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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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news morning. >> right now at 6:00 we are on top of three major stories this morning. first, london under attack. an explosion at a train station during rush hour sent panicked train passengers running for their lives. >> plus a local mystery takes a huge step forward. a big development in a maryland missing children's case. details on the surprise indictment and what's next in the investigation. >> also ahead, behind bars. an emotional day in court for the family of a pregnant teacher found dead. dramatic new details about the suspected love triangle that led to her murder. first though a live look at joint base andrews on this friday morning. it is september 15th. we're celebrating 70 years of the united states air force this morning. we are -- we've been invited to the base for a fox5 exclusive. you won't believe the access that we have. we're going to show it all to you. our tucker barnes is kicking things off in just a couple of
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andrews. >> it's exciting to see all the things you guys got a chance to see out there. >> i love it. >> all right. let's get it started this morning though with this. if you're just getting up at 6:00 a.m. let's get it right off the top with the top stories and we're starting with breaking news from london. you're looking at live pictures from that scene right now. an explosion aboard a subway train that is now being treated as a terrorist incident. >> that last happened almost three hours ago as the train sat at the parsons green station which is in west london. witnesses described panicked passengers running from the platform and out of the station. some of them hurt in that panic. as far as the reported explosion itself, witnesses say it appears to be relatively small and describe it as a bucket inside of a shopping bag that exploded. now, we're showing you a picture of that bucket right now. you can see small flames charred material even wires coming out of it right there you see the flames at the top of your screen. we've heard of some passengers aboard that train with facial burns. >> again counter terrorism
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investigation. we'll share new details as soon as they come in. also happening today in the news, the maryland mother suspected in the disappearance of her two children back in 2014 is now being indicted for their murders. >> this is a major development that fox5 was first to break last night and the case that has dragged on for years now will take a major step forward today. our annie yu with the very latest now. annie. >> reporter: good morning, a soallison and wisdom. this morning catherine hoggle facing murder charges due to be in court at 1:30 this afternoon in montgomery county circuit court and right now she's being held in jail without bond. now, the 30-year-old mother of two is the last known person to have seen jacob and sara before they disappeared three years ago in september. these are age progressed photos of the children. her son jacob was just two years old at the time he disappeared, her daughter sara was three. hoggle had been diagnosed with paranoid exits friend in a before the children disappeared and she
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police she left her toddlers with a friend but has never provided details. hoggle had been undergoing treatment at a state psychiatric hospital in jessup. up until now she had been facing misdemeanor charges of child neglect abduction and hindering law enforcement but her doctors have repeatedly found her not competent to stand trial. prosecutors believe hoggle killed her two kids and argued she's feigning mental illness to avoid trial and last month hoggle's attorney filed a motion to have those misdemeanor charges against her dismissed. she was scheduled to be in court for that today. however, the murder charges now move the case closer to being tried in a courtroom and as soon as we learned about the indictments late last night fox5 reached out to hoggle's attorney david fell son as well as her mother and both say they have not been made away of the charges. this is a story we have been following closely over the last three years. we'll be in that courtroom this afternoon when hoggle faces a judge and bringing you the very latest. back over you to guys. >> annie thank you very much. the search for a gunman continues after a double shooting in
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today. this happened along n street. two men were shot and taken to the hospital where they're fighting for their lives. we've learned there are at least three crime scenes connected to this case, though. two suspects were arreste but a third is still on the loose. >> all right. 6:04 is the time right now. dramatic new details about the murder of a pregnant maryland teacher, her suspect the killer tyler tessier and the alleged love triangle at the center of the investigation. >> yesterday her father spoke at a press conference and shared his true feelings about tessier. our melanie alnwick is live in rockville with the latest. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. and we learned late yesterday of the autopsy reports showing that laura wallen had been shot in the back of the head. also in court, prosecutors revealed that they believe the motive may have been related to a dangerous love triangle and that confirms what fox5 had been told from one of laura's close friends days before her
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that tyler tessier was living with and engaged to another woman. we confirmed that relationship through our reporters and our photographers but police asked us to hold off on reporting it just yet while they were still working to close the case. now, laura's friend told us that she and laura argued last month when laura said tyler was going to move in with her. the couple had an on and off relationship for seven years. now, miller says there were always signs that tyler tessier wasn't truthful but he had the power to manipulate laura. >> she said that she really wanted her relationship with tyler to progress and they were talking about getting engaged. he had taken her to look at a ring. she loved, she loved, she loved, she loved and she was a hopeless romantic. she was just thoughtful and creative and she just had the biggest heart and he -- he just took
