reading that fine print to understand exactly what you're getting with that credit monitoring. >> would you suggest that we take advantage of their offers after this breech? >> it's definitely something to consider, yes. >> okay. >> tell me the difference between credit freeze and fraud alert? is there one that is easier to do, safer to do? >> they're both great. credit freeze is more impactful. the fraud alert something you'll want to do with the credit freeze that extra added protection. >> okay. >> basically, you know, it's that extra step to -- before anyone can actually take outline of credit. >> exequy fax if you're following and you just want to know what's going on they put out progress report on monday for customers consumers and one of the things is we've seen these class act lawsuits, but now they have taken away the language that says you can't pursue legal action. >> right. >> is this significant? >> i mean they have changed that clause. you can now sign up for the
7:56 am
legal act as well. >> okay. can we get over this? >> we'll try. >> this is big. >> and should we be looking for transunion and experian to come out with news like this in the future or is this the one. >> i hope not, yeah. >> thank you so much for being with us. kelsey coleman witness better business bureau. >> tucker over to you. >> thank you allison. can you believe showers. 68 now in washington. we're trying to get the clouds and showers to lift by afte afternoon, and hoping for a little late day sunshine either way it will feel a little more tropical. little more summery out today with warmer temperatures low 8 80s, and some noticeably increased humidity much it's not terrible out there. all right. light shower activity you can see it across the region again most this is lifting off to the north. kind of south to north. we'll get the showers out of here by early afternoon hoping for little sunshine. 82 later today. showers return tomorrow. that's leftovers with irma and then we'll clear it out beautiful weekend. got weekend plans should be great to be outdoors. highs in the 80s overnight lows in the 60s with sunshine
7:57 am
>> okay. another look at slow roads. >> 7:56 tucker. nothing is improving a ton of crashes. silver spring secondary crash seminary road approaching second street. delays on the beltway it will take you about 30 minutes to get from 95 over to the 270 spur on the outer loop as we forward things along, we have a crash as well involving a car fire. icc eastbound at briggs chaney road delays there and we're seeing a lot of slow downs all over the district maryland and virginia. crash on the third street tunnel northbound appro approaching sed street southwest. take lock at the 695 delays inbound from the 11th street bridge under 10 miles per hour. metro is on time. we'll be right back with more, news, weather and traffic with your 8:00 o'clock hour. ♪ ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone
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>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning and thanks so much for joining us this mor morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning, september 13th, 2017. horse what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> first up the aftermath of irma's wrath getting closer look at the damage and destruction in in order as one local company gears up to deliver truck loads of supplies to the sunshine state. plus, a terrifying seen playing out in prince george's county overnight. after an suv smashes through a home. >> and reaction pouring in from college park after lawmakers make a controversial decision allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. press first though a live look outside. sort
8:01 am
start to our wednesday morning. but tucker assures us it will get better. weather and traffic coming up on the 5's. >> right off the top now 8:00 o'clock latest in the recovery evident after hurricane irma. the death toll in the united states now up to 18. 12 of those deaths in in order. at least 5 million people remain without power. more and more florida residents are being allowed to return to their homes to assess the damage. the florida keys alone, fema says 25% of homes were dest destroyed. up to 90% sustaining some level of damage. >> some good news for the keys all of the bridges have been inspected. all of the bridges are deemed safe which means more pebble can now get to the lower keys but the damage quiet severe. president trump and the first lady will head to florida tomorrow to see that damage first hasn't. in the meantime a virginia company acting fast and lending a help hand to hurricane irma victims. >> connectivity solutions in loudoun county has been collecting donations since the weekend and this morning they are very busy getting ready to head out with all that's been donated.
8:02 am
our an this morning with the latest now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you allison and steve. honor for mow to be here with these extraordinary people out in sterling, virginia. it's connectivity solutions company and imagine if you will, if you didn't have gas, basics like food and water, like our fellow americans down south are experiencing. these guys are providing support they've got everything thought of and so andy more tin son joins me now the owner of connectivity solutions ink. good morning to you once again. >> good morning g we joined you over the week went your efforts were well underway. today is the day you leave you depart at noon. >> yes. >> right now your guys are loading up the trucks. we've got how many trucks going down today? >> we have two trucks. we have actually an rv an truck. we have two trailers. we have a 30-foot rv going down that we rented so that the first responders can have a place to take a nap or get something to eat or take shower. >> reporter: see what oy mean. you thought of everything. >> yeah. it didn't start out that way.
