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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> tonight at 10. devastation in the wake of hurricane maria. tonight, local rescue teams are fearing up and heading out to help in puerto rico. >> another victim claims a massage therapist assaulted her during a massage at a popular spa. >> i made mistakes before i got locked up but i'm
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murderer. >> he spent mower than a decade behind bars for a crime he did not commit. he's out and telling "fox5" his stories. >> we begin with breaking news in annapolis. police are investigating after two people were shot. right now you're seeing live pictures from sky fox. the victims were found an met gar edgar street. they're still searching looking for clues. we don't have a lot of details about the people shot nor the gunman. we'll keep digging for answers and bring you more information as it is updated. >> all right. let's get to the latest own hurricane maria. >> power is out across all of puerto rico after power lines were downed by the storm. maria battered island with 155 mile an hour winds destroying hundreds of homes and flooding streets part of the island seeing up to 25"
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making threat of mudslides a major concern. a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew is in place to allow rescue crews and officials to respond to the damage. >> maryland task for one is deploying another team for hurricane maria. >> they spent time preparing and soon will be headed down in fact tomorrow. their story tonight. >> this is a deployment center in montgomery county. you see behind me all the boingz on this wall this is part of maryland task for one. there's 200 members in montgomery county and this time around 27 of those members will deploy. you see the bags here. they'll drop ten day bags right here next to me and it will be from here the bags will load on to this bus and from the bus will head to dover air force base. it will be tomorrow they're learn where exactly they'll be deployed. i
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other end of fema center we'll go into briefing room now the chief speaking to all his members in here telling them what to expect in the one thing he told these men and women here is their main reason going where they're going is to help others out. >> we're intended to be a small mobile unit 27 personnel that can fit on smallest cargo that military flies. that levdz a lot of equipment here. there's plenty folks capable. three tractor-trailers full of equipment capable of deploying if they want us to increase our capability specifically if road or ground deployment to somewhere along the east co coast. they're ready to go again ready to help another community in need. we don't know if that's puerto rico or usbi or if that's another community along the east coast. as maria changes course like airm did it could be outer banks issue i
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>> maryland task force one is one of 28 different fema teams deployed when natural disasters across the country happen. here in montgomery county in the last month this will be third deployment. you'll remember hurricane harvey in houston. they sent a team to texas and when that team was getting ready to come to maryland they were redeployed to florida for hurricane irma and now this third team deploys from rockville headed to dover air force base and it will be tomorrow where it will be decide philadelphia they head to puerto rico to head to u.s. virgin islands or deploy along the u.s. eastern coast in event that hurricane maria mack a land fall here on the eastern seaboard. in rockville, marina marraco, fox local news. >> the latest on the storm's path. >> let's good to sue palka to find out changes. where is the storm now? >> maria means business. shawn and tony the core is off the island of puerto rico
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hurricane conditions in puerto rico absolutely devastating, hit 6:15 this morning winds 155 miles an hour that made it cat 4 it's category 2 now and last check winds 110 miles an hour. it's about 55 east northeast of punt acan ain dominican republic. i'll get in closer look at the eye coming back. we saw the eye disappear as it crossed over puerto rico and weakened and appears to strengthen and more thunderstorms grow around the eye and another bad sign checking to see what the hurricane hunters are finding inside hurricane maria i keep saying marina because we saw her on and wind speeds of 12. you know they'll be updating this storm at the top of the hour and i fear they'll find it is a stronger hurricane. right now it's got winds of 110 miles an hour making it category two. all signs are it will strengthen back to category
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moves west northwest at 12 and right now while getting rough conditions on dominican rep they're not getting direct hit. turks and caicos don't get direct hit but they have hurricane warnings for turks and caicos but not bahamas. category 1 well east of south carolina coast. some concern remains because not only do we have all the hurricane warnings south tonight but we have to see what our spaghetti models do with it as it comes up the east coast. there's widespread and many days to go between not only maria but the fact that tropical storm jose is out there. we have low confidence in time frame, tuesday, wednesday next week. we have to see where the storm tracks as it moves up the east coast. florida appears to be hof the hook. barack obama, turks and caicos not a close hit. that's the latest and i'll have more on the local foreca