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i just want my friend back. >> reporter: now, in court yesterday prosecutors laid out the case. tessier had made several inconsistent statements. cell phone data led detectives to the farm in damascus where laura wallen's body was that found. tessier went there time and time again last week. he told detectives he was looking for his girlfriend and then those texts that tyler sent from laura's cell phone to her sister the exact contacts revealed also in court yesterday. take a look. these are the text that is laura's sister got saying i'm 95 percent sure tyler is not the father. i'm probably going to lose my job over this am i. go together try to get ahold of antoine and tyler is never going to forgive me. if he tries to call you, please tell him he's a great guy because i know i really hurt his feelings and we did find out later from police that those texts tyler sent pretending to be laura wallen. yesterday in court the judge told tyler tessier that he was a danger to the community and he was denied bond. prosecutors also told us tt
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no one else is implicated in this case. live in rockville, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> a salute to 70. the united states air force is gearing up for a special air show this weekend to celebrate its big birthday. and fox5 is getting a behind the scenes look like never before. >> in fact, our tucker barnes joins us live this morning from joint base andrews to get things started. good morning, tuck. >> hey, tuck. >> good morning, wisdom, good morning allison. yeah, i'm here in the hangar of the first helicopter squadron. we got helicopters behind us. very excited to be here for the air force's 70th anniversary and we got of course the big air show open to the public both saturday and sunday. lots to talk about. allison and steve will join me. we've got a lot of exciting things to see down here this morning and we'll get to talk to some military personnel about the weekend coming up so lots to look forward to here over the course of the morning. let's get to your weather and i saw stars just a few minutes ago when i s
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here into the base and we're looking at temperatures overnight which have certainly been on the mild side. there's a live look at satellite and radar. nice and quiet early. there might be a shower this afternoon but any showers we get, just like yesterday, going to be on the light side so we're not looking at a major rain event by any means later this afternoon. currently 67 in washington. a little cooler than it was yesterday morning. still fairly humid out. 62 up in baltimore. couple 50's there to the north and west. looks like a 59 this morning in winchester and a 60 in manassas. 84 for your friday. mix of sun and clouds, much like last couple of days. still a little humid out there with stray shower possible this afternoon. weekend forecast looking good. looks warm. temperatures will be in the 80's. i'll have details on that and we'll talk about josé, yes, josé just won't seem to go away. what might happen with that early next week coming up. all right, again we'll be here all morning long out at joint base andrews and we're celebrating the air force's birthday and of course the big air show this weekend, guys. lot more coming up. let's toss it
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caitlin is in this morning. she's got a look at your roads. >> tucker looking great and very official i might add, too. we're excited to watch you all morning long. there you go. that's the pose. >> thank you. >> there you go. see a lot of that this morning. all right, just in we've got a crash 95 northbound. this is coming out of northern virginia. it is near fullerton road. the right lane is blocked. and as i get out of the way you can see massive delays building as a as a result on 9. you can see the accident on the corner of your screen. right lane is blocked right there. directing traffic around it but losing that lane in the height of the morning commute on 95 northbound is no good so we've got very slow speeds. down to about 15 miles an hour approaching. the accident. this is right around springfield virginia so getting close to the beltway. that's a lot of commuter volume and you'll spend quite a lot of time there, 95 northbound again a crash approaching fullerton road and you have the right lane blocked. on metro yellow line to huntington we have residual delays due to an earlier train malfunction at l'enfant
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that is a that has resolved itself but you'll see some of those delays on the yellow line. let's go to maryland. we haven't spent any time there yet this morning. no accidents to report but if you are commuting in the brandywine clinton area you can see on route five your speeds are at about 48 miles an hour. you're doing well. no real issues to report. even as you get up on to the beltway, this portion of the beltway in southern maryland looks good. overall we've got our normal heavy spots as you're commuting into the city on 295. heavy there from route 50 down to pennsylvania avenue and then route 50 itself once you get beyond 295 here into the district, you're stop and go, pretty heavy. 66 we've got some building volume. earlier crashes have cleared so you're looking good there. that's a look at traffic. we'll have more coming up at 6:15. allison, good morning to you. >> good morning, caitlin. after the break we're going back to london for the very latest on that train explosion being called an act of terror. >> big developments in the north korean missile crisis. a new launch, its longest yet. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back now at 6:11 and we have an update on that breaking news out of london. several people have been hurt after an explosion on board a subway train earlier this morning. the blast has been classified as a terrorism incident. it happened about three hours ago as the train sat at the parsons green station which is in west london. witnesses say the explosion happened in a bucket that was inside of a shopping bag. in
