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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 9, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> a desperate search is under way. why family and police are so concerned. a live report is still ahead. >> plus, it was one of his top campaign promises that border wall and as the president tries to move forward with that plan he's offering a deal to democrats but some a rushed already pushing back. >> the las vegas strip goes dark. a tribute to honor victims and survivors one week since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. modern history. >> giving i was live look outside on this monday october 9th. rainy to start your work week. >> little bit. let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> hey, steve, good morning allison. 24 days since we got rain but we're getting it this morning. look for rain showers first half of the day, i'll have all the details on what happens later dan the today and
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the work week coming up. >> it is wet out there. we've had a couple accidents. volume pretty night. 395 at duke street looking fine. top side of the beltway outer loop at new hampshire avenue doesn't ever move this slowly at 7:00 a.m. must be holiday. >> caitlin thank you. first up, montgomery county police need some help, they're trying to locate a missing mother and daughter who were last seen over the weekend. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live from aspen hill this morning with more on this search. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. the daughter was supposed to come here to karen cross terrace where her mom lived in an assisted living group home just back behind me here. they were going to a family function saturday night and the plan was for the daughter, 50-year-old arlene grant to bring her mother, 73-year-old marie grant back home after the family function but they never made there it and that's why police are
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wanting people to take a good look at them and see if they recognize either of these women. what's making this situation even more troubling at this time is that marie grant has alzheimer's. she can't talk. she uses a wheelchair and she needs medication. family members told police that arlene did text them but arlene did not tell them where she or her mother were at the time. montgomery county police also believe that arlene may be driving a silver 2016 nissan quest with maryland tags 6ch5492. that photo you see there not the actual minivan but a representation of what it might look like. they're very concerned. police say they are as well as family members concerned for their emotional and physical well being and that is why they've put out this alert asking everyone to take a look at those pictures, take a look at that van, if they see anything to please get in touch with montgomery county police. live in aspen hill, i'm melanie alnwick
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news. >> in the meantime police in northern virginia searching for a man they say attempted to sexually assault a woman during her walk home in sterling virginia. that incident happened about 1:30 saturday morning when the victim told police the suspect started following her before pushing her to the ground. the woman managed to escape and was not injured. anybody with information is asked to call the loudoun county sheriff's office. >> ♪ >> the president trying to strike a huge deal on immigration reform but it's already running into some resistance from democrats. >> white house just releasing an outline of the new proposal and that's where our anjali hemphill is live this morning from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. the president clearly not giving up on that proposed border wall, now trying to get it through congress by offering new protections to people who came to this country illegally as children. will the president get his border wallly? the white house is making a play for it in a proposed bargain. more border security in
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protections for the so-called dreamers, illegal immigrants who came to the country as children. >> this is exactly what the base wants and it also speaks to the issue of law and order. >> reporter: reaction already this morning from pundits on the plan but while the president's political base will be pleased that the president is making a push for a border wall, it's a nonstarter for many democrats. some of whom rallied last week in the shadow of the capitol. >> now it is the time to show our complete commitment to our immigrant community. >> reporter: still, the president has hinting about makg a deal with democrats to get this done. >> we want to make sure that whatever we put forward is a responsible immigration reform its not one piece of this process dealt with separately. we need to make sure that we're addressing all the problems so that we're not dealing with this again in two, four, five or six years. >> reporter: also on trump's list of demands is over hauling the country's green card sys
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live at the white house this morning, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> 7:04. now downgraded to a tropical depression nate on the move this morning and the remnants of the storm as you just saw in anjali and melanie's live shots bringing a lot of rain to our area this morning. nate made landfall as a category one hurricane twice over the weekend first in louisiana and then biloxi. new orleans did have a curfew saturday night but for a few hours and then the mayor called it off allowing locals and tourists back out onto bourbon street. fema is providing assistance in mississippi and alabama. >> nate's leftovers moving through our region. >> we're experiencing nate. >> that's why it's feeling so tropical. the moment you step out you'll be like whoa are we in florida. >> doesn't feel right. >> nate's rain arriving in melanie's live shot you could
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down, a steady rain. we went 24 days without measurable rain. that streak ended yesterday. today we're getting the heaviest of the rain. by the afternoon we may get a few breaks in the clouds. 74 and very sticky out there this morning at reagan national, 72 dulles, 73 bwi marshall. there's your rain shower activity. very steady at the moment right through the city up and down 95 and notice off to the west there, out towards front royal, a further south and west into parts of west virginia we're starting to see it break up. the heaviest of the rain will be with us the next couple hours and then we'll taper off to some showers this afternoon. still going to remain very warm and sticky. clear skies out to the west. 84 today. might be a little sunshine this afternoon and again, the steady rain will give way to just a few afternoon showers, maybe a rumble of thunder a little later today. that high temperature by the way, 13 degrees above normal so it will be another warm one. >> it's literally steamy out there. thanks tuck. good morning, caitlin. >> good morning. >>
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>> good morning to you all. a little weird to be watching football with these warm temperatures. its wet out there. be careful. we've had accidents despite the fact that it's a lighter volume day due to the holiday macarthur boulevard approaching cabin john parkway a crash involving multiple cars including an overturned vehicle. police and ems have been on the scene. not seeing a lot of delays building but it's still an issue this morning. we've got some pretty heavy traffic 295. speeds to 12 miles an hour. this is 295 i believe as you're approaching capitol street in the southeast part of the district. hard to see but we've got slow speeds on 295 as we always do every morning. otherwise the other majors have not been so bad. so, eastbound 6695 south of the freeway from third street tunnel to pennsylvania avenue just five minutes there. seeing more green as you take the outer loop between pennsylvania avenue and route 50 on the maryland side and then 66 eastbound in virginia between 234 and the beltway just 24 minutes on that
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is -- it's okay on 66 and on much of the outer loop. the only issue would probably be it looks like 295 right now with very heavy volume. this is our metro map. noing to show because all metro lines are on time at the moment. 7:08. more weather and traffic at 7:17. steve. >> a busy road in la plata closed after a deadly car crashed that happened early this morning on route 225 at hawthorne road. the driver of the pickup truck crossed the center line then crashed into a tree. the vehicle overturned caught on fire. the driver died in the crash. officials are investigating. also new details this morning in a deadly crash an fiery crash that happened last night in saint mary's county. officials say two people are dead after a two car crash that happened on route 235 near friendship school road late last night about 9 o'clock in mechanicsville. two men died. they were riding in the same car. no word yet on what caused that deadly crash. >> in the district, we're learning more information about a serious car crash that left two people in critical condition. this happened last night along hillcrest drive in southeast d.c.
