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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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virginia maryland and the district. i'll let you know when that changes. >> we're going to begin with breaking news. two people are dead after a late night crash in montgomery county and the investigation continues to close roads. now, the crash happened on democracy boulevard in potomac. two cars were involved, one caught fire. we also know that the crash took down some poles and wires. democracy boulevard remains closed between new bridge drive and gains borrow road. >> search is on for a driver who struck a police officer in silver spring and took off. a montgomery county officer stopped to assist another officer during a traffic stop on new hampshire and piney branch road last night. she got out of the squad car and that's when she was hit. the officer has nonlife-threatening injuries. she's been with the department for a little over two years. >> two police officers were hurt after crashing into each other while responding to a call in jessup. it happened around 9:30 on route 175 and race road. were uncruiser rear-ended the other and both
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shock trauma in baltimore with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> now to the deadly workplace shooting in maryland. this morning the suspected killer radee prince is in police custody in delaware. >> it all started yesterday morning after prince shot five people at a business in edgewood maryland. fox5's melanie alnwick is live from the news room with more. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, right, so as you mentioned, it was this multistate manhunt and atf and federal authorities are saying that this was not a terrorist incident but instead, a deadly workplace shooting. man is not only wanted for five killings in maryland but also one in wilmington -- not a killing, but also a shooting in delaware as well. let's take you to the video here of radee prince who is in custody taken in by atf agents in delaware after a multistate manhunt. it started in edgewood maryland. before 9:00 a.m. prince broke into his workplace at advance gran
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five people. three did not survive. the other two are in critical condition. the person shot in delaware has not been identified. he did survive and was able to i.d. the shooter. prince apparently had beefs with certain people and described the shootings as targeted. last night people from all backgrounds gathered in edgewood. they wanted to focus on reconciliation, peace and harmony. a manager from advance granite solutions held back tears. >> i cannot express our shock and sadness. we are a small business and we know each employee intimately. we have worked together with these wonderful people for years in a peaceful setting. >> ♪ >> reporter: now, fox5 talked to some of the neighbors of radee prince who say they are shocked that he was able to commit such violence. however, back out live here in the news room we can tell you that our folks there in delaware also found some other information about him. some of his performer co-workers also in
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say that they feared him in fact we found that a former manager of another granite business had a protective order or tried to get a protective order taken out against him but that order was denied. wisdom, maureen. >> all right, melanie alnwick with the update this morning. thank you. >> 4:33 is the time right now. new this morning a registered sex offender is behind bars again. police say he was posting job ads on craigslist and sexually assaulting the women who showed up fortner views. ruth is charged with sexual battery connected to one assault which happened on september 12. he's also a suspect in two other sexual assault cases. also happening today a prince george's county man convicted of murdering his two month old son is due to be sentenced today. antoine petty pled guilty to beating his baby to death. now, his wife janise helped bury the body. she was indicted for involuntary manslaughter. petty faces up to 40 years in prison.