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>> rescue and emergency crews are frantically coming through the rubble in mexico city after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck yesterday more than 200 dead tonight and police, firefighter and citizens are work ago round the clock to find survivors. and dozens of buildings were destroyed including homes, schools, and office buildings. more than 40% of mexico city is without power. and the massive quake noingd out cell hope to service for thousands of people and this is mexico's deadliest earth quake since 195. that quick also flattened elementary school in mexico city. unfortunately that event killed at least 21 children. tonight, crews are still working to rescue a young girl trapped under the rubble. rescuers say that earlier they saw a hand move and they can also hear the sound of that little girl crying out. emergency responders are asking for silence as they search inside the remains of th
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>> also, developing in japan tonight, that country also reeling from the effects of earth quaek. a 6.1 magnitude quake hit off the coast of japan earlier today. no word on the extent of any damage or if anyone was hurt. u.s. geological survey said it happened 200 miles east of fukushima. >> tonight moral gaitions of sexual abuse at a popular d.c. spa. a second woman claims a massage therapist in finally town tupd her inappropriately. both women claim the incidents happened during a massage. kristin leon is live outside the spa tonight. kristin, what are police saying tonight? >> shawn, we learned that 24-year-old man is facing a new set of charges in an incident that took place this past weekend, september 17 at this massage envy here in ten
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this massage envy here in tenly town tonight adds you mentioned allegations of another incident of sx you'll abuse this time involving a different client. and investigators now believe there may be other victims out there. >> according to the latest charging documents on august 28, 24-year-old man tried to inappropriately touch a female client of his during his massage session. inappropriately touch her again tall area. he now faces attempt the first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client and attempted second degree sexual abuse of a patient or client in this particular case these latest charges follow after a different victim came forward sunday september 17 saying the man sexually assaulted her during her massage time at the spa. according to those charging documents he inappropriately touched her genital area. we reached out to massage envy about the incidents and sent us a statement s
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athens i have requires franchise hes to fill out extensive reference checks and strictly enforce code of conduct and zero tolerance policy to ensure guests have a safe and professional experience when they visit a franchise location. the therapist at issue is no longer employed by the franchisee. >> now, "fox5" does our own background check on gebroloski in terms of criminal history we wouldn't find anything him. he is held without bond and scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing tomorrow morning. we'll let you know what happens there. reporting live in north west tonight, kristin leon, "fox5 local news". new tonight a maryland man wrongly convicted for murder is now a free man. lamar johnson spent 1 years in prison. "fox5" lindsey watts sat down with him and joins us with more on his journey to freedom. lindsa
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atlantic innocence proj account a group dedicated to exxon rating people wrongly convicted and they are been working on lamar's case for years work that finally paid off this week murder changes behind him. lamar johnson walks into the sunlight into the arms of his family. >> i cannot stop smiling. it's just so this feel amazing. >> finally the end of his fight for freedom. a fight that goes back 13 years. >> when i first gotta rested i said wow they charged me with murder. if you ain't got the right resources it's hard to prove innocence. there were times i thought i would die in there. >> johnson was convicted of gunning down a man in baltimore despite the lack of physical evidence. she was miss identified by informant and sentenced to life in prison. >> i was in the room and seen
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the pope in the mid atlantic project my gut said know i'm innocent let me write the people. >> he met with the legal director. >> she said i believe in your innocence and you. i'm not giving up on you. >> man, that went the world to me. >> mid atlantic innocence project was on the. >> to know someone is innocent and sitting prison the rest of their life kept me up many night. >> at times before the innocent project and mr. b beping took my case, it was like me he an my mom it was like us against the world. >> johnson says his mother has been his backbone someone who never lost faith. >> smoomz i would get frustrated. she would be like babe, just baby keep, just pray baby i'm praying for you. you wille