8:03 am
all my employees and friends and family. >> yeah. >> and what started out as me being overwhelmed with hurricane harvey and not knowing what to do and want to help and now all of a sudden this it really is an amazing outpouring of love. >> right. >> and -- >> reporter: did you ever think that your simple idea to you a simple idea would ever turn into something like that. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: we've got rooms full of things. let's show what's in the bucket because this is search when they get down there. >> this is actually we have over 200 of these buckets donated by people. >> these are buckets that came, contain different cleaning supplies ranging from different bleach solutions to razor knives to scrub bees to rubber gloves. when you get back into your house after a disaster, you have to cut the drywall out and clean the house out and all the big box stores are going to be sold out of all these products. so we asked folks to put these buckets together and we have -- >> reporter: it's everything here. >> even screwdriver set. >> yup. l
8:04 am
unavailable when it's time to clean up. >> nothing will be available when you get there. we had one family come down and donate over 50 these buckets themselves. >> reporter: wow. each bucket is worth about how much? >> each bucket probably between 50 and $60. >> reporter: that's a huge donation. >> huge donation a local company chantilly that did it. >> reporter: that's awesome. i want to also show you guys all the things that are in this r room. everything is organized. again, like you say a labor of love. you've got everything boxed up from what school supplies to cat and dog food. >> toiletries. school supplies. first aid. feminine products. um, one of the biggest issues we have or we've heard of cats called the second disaster. so when there's natural disaster or something traumatic in the country report world everybody wants to donate immediately and when they do, they donate bags of clothing and bags of goods. it's not sorted. it creates a second disaster. so what we've done is we've sorted everything out. every single piece of clothing that's come through here, has been touched by us sorted out into
8:05 am
boys, girls and up fans. >> that is amazing. >> 200 bags of clothing. we have, um, about 75 cases of diapers. 25 cases of baby formula. fast until donated 7,000 bottles of water from sterling. >> we have 10,000 pre made protein drinks donate beside company called unjeree in sterling. all those goods are being shipped at no charge by fast until to its final destination to so that we have the ability to distribute it. >> what you're looking at right now this is so amaze this is a banner that you had each volunteer sign they drop things off. well wishes. >> yes. >> reporter: how sweet is that. >> we did this and it's kind of -- it's kind of a apropos. it originally was for harvey. >> reporter: right. >> somebody that was signing it crossed out and wrote irma. >> reporter: did you ever think that this effort obviously it's to help other people. but how has it helped you individually? like your personal life. >> oh, it's made my
8:06 am
explode. >> just to see the goodness and love of people and to experience the joy of people giving is just absolutely stunning and amazing. >> reporter: sure s this will keep going on, guys, again, everybody leaves at noon today to stewart, florida they'll be visiting the house of hope and they will be distributing all of these goods to those who need it most down south. so thank you so much andy. and we'll send it back in to you guys in the studio. >> annie, thank you very much. six minutes past the hour right now. you can see they're outside but bundle up a little bit, tuck. >> temperatures are relatively mild upper 60s but rain showers across the region. get the rain out of here and low 80s tropical later today. late summer feel the next few days. true remnants of irma start to work their way through the area. 68 in washington. 64 dulles. up in baltimore 65 degrees. there's your ren shower activity the good news most of -- this is very light stuff. most of the rain shower activity lifted off to the north here into north central maryland and
8:07 am
next hour or two. and then gradual improve many. we do have additional rain showers off to our south and west so we'll be a little unsettled here for the next couple of days i think this afternoon just like yesterday we should get a decent amount of sunshine or at least filtered sunshine with highs in the low 80s and dry later today. after school. so that's good news. >> weekend forecast in just a minute. >> thank you tucker. >> all right. i hear it looks nice, erin. good morning. >> the roads are terrible right now. 8:00 o'clock hour. i think that's because of the rain. look at these drive times in virginia. camera behind me is 395 main lanes completely backed up. and because of that, from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, it's going to take you an hour and 27 minutes. try keep it to the hov lanes pick an alternate 395 is super backed up right now. tucker gives that big thumbs down. can you get that -- perfect. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't like that either. hour delay 66 eastbound from 234 to the beltway. multiple vehicle crash by sudley road did clear it's just rain and heavy congestion. 95 n
8:08 am
fredericksburg to 61032 minute ride. and then more delays continue through dale city. look at that camera shot. this is 270 southbound parked by father hurley. southbound side from 109 to the local lane summit getting to the beltway an hour and 27 minute ride. the beltway inner loop jams, 42 minute drive from branch of a bet getting into alexandria at the wilson bridge and the outer loop in college park 95 to 27040 minute delay. super heavy traffic on all of our majors. we do have crashes on our secondaries as well this one in silver spring seminary road approaching second avenue. i tweeted out all of our additional crashes on twitter. metro is on time, guys. back to you. >> ♪ in prince george's county, take look. yeah. that's a huge hole in the front of a home. this is on benning ton drive in ketter ring. an suv slammed into that house just before 1:00 this morning. police tell us a woman was on the couch in that front room. she was thrown across the room when that suv came crashing in. she's at the hospital now but she is expected to survive this. othereo
8:09 am