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involved was stolen and they say at least two of the three inside were teenagers. so far police haven't released the names of people involved and it's also still unclear if they'll face any charges related to the possible car theft. >> the city of las vegas continues to honor the victims of last week's massacre. >> it's been one week since that mass shooting and last night the bright lights of the vegas strip went dark. our maureen umeh joins us now with the latest. mo. >> good morning, steve and allison. yesterday federal investigators were back at the shooter's home in mesquite. officials say they needed to recheck, excuse me and redocument the home where they found a cache of guns and potential explosives and some 80 miles away a different story. the city of las vegas paying respect to the victims of last week's deadly shooting. the las vegas strip went dark late sunday night honoring the many victims of the last week's shooting. lights at dozens of resorts and casinos were dimmed for 11 minutes the same amount of time that gunfire rained down on t
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festival. it was one of several tributes held in the area. vice president mike pence on saturday spoke to a crowd at las vegas city hall praising the first responders as heroes who keep us all going. >> we mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve but we do not grieve like those who have no hope. because heroes give us hope. [applause] and on sunday worshipers at the church at south las vegas held a service dedicated to the victims. the pastor told cou congregantso question why. >> even if you knew, it doesn't make it any better. explanations don't bring comfort. if you find out the reason why something happened, it doesn't change the pain of it. >> answers are something las vegas officials are seeking but one week after the massacre, they still haven't found a motive. >> and this morning we're
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the chaos last weekend victims of the shooting ran about a mile to the las vegas airport where they knocked down fences around the airport as they were frantically searching to are safety. officials at the airport weren't sure at first if they were under attack but soon realized the people were victims and began to tend to them. allison and steve. >> harvey weinstein is out removed from his own company and it all stems from reports of sexual harassment. more on all of this and what's next coming up. >> all right, also tough military challenge happening right now in district and we're going to have more from the convention center coming up two. 7:11. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ test test ♪ ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing
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thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> 7:13. you're looking at new vid
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masmassive wildfires. in napa a 200-acre fire is burning the wildfire is nowhere being contained. evacuations are under way. that fire is under several which the cow fire napa unit are working to put out. officials say there are dangerous condition that is could lead to rapidly spreading wildfires. a warning was issued yesterday and remains in effect until tomorrow. a group of white nationalists staged another protest in charlottesville gathering the confederate general robert e. lee statue. unlike the deadly clashes in august the small group of racists only stayed for about 10 minutes to prevent any more of these rallies the city council will create a special task force. the mayor took to twitter tweeting another despicable visit by neo nazi cowards. you're into the welcome
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meanwhile we're loo looking at l our legal options. stay tuned. >> not an all day rain looks like tuck. >> 24 days without measurable rain. we got a little bit yesterday. that ended the streak. today is the main event. it will just be for the next couple hours. >> okay. >> by afternoon i'm not sure the clouds will break up a whole lot but the heaviest of the rain will be moving through very quick. 74 very muggy conditioning out there this morning. it feels tropical and the reason why, this is nate's leftovers that are moving on through as we speak. 70 in pittsburgh. delightful this morning in chicago. this afternoon in chicago for our baseball game, steve, temps in the mid to upper 70's with bright blue skies. >> not what you would think this time of year. >> right. not going to be as nice as tomorrow but all we really care about is what happens on the baseball field. i was sweating by the way on saturday night. >> yeah. >> i feel better now. there's your rain shower activity. speaking of
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be sweating if you're outside for any period of time with all that humidity. dewpoint temperatures in the low 70's at this hour. all that rain as you can see very quickly you shall wering off to the north and east. we should be looking at scattered showers this afternoon and look at all those clear skies out towards chicago. wish we could get them in here. not today. better tomorrow. 84 today, and tomorrow. average high this time of year 71 degrees. >> and we are above that. >> well were y above that. >> caitlin is this morning. >> good morning to you both. a lot of accidents just after 7:00 a.m. on a monday morning. 295 northbound near ben, road so as you approach it it's a crash involving three vehicles, the left lane is blocked so you've got very heavy delays as a result. that's in the red. speeds down to 6 miles an hour as you're coming northbound on 2953 east capitol street and then approaching that scene on benning road so just avoid that,
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also now we've got an accident to report 95 northbound around the springfield area here in virginia. the crash is on the shoulder or on the shuld, we like to abbreviate. we're not seeing any delays. just use caution in that spot. all morning long downed wires as a result of an accident forced a closure of minnesota avenue. that's parallel to where we have heavy delays on 295 northbound so staying in southeast d.c. minnesota avenue remains closed between randall circle and g street southeast. avoid that area or follow local detours around it. overturned vehicle part of an accident, this is macarthur boulevard approaching cabin john parkway and fire and the emergency personnel, police and fire have been on that scene for about an hour now. it's been awhile but still that accident remains out there. overall travel speeds aren't that bad. a lot of majors looking great. outer loop between pennsylvania avenue and
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50 just 10 minutes and you're in the green. looks good on eastbound 66 w66 aswell. if you can avoid all these accident scenes be careful it's wet out there, the volume not so bad here on this holiday monday. that's a look at traffic. steve back to you. >> thanks caitlin. 7:18. developing right now powerful producer harvey weinstein fired by his own company yesterday amid a sex scandal spanning several decades involving several leading hollywood ladies. >> holly morris joins us with the details. >> reporter: this has been a big talker since the story broke last thursday. big news of course coming just yesterday. harvey weinstein has been fired from the independent film company he co-founded and catapulted to oscar glory, this after the new york times detailed in a bombshell report the movie mogul has settled sexual harassment lawsuits with at
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it was detailed in a lengthy times report. ashley judd described being lured to weinstein's hotel room only to find him wearing a bathrobe requesting sexual favors. the report told of encounters weinstein allegedly had with other women working for the weinstein company as well as official settlements from people associated with him including actress rose mcgowan who issued a $100,000 settlement that weinstein specifically said was not an admission of guilt. in the days since the allegations first surfaced, several key allies of weinstein have backed off the mogul. his lawyer, lisa bloom and adviser lanny davis resigned on saturday and nearly one third of the weinstein company's board resigned on friday. now also in the wake of the report many congressional democrats including chuck schumer and senator elizabeth warren have given money they have received as a donation from weinstein to charity
7:20 am
given more than $1.4 million in contributions since the election cycle nearly all of it to democrats. harvey weinstein did issue this statement. he said i came of age in the 60 and 70's when all the rules about behavior in work places were different. that was the culture then. i have since learned it's in the an excuse. in the office or out of it to anyone. i realize sometime ago that i needed to be a better person and the reactions with the people i work have changed. i appreciate the way i have behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for it. but all while saying that, weinstein and his legal team have also criticized the new york times report announcing that he was intending to file a lawsuit against the newspaper for $50 million in damages. and the latest word this morning is that the weinstein company will change its name as an individual with knowledge of the company said the weinstein name has been irretrievably tainted by the
7:21 am
scandal. so, you know, big names -- we're seeing that nobody is too big. we have roger ailes, bill o'reilly, bill cosby and now harvey weinstein. >> i think in a time where you might say wow it seems like we're going backwards in time, this is pretty groundbreaking 'cause this is pretty groundbreaking. >> another big person falls, a person with a lot of powers. he literally made stars. >> holly thanks. coming up next we'll take you to the military battle challenge under way right now in the district. >> the vice president reigniting the fury over the flag. some are wondering if it was a big old publicity stunt. ublicity ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> ♪ >> 7:24. on a wet monday morning. this weekend former president george w. bush held its annual wounded warrior ride. this is the seventh year for the mountain bike ride much the former president says it helps to showcase the courage commitment and resilience of the wounded warriors. he said it also highlights the importance of sports in the rehabilitation process. >> very cool. happening right now in the district live pictures right now at the military battle challenge at the walter e. washington convention center. participant compete against the clock and each other. as
7:25 am
event. the sergeant major is expected to be there. they were up early this morning and with the weather outside maybe it's a good thing they're inside competing this morning. >> best of the best right there. tucker barnes good morning. >> at this point in my life i need more than bragging rights. i need like a cash prize. >> is there a reward for the best. >> i need a cash prize if i'm going to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and do all that. absolutely. 74 now in washington. hey, rain, across the area. this is nate, winds out of the south here at 15. well, what's left over from nate. feels very tropical. when you step outside you're going to ask yourself is it january -- july or august, not january because it feels like it this morning. okay. that rain is heavy in spots particularly just north of washington up towards baltimore howard county columbia. you guys are get something pretty steady rains. osteady rain for a c
7:26 am
some scattered showers this afternoon. very warm, very humid for this time of year with daytime highs about 13 degrees above normal there so 84 today. little better tomorrow. dry out a little overnight with a weak cold front coming through but still on the warm side and then we'll cool it down by the end of the week but today temperatures well above normal. needed rain next couple hours. caitlin time for the jam cam. >> sure is. it's what i'm told. 7:26. it is the jam cam time. erin shows you this every morning. that's not a camera shot. oh, boy, we need erin back here. not a camera shot but this one is, here we go, this is out by baltimore but is one spot that's pretty jammed, 97 south at 695. an accident in the bowie area caused a lot of delays. northbound on 97 so that's problems up to the baltimore area much so use caution coming out of
7:27 am
first 295 northbound near benning road we've got an accident here with the left lane blocked. this crash involves three vehicles and they're incredibly heavy delays on 295 northbound leading up to the scene at benning road. you're very heavy really trying to reach east -- trying to cross east capitol street and looks like a gaper delay southbound on 295 you're also kind of heavy. let's go back down into northern virginia around the springfield franconia area. accident has cleared. so that is good news. more on the downed wires in southeast d.c. when we come right back. fox5 will be right back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> some of the kids home from school today. >> that's a good thing. >> it's a little rainy out there. all righty. goes with the mondays, right? welcome back to fox5 news morning at 7:30. let's check our top stories now. an intense search is under way for two maryland women a missing 73-year-old woman and her 50-year-old daughter. marie grant and arlene grant last seen on saturday in the aspen hill area. family members say they have talked with the two women by text but they're not providing their whereabouts. police are worried about the their well being. they may be traveling in a 2016 silver nissan quest minivan with maryland tags, and we have the tag numbers for you, it is 6ch5492. now, if you've seen these women, please give police a call. >> happening today in fauquier county the sheriff's office will hold a town hall at liberty high school to address concerns over an ongoing investigation into a group chat in a
7:31 am
discord. the conversation under investigation took place among six juveniles and the name of the chat was operation will to kill. police say the juveniles were talking about another student who also attends liberty high school. the sheriff's office says no one is being criminally charged and the comments in the chat were not directed to the other student. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight. >> today is a federal holiday to celebrate christopher columbus' arrival to america. in october of 1492 but there's also a lot of criticism surrounding christopher columbus and a lot of people say that he was responsible for crimes committing against native americans. d.c. council member anita bonds introduced legislation that would replace columbus day with indigenous peoples day in the district. no word on when the council will take up this proposal. >> ♪ >> nationals trying to get it done today in chicago for game three against the cubs. first pitch at wrigley today.