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we'll make it through it. >> after years of waiting they found out just a few days ago the murder charge against johnson had been dismissed. >> i can't even describe what i'm feeling built you knew he was innocent and knew he would return. >> i have been doing criminal law 25 years and this is highlight. >> i said wow i'm home after all these years i'm home. johnson knows he lot a lot of year. ib stayed of looking back he is focusing on what's ahead. >> now that i got a second chance of life and freedom between i will be a better productive citizen in society. >> i'm happy to have him home. so he can restart his life. >> life is short we can't miss too much time. and i'm just so happy i'm back. i love you mom. >> i love you. aando
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settlement for johnson. he admits he was no angel before he went to prison but he want a different kind of life now. he got ged while behind bars and now he's planning to get a business degree an he want to open a you mcdonald's franchise and if you're wondering about his first meal as a free man shawn and tony no surprise it was a big mack. back to you. >> perfect sense. >> i can understand that. >> i cannot imagine what he and his family must be going through the relief they feel now. >> absolutely. >> still ahead several people in maryland have the swib swine flu. what you need to know if you went to the khorlt county fair last weekend. >> robbery suspect stopped by a good samaritan. now the accused crook is planning to sue him. >> i'm leaving because it's nasty and there's a dog. >> caught on camera that woman went off all because after a veteran service dog was in the restaurant.
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>> seven people considered swine flu from the fair. none of the people infest vd develop serious illness or been hospitalized helm officials are advising anyone with flu like symptoms and had contact with pigs in the lasts 7 days to contact their doctor. swine flu by the way symptoms include sore throat, fever and cough. >> now to "fox5" follow up on embattled former director of d.c. veteran as fairs hospital. veterans administration has fired former medical director brian hawkins again. this time the ousting was under a new law that eases restrictions on employee discipline. hawkins was initially let go in july following a report of missing equipment and dirty conditions at the hospital. but last month a judge ordered the va to temporarily rehire hawkins as he appealed his termination. since then he's held administrative post
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headquarters. va secretary doctor david shell released this statement that read in part "this is right decision for veterans in d.c. and employees at the medical center and under scores our commitment to hold employees accountable if they filed do jobs or live up to vas values. >> it's disgusting to have annie yu mall inside a public restaurant. and if it is here it should be in a sectional area. >>. >> a woman at restaurant in delaware goes on tirade sc screaming about a veteran service dog. restaurant owners say the woman didn't like the idea of having to eat next to the dog. obviously you hear her sc screaming about it. while the great dane stood silently buy. the woman left on her own and restaurant locked the door behind her. >> man ais coulded of trying to rob a
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wans to sue the customer that stopped him. take a look at surveillance the would be robber was wear a transformser mask and had a fake gun and large knife when he demand money. i customer grabbed a share and smacked the map in the head and the robber stabbed the man and the would be robber now wants to sue the customer for excessive force. his monl says, her son almost died. >> the guy in my opinion went from a good samaritan to a vigilante. it doesn't take that many stab twoundz get is to suck only to you. >> jerry is going to be sued for interest veeping in armed robbery and being stacked in the neck. that's ludicrous. >> customer is not facing charges but attempted robber is in jail charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. testament to spark a conversation about diversity yo
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a college soshology professor asked students to take extra credit quiz on white privilege it asked students evaluation situations and determine their skin color benefitted them in any way. privilege is ranked by adding up the points that students get for each question. and those with the highest score are considered to have the most privilege. not everyone is comfortable with knowing their scores. some student saying the quiz singles them out. everyone earned extra credit regardless of their score. backing right now in the district. police are on the scene of double stabbing in northeast. you're looking at live picture from that scene, this is 1 and downing streets again in northeast. it's in the brentwood neighborhood. >> we're told two men were stabbed here and you can see investigators are walking a round this area and have roped off looking for any signs of evidence. we're told the two men stabbed one is unconscious and other unresponsive and the one
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is conscious is breathing. no word on motive or if police found the suspect. we'll stay on top of this one and keep you update the as we get more information. still ahead if you're a regular at the gym you may want to listen up. >> that's right before you tucht equipment wait until you find out what's on the sur surface. yep we'll be right back.
