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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 a young girl is in the hospital struggling to recover from the swine flu after she came in contact with pigs at a country fair in maryland. >> she wept to the fair. we were so excited and we couldn't wait to go and so when we wept, she was just running all through the park and really happy. and then everything went downhill by monday. >> and, a woman out for
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menu. a copper head snake bit her several times. she's talking about it tonight to "fox5". >> and the latest on the investigation into a maryland teen kidnapped and raped by her classmates. and more rescues in mexico city and plus a look at d.c.'s levy system. are are we ready if disaster strikes in the news at 10 starts right now. we begin tonight with a "fox5" exclusive. the maryland parents who say their young daughter tested positive for swine flu are talking only to "fox5" ton tonight. >> their 8-year-old daughter is one of ten cases the maryland health department linked to infected pigs at the charles count county fair. evan lambert is live with the story. evan. >> cherelle taylor says parent might want to keep their kids away from these kiingt. her daughter kennedy has a very high fever and, doctors and the family are hoping she improves in the
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>> it's been just like pork the heat. >> this past weekend a waldorf family was having the time of their lives at the charles koulty fair. 8-year-old kennedy spent two days saturday and sunday petting pigs at a livestock exhibit. now days later she's in the hospital with a high fever and a case of swine flu. according to what doctors told her mom, is sherelle taylor. >> she told me she was really sick. >> kennedy has a immune system that makes it harder to work and she has gone to the fair before and pet pigs and never got sick you. >> never think it will happen to you what happened to your daughter. it's disheartening you expect to take your daughter to these family functions and stay s safe. then you find out you're not. >> according to maryland department of health five pigs at the fair tested positive for influenza a, swine flu in pigs. as of wednesday the charles county health department said 7 people became infected
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contact with pigs and none were hospitalized. now the state says that number surprise to ten and kennedy appears to be in the worst condition. in an email to fox fair the fair board emphasizes hand washing and has signs throughout the exhibit. kennedy's parents say she washed her hands and her sxeernts is enough forte lor's family to stay away from the pig stalls from now on. >> we thought they was in the best place possible kid friendly. this is annual thing they do. it was sad. it's scary. i would not pet the animals. i would look and keep going. >> and the maryland department of agriculture says that those pigs were inspected before human contact. they say it's possible that the pigs had the flu but didn't show any symptoms until sunday. they believe that the outbreak is contained. but as a precaution they are not going to have pigs at the calvert and st. mary county fairs which are upcoming. live in northwest, evan lambert.
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"fox5 local news". we have new details tonight about one of three suspects accused of kidn kidnapping, raping and assaulting a teenage girl in maryland. police say the group ambushed an 18-year-old girl in frederick on september 1. victor gonzalez gutierrez and 7-year-old edgar cheek ahernandez is charged in connection with the case and a third suspect is on the run. today we obtained court documents that show gonzalez gutierrez was arrested in april following a police chase and faced deportation and the judge sgraptd him bond. immigration officials insist all procedures were followed and some disagree. >> you ask yourself how and why. the reason why is the system is broken. not only immigration system but enforcement and backside where people have to wait so long for court dates and immigration court and bonds are set and the courts know these people will not appear in court or immigration court to face
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>> ice says immigration granted bond because he did not have prior criminal convictions nor was he considered a flight risk. a prince george county nursing home staffer is accused of sexually assaulting an elderly patient. the 83-year-old victim told police a staff member at the rehab center sexually assaulted her monday night when he came into her room to change her adult diaper the woman told her nephew and the nephew called police and nephew didn't want to be identified on camera and he did tell us his family wants to make sure his aunt is safe. >> what we're looking to get her into another facility as we're talking now. but at the same time, the staff here supervisor said they have suspended some male staff members. so that leads me to assume they know who is was and who did it. >> prince george county police were called to the facility twice in the past week. the other