sleeping at the time and unhur. a man was driving the suv but we don't know much about him at this time. tonight a vigil planned in wild lake high school for missing teacher laura wallen. pta holding what's being called a night of hope for students, family and friends of the 32-year-old. not many -- many i should say of her students are trying to actively help in that search a lost students passing out flyers and using the hash tag bring wallen home. laura wall len is four months pregnant. she's not been heard since labor day. her car was found five days later. her family has been offering a $25,000 reward. some good news. we shared this story yesterday the search for a girl had been missing for couple days green belt police tell us 12-year-old jail la smith has been found. last seen monday morning leaving green belt community center but again the good news she has been found and she is safe. that is good news. well it's only wednesday, but d.c. police are already preparing for three very large scale events schedule for saturday. one of them being call the mother of all
8:10 am
of road closures and major backups. bob barnard live on the mall this morning with what we should expect this weekend. bob? >> reporter: a lot of people downtown here, guys. the mother of all rallies will be held here just east of the washington monument. starting at 11:00 o'clock and because of that, fourth street here, 15th street a lot of the streets around the mall will basically be closed off for a good chunk of the day actually. this is rally in support of president trump. they say that they don't want rebel flags. they don't want confederate flags here they condemn racism of all colors. supremacy all colors. but it is in fact a pro trump rally not sure 5,000, 10,000 people but they'll be some road closures at the same time at the lincoln memorial roughly starting at noon jug low march, not jig low but jug low these are people who support the rap group insane clown passe which they're upset about the
8:11 am
of label them a loosely associated gang. so these folks who paint their faces with counsel makeup will be here at noon at the lincoln memorial. one of the groups big songs is "blank the rebel flag" there's concern that maybe they would clash with the pro trump people here. but the folks holding that rally at the lincoln memorial say that's not the case. it's going to be peaceful. the third event is the 37th annual race to beat cancer which starts in foggy bottom goes to the east part of george up to and again because of that, on saturday, they'll be some road closures there. so a lot going on. police want you aware not that they're expecting any trouble but a lot of traffic problems because other people will have other business downtown on saturday. guys? >> all right. bob, thank you very much. still to come this morning, non-citizens in college park will be allowed to cast a ballot in the next local election. we are live there with the latest on this reaction pouring in overnight. time right now 8:11. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ all righty. 8:14. man this morning is going fast. isn't it? >> yes. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> what's the matter? >> i have to go to the dentist and get work done. >> your pimple looks good. i didn't notice it today. >> thank you i'm glad it's better. today my worries is i have to get work done on your teeth. >> ignore your team and they'll go away. >> that would be fine. either way i'm going to be in pain. >> it's not fine tucker. >> this look on tv does not
8:15 am
longer. >> the dentist needs his bills paid. >> that's right. >> we've been down that road before, steve. >> between allison and i share the same dentist. i think single handed put their kids through school. >> you're welcome. >> speaking of school let's focus on the youngsters. >> cuteness. >> hello. >> my god the most beautiful smile. >> isn't that she precious. >> this is julianne in a everybody. >> fox5 photo of the day. she's four years old. you can tell from the backpack just started, whoa, with wonder woman, pre k. >> got a theme. >> yeah. >> just started pre k. cute little outfit. >> i love that outfit. the deal is this. julianne in a wants to be a police officer. great when she grows up. >> all right. we love it. >> we love it. >> look at that. you can tell she's already a super hero. >> she is a super hero and super fashionable with those pale pink boots. >> and beautiful smile. >> so cute. >> we love it. julianne in a we love your picture thank you for sending it in if your familiar send it in. go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. we love cuteness. >> yes, we do. >> all kinds o
8:16 am
send them on in. >> thanks for watching julianne in a's mom and sharing. >> steve, you're not eligible to send in your cuteness pick p pictures. >> double nickles. >> you said it's first five. >> 55. >> 68 reagan national. 64 dulles. steve maybe we could do something for people who are a little older. >> 65 in bwi marshall. >> steve, i'm sorry. steve is not 55. >> all right. satellite/radar. light rain shower activity working through this morning. this is a warm front. you'll notice this afternoon that the air feels a little more tropical. it will be little warmer highs expected to be in the low 80s hoping we get some afternoon sunshine but either way we should be done witness rain showers and it will be dry afternoon with kind of filtered sunshine. real quick look off to the south and west. believe it or not that's irma's leftovers not done with it yet. we'll get a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow as the last of that irma energy works on through. 82 today. quick look at the seven day. gets better from here. tomorrow a few showers and storms but then the
8:17 am
looks great and warm. temps in the mid 80s should be nice weekend saturday and su sunday. >> i'm afraid to ask are we done with the tropical mess now? if nothing else looks likes it's brewing. >> we still have osage we'll talk about jose. the season doesn't end till -- >> november, right. >> end of november. a couple more weeks we got to watch the tropics. >> okay. >> one of my daughters said 15 fridays till christmas. >> oh my. >> my goodness. >> yeah. when you say it like that,. >> right. >> sounds a lot sooner. >> i'll have to do the math. it seems too soon. >> thanks for the update. i want to start my shopping early i is a every year. >> i do, too the. >> the week before i haven't started yet. >> the week before. a couple of days. >> last minute shopper. me too. >> okay. that's okay. last minute shopping can be fun unless you're trying to do it online and shipping is backed up. right now we do have rain cusing delays for our morning commute. eastbound side of the icc earlier car fire blocks the shoulder after briggs chaney road no major delays there we do see a lot of big delays there's new crash the t
8:18 am
