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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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by police in florida and now this morning big questions about what led up to the deadly altercation. >> and widespread devastation as wildfires rage across wine country. death toll is raising and residents and tourists are fleeing as race continues to save entire neighborhoods. >> live look outside in our area on this tuesday morning it's october 10, 2017, we'll have weather and traffic on the fives for you at 6:05. >> first at six lerming more about a woman from prince george county shot and killed by miami beach police officer during the weekend. >> her name is cariann hilthon. melanie alnwick is live with more on this story. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison, it was chaotic strange scene in downtown miami beach a car crashed, and then a second and third and with one police officer in the air and another firing his gun this happened sunday 6 p.m. starting on twelfth street and ocean drive.
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am 2-year-old cariann hithon was driveing a black bmw she drove into a car and drove off and then hit another car and she tried todd drive off again speed ago way from that crash the bmw struck a uniformed police officers and another miami police officer fired and striking her and she crashed into another parked care. >> rear ended it and then drove off d. she drove off again and ran over a police officer. and then after that shots were fired. >> i heard five gun shots and saul pigeons ply ago way and then crash. >> cpr was performed on the scene and cariann was taken to the hospital and could not be saved. the injured officer was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. >> this shows
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civility class. she just transferred to te temple. she around participated in mentoring and leadership programs and interned with prince george county two summers ago. there was a passenger in high fin's car that man was questioned and released and cariann was in town to celebrate the bir birthday. miami-dade police said the officers fired shot whil they with on leaf. >> detectives spent hours on the scene of deadly accident route 1. we're told a woman was hit and died from her injuries. the car that struck the victim does not stop and stay at the scene. no word if any charges would be filed. >> a maryland man accused of setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire will be in court today. 34-year-old laquinn phillips is charged with first degree murder after he poured gasoline and they're upper marboro apa
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alleged attack forced her to give award lately. a preliminary nary hearing is set for many morning. >> new developments overnight as we keep a close eye on deadly wildfires burning in northern and southern california and more than ten are dead and more that 100 are missing. >> home after home up burping thousands of to the home and nap awon famed winery has nothing left. >> all is tens of thousands having to evacuate and minutes to run for their lives. live on the devastating situation. >> devastating indeed several count questions are understate of emergency this morning and widespread evacuations are now underway. >> fast moving deadly wildfires burning way through california. more that a dozen fires broke out simultaneously sepingd crews scrambling and many fires are not small. es
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you an idea. the smong visible from den lives lost. and looking at the fire damage it's not hard to see why so many mandatory he vac orders are in place. piles of rubble were once homes and john graves and family used to live in one of those piles in sonoma. >> about here 25 years it was a great neighborhood. it will be i lot of work getting it back. >> nearby in nap aflames scorch the way through whine country devastating wineries and leaving owners wonder what will happen to the very. even local hilton hotel started to catch fire vice pennsylvania vowed support after going to facilitys in ak meant owe. >> the federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance to the state of california call. >> right now more than 100,000 people
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power in koument question alone. and sheer devastation mane want to check in with tucker and i know there's family out here and my mom unfortunately. >> knocked on door at she:00 sunday night and it was get out, get out now and apparently complete health escape of you know, heroing drives down roads where they're burning trees. >> hard to imagine. >> particular my for us. in 70s on the run.
