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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at ten. right now a at ten, he is a monster and he is a liar. emotions ran high as the man accused of killing a pregnant maryland teacher was denied bond and fox5 was the first to learn about the love triangle her accused killer was caught in. tonight exclusive details from a friend who knew firsthand about his relationship
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wallen. plus a neighborhood in the district caught in the cross hairs after four people are shot in the last 24 hours. details on the search for suspects. >> and d.c.'s rat population is at an all-time high where more of the rodents are now showing up and why. the news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with the latest developments in the murder of a pregnant maryland teacher. laura wallen's boyfriend is in jail tonight facing murder charges one day after police found her body in a shallow grave. just moments ago montgomery county police chief tom manger release more disturb ing details in the death of laura wheal and. manger was sholt in the back of the head reportedly by her boyfriend. a judge denied bond at his court appearance today. this all comes days after he stood by laura's family's side and ter fully pleaded for his return. mark wallen,
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they were to act supportive. we did it because as any father would do, if your child is missing and someone has that child, we were pretty sure it was tyler. >> fox5 was the first to unravel this love try angle that laura wallen's friends say her boyfriend dragged her into. exclusive insight from someone who knew laura wallen very well angelica lee. >>reporter: good evening, before laura's body was found, fox5 was contacted by a close friend, that friend told us about the press qurches orchestrated by police. they told us that tyler, her boyfriend was actually engaged to another woman. fox5 was the first to identify that woman and even make contact with her. however, we had to keep the whole thing under wraps in order to not jeopardize this investigation. well, tonight he we are shedding more light on laura and
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also learning more about how he managed to keep his double life a secret for so long. being a mom, that was her goal in life. that was like her mission. you could tell that there was this sense of calm that came over her when she found out that she was pregnant. christiana said she never expected her childhood best friend would end up dead. her body discovered in a shallow grave on a demass cuss farm. he is a monster and he is a liar. ever since watching the press conference today and he said that it was only thij we ever fought over. laura and i got in one argument in 17 years and it was over him. and that was the last i talked to her. chris and yeah and laura met in tenth grade geometry class and stayed close ever since. she
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laura and tyler were off and on and there were signs he wasn't being truthful even living a double life. chris and that and laura argued last month when laura told her he was moving in she said she really want her relationship with tyler to progress. he had taken to her to look at a ring. according on court documents authorities believed tyler was engaged to another woman and laura had rhys enltly contacted her for a face-to-face meeting. with tyler lured laura to where shes was killed. meanwhile tonight laura's door is filled with flowers and prayers. she loved, smee loved, she loved and was a hopeless romantic. she was just thoughtful and creative and she just had the
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he just took that away. i just want my friend back p. sources say tyler was engaged to be married next april which would have been one month after laura 's due date. live in olney , anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> our team coverage tibias now with a closer look a at the the press conference earlier this week. a press conference orchestrated by investigators to see how the number one suspect, tyler testier would act. let's go to fox5's lauren demarco for more on the the clues body language gave police. >>reporter: \police\police suspected tyler and wanted to see how he acted on camera. laura's father said it was the hardest thing he ever had to do but agreed toking go along with body lanag
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yoas says it's very telling that the sister saturday on the other side. that's very profound. she doesn't want to be anywhere near him and when he speaks you see a lot of times when she will look down as if she can't even stand to hear what he's saying. the mother is holding his hand with two hands because she can't control her shaking. but there's noen deering looks from her to him. you see how she grabs for him, how she rubs him but she doesn't -- she is stone cold with testier. when i saw the father put his hand, knowing what we know now i was thinking he was doing a good job, i think , of trying to put on a show. yeah. this press conference was 100 percent to bates him. it
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what's happened. it doesn't matter what type of trouble. there's nothing we can't fix together. notice his first statement is about it doesn't matter what happened if you're in trouble, but then later on he says, you know, there was no reason to think that she would be missing or that there was a problem. so he he goes immediately to almost like an abuser, someone who abuses people. even if you're in trouble, even if you did something it's okay. he just had an emotional moment. he sits down. she was looking straight down. she won't even look at him and she doesn't con sole him. she doesn't touch him, but look at what is happening here. she is moving her fingers and rubbing her husband. this was a voluntary -- this