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>> if you work out at a gym you're focused on burning calories and not the gelz on the equipment sghu may want to a closer look. >> the average exercise bike is 3 the times dirtier than a cafeteria train. while your treadmill has ha 747 times more bacteria than public bathroom siching. worst of all the free weights. they're more than 300 times dirtier than a public toilet seat. experts say it's not only gross but you're putting
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potentially dangers russ diseases including mrsa and staph infections. >> that's really groxingts you want to know what i think of it. you know they -- you can wear your own gloves or they have what do you call it hand sanitizer there use it immediately before and when you get off. >> especially when you get off. >> all right. >> okay. >> jim here. >> it's a real concern. i know a guy that got mrsa at the gym and was sick two months. whip it down. >> this is why i avoid the gym. >> you're playing it safe tony. >> that major equifax could impact you come tax time. and drones with an extra set of eyes in the sky. tonight it's paying off for one law enforcement agency right here.
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right now at 10:
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victim comes forward gameing a massage therapist sexually assaulted her at a local spa sfwlaen the irs issation about equifax breach and impact on tax returns. >> getting help from above. how a local sheriff department use aid drone to bring home a missing teen. the 10:30 starts now. >> new details about the massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting a client at local massage envy. >> another victim filed a report against the man. "fox5" kristin leon is liver with the latest. kristin rrlt jim, sawp shawn, police say 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie is accused of touching a female client at this massage envy in tenly down. a different client alleged gebreslassie assaulted her. gebreslassie is held outbound and makes his first court ap
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d.c. superior court. >> in mexico rescue and emergency crews continue their search for survivors after the 7.21 magnitude earthquake yesterday. dozens of schools destroyed. this is the deadliest earth quake since 1985. >> look at puerto rico after cellphone video caught hurricane maria. the after marriage here thousands of homes and businesses sustained heavy damage. lawmakers in the u.s. are promising to send aid to that region. >> and a live look for you outside right now over towards the washington monument as we track effects of those hurricanes and what they may have on our region. >> let's check in with sue palka to find out the latest. >> reminder we're tracking two storms. jose is tropical storm and significant with winds of 65 miles an hour. that's what you see up here. this 16
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nantucket. they're feeling is maria now the core is moving along way from puerto rico where they needed to get out of that. that is the second strongest to hit puerto rico the st strongest was in 192 a devastating blow to puerto rico. it is moving along way and we'll have a new electronic from the national hurricane center coming up. i fear it's stronger than the 110 mile an hour wind it was assessed at this is tropical storm jose. it's an important piece of the puzzle for next week. because jose will stilling out here as maria is coming up and we're not certain what will happen as these two may interact with each other in the tuesday, wednesday, thursday, time frame. so we'll explore those possibility coming up in a little bit. you can see most of of the rain with our tropical storm jose is off the coast and than tuck set feeling winds gusting to 47 miles an hour at this hour and boston getting gusts to 26. most of the rain just off
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coast. sure. is real rough out. there let's talk what you can expect locally. did you like the taste of summer today. it was 82348 d.c.. warmest day since august 2 and warnlest day so far this september and we've got more on the way get ready for a day that may feature 10 to 15 degrees above average and 90 reading as well since we eedzly got to 8 today. all right let's talk about next week. clouds will be back on monday. they'll be tropical in nature we believe and then we're not going to rule out tropical showers and neighbor in the tuesday, wednesday, thursday time frame depending what happens as maria remnants come north. we'll talk about that track and look at spaghetti models and compare a couple models as well and show you a sizzling 7 day forecast two days from fall. shawn. >> south korean leaders are calling president trump threat to destroy north korea a stance for peace and safe six the president made comments