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her nasal and friends are not doing as well and just i think level of devastation we're even able to show is not really fully realized you know what i mean. it's really bad to see flames coming and helpless feeling. >> it's unbelievable. >> complete inferno imagine having nothing left. >> i cannot. >> like entire neighborhood is gone. >> and even in the video transformers pop and power will be out for a long sglim she said the afternoon before power started winds blowing 50 and 60 miles an hour and everybody getting nervous. this is dry time of year here i think they're i thinking maybe a power line went down and caught fire in brush field kind of thing and took off. >> are they getting a handle on it? >> there's a lot of hot spots she tried to get back to her house yesterday and they told her no she snuck back for a minute to grab stuff. i think it's gradually going
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>> goodness. >> at least the element of surprise is gone that point good best to you and of course our hearts are with our neighbors out west. >> okay. >> let's switch gears and weather here locally. we're looking at october warmth in 80s later today and did it yesterday. and steamy heat yesterday. >> i was running so much i missed it. >> let me tell you it was awful. >> i dealt with steamy heat and watched nationals lose. >> what a double dose of downer. >> let me say shout-out to the ladies at the breast imaging center sibly hospital. if you guys over 40 have not gotten mammograms yet time to do it. good morning to all the wonderful lady there's. >> 7 washington. better dulles, bwi, marshall. weak front dropping through the region this morning and that gifts us improvement as far as humidity still a warm day. partly sunny afternoon. clouds and sun, 84 die daytime high and 7 day coming up in a second. >>
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>> saying good morning to erin como welcome back good to see you. >> good morning welcome back i was saying welcome back to you you are here and i was away. >> hi vision brain we're getting slowly after that into the tuesday that feels like monday. blue and yellow line residual delays to largo town center and mount vernon square earlier malfunction braddock road. i brought this clicker from the other studio if you with can press f 7 we'll show you other crashes. 97 annapolis between 150 and 178. hard to see through trees headlights coming southbound are fine, northbound you're backed up from 52, 97 northbound significant delay there and give yourself extra time. aside from that earlier crash involving tractor-trailer and in a car. 95 northbound blocking right shoulder right lane before bw parkway. traffic moving okay in main lanes and you hit standard delay crossing 14 street bridge and tap of
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because of copeston. moving along long a crash in district southwest. 7th street main avenue a person reportedly hit by a car there. give yourself extra time. you see the yellow zona cross the bridge as i mentioned 95 northbound and dealing with water main break in annie yu dhail morning deal with road closure there back lit road all south lanes blocked little river and john mar drive. that's just inside the beltway this morning braddock road in the clear. upper and outer loop annandale looks good and 270 southbound a lot of leftover delays and earlier construction approaching 109 things improving and close toss hour commute. 52 minutes 70 to 121 you may want to hop off and take 355. that's dealing with bailout traffic. once you pass things open to beltway. begun a crawl there from earlier construction that had us down to one line. aside from that as we forward things a long quiet conditions around our secondarys like pennsylvania avenue. but, 295 southb
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district ten minute delay as usual as you cross from maryland to district approaching 11 street bridge. we'll have more traffic in a few if you have any questions erinfoxdc on twitter being back to you. >> coming up n a student at major extext university under arrest accused of shooting campus police officer. >> and harvey weinstein getting unexpected support a famous fashion designer coming to his defense and coming under fire. we're back in 30 second.
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>> 6:10 now a lockdown overnight at one of the largest college campuss in texas after a student shot and killed a texas tech university police officer inside the campus police station. the 19-year-old student was brought there after drugs were found in his room. now, while at the station officials say the teen pulled out a gun and shot the officer dead. he then took off. during that time the campus was puts on lockdown urging students to shelter in a safe location. suspect was later captured and is behind bars this morning. >> more details on the las vegas shooting raising questions how the hotel the gunman was firing from handled the crisis. a mandalay bay security guard was the first person stephen paddock shot outside his room six minutes before the massacre. the guard was shots after paddock opened fire. people attending a country music festival. he reported to
