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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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continues after a massive earthquake does major damage in parts of mexico. off the job for the second time. the embattled director of the va medical hospital once again fired from his post. and speed trap capitol. concerns can growing about how much money speed cameras are raking in. the news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ ♪. and up first tonight, fox 5 is staying on top of two big stories out of the district. first, we've learned the department of veteran affairs has once again fired its dc medical director >> more sexual assault allegations against a massage therapist who worked at a spa in northwest dc. krysten leon is live in tenleytown to get us started. kristen? >> reporter: shawn and tony on monday, we reported to you that 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie, the massage therapist here at this massage envy, is accused of
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his female clients, touching her on the genitals, well, now we're told that he faces a new set of charges on top of his charge of first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client and apparently, the incident at large here, the incident involving the alleged abuse took place on august 28. i want to go over those details with you right now. according to the charging documents, gebreslassie tried to inappropriately touch a client of his, engage in a sexual act during his massage session on august 28. inappropriately touch her genitals, that is, what's incriminating about this case -- and i do want to quote these charging documents verbatim is that, gebreslassie knew that his victim was incapable of appraising the nature of the conduct, incapable of declining participation in that sexual act, and incapable of communicating unwillingness. he since been charged for this
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degree sexual abuse and attempted second degree sexual abuse. i want to go back to the september 17th incident that we told you about again. according to those documents on september 17th act woman was also getting a massage, a different woman at the massage parlor, massage envy, when she said gebreslassie bent over and touched her genitals. she said she demanded him to stop and leave the room and eventually he did. and right away, she said she left massage envy and called 911. but what's interesting here is that gebreslassie at least on monday, he was maintaining his innocence in this case. of he told police that the victim or his client told him that she felt uncomfortable, so instead, he ended up massaging her arms and neck. and then ended the massage session, we also reached out on monday, if you remember, we reached out to massage envy headquarters and they told us essentially -- and i quote, what's on your screen, massage envy requires franchise sees to complete extensive background
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and strictly enforce our code of conduct, and zero tolerance policy. to insure guests have a safe and professional experience when they visit a franchise location. the therapist at issue is no longer employed by the franchise see. when we looked up gebreslassie on monday, we initially we couldn't find anything on him as far as a criminal record. but now, again, he faces another set of charges on top of the initial charge for the two incidents here at hand. august 28 incident, he is now being charged with attempted first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client along with attempted second degree sexual abuse of a patient or client. with that on september 17th second degree buys of a patient or client. he will appear in court for a preliminary hearing. stays with for the latest updates
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online fox 5 dc dc. on the embattled former director of the dc veterans affairs hospital. the veterans administration fired former medical director brian hawkins again, this time it was under the va accountability act just signed into law by president trump in june. the new law eases restrictions on employee discipline, hawk consistents was initially get go in july following reports of missing equipment and dirty conditions to dc hospital. last month, a judge ordered the va to temporarily rehire hawkins as he appealed his termination. sewn he held an administrative position at the value. headquarters, dr. david shulkin said we at the va will use the authorities to insure our veteran get the highest quality service and care possible. this is the right decision for veterans in dc and employees at the medical
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hold employees accountable if they fail to do their job or live up to the va's values. according to va, brian hawk consistents was dismissed. rescue and emergency crews are frantically combing through the rubble in mexico city. after an earthquake struck. more than 200 people dead. police, firefighters and citizens are working around the clock to find survivors. dozens of buildings were destroyed, including homes, schools and office buildings. more than 40% of mexico city is without power. the massive quake knocked out cell phone service for thousands of people. this is mexico's deadliest earthquake since 1985. we also know now that the quake flattened an elementary school in mexico city killing at least 21 children. tonight, crews are trying to rescue a young girl trapped under the rubble. rescuers say they saw a
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move, and they can hear the sound of a little girl crying out. emergency responders are asking for silence as they search inside the remains of the school. dc speed cameras bring in big money for the city. tonight, one local lawmaker is questioning the valuedy of the program. asking if those cameras are supposed to cut down on speaking why are they still bringing in millions of dollars? not just the lawmakers, us drivers want to know too. >> reporter: a lot do. lawmaker we're talking about is mary chay, the dc council woman firing off this letter. where has it gone >> the dc department of transportation, this is the kind of things she wants to know about. take a look, we're up over k street. and that camera is one that has generated a lot of questions from a lot of people who live in dc. namely, you see how it's positioned there behind that
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pillar? if you're heading west on k street, how do you see that thing? how do you know it's there? is there proper signage? there are 14 cameras that pull in over $1 million a year, 98 cameras through the dc that in total generate $100 million. what if they even, let's say cut that number in half, get it down to 50 million? council woman chay tells us if that's what they have had to doily, that's what they will do and dc will have to find money in its budget someplace else >> could we make it up? yes, we co here's the thing and your question provokes me on this point. i want an explanation for these cameras if they can be explained, fine. but i want an explanation because i don't want the public to think we're trying to, you know, stealhe
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>>reporter: all right. there are no quick answers on this, no easy answers on this. people have been talking about speed cameras in this city for years. but this is what council woman chay is trying to do. she's going to go get all of these data from d dot, put that information together, she wants at some point a definitive explanation about whether or not these cameras are fair. do driver have enough notice? can they see these things, is there correct signage? we'll tell you we reached out to the aaa, they've been one of the big critics, they're actually optimistic this time because the complaints are coming from dc residents and not from out of state residents from maryland and virginia. tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. thank you, fitz. there's outrage and shock over handling of newborn >> wait until you see this, the fall-out from some of these images of hospital workers taken with newborns down
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hospital. we'll have more. a teacher in hot water for forging documents about having cancer, that's not the most shocking. we're continuing to track the progress of hurricane maria, it is slowly moving away from the island of puerto rico. but they're still getting the back side effects and tremendous and potentially catastrophic flooding rains of 20 to 25 inches, locally feels like summer. and look like that will continue. we'll talk about all of that, the seven-day forecast, the weekend outlook when fox 5 local news at 6:00 returns. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama?