just off of 395. we have another crash on the third street tunnel approaching second street southwest. look at these speeds 13 miles an hour coming off the 11th street bridge from 295 northbound as you try to get toward the third street tunnel this morning. and then we have a crash on 295 southbound the ramp to the 11th street bridge blocking the left lane. ten to 11 miles an hour. basically 295 north and southbound jamming to and from the 11th street bridge. and we're just seeing a lot of slow downs all over the area. ton of red and yellow on our maps around the beltway. simply because of rain and congestion. 95 southbound completely jammed up. about an hour and 20 minute delay from urbana down to the beltway and 66 eastbound jams up 395 is seeing about an hour delay from the beltway to the 14 many street bridge with all those freeway crashes once you get off the bridge. metro is on time, guys. back to you. ♪ just before midnight college park officials made a decision on a controversial proposal giving local voting rights to non-citizens. >> the vote came down after
8:19 am
nearly a four-hour debate. fox5's melanie alnwick is live in college park with just what happened and what is this moving forward. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so the word non-citizens, what does that mean? well it means green card holders legal permanent residents and also international workers and students who have visas that are current. but it also this proposal would allow undocumented residents of the city of college park to vote in local elections and that's where it becomes very controversial for this comm community. inside the meeting room last night, pack house. passionate arguments on both sides. some were frustrated that it appeared the city council might be wavering. >> we elected you to protect and advance the civil receipts of our residents. we elected you to take responsibility for making the important decisions that impactor diverse community. do you want to stand with the& voices of cena phobia, extremism and native
8:20 am
say to this city and to the world the country that's watching, here in college park, we stand for inclusion? >> reporter: and that speaker you can see partially blocked by a sign from someone who did not agree with her. many others wanted the issue to go to a citywide referendum. each citizen in the city of college park having a vote. they argue that by giving away voting rights, they're literally it's not fair to people who sacrifice so much to become citizens. >> if you give it away, uh-uh diminish the amount of work that naturalized citizens in college park and across the country frankly have done in order to become citizen so they can have that. they worked for that. they waited for it. they paid for it. they prayed for it then got it and you want to give it away like it's just something you can just give away! [ applause ] >> reporter: the council vote had been delayed a few
8:21 am
consider that referendum proposal and also because there had been serious threats against city council members. the public hearing last night was mostly civil as we said there were signs of decent. there was a larger than normal police presence here as well. now there was one city council had he been who wanted to change the proposal to only extend those voting rights to green card holder it's but the mayor was the deciding vote there, and he voted that proposal down. now, eventually as we know this has now become where all non-citizens in the city of college park will be extended the right to vote. now the city has to figure out how to come up with this non-citizens voting list and we don't know yet how they're going to do that or how they're going to pay for it but we can tell you they've got lot of support in neighboring communities as we know this has ban movement going on for while in the state of maryland. college park become now the largest city in the state to extend voting rights to non citizens. live in college park, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. still
8:22 am
anticipation from facial recognition and no home button to 4k technology. we'll take closer look at the new products unveiled by apple. first though the top toys of all time. here we go again al. we'll kell you which childhood classics are in the running for this year's -- >> let me guess marbles. >> toy hall of fame. >> block. >> sticks. pick up sticks. >> a piece of wood. [ laughter ] (laughing) - what are you doing? - well, now that your dad is going back to school, i thought i'd hang up some of his homework on the refrigerator, just like we do yours. wanna help? - what are these? - i don't know. i'm not even sure if i'm hanging these the right way.
8:23 am
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8:24 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ with the company trusted for more than 75 years, you have the compassion and strength of a name, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
8:25 am
>> let's go way back this wednesday with a dose of childhood nostalgia. shall we. >> we shall. so we know the 12 finalists vying for a spot in the national toy hall of fame's class of 2017. they include, wait for it, the paper airplane. >> one forever. >> sand. >> fun at the beach. >> play food. >> i don't want to eat it. >> magic eight ball. >> survey says. >> match box cars. >> i preferred hot wheels. >> my little ponies. >> never had. >> pez candy dispenser in the 1932 world fares. >> is it a toy. >> transformers. whiffle ball. the game risk clue and uno. >> the big winners will be announced on november 9th. now if you just like, f you're a new viewer and you're like, what's all this snarky sarcasm around this from steve and what's her name, it's because i
8:26 am
really, like sand? it seems pretty old. like i'm trying to figure out shouldn't it be like the best toys of like five years ago? >> right. >> versus the pez candy dispenser. >> toys for millennials perhaps. >> we agree with it. that's our snarkiness but we always are super excited when we figure out that, you know, like the pogo stick got in finally. >> tucker is bumped the it did not include water and air this year, right. >> the boxes that they came in. >> cardboard box and the role of toilet paper put in last year. how old is clue? kids don't even play clue. >> clue and risk shouldn't they be in the hall of fame? >> there we go. >> movies came out and maybe younger people do know them. but sand, come on. >> transformers, so '90's. right? >> love the transformers. >> all of these toys should be in the hall of fame. >> that's what we're saying. five years out. >> that's our confusion. >> right. >> but then somebody comes along and they tell us why and we're like, oh, okay. until the next year and we're snarky again.