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information never made to police. authorities are at a loss in trying to sfaeb mostive. >> a woman injured during the las vegas massacre is making some progress. tina frost is a fraud after run del high school she was shot in eye and remains in a coma. she's stable and starting to breathe on her own. they're seeing except of brain damage there were several fundraiseers happening in maryland to support her recovery. >> donna karan defending. the women svrmly assaulted by him were asking for it. that comment was taken out of context and she is truly sorry for anyone offend. >> 6:12 now amazon getting into pharmacy business? we'll take a closer look. >> a live look outside you as we head toe break. on the fives next.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge
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>> 6:157 a couple picture to show you. hot, muggy and nast question and gross in d.c. from a weather standpoint of course. 73 degrees. the reason we talk about that and set that surprise because we have this going on in the country. yes, wonderful different various yaiings of life and weather in this great country of of ours. west of denver in genessy country. where the buffalo rome tucker that's for you to cool down i know this humidity gets you hot under the collar. >> big buffalo. >> whole heard of him. >> very unusual they get snow that early in denver. it's early in october. unubl for us to deal with the warm we're having. july conditions around here
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one more day of it and then we get better temperature and humidity-wise for the next couple days. all right. let's see, 60s before school. mild, warm afternoon. maybe a hot average depending on perspective highs mid to low 80s this afternoon. partly sunny day today. we'll have a lot of clouds around. temps that is not typical what you see in october. in fact that's higher than average high temperature is this time of year. 73 in washington and annapolis is 73 degrees and 73 quantico and 64 fred rikdz and 65 dulles. allison, do i have kind of -- >> what's so funny. >> do i have dumb and dumber hairstyle going. >> no you do not. >> dew point temperatures, low 70s. that's current dewpoint in washington. that's uncomfortable. 71. notice dew points in 0s which is better and trying to work n we have a weak cold front dropping down to region and we really cannot aeven
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out on soot light radar. we should gradually get comfortable as far as humidity today. otherwise, is it bad? otherwise it should be a nice day with those warm temperatures. here's future cast. put in motion. notice cloud cover out there. could be a sprichingle or sprit later today. p that's about. it otherwise warm, still humid this time of year. that cold front lifts to the norm tomorrow as a warm front give us showers for morning commute tomorrow and then we'll be looking at cooler day. temps in the 70s around here wednesday, thursday, friday, things will get better. clouds and sun today, 84. i need to go comb my air. >> i got gigglings when you say dumb and dumber what do i know i am wearing stretch pants because i ate a lot of barbeque. i was imagine you with the split between your teeth. >> largo center to mount
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problems on the roads. you can see southbound side of 95 dealing with delay from icc down towards the beltway. we have a crash blocking the shoulder it's before you murming on to beltway. give yourself extra minutes there about a five minute delay. no lanes blocked outer loop 95 to georgia avenue. a step minute delay with congestion. moving over to annapolis, look at 97 delays. it's hard to see through tr trees. completely parked 50 to 178. we're dealing with a truck fire cleanup that's causing a low down there 50 to that portion of drive. also, 395 this is northbound side tractor-trailer crash involving tractor-trailer and car. tow truck on location waiting to get that towed. blocking right uld shore and rain and traffic getting by okay approaching gw parkway and you had typical tap of brakes as you make your way to is 4 street bridge there. few extra minutes needed as you make your way out upper marboro old crane highway southbound 3
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reported we're seeing delays in southern maryland and branch avenue northbound and closure annandale little river turnpike and john mar drive. all lanes blocked with water main caution there. 270 southbound improving and slow. 46 minute trip earlier construction 70 to 121 give yourself extra time to get through the slow zone. you can see a lot of backed up traffic. there thips get backed up out of centerville and 295 northbound by dale city delayed 25 minute ride and souling of that froynt route 3 fred rikdzburg to 6:10 stafford. 95 backing up as well. we'll keep you updated allison and steve. >> we showed snow storms. looking like lloyd christmas is appropriate. >> i love that buffalo shot. >> you do not look like -- you d
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>> okay. >> it's coming down to the wire. we're talking about tax re reform. >> also nationals fans holding out hope there will be a game five in washington on thursday. just have to get through game four today. more coming up in the morning line. line.