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the blast several people were hurt trying to run from the station. >> also developing overnight new details about north korea's latest provocative act. last night it conducted its longest ever test blight of a ballistic missile sending the weapons 140 miles higher and 600 miles farther than a similar missile launch in late august. now that's far enough to reach the united states territory of gaum. the missile sailed over japan before splashing down in the pacific ocean. sirens went off in japan and residents were cents text message alerts ordering them to shelter-in-place this launch comes a day after pyongyang threatened to sink japan and reduce the united states to "ashes and darkness." the united nations security council will heard an emergency meeting later today. >> hundreds gathered to protest conservative commentator and former breitbart editor ben shapiro who spoke at that school last night. demonstrators held signs protesting the universy'
6:13 am
a woman who was holding a pro-shapiro sign was injured. witnesses say she was punched after someone in the crowd took her sign. a total of nine people were taken into custody. >> let's go to florida now where this morning that nursing home where eight people died after hurricane irma will no longer receive state medicaid funds. governor rick scott said last night he has directed the healthcare administration to terminate the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills as a medical provider. workers at the facility say irma caused the air conditioner to fail sunday and they struggled to keep residents cool with fans, cold towels and ice. all patients have since been evacuated. exciting news from nasa overnight. just hours ago the space agency's cassini spacecraft sent back images of saturn which are expected to shed new light on the planets and its moons. the cassini has been in orbit for 20 years and will end its mission today. during its journey the spacecraft collected more than 453,000 ima
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almost 5 billion miles. >> coming up next we are headed back out to joint base andrews to check in with tucker. >> and a live look outside as we head to break on this friday morning. weather and traffic on the 5s is next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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6:17 am
this helicopter is pretty amazing. we'll take a closer look coming up. let's get to weather. a quiet start to your day. overnight temperatures haven't fallen off a whole lot but a little cooler than where we were at 24 hours ago. 67 now in washington. leonardtown good morning, 6 degrees for you. 63 dulles. and let's see, fredericksburg 63 degrees. we're looking at sunshine to start the day. i can tell you 'cause i'm looking out at a beautiful sunrise starting to take shape. just a few clouds out there. kind of a mix of sun and clouds for your friday. daytime highs will top out in the low to mid 80's. let me just throw out there there could be a stray shower this afternoon but anything we get will be isolated. that's josé. not terribly well organized but it's looking likely that itological get pretty close to the midatlantic by early next week so we're concerned we could get some rain showers with it. maximum winds now 70 miles per hour. forecast to be a category one hurricane. there you go and kind of parked off shore by early next week and it's possible it gets close enough that we'll get some rain showers and some fringeff
6:18 am
next week. let's take a look at our forecast not only for today but for the weekend. 84 today. hey, notice it's going feel like late summer around here both saturday and sunday. daytime highs in the low 80's. we've thrown up a stray shower for saturday and sunday just to play it safe but i think your weekend will generally be dry when you're out and about and it should be a nice looking weekend. there's josé next week. if we get rain showers with it it would be on tuesday with cooler temperatures. going to be reporting all morning long, again things are going to come alive here pretty soon. we'll get a chance to see a lot of aircraft that will be involved in the air show this weekend and lots of fun activities coming up so stay tuned. i'm going to toss it back to caitlin. she's in for erin this morning doing traffic. [laughter] >> we're all still waking up. that's all right. >> it's nice and quiet down here caitlin. how is it looking. >> do they serve coffee at joint base andrews? hope so. >> i'm desperately searching for a cup as we
6:19 am
you out and thank you tucker. crash 95 northbound, this is near fullerton road. it has moved to the shoulder. last time we were on it was blocking the right lane but if you can get this view behind me here is our live camera showing not just the volume approaching the scene in northern virginia but also the vehicle pushed off to the side. police are on the scene as well but everything is on the shoulder so delays are slightly easing. speeds are still 20 miles an hour approaching the springfield area where that accident is. 95 northbound at fullerton road but hopefully we continue to see some improvement as we follow that accident this morning. also we've got debris in the roadway on route one. this is at bedford road. all lanes are blocked because we're getting word this is a broken manhole cover taking up the whole section of the road. it looks like on the route one northbound side at bedford road. and t this is just south of alexandria around the fairfax county line. we'll get some work around for you but for now all lanes are blocked approach and the debris in the road.
