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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 20, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪♪ state straight ahead fallen soldier fire storm. >> i thought at least that was sacred. >> wife house chief of staff john kelly coming to the president's defense when it comes to that army widow phone controversy and sharing his own story as a gold star father. republicans in congress celebrating after passing butch bill that lays the ground work for a major tax overhaul. we'll have the very latest in today's morning briefing. >> lou pete ya i don't know go the latest to speak out against harvey weinstein. police are opening up a rape investigation into the disgraced movie mogul
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>> hernandez has it done. >> his third homerun of the game. >> hernandez taking them to the world series. >> they could find out who they'll face tonight when the yankees get back to houston. >> first we're come to go live from fredericksburg, virginia the campus of the university of mary washington. our latest stop on our fox5 college tour. good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ festivities continue at the university of mary washington, fredericksburg, virginia. we see you this morning. we see all that energy. >> i love it. >> everybody having such fun down there. >> hey. >> i think so. >> one of them that doesn't belong in that
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you guess which one? >> oh, well -- >> the one with the beard. >> he's not gorgeous. >> what are you talking about high energy. >> all right, okay. >> he's got that. >> good morning. we'll be heading back down there many times throughout the next couple of hours. for those of us back here in the studio on this friday morning, we are literally green with envy. >> i know. >> i actually brought an orange top just in case. >> our greens are like almost the same. >> yeah. >> i have to look at the schedule. >> i think you nailed date. >> shot in the dark. >> it was clean and i said it's friday. [ laughter ] >> i'm out of the loop today. we'll come together as we do every friday morning. glad to be with you. let's get things started on this friday. >> we want to kick things back down -- take things back down to the university of mary washington and say hello to annie and kevin again
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hopefully annie put the -- well, okay. clearly he's not. >> clearly i can't talk. i'll talk,, good morning. >> these are awesome. so we're learning a lot about university of mary washington. we're learning kevin mccarthy a little comfortable witness pom poms. >> first of all i got my job at fox5 because i dressed up as cheerleader. >> we're on university of mary washington campus. spirit squad big homecoming weekend. super excited. sammy d in the house. i still don't know what the d means in his name. sammy d the eagle. >> sammy d eagle. >> like the. >> okay. >> we're out here with lots mr. coming up in the 9:00 o'clock but for now we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right. thank you guys. fantastic out there. >> sammy d eagle. come o
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come on, kevin. >> don't make it harder than it is. >> that's right. keep it simple. >> it's in the that complicated. >> let's talk weather now. how about that. how about we bring mike thomas -- after we take look outside this beautiful skyline. >> really pretty. >> nice. very nice. >> gorgeous weekend, wis. >> is it going to stay that way, mike? >> a little bit. as we head into next week. weekend will be gorgeous. allison was correct on that. live shot showing green and not a lot color on that map just yet. get into colorful leaves. wait towards the end of the month into early november that's when things start to change around here in d.c. temperatures right now we've made it out of the 40s and 50s this morning and a lot of locations start to go get up close to the 60-degree mark. back here in d.c. we have crossed it. let's head out to temperatures. 67 now, 7 degrees rise last here here in d.c. temperatures going up rather quickly. 65 in annapolis. still in 40s hanging on. manassas 49. fredericksburg where annie and kevin are this morning 53 degrees. 51 for culpeper. 58 in martinsburg.
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fade away rather quickly we'll warm it up as you've seen we jumped 7 degrees. warm it up fast today. plan for today probably -- i didn't think 67 till 11:00 o'clock much that's two hours away. we'll be warmer than that we may be in the 70s by 11:00 o'clock this afternoon. then we'll keep the 70s around all afternoon long. 75 degrees your daytime high today here in washington. going to be mild and beautiful day. once you pick the kids up from school get out and enjoy the afternoon. if you can't make it don't worry a warm weekend ahead. dry weekend ahead as well. i'll let when you know all that changes because changes on the way for next week. we'll talk more about that coming up and talk marine corps march than. got tips and tricks to get through the big race on sunday coming up at 9:30. >> one of these races we'll get maureen there. >> it will happen. when the cubs go back to the world series i'm all in. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> that's years away. >> first up the first step
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night the senate passed $4 trillion budget blueprint and that budget lays the ground work for the president's promised tax cut plan. that plan cuts spending by more than $5 trillion in the next decade. with cuts coming from medicare and medicaid. now, the house can take up the senate passed budget bill and may even try to advance it before thanksgiving. the president staying up late to celebrate with his party he called the vote great news in after midnight tweet. the other big story though the white house chief of staff issuing an emotional rebuke yesterday over the criticism of president trump's console lense family to the familiar of a fallen here. >> john kelly delivered a rivetting raw and stunning condemnation of a democratic congresswoman comments about president trump's condolence call to the width dove one of four servicemen killed two weeks ago in niger. in his white house remarks kelly haason was killed fighting for the us in afghanistan described thing a gonysing process of
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loved one's death and the agonizing pain they go through and live with. >> it was an extraordinary moment. general john kelly taking the podium at the white house denouncing in the strongest terms what congressman frederica wilson said about the president's condolence call to the widow of sergeant la david johnson. >> i was stunned when i came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted at what i saw a member of congress doing. it stuns me that a member of congress would listened in on that conversation. absolutely stuns me. >> kelly nose intimately of what he speaks. he lost his son robert a marine lieutenant to combat in afghanistan in 2010. he says he was so incensed by what was reporting yesterday he had only one place to go. >> the only thing i could do to collect my thoughts was to go walk among the finest men and women on this earth. you can always find them they're at arlington national cemetery
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>> congresswoman who raised johnson insist president trump made incentive remarks. johnson's wife has not commented. general kelly advised president trump to not make calls to families of the fallen when the president said he felt compelled to, kelly offered what his friend joint chiefs chairman joe dumb forward told him when robert was killed. >> he said, kel, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do when he was killed. he knew what he was getting into by joining that 1%. he knew what the possibilities were. when he died he was surrounded by the best men on this earth. >> it's coming criticism of president trump not just coming from the democratic congresswoman or the media. yesterday president george w. bush had a row bucc of the current administration without mentioning the president's name saying in his speech bigotry seems end boldened our politics seem more vulne