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first we'll check the markets lauren simonetti. mixed day yesterday. looking good again today. this wave of profits continues. >> i know i know. so very, very, very light volume. and dow surprise 35 appointments. earning season
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begins with big bang reporting that starts thursday. jp morgan chase, citigroup, wells fargo and you see how u.s. companies are doing. earnings so far have been wind at the market's back. if they remain positive and they likely will, you'll see market continue to reach record highs. >> big business making money and even more money if tax code changes and the question is when is that going to happen and i know here in washington that's literally the trillion dollar question. >> right and does the recent public spat between influential tennessee senator bob quarker and donald trump hurt the president in trying to push his agenda namely tax reform. they can only lose two senator support before they reach out to democrats for support on fax plan. they're not in session this week so only have 40 or so days to get the budget done and tax reform done and ps achances of this
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65% in 2018 says goldman sa sachs. we remain optimistic, a lot of small businesses, big businesses, regular americans looking for a tax cut to expand the bottom lines. we'll see if it actually happens. >> let's talk about amazon. every week they're doing something adjusting and making changes and competing. you name it. now -- >> they'll stop at nothing. >> no. >> they wanted to dispense drugs acording to several reports. why would amazon want to get into the drug business. because let's say you're taking ants eye depressants you might be more inclined to buy certain product that make you feel better so amazon can tie all this together in massive universe. negative here or difficulty for amazon would be drug pricing is complex and also you know highly, highly regulated industry. like the alcohol industry and amazon
6:25 am
with that in the past. >> i agree with you, maybe they'll stop themselves. >> they're taking over the world one industry at a time. >> i feel like it maybe they can give mcdonald's tips i have two problems with this story lauren i'll let you fill in details one first problem is with people waiting in line for this and. >> yes. >> second the fact that when you make something available, bring a cupcake for everyone in the class or line. don't just bring 20 packets of sauce for entire world to share. >> to address point number one remember and mortgagey started craze for the sauce and mcdonald's and shamrock shake and colt favorites. and show of and promotions you have people waiting online for
6:26 am
you can spend hundreds of dollars on ebay. like little packets hundreds of bucks on ebay. such an up roar it got violent in some mcdonald's. one in florida they had to bring police n rest assured this winter everybody can get saswan sauce. >> this is multi-billion corporation how do you make 20 packs of everything that is most cost prohibitive i've seen except for the fact they were fighting over this sauce. >> because look at the buzz and pr they're getting. >> if you you find some lauren make that choice eat or sell pour $100 i'm putting on ebay. >> seyo
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actually. >> see you tomorrow. >> 6:26. >> fighting over schwann sauce. >> what is it. >> it's their schwann. >> nuggets. >> your dipping sauce. >> yeah. >> maybe worth the wait i don't know we haven't tastes it. 73 washington. warm, humid to start the day. another warm afternoon. our average daytime high is 70. we're above that and will be in the 80s later today. kind ever partly sunny day today. showers return tomorrow. no rain today. partly sunny. and unseasonably warm. i say that in a judging way. 84. you're judging mother nature. that doesn't end well. residual delays to largo town center earlier malfunction braddock road a few extra minutes needed there. flashing lights 7 eastbound in vienna w
6:28 am
dulinges toll road. big delays there. factor in extra time. as you make your way 95 southbound, 24 miles icc on down we have a crash before the beltway and outer loop delays near new hampshire. closer look at that. we'll continue in a few. keep it to fox news morning
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor,
6:30 am
to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. >> welcome back on tuesday morning. good looking start to day. we have that rain out of here
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our tuesday than yesterday. tucker and aaron will be long shortly with weather and traffic on the fives. welcome back to "fox5 news morning". you're just waking up this morning. we begin with developing news overnight. ten people were killed and 100 more believed to be missing in series of wildfires across northern california. sonoma county fires broke out late sunday night and knocked out power and blocked roads and forced tens of thousands of residents to flee. more than 1500 homes app businesses have been destroyed throughout sonoma and nap accounty. and a thousand and fire fight railroads on the ground ba battling 14 separate fires. this morning learning more about a woman from our area shot and killed by miami beach police officer after a crash on sunday. and carry on hithon from buoy. the 22-year-old crashed her black bmw into an