10:34 pm
assembly. mr. trump talked about the u.s. defending it sfraevl north korea's nuclear weapons and missiles. rex tillerson today weighed in. >> we continued to press on the diplomatic level and that includes economic sanctions, of course, but at this time we must recognize the somber reality that military options must be available in order to protect our allies and ourselves. >> meanwhile the north korean foreign minister is set to address the un general assembly on friday. >> trying to come up with enough votes to end the affordable care act. live on capitol hill to tell us where is it stands. >> i don't have any big announcement that i can share with you. >> there's a lot of attention on alsaskan senator to see if she will support the grand cassidy bill and what can be done to get her on board. the time to attract d
10:35 pm
is over. >> there is 0 possibility in bipartisan man to replace obamacare and i'm not interested in continuing it. >> merkowsi and mccain defeated healthcare in july and with end of month deadline to do with 50 yes votes pressure is building on undecided republicans president trump surprise pressing them from a different outcome now tweeting i hope republican senators vote for gram cassidy and fulfill promise to repeal and reduce obama case. >> there are many concerns i have about the gram cassidy proposal. they include the fact they make fundamental iping chas in the medicade program for the first time in more than 50 years sdmrt president is also pressuring kentucky senator who said he is a no. ran paul was a fend of mine but a negative force when fixing healthcare
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>> this is not repale and what we promised and this is not the last chance. we'll is many more opportunities. obamacare is unwinding. >> last night bipartisan talks in the senate between lamar alexander and democrat murray broke down. they were trying to come one a way to fix obamacare but could not find consensus. >> we have a chance to do something historic and it would have built on healthcare system we have in the country. now we're moving to another part season approach and no cbo score or hearings. >> breakdown of bipartisan talks means the only option to address health insurance markets irk use short term in grand cassidy. trying to make it binary between obamacare and new p plan. on capitol hill, mike emm emmanuel. fox news. >> fake tax returns to be a fallout from the data breach.
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stolen numbers to fire -- file fraudulent tax returns and freezing your credit or even using other monitoring services will not prevent that tax related identity theft. irs is reviewing situation and trying to determine what to do next. >> well up next 10:30 a missing teenager was brought home safely. >> all thanks in part tie drone. local sheriff's deputies used technology to fine the missing teen. >> shoppers could give retail rz a big gift for holidays. new report from consulting firm delight predicting retail sales will be around 4% higher from last year's shopping season and get they believe online sales might surge 20% higher. the housing market taking a direct hit from hurricane harvey sales of existing homes falling in august in part because of major storm. higher prices and shortage of homes for sale are other reasons why sales fell. and the dow and s&p 5
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continuing record run on wall street yesterday rise coming despite the reserve open to raising interest rates in december. >> fiat chrysler is recalling pacifica meny vans seatbelts in the second row can unb unbuckle. they're from 2017 and 2018. this recall comeing a day after the company called baca round a half million rams due to 235u89y water pump that could cause engine fires. that's business i'm david asmond. ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪
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>> the drop has a sensor system to allow to see it in the dark. they picked up the thermal image of the teen near the high school. >> i feel as though we would have found the subject but perhaps it would have taken a lot longer. maybe not even until daylight broke. >> now those drones cost $2,000 each and once that thermal imaging software is added they can cost $15 to $20,000 a piece. >> ten new roads projects coming to interstate 6 in northern virginia and when all said and done it could move 5,000 people more through the corridor and rush hours. the prime ofments are expected where i 66 meets express lanes and dulles toll road to boston. the governor says the focus is reducing congestion in the beltway. >> a lot of folks presently are cars will take advantage of the car pooopoop
10:43 pm