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>> today 22-year-old darwin martinez torres is due in court. torres is accused of sexually assaulting and killing 17-year-old nabra hassanen. police say he grabbed and beat hassanen while he was walking after evening prayers during ramadhan t ice officials have said the suspect is pleased to be in the believed to be in the country illegally. >> a former softball coach is that due in court to answer charges of sexual assault. an underage girl accused. police believe there may be other victims. >> time now is 4:35t -- 4:34 excuse. former president president barack obama will join ralph northam on the campaign trail. they'll rallily at the greater richmond convention center. republican candidate ed gillespie has brought out some
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over the weekend he campaigned with vice president mike pe pence. >> d dot is introducing a traffic campaign. drivers will not be allowed to park on connecticut avenue between rhode island avenue north west and dupont circle. drop-off and pickup zones will replace the area where people park. the program will be evaluated next year. >> a round of applause for the washington wizards they handled business last night in their season opener against the 76ers edging out philadelphia 120 to 2115. john wall led the way putting up 28 points, eight assists five rebounds. bradly beale packing in 25 points of his own. ben simmons dropped 18 points snatched 10 rebounds and added five assists. >> ♪ >> 4:35 is the time right now. mike thomas, good morning to you. let's talk about weather. >> wizards undefeated on the season, right. >> right. >> one and oh. on the
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starting off cool. you'll need the jacket this morning. this afternoon you can probably get rid of it. it's going to feel comfortable, maybe warm for this time of year. average high should be mid to upper 60's. we'll do upper 70's instead. again i mentioned cool temps. dulles at 43, bwi 44. suburbs on the cooler side of things but tod today's planner much like yesterday. by the time we get to the afternoon 70's take over. that's weather. over to erin to check the roads. >> checked in with annie yu. she's at the scene of democracy boulevard where they're investigating a fatal crash. aside from that this morning traffic is dealing with that usual construction zone in maryland silver spring outer loop two lanes blocked georgia avenue to 270. quiet on 66 through manassas. more traffic in a few. >> coming up on fox5 news morning the creator of
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popular nickelodeon cartoon is accused of harassment. >> michael jordan still cashing in on the jump man logo. >> a live look outside, 4:37 is the time. back in a moment.
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>> time is 4:39. we're back with what's hot on the web the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> holly morris joins us with what's trending. >> good morning, everybody. first up an olympic gold medalist is opening up about the sexual abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of former michigan state gymnastics doctor larry nas nassar. maikel lamar roni made the announcement on twitter. in her post she writes she was molested by dr. nasar for years beginning when she was just 13. she says the sexual abuse continued until she retired at age 21. she says at one point nasar gave her a sleeping pill on a ig
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with him in a hotel room. the creator of a popular kids cartoon show on nickelodeon is suspend is there officer allegations that he sexually harassed female co-workers for over a decade. a dozen woman have accused sabino of harassment. >> scientists getting a better picture of the can relationship between sugar and cancer. yeast with high levels of sugar overstimulated proteins in human tumors making the cells grow faster. you have a need for speed? ford is coming out with the fastest mustang gt. it will accelerate from steer zeroto 60 in less tn
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the price starts at $35,000. and finally, a long beach california restaurant is facing backlash for serving popeye's chicken and calling it their o own. a customer called out sweet dixie chicken for passing off popeye's chicken as their own. now, the restaurant comped the customer for their meal and has owned up to selling popeye's. the manager says they don't have the capability to fry food at their location. >> that is hysterical. >> they're called sweet dixie chicken but they can't fry chicken. >> they just love that chicken from popeye's. >> it makes me wonder who else is passing off stuff we're paying double for. thanks holly. 4:41 is the time. coming up, investigators searching for the cause of an explosion at a local restaurant. >> and gruesome discovery leads to a death investigation just east of the dis
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a live look across the d.c. region. it's 4:41, 51 degrees. we hope we're just what you need. happy thursday. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ are you taking the tissue test? yep, and my teeth are yellow. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. and they whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. fred would do anything for his daughter. even being the back half of a unicorn. fortunately, the front half washed his shirt with gain. ah... the irresistible scent of gain flings laundry detergent.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> a look at the stories we're