6:32 am
drove off and hit another car and then tried to drive off again and hit a uniformed police officer and that's when an officer fired. the officer was placed on leave. >> today the montgomery county council plans to sot on bill that gives more details guidelines to air bmb rentals. >> and if passed air bnb renters would be limited to number of people staying in a home to same salts. it would require one off street parking spot for gu guests. >> and also today the d.c. counsel ill will hold hearing about city un versusal paid league act. when they want to roll back on that law close to 100 d.c. residents are expected to testify about how the khaichs would impact them. some include employer map date openings for paid leave and social insurance and self insuring hearing starts 10:30 at
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>> d.c. ovz are putting in new means of transportation to get to southwest water front. mayor or muriel power and including taxi system and free shuttle. >> and well, washington football team the skins h hosting two blood drives this week. today, you can give at ainova blood services center in virginia 10:00 this morning to 8:00 and you'll see e service a skips team and skins tee shirt and they will host a blood drive in annandale. >> as much as i've about trying to put this off it's whip or surprise over over nationals after heartbreaking loss at rigly yesterday afternoon. it's not over they have to win today. let's take you back to the game yet. it was not all bad. matter of f
6:34 am
was absolutely brilliant on the mound. he took a no shutter over six innings and endeded in 7 plg with one out and that doubled and dusty said that is it you give up a hit and you're gone the next batter tied it up, 8th inning more bullpen khawchs and anthony rizzo at bat. game winning run home. they lopd the ball in there. it's not like he you know it was a clean hit. but it was a bloomer not that we had a chance to catch it. they contained to get clutch hits and we have not gotten them yet. >> but we will. >> game four tonight first pitch 5:48. rain in forecast in
6:35 am
>> tanner on the mound he gets start for nats grew up going to cubs games. let's hope he has that all out of his system. for cubs, jake arietta will go to the mound the one time ace though he's had i atougher condition. dodgers already in. la swept diamondbacks last night to three games to one. they'll -- yankees indians headed back to cleveland. aaron judge delivered a big hit and new york took advantage of season five errors and trevor power struggled on three days west and final or 7-3: a victory over the bears in chicago. redskins kicker, 26 yard field
6:36 am
interception tloep and sam brad ford injury update after first start since week one couldn't do it left late in first half when aggravated the neal injury he was doing for weeks. >> you hate to hear this. they're in up to and play the capitols and first a stop at the height white house today. pitburg head coach expects full attendance. there's no politics involved and hopefully it stays that way. that happens 3:00 this afternoon at the white house. 6:6 now. >>. yes, suck tucker. >> he added that in. >> which part was that. >> going to the white us and -- >> right i did not. but, if you want to know how bad the nats offense has been so far. >> i don't want to know. >> who wants to know that. >> 8th starting hitters for nationals. >> yes. >> combined h for .096 battinar
6:37 am
come on. that's. >> hopefully they can get it done today. >> make or break. >> yes. >> with me and sports teams it's like chasing a girl 20 years and you think you're this close, right, you have a chance. >> right. >> she comes back and walks past and hygiene and disappears. >> and goes away. >> in that scenario when you see the person after 20 years you're like that's okay. >> that's how i'm feeling you. >> don't want to feel that w way. >> i knew how it would go down yesterday. the moment max went ow of the game i think everybody thought we lost. >> what is it you say att attracting. >> the energy. >> energy. >> you dot nats. let's be honest. >> you know it's me. >> yeah. >> all right i'll do everybody else a favor and not watch today with hopes maybe they'll win. >> stevie didn't give up yesterday i was
6:38 am
they had 1-0 lead i was like we're going to pull this out. 7 washington this morning. warm and humid start to day. warm and humid afternoon h hamty. >> partly sunny day for us today. keep it dry. >> yeah you can wear the op short one more time, 84. >> out of respect for tucker i'll keep end game texts private. >> as you should. >> they don't make emogis what i'm trying to express. >> exactly. >> 6:38 now a lot of bad traffic to get through metro truck drive deal with a crash. heavier delays there and deal with a crash 7 eastbound on toll road. it's actually taiments you can see brake lights a lot of backed-up traffic dulles toll road and east side vienna and earlier crash blocking right shoulder and little bit of tap of brakes in main lanes l leading to point