8:27 am
class and see what got in. >> be a with cass. >> or allow one per year. be a with cass was the original toy. >> so much fun to play with. [ laughter ] >> okay. and over to you. 68 now in washington. we'll be in the low 80s. light rain showers lift to the north and with this warm front moving through, we should see daytime highs in the low 80s here's the good news. i think we'll get afternoon sunshine. get the rain out of here in the next hour or two. little afternoon sunshine. irma leftovers tomorrow and into early friday we'll clear it out for great weekend. saturday and sunday mid 80s sunshine. >> yay! >> erin i'll go elect toilet paper for the hall of fame. >> my favorite time the light bright it had the best '80s commercial. unfortunately, traffic is awful right now. it's rainy outside. 270 southbound parked by father hurley an hour and a half delay to get from 109 to the beltway split there. leave early take 355 half some patience. keep it to fox5. i'll try to get get better news together for your next traffic hit. we'll
8:28 am
♪ ♪♪
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> check out our top stories 8:30 this morning getting more and more looks at the damage in florida. folks are still picking up the pieces after hurricane irma. we're getting better look at some of the devastation left behind from the keys. some estimations more than 20% of the houses destroyed. damage goes all wait up through the state of florida to georgia. millions of people still without power and that is a situation that cld
8:31 am
or possibly even weeks. fema estimates 25% of the homes in the keys have been destroyed. the topic of health care is back. up for discussion. both parties expected to unveil new health care plans today. senator bernie sanders said to introduce his own legislation that would expand medicare coverage to all americans. at least 15 democratic senators are backing this alleges laying. his plan would essentially cover most medical needs with some exceptions. three and a half hour debate last night in college park. followed up by leaders making a decision on what has been a controversial issue within the college park community. the city council voted to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. that includes things like mayor, city council and other local matters. not in state or federal elections though. well, you can have the coolest new gadgets on the block this fall for one cool $1,000. apple has just unveiled the new iphone ten. it has larger display
8:32 am
screen technology for brighter and more sophisticated color contrast. apple is also showing off the iphone eight and new apple watch models. fox news consumer guru steve noviello joins us now with more. good morning. do you like this new iphone x? >> you know i do like the x. this is the original iphone right here. we certainly have come a long way from it. a lot of people of course talking about the thousand dollars price tag i want to you consider this. how much more do you use your phone than your laptop? right. we shell out a thousand bucks for laptop we only use sporadically. now we'll pay that price for the phone you're kind of glued to all day. i'll tell was it's announcement at times seem like it might not happen as you mentioned apple started their keynote by announcing the new series three watch cell capable. 4k television then the new iphone eight and eight plus. but the headliner, of course, was the iphone ten. take look at the video we've got for you it came as apple's signature one more thing after a pretty quick rush through of
8:33 am
eight and eight plus demo which should tell they're not a lot different than the seven even though they have wireless charging technology. iphone ten or x as it will li likely be referred to was definitely the headliner here new device features 5.8-inch screen, thanks to the edge to edge oled display, it actually has a slimmer size even there's your real estate on that screen. phone drops any physical home button release on facial recognition and gestures to unlock and swipe between screens. it like the zero rears eight supports wireless charging and is dust and water resistant it even has advanced cameras on it which include optical image stabilizers. now, i know, i'm hearing you tech folks. you're thinking to yourself this all sounds pretty familiar. that's because the folks at samsung say, guess what? we actually pioneered all of this technology and have been including it on our devices for years. what's the big deal apple? take look many they're right. the note eight which was just released
8:34 am
watery assistance, image stabilization, edge to 11 oled display. wireless charging. similar lauer devices had these features for years. they did the cell smart watch and truly wireless ear buds a year before apple did. so let's talk release dates. iphone eight and eight plus ready for pre order this friday. then they'll be ready for retail the following friday that also includes series three watch and apple tv. the new iphone ten, though, that's not going to be ready for pre-order until october 27th. it will be in stores on novembe. you think of course all this competition would be good for your wallet as we mentioned the phone does come with a hefty price tag a thousand dollars for the 64 gig model putting that in perspective ten years ago we paid $500 for a four gig model so urging a whole lot more technology than you used to. some good news, though, lots of new phones means lots of folks getting rid of those old phones and those resellers are really clamoring for your busines
8:35 am