6:20 am
metro yellow line residual delays due to an earlier malfunction at l'enfant plaza. yellow travelers might experience a slower commute. that's a look at traffic. allison and wisdom back to you. >> there's a new crayon is crayola's box of 24. we'll take a look at what it is next. >> here's a talker for you. implanted micro chips could they soon replace our credit cards, car keys and train tickets. >> depends where they're implanted. >> i'm going to pass on that. >> i don't like that word implanted. >> it's just a nasty ugly word. it's already happening in one country and we're going to talk about it. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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>> tax reform is said to be coming and maybe this year, too, but first a check of the markets. joining us from the fox -- excuse me -- it's a friday -- the fox business network studio, lauren simonetti. hi, lauren. >> reporter: good morning.
6:23 am
[laughter] >> it must have been a long week. happy friday to you. how are we looking on the mark. >> reporter: i feel like that's a loaded question this morning, allison. >> uh-oh. >> reporter: you have another north korea missile launch towards japan second in a month. this is the longest one has ever gone and you also have terrorism in the london subway station during rush hour this morning. these are two major geopolitical events and the market is fine. three record closes for the dow in a row. futures are barely lower this morning. it's a numbness that we have to geo politics and i'm going to go with this and this will lead us into our next segment. it's an optimism that this bipartisanship we've seen with the debt ceiling immigration and tax reform is really igniting wall street and giving them confidence that the agenda will get done. >> okay. let's talk about tax reform. looks like it might get done. >> reporter: yup. i know, are we getting a tax cut? is the middle class getting a tax cut. the president says absolutely. that's his priority but what about the rich? we've
6:24 am
lot of noise about this issue. the president said he's okay with the fact that taxes on the wealthy might go up so long as the middle class benefits here with tax reform and a major tax cut. the other thing he's pretty adamant on is a business tax cut. the goal is 15 percent. we just haven't seen any details. the administration keeps saying yeah we'll get this done by the end of the year, we'll make it retroactive but that's all great. what are the details. the weekend of the 25th we'll know more. >> i know i will be putting that on my calendar the week of the 24th. wisdom martin and i are sitting here together and we said no way would we ever want to be implanted with any sort of chip. that's not what folks in sweden are saying. >> reporter: have you guys seen the movie "what happened to monday"? >> no. >> reporter: it's on netflix it's a futuristic society and you take out your hand and you have the microchip and your hand is like your ipad so it's your map, it's everything. and it's an invasion of pr
6:25 am
in a way protects your privacy because you don't have to worry about losing a train ticket or losing your credit card or someone like hacking into your body although i guess that could happen. >> "eeeewwww." >> reporter: in sweden they're already doing this. they're implanting workers, thousands of them with chips and now they're starting to use chips top get access to the train to use your credit card and the like. so, the future is here. >> the future is there. [laughter] >> reporter: fine, fine, it's there. >> for us. >> reporter: it's a matter of time with the new iphone the facial recognition, this is all a step in that direction. it's not a chip but it's -- >> i know. >> reporter: it's having my code, you know. >> that's where they want us to go. let's end on something blutiful. >> reporter: i like it the new crayon and the iconic box of 24 you'll see it show up and remember they were -- crayola was retiring dandily onand they were like what do we place it with. they asked fans. 90,000 people weighed in with the new colo
6:26 am
some finalists and the winner is bluetiful. >> that's so cute i like her little eyelashes. lauren thanks so much. have a good weekend. >> reporter: you, too. see you guys monday. >> all righty. bluetiful. >> i want to get back to this chip business. >> not for it. >> no way. >> think about this. somebody, you know, kid naps you or whatever and now they cut off your hand, cut off your whatever. >> i've seen enough movies where the good guy like picks the chip out and it's gross. >> there you go. >> i don't want to do that. >> maybe going a little beyond someone's typical experience with the chip. >> well, you know. >> we've got all these scenarios. this is what could go wrong. >> mike you have no idea how much information i have stored. >> yikes. >> i don't think i want to>> i o wisdom martin. today's planner, a mix of clouds and sun. probably more sun than clouds. can't rule out a shower this afternoon. temperatures heading into the mid 80's. tucker has got more
6:27 am
few more minutes. >> all right. thanks, mike. >> uh-huh. >> hi, caitlin. >> hey, good morning to you all. 6:26, almost 6:27 right now. new crash that just came in. prince georges county will go to. this is right around college park area. baltimore avenue southbound approaching hollywood road we've got a crash there. police are on scene and it does look like some delays are building as you head southbound on baltimore avenue approaching that scene. so, if you are in the college park area keep that in mind. still following this crash on 95 northbound near fullerton road. it has moved to the shoulder as you can see and our camera shot behind me all that activity is still there will. police activity. but again, it is on the shoulder. speeds are at least easing a bit approaching the scene it's still a lot of traffic but 25 miles an hour is a little slow approaching the springfield area on 95 northbound. that is a look at traffic. and fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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you get out of the way. 0-to-60 in 3.3 seconds. the mercedes-amg e63 s sedan. >> ♪ >> it is a big day here on the program. we are headed out and tucker is already at joint base andrews. the air force celebrating 70 years. you might remember that we were asked to come out last year, too. that was big birthday number 69 and if you remember that huge cake that we had, you're really going to want to stay tuned. maybe i'm a little too excited for the end of the show with the big old birthday cake but it's just a part of our jam packed show out there at joint base andrews. of