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conspiracy theories and out right -- >> president trump is getting his administration a ten out of ten when it comes to the response to puerto rico following the devastation left behind by hurricane maria. he made the remarks during meeting with the governor of puerto rico yesterday. meanwhile, many people op the island still don't have clean drinking water or electricity. 80% of the customers are still in the dark and schools are closed and traffic signals just aren't working. super markets are open but many have empty shelves. a young maryland student is paying it forward this morning. >> instead of receiving gifts for her birthday the 12-year-old asked for donations of water that she could give to the people still suffering in puerto rico. a request for the few hundred cases has turned into thousands. now the mission is getting it there. that's where our bob barnard comes in he's live from north forestville elementary in prince george's county. good morning. >> reporter: hey, all
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good morning. yes, we're in the multi purpose room. take a look on the stage behind me. actually have prince george's county firefighters who have pitched in. saw our reporting this morning. so they're now up on the stage there. you see there are literally hundreds of cases of water up there. some also toiletries, infant formula and canned goods. there's no classes today. it's professional development day for teachers and staff. so that's why you see some students helping out, you've got the firefighters. take look out here. you've got a rack of some of the water that's heading outside to truck. we can show you video tape we shot earlier of the truck being loaded outside. it's an 18 wheeler and while we do that, we also want to bring in today shaye morton the young lady made this all happen. dashai your cart here full of water. you were telling me off camera a little bit ago you actually bon puerto rico. tell me about what that was like and then when you see the pictures and you know the story of what's happening there now. >> um, when i was in puerto
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rico, it was like different types of things, like, merging different colors, the water, the cars, they was all nice and the people there experienced their languages and i -- when i went to puerto rico i just liked puerto rico because it was nice and it had amazing places and tall buildings, but now it's all destroyed so now i want to give back to puerto rico by giving the water and canned goods and clothes and different types of things for them to wash up and do everything because water -- you use water to wash up, clean your clothes, wash dishes, brush your teeth, everything. they need everything to help them to build back -- to help them build their homes back and
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>> reporter: you've done a great job. i'll let you go. you've been taking -- do your thing here dashai it was her 12th birthday on october 10th her grandmother asked her what she wanted for her 12th birthday and she said she wanted to help out. her grandmother had taken her on cruise to puerto rico. she had seen the before. she knows the after and as we leave you, guys, here's dashai morton being helped by the fire department wonders loading up an 18 wheeler with water and other goods going down to dallas. trucked to dallas and eventually shipped to a western community on the island of puerto rico to help the people who are suffering there, guys. well done. >> you know what i love, bob, not that she got the ball rolling but so many people have stepped in to volunteer. literally every step of the process including loading the trucks today. >> reporter: that's right. and we've while we've been here people that saw us on at 7:00 o'clock this morning came in afterwards bringing other things people from the community knowing the truck was going and it was going t b
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puerto rico. we've got things we want to donate as well all from this young 12-year-old, this sixth grader here inspiring a lot of people. >> what a great lesson. thanks, bob. >> thank you bob. 9:12. 30,000 runners about to hit the streets of the nation's capital for the annual marine corps marathon coming up later mike thomas has last minute tips for anyone taking part just watching or want to start training for next year maybe, steve? [ laughter ] >> first we'll head back out to fredericksburg for a look what it is that makes the university of mary washington so unique. we know it's beautiful from the campus. why is it so unique? it's 9:13. vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more.
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adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions,
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as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor. ♪♪ all right. welcome back everybody. we're spending another friday on local college campus and isn't the college live -- annie and kevin have the honor today. they're out at the university of mary washington. hello. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> hello. >> i officially put my pom poms away now many we're out here amazing day. we've been here since 6:00 a.m. we'll be here until 11:00. come on down and join us. we're here with michael spencer associate dir
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>> we like long titles. you were a student here. talk about your journey into becoming associate professor. >> yeah. i was born and raised in charlottesville v-v decided to come to mary washington for the historic preservation program. graduated from here in 2,004. went to kentucky met my wife there. studied historic preservation and came back here and teaching at mary washington. >> like many like you many students come here specifically to learn more about it. so tell us about the program. >> the program really is a holistic program of preservation. archeology, to building conservation. we've got a great alumni network. we've been long-standing program since 1984. all of that coupled together i think really allowed, um, the word to get out. >> yes. >> recruitment in terms of preservation majors. >> what do you notice about the students and their interest in historic preservation. talk about the students that you have. >> we've got great students. in fact i'll give you a case
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example. if in front of the new student center. it exists because of preservation. >> cool. >> the hall is behind us n so doing created new student center in this location. really actively engaged in the university community and the local fredericksburg community. >> let's talk about that. i can sense your passion. >> yeah. >> love it, man. >> what better way to teach and learn than this area. >> yeah. so fredericksburg is a great learning laboratory. not only because of the breath of history everything from 17th century archeological sites to more modern structures civil rights movement. we've got great opportunity for students here. we also have a close in it community so students have the opportunity to get into private homes, to investigate things that normally aren't open. >> that's so cool. p it doesn't get more hands on than that. it hypes up the students and their curriculum they get to visit their sights literal
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their backyard right around you that's really awesome. >> talk about this particular element historic preservation. something that is taught everywhere? >> no. we're one of eight undergraduate programs in the country. so it's relatively unique. once again lends itself for recruiting students to mary washington for that particular purpose. >> very cool. >> unique to here. >> michael, thank you very much. >> thank you professor. >> back to you guys in studio. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> fantastic. >> the crew down at the university of mary washington checking in with throughout the ref of the morning. 9:19. poetry in motion. grammy nominee nagee will join us live in the loft. >> first let's check in with erin como. what are you working on. >> lupita opened up about the harassment she suffered at the hands of harvey weinstein. d.c. getting ready to say goodbye to sports landmark and later why signing your credit card receipt could be a thing past. we've got a check on what else is making headlines coming up next. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> all right. 9:22 right now. erin is back with a check of other stories making headlines this morning. where are we going to start? >> we'll start with it's been breaking news throughout the week. new details. this morning in the harvey weinstein scandal. rocking hollywood. actor winning lou p