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warrant a criminal investigation but an employee because suspended. >> desperate serve for survivors in mexico is facing a major hurdle. time is running out to find people still alive that may be buried in the rubble of tuesday's powerful earthquake. the quake is to blame for at least 293 deaths and authorities fear that toll will go higher. and more than half of those people died in mexico city. and a 7 story building and school are among some of the buildings that collapsed and when that earthquake hit. relatives of those missing are are at the sites and still holding out hope that their loved ones will be pulled to safety. >> now to the caribbean and the recovery efforts currently underway from hurricane maria. 27 members of maryland task force one are heading to puerto rico. they left over air force base this evening. when they arrive they will face incredible conditions. right now authorities are r rushing to evacuate tens of thousands of people living near a failing dam. but alerting people is
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but alerting people is proving to be difficult. more than half of towns on the island have no communication. all right. now we want to turn to the weather in our area. the calendar says fall, but, it's going to feel more like summer this weekend. >> let's check in request gwen gwen, how quarm will it get? >> i think we'll do what i'm calling a summer rewind how is that. >> okay. >> we're actually going to be into the 90s this weekend. >> wow. >> do you believe it. >> i'll tell you can is it really fall. it doesn't feel like it at all as tony said. let's look where we stabbed now in terms of current conditions and the nation's capitol. 76 degrees. we have a few clouds out. there i want to tell you those clouds are are moving on shore from jose. still kind of spinning out off the coast. but, winds are very calm at least and it's a comfortable night out. there here's a look at temperatures for you 6 8 culpeper and 68 baltimore and same gaithersburg and 75
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and 64 at mannasas. so, as we look at what is going on, there we have it. the spin of jose out to sea pushing clouds across the area and through parts of new england you're saying rainfall as a result of it and causing a lot of issues along the beach areas there for them. some beach erosion it's first day of fall. look at our temperatures for this weekend. heating it up to 7 degrees for your day. and under mostly sunny skies and looking at the 90 degree mark by the time we get to sunday will be a hot day, warm day, but it will be very nice and very pleasant to get outside. we're keeping a close eye on tropics and i'll have an undate what you can expect in terms of track of maria and whether or not we'll see any impact to the u.s.. shawn. well, she was supposed to enjoy a dinner out on the t town. instead it turned into a life or death emergency. a poisonous snake pit a woman inside a restaurant. marina
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>> the snake was already inside the long horn steak house before second set of doors to dinner room. the actual bite was some of the worst pain she ever felt. these are pictures of her foot after a 8" copper head snake bit her under her pinky toxt she and her family were walking in long horn in fredericksburg she thought a pea stung her and she reached down and it was harrisburging on her. they are one of three found and it is found statewide this is how she says it all happened. >> i felt what felt initially like a bee sting. maybeing in something a little more than that. nothing crazy i went to brush off my foot and tried to walk it was a whole different things an excruciating amount of pain. i yelled out the family thought i had fae
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over to grab any foot and dropped any phone and dropped my wallet and clutched my foot ape felt it moving underneath my fingers the bite the itself and first time i tried to put weight on it it was the worst. i've had two kids. it having kids was nothing in comparison i had a spinal tap when 15 to test foremen git is it felt similar to the spinal tapself. >> the virginia woman spent five days at the hospital where she was administered anti venom. she will likely remain unable to work and continue to recover from the side effects for next three months. her focus is recovering and has yet to decide if she'll take legal action against the restaurant. we did reach out to long horn steak house and in a statement a spokesman said in part "this was a highly inusual incident and we're working with facilities team
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may have occurred and taking steps to prevent it from happening again." >> that's scary. >> good things she'll be okay. >> all right. >> is the d.c. area unprepared for a major hurricane. >> tonight we'll take a closer look at the city levy system. >> how to be part of a big celebration this weekend as national museum of african-american history and culture marks a big mile we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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>> gop senator john mccain says he will not back the latest gop effort to appeal obamacare. senator mccabe said i cannot in good conscious vote for grand cassidy proposal. i think we can do better working together republicans and democrats and have not really tried. it makes it likely republicans will not be able to repeal and replace obamacare before september 30. they need 50 v