7:32 am
the game had been scheduled for 1 o'clock but got pushed back when the red sox beat houston to stay alive in the al. that gives the earlier start time to them. max scherzer on the mound for the nats. a lot of talk about trea turner. little bit of a slump. first two games of the post season o for eight. dusty baker says he's not that concerned. >> probably the concern that's the most worried is trea 'cause the rest of us aren't worried because every tre goes without getting a hit law of averages on his side that he's going to get a whole lot when they come. in the meantime we're talking to him but you can talk too much and put things in guys' heads and you sees to being natural. trea will be find. >> as for max scherzer he says he should be able
7:33 am
hundred pitches tonight which is good. hopefully the hamstring is rested up and good to go. >> game starts at 4:08. >> uh-huh. big question this morning when it comes to football. did vice president mike pence attend the nfl game this weekend just so he could protest? >> that's what many people are asking after the vice president left the game when some 49ers players chose to kneel for the anthem. wisdom standing by with more now. getting some backlash. >> a lot of backlash. people wondering about him going and leaving, another wondering why did he go there if he knew they were going to kneel. vice president mike pence walked out on his home state the indianapolis colts sunday when members of the opposing team the 49ers kneeled for the national anthem. some reports suggest president trump sent him to the colts game against the 49ers just to walk out as pr stunt. if you're wondering why they're saying this here's what they had to say because they say he knew ahead of time that some of the
7:34 am
planning to kneel. president trump refuting that claim earlier this morning tweeting out this the trip by vice president mike pence was long planned. he's receiving great praise for leaving the game after the players showed such disrespect for the country. vice president pence tweeted while everyone is entitled to their own opinions i don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our national anthem. now, if it was a pr spunt it was a costly stunt for the american taxpayers 'cause this is likely to the tune of at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. reports say air force two costs nearly $43,000 per hour to fly. san francisco 49ers safety eric reed read believes vice president mike pence leaving the colts game early was indeed a pr stunt. >> with the information that i have, last time he's been to a colts game is three years ago. so, this looks like a pr stunt to me. he knew our team has had the most players prote
7:35 am
he knew that we were probably going to do it again and so taman with power goes to the game tweets a couple things out then leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. >> this started last year with the 49ers. colin kaepernick was the quarterback. he sat or kneeled during the national anthem last season to bring more attention to the killings of black men by the police officers. meanwhile cbs corrected a report that earlier claimed that kaepernick would stand during the national anthem if given a chance to play football in the nfl again. he says that was not true. turned out not to be true, that kaepernick did not say that so his information was incorrect. a lot of people trying to connect the dots saying this was a publicity stunt. it goes back and forth with the nfl thing. >> the vice president statement you're welcome to do what you want to do, not t
7:36 am
very interesting wherever you fall on it. >> absolutely. >> missed a good game. colts won in overtime. >> there is that. >> i don't think it had anything to do with that. if he would have stayed it would have been a nice win for his home state. thanks whiz. >> all right. >> let's check in with tucker barnes right now get a check on your forecast its a little steamy out there a little rainy, . >> check all those boxes. 74 at reagan national. warm and sticky and rainy early this morning. compliments of nate, what's left over of nate moving on through and some of the rain has been steady if not even a little heavy there pushing up towards baltimore. so, steady rain for the next couple hours. by late morning, early afternoon, not sure we're going to see the clouds break up but we should see the heaviest of the rain move out of here. we'll just have a few scattered showers this afternoon and we may even get a few peeks of sunshine late in the day but it's going to be on the warm side with daytime highs believe it or not in the low to mid 80's. temperatures good 10 to
7:37 am
this afternoon. october? calendar says so. weather maybe not. caitlin is in this morning. she's having a great time with traffic. >> tucker i think we're paying for the nice fall-like weather back in late august, early september. >> right. >> got to even itself out. it's been awhile since we had rain out there for our morning commute. wet roads. give yourself extra time. there's wet leaves too. we've had several accidents. this is the latest in southeast d.c. northbound pennsylvania avenue near minnesota avenue we've got the scene of a crash that's causing delays on both pennsylvania avenue side, minnesota avenue side. if you look over to 295, there's an accident up by benning road and look at this massive heavy delay stretching really from beyond pennsylvania avenue and that will take you all the way up to benning but staying in this area in southeast d.c. just a little further north on minnesota avenue, overnight accident downed pole and wires has forced the closure of minnesota between randall circle and g street southeast so southeast d.c. a lot of issues. further up here on 295 like i just mentioned, there's that
7:38 am
northbound side at benning road. heavy delays with speeds down to about 13 miles an hour and you saw that stretched well beyond pennsylvania avenue so heavy northbound on 295 and a bit of a gaper delay it looks like on the southbound side just around that accident. staying in maryland but let's go up to crownsville here where we've got another accident on i-97 and 97 delays extend up into baltimore which are coming from the southbound -- the northbound side -- southbound side, excuse me, southbound from baltimore. so, anyways very heavy there on that stretch of 97. take your time. going to take awhile to get around that. believe i'm looking at a lookina virginia camera. i'm not sure where it is. fox5 will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> growing number of lawmakers want facebook to publically release the political ads bought by russian operatives. they argue it's in the public's best interest but should facebook agree? the hill reports that facebook is hesitating because it believes its unclear to what degree russian interference in the election happened on its platform. >> ahead of the holidays, one retailer is making returns a total breeze. wal-mart says customers who purchase items o
7:42 am
process from home by logging i don't and to a new mobile express app. then finish the return at the store using a mobile express lane at the customer service desk. now the new mobile app is set to launch sometime next month. >> competition getting fierce between amazon and costco. the big box store joining the delivery wars. costco grocery will offer free two day delivery for orders of nonperishable items over $75. a separate service offered at more than 375 stores nationwide will offer customers same day delivery. no therefore charge for orders over $75 for that service either. for five dollars, you can use the service even if you're not a costco member. >> i love costco but i hate the lines and. >> and the parking lots. >> and the parking lots but i do love costco but that might be perfect. >> coming up we're going to head to los angeles this morning. that is where kevin is with our fox beat. what is he doing out on the west coast this morning. >> plus fox is out with a new family
7:43 am
kevin sits down with the cast of the gifted. back after this. >> ♪ we were born this way. forged in the same fire. blood may be thicker than water. ( ♪♪ ) but we've got oil in our veins. ( ♪♪ ) welcome to the brotherhood of muscle. ( ♪♪ ) welcome to the brotherhood of muscle. you can't have this frenchie. sam just snagged it from homegoods. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
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we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank.
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it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! >> take a look at what's coming up on good day today. eric nolan stops by the loft. he's performing in d.c. showcasing his new single. we're going chat with him about the smooth moves that he will be making. >> also live in the loft singer song writer cheryl fortune has got a
7:46 am
dropping this friday and she performs for us on good day. don't miss it. >> 7:45. what we did miss tucker barnes was the rain. we didn't see it for so long. >> 24 days. the bulk of the rain moving through this morning. >> okay. >> for what morning commute we have. are most people going to work or school or not. >> it does feel weird. it's a federal holiday but my kids are in school and d.c. is not in school. >> it's kind of all over the place, right. >> a little bit. >> 74 now in washington. we are looking at very warm, very muggy -- october we're talking about muggy conditions this morning with daytime highs expected to be about 10 degrees higher than this. we'll be in the 80's with an average high in the low 70's, a good 10 to 15 degrees girlfriend normal with rain showers. 75 in quantico, 72 dulles, 73 in frederick. dewpoints it's october we're showing you this because it's so unbelievably steamy and muggy. you get this
7:47 am
humidity so you'll feel that tropical air. this is nate's leftovers that are moving through. had a good steady rain for the last couple hours now off to the south and west notice everything kind of tracking north and east here. off to the south and west we're starting to see some breaks. showers will lighten up later this morning and by afternoon we may even get a few breaks in the clouds and get a little sunshine although we can't rule out the possiblity of a few additional showers and maybe a thunderstorm. chicago looks great for baseball, sunshine temps in the 70's. that's good news. if i were to open the a map a little, denver a little storm warning expecting three to 7-inches of snow in the denver area by late this afternoon. futurecast 7:00 a.m., kind of put it in motion and you'll see that by 10, 11 o'clock things are breaking up and maybe a little sunshine this afternoon. there we are at 3 o'clock and just a few additional showers and sprinkles like to fire up after we get some daytime heating so look for that kind of mid to late
7:48 am
temperatures well above normal all week but particularly next couple days. 84 today. tomorrow looks a little bit brighter and a little less humid, 84 and then we'll cool the temperatures back closer to where they should be back into the 70's by the end of the week. can we look at next weekend? temperatures in the low 80's. we got caitlin in this morning. caitlin, how is the weekend? do you have a wonderful date with a wonderful man on saturday. >> did i? you could say that, yes. [laughter] >> not my word choice but that's all right. i did watch a lot of sports this weekend i will say that and i'm going to keep doing that today. indoor weather, indoor day watch and the nats this afternoon. metro red line delays to glenmont due to an earlier train malfunction outside the medical center. if you're commuting keep that in mind heading towards glenmont you've got that delay. so, red line delays. everyone else on the rails is good. back on the roads we've had several accidents this morning its wet out there. it's slippery.