9:23 am
giving her a massage when she a drama student. ken tip tarantino saying he knew enough about the questions to do more than he did. and police in los angeles are now investigating possible sexual assault case against claiming he raped her back in 2013. first such case out of los angeles against weinstein. urging them to ban battery powered electronic devices from checked luggage. faa says batteries like the ones found in laptops carry the potential for catastrophic fires and that could bring down planes actually they're looking into that. back here at home the end of an era. say farewell to the redskins and the nationals. after one last hoorah rfk stadium will be left with nothing but memories on sunday d.c. united will face off against the new york red
9:24 am
the final match. they'll be locating down to the anacostia river. mastercard says you no longer need to sign your receipt. it's looking to safe customers time saying the current process is too time consuming the decision now is up to the discretion of the merchants. the signature option was originally used as security precaution but recent technology such as the chip we have now have better provided a better method in terms of security changes are set to take effect as early as april. finally, popular snap chat filter could be halloween hit. the parent company snap is selling costume depicting the dancing hotdog filter. the augmented reality character became an internet meme sensation over the summer and reportedly been viewed over a billion and a half times. get up a available for 80 bucks on amazon and i think we need to get tucker that costume to do the morning meme segment on halloween. >> that will be perfect. >> the dancing weiner.
9:25 am
>> what? >> what? >> that's inappropriate. >> appropriate. >> so many great memories of rfk stadium. the first time i was at rfk after the 9/11 attacks michael jackson organized a concert there. that was the first time i went. october 2001. do you remember that? all people, pink performed. >> the last time i was there was the last nationals baseball game before they moved to the new stadium. >> the last time i was there was a flea mark in the parking lot. >> auto raises there. big question what's next? >> that's true. all right. it is 9:25 right now. ♪♪ >> dodgers heading back to the world series, right, yes, for the first time since 1988. go dodgers. [ laughter ] >> ty
9:26 am
>> hoot? >> wow. >> all right. >> dodgers -- >> plus, extra credit for students at university of mary washington. annie and kevin have all new round of trivia coming up. time right now 9:26. we'll be right back.
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two teams too crushed the soles of nationals fans. we'll do it any way. first up the dodgers headed to the world series for the first time in almost three decades. hard to believe because they seem to win so much. but they're going back to the fall classic. now, maureen, listen closely. >> what? >> because la crushed your favorite team as of yesterday. >> we had a good run. >> the chicago cubs. >> go, dodgers. >> 11-one. ugly loss for the cubs. not just 11-one but in chicago. >> whatever. isn't that where you're from. >> whatever. we celebrate win or lose. we know how to lose big. if we win that's aside. >> thank you, wisdom martin. >> the hate. >> it doesn't matter was think. [ laughter ] >> maureen is now dodgers fan. >> that's right. >> wait wait wait i need to have aster rick if the yankees get into the world series
9:30 am
for the yankees. >> no, maureen you're going for whichever team wins the world series. >> that's right. steve, you know me so well. >> so sad. >> hernandez probably hit four homeruns during the season. >> i'm him well. >> hit three homeruns. he was the offense again the reigning world series champions cubs. kershaw went through six innings. bellinger kid is hot. >> chicago cubs go down in game five. the champagne showers. bottom line is mo we got one world series. >> flippy flop again. >> flip flop. >> what is wrong with flip flopping. >> you can't. >> why can't i ride with the winners? >> pardon me for walking in front of you. >> you pick one team and you can't be -- >> you can't decide after the super bow
9:31 am
>> if you're like me, tweet me. >> 1988 last time the dodgers were in the world series. >> 30 years. nothing against you, it is a dodgers morning yankees matchup -- >> rating gold is waits. >> that's what i was calling. >> one of the toughest sporting events in the year takes this sunday right here in nation's capital the annual marine corps marathon brings together 30,000 runners from all walks of life who hit the road in patriot race whether you plan to one the 26.n like me getting involved takes some preparation. this morning mike is learning what it takes with some help from the team and from run farther and faster. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. as you know and steve knows all about this because he's run it before marine corps marathon this weekend probably the biggest event in d.c. this is lisa and julie from run farther and faster. ladies, you're here to help get us ready and get some of the runners ready. spectators ready and if you don't want to run this year, we'll talk about getting ready for next year. let's take this one step at a time and
9:32 am
runners for this year because temperatures matter. you were telling me this before. >> yup. it sounds like it will be a great start. temperatures will be mild. temperatures are going to go pretty quickly and once runners start running it feel 20 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature so it's going to heat up pretty quick and runners will want to take precaution, some steps before and during the race. >> are we talking, what should they wear? how should they prepare. >> first thing i can do prepare starting now start consuming electrolytes. that's calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium. you'll start to sweat that out during the race. do you care that through foods. also do that through a supplement like we like salt stick or endure row lights i start taking one -- we recommend our runners take one the night before the race, one the morning of race. something else they can use is supplement water like but definitely make sure they're getting electrolytes in this week. >> day of the race. may feel chilly in the morning but you caution the
9:33 am
don't bundle up. >> that's correct. definitely want to dress as if it's 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. so in the morning the temperatures are going to be in the 50's it will be nice and comfortable. so if you're a little bit chilly at the start certainly you can put on something to toss and it will be donated to goodwill but we recommend common sense light colored clothing, cool as possible clothing you own a advisory is great. sunglasses, sunscreen and anti shade product such as 16 door answer when --, skin door answer. when you sweat you tend to shake you what happened to be comfortable throughout the race you take in electrolytes. if you have family and friends that are spectating they we recommend they provide ice for that you you can stuff in your hat or, um, extra electrolytes you can put in your water bottle if you find that the water stops are not doing it for you. >> all right. on that note let's talk about friends and family if they want to come down watch and not participate. you have hot spots that you can sit and watch from, right, and ma
9:34 am
the ready. >> yes. the lincoln memorial is a great location at the mall you can catch runners at several locations on the course. there's a cheer zone in crystal city and you can actually see the runners at mile 22 and 23 as they go out and back through crystal city that's crucial part of the race because that's usually when runners are starting to hit the wall. >> that last stretch. >> they need motivation. open to the elements and they're really just getting in the last stretch that's great place to watch the runners. >> speak of motivation we're coming up if you're watching this year maybe you want to participate next year. what are some things do you care yourself to get ready, because this is a big run. you can't just go out there and run it with no warmup. >> absolutely. we always say if you are losing faith in human nature watch a marathon. will he learned from one of our idols catherine switzer. it's so true. if you want to start running start walk running. you can -- there are many apps on many running groups that provide walk run program. get coach.