much value. if you are a new customer to ten dollars bonus i've got a link on your station website when you see me online safe city steve. >> one point quickly i noticed with the new no head phone jack on this whatever. blue tooth the headphones if you don't already have them. i believe that is the case. and secondly i did a twitter poll. just saying would people spend a thousand dollars on this new phone because the hype is always there. only a couple hundred votes so far. 87% said they would not spend that kind of money on the new iphone. >> interesting. >> i have the feeling that there will be waiting lists. nonetheless. >> oh, absolutely. there will not only be waiting lists lines and keeping it in perspective we talk about samsung's note eight. that 64 gig model starts at 929 bucks. so apple really not so far off here in terms of the price of what this technology at this size cost these days and yes, you are correct, as for that head phone jack, this phone just like the iphone seven sie
8:36 am
a traditional one it uses that lightning connector forehead phones or you can use your blue tooth had he phones as well. >> all right. steve noviello thanks very much. six months to make up your mind if you'll spend a thousand bucks or at least try to get it. >> don't you think basically since most of us do it -- pay a little bit every month that -- >> that's what they're hoping it. >> won't be much more before. >> good tips from steve on the website if you want to trade in your phone and try to get some value to offset that cost. >> how much tucker will if i five get. >> fifteen dollars. >> okay. well -- >> is it really 15. >> i would give her 15 for it. >> oh, okay. i have one to get rid of as w well. >> or 985 left to go. steve remember when the i-pad came out ago we made the call who would ever buy that. >> no one was ever going buy it. [ laughter ] >> you were wrong. >> i'm not going to predict this one. i think everybody will buy it. 68 now in washington. low 80s later today. we've had a couple of showers -- more than couple showers. had a couple of hours of showers early. this is
8:37 am
through it will get out of here and we should see some improve many this afternoon. first we'll get the showers out of here. so it will be dry afternoon i think we'll get some sunshine as well. there's a bigger look. that's irma's leftovers just chilling out there in kentucky and tennessee. >> look at you. >> we'll finally get through here later tonight and tomorrow with another round of rain showers maybe thunderstorm. and then we should see improve many for the weekend. low 80s little more humidity as well but dry afternoon. so enjoy late light summer feel out there later today. >> late light summer feel. >> how are roads? >> just awful. look at this tucker. 92 minutes to get from 109 to the split down to the beltway on 270 southbound. >> hmm. >> that view father hurley we don't have any crashes. so congestion. coming down from frederick you'll need more time. have patience. 355 dealing with bail out traffic. hey, silver lining look at the northbound side. northbound side is moving along just fine. as we take look on the freeway, crash third s
8:38 am
the off-ramp on to that side of things. and we're seeing another crash northbound on the third street tunnel approaching the second street southwest side and then look at that. inbound freeway 695, 13 miles an hour approaching third street tunnel. eleventh street bridge completely stacked. 295 northbound a ton of volume from the bottom of the beltway to the 11th street bridge. 295 southbound backs up and then we have a crash pennsylvania of a brooks drive. pennsylvania avenue heavy in both directions. suitland parkway jammed up to south capitol and so much congestion out there. crash blo blocking the shoulder5 southbound on the ramp to the bridge. left lane block. i don't like what we're seeing in terms of congestion everywhere. it's just really heavy on 66 eastbound. past sudley road look at these virginia drive times it will take you over an hour and a half on 395 northbound just to get from the beltway to the 14ing street bridge. we have the freeway crashes. we have volume and rain. hov lanes look really good. main lanes will give you a huge delay. an hour to get from 234 to the
8:39 am
i'll tweet you guys out any updates at eric fox5. metro is on time. back to you. >> i think the updates can only go in one direction in this case. >> exactly. >> hopefully better. >> what a mess. >> a reason to put your kids to work. new research showing the benefits doing daily chores. >> robo calls on the rise. americans are getting more and more automated calls than ever before. we'll tell was what's to blame for the increase in those pesky phone calls. ♪ ♪♪
8:40 am
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8:42 am
♪ all right parents your kids might complain about them constantly but there is actually a really good reason to give your kids chores. researchers at harvard university did a 75 year long study, 75 years, steve -- >> wow. >> i know to seat impacts that chores could have later in life. so they found kids who did chores regularly grew up to be more independent. they are work better in groups hadn't more positive attitude than they're non-chore having peer. >> i'm serious curious how that broke that down over 75 years. >> that's such long time. you had to inherit that research. >> you sure did. that's a chore in itself. >> kids are getting more chores. >> if you feel like you're being bomb barred with robo calls august was act actually the bust month every recorded for phone solicitations. tech company u male says americans received nearly 3 billion calls last month. the monthly average is 2.4 billion in 2016.