6:39 am
street bridge as usual and 97 northbound between 150 and 7 earlier truck fire at annapolis. look at the heavy traffic because of that. keep it fox news morning. yellow even blue look going we'll have more if a few. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 6:41 back with what is trending on web on this terrific tuesday morning. first up, espn suspended host yes, ma'am yes, ma'am for two weeks for second violation of social media guidelines. in a tweet hill encouraged followers to boycott advertisers of dallas cowboys owner jerry jones after he threatened to bench player that nealed during national anthem. hill was under fire for tweeting that president trump is white supremists. >> netflix announces it is raising prices hulu is hoping to attract new users by lowering bracesment they're all new and returning users a $5.99 per month lower than the usual $7.99 users must sign up january 9 to get in on lower price. >> that's little time january 9 a couple months away and finally mila up
6:43 am
cashton kushner accused of being scoojs over their new tradition. they will not give kids christmas gifts this year they don't want them to be spoiled. they have a-year-old and 1-year-old and said last year the kids were spoiled rotten by grandparents and now the kids just don't appreciate getting one gift. so they're like no gifts. >> when you said they're not got egg gifts i'm sure they have gandz parents. >> they'll keep doing what they do. >> somebody will sneak the kids something. >> as i tell my girls leave that out of the autobiography you write. >> my mom nev got me anything. >> you don't want them to put that in there. >> no. they'llen fine. >> kids need to be busy christmas morning. in details about tuberculosis. we'll take a closer look in today's fox beat.
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there you go tucker that gets you pulps up this morning. >> a little jimmy never hurts♪ >> it does help a little, right. >> go allison, go. >>♪ >> all right. >> yeah, >> there we are. >> sorry i'm recovering from national's loss. >> more october warmth. looking at extraordinary warm day. temps close to 15 above
6:47 am
already mild start and warm start, 7 washington and quantity toe 73. better north an west and f falling to mid 60s. fog in spots early with partly sunny day expected. mix of clouds and sun. i think we will certainly have clouds around today as we have a weak front dropping through. and dew points you get into 70. mightry uncomfortable july and august. not so nochb october. it's sticky out there. doing better there off north and west. trying to get slightly drier air in. won't be cooler today but may be drier this afternoon as we can mix out dew points and get them back to 60s. not as quite as sticky as yesterday. cloud cover out there. front dropping down to south and west and will bring us nothing more than few clouds. maybe more than a few clouds today. partly sunny and again unseasonably warm. highs in mid 80s and hanging in there before we get cooler air. here's future cast. i put in motion for you. cloud cover later this afternoon with breaks. x
6:48 am
and. >> and tomorrow is cooler. highs in 70s. quick look at 7 someday. 4 today. feels more like fall. wednesday, thursday, friday, next weekend looking great, saturday, surprised, temps back to 80. morning mer: meme coming up. >> 6:48 i look forward to meme every day. residual delays south of icc and to beltway 15 minute slow down. earlier crash ramp to beltway cleared. residual delays lingering, bw parkway let's get out of the way. yellow zone north and southbound to powder mill r road. that's in better shape than 95 southbound. outer loop bangd up before 91 route 1 to 270 spur. look at brake light near new hampshire avenue. solid red zone. there dealing with
6:49 am
southbound delays. and this cram by middle brook road flowing and just leftover congestion with earlier construction has us slowed down this morning. annandale earlier water main break southbound lanes closed and between little river turnpike and john mar drive. packing up to springfield 66. problems chantilly 56 eastbound we have crash scene pet row drive crash blocking shoulder, aside from that starting to improve. brake lights on side of screen hard to see through eliminates that's where the delay is and 95 northbound an earlier crash looked clear. 97 annapolis. picked delays cominging 50 and 17. metro is on time guys. i know tucker is patiently wait uing for fun part
6:50 am
morning. >> let's do it. >> yes. >> you doing a bit of mid evil action. >> mid evil tuesday. >> let's do the morning meme. >> it's a thing. >> finish your favorite medieval themes. >> and we get to 80s. >> let's do it. >> let's see what you got. >> yes, started with medieval meme. go ahead, allison. >> okay. acting hard in front of the crowd basically and horse knows you're fronting like really, really gustavo. come on. >> that's a look i give steve often. steve this one is for you. >> oh, >> that's sad. >> uh-huh. >> let's start about th thinking. >> that's snarky. >> that's jud