9:35 am
get friends. find a buddy, and hold yourself accountable to that buddy. run at a conversational pace do not go out and try and sprint. rather do it intervals where you can talk at the same time and then briskly walk for break and sign up for race. because that will hold you accountable because if you sign up for a race you've paid for the race and you need to show up. >> start with fk though. >> work your way up. 5k, 10k. >> absolutely one year is a great goal. one year is a good amount of time to work up to that. those longer distances we have revel runners who started training with us a year ago. they'll be running their fares marathon. >> excellent. again, marine corps marron this sunday. getting ready for next year start training now. ladies, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> guys, back to the couch. >> i recommend that starting now. the first time i finished the marine corps march than the most pain i was ever in in my life. >> i'm sure. >> having that marine put that medal around my neck it was absolutely one of the greatest senses of accomplishments ever going for something i never
9:36 am
so if you're serious about it next year maureen you can do it. >> i know. >> just practice the right way. >> i know. i know. >> i'll do it with you. >> good luck to all runners. >> yes, you can al. you can do it. [ laughter ] >> she's my sister for a reason. >> let's head back out now to annie and kevin. they have a little extra credit. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. we're here at the university of mary washington i want to give a warning. there's bee flying around here if you get me up and screen scream that's why. i'm here with a goat and a devil. and i'm sorry to refer to you that way explain why i called that you. obviously your name -- >> it's the goat and the devil it's long standing tradition here at the university of mary washington. competition for this extra credit thing will get fierce because they take it arroyo'sly with their t-shirts. the devils are the odd year your graduation year, goats are the even and so this is going to be pretty inter
9:37 am
students are very very competitive when it comes to this. >> you and i are both goats by the way. >> yup. >> i'll accident first question. >> we've got tiffany here. representing the goats. go team, goats. [ cheers and applause ] >> jamal down there representing the devils. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. are you ready? >> are you guys ready? >> first question, kev. i'm very excited about this. >> i can tell. >> here's the first question. who is mary washington? is it a, george washington's mother. b, george washington's sister? or c, george washington's daughter? >> that's cheating. >> write it down and show the camera. you ready? >> a. big ding ding ding ding. >> george washington's mother. >> yes. second question. founded in 1908 the university of mary washington began as an all girls school. in what year did it become coach educational?
9:38 am
or c, 2006? >> ut-oh. >> what you got jamal. >> excellent. >> excellent students. >> i think it's going to be tie. come on. >> the third question kevin. >> one third of umw students do this before graduation. a, pour food coloring into the hall mary fountain. b, borough dean tucker winnie the pool halloween costume or c study abroad? >> oh. >> right now we're tied. >> oh, my gosh. >> the answer is c study abroad one third umw students before graduation. next question umw has been ranked a top producing university for more than decade by which international organization? is it a, the peace corps, b, the association foreign 93 sw
9:39 am
or see the therapeutic humor association? >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> before this segment started -- i'm getting nervous. go, go, go. >> number five, last question. every building built on umw's campus since 2007 has received technician for what as spec of its design? a, cosmetic appeal, b, tight height requirement or c, energy and environmental consciousness. >> my goodness. >> you jinged the segment. >> can i have a tie breaker question. >> go ahead. >> movie question. >> here we go. >> which film won best picture last year at the oscars? >> was it a, la la land, b, moonlight, or c the matrix? [ laughter ] >> no he had his answer written down. >> you wrote a? >> all rig
9:40 am
do you remember your answer? >> la la land was a, b was moonlight the matrix came out in '99 that's definitely wrong. a la la land. it was moonlight. >> still tied. >> wait. still tied. >> you said b. >> you said b. you're right, then. [ cheers and applause ] >> you each get a bag. there you go. >> you got it right. thank you so much. so it's a tie. the goats and the devils both great. thank you very much guys for playing along. back to you in the studio. >> good job. >> just commenting in we can do extra credit for our universities the answer was? >> i think i can answer lot of it. >> you think you can. >> i could. >> me too in that case. >> you warm us up. >> 9:40 is the time. double dose of music on this friday morning. little bit later caribbean super
9:41 am
store machel montana. you had the correct -- >> i'll let you sort it out. >> it's machel montana. >> oy like the way i say it. >> will join us for a special performance. first we're sitting down with gram nominee nagee. i know that one. he's right there. he's live in the loft. >> he doesn't need words. >> ♪♪ >> hey. >> all right. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years,
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♪♪ 9:43 is the time. we love all types of music here on good day d.c. everything from rag to pop, even jazz which is perfect segue do introduce our next guest he's a grammy nominated, grammy award winning international saxophone any of the who just released his 17th, y, 17th studio album. it's called poetry in motion and we're talking about the jazz great, the jazz legend nagee who has performed for world leaders, presidents and the top artists including chaka can. freed dee jack, will do you know and the late presence. patti labelle and even. tonight through sunday he'll be performing for crowds at blue valley in bethesda. before he hits the stage we him live right here in the loft.