8:43 am
powered by the internet make it cheaper and easier for companies to make those pesky phone calls. >> do not call me, please. >> you got to go on do not call lists. >> right. let's check in with holly and maureen we do want to fbi out what's coming outpatient good day d.c. >> yes, do. it will be a good one as always. developing right in you a virginia's company massive effort helping hurricane vick in need. we're live with remarkable donations. >> in maryland people paying it forward to help local reason after tornado tour through their neighbor. bob barnard live on this one. >> mo, you know what time it is. time to put up that epic good day guest list. journalist o'brien will be with us live in the loft today. part of a special investigation who shot biggy and tupac? it airs on fox later this month. >> plus, porsha williams and t tmz's harvey levin both life and dishing all the celebrity news, and speaking of celebs, the stars of the upcoming web series mr. mercedes they'll going to join us
8:44 am
of buzz. we'll sit down with the film makers behind the world's first feature length painted animated movie. if you haven't seen the trailer you just have to. you know the songs, my girl, under the boardwalk, get ready, come on, you know these just to name a few. well get ready dmv because we have some living legends in the loft. some motown's greatest the voices behind iconic songs are here live with us and, yes, they will perform. >> can't wait for that. the good day team working 24/7 to bring you the best guests the most engaging shows you know there's a reason why we're number one. >> just got to watch major announcements coming your way very soon. we're teasing so much in this show. just stick around you won't miss a thing. >> got to watch every minute. >> yes. thank you ladies. 8:44. see in you about 15 minutes. coming up next -- >> kevin mccarthy. we call him cool kev around here, but he's got entertainment news for you. hey, kev. >> good morning, steve and allison. celebrities come together to raise millions for hurricane relief one hour telethon
8:45 am
night ut plus star wars episode nine pushed back by nine months. we'll tell you why, and is liam neesen retiring from action movies. all that and more coming up on fox5 news morning. tucker, stop staring at me, please. ♪ >> i saw you out of the corner of my eye, sir. [ laughter ] >> i saw that. ♪
8:46 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
8:47 am
♪ >> yes, we'll see some sun later today. >> envisioning the sun shining right now. >> just got to hold on. you know what, deep
8:48 am
>> 80-degree, non humid day. >> deep thought. we will appreciate the sun more having begun through this rain. and thank you. >> yes. that's wonderful. >> i didn't feel the same sort of enthusiasm from steve on it but that's cool. >> we will appreciate the cold aft dealing with the heat and humidity for so long. >> all relative. >> now do you know what what we're talking about. >> yes, steve, i do. >> let's get to headlies. morning showers getting out of here, but they're taking that are time. i think we'll get afternoon sunshine and we should be dry later today. so again afternoon plans after work after school want to take the dog for a run after work i think you're fine for it. warm and humid, yeah, the humidity increasing a little bit. getting leftovers with irma that have started to move through the area. warm front this morning, and it seems unsettled here tonight, tomorrow looks like return to showers maybe even thunderstorm as irma's remnants come on through tomorrow. 68 now. milder this morning than where we were at 24
8:49 am
70 in leonardtown. annapolis 70 degrees. 65 in -- out at dulles. 64 this morning in frederick. there's your rain shower activity. most of it fading off to the north here pretty quickly. lifting south to north. because the warm front and we'll get it out of here and gradually i think we'll get some breaks in the clouds this afternoon should be dry afternoon with a little bit of sunshine to look forward to. not done with threat of rain showers or thunder storm as you can see the spin there. this is again the leftovers remnants of what was irma and this will stroll through the area tomorrow and give us another round of showers and potential al few afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow as we get into the afternoon hours. there's future cast. notice we're starting to quiet it down might be a spot or two of shower drizzle early this afternoon. we shall get clearing late day. there we are at 5:00 o'clock and hoping for nice sunset this evening with comfortable conditions overnight then the rain will return tomorrow. back down to the tropics. we're still in the peak of season here. jose not an immediate threat to anybody. may not be a threat to anything other than the fish over the next week or so. south of
8:50 am
hurricane 75 miles an hour winds i want to mention jose because the track here gets uncertain towards the end of the period. and some of the the long-term guidance letting it sit out here off the mid atlantic perhaps new england coast by the middle of next week. so keal keep an eye on jose. 81 today. 81 tomorrow. showers and storms return tomorrow with irma' leftovers clear it out by early friday. saturday and sunday look fantastic. sunshine mid 80s. plenty of nice weather to look forward. kind of late summer feel this weekend guys. back to you. ♪ >> i'm right up here. >> you are kev. >> usually there's a cushion. >> no. >> tucker doesn't like to transition right to me. >> he likes a little separation. >> yeah l not today. keeps himself complete separate from my segments. good morning to you guys. >> good morning. >> lots going on in the entertainment world. last night one hour mazing telethon on all three network. it was everywhere. streaming life. it happened live from new york, la as well as nash
8:51 am