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his originally planned statement . he voluntarily got up. that is the most important part of this entire press conferencement question that came in from a reporter was, what was the last thing you all said to each other? i'm sorry? do you remember your last conversation. >> he pauses, he he thinks about it. who knows what is happening in his mind right now. you don't know what was happening at that point, but it's going through his mind. >> i don't know where she is, that's all. i don't know. he lifts up his head and he says i don't know where she is. but that wasn't the question. and right there is when law enforcement will say we got him now we know he's a prime suspect >> on social media a lot of people brought up the fact that testier never seem to shed actual tears. cease oh said that wasn't a red flag for her because
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differently. she does, however, this video now public record may have more impact in a courtroom than a taped confession would. >> in other news tonight, mores in labor at walter reed are being moved and procedures are being kansz eld until the national military medical center can get their full emergency poweback online. pepco is work ing on fixing the system. ho patients who have scheduled procedures will be contacted for rescheduling. d.c. police night are looking for the gunman connected to a shooting in northwest. it happened along n street. we've learned there are multiple crime scenes connected to this particular case. fox5's kristin leone is at d.c. headquarters tonight to explain kristin. >>reporter: residents in this northwest neighborhood say there's they're in a cross hairs . as you you mentioned there are a at least three different yiem seens that we know of, the first one starting here, a couple hours ago, whereas you can seeol
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possibly gathering some evidence inside where again the shooting took place. take a closer look at your screen from the crime scene earlier keavment police said they got a call about the shooting a little before five tonight. with he they arrived they found two men shot both conscious and breathing but now are fighting for their lives in the hospital tonight. they also found multiple shell casings on the ground in the parking lot you see there. we're told the at some point three suspects bolted off in a car on the 1500 block of fourth street northwest , which is about two blocks you away and crashed into a parked car there. that's when police say they all took off on foot. they ended up taking two sus pengts into custody. again, one of them still out there tonight and a neighbor we spoke to who lives in the area says that he has, in fact, seen an increase in crime and the gun violence since he's moved into the area. this definitely has spawned activity in this area for
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encouraged police to increase their presents around here. we see them all the time, but it seems like is enough around here at this point. it's dishearten ing, definitely being, you know, a homeowner in the area it's kind of scary to see something like that knowing that i walk on this street every week . now right now as we mentioned, police are still look ing for that one suspect tonight. we're told he was last seen not too far away, somewhere in this neighborhood on o street . you could see one of the officers carrying some evidence there in that alleyway now, keep in mind there was also a double shooting last night on m street not too far away from this crime scene on n street. one man and woman were shot. the woman in serious condition tonight and again this right here is a developing story so keep it here on fox5 and fox5 d.c. for the latest on the story . for now reporting live here in northwest, kri
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, fox5 local news. >> now to fairfax county where an armed security guard shot a man who was charging toward him with a knife and two unsecured pit bull dogs. this happened near a daycare center, a community subsequenter and a park. the guard apparently asked the victim to secure his dogs. when he didn't the two started to rg a why you. the guard says he the shot the man when he saw a knife. the victim drove himself and the dogs home police found him in his driveway and discovered he was shot. police say it's still too early to tell if anyone will face charges. four days after a fatal house fire in bethesda investigators still don't know what caused the blaze or how the victim died. firefighters found a man dead inside the basement of a house on danbury road sunday afternoon. they haven't release his identity. neighbors heard the man or heard a man screaming for help. he said someone was in the basement and he couldn't get to hivment the man screaming for help reportedly lives in the home
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described as a bunker with a bed and a computer. the un security council schedule uld an emergency meeting friday to discuss north korea's missile launch. the missile flew over northern japan earlier today before falling in the pacific. this was the sixth and most powerful since september 3. this is file of a previous missile launch. the un recently adopted new sanctions and prohibiting any country from authorizing new work permits for north korea workers. earlier today we spoke with raised tonight shawn baker. he is in south korea on a business trip ment he was there today's missile was launched. people are going about their regular course of business. we've been talking to the mayor from several towns here, cities and pretty much they've gotten used to the tension between north and south korea and they're going about their regular business. defense secretary gym mattis calls today's missile launch
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reckless act and said the president was briefed. >> d.c.'s rat problem is no secret and it appears it's getting worse. marina is here to tell us about it. >>reporter: that's right, district residents are not back ing down. the department of health has been keeping track of all the rat complaints. coming up we're going to break down those numbers. plus backlash over this video showing a child on a local school bus. why many people aren't happy about what the driver may have been doing.