9:45 am
>> good to see you brother. >> i'm a big fan from way back in the day. >> thank you sir. >> love your sound. tell me the first thing i want to know let's talk about this, sure. >> the new cd. >> tell me all about it. >> poetry in motion. i called up all my friends and i didn't know they were going to show up on one record. >> tholed showed up. will do you know. eric roberson. blake aaron. they all showed up on one record i had to figure out a way to do it i contacted my friend barry eastman. and this is what we ended up with. >> the same nagee uses race to the table. >> it makes sense. >> it's great. with the performances are wonderful and we just had great time doing this record. >> all right. you got time to give me a little something. >> why not? >> ♪♪
9:46 am
>> that's not on the record. >> that's just a little something something for the dc crowd right now. >> there you go. you've had long successful career in jazz. how have you been able to sustain and maintain for all of this time? >> i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> by the grace of god he's still here. >> yes. >> honestly it's really just been trying to find things that keep me interested in what i'm doing. because i'm kind of schizophrenic as a musician. i try to play everything. staying focused and just continually satisfying the fans but at the same time giving them something fresh. >> right. now you talk about giving us something fresh. you've been doing this since back in the 80s i looked up some of your history. back in the 80s when you started you actually worked with bennie king. >> right, that's true. >> chaka can. you toured with freddie jackson back in the day. back in '86. you don't even look like you're that old. >> i'm not. [ laughter ] >> so you toured with freddie
9:47 am
jackson on his taste of love tour. >> that was probably fun. >> it was. >> you also worked with quincy jones at one point. >> yes. >> tell me about that. real quick. tell me about that. >> with george stoop. i was touring with george stoop. he told quincy i was on the tour with him and invited me over. that's how that all started. >> international. >> yes. >> you've also been in front of nelson mandela. >> yes. for his birthday. >> that's right. >> that's big time, man. >> quite an honor to be. such a great leader. >> also been to the white house. >> absolutely. >> under president clinton much that's long time ago. >> right, right. >> i missed president obama. >> right. you've also toured with another one of my favorites prince. >> that's right. for three years. >> for three years you toured with prince. >> we recorded an album called rainbow children. great little -- very little known record one of his classics. >> that's fascinating out of all of the people that you've toured with, you've been around in the music industry, pick one that's been your favorite. >> i c't
9:48 am
>> allegro was great. prince was one of the greatest people to work with as an artist and as human being one of the move generous people i've ever met in night life. >> right, right. >> when you've had the success that you've had in the jazz industry and in the music industry, what's next for you? >> you got the album out now and still doing your tour. >> musicians don't retire. we just don't hear anything any more. i'm still hearing music i'm not planning to retire any time soon. >> keep on going. till you can't go no more. >> come to the shows and buying a record i'm with you. >> ladies and gentlemen, nagee, put the information on the screen so you can come and check him out. here's the album. friday, october 20th 8:00 p.m. at blue valley there's the address k they still get tickets or sold out. >> you can still get tickets. >> still get tickets. come out and support nagee. the album is right here. poetry in motion. >> all right. >> yes. thank you. >> legendary nagee. >> thank you, wisdom.
9:49 am
>> back over to you in the studio. >> it was mazing. he sounds amazing. >> nagee was a favorite down at hampton back in the day to come and play at then ogden hall. so cool to see him again. >> man. >> love that smooth jazz. >> by the way allison nailed her hampton tradition. >> she sure did. >> what i did get wrong in all fairness after i left they have new library. progress that's how we do it. >> and happy home coming to everybody going there it's our homecoming too this weekend. >> congrats. good do you consider yourself to be a fox5 fan if so get your costumes and holiday spirit ready because you can celebrate with us. fox beat friday enter for the ultimate halloween experience with us. we're selecting 15 lucky people to win two tickets to join our live studio audience on halloween morning. the show starts at 10:00 a.m. if you win, winners and guests must arrive here by 9:30 we're
9:50 am
must arrive in costume. winners and guests must be 18-year-old or older i should say and keep in mind this is television so keep those costumes appropriate. if you'd like to enter go to the fox5 d.c. facebook page. enter before 11:59 p.m. tonight. 15 winners selected by random drawing october 23rd and of course all the official rules available at >> we do it big. >> always fun. >> going to be fun this year, too. 9:50 is the time. lesson in debt before taking out student loans. we'll head back out to our fox5 college tour live at the university of mary washington. aww, cuteness. we'll be right back. hi, puppy. ♪♪
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ at ikea, we believe that for every busy day there should be a cozy dream bedroom. ♪ ♪ ♪ that you can find the comfort you're looking for at a price you've been waiting for. ♪ ♪ ♪ that the cost of a good night's sleep shouldn't keep you up at night. ♪ ♪ ♪ and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and then the people go inside. do you understand charlie? mom? yeah? can i have a peanut butter sandwich? yeah, you sure can. can charlie have one, too? charlie can have one too. ♪ ♪ ♪ and one for charlie. (gasp) look mom! charlie took a bite. (with full mouth) unbelievable. feed his imagination, with the fresh roasted peanut taste he loves. where there's jif, there's love.