7:49 am
had to drive in some rain. southeast d.c. accident northbound pennsylvania avenue near minnesota avenue. that's where we had the scene of a crash. delays building around that. 295 is very heavy due to an earlier crash at benning road that has cleared and speeds it looks like are getting a little bit better on the northbound side, up to 38 miles an hour. that's as you're approaching east capitol street. from there you break free of that beyond the accident scene at benning road but it's the southbound side now very heavy on 295 and that's just volume. all right, let's go all the way out to 97 here in maryland where you're approaching the crownsville area. just word of an accident there so we don't have any more details but if you do commute on 97 maybe going northbound towards baltimore you'll run into some issues. downed wires still force that closure at minnesota avenue between randall circle and g street in southeast d.c. so follow local detours around that. just avoid the whole scene if you can. steve and allison. >> military battle challenge
7:50 am
participants have been competing six since:30. nine different tasks on a tough obstacle course. there you see some of the competitors in action right now. the association of the united states army is sponsoring this event. they've been going strong for well over an hour now, almost an hour and a half. >> ♪ today's fox beat heading to the west coast back to los angeles this morning. >> that is where we found our kevin mccarthy. good morning, kev. >> good morning steve and allison. yeah its about 4:50 out here a.m. in the morning here in los angeles. i'm covering two films, thor rag rock and interviewing chris hemsworth and mark ruffalo. also a film called only the brave which is about the granite mountain hot shots and i'll be interviewing today josh brolin miles teller and jeff bridges and one of the survivors from the tragedy that occurred and i'll have more on that coming up in the 8:00 a.m
7:51 am
specifically here but there's a great show now airing on fox5 every monday night at 9 o'clock, it's tied into the x-men universe, the film series. there's some alternate time lines happening but the basic premise of the new show called the gifted is you have these two families played by stephen moyer and amy hacker who find out their kids have mutant abilities and they go on the run to try and protect them and save them. i spoke to two of the cast in the film natalie allen lind- who plays one of the daughter and also the mother amy hacker about shooting this show the gifted which airs right here on fox5. watch this. >> who taught you how to swim. >> you. >> i can teach you this. >> you're telling me -- i don't know if y c
7:52 am
but it was cool how they filmed the scene onset. walk me through the moment and how they did it. >> a lot of things we do on the show are very packet practi. only things that are cgi are the powers and the glowing. even some of the glowing i'm sean he's eclipse but he has real lights on his hands but for in scene in particular we just pretty much have it on a bungee and every time that i would do something, it would release it into the vending machine but yeah, it's kind of cool because every time i do something, it's something really cool happens and it makes me feel a lot cooler than i actually. it's cool to practically be able to do the stuff. >> those are my kids. >> you have
7:53 am
>> why didn't you tell me you have powers. >> dad puts people like us in jail. >> my experience things change when it's your own kid. >> character says something about things change when it's your own kid. >> yes. >> and i think it's interesting because there's the concept of what your father does in the show. >> definitely and. >> how it's completely changing him because now it's something personal to him. i'm curious as a mom are there things that change your perspective when it happens to specifically your own child. >> i think that's definitely true and that's part of the excitement of playing this role is to see like what you're actually capable of when you're put in sort of an extraordinary circumstance and when it's about protectioning your family and, you know, even though i don't have a super power, i kind of like gain my own super power. >> a mom is a super hero. my mom's a super hero. so, the gifted airs on fox5 at 9 p.m. the lady on the
7:54 am
plays the mom in the show and i thought it was an interesting question about the idea of when something specifically happens to your own children it can change your perspective because the father on the show his whole job -- one of the main things of his job is essentially anti-mutants and he finds out his kids are mutants and he has to change that perspective and it gets personal for him. the show airs at 9 p.m. right here on fox5 and if you're a fan of the x-men films, brian singer who directed a couple of x-men films he directed the first episode that premiered last week and then the new episode airs tonight directed by a guy named len weissman. it's tonight at 9 p.m. >> kev thank you very much. >> thanks kev. >> good buzz on that show for fox. the broadway show hello dolly starring bette midler set a new record form ticket prices. they're charging $998 for a front row s
7:55 am
performances when bette midler will be leaving. once you add processing fees to that price that is a record breaking price for a nonholiday performance on broadway but it is the divine miss b. >> to each their own. >> you can sit in the second row for a fraction that of cost but if you want to be in the front row and you have the means and you love bette midler like tucker does. >> she does have a voice. >> lehello to our facebook fan of the day this is katina posey rocking the red this morning al. >> she sure is. >> she says she's fox5's number one fan. thank you very much. she thanks us for keeping her family updated with local news and we thank katina and her family for turning to us. >> a great smile. >> we appreciate it. >> katina says she never starts her day without fox5 and we thank you so much for that and also she has a birthday coming up on this thursday, so happy early birthday from all of us here to you, pretty girl. >> happy birthd
7:56 am
>> all right. >> birthdays are special days. >> yeah, they're great. 74 now in washington. if today is your birthday and you want some sunshine hang in there. i think we'll get a little by this afternoon. need the rain its moving through. don't so much need the humidity in the tropical warmth out there. we have both of those earlier this morning. there's your rain shower activity. parts of the area are getting pretty good downpour at the moment. particularly just north of washington, parts of montgomery county, howard county up towards baltimore. the theme will be the steadiest of the rain will move off to the north and east. we'll be left with scattered showers this afternoon may even get a little sunshine and if we get that that could drive a late day storm. look at the warm temperatures next couple days. 84 this afternoon so definitely on the warm side. that's the weather update. caitlin is back with more roads. >> good morning. >> hi. >> still reeling from what you said to me earlier. you knew what i was up to this weekend. a couple of accidents and 295 and all southeast d.c. has been a mess this morning unfortunately. seems like we have had one accident after another. southbound side at pennsylvania
7:57 am
multi-vehicle crash. delays are very heavy. they're going to take you back to about benning avenue and maybe even beyond that. we also had an accident at pennsylvania avenue and minnesota avenue right around there, too. but that has cleared. red line to glenmont. heads up all across-the-board delays due to an earlier train malfunction outside medical center on your way to glenmont. that's a look at traffic. steve and allison. >> coming up 8 o'clock we're going to take a closer look at protecting your eyes. >> plus flu season inching closer. we'll tell you what you need to know about getting the flu shot this year. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ yeah, i just saved a whole lot of money by switching to geico.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good morning thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on this monday october 9th, 2017. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> desperate search in maryland this morning a mother and daughter in montgomery county disappear over the weekend. the latest on the investigation. a massive wildfire raging in california this morning. the blaze so big that it is now trending on social media. we'll bring you the latest. and president puts out new demands on immigration reformulate last night but democrats already putting up a fight. we'll break down the new proposal from the white house. first, though, live look outside much it's a rainy start to your work week out there. fortunately, not the usual traffic as it is a federal
8:01 am
holiday today. weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5's. >> first up 8:00 o'clock this morning montgomery county police need some help trying to locate a missing mother and daughter last seen over the weekend. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live from aspen hill with the details now. me knee. >> reporter: steve and allison, i've tried to reach family. so far this morning trying to get little more detail, so far i've not been able to do that. what we can tell you this group home here on, energy aspen hill, we're on karen cross terrace and this is a group home for elderly people who need acid living, and that is why marie grant was here. her daughter arlene grant was with her on saturday. the last time that the two of them were seen. let's show you their pictures give you little bit more information from montgomery county police. now, 50-year-old arlene grant came to the house to pick up her mother 73-year-old marie grant on saturday. they went to a family function and then arlene was supposed to bring her mother back to the assisted living facility saturday night but
8:02 am
showed. now this is why things are critical at this point. marie grant has alzheimer's she can't talk, she uses wheelchair and needs medication. arlene did text family members but wouldn't tell them where she was. montgomery county police believe arlene may be driving a silver 2016 nissan request with maryland tags 6ch-5492. you're looking at a picture of what a nissan quest looks like. not the actual car itself. montgomery county police say they and family are concerned for the emotional and physical well-being of both of these women which is why they have put out this critical alert for us to put out to the public at this time. they're asking anyone who has information about arlene grant and about her mother anyone whose scene people that look like them or that car to please get in touch with police. their family is very worried wouldn't like to see them come home safely. live in aspen hill, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >
8:03 am
road in la plata still closed after deadly car crash. this happened early this morning on route 225 at hawthorn road. now police say the driver of a pick up crossed the center line before crashing into a tree. the vehicle overturned. it caught fire. the driver died in that crash. officials are investigating. meanwhile, new details this morning fiery accident that happened last night in saint mary's county. officials say two people are dead after two-car crash this happened on route 235 near friendship school road last night around 9:00 p.m. in mechanicsville. police say two men died. no word on what caused that deadly crash. >> serious crash left two people in critical condition this happened sunday night along hill crest drive in southeast d.c. police believe the car involved was stolen. say at least two of the three people inside were teenagers. so far police have not released the names of the people involved and it's still unclear if they'll face charges related to the possible car theft