6:31 am
left, our producer justin stuart, they're getting ready for the big show that has already started. steve and i will be out there for good day today. welcome back to fox5 news morning. we'll have weather and traffic also of course coming up on the 5s at 6:35. back at 6:31 and let's get a check of the top stories. we'll start with an update on the breaking news out of london. an explosion on board a subway train is being investigated as an act of terror. the blast happened earlier this morning as the train sat at the parsons green station in west london. several people were hurt by the blast and we and understand they have facial burns. several others were hurt trying to run from that station. it's believed the blast came from large bucket that was inside of a shopping bag. closer to home now, breaking news, a local mystery takes a huge step forward as a maryland mother suspected in the disappearance of then her two young children, three years ago is being indicted for their murders now. police believe catherine hoggle is the last person to have seen her two-year-old son, job
6:32 am
daughter, sara, before they disappeared back in december of 2014. the murder charges now move the case closer to being tried in a courtroom. dramatic new details about the murder of a pregnant maryland teacher. police say laura wallen was shot in the back of the head. investigators found her body in a shallow grave more than a week after she was reported missing. her suspected killer, tyler tessier, appeared in court yesterday facing murder charges. he was her boyfriend. a judge denied his bond. whiz, over to you. >> thank you allison. 6:32 is the time. time for the morning line. the nats avoided a sweep at home. five to two win. adrian sanchez had a big two run double in the sixth to seal the deal. the nats host the dodgers this weekend and edmund jackson is on the mound tonight for washington. meanwhile what a night for aaron
6:33 am
the yankee star crushed a pair of three run homers. judge leads the american league with 43 home runs. [inaudible] set 30 years ago. they dominated the orioles 15 to three. the indians win streak extended to 22 and doing so in dramatic fashion. down two-one in the ninth and down to their last strike. cleveland rallies to tie the game. then they win it in the tenth inning. cleveland now within four wins of matching the 1916 new york giants for the longest streak in major league baseball history. thursday night football action texans in cincinnati taking on the bengals. desean watson making his first career start for houston on his 22nd birthday. happy birthday. slammed on the back of the head. what a way to celebrate with a victory though. watson -- >> better
6:34 am
a 49-yard touchdown run and accounted for one into total yards. he helped his team win 13 to nine. they beat the bengals. as for the bengals guess what, allison they're looking for their first touchdown. they had three field goals. hadn't scored a touchdown yet this season. >> i can't talk. i'm a skins fan. >> speaking of your beloved and washington redskins they take on the rams sunday trying to avoid an zero and two start. jay gruden -- why do i keep saying jon gruden. jay gruden said that coming back with a win this sunday will show they're a mentally strong football team and to do that they need to improve on everything. >> when you talk about situational football things you need to improve on, we always talk about third downs and we're eight for 13 on defense and three for 10 on offense. that's not good enough. that's not our standards. then you talk about ball security
6:35 am
four turnovers, that's not good enough. red zone, zero for two in the red zone. three critical areas you have to be successful on we failed miserably. >> the plays we need to make them. we have our hands on the ball we got to bring that down. just little things. minor errors, minor keys we could be better in. >> you can watch sunday's game right here on fox5. kickoff is 4:25 p.m. set your dvr's because brody logan grant paulson will montgomery and other guests are break down everything you need to know about the skins and the rams 7:30 a.m. on redskins game time. and finally overnight we've learned alexander ovechkin says he will not compete for team russia in the 2018 winter olympics wh. nfl players have competed in the last five games. this year they've decide not to break for the olympics and ovechkin h
6:36 am
going to south korea to play anyway. he ultimately said he will not be there to play for his home country of russia. he says his game remains the same and that is to win a stanley cup. set to address after practice. >> you were thinking of his other coach, jon gruden. >> that would be something because jon gruden doesn't coach anymore. he's in the broadcast booth. >> i keep wanting to bring them together. >> let yourself off the hook. >> thank you allison. >> you're welcome. >> i feel better now. >> let's head out to tucker barnes. he is at joint base andrews looking so official. >> i know. >> you've got the right stuff. though i think that's the wrong phrase.& yes. >> allison. >> yeah, that's the wrong phrase. >> okay. >> wait until you see the service people that i'm about to introduce you to in just a couple minutes and you will say i do not look official at all. i've got some hughey helicopters behind