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senator ran paul opposes bill and susan collins said she is leaning against it and several other key senators most notably gop lisa markoski remain on the fence. >> today afghanistan government recognized members of the u.s. military who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting in that country. >> the president met with gold star families to thank them in new york city today. everyone there served in afghanistan or lost a loved one in the fight. >> i'm fully grateful and on behalf of grateful people and grateful state and grateful commander-in-chief and grateful president i want to say thank you to you. >> america's res presence in afghanistan makes it longest war campaign in history. about 11,000 troops are there work ago long side and training afghan soldiers. president trump announced plans
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plans to send additional 3,000. >> a young child in the first responders what helped save his life were reunited today. last july 5-year-old wisdom penter grass went into cardiac arrest and his mom called 911 and dad performed cpr when firefighters arrived once they arrived there they credited the son's quick actions for saving his life. they continued cfr and used a defibrilator to reviv him. they got to thank him and his dad said it's important for every parent to know cpr. >> in life we're the first teachers and only you know people around the kids more than everybody else in life. you are the first everything. you are first teacher and first respornd until the actual paid first responders get there. so it pays to know stuff. >> he is six and doing fine. they don't know what caused his young heart to stop. if you don't know cpr and want
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called hands on hearts. firefighters will come to your house and teach you cpr. >> thank goodness he's okay. quite a program. >> this year marks an verse i opening of national museum of african-american culture. the museum is hosting two day outdoor celebration this weekend. 11:30 to 7 surprised and including entertainment from the blue high school marching band step africa and eu famous go go band and earlier tonight we spoke with the art and architect you're cetic to get his information on the impact. >> the details the fact that the visitors are coming and the fact when you go in there there's really a feeling of visiting something sort of sacred when you're. there people are on their kind of washington best behavior in that building now. >> i think you're right. you feel like that when you're in there good proximity 3
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million people visited the museum in the past year and i must say you know it's still hard to get in. if you wanted to get tickets they're using that time ticket program. i looked today to check they're not going to release the next batch until january. >> eye i i. >> that means they're booked up. >> and for the crucial holiday period. when people have folks coming to town. >> it's great. >> coming up the newest iphone arrived. >> that's right hear from the apple fans that lined up to buy the new release today. >> and grocery deliveryes are nothing new and this is taking the idea beyond your front door. how walmart is trying to fill your refrigerator in a new way.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants.
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to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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as we continue to follow all of the def nation by harvey, irma and maria we're asking if the nation's capital is ready for a major hurricane. a super storm in our area
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and jeopardize national security. what could be at steak we asked experts. lauren. >> as you walk along this stonewall constitution avenue you may think is part of one of the monuments. i did. turns out this is levy built by army corps of engineers to protect our national treasures. how much water can this thing hand. >> in case of major hurricane making land fall by virginia beach surge could would be pushed from the bay to the potomac river. for the mcnair and bowling air force could take on massive moveding as the water makes its way in the national mall could number jeopardy. the department of civil and environment engineering explains. >> then the flooding would continue where the levy is and that could affect the washington monument. it could get
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it could actually get all the way to the backyards of the almost the white house. >> the part of the levy that crosses 7 street has to be manually put in place if storm is approaching it's roughly ten feet above street-level and 19 feet above sea level f we were to see extreme surge excess of 13 to 16 feet the water would begin to loop around essentially leaving washington monument on island. >> it's if you're taking clockwise around the washington monument that's how it would build up. . the levy would stop this but the water is so high it will come from the other side and would come to south can tall street and going to the mall and not far from the capital. >> other major threat is severe rainfall. if a storm parked over d.c. much like harvey did over houston storm drains would be quickly overwhelmed
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lowest lying areas would be in danger and experts say federal triangle home to a number of government agencies could become ground zero. >> i don't know there's been comprehensive modeling done and that's one of the issues we need to be working towards and core of engineers has study planned for the area and having that kind of comprehensive look. we know from the 2006 rainfall event that we flooded federal triangle area. so archive buildings and irs. >> metro and any underground structure could be compromised as well. >> what needs to be done is more studies to characterize it better and understand it bert. >> the us army corps of engineers says there's several new studies concerning flooding and d.c. region underway right now. and this is the part of levy that breaks here at 17 strot and it was built to protect against a 100-year flood and with the way things have been going lately i
