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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is one of those traumatic cases you have a senseless crime. >> we're live with the l late-breaking details of the investigation. >> and as we are getting more answers in this case, her loved ones may be left with many questions as they now mourn her death. our team coverage continues now at 11. >> we'll have that coverage in a moment. first breaking news out of north west d.c. a live look now as police are on the scene of a double shooting. >> police say two people were shot on m street near north capital street northwest. we're told a woman was unconscious and not breathing when officers arrived an a second victim a man was conscious and no word on motive or possible gunman right now. >> now to the other breaking story tonight, the search for a pregnant maryland teacher has come to an end. hours ago we learned mling county police discovered
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today and now her boyfriend is charged with murder. the teacher was reported missing last week when she did not show up for work at columbia maryland high school. >> we have team coverage tonight of new developments. lauren demarco is live with reaction from the high school with wallen was a teacher. >> let's begin with anjali hemphill with the latest on the investigation tonight. anjali there was nine days of serving but they believe she was killed last sunday the body found on the property of a friend of tyler tessier, laura wallen's boyfriend. there say lot more to this story. >> we know that many of you are grieving with laura's family tonight. >> more than one week after laura wallen was last heard from they found her body
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price distillery road me demascus and her boyfriend was arrested in her murder. >> they found a batch of ground in a field. cadaver dogs con veepd on the area and ultimately detectives found the body of laura wallen in a shallow grave. >> tyler tessier was introduced to the public as laura's boyfriend and father of her unborn child. they were seen holding his hand and comforting him and it was all a rouse to get him to talk. >> decision to allow him to participate in the news conference was calculated decision made by the detest activities in this case for the expressed purpose of hearing what he had to say done with the approval and knowledge of the victim's family. >> meanwhile "fox5" confirmed through a source close to laura tyler was living in demascus with another woman and was in a relationship with her for years. and that source says laura recently found out about that situation and th
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something to do with her disappearance. >> we've determined that mr. tessier was the last person known to have been with the victim. they were seen together on surveillance camera video on saturday, september 2 in a grocery store near the vi victim's home. it is suspected by investigators that she was killed the next day. >> police say laura was last heard from on labor day when september her family a tro troubling text mess am. we learned at tonight's press conference that text was from someone else. >> the victim's sister received texts from ms. w wallen's phone on monday morning september 4. we have determined that these texts were sent byty tyler tessier the suspect income this case. >> reporter: police also say tyler admitted to dumping laura's car in columbia and disposing of license plate, i.d. and
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not releasing how laura died but she was four months pregnant at the time. it's up to the state's attorney's office to determine if tyler will face murder charges for her unborn child. that's the latest in montgomery county police headquarters we'll now go over to lauren demarco who has reaction from people who loved laura. lauren. >> well, anjali, students and teachers gathered here tonight at wilde lake high school and these are some of the same students that took it upon themselves post missing persons flyers when laura w wallen went missing they called this a gathering of hope tonight and it was officially cancelled once the word came out her body was found. but people showed up anyway. there were dozens that gathered here it was gunt wrenchesing to watch some of the students arrive only to to find out her body was discovered. they gathered in prayer and three recently graduated students spoke to the 3450ed media and talked about the devastation of finding out the news that wallen's boyfriend
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they also spoke reflecting on the enormous impact that laura wallen had on the students at wilde lake. >> what motivated you. why? why? why? >> how could you be possessed with so much hate to take a soul that means so much to people. like look around you, look around you, these are kids. these are kids. not parent. like we come together as one and it hurts. and i feel bad for my fellow wilde cats that are to go into school and see her classroom every day and the classroom is covered with notes. i wish you guys could feel the love she seize this going on and knows what's going on and we love her and the lover will never stop being there for miss wall sfwlen she's the reason we all graduated i can say that for everybody here. she nunsed us to be better in life not just in school but in life be better people and love everybody. she was mos
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net my life. >> she made sure i did what i had to do as a student, person, man and she looked o out. so it was never a point where i just couldn't care. >> she truly is one of the special teachers that touches children here before here. >> her life was cut short 31 years is not nearly enough. so many -- in that short time she touched so many people students and other persons alike. >> surprise an unbelievable loss here and the principal went on to say there will be grief counselors on happened for staff and students here tomorrow. and just really to drive home how much this teacher nont these kids one of the young men speaking recently graduated and was in college in florida and flew up here just to be part of this night here at wilde lake. that's the latest in columbia, back to you in the studio. the man accused in brutal christmas day murder of yoga instructor tricia mccauley pled guilty