8:04 am
8:03 now. keeping close yon developing story out of northern virginia. police there continue to search for a man they say attempt to do sexually assault a woman during her walk home in sterling. officers say this incident happened around 1:30 on saturday morning. when the victim told police the suspect started following her before pushing her to the gr ground. that woman managed to escape. wasn't injured. anyone with information is asked to call the loudoun county sheriff's office. ♪ it's a scary scene in california this morning. fire rye earn attorney know ripping through parts of napa and sonoma counties. look at the video out of the napa. you're looking at a 200-acre wildfire nowhere being cont contained. evacuations underway. warning issued yesterday. it remains in effect tomorrow. hash tag napa fire is trending on twitter this morning. ♪ not good. >> not good at all. >> rain, rain and more rain this morning. >> yeah. we need the rain. got very dry around here. 24 days in a row without measurable p
8:05 am
so had a little bit yesterday and the main event is moving through as we speak. >> how long should it stick around, tuck? >> he will washington the humid conditions will stick around all day. >> okay, super. >> the rain will not. i think the worst of the rain will be out of here by, ten, 11:00 o'clock this morning. may be late day sunshine. >> oh wow. >> too bad the pools are open. talking about hurricane nate. of course, pulling through new orleans and louisiana and miss mess over the weekend. leftovers moving through our neighborhood right now. reagan national 74 degrees. 73 dulles. up in baltimore 73. let me mention our dew point temperatures are very close to our actual air temperatures it is very humid out this morning. you'll feel that tropical air the moment you step out. there's your rain shower activity. heaviest of it pivoting quickly to the north and east and we'll be left with mostly cloudy conditions. might even be a little mid to late afternoon sunshine and a few showers around this afternoon. once we get this big sloth of moisture througher
8:06 am
should brighten up this afternoon and warm, 84 degrees. do we have any temperatures near normal this week? i'll have the details. >> ly proly not. >> okay. >> you have to wait find out steve. >> i'm just throwing out guess a little tease. >> probably not. >> probably. noily. >> check in with caitlin, good morning. >> it would be nice to have fall before we get to winter. good morning guys. a couple crashes. more than couple. bizzy morning despite the fact it is federal hold day. let's begin here in the arlington area. 395 southbound you're looking at the scene behind me right here. where there was a crash that blocks the two left lanes and the right shoulder. so here's the scene. you can see someone in the center lane where it is blocked right there. crash moved off to the shoulder. so the two right most lanes are moving by slowly. but moving. and then the two left hand lanes including that blocked center lane you can't get through that. so expect heavy delays 395 southbound right after washington boulevard where we have that active scene. let's get back into the district we've been following problems on 295 all morning. our latest accident has it right at pennsylvania of a right
8:07 am
heavy delays on 295 as a result if you're approaching that area speeds at just 5 miles an hour and that extends back to benning avenue 295 southbound very heavy approaching that crash at pennsylvania avenue. very close to there off 295 accident has cleared at the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and minnesota avenue. that's good. delays are easing in that spot. and as far as metro goes we've had red line delays this came up 20 to 30 minutes ago still out there on the red line. delays to glenmont due to earlier train malfunction outside medical center much that's a look at the roads and the rails. more weather and traffic at 8:15. allison? >> thanks, caitlin. president donald trump trying to strike a huge deal on immigration reform. but it's already running into some resistance from democrats. white house released outline of new proposal where fox5 anjali hemp schill live this morning with the latest g morning, anjali. >> reporter: good morning. president trump clearly not giving up on his proposed border wall. he's now looking to get it through congress by offin
8:08 am
protections to dreamers. will the president get his border wall. the white house is making a play for it in a proposed bargain. more border security in exchange for renewed legal protections for the so-called dreamers. illegal immigrants who came to the country as children. >> this is exactly what the base wants and the also speaks to the issue of law and order. >> reaction already this morning from pundants to the plan. but while the president's political base will be pleased that the president is making a push for a border wall, it's a non-starter for many democrats. some of whom rallied last week in the shadow of the capitol. >> now is the time to show our complete commitment to our immigrant community. >> reporter: still the president has been hinting about making a deal with democrats to get this done. and the white house has argued for a comprehensive solution. >> we want to make sure whatever we put forward is a responsible immigration reform. it's not one piece of this process dealt with separately we need to make sure
8:09 am
addressing all the problems we're not dealing with this again in, two, four, five, six years. >> reporter: trump's list of demands also includes over hauling the country's green card system. live on this rainy morning at the white house, anjali hem hemphill, fox5 local news. >> battle brewing between president trump and tennessee sitter bob corker. they took to twitter with a war of words. the president accusing the republican senator of begging for his endorsement for re-election. the president said corker begged him to endorse him but told him no and then corker dropped out. corker shot back at one point saying the white house is an adult daycare center. >> looks like the drama is back, is it? >> no. from the inside there was never that much drama in the first place. >> the president went on to blame senator corker for the iran nuclear deal and said he expected corker to stand in the wave his agenda. corker will not seek re-election to the senate next fall. coming up, we are still watching tropical storm nate after it made landfall twice
8:10 am
hurricane. >> lights out in lavas gay, too. the city remembering the victims of the mass shooting one week now after that tragedy much it's nine past the hour. ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> i hope we don't have this extended summer now and it drops to 20 degrees. >> tell us we won't. >> here's the initiative we all have locally. >> impatient. >> too as soon as in d.c. >> warm and hued mid conditions. >> spoiled. >> warm and humid conditions do not do good things for our leafs changing color because they need cool, dry crisp over nights. so we're not getting that. keep getting temps in the 70's getting drab colors. >> do you see see any like, you know, decline in the temperatures coming up. >> not really. >> you don't. okay. >> all right. >> i mean it improves bite end of the week, but summery feel out early this morning it will feel summery this afternoon with highs back in the 80s. what you're really going notice the tropical moisture in place as the leftovers of nate are moving through. dew point temperatures in the low 70s. this is -- these dew point temperatures something we talk about in july and august. very very muggy out this morning. 75 now in washington. 70 pittsburgh
8:14 am
chicago comfortable 54. perfect baseball weather this afternoon to watch the nats role the cubs. >> is that a question? >> well sort of a question/statement. >> okay. >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> go either way on that one. >> okay. >> temperatures will be in the 70s with sunshine in chicago later this afternoon. for us, maybe little afternoon sunshine not the case this morning much it's been raining pretty steady for the last couple of hours. heaviest rain pushing up towards baltimore and off to the north and east and and we'll be left with mostly cloudy conditions an few scattered showers later this morning and during the afternoon and by late afternoon we may even break out in a little sunshine. if we get any sunshine at all that could kick up another round of light showers or thunderstorms. so remains very summery around here the next couple of days. little cooler by the end of the week and fall like by thursday and friday. 80s today and tomorrow and the weekend coming up. >> yeah and next weekend coming you. >> wow. >> staying in summer mode. >> totally weird. >> i
8:15 am
>> thanks, tuck. >> caitlin, good morning. >> totally weird. pulling out the summer clothes again. you think by october you could pack them away. no, not the case next weekend nice and warm. >> unfortunately all the way this morning doesn't do anything for anyone who has to head out on the roads. it's slippery. a lot of accidents out there. you just want to be really careful. awhile since we've had morning commute with a lot of wet weather and unfortunately that's what we're dealing with. 66 eastbound this is right before you hit the beltway crash is blocking the right lane. you can see it blocked with all the emergency lights there you can see the slow down as a result. this right most lane trying to get over right here for reduced three lanes very slow there 66 eastbound just approaching the beltway that is never a good spot at any moment. unfortunately not right now with that crash. into the arlington area 395 southbound here's a crash pushed over to the shoulder right after washington washington boulevard so basically it's cleared when it comes to 395. any shoulder activity not causing any delays and for the most part it's a federal holiday lost our majors have lighter volume than usual which is good. but like i said a lot of accidents out there including
8:16 am
southeast dc still following this one, 295 southbound at pennsylvania avenue. it's a multi vehicle crash. we've had lot of activity around the 295 area this morning and delays are extensive on the southbound side. 295 speeds reduced to 7 miles an hour. that delay i believe takes you all the way back to mention avenue. so really a tough drive 295 southbound tried try to avoid that if you can. good news red line problems resolved themselves on the me metro. so you are clear headed towards glenmont this morning on the red line all other rails look good. steve and allison. >> tropical st storm nate. made landfall in louisiana then mississippi did cause flooding and power outages but overall the region avoided what could have been yet another major storm. >> fema will help providing assistance in mississippi, alabama and florida. ♪ city of las vegas continues to honor the victims of last week's masser. the bright
8:17 am