9:53 am
♪♪ that's the best, right? >> campus is waking up. kids going to get coffee. >> college students. >> not kids. >> awesome. all right. we're bringing jessica brown
9:54 am
when you're broke. >> hey, jessica. >> hey, jess. >> i was reading this much this is craze seem student loan debt is now more than credit card debt. >> yes. >> insane but what are the things that students need to know before borrowing? >> students need to truly understand how much the cost of attendance is over the period of time for the program. many students are only looking at that one year. it's $24,000 this year. it's 24,000 times four. >> yeah. >> four-year undergraduate program. so it's critical to understand the true cost of the attendance and the interest rates of these student loans. >> wow. >> real quick. fafsa this is really important because it just recently opened in early objection. talk about what that is and how people can really take advantage of that? >> free application for federal student aid opened for the 2018-2019 school year on objection the first. therefore it is critical to begin to fill out that application as soon as possible so you can begin to know exactly how much you're out of pocket
9:55 am
>> fun of the things i found fascinating the idea when students borrow a balance of what you need and what you want. >> right. >> talk about that. because people take out what they want then they end up screwing themselves over in regards to how much they owe. >> if you know you only have $2,000 to pay out of pocket for that semester, only borrow 2,000. >> right. >> why take 10,000? because now you're going to get an excess of loans through a refund and spend that refund on unnecessary things. >> right. which is ultimately going to pray on your student loan debt gone graduation. >> one of the cool things about this particular college mary washington is the debt for students is really low, right. >> yes. the debt for students at the university of mary washington out of all the country out of all the schools here is one of the lowest in the country. because of the fact that they are offering lower tuition and they have more students which allows this university to give their resources to other students that maybe have to out
9:56 am
>> there are scholarship money and academic scholarships to be had. how can people take advantage of that or explore that option. >> it's important to make sure you maintain a great bgpa and act demi competitive. you'll be a toil secure those academic scholarships that will help you pay off your college. >> we mentioned thou pay for college when you're broke. >> yes. >> that book is available on am month son. >> yes. >> a bunch of locations. before we let you go. wrapping me up. real bad implication of borrowing money real quick what are the worst things about borrowing money. >> borrowing money you can get in default. if you don't have lucrative job after graduation that allows to you repay those loans back in full you can definitely become in default or new report from the national american realtors association states that you may not be able to buy a house and it's affecting people that are 62 to 70 years old putting down payment. it's christ critical to understand the financial implications before borrowing. >> i didn't
9:57 am
i work three jobs. >> all right. >> jessica brown ceo author of pay for college when you're broke. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks, jess. >> back to you guys. >> we're so excited. not only, not only has maureen be talking about chicago cubs but she's so excited about who -- >> taylor swift. we'll talk about it. >> little shop of horrors performance. >> the king of soul is in the house we'll get our groove on on this friday. more good day at 10a on the othe ♪ ♪ do you want to do a othe monster check? yes.
9:58 am
♪ ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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10:01 am
♪♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. we're serving up a red hot celebrity dish. wendy williams sued. what pop super star tried to punch pink and t swift drops another song at midnight. gorgeous live up to the hype? his hits millions and millions of views on youtube and the king of salsa is here and ready to get the friday started. our life tv university from the university -- event from the university of mary washington continues. annie and kevin taking us all around the virginia college. let's do this in three, two, one, the 10a starts right now. ♪♪ >> kind of wishing the king would have brought the beach to us. >> pretty mazing, too. >> they are pumped at the university of mary washington. we're happy to be there. >> our college tour continues with kevin and annie on the college campus. they're showing us all that's offered.
10:02 am
flags waving. people having fun. it's gorgeous friday. we're glad you're here with us. >> want to thank everybody for being with us today on this friday morning. start your friday the official kick off to the weekend. >> yes, it is. >> and i would like to say welcome back to all the howard alum in town because it is homecoming for how war. >> that's very big of you. >> very big. >> because you're from -- hampton. >> don't worry about that. >> hampton shout out. >> also hampton's homecoming. >> they're intertwined. welcome back all the hu. >> she can't even say it. >> i know. right. >> hope everybody has a homecoming weekend. let's head back to fredericksburg, virginia. the university of mary washington. that's where annie and kevin are this morning. good morning, guys. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning, steve
10:03 am
we've been having so much fun out here at the university of mary washington. learning a lot. everything that this school has to offer. one thing is for sure. big sense of community. live long friendships being made here. i just made one sammy d eagle. >> the president is school. he takes selfies with the students his name is president t pain insanely cool name for a president of a college. >> very very cool. >> he named the coolest college president in the country i believe. >> yeah. there's big homecoming weekend or it is a big homecoming weekend. everyone is really hyped, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> we're learning more about it coming up. we'll zen it back in to you guys. >> all right. >> i'm excited for them. >> whoo! >> 10:03 is the time right now. erin is back with what else is making h
10:04 am
>> good morning. >> happy friday, right? let's get to the headlines. first up late night vote on capitol hill, congress past $4 trillion blueprint for promise tax cuts and reform. meanwhile white house steve of staff john kelly defended president trump's call to the widow of a fallen soldier. yesterday at the white house briefing kelly said the president did the best he could in one of the move challenging aspects of his job. well, in the latest on the dead workplace shooting in edgewood, married a witness to the rampage says the suspect radee prince gathered small group much cork wes together to complain about the company advanced granite solutions before he open fire. meanwhile candlelight vigil was held last night outside the maryland state house in annapolis to honor the victims. as for radee prince, he's current until custody in delaware where he was captured his bail has been set at more than $2 million. to new york city now, where there were more records on wall street. the dow ending at
10:05 am