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>> tell me about how could it is going to sdmrb that's enough enough of that. >> buy buy. >> when you're on lunch break considering not going back gh i'll sit here all day. >> and out the window. >> all are those poing todd photo he shop. >> that's weird. >> hilarious. >> all right i messed this up sometimes. >> everybody give thumbs up to allison for the morning meme. >> did you make that one. >> no somebody did but i was supposed to put the words under it. >> morning mem glext look how snatched we were in blue that day. >> it's a good look. >> it's nice road. >> i'm retiring at -- hopefully there will be some good ones after
6:52 am
>> time 6:51 we'll check out what is coming up good day d.c. today what is on map. and he has one on one with cute little chris hemsworth and kevin willing live with cast of the walking dead and sharing special reason that they are in town today. >> going to be down by the mall which is exciting and awesome friend of the bound. >> we've gotten in trouble with. >> messy is few. >> i think so. >> at the end of the workday. >> at the end of the workday. >> in the meantime candidates running be next governor of virginia went head to head in final debate of election day. >> republican ed gillespie
6:53 am
and northampton. while trump's day didn't come during the debate many issues discussed on national level did like sanctuary cities. >> you've made the point well we don't have them i said we won't if i'm governor because i would sign that legislation that you voted against to ban them and you bragged about that vote in the democratic primary. >> we do not have sanctuary cities in the commonwealth of virginia it's. >> and i thought it was am amusing when that vote came up on the floor of the senate it was nothing more than political employ and that's that's by the way what's wrong with a lot of politics today. >> the election is coming up phone 7 point
6:54 am
>> county high school students have tuberculosis. the school identified the teachers, staff and parents. affected students are undergoing treatment. health officials say there's no risk of additional exposure. the school system is working with the country health department to offer tb screening to anyone who may have come in contact with the affected students. >>:54. it's time for today's fox b beat. star words fans rejoice. new trailer forever the latest film last jedi is timely out half time of the monday night football game let's take a look, shall we? >> when i found you, i saw raw, up timed power. and beyond
6:55 am
truly special♪ >> something. >> that's where we last chewbacca has a cute new friend and ray seems to be training with luke sdi walker on the island. >> can't get any better than that. >> perhaps the most important part ray gets offer from k. >> remember last time around we were talking about david boyega and light saver multi-pronged life safer. >> i heb him kicking out
6:56 am
the. >> let's see how tucker feels about it. >> you know how i feel. i thought it was fwraet the first i've times. >> and this is eight. >> it's not fast and furious twelve or whatever. >> wait for it. >> let do the forecast. warm and sticky, 3 washington. and loters later today e temperature 15 above normal this afternoon. mix after cloud and sun and we got a little fog early dry this afternoon and this is last of well above normal days and we'll cool it down, wednesday, thursday, i friday, we'll bounce back look at the weekend forecast. >> warm october, 6:56 we have problems coming from manasas. 66 eastbound side crash bl blocking left shoulder. you can see three vehicles there one with mrinkers on blocking shoulder sutly road and 44 minute
6:57 am
suddenlyp. >> moving things to maryland. slow roll 270. i'm red zonep 0 to 121 outer loom that's camera with new ham sir avenue and 95 to spur and 95 southbound since earlier crash cleared yellow zone m. >> we'll be back in a few. 7:00 hour coming up guys.
6:58 am
alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring,
6:59 am
and i sponsored this ad. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> braeinging right now at 7:00, widespread devastation wildfires rage across california wine can'ty. death toll rising and residents and tourists writing to get out becaus it continues to take entire neighborhoods. >> and shot and killed by policeness florida, now big questions about what led up to this deadly altercation. live in prince george county. >> also harvey weinstein getting unexpected support and coming up under fire. >> plus spring break reduce todd four day week. school in session on the jewish holiday. one maryland county grappling how to fit it all in and big changes tots family calendar would number store. >> a live look outside. great start to the day. clouds parting. lots of sun.


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