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by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna to remind you to go see a real doctor. go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. doctor poses! dad! cigna. together, all the way. shocking videos and pictures out of florida tonight showing a hospital staffer manipulating a newborn baby like a puppet >> they're disturbing. take a look, this is a snapchat video of a staffer at a naval hospital in jacksonville. the picture was posted on social media. shows a staffer making an obscene hand gesture towards one of the newborns referring to him
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>> i would be pretty angry if that was my child, lord knows what i would do. >> the u.s. navy and their medical at nsa jack could probably be sued >> the hospital took to facebook and apologized calling the post outrageous. officials also said the staff members involved were identified and removed from patient care. a former teacher in ohio is in serious legal trouble accused of faking her husband's death. it doesn't stop there. police say she also lied about having cancer. she's accused of forging documents and claiming to be sick. she said she needed time off for treatment. used paid leave. her coworkers actually donated some time and apparently this isn't the first time she's been accused of lying like this, in '13 she claimed her husband died of brain cancer, they said she even had a death certificate >> the bad part is you got to tell employees that cared enough to donate their leave because they
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spouse passed away >> police also say while she was on paid leave, she was receiving another check from another school. someone is leaving racially charged flyers in a texas town >> showing up inside a ziploc bags with rocks. the flyers included three phone number, one of which was a direct number to a kkk group. one flyer told people to say no to cultural genocide. one mom wants whoever left the flyers to stop. >> don't put it in my driveway. i don't have to see it. i don't believe in it. and i don't think my neighbors need to have stuff like that going on in their driveways either >> another flyer also warned against drugs or alcohol abuse. coming up. football season here. >> is the contact sport safe for younger children? that's the question people are asking. brody? >> yeah. a new study is detailing the effects of tackle football for
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later on in life. we'll give you the results and hear from one of the authors of that study coming up. hurricane maria tears through puerto rico. the storm is weakening tonight, but could that change?
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following breaking news in maryland. health department has good reason to believe that seven people contracted the swine flu and contracted it at the charles county fair this past weekend. none of those patients developed serious illnesses or hospitalized. they recommend anyone who were at the fair and have flu-like system contact their health care provider there's new concerns about the ■potential dangerous ofa popular sport for children, youth football >> players younger than the age of 12 face a higher risk of developing brain damag l
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life. brody is live with everything parents needs to know. brody as a parent with a child who plays football. this is huge, very concerning. >> reporter: shawn, i'm sure, as a parent it can be concerning. this study, they told 214 people who played football in various levels of life, one that is played youth football under the age of 12, tackle, not flag. they found those who played tackle under the age of 12, had higher issue, behavioral issue, higher instances of cognitive and maybe more alarming triple the rates of depression once they were adults. they followed these people all the way into their 50's to see these long-term effects. and one of the authors of that study spoke with our station in boston and here's what he said. >> it's something specific about hitting your head over and over again at a young age and this idea of disrupting normal brain
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development. >> and brain development is the key, because you're getting repeated hits to the head as the brain is still forming. under the age of 12. so actually, usa football recommends only flag football before seventh or eight and grade but it's noted it can be in other sports, hockey, soccer, things like that, so it's not just tackle football. though you do see higher rates in tackle football. so i guess the recommending now shawn and tony is stick to flag football maybe at this age and graduate to tackle once the brain is more fully developed >> the studies out there. we talk about this more r and more all the time. thank you, brody. talk more coming up. hurricane maria has weakened to a category 2 storm. puerto rico
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by hurricane force winds for the second time in less than a month. >> maria hit the southeastern side of puerto rico as a category 4. it brought winds 155 miles an hour, it ripped a wall off a hotel. the entire island is without power. they can be without power four to six months. of can you imagine >> i can't but i would expect that is what's going to happen because they were already damaged to begin with >> it's not just there. there's the tiny island nation >> st. croix got battered. it didn't make landfall but the outer edge battered it late last night. it's only about 25 miles, the eye off the coast of puerto rico, they're still getting back side effects and hurricane force winds and 20 to 25 inches of rain. it's horrible. absolutely horrible. second strongest hurricane to ever hit puerto rico, and it was a category 4 when it hit. we'll continue