$63. apple fell two-points 4% shaving about 26-points off the dow following reports that a new cellular feature on the apple watch had been disabled in china. all right, diet soda drinkers. listen up. we're hearing it might be so diet. three soda diets are facing a lawsuit after number of soda lovers all of which have struggled with obesity say their diet beverages made them pack on the pounds rather than shed weight. the company diet drinks contain the sugar substitute as per tame which claims the -- suit claims leading to weight gain. coke and dr. pepper and snapple say there are lawsuits without merit and will put up a vigorous defense. and finally, all right, do you want free chipotle burritos for a year. >> yes. >> allison says. >> chest boo rito to the bottom your screen by october 31st. that's right. boo
10:06 am
holding a sweepstakes open to restaurants in the continental u.s. and parts of canada. on halloween you can get three dollars burrito if you're dressed up. it sounds pretty good. >> you'll get a thousand text messages from random companies wondering how did they get my number. >> it's worth it. i already did it. >> did you do it already? >> yes. >> you did? >> wow. >> i'm entered so, you know. >> i'll take a burrito on halloween. >> what do you think of the dress up. >> i can just do a mask. >> put cat ears on in and walk on in. >> anything can go. >> maybe just walk in and do this. [ laughter ] >> right. >> do like this. >> backwards. [ laughter ] >> now i want burrito. >> thanks, erin. >> me, too. >> 10:06. let's get back down to campus. we're always going back to school. it's a great series we started this fall for the first time. this time
10:07 am
special. good morning, guys. >> good morning. someone super special guy para lot of people's favorite segment we highlight someone extraordinary on campus, and grace ann braxton. >> celebrity here by the way. >> yes. >> she's walk by every person has gone grace! we're supporting you've been here for more than 20 years. >> 23. >> 23 years exactly and keisha childs your boss. >> yes. >> the retail dining director joining us now. and keisha, can you just tell us about little bit about grace or mazing grace because that's what you're really known by? >> amazing grace, please. >> everyone else has their name i call her g. [ laughter ] >> that's my nickname for her. she's very fought thoughtful, considerate. she'll come to me. she does great job, talking to the students if they suggest something or whatever information she gets, she definitely passes it along. she definitely is a fixture here and every
10:08 am
thing about g is she cares about this campus and the students that are here. she will get in there and try her best to do whatever it is that you ask of her and i definitely appreciate everything that she has done. >> say what you were saying about being part of the community? what did you want to say about that? >> being part of the community means i'm -- they got something brand knew for special ed he had this year. i am a game changer which means that a game changer means a person with an intellectual dissable like myself has changed the world around. >> i would say definitely that you have. [ cheers and applause ] >> accomplishing the special olympics you competed in track, field, basketball, field hockey, skiing and ice skating. >> yes. >> that's incredible. >> but now i'm more -- now i'm in golf and swimming because swimming and golf are my two favorite sports right now.
10:09 am
>> grace, can you shows us your golf swing. >> i'm really no golf here. >> all right. >> watch out, guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> hole in one. awesome, grace. grace, what do you love most about being a member of this community? >> um, the one thing i love about being in this community is that something i love people are special to me. they treat me like i'm a regular person which i love so much. and supporting teams. supporting the women's basketball team and the men's basketball team. i go to the games almost every day i also go to volleyball, soccer and other sports. >> you're accomplished special olympic athlete. how did you find the passion for sports? when did you find that passion? >> um, i'll bet you it was -- my parents and my younger brother bill who's athlete himself. he plays golf. both brother doctors sports when they were older like tray my older brother did football, basketball in high school.
10:10 am
>> i started when i was eight-year-old special olympics and now i'm 45. going to be 46 next year. >> awesome. >> amazing. thank you, grace. >> amazing grace. here we go. >> hero. little something to give you and you can hang this up in your office or wherever you'd like and look at it every day because you are our campus hero for today. [ cheers and applause ] >> give it up for grace! [ cheers and applause ] >> you're awesome. >> thanks, guys. >> awesome. >> amazing grace. >> aww amazing grace indeed. i love that. >> okay. well little taste of broadway live from frederickss burg. the students campus musical little shop of huer rows will join us live with a special performance. >> looking forward to that. the first lady's inauguration dress on display at the smithsonian. we'll take through life. new taylor swift music and brad pitt's
10:11 am
10:10. >> which story is maureen going to talk about? >> not the middle one. ♪♪ at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly.
10:12 am
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
10:13 am
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10:14 am
>> old school. >> i know. you're right. >> faded aft awhile. >> let's move on. 10:13. let's check what's trending this morning. we have live pictures to go look at first lady melania trump dough naying her inaugural ball gown. it's happening right now. let's talk about what she is doing. designer of that beautiful dress she had on on the right side of your screen there was pierre. that designer will be on hand. the dress will be on display in the first lady's collection at the national museum of american history. the exhibit features 26 dresses from other first ladies. the gown is vanilla silk off the shoulder number design by the first lady with hair veigh pierre will be her at the event or someone moo looks like her. >> we're poking fun at the conspi
10:15 am
the internet this week. the appearance with the president and first lady it was a body double with shades on an bad wig. >> i say they probably have body doubles. >> i don't think that was said body double if there is one. but i would just assume and hope that they, you know, the president, vice-president had body doubles. >> the reason they suspected this my wife who is right here. odd way of kind of referring to her. yes, she's right there. there she is life and museum inducting her dress into the smithsonian. that's great. >> it was pretty. >> it was. um-hmm. >> happening right now. look what you made me do. look what you made me do. look what you just made me do. it took me a long time to get the rhythm on that. taylor swift has released a new song on the heels of her massive hit from her upcoming album reputation. so this one is called gorge
10:16 am
it dropped last night at midnight. so does it live up to the title? >> let's hear it. ♪♪ ♪♪ pgh. ♪♪ >> you're so gorgeous ♪♪ >> that's a little -- that's the pop formula. >> a little formula gorgeous already number one. who cares what you all say? >> carly b is not number one any more? >> all different like categories or -- carly b going to. >> controversy about carly being pushed out by post malone i think. >> who? >> yeah. the whole thing. i don't know. >> not the basketball player. >> yeah. >> any way -- >> right. >> still climbing the chart. >> do you know who was also a truck driver? >> i knew that.