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>> it's a pesky problem that d.c. has dealt with for years. we're talking about rats. thr we learned there's been a spike in calls from d.c. residents complaining about the the rat population. marina maracco is live in northwest with ul all the details. >>reporter: it's no secret that we've been keeping track of the issue here in the district and so have residents. you're going to see here pictures of all of our past stories here in just the last couple of years from the winter of 2015 all the way through the fall of 2016. these are different
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different quadrants. you've got h in northeast and dupont circle l right here in northwest. we've run chronicalled the rat abatement issues and residents looking for answers and it's evident from these numbers that residents, they're not backing downment these are the numbers on your screen here, numbers of calls into 311 complaining about rats. now 311 is the city's 24- hour services request toll free number and you can see that in the past four fiscal years from 2014 to 2017 the number of residents calling to complain about rats, that number has spiked by almost a thousand calls. now the video on your screen is video that we shot just tonight. that's in southwest where all the construction is taking place down at the waterfront from the moment we arrived at the whawf the ratses were visible running from the construction sites near the stalls where the fish and seafood are sold. we tried getting business owners on cam rav. they say that the rats, it's a
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for business, of course. they did not want to go on camera. however, this is what rest accidents told us. take a listen. i don't like it. it's not good. i guess with the construction work, i guess that's what you're going to get rats digging up the ground. i think a lot of it comes from the time of day you're in. so i'm often in the the daylight, but i'm heard from people that are commuting in between when it go es from day t night that they do see rats, and i think i've been fortunate that i haven't seen them, but it is something that i hear a lot. here at dupont circle l is where fox5 has received the majority of the complaints. like you saw we've covered complaints throughout all four quadrants of the city. we've asked the department of health to break down the number of three s 11 calls complaining about rats by ward. we are hoping for some answers very soon. live tonight in northwest , marina maracco, fox5 local news. new video of a
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on a school busies making the rounds on social media, but it's what the driver was doing that's the creating a lot of controversy. have a seat tie release. this video was posted to a school bus driver group on facebook by a woman named va net a back. she he asked the group what would you do. according to the facebook page she works for d.c. public schools. in the comments section of the post several people said mack should be fired because she's clearly using her phone while driving a bus with students on board. mack argued that she was not holding the phone even though you can see in the shad ohio that she's recording the child using selfie mode. the office of the state superintendent of education says the bus driver and the attend and the are now on administrative leave. one fast food joint is seeing a loft deliveries, but it has nothing to do with food. how this burger king played a big move in
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some families. we'll explain.