went dark. they dimmed their lights for 11 minutes that's the aim sam of time the gun fair rained down on the route 91 harvest festival. authorities say they don't know what motivated the 64-year-old gunman to carry out this mass shooting. >> group of white nationalist staged another protest in charlottesville over the weekend gathering couldn't federal general robbed e. lee statue unlike the deadly clashes in august this smaller group only stayed about ten minutes to prevent any more of these rallies city council is creating a special task and the mayor not having any of of it taking to twitter. another despicable visit by neo-nazis cowards. you are not welcome here. go home. we are looking at all our legal options. stay tune. >> well, today is columbus day. federal holiday and celebrated year on the second monday in october. however, in recent months, there have been calls to take down statues of columbus. critics say that he was responsible for genocid and other crimes against indigenous people. here in the district, movement to replace columbus day with
8:18 am
gaining momentum. it's part of a piece of legislation which was introduced last week by d.c. council member anita bonds. a number of large cities including los angeles, seattle and denver have renamed the holiday already. >> vice-president mike peps add tending the colts/49ers game. why his early exit has people talking this morning. >> colin kaepernick in the news this morning. as rumors swirl about him standing during the national anthem. we'll tell him how he's responding to these reports n next. ♪
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> it looks extremely pretty. >> if i can have the snow without the super cold temps i'd be good with that. [ laughter ] >> i would take that as well. i don't think it's possible. >> i don't think so. >> admire it elsewhere. that's what's happening in colorado. looks super super pretty. you know what else is awesome in many times very pretty to look at as well. >> cuteness picture of the day. >> let's do it right now. our fox5 first five photo of the day. and this -- >> hello. >> -- hudson. >> hi, hudson. [ applause ]
8:22 am
>> hudson judd turned seven months on october 2nd. >> okay. so here's what hudson loves. besides being totally adorable in his little onsie. first of all he's so cute. he loves his big brother, okay, check. he loves mickey mouse and as you can see, he loves to drive. >> built in uber. >> he loves to drive. so cute. >> i'll take uber baby. >> aww. >> they should put -- you know how some people have you feel better if you see puppies or whatever. >> right. >> give me babies. >> uber cuteness for sure. >> makes me so happy. >> hudson, oh hope you have a wonderful day whether you're driving or riding being sured around or providing in vehicle, you know,. >> happiness. >> entertainment and happiness. >> stress reliever when you have the traffic. >> go to o our facebook page and we roll come your future fox5 photos of the day. protest a public relations move vice-president
8:23 am
himself in the miffled controversy yesterday. >> this comes after the vp left the stadium during an nfl football game yesterday. wisdom is with us with that story. exactly what happened here? what's the backlash. >> the backlash is a lot of people are wondering why he did this. was eight publicity stunt and the cost of him actually doing this. we'll get to that. let's talk about mike pence because mike pence was back in his home state yesterday for the colts game indianapolis versus san francisco 49ers but it ended up he left the game early when players took a knee during the national anthem much this is an issue that has been stirring up controversy in the nfl after players collectively took a knee linked arms and raised their fists in the air during the national anthem. after leaving the game mike pence tweeted quote while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, don't think it's too much to ask nfl players to respect the flag and our ational anthem ". >> the president, president trump, showing a lot of praise towards vice-president pence on twitter about 45 minutes ago he tweeted, trip by pence was long
8:24 am
leaving the game after the players showed such disrespect for our country ". >> yesterday the president tweeted that he had asked mr. pence to leave the game if any players took a knee during the anthem. now, this act of protest started last season when nfl quarterback colin kaepernick well he began kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racial inequality and police brutality. today he's in the headlines again. this morning kaepernick is trying to set the record straight about reports which said he would stand during the national anthem if he signs with a team again. cbs came out with that report then later retracked the story. kaepernick's girlfriend also refuted the initial report. kaepernick did opt out of his contract witness 49ers after the season and no other team has signed him. i was talking about the controversy a lot of people wondering why did the vice-president go to this game. he been to a game in three years at indy. he knew that the 49ers are started all this prote
8:25 am
kaepernick end knew this was going to happen. so why did he go there if it wasn't a publicity stunt? the other thing is the cost of this, it was thousands of dollars to go there just to do this and turn around and leave a lot of people are upset about that from that aspect of it as well. >> taxpayer dollars to make a statement. >> a lot of people are questioning whether this was pr move and how much the pr move cost. a lot of people talking about that as well. >> thanks, wis. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. >> 8:25. good morning, tucker barnes. >> 75 rain showers across the area. very very humid out there this morning. look at the winds south at 22. tropical moisture moving on through the leftovers with nate and heaviest the rain quickly off to the north and east. rather steady around here the last couple of hours. honestly need the rain not great timing with the morning commute. but it will be reduced a few scattered showers. warm and muggy conditions this afternoon and we might even get a little sunshine later today with high temperatures in the mid -- mid 80s. daytime high
8:26 am
ten to 15 degrees above normal today. weak front tonight brings us drier air tomorrow. temperatures don't start to fall back until middle and end of the week. so enjoy those steamy tropical conditions out there a little later this afternoon. all right. my part is done. katelyn in this morning. >> another great job. >> she's loving the traffic. [ laughter ] >> who loves traffic, tucker really? >> we have had a lot of it despite the fact it's federal holiday and wet out there. we've had rain all morning. several accidents and they still keep coming in despite the fact the showers are moving out. let's take look at some of them. our latest accident came in silver spring area. there's a crash that block the roo two right lanes westbound on the icc this is right near georgia avenue if you're familiar with that area icc meets georgia avenue. we've got heavy delays as a result of that accident stretching back on to the icc so if you're headed westbound on theism cc speeds down to 6 miles an hour approaching the accident scene right after georgia avenue that's going to take you some time up there in silver spring. 395 north of duke street that's the center picture
8:27 am
right there. volume is fine. here's the thing we've had a lot of accidents due to the wet weather. but volume is traditionally lighter on holidays and that's the case today. be careful out there. go through more accidents at about 8:35 with more weather and traffic. steve and allison? >> all right. thanks so much caitlin. coming up next we're keeping an eye on your eyes. dr. shilpi joins us to explain what you're already doing that's hurting your peepers and thou protect them. >> later on good day singer song writer cheryl fortune will be live in the loft. you don't want to miss that performance coming up later this morning. ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing
8:29 am
♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
8:30 am
>> i was 30:00 right now. look, we use our eyes every day knowing thou protect them is important but many times we think about things sunglasses to protect our eyes. >> we're also talking about some of those nifty cosmetic things i really wish i had. so if you wear eye make up or if you are trying to think about a more semi permanent make up for your eyes dr. shilpi agalwar is in studio to give us closer look no pun intended or pun intend. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning. good we saw there was a model who wanted to get at a time of the white part of her eye. that really kind of went bad. she ended up having problems with her vision. >> really? >> had an infection. >> exactly what are we talking about? >> so what i'm trying to say here, is that -- >> i'm talking about what white part of -- you're talking about the underneath? the actual pa white part. the so her rah eye of the eye. she wanted t
8:31 am
to make her stand out or give her a new flare look when she's walking that runway. >> that is not fda approved. >> yes, it's not if the da approved. no physicians have said they've ever approved or been on case where they've done that. >> there's the picture of the eye. she of course started complaining of a lot of tear, pain she had an infection. and now she's having trouble restoring all of the vision. she's having trouble with the way that it looks. >> how is this ever -- never mine. >> when i was training my mentor said there's only one pearl i can give you which is never mess with the eye. if there were any eye issues you should always be going to a trained board certified eye doctor, plastic surgeon to do any procedures. >> let's skip past the ridiculousness of someone wanting to tattoo their eye ball and focus on things maybe a lot of people are doing. >> sure. >> potentially could be doing harm to themselves. >> serve wearing eye lash extensions and wearing fake eye lashes. >> they look really pretty. >> they look beautiful
8:32 am
until place that is clean and sanitized. i want to cover exactly what that means. >> okay. >> when you go to the salon to get these eye lash extensions you should be making sure that your technician is washing their hands and using gloves. the second most important thing there's going to be these blue bags that is how they sanitize the tools and sterilize them. if your tools the tweezers and scissors they use to place those eye lashes do not come out of a sealed blue bag like this, you should not be using those or you should ask the technician that's placing those eye lashes hay are my tools sterilized. shouldn't be of a phoned by that this is your eye you're dealing with when they don't use sterilized tools you get infections, you can get scratches to the eye. >> ouch. >> very dangerous stuff. >> so it's not that it's unsafe but you have to follow these safety procedures. >> arrive ten to 15 minutes earlier before your appointment so you can test that glue. one of the top things i see in female patient who's get extensions is
8:33 am
my god my eye is itching they had allergic reaction. test the glue before. veneto between minutes can i borrow the glue to test it. i get allergies. test it on the inside your arm if it turns red, bubbly very very itchy that is not the glue for you. >> that's good. something like this how would we even know? whoever is going, how would you even know you're supposed to look out for. >> you just -- you're watching today. >> that's exactly. >> you have to really look out for the cleanliness. if you say, hey, they didn't change the sheets before i laid down or you my tools didn't look sanitary, you're paying a lot of money and these your eyes. >> and you'll have to go back. if you go to one place you have to keep going back. >> you have to get them refilled. for those of us who can't do the i lash extension procedures, some people use these fake eye lashes going out or whatever for work. i will say they're specifically designed to be used only maybe one or two times. if yours are frayed and the edges are kind of ripped.