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matter of not if but when. there are designs in place to raise it higher and right now, congress has not approved the funding for that. live on the national mall. lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> apple's new iphone eight is officially on sale despite presale mix reviews fans lined up to get their hands on one. some apple fans lined up outside of the apple store in georgetown. >> my iphone six is so old. >> i'm on the upgrade schedule i thought i would upgrade. >> preorders for iphone x start october 27 and they go on sale november 3. >> that cost $1,000. >> too busy to stock your refrigerator walmart will do it for you. a delivery person drops off packages and get this put the grocery as way for you in your house. yep you don't have to be there. the delivery person is given a one time code to open your door. customers will then receive an alerts on their phones when
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>> what could go wrong. >> coming up next "fox 5 news" at 10:30. >> hey, jim. >> coming up d.c. muriel bowser kicks off campaign for new election. any faces challenging her in next year's election. >> thank you president frederick. >> and former fbi director james comey not getting a warm welcome at howard
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a little girl is hospitalized after a trip it a local fair. >> she was so excited and we could not wait to go. when we went she was running through the park and happy and then everything went downhill. >> tonight she's not the only one that got sick after coming in contact with pigs. then,
10:30 pm
off her reelection campaign. will anyone step up to challenge her? plus, they call it the fit bit for drinking. we'll show you how it can help keep you safe during a night out. the news at 0:30 starts right now. >> off the top a little girl recovering after getting swine flu from the fair. >> "fox5" evan is live tonight with the story. evan. >> reporter: we talked with sherelle her 8-year-old daughter kennedy is in the hospital in d.c. suffering from swine flu that mom says it happened after kennedy came in contact with infected pigs at the charles county fair. fair officials say that five pigs tested positive or fat virus and originally people later got infection. that number is up to 10 according to state officials. they believe this outbreak is contained but as a
10:31 pm
they're going to make sure there's no pigs at two upcoming fairs in st. mary and calvert counties. the search for survivors in mexico is facing a major hurdle. time rubbing out to find people still alive that may be buried in the rubble of tuesday's earthquake blamed for 293 deaths and authorities think the toll will go higher and relatives of those missing are holding out hope the loved ones will be pulled from safety from that rubble. >> members of task force one will go to puerto rico after maria's direct hit. crews are trying to evacuate 70,000 that live near a failing dam. more than half the town has no communication so alerting them is difficult. >> . >> muriel bowser off and running announcing on social media she plans to stand for
10:32 pm
she'll face a challenge in the democratic primary and one name that comes up often former mayor and ward 7 council member gray. some wonder if this will be a rematch. >> this will be my sixth election and campaign and i've been khechinged in every one of them. soy start out every campaign putting together a great team and great plan and all eight ward strategy and we'll be prepared for anybody who decides to run sfwlt former mayor mzamane not made up his mind on whether he'll run run again. he served one term before beaten in the democratic primary. grays with embroiled in controversy whether he knew associates ran a shd shadow fundraising campaign on his behalf. developing right now we're learn about a major change in the way clems and university should handle allegations of sexual assault. betsy devos is
10:33 pm
guidelines she said they were unpair to people is accused of sexual assault. those that support the old guidelines say it brought attention to the problem and forced colleges to tak it more sear why youly. >> tom price is under investigation. the agency inspeingt for general is examining price's travel habits. he reportedly used a charter jet for two dozen trips over the past few months that caused taxpayers 300,000. his use of the jets was supporteand he followed travel regulations. >> that was scene howard university today was former fbi director james comey tried to deliver convocation address at historically black college. the protesters were raising fists saying no justice no peace he stood silent. >> the enthusiasm
10:34 pm
young folks i wish they would understand what a conversation is. a conversation is where you speak and i listen. and then i speak and you listen and we go back and forth and back and forth. >> protesters said they were with a group called hu resist. >> first lady mel ania trump posted first white house garden event continuing a tradition by former first lady michelle obama. mrs. trump was joined by kids in the national park service and they planted a vegetable garden on front lawn cabbage, cauliflower, turn ipz, let us, spinach. >> i'm big believer in healthy eating it reflect on your mind and body. and i encourage you to continue to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and so you grow up healthy and take care of yourself. have a healthy living. it's very important. the garden is part of the obama administration push to promote h