6:37 am
joint base andrews for the big air show which is opened to the public this weekend. we'll talk to the air show director major coming up in just a couple minutes but a lot of exciting activity down here. i know allison you're headed down in a couple minutes. steve had a chance to fly in one of these helicopters restricted air space earlier this week and we'll get a chance to see that coming up. so a lot going on and again, the big air show and of course the air force celebrating their 70th anniversary. we'll get in on that celebration as well today. let's do some weather for you. not a bad start to the day. sun is gett getting up here. current temps in the 60's at reagan national. we're looking at a temperature of at last look was 67 degrees. 63 dulles. 62 at bwi marshall. satellite and radar, it's going to be one of those days where we're kind of in and out of the clouds with some sunshine and i'm going to throw out there there could be a shower this afternoon but any shower activity we get is going to be widely isolated, pretty scattered.
6:38 am
game. coming down to the air show this week, opened to the public saturday and sunday, temps in the low 80's. we threw a passing shower in the forecast but honestly most of the weekend looks great and even this afternoon if you're out and about in the d.c. area i think we'll be in good shape with temps in the low to mid 80's. looks like a nice weekend for all activities outdoors across the dmv. all right. coming up we're going to talk to some of the service people that fly these planes, air force members and again we got lots of exciting things going on. we're going to get out on the pardon my lack of knowing how to saint, the tarmac to look at some of the planes that will be shown this is weekend coming up next hour. let's toss inside to caitlin. hey, caitlin no traffic here in the hangar at this moment. >> i see. >> we're doing fine. >> it looks very quiet. i would call it a tarmac, too. i don't know a synonym for tarmac that the military uses. i think you're okay. >> thank you. makes me feel better. >> it's very quiet where you are. we'll see more people obviously joining tucker coming up through the rest of the broadcast but still
6:39 am
following out on the roads this crash in college park, baltimore avenue southbound approaching hollywood road you've got some delays building in prince george's county on baltimore avenue there bisecting the beltway. let's go to 66. i want to show you a couple camera views. this is approaching 28. you can see reduced speed zone. that is telling you as you're approaching 28 you're hitting the brakes and we do see some of that volume starting to slow down a little bit. so a normal slow spot there on 66. fairfax county parkway as you approach that here on 66 eastbound, not nearly as slow. in fact volume looks okay but i'm seeing a lot of brake lights ahead of that. as far as some other travel times it's very slow in d.c. as always southbound 295 from the bw parkway to 11th street bridge, northbound 95 you're okay coming out of northern virginia and then 270 we haven't talked about 270 much this morning, southbound 22 minutes from 121 to the beltway so you're free and clear there. we'll focus on the maryland roads coming up. that's a look at traffic. fox5 news morning will be right back. ck.
6:40 am
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>> ♪ >> we are back now with what's trending on the web on this friday morning. first up let's hear it for friday whoop whoop. if you watch the season premiere of south park last night and you own an amazon echo or google home device it was likely triggered throughout the show. both the devices were featured with the cartoon characters yelling commands at them for 30 minutes.
6:43 am
on some alexa and home models. some people said they had to unplug the devices. #annoying. if you're a man feeling self-conscious about having a bald head, a new study says you don't need researchers at the university of pennsylvania to let you know this but they found that bald men are seen as more dominant than those with thick or thinning hair. they say that perception works to an advantage during times of negotiations. so, basically you look like, you know, a bad tough guy with your bald head. remember the chainsaw nun from florida. she became internet famous after being shown sawing down trees after hurricane irma. turns out her skills were self taught by google. sister margaret anne says she googled top find out how to start the saw. because she had forgotten. now first of all i never knew how to start one so i think we need to continue to give her all the praise. she had just forgotten how
6:44 am
i would need how to -- how to start and operate chainsaw. she didn't need the first part. >> that's pretty impressive though. >> oh, yeah, they took it into her own hands. >> thank you allison seymour. >> you got it. >> let's talk about this. oscar winner jennifer lawrence back on the big screen in a twisted new horror movie. it's movie review friday. heading back to joint base andrews. our big air force show continues. that's coming up after the break. >> ♪
6:45 am
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6:47 am
>> ♪ >> so, if our big show out at joint base andrews wasn't awesome enough today -- hey, holly. >> hi. >> hello. check it out. so, we are hooking up with our man tucker barnes today. and there he is. looking sharp. and you're absolutely right, now that i see those men in uniform, i'm going to take back what i said about you looking, you know, top notch. sorry. >> yeah, looking good, right, yeah. [laughter] >> i just stepped it up a hundred percent, didn't i allison. >> yes, you did, absolutely, 300 percent. >> yeah, like by 10,000 percent. surrounded by some air force airmen who fly hughey helicopters. we're going to talk to them about it them fly the missions in and around d.c. but before we do that i want to talk to the air show director.