8:34 am
shall throw them out. these are not too expensive. they're the cheaper alternative you want to use them only until they actually have their lifespan and then throw them away. now, one thing on the market out there these magnetic lashes. >> i saw that. >> interesting. so will say these a extremely hd to put on. what i do like about these they're cool because you don't have to apply the glue. >> can we do it rye now. >> can you do it right now for me. >> i can try to. >> because it's not super easy. i will tell you that. >> right. however, you can use these nor longer they stay a little bit cleaner because they're not accumulating that glue and the places where the bacteria can sit and you can put it right on and take it right off. that's good. avoid scratches. >> before we let you go anything we need to know about this side of the table. >> that's the glue for the eye lashes. i would say use this type of glue where there's an applicator you don't have to touch it with your fingers versus this one because there's a lot more mess, more chance of bacteria. be safe that way. >> go ahead and
8:35 am
we take it to break. >> i didn't this part in medical school. >> i'll save you, al. >> we'll send things over to tucker. if it works, maybe we'll show you later how this is going to happen, tuck, i know you're on the edge of your seat right now. >> hold on. >> 75 degrees now in washington. we are looking at a very humid start to the day and daytime highs will be in the middle 80s. mid 80s here in october. 73 now at dulles. 73bwi marshall looking at the satellite/radar. heaviest of the rain quickly off to the north and east getting it out of here. we will be left with most of cloudy conditions and some scattered showers for the next couple of hours. then as we get into the afternoon hours we might see little sunshine break outs the remnants of nate race off to the north and east pretty quick. i don't want to say, you know, terribly nice conditions this afternoon and still very warm and muggy. as far as the instead yesterday of the rain will be out of here shortly. here's a look at your monday forecast. and again by afternoon, temperatures are going to be on the warm side and plenty of humidity out there as well. might be get a lit
8:36 am
sunshine get any sun at all we might see a shower or storm populate this afternoon. highs a good ten to 15 degrees above normal in the low 80s. culling up on the seven day in just a minute. let's do another round of traffic we're having great morning. >> very busy morning. it's holiday. it shouldn't be busy. that rain is winning out. so unfortunately, crash after crash seems to be coming in as those who did have to commute continue to hit roads and it's wet out there. our latest crash here outer loop right before you hit colesville road and you've got extremely heavy delays. as a result stretching back to the outer loop the beltway top side here in maryland, montgomery county speeds down to around 3 miles an hour leaving up to the scene of that accident that's again right before you hit colesville road and those delays are building. back up to theism cc in the silver spring area is crash on theism cc that block the right two right lanes. westbound as you hit georgia of a just beyond georgia avenue and look at that speeds on the icc down to 8 miles an hour. so very heavy delays approaching georgia of a due to that accident there. let's go back down into southeast d.c
8:37 am
accident here. multi vehicle crash it will take while to clear. 295 southbound at pennsylvania of a speeds on 295 down to 6 miles an hour that's very heavy it will take you back to benning avenue. that is a look at traffic. 8:37. steve and allison. >> thank you caitlin. coming up dove body wash getting a lot of heat on social media. why the company is apologizing for its latest ad campaign. we'll explain next. it's 8:37. it's 8:37.
8:38 am
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♪ >> something that you certainly don't see often. maybe never seen before. it is called a fire definitely. it's kind of fire tornado. this video was taken out of portugal where several wildfires are burning. the phenomenon happened when wind and dust get caught burning in swirling mass, a swirling mass. it's very rare to see this. so we're lucky somebody caught it on camera. >> interesting. all right. 8:40. let's find out what's coming up on good day. here's holly and wisdom. what's up, guys. >> good morning. >> bizzy monday. we're excited. good day d.c. all over the developing local stories including the desperate search for a maryland mom and her daughter who have just vanished. we're live. developing nationally agents back at the home of the man behind the las vegas mass sh shooting. are they any closer to finding motive in the shooting? >> all right, wis, you know what time it is. it's that time. >> okay. >> on monday morning. time to go ahead and put up the
8:41 am
legend in the lot of alert. oj singer eric nolan here and he has new music heel share with you. >> live in the lot of singer song writer cheryl fortune she's got new album dropping this friday and she has new new song that is sure to give you inspiration on this rainy monday morning. >> are you looking for a chic outfit to rock this fall? well don't miss our live fashion s show. >> your number one good day d.c. all two hours of it just minutes away. ♪ we'ring looking forward it to. thank you guys. coming up next, though, we're heading out to the west coast because kevin mccarthy is out in los angeles with entertainment news. >> he joins live from los angeles when we come back. ♪ ♪♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ steve is pick out the songs again. >> this is his jam. [ laughter ] >> steve, we're just joking with you. he gets so serious. >> i was lost in the music, al. >> i know. live look what is that one of the washington memorials? >> in alexandria this morning. >> so pretty. >> very pretty except when it's pouring down rain. >> right. we need the rain. timing could be a little better. >> it's okay. mondays, rainy days and monday glass i guess so. >> it's okay. >> warm and muggy out there. overnight lowsal
8:45 am
overnight lows best i can tell you're pretty looking at them. we got down to 74 here in town. off to the north and west no relief in the mountains. 70 this morning in winchester. what can we expect today low to mid 80s. and eventually we might get afternoon sunshine after we get this rain through here this morning. dew point temperatures any time we talk about dew points we're talking about humidity which really going to notice the tropical air mass in place. it is really really swampy. 74 now in the current dew point in washington. get these numbers above 70 you can see everybody bust 70. really notice the humidity. particularly in october. it's not july or august after all. heaviest of the rain has been pushing through in the last hour or two. that's yellows and oranges you see. up towards baltimore and quickly racing off to the north and east. by the way this is remnants of nate and if you're keeping score at home i'm sure you were we made to the 24 days without measurable rain. brought that streak to an end yesterday and get getting
8:46 am
you can see we're not quite done with the rain showers. we'll have a few more develop later this morning and this afternoon. might get a little bit of sunshine mid to late afternoon and the possibility of a few additional showers. hey, chicago looks great for baseball this afternoon. temps in the upper 70s much lots of sunshine in chicago for the nats game later this afternoon. future cast put it in motion real quick. you can see the scattered showers breaking up and then i think we'll be mostly cloudy around noon and see if we don't get some breaks in the clouds this afternoon with some sunshine developing and again it will romaine warm and humid around here later today. with temperatures not getting out of the 80s. might be a late day shower. we're trying to pop one inside the beltway at 6:00 tonight. it's october. not going to feel like it any time soon. 84 today. 84 tomorrow. and then a little cooler, little more seasonal by the end of the week. with temperatures in the low to mid 70s overnight lows in the 60s. that is a weather update. steve and allison, back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much.