performances. there was a lot going on. every actor musician you can think of was there. leonardo dicaprio, jamie foxx, stevie wonder performed, beyonce', oprah, cher. really amazing. here's the deal. by the end of the one-hour telethon they had raised about 14.5 million but the phones stayed open all night. i've seen numbers reaching up to over 40 million. not confirmed yet. this is called hand in hand. i will say though but 14.5 is the official number after the -- right at the end of the telethon. so those numbers will be obviously extremely higher. the numbers and the calls were going on all night long you have the west coast feed as well. so i'm interested to see what that final number is going to be. initially the tell telethon was supposed to be hurricane harvey according to variety and i was reading other articles about this and opened up to the hurricane irma as well. >> it was great to see. i mean there were movie stars there. >> there were stars of, upping, musicnd
8:52 am
it was really good to see everybody come together as one. >> the rock was involved. the rock said something interesting. a lot of celebrities said this over the past couple of weeks. regardless of your politics, it did get political. >> it did get political. >> but it was -- >> brought everyone together. >> to diffuse the political but,. >> i agree they had to talk about it to diffuse it. it was interesting. >> so star wars news. now, to keep any confusion here star wars episode eight is opening up this year. directed by gentleman named ryan johnson. >> december episode eight. all right. then coming out next year -- i'm sorry 2019 forgive me is going to be episode nine. now here's what happened. last week colin trevor row the director of episode nine left the project. he's also the director of injury las tick world i'm actually happy he left i did not like jurassic world. the question who will direct star wars episode nine? and the answer now we have it is jj abrams. jj abrams is actually returning to the directing chair. he directed
8:53 am
force awakens which i thought was a phenomenal film. though, this will now delay up sewed nine. episode nine was supposed to have original release date of may of 2019 it will now be released on december of 2019. so in 218 hans solo spin off film. they're going to have a star wars essentially every year. >> 2018 was year out star wars. >> every year. last year was rogue one. we go to episode eight and hans solo and episode nine. >> a lot going on. >> a lot going on in the star wars world. >> jj abrams is back that's all that matters. finally, liam neesen is he officially retiring from action films? i think this is a good move to do this. because he's become that type cast actor. >> yeah. >> he's a really good actor. good i love him. >> he's really good actor. >> you have to go back to schindler's list everything he's done over the years. but now a days it's really the action films everyone knows him for. when the first taken hit it was so successful they did
8:54 am
did a three, movie called unknown. they did non-stop all these similar movies where he's being a bad a action star. so gave interview recently in the toronto national film festival with sky news he said "they're still throwing serious money at me to do that stuff. i'm like, guys, i'm 60 blanking five audiences are eventually going to go come on ". >> i mean i will say -- >> i'm for him stepping down. because, you know, it's his decision. >> he's done too many. >> there's something cool about a mature action hero because you see yourself in that. >> yeah. >> you know what i mean. >> that's why it was awesome ceiling helen miran in the fast and furious movie. >> right. >> sean necessarily an actionann the red zone. >> he could be james bon. >> daniel craig answering phones last night. loved it. >> all right. i saw your boy idris the other day. >> he's got new girlfriend. >> he had a hurt knee. >> did you know that? >> he has new girlfriend. the all over. >> i didn't meet her. >> me
8:55 am
we hung out. >> you did? >> yeah. tell me more. >> keep talking. >> ♪ we between let you know about something very special that we have coming up on friday morning, yes. applause is necessary. we'll have awesome show live from joint
8:56 am
help the air force celebrate its 70th birthday. >> it is a salute to 70 and what great time to do it with andrews air force show. the air show is our back drop. going to be great weekend out at andrews i had the chance to get on board of the blue and whites the executive jets in the fleet and also go on chopper ride high over d.c. super exclusive because with the no fly zone, you can do that unless you're military aircraft. so we'll share more of course on our tour of the d.c. area. what we learned about all the good stuff going on out at andrews this friday. >> yeah. >> steve we'll dress up like top gun. i'll be maverick. you be goose. >> don't be goose, steve. >> i don't think -- >> be iseman. >> he's iseman, thank you. >> the air force i don't think would appreciate the navy reference at their birthday party. >> there's that. blood pressure. >> tucker kicks things off at 6am steve and i will join him for good day from nine to 11:00. please stay with us. >> to answer your question we'll dress up in some w
8:57 am
>> good. >> this song is from top gun, isn't it. >> your pictures you look very presidential. >> you did. >> do you, steve. >> i'm putting the campaign together. >> tucker and i were calling you congressman chef 15. >> i'm be the secretary of fun. >> i like it. >> all right. >> just for you guys -- >> there's not that position. >> my mike should be on if it's off it means it died. >> i'll get closer to you. >> it's not fun out there on the roads though. i will speak for erin terrible delays out there. and we'll get an update from her at the top of the 9:00 o'clock hour. meanwhile rain is almost out of here. low 80s this afternoon with some sunshine. so it gets better from here. >> i like that. >> yes. >> moving for. onward and up. >> all right, second, see you in little bit. >> iseman, never goose. [ laughter ] ♪
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead, heading home. tens of thous sander of irma evacuees have returned home to survey the damage left behind. and it will be a long road back to normal. but americans proving they will be there along the way. opening their hearts and wallets to lend helping hand. we'll have live team coverage. >> the city of college park will now allow non-citizens to vote. i'm melanie alnwick live with the controversy and the possible consequence. >> president trump making a last pitch ditch for tax reform while the natural disasters could force the country to double down on the national debt. congress gets set to debut new plans for health car


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