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>> not every burger king deliver s but it's becoming second nature for this new jersey burger king. two babies were born to different families in the same burger king parking lot. not only were both babies in the same parking lot the same officers and both of the moms delivered healthy babieses. what are the odds of that? i'm not sure, tony. >> that's pretty amazing. all right. something to tell you about for tomorrow. tune into fox5 morning for a special treat . the crew will be live at the joint base andrews to help the air force celebrate it's 730th birthday. the andrews air show is u
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sneak week. steve shen industry got special permission to go on the air force presidential fleet of jets. took it over a chopper ride over d.c. tune in tomorrow morning. it all gets started with tucker barnes at 6 a.m. live from joint base andrews. coming up next, is fox5 news at ten:30, steve is not running in 2020. >> no. not that we know of. you never know. >> the president is known for bake making deals. epa agreement with the democrats over immigration reform isn't set in stone. >> an airline is looking for pilots, no flying experience necessary. we'll tell you who's hiring. i'm not interested in that, but i can tell you that he we are interested in saying goodbye to irma. what's left of irma is passing our area tonight . the showers if you saw a few and the
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been around tonight that is that system weakening rapidly but still capable of putting down a few showers. we're also going to talk about tropical storm jose trying to get a little bit closer to a few spots. we'll talk about that and your weekend forecast. don't go anywhere, fox5 news at 10:30 is next. t. we sip, we peel, -and we slide! -whoo! nah. like this. grab a large or extra large freshly ground, freshly brewed hot coffee for your chance to win. get your celebration ready. dunkin' donuts. this is coffee. this is winning.
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nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. >> this is fox5 local news at ten:30. >> right now at ten:30, a man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, the new details we're learning now about the murder of laura wallen. the president touring the devastation left behind by hurricane irma. his message to the people of florida and did they or didn't they make a deal what the president is
10:30 pm
about his dinner with the democratic leaders and their discussion about the border wall and daca. the 0678. thirty starts now. off the top new de tails of the death of a pregnant teacher from maryland, laura wallen we're learning was killed by a gunshot to the back of her head. we are learning this one day after wallen's body was found and her boyfriend was charged with her murder. tyler test iey was denied bond at a court appearance this week. earlier this week he stood bee hide laura's family and pledded for her return. laura's father said he and his wife were to act supportive. anjali hemphill more with that side of the story >>reporter: laura's childhood best friend says she is still in shock over how this ended. she tells me laura and tyler were dating on and off for the past six years. she had only met him one time. there were signs he
10:31 pm
living a possible life. he did have the power to manipulate here. court documents say laura had recently contacted the woman tyler was engaged to for a face-to-face meeting possibly to tell her she was pregnant. however that never happened. police people tylerened up lur ing laura where she was killed with promises of a romantic adventure. tune into to fox 35 news this morning as we'll he ' have a live viept why you. >> police are looking for the gunman in a double shooting in northwest. there are multiple crime scenes connected to this case. here is kristin leone. >>reporter: there are three different crime scenes starting over here at this complex on the 400 block of n street. take a closer look at your video there police were called out a little before 5:00 tonight on reports of a shooting. that's when we learned that two
10:32 pm
shot, two men were shot breathing and conscious and were taken to the hospital and are now fighting for their lives. then they said three suspects ended up taking off in a car, crashed a car about two blocks away in front of a mosque near this crime scene here and the three suspects ended up bolting out of the car. two are now in custody at this time. again, police are still searching for that one suspect. and secretary of defense gym mattis is quawlg north korea's latest missile launch a reckless act. north korea launched yet another un identified missile over japan today forcing \million\mills to shelter in place. the missile eventually landed in the pacific ocean. mattis said the president has been briefed on the event. the launch comes after fresh sanctions were imposed earlier this week. >> well, if you looked outside and saw kristin leone as we give a look over national harbor she's certainly dealing with some rain in the area she is. that is the remnants