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adrianon son admitted raping and strengthling here before stuffing her body in the car and drive around the city. five dna samples taken from actresses body were exact match to johnson dna she was ordered or john ton rather had been ordered to war a ankle bracelet in the days before the murder and faces 30 years if prison when sentenced in november. >> and one student is dead and three others hurt after a shooting in washington state high school. the gunman who has not been identified is in custody tonight. the injured students are teenagers and/or are in the hospital and they're expected to survive. the shooting happened in the small down of rockford about 20 miles northeast of spokane. and students described the terrifying moments when the gunman opened fire. >> i walked right by it and saw it myself. i kind of laughed onestly like what is happening like this can't be real. i heard three gun shots and started running. >> as everyone s
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coye hear her screaming help me, help me, i could hear her saying help me, help me over and over. i just stayed down. >> a middle and elementary school in that area were put on lockdown as a result of the shooting. and the high school says yesterday it held an active shooter drill with students. >> we have an update now on fairfax county police officer involved in a serious crash in false church. officer sixt teki plead no contest to misdemeanor driving. the officer was responding to disorderly conduct call in february when colliding with a mini van intersection of l leesburg pike and patrick henry drive. the officer did not have emergency light own and was speeding nearly 30 miles over the speed limit prior to the crash. >> now to a disturbing attack in fredericksburg, virginia, i man woukd up to a group of people caroline street early saturday morning in confrontational manner. one person in the group asked him to leave and the man gotta aggressive and i fight broke
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victim face. he ran away towards williams street. right now they're still looking for him. >> in the district, police are already getting ready for a very busy weekend. that's because there are three big event scheduled for day. >> all of them are expected to attract a lot of people which means road closures and traffic backups. "fox5" marina marraco is live on the national mall with m more. marina. you have to first amendment rallies juggles march and big charity 5 k that will be through georgetown and foggy bottom and end down at the mall where the other two rallies are expected to take place. although they're all happening throughout the day an throughout saturday they're happening in that 24 hour time span. of course there will be a lot of police presence down by the mall and we want to show you pictures here from the moore ral le.
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pro trump rally and they 'tis themselves as a peaceful organization that will be out here. they're going to be protesting and demaning protection for traditional american culture. however they're telling protesters that no confederate flags communists or foreign flags be allowed. that's expected to happen 11:00 in the morning right here at the washington monday um. then from 2:00 to 10:00 at night that's the jug low march that kicks off down at the lincoln memorial. this is gathering of friends of the group known as insane kloup' y s. they're been defined adds loosely organized hybrid gang and there's questions about potential classes between the two rallies if they do intersect here down at the mall. we ask folk in town visiting how they felt about saturday's event. take a listen. >> i think their sense of security here is awesome. everywhere you look there is
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cameras. and a lot of beautiful -- what a beautiful city and safe place to be. i've been in guatemala and canada and i feel safe here. >> would you have any sort of reservation coming saturday given rallies will take place. >> not at all. not at all. cooler hands would prevail. >> i don't come down here probably. we cancelled charlottesville pat of our trip because of the unrest down here. >> very dispointed it's un undering free speech but it's left and rite and very div divided. >> now because of search a large preens ever protesters d dot closed 15 roads that surround the national mall and closures happen 6:00 in the morning to 11:00 at night on saturday as well as and 12 street bridges. that will be happening all day saturday if you want to check out those street closures. you can do so on in and out mall here this is
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jurisdiction, buttock d.c. expected to have a large presence and because of that d.c. restricted all leave for all npd officers for friday, september 5 as well as september 16. saturday. that's the day all ever the event and you see a teletype sent out last month is anticipating these two big rallies. we will be out here and screaming live as the rallies take place on day. live tonight down at the mall. marina marraco. "fox5 local news". >> still ahead at 16. bail revoked. why the so-called farmer pro is headed to jail. >> plus months after a tornado hit dent island some are rebuilding their lives. now they're getting a helping hand this weekend. and late breaking details ahead on the final five tonight. a deal on daca. jim gem is braeinging down what we foe about the whole plan. catch the final five tonight at 11
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jail. he is best nope for jacking up price ever life saving drug. prosecutors asked for his bail to be revoked after he offered to pay $5,000 for a piece of hillary clinton's hair. and the government saw the comments as a threat and not a joke as screlli called it. >> police are trying to figure out who vandalized the francis scott key in baltimore. there was red paint flashed on it. today mark the anniversary of the battle that inspired frances scott key to write the star spangled banner. they're reviewing footage from around that monument. >> cleanup from hurricane irma con dinzp in florida. scenes like this one in florida keys is still a sight. it left trees and businesses levldz and uprooted and skom common scene traffic backups the same thaev
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to get back n president trump will visit the areas affected tomorrow. >> a kent island community still recovering after a tornado touched down two months ago. among those 'infectsed were annapolis police officer and family. paul sullivan's wife, three kids, dogs, survived and have not been able to recover from the damage and now a massive consignment event we sale will step in. they'll get $100 gift certificates and early access to close. it take place until sunday in the sports and learning complex. >> very good. >> it's a wonderful idea. >> yes, it is. >> we forget how much bad warm we have had. >> we don't have category four sure capes but we had a number ever tornadoes. ef 0 to ef 2 as we saw on the eastern shore. >> people back here also needed help. >> definitely. >> we're grateful we don't have to deal with anything stronger than we'll get tomorrow. of irma which is passing