through new bus routes putting on and expanding two bus routes and we'll make it more convene to people to get out of their cars and 4,000 spaces we're building and to be able to get on not in a car but out of that or do a car pool. >> in all costs the state 10 million. >> here the question for you. do you think the district is one big speed trap. many of you told us yes. one local law maker is khaevrpinging the program. d.c. councilwoman mary chase sent a letter to d.c. department of transportation ordering review of speed cameras in the district. she asked them questions like are they hidden. are they in locations fair? and in all, there are 9 speed cameras across the districts and they bring in 100 million every year. >> i want explanation for these cameras if they can be explained fine but i want explanation because i don't want the public to think we're trying to you know steal their money. >> councilwoman shay says once she gets
10:44 pm
dot she'll decide if they needs to hold a hearing looking into those speed cameras. >> dockless bike share programs called spin and one called mo bike. they both rolled out. they plan to have hundreds of bikes available throughout the city, and let's you unlock the bikes using apostolic nuncio. spin cost an hour for a 0 minutes. they lock after you use them so you can leave them anywhere in the city. >> seen great success in seattle where leading the way and as well as dallas. we expect d.c. to be the same great reception and lot of usage. >> it's a movement and really changing the way people move overall city. >> both have millions of ursers around the world. >> pretty cool. >> next at 10:30 combining coffee and witness be beingy. >> okay. >> and we're not talking about in your home. new menu items for starbucks we'll tell where you coming up next.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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snv the drug was safe sean well tolerated. they recommended trials to test how effective it could be. >> a glitch caused confusion for some annual zone cust customers. people got notification about someone buying them a grivt their baby registery. a sgivt on the way next to image of baby crawling off the screen and problem is these customers never had baby registries and the company notified affected customers and. >> give it to the starbucks pr crew. whisky flavored coffee. no actual alcohol in it but made bpl
10:49 pm
coffee beans in empty barrels that had aged whisky inside. starbucks calling it whiskey barrel aged cold brew. you can find them in new york. it means you'll never have it here. >> just wanted to tease you. does it mean there's no cholesterol just flavor. >> yes. >> it kind of sounds good. >> i don't drink starbucks no owe offense. >> a little irish coffee type thing. >> and a lot of whip cream after that. >> you may have to wait a few days before you feel like drpinging it. >> hot coffee will not hit the spot right now. we're well above average by 10 degrees today, 78 average. we were 88. tomorrow we'll be as hot if not warmer. so summer sizzle back in town here we are today all month as 8 degrees. you have to go back to august 22 to find a day warmer than today when we hit 88. so
10:50 pm
mixed up around here. yeah, two days until fall begins friday at 4:02 in the afternoon. it won't feel like fall th though. september is more like august. at least this next week and these were highs we hit today. we'll be right there tomorrow. if not a little warmer in some areas. forecasting lots of sunshine and temperature of 88 degrees. few degrees cooler on friday and still a delightful day. did you notice how pleasant it was today including humidity not bad. friday about 85 degrees. got a nice range of temperatures tonight. d.c. at 75. but winchester down to 64. frederick to 64. mannasas to 61 and annapolis to 75. it's a delightful evening and as we continue to look at our map tomorrow we think tropical storm jose will spin out here creating rain for the northeastern u.s.. creating sunshine for us. jose weakens and it sit and spins out here maybe another three probably another w
10:51 pm
but for us it's far enough away it doesn't have effect on us we will be warm. not too humid. it's not awful. not noticeable but not something you will find intolerable but high temperatures upper 80s means outdoor recess and shorts for kids tomorrow. 85 for annapolis and frederick 87. 85 martinsburg and 83 winchester. this is the old update on maria though. so in other words 8:00 update, 11:00 has not come in yet we'll get that and bring it to you at the beginning of 11:00 newscast you do note core has come off island of of puerto rico it's battering parts of dominican republic and i think they'll find it stronger which 11:00 updates comes out because hurricane hunters are seeing that when we see eye coming back and intensity of hurricane. it's forecast to become a category 3 again on the older track and as you know, it misses florida. it's going to skim by turks and caicos but again it's not going to be devastating blow li