10:33 pm
kind of working its way out. >> that's about the only place it's raining, jim and sarah. we've had some down pours that have been persistently coming into the eastern portions of priejts and into anne arrundel. you can see some of the rain, some heavier down pours. we've got the lighter rain that you see here in the light green and we've got a couple heavier down pours over towards prince george's county. it's the not going to amount to much overnight. we're going to see these remnants moving on through to west to east and i think tomorrow morning he when you get started things are going to be dry. let me run you through the weather headlines. later on tonight a little match i fog could also be possible especially if you got some rain today. could we see some stray showers tomorrow afternoon, saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon. >> yes, but not a wash out. we put the percentages at 20 percent. what you you are gog
10:34 pm
the rice heading for the mid 830 s. the feel of late summer back in the forecast with a touch of humidity you'll notice tonight and yes, we're still tracking tropical storm who he jay. some of the operational models tried to slide it to the east quoas today. there there are a couple other systems behind jose that we need to sceep an eye on, yes, there are they're not named storms but they have the potential for developing. that and the seven day forecast coming up. president trump visiting florida today to survey the damage from hurricane irma. he made stops in naples and forth miers, two of the areas that were hardest hit by the storm. after receiving a recovery effort from fema and the first coast, the president thanked first spoarnds . the job that everybody has done is incredible . and i know you're also in the process, but to think of the incredible power of that storm and while people
10:35 pm
a number, people would have thought thousands and thousands of people may have their lives and the number is a very small number. >> hurricane irma is blamed for at least 25 deaths in florida. the trump administration spent much of the day clarifying what the president agreed to do with democrats as it related to dwak a. they said they reached a deal on an immigration plan for dreamers. the president agreed to drop his promise for a border wall. the white house refuted that claim shortly after saying the border wall was never taken off the table. the president tweeted no deal was ever made. details will matter, but it was a very, very positive step for the president to commit to daca protections without insisting on the inclusion of or even a debate about border wall. >> there is no agreement. the president and the chief of staff called me
10:36 pm
today to discuss what was discussed and it was a discussion, not an agreement or negotiation. the president also tweeted today anybody really wants to throw out good educated ded and accomplished young people who have jobs, some referring in the military referring to those who are recipients of the zaca program. up next at 10:30 now hiring with no experience necessary. not exactly the kind of help wanted call you want to hear for airline pilots, but we'll tell you which airline is doing it and accepting applications with no flying experience when we come back. another do you wow, the market index that tracks big us companies closing at a record high forth third day in a row, but the nasdaq and s & p 500 this time did not go along. they actually dipped a little bit on thursday after hitting their own all-time highs just the day before. meanwhile consumer prices jumping in august by the biggest amount we've seen in seven
10:37 pm
prices for gas and housing rising the most. talk about lying, the land of job turns out that three of four hr managers are telling careerbuilder that they've caught job applicants fibulaing on their resume, one of the biggest do is, someone saying they worked for microsoft but didn't know who billion gates was. and those already working might also be stretching the truth because a separate stud did i by robert half says eight in ten professionals think their executives are doing a good job in things like supporting the staff and growing the business. if my boss is listening, i completely agree much that's business. i'm neil cavuto. cavuto.