10:35 pm
looks like it's continuing there in the trump administration. >> former president george w. bush and jimmy carter were there to mark wonders of wild life national museum and aquarium. the former xhapders in chief toured the facility and took part in the ribbon cutting. created by bass pro ceo is home to life fish and mammals. >> a new way to avoid overen dullthing. >> a way to tell when you're too tipsy. >> mixed conditions across areas. take a look. clouds we're getting from what was jose and to new england they're saying rain fall. quite a storm still continuing over the tropics. maria still a category three hurricane. powerful storm. we'll vup dates on it coming up in a bit. >> no more wait for the iphone. apple releasing latest smart phone friday. as
10:36 pm
not helping apple stock shares falling after reports of new apple watch might have a technical glitch. >> meanwhile two big wireless companies are looking to team up. team mobile and sprint manning to join force. if they do unite they would have more than 130 million customers. >> sdes spite rocky week for stocks major up develops managed to close up. dow and s&p in positive and nasdaq tipped dipped a little bit. >> london transportation agency saying uber go away. it will not renew car services license to operate. the city saying it's pulling the plug at the end of the month because the company iser responsible when it comes to public safety and security. ouch. that's business. i'm neal cabuta. uta.
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>> new research shows it doesn't matter where you live around the world but kids believe gepder stereotypes. girls and i boys from 15 different countries and income levels found stereotypes of girls staying home to do chores and boys going out to do fun was instilled by the time most kids were ten. researchers say reinforcing these myths changes how the world seize both sexes during add less eps and how it continues to treat them throughout their lives. >> as communities look for ways to fight the opiate epidemic
10:41 pm
get the word out for alternate options to treat pain. it could help them from being dependent on painkillers. exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, meditation could help. they can reduce inflammation which can inturn reduce pain. doing this is not a magical cure to allow to you throw away your medication. >> you may be able toll reduce to one pill a day if you take three. over time you can increase. it doesn't mean every single person will have affected minutes and it means if you do it and you do it with the purpose and intention of getting to the bottom of the problem and getting it better it will work. >> experts say could be singtsy, patience and trial and error all important whener is searches for pain relief methods that work. >> hurricane harvey devastated parts of texas and cleanup continues. there are questions about what the hurricane left behind. researchers from oregon state passed out wrist bands to residents. they're trying to figure out what
10:42 pm
residents have been exposed to after harvey. there's waste pits near the river and contamination has been a concern for years. >> i decided i needed to find out what chemicals we have here that's affecting us. >> my mom got her cancer from what was in the water and stuff like that. >> a lot of people wonder wouldn't wondering what is causing thad. >> they'll wear them a week and mail become back for testing but could be a fuel year before they get the results back. >> high tech bracelet could help you stay safe when drinking alcohol. proof wearable. it tracks your blood alcohol content. >> this is main page you can see your blood alcohol content at any time. >> they call this biometric bracelet the fit bit for drinking. >> it's fun, non invasive. you put it on forget about it all information through
10:43 pm
>> high tech wrist band measures ethanol. as you sip and smooz at the bar proof wearable is watching your back and sweat on wrist monitoring blood alcohol level through perspiration. >> you want to drive home later .08 and your phone buzzes when you hit .08 you know in the moment not to have another drink sdm if you ask the average person how long you think it takes before peak blood alcohol concentration before a drink. many people say 20, 30. >> it is usually 80. >> it works off disposal twelve hour cartridge. if they took a bite out of fit bit they didn't. they have a research time hard at work ucsb. while it is not in the mainstream market yet my low's sensors sold out of 700 devices in a week
10:44 pm
indigogo and raked in 53,000. it's a great way to monitor on your own rather than end of police stop. >> breathalyzer givers you one image of evening and we give you a movie. >> that was beth farns worth reporting and we're talking about drink tgf fridays is testing delivery of food and booze. dining train is partnered with delivery start up lash. customers using service would will be able to add alcohol like bottle of tequila or food order. it will be rolled out in texas and if all goes well expanded to other states. all these restaurants are good pr operations. >> up next 10:30 hitchhiker that won't take no for an answer. >> this raccoon was caught on camera. we'll be right back. k.