6:48 am
>> major will sac. >> major will sac. let's talk all about the air show this weekend. annual event and something to be very excited about, right. >> yeah, we're all excited to highlight the airmen here on andrews and show everybody all of 100,000 of our favorite neighbors some of the things we can do in this air force. >> okay. if i want to come, i've never come before, let's just do the nuts and bolts. is there information i can get on the internet? i know at fox5 d.c. we're going to have some information but where can i find information about it, where do i park, how do i get here. >> link through fox5 d.c. or andrews air with all that information. civilians will be parking at fedex field riding complimentary shuttles to the air show where you'll be dropped off. >> this is free. >> exaexaexactly. no charge to the public. >> what can i expect to see. >> nonstop aerial acts highlighting the thunderbirds, the u.s. army golden knights and several other amazing performers. we have ramp full of static displays that people would like
6:49 am
crews available to talk to them. >> by static displays you mean aircraft. >> aircraft that are parked on the ramp with the crews that brought them in to talk about their missions and discuss with the public what they do. a new thing we're doing is our s.t.e.m. display. kids can come in and learn about science technology engineering and math. it's exciting, something we're real proud of and we can't wait to share that with the public. >> sounds like a great event. how many people are we expecting this weekend. >> we're expecting a hundred thousand a day. >> wow. that's a lot of people. >> it is. >> that's a lot of people. just a chance of a light shower but this goes on rain or shine, right. >> rain or shine, absolutely. >> all right. is there any static aircraft i absolutely got to see. come on what's your favorite. >> war onwart hogs. >> what makes them special. >> a cool mission. they do a lot of hard work supporting the guys on the ground. they've got good stories. >> wart hogs that's what you got to see. sir, tell me your name. >> van kneel. >> and your
6:50 am
>> chris shoe. >> tell us in terms i might understand, that means simple what you guys do. >> so basically on day-to-day basis we do a lot of dv air lifts transporting people from one place to another. we do training in the local area. >> obviously you fly in restricted air space all the time. what kind of special challenges are associated with that. >> a lot of radio coordination a lot of planning where you need to be aware of where you are at all times and where other people are at in the air space. a lot of talking on the radio, a lot of traffic congestion. >> do you ever look down and say to yourself i live in the most amazing place n the world. >> every day. you can't take this for granted. not many people do this and we're lucky to be able to do that. >> tell me one of the challenges of flying this hughey. >> keeping the spinning sides up, making sure that you take it out and bring it back in the same condition you left. >> that's what i say about myself every day. the event starts for the pu
6:51 am
and sunday. tell me the hours. >> so you can park at fedex at 7:00 first bus leaves at 8 8:00. gates open up at 9:00. >> check out the w wart hogs right. >> exactly. >> this afternoon we'll be in the 80's this weekend, we're going to be in the 80's just an isolated chance for a shower. it's all systems go for a great weekend down here at joint base andrews. come down. open to the public both saturday and sunday. thank you everyone for joining me. >> thank you. >> i'm ready for my tour if the copter whenever you get a chance. can i at least wear the helmet. >> okay. >> i get to wear the helmet, caitlin. that's a consolation prize. >> just like flying in it, only a little different. you can at least wear the helmet. thank you tucker. looking forward to it. couple new crashes coming in "fast and furious" on this friday morning. leesburg pike westbound at arlington boulevard, the right lane is blocked and you can see as a result, heavy delays building leesburg pike approaching that on the westbound side. all
6:52 am
prince george's county. right around college park, we have been -- no, i'm sorry, this is around silver spring. this is columbia pike southbound. this is a new accident. i was confused with another one. this is montgomery county. columbia pike southbound at tech road, an accident moved to the shoulder but as you can tell looking at your camera the cars coming at you are those heavy delays on columbia pike southbound approaching that accident at tech road and those speeds are down to 29 miles an hour. so, it is pretty slow. good news is on metro after earlier delays on the yellow line, it looks like we're free and clear. not seeing any issues. checking some of the majors. little slow there on 66 eastbound approaching the beltway and through annandale on the inner loop. that's a look at traffic. and holly back over to you. >> thanks caitlin. if you're wondering why i was sitting there, that's because i'm coming in for allison who is now on her way to joint base andrews. she's super excited to be a part of the team and so are we. as if our big show at andrews isn't awesome enough today, this