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>> do you want to fly a plane but you don't have your pilot's license. jet blue may have the right idea. it does accept people who do not have prior flying experience. it teaches everything from meteorology to flight simulations. it also gets in the necessary 1500 hours of flying experience. plikss are being accepted million september 30. if if you're accepted it's going to cost you $125,000. >> does that mean i get a bigger discount on my jet blue ticket. >> if you fly your own plane. >> no, if i have to ride in that plane that that guy is flying or that woman. the recent equifax data breach could make a dent in iphone. those who froze their credit may run into problems if they want to finance the new iphone? a. the phone can ct
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credit, speaking of credit how young is too young for a credit card? the new study find one in five give their kids a credit card, the kids range in age of one to 14. many parents are add ing their kids to their card as an authorized user. you can only use the card in case of an emergency. some experts say start kids with a prepaid card. tell them what it means and make sure if they get on the right path if you don't teach them now it. it stays with you for years and years and years and they're not going to learn it in school. >> we're going to take you up in the air with an i i.e. light. the geico sky skype ers. we're going to show you how they're prepping for the big
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>> the joint base andrews air show is getting set to kickoff h weekend. the world famous guying oh air show team will take part. these are a flight squad of vintage world war ii planes. photo jurm isabella chip base den took us up in the air. runway is too small to do a formation take off so just go in single shots for safety. i'm good. all right. this particular model is snj36789 they're navy world war two planes. there's a lot of history behind them. these planes were built back in world war ii 6789 this is a 1941 vintage. all the naivety
10:47 pm
lots how to land on ships before they went off to combat. they had similar backgrounds. we did the military, a lot of airlines and then doing this on the side we'll be circling overhead the field we're an air show team. our big claim to fame is our air show. we have a 20 minute routine and we get all six of these planes which are real classics in the show and we get together and we draw hearts. we do old war two tactics, dog fights. we're eye flying in formation beginning nice and tight and then there's turbulence when you're flying around in an airliner. everyone is bouncing around. as you get real close you usually all hit the same pocket at the same time . sometimes it could be a little scary
10:48 pm
tight. we pass each other hand signals and talk to each other on the radio. slowly, slowly. pocket it. they've got very unique characteristics compared to other planes. it's got the nice radio sound. you do air bat iks in them. they fly real well. they're a real joy to fly . we'll than circling overhead the field. we put five planeness a formation and the computer puts out puffs of smoke out the back. we fly along and we can write three miles of mess yes, sir a minute and the letters are as big as a sky scraper. so that's pretty neat the computer does it and it's crystal clear and we write so fast that you can get a whole sentence out. i think there's been a misspelling or two. we have a lead and so everybody is flying off the lead and then he has a rightwing, a left wing and the position we were flying is a slot. we were right in the trail.
10:49 pm
that was the position we were in the most. and then we can split in the other formations where everybody gets on an issue echelon. we did the echelon formation and we did a trail where everybody was in a line. slowly, pocket it, 30-degrees to the right. i love it. this is great. it's fun to be doing this. my dad brought me to an air show when i was a little kid . and then i went into the air force and now i'm doing this . when i see the kids, i'm definitely inspired when the pilots talked to me years ago. >> what a site. be hur to tune in to fox5 tomorrow morning. we will have live coverage from andrews air force base as they get set for the show and celebrate the 70th birthday of the air
10:50 pm
will be there live at 6 a.m. >> you how will the weather be for flying? >> i'm giving them two thumbs up . i think they're going to be okay. we have a couple of showers around tonight. i think they'll be gone by morning. there will be a patch of fog out there but they're going to have a good time out there. we're getting quawls tonight because people are hearing the jets flying around. that's just practice, folks, nothing to worry about but plenty to see there tomorrow. tonight we've had a few passing showers. they are the remnants from irma, just completely a weak system now. but we have news present the tropics, not only is tropical storm jose still out here, but tonight just a few minutes ago tropical depression 14 has formed it's coming off the cape veered islands. there's a little system in front of it. but this one is likely to become tropical storm lee. if you you start hearing about that
10:51 pm