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thursday t-october 19th. the search for the gunman behind a deadly workplace shooting is over. police captured radee labeeb prince last night in newark delaware. prince is accused of shooting five co-workers at advanced granite solution in edgewood maryland killing three. two people are in the hospital. prince also shot a man at an auto service store in wilmington delaware. he's expected to survive. >> investigator is say another officer stopped to assist another officer. she got out of her squad car and that's when she was hit. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. >> turning to baseball game five of the alcs yankees nationals in new york. this was all yankees all the time. final score was five-nothing yankees. the bronx bombers have a three-two series lead. >> chicago cubs survived game four of the nlcs. final score chicago
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l.a. two. cubs are down three to one in the series. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. >> today is thursday, october 19th. erin como talking about traffic. mike thomas talking about weather. good morning. >> hey, good morning. we're talking about lack of weather is basically what we've had all week. it's been very quiet and that quiet weather pattern is going to continue. we'll get a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday with temperatures expected to be in the mid 70's later on this afternoon. this is why. skies have been crystal clear for the past several days. that's going to continue. you see no big weather systems coming our way. here's futurecast. let's see if you see any weather heading our way 'cause i don't. again, calm and quiet weather pattern just settling in around the eastern half of the country. not until late saturday afternoon into sunday will we have to watch out for clouds coming our way. next two days in washington sunny pattern continues. 74 degrees under sunny skies. more sunshine tomorrow friday 75 degrees. all right, that's a check of your forecast. over to erin for a check of those roads. >> 4:46. annie yu out in potomac on the scene of a
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investigation involving several vehicles. the crash investigation is still under way closing democracy boulevard between gains borrow as well as new bridge so please use caution there. this is near seven locks road outside the beltway. give yourself extra time to get through that area. we'll let you know as soon as that investigation wraps. traffic at speed from frederick this morning just a 10 minute trip 270 southbound between 70 and 109. average speed south of 80 checking in mid 60's. like what we're seeing there. 355 just as quiet. we're seeing nice conditions through gaithersburg and rockville. as we take a live look out in reston not seeing any problems on 267. quiet commute to the dulles airport as well as reagan national. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. back to you maureen and wisdom. >> 4:47. developing overnight montgomery county police still looking into what caused a crash in potomac that killed two people. >> the investigation is keeping parts of democracy boulevard closed. fox5's annie yu live at the scene with the details. annie. >> reporter: hey, wisdom and maureen. well, as you just heard erin
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near gains borough road. between gains borrow and new bridge closed right now. this accident happened around 11:30 last night so we're talking about six hours now that montgomery county police and the accident reconstruction team have been out here trying to figure out exactly what happened. we're kind of showing you the scene here. this is as close as we can get. it's pretty hard to tell from where we are if they have actually towed away both vehicles because we know that they ran off the roadway. i heard that one of them went into an embankment. it's hard to tell from here if those cars have been towed away. nonetheless they're out here trying to figure this out. we have video of the accident scene from last night. this accident involved just two cars. one of the cars caught on fire. one of the cars also struck a pole causing the wires to go down and the vehicles went off the roadway. two people were killed. we're told a man and a woman. no word right now on their ages or identity but this investigation certainly will take awhile longer i asked the officer on scene how much
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commute so please keep that in mind. again, democracy boulevard between new bridge and gains borough closed. get onto that bradley then river road and it will connect you back onto new bridge and then you can continue on your commute there. that's the very latest here from potomac. annie yu fox5 local news. >> annie thank you. 4:49 is the time right now. fox5 is following a developing story from anne arrundel county. police have found human remains in a park in shady side, maryland. skyfox was over the park along holly and chesapeake avenues wednesday afternoon. the medical examiner was also on the scene working to determine the person's gender and identity. investigators don't yet know how the person died. >> there's still no word what caused an explosion at an olive garden restaurant in laurel along the 14,000 block of baltimore avenue. the prince george's county fire department says it happened in the electric room of the restaurant. luckily no one was hurt here. >> coming up, a settlement is