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awe few of which might be on the strong side if we believe the future cast tonight. tomorrow i would say late evening as they may be able to begun a little energy here and there what we're seeing tonight first and foremost clouds cleared out a little and little fog showing up. clouds cleared up we have great pictures tweeting from chad an he saw last of georgous sunset in arlington and planes cued up to land and so those clearing skies we had will lead to fog later tonight and we'll check the visibilities right now. fog could be around tomorrow morning and then we deal with irma remnants which will be passing our area during the day tomorrow. this is what is left of irma unbelievable this long trek the storm took from west coast of africa called a cape verde hurricane and doing so much and then into florida and tennessee and ohio valley
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morning starts dry and showers and rumbles of thunder in the afternoon. minimum of sun and clouds heavier on the clouds as we debt to near 80 tomorrow. we'll watch that chosely and we're also watching some fog beginning to form especially form of d.c. so, we see frederick down to about a half mile now. and baltimore down to 4 miles and annapolis had a mile and three-quarters. fog could be around and maybe part of our area especially northeastern maryland my may have fog thick enough to warrant an advisory and check out the fox morning news tomorrow and they'll let you know if anything is going on. tug tucker and mike even if it is 50. >> if you goat hagers down it may be cooler than that and flag you to the possibility fog may ab around for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning and i think it will be dry in the morning hour. and after school that's when we may see showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop and they'll start in west
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into some very humid air and temperatures on the warm side tomorrow. 80 for d.c. 77 martinsburg and 79 leonardtown and annapolis and 80. let time with out with future cast you can see if we see anything at all tomorrow morning isolated built a will the of cloud and patches of fog. as we go through the afternoon 3, 4:00 a fewer showers couple of rumbles of thunder dipping to develop and kos tort d.c. beltway area by 7:00 and noticing that they're getting into more of organized line as we get to 9:00. so head up seern shore. you may get some stronger showers and storms as the rel napts of irma move on through and a few could linger as we get on into friday as well. what about the weekend? looks warm. looks like it will be drier. minimum of sun and clouds saturday and sunday. and right now we'll keep shower chances out of the weekend forecast. and going into monday, 81 degrees. we're looking at a lot of 80s here. temperatures trending a little
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temperatures trending a little warmer than average this time year. tuesday 8 and wednesday 85. with a dry stretch expected once we goat friday. all right. that's your 7 day forecast and i'll send it back to you top question and ar sarah. >> thank you very much, brody logan joins us next with sports. >> and ahead tomorrow morning on "fox5"is there a double standard on free speech on college campuses. and how you can get the perfect touch for your pooch for reading day and changing seasons means changing passion. the new line just in time for fall. that's ahead tomorrow morning. starting at 4:45
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>> is it time to panic yet. it's week onement we're talking about redskins fans here. panic is what you're best at. after the loss on sunday you saw a lot of same problem that cost that shot at defense last year. and shot at
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interception. to make matters worse skins have to travel across the country to face their former offensive coordinator head cope of the rams. they have to fix week one problems while facing a team that knows play book and players inside out. daunting task right. >> we played cincinnati in preseason say little bit and we knew them quite well. none of that matters. i know he's a good football coach and will have his team ready. we have to treats this like another game and go out own try to figure out first whip the road. >> we'll have our work cut out we really are. he'll show us things and be something totally different. we have to have our heads on swivel and play assign ms and keys and understand what they like to do against us offense is here and now there. >> all right. mat scherzer opt hil
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nasals facing braves with not much the line after len. s division. matt sherzers was mad maxself striking 7 batters against braves and he was left in in meaningless game to throw 116 pitches. nats lose at home 8-2. nats suffered their fair share of injuries this year and nothing like this. today's champion's league match real madrid was without marco arsenio because of a shaving accident a leg shaving accident. he sat out of today's match because of infected hair follicle the 20-year-old sustained from shaving legs preventeded from puking up socks and could not play in today's match. lucky real madrid was fine without him won today. >> never heard of anything like that. >> that sounds like fake sports. >> he cut himself shaving
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and couldn't pull up socks. >> couldn't put a bandage on. >> final five is next. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist.
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>> ready to roll tonight. send me your tweets. chuck and nancy strike another deal with the president and white house is pushing to get democrats on board with tax reform and president heads to florida to survey damage from irma and two competing plans revealed by members of congress and what the russia investigation is focus is in on. that's what we got tonight. first it must have been some dinner at the white house but the president made another deal with democrats. president's guests house minority leader pelosi and shumer orders president called crying chuck


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