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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 17, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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this is fox 5 news morning we're staying on top of several breaking stories starting with another major arrest made overnight in connection with the recent boom bombing in londen >> after dark. the age at any timers out numbers the peaceful demonstrators. a peaceful demonstration currented violent. another night of chaos in st. louis at protesters clashed with police, city officials are speaking out. a scary incident on dac overpass send three people to the hospital, we'll explain it all coming up in a live report. welcome to fox 5
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morning i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald. gary mcgrady this morning, here to bring us our forecast a little bit more humid than we're expecting in a september morning, gary >> looked to him like saturday? >> this looks terrible >> it is a little gray, foggy out. >> very different from yesterday, we started off with clear sky >> lots of blue sky, and that's not the case this morning. >> there it is. it's kind of gray, bad out. i don't want to say bad. yes, we're starting all of with clouds, this will break off and will end up with sunshine today, and we're talking about the last summer sunday not ever but last summer sunday of 2017, obviously, it's going to warm up we're back up into the low to mid 80's for high outside there and obviously, we're starting off fog, too, 69 in town, temperatures yesterday morning were in the 50's, not the case this morning culpeper is 64, manassas 62, dulles 63. little bit bigger picture t
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shows up to baltimore at 69, here want i wanted to get to with the visibility. the visibility still showing up at ten miles in town, that probably is going come down a little bit the next time it updates, culpeper down to seven miles, not a big problem around the area, so much this morning, with visibility, except for fredericksburg and martinsberg, the weather service is monitoring in case they have to issue a dense fog advisory. i don't think that will be the case, couple more hours, the sun will get up and start burning off, we do have high pressure in place, all the include off to the east and southeast, that's the northern fringe of hurricane jose, we're in the middle of high pressure and hurricane back out to the east and southeast of us, here's where we are this morning, showers up to the northwestern suburbs of philly. but we're all ok right now, and all dry in just a little bit of cloud cover, a little bit of fog out there. by 11:00 a.m. burns
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or 80 or so, we'll reach peak heating 2:00, 3:00. sun and clouds, we might have one or two spotty showers through the probably after 3:00, till about 7:00 or 8:00 for the sun to go down, a lot like yesterday, if you got rained on yesterday, you might get another rain drop this afternoon. there we go. 85 for a high today, here in town. i believe a lot of lower 80's to middle 80's all across the region. full forecast and we're talking about the a hurricane and two tropical storms. and then the seven-day forecast for the work week. . 7:03. of police arrested a 21-year-old man in connection to the london subway attack, right now, a total of two men are in custody. police still trying to figure out if not more people were involved. on friday morning, a suspect carried a bucket
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explosive on to a rush hour train, that injured 29 people. isis has taken responsibility and britain's terror threat remains critical. a second day of protests rocked missouri >> saturday's demonstrations started off as friday's did, with a few hundred people marching peacefully in the is its but violence erupted after hundreds moved in to confront a small group of protesters who would not leave. >> we told everybody, that if you're out there, to peacefully protest, we'll protect you. that's exactly what our law enforcement officers did. we also made it very clear to people if if you riot we'll kind of you. you assault a law enforcement officer, we're going to arrest you. violence and vandalism is not protest, at crime >> crowds smashed windshields of a police officer and threw water bottles and bricks at law enforcement officers. others lashed out towards city officials
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through the window of her own home. at least 11 officer >> i admit it is irritating to have your windows broken and paint inside your house to house, this story not about whether i got my windows broken or not. this is about coming together to have a better st. louis for all of us. >> as you heard, at least 11 officers were injured throughout the weekend at least 33 arrested. new this morning, three people were injured after falling from an overpass in northeast dc. >> this happened overnight on 295 in eastern avenue northeast, prince george's county police and fire officials responded. angelie hemphill is live with the detail, good morning, angelie hemphill, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, it's still not clear what led up to all of this, but we know right now that two peopl
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investigators say they jumped over a highway overpass on to some railroad tracks while running away from police. now, we couldn't do our live shot on this overpass because it's not safe with traffic. it's down there on 295, right before the exit for route 50 and when we drove by, it looked at least to be a 50-foot drop that these people might have fallen. now, dc fire department did tweet out some very dramatic photos of the rescue they had to make of those two patients that jumped over the cement wall. a rope and rescue baskets were used they were lowered down, the patients were then put inside the rescue basket s and hoist back up. patients fell on to railroad tracks, the rescue efforts actually stopped train traffic on those tracks for