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bathroom lawsuit. >> one of the nation's fast food restaurants has a unique way of tackling bullying. >> back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it's 4:52. new this morning a proposed settlement in north carolina would change the controversial transgender bathroom bill. the changes would allow transgender people to use public restrooms that match their gender identity. north carolina has been at the center of this battle when the hb2 bill took effect. a judge has to sign off on that proposal. >> one fast food restaurant takes a new angle on combating bullying. burger king released video of employees bullying a customer's burger by
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it comparing it to what happens when they witness an innocent teen being bullied in the restaurant. in the video the burger king chain video. chain says 95 percent of the real life customers reported there their burgers had been destroyed while only 12 percent spoke up when the teen was bullied. its all part of the burger campaign's anti-bullying campaign in part with bullying prevention month. >> michael jordan is still cashing in on that jump man logo. the charlotte hornets will be the only team allowed to wear that iconic logo on their uniforms. the other 29 nba teams will wear the nike swoosh on their uniforms. >> that dude is rolling in the dough. >> just keeps on raking in the money. >> wow. >> all right. and as is washington tradition first lady melania trump donating her inaugural ball gown to the
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mrs. trump will officially donate the white dress during a ceremony tomorrow. the designer herve pierre will also be on hand. it will be at the national museum of american history. >> ♪ >> 4:54 right now on this thursday morning. mike thomas talking about our weather. i'm liking it. i love summer but i'm liking this slight cool down. >> fall is good. >> i think it's perfect. you wake up, it's nice and cool and refreshing then by the afternoon it's perfect and you can be in your shorts and t-shirts. >> that's the only problem. now you have to lug around that sweater you brought. >> you have to carry that half a pound sweater all over the place. >> i'm telling you. >> that's awful, you're right. [laughter] >> it's terrible. this weather is miserable. sorry. it's very pleasant and it's going to be another gorgeous day here today. let's get straight to it. let's head over to your sunrise cause days continue to get short. today is your last day of sunlight being over 11 hours so enjoy it. by the time we get
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i believe it's only 10 hours and 59 minutes of sunlight. sunset tonight at 6:twenty three p.m. bus stop forecast, it's still cool out there. got to lug the sweatshirt to school this morning. 40's in the suburbs, still hanging onto 50's in the immediate d.c. metro area. after school 68; 74 degrees. lots of sunshine through the weekend. high pressure kind of setting up right over the region on saturday. will keep us sunny but clouds move in late. as we head into your day on sunday we'll keep it dry. a little bit of an onshore flow will mix clouds in. sunday a mix of clouds and sun but temperatures will stay in the 70's. we'll remain on the warm side of things. 76 degrees and sunny and warm on saturday a little bit more clouds but not a bad day at all on sunday with highs still in the mid to upper 70's around the region. all right, seven-day forecast, 74 today, up to 75 tomorrow. both days feature wall to wall
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more clouds. monday, tuesday, we, next week our next storm system approaches. monday looks dry just cloudy. tuesday, the latter half of tuesday we get showers into the forecast. by the time we get to wednesday it looks a little soggy highs in the 60's. that's weather. over to erin for a check of those roads. hey, erin. >> 4:56 right now and tracking this breaking news we've been following for several hours now, annie yu at the scene, this is a photo she took because of a fatal crash involving several vehicles democracy shut down between gainsborough and new bridge near seven locks. volume is very light right now. give yourself some extra time. reach out to me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c. if you have any questions. this is a live shot from the scene. looks like police are active in that investigation. you can see flares out there. we have a tow truck on location and we'll let you know as soon as all the cars are out of the way and they're able to let traffic start moving again on
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boulevard. updates to come here on fox5 news morning. aside from that live look let's move back to our maps. other than that traffic is very quiet as we take a wide view of the dmv. no accidents right now in virginia, 395 at speed to the 14th street bridge. all of our area bridges are quiet and things looking good on the outer loop in college park. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. maureen and wisdom. >> all right, thank you erin. coming up on fox5 news morning bryce harper takes time to thank nats fans. many wonder about nats future with the team. >> will he be wearing pinstripes in two years. >> stop it. >> d.c. night life about to get complicated thanks to some new parking rules. >> heading to break a live look across the d.c. region, it's 4:57, 51 degrees. haven't heard this in awhile. this is a great song. hope you're happy on thursday. friday eve, right. >> that's right. >> all right, back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, multi state shooting spree. a suspected killer sits in jail while federal and local investigators search for a motive in a series of shootings which left three people dead. >> bringing the heat. virginia gubernatorial candidate ralph northam prepares for a day of campaigning with the democratic party's biggest name. >> looking live outside, we are


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