on jose for a few more minutes because while it is a tropical storm as of the most recent update that comes out before s 11:00 it forecasts and strengthens back into a hurricane. do we keep it off the east coast? so far we do. i want you to see that the the cone of uncertainty has edged just a little bit back from the peach beaches. if you were watching on our earlier broadcast this line was just touching the beaches and going out to see. the cone matters, the better track is probably right there where they have the icons, but notice it's becoming a hurricane again. tuesday we hope that curve will continue to happen, waves will be very high at the beaches if you're even heading down to the maryland beaches this weekend. where do the base andrews spaghetti models take it? fortunately it looks like it still takes a turn . fortunately all signs are good. all models want to not have it making a
10:52 pm
the last remnants of irma. irma is going to be exiting stage right tonight. still a few showers left in the pipeline, but that's going to be all she wrote unless something develops out in the at atlantic. what we do have is localized showers from irma. they're getting a heavier down pour here from the prince george's county area inside the beltway over to bowie . this has been the track just about all night. had a little bit of lightening with that, put it in motion for the last couple of hours. here you go, prince george's county in coming, a little bit more still to come but there's not much that will linger behind that. what you are going to notice, though, is that the humidity lingers and the summer feel makes a come back. we're look ing at temperatures climbing into the 830s again and maybe mid 80s over the weekend. one more disis tush answer will produce a couple of showers around especially tomorrow afternoon. i'll crib it as spotty and it was certainly pretty spotty. as we look at friday it's going to be a more humid day,
10:53 pm
the forecast and high pressure is going to ensure that we chase the last of the overnight showers out of here. for the bus stop tomorrow, 656 to seven 30, it should be mild, a patch of two of fog. after school feeling like a summer day, 80 to 85-degrees and again only a spotty shower expected. we have to show you on our fox5 seven day forecast we're also keeping a spotty shower in saturday and sunday, not anything that would be wash out. monday, 80-degrees , tuesday, 83. we've got more mid 80s even next week as we look at wednesday and thursday and a good amount of sunshine coming that is for sure with only a slight chance of those showers. brody that is your seven day forecast, over to you. 85-degrees perfect pumpkin spice latte weather. can't wait . the redskins up their streak annulussing season opener s to six years. week 17 of last season. they better get it fixed quickly. since 2002 only 10 percen o
10:54 pm
started the year on and 2000 went off to make the playoffs. you get beat and i hope they take it personal and they bounce back in a good way. i didn't predict we'd go 16 and zero but we do want to take home games and we're not happy we lost the first one. we have a lot of new players on defense. they're playing together for the first time. we had a lot of new receivers. it's sometime to get to gel a little bit. that's the only thing i can point to. really no excuses. >> here are a lot of discusses, no discusses. in the coming years politicians from d.c., maryland and virginia will negotiate on a new stud yum. will. that's where brian hess comes in. he wants the fans to have a say in how the stadium will be used once it's built with a list of stipulations he'd like to put on redskins owner dan schneider that he's calling the dan oh fess toe. what
10:55 pm
leaders of the dmv to pledge, to make sure if any public money go es to build a new stadium or renovate fed ex field for the redskins that there comes some public good. the public good can be from discounted tickets, veteran seating lotteries, use for the public schools in the youth lesion in the area. there's all kind of ways in the dan oh fess oh for how public funds can be used for public good much we're hopefully getting enough signatures on the petitions to pledge not to allow money to go to the redskins or really any other professional sports team to build a new stadium unless these issues are met. there's no reason why they themselves can't be good. we just want to make sure they serve the greater public. it's not asking much.
10:56 pm
going that take away from the coverses which is taxpayer money it gets to be used pie the public. high school teams can use it, a park or maybe cheaper concessions in parking or ticket . that's what they did in atlanta at mercedes-benz stadium . beer is 4-d. i think you should trademark sedan a fess oh. anyone named dan, you have to pay him money. coming up next, fox5 news at 11. we've been talking about this one for a while. no surprise to anyone who spends time in the district the city has a rat problem. but now there are new numbers that are showing just how bad it's getting. take a look at this, talk about a close call on the tracks. wow. we're going to talk about the moments that led up to that. those stories and much more tonight at 11.
10:57 pm
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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at 11, he's accused of killing a beloved pregnant teacher and burying her in a shallow grave. he is a monster and he is a liar. >> now, dramatic new details about the suspected love triangle that ended in murder. plus, disgusted d.c. the city's rat problem is growing. what's being done to clean up the streets. plus, a local bus driver under fire for this social media video. and a very close call on the train tracks. your news starts now. we begin tonight with breaking news, the maryland mother suspected in the disappearance of her two young children in 2014 was indicted today thrar foyer murders. this is a major development in the case against catherine hoggle. it's dragged


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