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snv this may be under statement of the year. a goat check into a hotel happened in massachusetts apparently the goat escaped from the farm and walked into the hotel. it actually took police two days from one the goat got out to catch it. >> two days. >> they had been receiving calls aout a goat down a busy road and ended up in the ho hotel. the goat was returned to his owner. >> okay i mean you know whatever. >> not in much of a hurry. >> ot at all. >> police in colorado had a close encounter with a raccoon the animal jumped on windshield of a squad car of the officer pulled over slowly to take these pictures and of course to get the raccoon off his
10:49 pm
the picture with the raccoon is like ahhh. >> can you do on that camera. >> i don't have a problem with that. >> that's my favorite one there. >> ahhh. >> the raccoon knew what to do. >> raise your hand and get on to the car. >> everybody is okay. >> thank goodness. >> okay so we're roll into this weekend. first weekend of fall feel like summer though. >> i'm calling it summer rewind. >> we're there. >> we're rolling back i'm telling you because we're headed to 90s. >> tomorrow. >> insane. >> don't complain. >> open the pools. >> how is that for a combination. >> right. >> absolutely yes. >> we're heating it up this weekend, folks, and you know hopefully you'll get out and enjoy this weather. because as we know things can take a change via bankruptly with the seasons start to change as well. not a bad night outside tonight. here's a look at current temperatures. 76 this hour at
10:50 pm
double 66 baltimore and 72 annapolis this hour and 68 south at fredericksburg and 66 mar tipsburg and we have 67 at dulles. so we have clouds. guess what? these are clouds coming in from jose as it continues to spin off the coast. it doesn't seem to go anywhere too fast. areas up to new england seeing rains a result of it and they had beach erosion as well. we're getting some of those clouds and as we move into tomorrow, though, we'll see some sunshine with a few lingering clouds. 8 7 on saturday and 90 on sunday. unbelievable adds we said for this time of year. we'll take it. and here's what's happening with maria. latest update. this is still a monster category three hurricane and tonight the effects will be felt over the barack obamas it's now just to the east southeast of nassau. so it actually is continuing to move slowly.