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secured and then raised back up to the street. after the rescue, investigators say they then found a third person that they believe was involved in that earlier chase, hiding from police, that person was checked out, and taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. now, this all happened on 295 right near eastern avenue, this is on the border of northeast dc. and prince george's county. so we are told that prince george's county fire also helped out with this rescue. at this time, we do not know why these people are running from police, we do not know, it's not clear if they were driving and jumped out of the car and jumped overtime overpass or if they were on foot the entire time. it's not clear if they will be facing charges, that's the latest near northeast. angelie hemphill. fox 5 local news. thank you, time 7:07. two people are dead and a third injured after car crash in
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fairfax county. this happened on beach mill road in great falls. police say a man and a woman were killed in this crash. a girl survived in the crash. but was taken to a local hospital. we do not know this morning what exactly that caused that accident. police arrested several in richmond after they clashed over a confederate statue of robert e. lee. supports say they want to keep the statue anding or a heritage not hate rally, but a much larger crowd showed up and surrounded them. those protests were peaceful for the most part. thanks in part to large police presence, officers ended up arrests seven people for misconduct. and back here in the district, back here at home. despite concerns about three major events happening on the nash mall yesterday. everything stayed peaceful. there were no major issues. there was the so-called mother of all rallies, in
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trump in front of washington monument. they were there to you have the american values and traditions. now, the other rally on the mall, the juggalo march in an office insane clown posse after the fbi labeled them a gang, they rally continue i do not the night with a concert. . we're getting a closer look at the renaming efforts of a virginia high school that right now is named for a confederate general. that list of replacement james was presented at a meeting and the voting took place last night. the top name charges for stewart were the stewart raiders with over 900 votes, that would be the cheapest option. also in the running, justice they are gov good marshal, a fairfax county superintendent is going to be making a recommendation to t
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board at the end of this month. the mayor are apologizing to residents for dropping the ball and trying to give noncitizens the right to vote in local election, four of the seven council members voted to change the charter of the city, they also thought what they needed was a civil majority. turns out it wasn't that simple. the counsel needs six members to approve changes to the charred. they issued a statement that reads it is with considerable embarrassment and regret that we acknowledged the oversight regarding the vote on the proposed charter amendment by allowing nonu.s. citizens in college park city elections. we each accept responsibility for not realizing the impact of the june charter amendment on council procedures and we apologize. the archdioces of baltimore is responding to an online petition that calls for the release of personal files regarding a late priest at
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archbishop in baltimore. he worked as a chap plan and counselor at the high school, multiple people accused him of sexual abuse. he denied those charges. they called on the archdioces to release those records, it has more than 50,000 sixers but the archdioces responded by saying it will not make those records push. redskins talk on the rams in their first home game and fan going won't be getting a free t-shirt or a bobble head because they're giving out free dna kits. totally random. a biotech company out of boston is sponsoring the give away and fan can say send in suave of the cheeks >> if your dna shows you're not a raves fan >> turning your attention to the nationals facing off against the
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dodgers in gam two, they hope to do better than yesterday, anthony run don't drives the long ball, 24th of the season over to the eighth, the nats looking to rally three to 1 score, and a run comes into score, they come close to a win with two outside, here's jason werth. he pops one up, gets the sliding catch. on the knee. and the game washington falls three to two, second loss in the series. ok. now, of course, today, the redskins do face off the rams. that game happening today, we have a respective coming up. redskins game time coming up next hour later on we'll look a comedian convections, what kevin hart revealed in an instagram post. you'll want to hear and why he's making
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making. ♪ ♪ screech♪ screech
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♪ ♪. welcome back, time now 7:15. president trump is set to address the united nations general assembly for the first time since taking office. that will be tuesday, he's been a harsh critic of the u.n. in the past suggesting deep cuts into the funding. ongoing funding between the u.s. and korea are expected to be a big focus of that meeting o
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of russia's role in the 2016 election, reports say special counsel robert mueller now in possession of the russian facebook ads that ran before the election. that hey give mueller a clearer picture of who is behind those ads and how they may have influenced voters. mueller got that information through a search warrant. legal experts say he will want to know if russian operatives had help. let's talk a look at what's happening around the dmv. and annie will start us off we're taub thousands of people. they will be at the million parent march a four-day rally for parents rights in northwest. later they plan to sleep on the steps of the supreme court. in his runs through wednesday. also it's the fiesta dc festival, the latino festival runs from 11:00 to 7:00
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pennsylvania avenue in northwest dc. it's going to feature parade, arts, crafts, food and lots of fun, it coincides with hispanic heritage month. . and it is time for a salon show down. today is the 23rd annual hair war, they will be battling it out for the top hair honors they will take the stage and demonstrate skills and today takes place at martin's cross winds in greenbelt maryland. thousands will participate in the color run it's the 5.ktick kicking off at 9:00. we'll a take a look at the weather, muggier out than you're used to on a september morning, gary mcgrady. and at the? visibility? is it what we'd like >> i was