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what we're tracking locally is the warmest day we've had here all month at 88 degrees, that also means it's the warmest day we've had since august 22 when we were 92, and i would not be surprised if we got to see some places hitting 90 tomorrow. so summer is hanging on. even as the countdown to fall is ticking on down. we're only two days away until the official beginning of autumn, it is friday at 4:02 p.m. the equinox, 88 today at reagan, dulles 87, bwi at yep and we're still pretty mild out there tonight, cooled a couple degrees to 85. not seeing much in the way of showers, there were a few that tried to pop up out in the valleys, but a little disturbance out there. doesn't look like anything will be able to get through here, we're sunny and warm again tomorrow, at least 88 like today. a few spots south of dc, 90 by friday, we're still also sunny and mild, maybe couple more
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speaking of clouds around, wow, this is still now tropical storm jose sitting and spinning, it will do that for awhile. far enough away from our coast here in the midatlantic we're not seeing much, you can see the few showers that popped up, back to jose it will sit and spin just as maria begins pulling away from the island and the caribbean passing east, we believe of santa dough minute go, the dominican republic getting hurricane conditions or tropical storm condition, this is what you see, the damage of that eye goes right across puerto rico, we lost the eye for awhile. we got the radar blown out of puerto rico, we're not able to get the radar images and they continue to fly into hurricane maria, which is a category 2. most recent wind speeds, 120s miles per hour and they will keep tracking it as a category 2 and
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warm water is ahead of memorize, it may strengthen again to a category 3, still looks east of the to your recollection, bahamas, east of florida but still a category 3, glad to see florida will not be affected by this, we do know that spaghetti models have a it kind of uncomfortably close and almost in the jose position. speaking of jose, which is still out there with winds of 70 miles an hour making it a pretty strong tropical storm, we're not sure if there will be interaction with what's left of jose and maria but we do know some spaghetti models keep it a little bit too close to the east coast in the tuesday, wednesday, time frame. we'll have to watch: jose will continue to weaken spreading rain up to the northeastern coast of the united states, but we'll be sunny, looks like a nice warm day, humidity is not out of control. and yes, 90 is doable for some places tomorrow. check out the planner for thursday the at 8:00 in the
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at 83. and by 5:00, 88 degrees and that is a full ten degrees above average for this time of year, which is 78. we keep it summer like through the weekend, still warm, dry. so what about next week? well, a little change, we think they're going to be more clouds around on monday, that would likely be some tropical cloudiness and maybe showers in the tuesday, wednesday, time frame, again, little too far out. we have low confidence in the extended forecast because we need to see what is maria going to do going forward and what is going to happen if jose is still out there? which one leaves an envelope for the other one to come in. and that's why it's a little bit more complicated than usual >> i'm ready for this to be over >> i never thought i would say that because i like it warm. it's like i'm so out >> we still got several weeks. still ahead, making a circus out of politics. literally. >> we'll show you the newest candidate running for office in boston
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children take the wheel as they head into this operating room. a children's hospital in san diego started a program that allows children to drive themselves to the or using battery powered vehicles. >> that's cool >> kids can choose a bmi or a had mercedes. that's great idea. ♪ ♪
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just trying to poke fun at politics, but he'll be on the november ballot and by the way, apparently piaso means cloud in spanish. >> i have no idea. who knows? >> that's it for us. >> we will not be talking about this next on 5at630. we will be talking about politics. >> stay with us. 5at630 is next.
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♪ ♪. the return of repeal and replace. the gop's effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act is coming back >> as you can see from the run down, this is one of the stories we're talking about tonight at 6:30. senate republicans are frantically searching for the votes they need to repeal and replace the affordable care act. president trump tweeted his support for the renewed efforts, lawmakers have until the end of the month. the latest senate gop bill calls for redestructing hundreds of billions of dollars >> what does 19 for millions of insured americans? a writer for young voice is


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