6:53 am
with ponch and john from chips. marianne from gilligan's island a major flashback friday. your favorite stars of the 70's and you will only see them on fox5. >> wow. >> that's going to be a whole lot of fun. >> old school. i saw those people in reruns when i was a child. >> that's even more school. >> we're headed to the west coast for this morning's fox beat. >> kevin joins us lively from lm i'm so jealous, kevin. lego land is on my family's bucket list right now. >> good morning wisdom and holly. it's pretty crazy here though it is 3:45 in the morning and nobody is out. i haven't seen a single kid since last night but i kind of have to be a little bit quiet because people are sleeping literally right above me. but i'm in the hotel lobby drop-off area 'cause i wanted to see if i can get a good look -- can you guys see the two lego figures behind me. can you see that? >> absolutely. >> all right, cool. yeah, i'm here at lego
6:54 am
last night. i'm interviewing jackie chan. never sat down with jackie chan before. i want to get to the movie reviews really fast. mother is coming out today one of the most anticipated films of the year from my point darre.this is one of the most disturbing films i've seen in my life. this is not a movie for everyone. prepare yourself if you're going to see this. know you're going to get shocked, know that your jaw is going to hit the floor. it will make you think. it's a film that i won't give too much away about. the plot line involves jennifer lawrence and javier bardem who live in the middle of nowhere and two uninvited und played by michelle pfeiffer and ed harris r the third act of this film is one of the most insane non
6:55 am
relentless, just keeps like just keeps going and i will say that the director to put this lightly i feel like he just grabs you and pulls you into the screen and just does not let you go for the two hours. it is an insane ride based around sound effects and the cinematography is granny and dark. this film will shock you beyond belief. i gave it a 4.5 out of five. people did walk out of the film. people get so shocked and blown away by what they're watching on screen they can't handle it. it is very intense. a 4.5 out of five. i loved it. just know going in you will be shocked. >> all right kevin one more to quickly review for us. >> yeah, american assassin the new film starring dylan o'brien and michael keaton about a counter terrorism agent who is trying to get revenge
6:56 am
brutally murdered by a terrorist. he teams up with michael keaton to try to take down the terrorists played by taylor kitsch. it has good performances but over all i felt the action scenarios were a bit over the top and ridiculous, bad cgi. i wish the plot was a little bit better but i'll be back at 8:47 to give more details on these reviews and more from lego land here. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, kev. catch a quick catnap before we see see you next. >> let's go to mike thomas and talk weather. >> good morning to you. we are not tracking too much this morning which is nice. it's a welcome break. countcounting down to fall. one week from today fall will officially begin and we'll change seasons from summer to fall. tropical storm josé, winds of 70 miles an hour getting awfully companies in its track to kind of the eastern seaboard here so we'll keep an eye, we'll let you know if any track changes there. weekend generally nice and
6:57 am
can't rule out a passing shower kind of any day, friday, saturday, sunday. then into next week we'll keep an eye on josé and see if we have any effects from it. that's the late of the in the forecast. much more coming up from joint base andrews during the 7 o'clock hour. we'll be right back. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning
7:00 am
top of three major stories. you're looking at the big breaking news right now. terrorism in london. an explosion this morning on board a subway train. many people injured in the blast and in panic to get out of the station. >> breaking here locally, two young children missing for three years now and this morning a major step forward in the case. the mother now facing murder charges. fox5 was first to break that news and we're live in montgomery county with what happens today. >> also ahead behind bars the boyfriend of a murdered pregnant teacher in maryland charged with her murder. we have exclusive details about the suspected love triangle that police say led to her death. >> and we've got a live look at joint base andrews on this friday september 15th. we are celebrating 70 years of the united states air force this morning. it's an awesome setting as you can see for yourself. the air show going on this weekend. this is a fox5 exclusive and you won't believe the access we have which means you get it, too. our tucker barnes is kicking thin


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