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observations from national, and it said ten mile visibility. that's not ten mile visibility. >> it's funny, gary, on my way in, i didn't have any trouble with fog or >> we're pretty high, we're high in the sky here. so we're looking through a bench of the, lower levels are in the that bad >> it will not look like that, it will in the sense you'll notice it's a little bit dreary and fog is a cloud on the ground, what happens is we get the cloud and it will come on down a little bit and we'll have and then it will break up and become more clouds at the higher levels. we start with visibility. that's what i want to show you. they're still showing ten mile visibility. what's changed couple things now the visibility for gaithersburg come down to a quarter of a mile. for martinsberg is 0. and then out at winchester, it's ten miles, keep in mind there's fog
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baltimore is three miles, cambridge is five, leonardtown is five, i would suspect over the next couple of hours some areas may drop off a little bit more, by 10:00, 11:00, we should be all good and start to break up this fog, and end up with some sunshine breaking through and sun and clouds again, high pressure is in control, showers along the coast by cape hatteras, there's another shower trying to break out for the western suburbs of philly there, we should be good. these clouds are from hurricane jose, nothing we have to worry about, at least for us, because it does look like jose is continuing to cooperate. it does look like it will continue do work along the coastal areas, two more players on the map, maria, which is a tropical storm and we have lee, which is also a tropical storm. i want to go back to jose this is the closest storm to us, obviously, still forecasting to stay offshore, pretty close to
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boston and nantucket, cape cod, there's going to be a lot of beach erosion and heavy surf, couple of new storms, players on the map. this is maria, forecast to go right across the caribbean and across the lee wards too and up towards san juan in the dominican republic. spotty showers possible with high pressure, it will be another warm day, we'll be in the middle 80's for highs again, early clouds and fog, ending up with sun and clouds and there could be a spotty shower, futurecast shows very spotty showers. high today, 84, last sunday of summer for 2017 fall starts friday. look how warm we are, wednesday 86, thursday 86. we may cool often a little bit going into
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would be the first full weekend of fort myers for 2017. there's a look at your forecast, back over to you. time now 7:20. >> there's new video on instagram of comedian actor kevin hart, it's become an overnight buzz >> apparently he has to apologize to his wife and children publicly after this video last night. this video quickly went viral, and why does he have to make this apology? it's over an alleged video of him looks like he might be cheating >> and a woman has allegedly demanded money from kevin after shooting this video with him in which kevin and woman are engaged in sexually conductive conduct. here's a look at what he had to say >> i'm not perfect. i'm not going to sit up here and say that i am or claim to be in any way, shape or form. and i made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can
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and during that, i know that i'm going to hurt the people closest to me who i talked to and apologized to. my wife and my kids. >> it's not the first time that hart has been in the center of cheating rumors you may remember pa turnpike rats see showing him allegedly getting company see and you can see there's been a lot of reaction, i feel bad for his wife who is 31 weeks pregnant. >> this was the problem with this age of social media that we live in. any time you do something like, you're immediately going to be splashed across all of the different platforms, however, these days, a platform like that gives him an opportunity to do what he should do, which is apologize >> good luck to them. the stars are coming out for var big night in hollywood. >> 69 and annual prime time emmy awards is tonight, we got
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steven colbert will be hosted the star studded show on fox 5. and we're in hollywood with a look a some of the nominees. >> reporter: as final
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preparations take place, some of the nominees are reflecting on what it means to be in the running for television's top honor. >> i never thought i'd be on, i'm shocked, i get excited about the parties >> i love the fact it will be put awareness on my show, which i think is great thing. i've never been more proud of anything professionally than this show. >> it's so exciting, thrilling to get so many emmy nominations, and you know, it's passion for us, we loved making the show >> this is my first official nomination in 28 years. >> to be considered an equal to some of these incredible actors, completely blows my mind, it's what i wanted to do so many year, it would mean the world to me. >> and for some shows, an emmy win is price less >> it's the biggest award in the business, it can put a
7:27 am
living in an era of 500 shows, it's hard for a show to compete or break out. we've seen many great shows never get the audience they deserve. so show winning an emmy especially in a year like this where it's anyone's game can put a show on the map >> i'll need everyone in this room to believe me when i say that only good things will happen. >> reporter: anita vogal fox news >> i'm excited to see steven colbert. that will be great. time now for fox 5 redskins game time. >> that means brody logan grant paulsen and ken harvey joining us. do not go anywhere. we'll be right back. ah, dinner. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family.
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this is fox 5 redskins game time. driven by bmi the redskins kicked off the 2017 season. the same way they kicked off the 2016 season and the 2015 season. and 14 and 2013. with a loss. >> we had four turnovers. >> we always talk about third downs. and we're eight for 13 on defense and three for ten on offense. when you talk about ball security we dropped four turnover, that's not good enough, and you talk about redskins be the three critical areas you have to be successful on pro football we


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