8:47 am
8:46. so dove is being slammed on social media you might have seen this for an advertisement that many have called racist. >> this new ad campaign is for a body wash and it shows an of a african-american woman using the product take herring shirt to reveal a white woman. social media exploded with criticisms as you might imagine saying the ad suggests that black skin is dirty and white skin is clean. dove has removed the post from its facebook page and posted comments on social media saying quote we missed the mark on representing women of color thoughtfully. >> harvey weinstein has been fired from his own company. one of his alleged victims rose mcgowan is slamming hollywood elite for shaming her and giving her a cold shoulder for breaking her silent. he took a leave of absence. yesterday the company announced he had been fired. well, so much for waiting in those long lines at customer service. at least wal*mart. they're speeding up their returns process for online customers. starting next month when
8:48 am
start on wal*mart's app. then head to the store. scan a bar code with your smart phone and drop it off with an employee at express lane at the customer service desk. the whole thing should take about 35 seconds or less. >> not bad. >> no. >> only thing you can do better if they pick it up themselves, right. >> maybe that's next. >> you don't have to go to the score. >> vegan dining coming to a mcdonald's near you? according to reports the company is currently testing out vegan burger in phil finland. not exactly right around the corner. it is a soy based patti several customers posted pictures of the vegan burger online being offed until november 21. mcdonald's offers vegetarian purgers in other countries including germany and india. no vegan burger in the u.s. if you're vacationing to finland look for it. check it out. >> time for fox beat. let's ahead the country to los angeles, california. >> that is where we find our guy kevin mccarthy. kev, what are you doing in la? >> good morning. >> good morning, city and allison. i i'm o
8:49 am
big under views today. right after i'm done with the live shots i'll be heading over to my interviews. i'm interviewing everybody from josh brolin to miles teller but i guess the big movie is thor rag to rock the 17th film in the marvel cinematic universe. these 17, 16 prior films have already made $12.6 billion at the box office. just a money making money obviously these thor films they've struggled in the past. the first two weren't loved by a lot of the marvel fans. so people are wondering how this third one will be. i'm sitting down with chris hemsworth today as well as mark ruffalo and the cast as well and tess is a thompson in creed. i saw the film last night around 4:00 p.m. here then i went to premier for only the brave which steve and i were discussing earlier this morning in the 6am hour. i wasn't a hundred% familiar with this whole story. but this is about the
8:50 am
night hot shots a group of firefighters who risked over to protect a town from a historic wildfire in the real life story as lost people know, there were all of them lost their lives except for one who had gone back to camp essentially he was looking out for the weather. but it is tragic story, and josh brolin is the lead of the film. he plays eric marsh in the movie last night i went to the premier here in los angeles. a lot of the family members were there of the fallen firef firefighters, and it was just emotional screening. very emotional being in that crowd last night watching that film. i walk out and saw miles teller and josh brolin and james batch dell who plays the characters in the film. sitting down with real life survivor today that miles teller plays in the movie. so i'm interested to hearing their thoughts on that, and it's very fascinating how they were able to pull this film off with the filming of the fire seq sequences i'm interested to to talk to the director and the cast about that and also taylor kitch much that's all today here in los angeles. >> such a tragic story. going to be tough to tal
8:51 am
witness survivor today. >> yeah. real life person. >> i was honestly -- i was really move by the story. i know that it happened years ago, but i just -- i wasn't familiar with how tragic it r really was. that essentially all of them lost their lives except for the one survivor. it's a very tough story to watch. i'll interested to hear the actors talk about meeting with the families and the wives and the kids and kind of what that process was for them. >> let's switch it up gone from real life heroes to the world of super heroes. everybody coming together, kev. >> yeah. justice league is coming out in november 1 of the most anticipated films of the year. yesterday trailer was released online. we can start rolling it now if you want to see it but essentially it started off you had these cool moments with wonder woman and aqua man. one of the cool parts of the trailer if you saw batman versus superman henry calfville's superman died at the end. we saw the dust raise and we knew he was going to come back somehow. but this trailer kind of gives a glimpse into maybe what
8:52 am
see chenevey calfville in the latest justice league film it's a dream sequence in the beginning we see him in the fields and amy adams walks out of the some of the cool moments in the trailer i liked were the combination of all of them working together. it's very very wonder woman heavy. i'm not sure if you guys are familiar with the history of this. zac schneider was directing his film. he left the project after his daughter committed suicide, and josh weeden actually stepped in to help finish the film and doree seats shoots. the phlegm has a lot of history in regards to the changing of the film makers, the total elements of it. i'm interested to see how the movie kind of comes together with all of these things that were happening obviously surrounding it. the director change and things like that. so i know that zac schneider will still get directing credit. weeden came to help out with the reshoot. i'm interested to see how that will play out in the large scheme of the movie and ben of a flashback and forth whether he'll stay on batman for the solo film that. film comes
8:53 am
i'll be covering in november at some point. >> remember when we used to have summer blockbuster, now, now we're having november and december blockbusters it's the season. >> summer movies starting earlier now. the march and april are becoming the new summer months for movie like logan and things like that. if you're a football fan which i think everybody watching is monday night vikings bears bears a treat for star wars fans. if you want to stay up. they're going to be trailer released it's on espn which makes sense considering espn owned by disney and abc it makes sense why they're releasing it there because disney is releasing star wars. wee get a brand mew trailer and the movie comes out in december. i'm excited to see what they release if there's any information about who the last jedi or is. we'll get more information hopefully tonight in the tra trailer. >> very cool. a lot coming up, kev. thanks very much. see you on good day. >> 8:53. stay with us. fox5 helping you get back into the work week on this monday morning. we have much more coming up.
8:54 am
talk about the summer blockbuster that was not. >> no. >> looks like a christmas card. >> rainy christmas -- springtime christmas card. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! >> ♪ we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. today the honor goes to kattena posie. i like the hair. >> me too
8:55 am
>> tina is fox5's number one fan and she thanks us for keeping her family updated with local news and we return the thank you to you and your family. >> got a pretty smile. i know that. she also says she never starts her day without fox5. >> and has birthday coming up. >> thank you. >> just jumped your line. also she has birthday coming up. >> thanks. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> op thursday. happy early birthday from all of us here to you kattena. well you could make a lot of pie out of this. >> check out this huge pumpkin. [ laughter ] >> okay. check out this huge pumpkin. it broke a state record at the pumpkin daze festival. >> in missouri. [ laughter ] >> annual thousands for the pumpkin weigh in. the giant pumpkin how much it weighed. >> over 1500 pounds. >> you guys are the best. i work with the best team ever. >> oh, boy. >> weight weighing at over 1500-pound. it was too big for regular truck so they had to have a little help. >> too big
8:56 am
a truck. we put the winning watermelon and the winning pumpkin and the big pumpkin is too big to fit. [ laughter ] >> i mean -- >> all about the pumpkin. >> sometimes you make a choice. go with the big watermelon or big pumpkin. >> watermelon. >> the pumpkin daze festival is one of 22 weigh off sites in the united states. >> that makes it official. >> weigh off sights. >> where they take the biggest the biggest i guess. right? >> never heard of that this is an official one. ten to 15,000 people came out to watch the pumpkins tip the scale this year. did i mention i went to the pumpkin patch. >> were there any any 1500-pound pumpkins. i did see any but that pumpkin patch is serious. cox farms in virginia. >> sounds fun. maybe not so much today with all the rain and everything. >> we normally start with traffic but we did get lucky yesterday. i was checking the forecast and out in centreville we really dodged a bullet. >> most of the day cloudy. ra
8:57 am
we can expect scattered showeety sun the worst of the rain moving through early t morning. warm and sighs in the low to mid 80s. i don't know about you, steve, my hair has gone bad. >> tell me about it. >> we sympathize. >> with no government work today we'd be doing okay out there. >> blame the weather on this one it's all the wet roads we've had so many accidents our latest one this is on the outer loop jackknifed tractor trailer right at pennsylvania avenue. so big problems and big delays on this stretch of the beltway and there are many other others out there. ing careful of. >> tucker has a check of the forecast coming right out of the gate. >> and a special guest at 9:30. >> we'll see you for good day next.
8:58 am
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♪ today at on good day, desperate search. a maryland woman and her mother who has alzheimer's vanish after family function. what police need you to be looking for this morning. war of words. a republican senator and president trump trade insults on twitter. then the senator goes a step further with a grim prediction about the rest of mr. trump's presidency. sincere reaction or calculated stunt? many wonder about motive after vice-president pence leaves an nfl came in protest of the national anthem protests. and saturday night live under fire for the big topic


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