10:51 pm
has not moved much. norm, norm west 9 miles an hour maximum sustained winds 125 it will take nor northerly turn once we get to saturday and as we move next couple days weakens out and becomes a category 2 and by the time we get to wednesday will be a category 1 hurricane. cone of uncertainty still needs to be watched. not much of definite steering mechanism for the storm system. we could see it move more east or west. it really bears watching but so far we are not anticipating too much as far as the coast is concerned and we'll see winds and high surf and possibly dangerous rip current. rinl of high pressure out in the ocean and another one out here to the east and this is actually going to be blocking mechanism to keep it away from coast. we can't rule out getting dangerous sure. and gusty winds as i ment mentioned. once again this storm bears close watching. in the meantime ridge of high
10:52 pm
jet stream north. warmerer air surging its way n as i said 80s and 90s for weekend this first official weekend of fall. and it's not going to feel like it. midday tomorrow we'll kick in 82 degrees and 87 by the 5:00 hour. so let's have a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. looking good across the board. we're looking at mainly sun and clouds for the entire w week. i cannot rule out a popup shower. we have to watch it cold front coming through and that may be the trigger for some of that. other an that not bad at all pleasant. as i said the weekends feeling like summer. >> let's check in now with brody 'see what's going on in the world of of sports. >> gwen, we need to open up the pools. come on summer weather. well, through two weeks the redskins pass protection acloud fifth most sacks in nfl. six and twelve quarterback pressures which is middle pack why
10:53 pm
to face oakland raider's and one of the best pash rushers in the league. kalil mack. >> for 52 that's pretty gkalil is a game changer and bruce irving does some good things. our defensive line is solid. we're big guys. they have a lot of good players and steam. they exchange up a lot. they line up in one front and line backers own line of scrimmage in the box. >> their team as a whole is bodacious swagger group. oh, my gosh thats with a big group but to describe them that's what it is bringing old raider style football back. >> bodacious swagger group. we have our own. redskins game time 7:30 a.m. before the primetime match on "fox5"me grant paulson and ken harvey
10:54 pm
group. >> taking on the met and queens met have nothing to play for that doesn't matter ed quinn jackson is on the mound for the nationals. second inning facing travis darno. dar-oh no. >> and that nats trail 1-0 they lead 6-1 thanks to a homer but we're not showing it, it doesn't matter thanks to jackson steady serving of meat balls and darno eating them up. that's second homer, jackson six earned runs in four innings and nationals lose to met 7-6. >> well, today some youth hockey players got a special surprise when alex ovechkin crashed street hockey game outside the capitol 1 agreen a. he surprised 50 kids from the american horky association. aha gives players with developmental disabilities a chance to play the sport they
10:55 pm
>> cool moment. he's done this four years and wanted to do something different this year he would come out and surprise them. the kids were wondering what is ove he hadn't shown up and finally came out. they were excited. >> we're talking about hockey and 80, 90-degree weather at this point. >> street hockey. >> weather i grew one in south florida. >> you have to adapt. >> panthers doing great. >> yeah. yeah. thank you brody. >> coming up next fox news at 11. >> hi tony perkins. >> good evening, guys, coming up next at 11 a local woman walked into a restaurant when she felt a pain in her foot. turns ot a venom us snake had bitten her three time. we'll hear from her about what happened next and how prepared is d.c. for a hurricane? we're talking to experiments about the city will havey system after a rolling stone article raised serious concerns. those stories and more next at 11
10:56 pm
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>> move over cooper classics for toy hall of fame. risk and clue and magic 8 ball my little pony, transformers, uno and pez dispenser. two or three toys will make the cut and be inducted. toy hall of fame is in rochester new york. if you need a tron go through go. that's news at 10:30 i'll be back for final 5 at 11:30. >> fox news at 11 starts now. >> this is "fox5 local news at 11". rights now at 11 the swine flu scare a little girl hospitalized
11:00 pm
after petting pigs at a county fair. >> and plus new details about one of the men accused of kidnapping and raping a teenage girl. why he was almost deported this spring. >> plus, is d.c. ready for a disastrous storm? and hear from the local woman who was bitten by a poisonous snake after walking into a restaurant. your news starts now. >> we begin with a "fox5" exclusive. we're hearing from maryland parents that say their young daughter tested positive for swine after petting pigs at the charles county fair. >> 8-year-old is one of ten swine flu cases and only person that ended up in hospital. "fox5" evan lambert is live in northwest with the story. evan. >> shawn, tony, she says parents may want to keep their kid away from these kind of exhibits. her daughters kennedy has a very


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