10:52 pm
these other areas and then what's going to happen beyond that as it comes up the east coast. i showed you this briefly before and i spotlight two models we're a little concerned as we get out in time, tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week one or two of these trying to get closer to the coast. we'll spotlight two models we keep a close eye on. american model in white called gfs and the euro in read. tightly kluingtserd as we go forward in time. pawdzing this a couple times. 10:00 sunday they're right on top of each other. east of florida. that's fantastic. let's go another 24 hours and see what it's doing monday night 10:00. great agreement. we have confidence to monday this is what will happen based on two great models. concerned now wednesday is 2:00 you notice the european is further east and american model will give effects to carolinas. not a land fall but too close
10:53 pm
as we go to 10:00 wednesday passing our latitude you start to see they're still farley clusterd together and finally out of our hair friday and we see what it does towards nova scotia and new england. we need to continue to watch jose and maria and see what interact they v we have nothing to worry about unless you don't want to run your air conditioner. fall begins friday. the weekend is gorgeous and summerlike. monday looking good. clouds increase. and then we'll start adding showers into the forecast on tuesday and wednesday. based on the proximity of tropical systems doesn't look like a land fall luke i said but that's a lot of time we have to continue to watch it so would that be a week away brody i guess it is would be. plenty can change too back to you. >> sue i love it it's like falls in florida i grew up with perfect fall weather good redskins got first win of season thanks to limiting mistakes and
10:54 pm
offense. week one against eagles skins threw ball 40 times and rushed 13 times with running back rob kelly and chris thompson. that's never a recipe for success. la skins 36 yaris 22 yards and yeah got one win. player that has everyone talking thompson. 61 yard camper and 106 yards of total offense and two touchdowns on the ground and callly nursing rib injury and thompson and p. ryan are set to the carry the load. thompson was called under size back his entire career and used that slight to motivate him to new hight this sur surprise. chris is trem ups r induce to our offense. he can pass protect and catch the football and run good routes he's a sma p
10:55 pm
good teammate and he can hit the ball well and there's a lot to like. >> yeah like a long run hit the home run. nats adds lanta taking on the braivdz. we'll focus on the person most excited to view a walk gio gonzalez. a walk to danny murphy brings home a run and that gets today's gio gonzalez off for the walk. geo is pumped another over done celebration from him yes celebrating another loss. nats put up a six snot eighth and walk away with win 7-atlanta. speaking of walk giants taking on rockies. balanced dude vince gomez springs to action. sprinz in own way. he makes it up over over the mound on his way he'll get there he's 82. while everyone waits players laughing it took him over a minute an a half to get to the ball and get it to a fan this whole t
10:56 pm
two pitches later, oh, no, same spot. all right. here goes vince. >> do it again. >> got to do it again. >> and no giant parker had enough of that he comes oaf and gives him a hand and throws the ball in the stands and mr. gomez has a laugh on there. >> i love that. >> i do, too. >> i loved it everyone waited umpire came out and they were waiting and he got a standing ovation. >> why let all the kids have fun. >> he's been doing it three years he's 8 and keep going. >> let him do it. >> thanks, brody. >> fox news at 11. >> i love it too. that's great stuff. coming up at 11. amazing story this gentleman spent 13 years in prison for a crime he does not commit finally and he's back home. >> we believe in innocence and not believe you in i'm not giving up on you. man that meant the world to me. >> he's telling thus story for the fight for freed
10:57 pm
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>> right now at 11:00 double disasters puerto rico is r reeling in the wake of hurricane maria and local rescue team is headed there to help out. >> meantime in mexico crews are scrambling to free survivors buried in the rubble of earthquake plus more disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct at popular massage chain and this man finally free after 13 long years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> it was like me and my mom like us against the world. >> your news starts right now. >> we're following two breaking stories tonight. d.k. police are working a double stabbing in north


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