10:17 am
trucker tv days. >> um-hmm. >> i forgot about that. little known fact. >> t swift, do you. >> i mean it's catchy. the got the formula. >> it's got the formula. repetition. catchy. all right. >> okay. >> i'm just surprised she's order on her third single before the album even comes out. >> interesting way how they're releasing it. >> she's determine to be number one at all costs. that's what it is. >> why are your arms crossed? >> are they? i didn't even realize. i tense up. >> bad body language. >> it's so unlike you. i was just take a back. >> bad body language and bad blood. >> pink is not shy to admit she and fellow singer christina aguilar rah have had their problems. so much so they've almost come to blows. pop star who's 38 told andy cohen on watch what happens live the two have made amends since their feuds in t e
10:18 am
they're relationship were you very rocky. we were super young and super new at the whole thing and i think i'm an alpha and she's an alpha. pink said about the feud during the segment. when cohen asked pink had attempted to make an argument into a physical fight, the pop star revealed actually she swung at me in club. >> hilarious. >> hilarious? >> don't you think pink could swing you at you at a club. >> if you know you could take them. my money is on pink every single day of the week. >> that's true. she also said this. i'm used to taking my altercations physical and she's used to having them verbal. >> okay. >> we're very different. very different. and we were very -- >> i think they also when they first both came up they were the queen of the wrists so they sort of put them both in box that r and b type of box and so it's almost like maybe they felt competitive. >> pink hated she was c
10:19 am
to brittany and britney got the upper hand there. when pink came along. somebody else put me down along knowledge. >> feuds are good for business. >> always. >> she said it almost came to belows. >> that's good. >> that's still good. two top singers physically fighting. >> i like seeing d.c. native maya in that video. >> maya where you been. come to the loft. >> capital one arena in april. >> maya has new song out. >> um-hmm. >> i'm just saying. >> speaking of dc natives. >> i was just going to say actually went to maya release party one time. >> did you? >> didn't i talk about that. >> i don't like that little sneaky smile. >> i know. >> there you go, wis. >> keep wondering. >> blac chyna not the only one handing out lawsuits. it's been revealed her mother is facing a legal battle of her own. tokyo tony filed a handwritten lawsuit against talk show host wendy williams and her show's producer. >> why? it.
10:20 am
for defamation, slander and harassment. blac chyna mosses mom claims she's being harassed so badly she can't sleep or eat and her health that is a decline adding she had to be hospitalized last december. >> come on tokyo. >> she filed that lawsuit not handwritten she brought in big-time attorney to file a lawsuit against the entire kardashian clan. >> what did wendy do? >> she did a segment. >> you know how wendy just talks about folks. >> tokyo tony can't take it. >> i will never say anything bad about tokyo tony. we're in tokyo tony's town right now and i'm frightened. >> is that right. >> good luck to you. >> i had a come back. >> do you care it. >> i'm good. i don't want no problems with nobody. >> okay. >> all right. pop yourself up, chris. we want to hear more. >> tokyo tony is alleging wendy williams spread lies about her being a gold digging stripper and suing her for a lifetime of pain
10:21 am
>> but can i ask a question. >> that clears it all up. >> was tokyo tony not stripper or blac chyna. >> i thought they were both. >> i'm looking at you. >> i think they were both strippers. >> peanut gallery weigh n was she a stripper. >> not that i'm hating. >> they were dancers and -- >> but you know what, wis, where you start is not where you end up. >> that would be hard to do because i think wendy on her hot topics she news of the day and she says what she watched and sort of covered under that speech. >> there you go. >> i want to know why blac chyna and pie why tokyo. that's what i want to know. >> that's what i want to know. >> i'm not hating. i just want to know -- >> get an attorney. >> handwritten. she was serious. >> let me do this one. move over angelina there's a new lady in brad pitt's life. >> aww. >> he's moved on. heart throb ex has moved on to 21-year-old british act
10:22 am
named ella purnell. >> yarn. >> what in the world? why in the body double face double. >> don't hate on the man. >> he has a younger version of angelina. >> she actually played the younger version of angelina in her disney movie ma live sent. >> this is disgusting. >> brad? >> what has he done wrong. >> what's right about it. >> what's wrong about it. >> reggie bush after he and kim he married her stunt double. >> i'm surprised by brad. >> eww. >> this is brad's way of saying look at me now, angelina. look at me now. ha, ha, ha. >> okay, wisdom. all righty. >> see that's what he's doing right now. me with my long golden locks looking like thor. >> 10:22. coming up the king of machel montana kicks off a series of -- >> he's right here. >> machel montana
10:23 am
>> sorry about that. >> machel. >> thank you. >> machel. >> say your last name. >> montana. >> montana. >> we were like don't do it. we have a guest. we're back after this. machel montana
10:24 am
10:25 am
cut to the punch lune. friday i'm in love. we won't lay it play out.
10:26 am
with the weather today. it was chilly start but beautiful finish. speaking of finishes -- >> 30,000 people finishing the marathon on sunday morning. >> it will be packed downtown. erin has been telling you plan accordingly travel wise. runners beware. you've run it before. even though it will feel chilly when you step out your door sunday morning if you're running dress light. here's the tip. go ahead and you can wear your sweats an lot of people will shed the sweats at the start line right before the gun goes off. then they will collect them and donate them to charity. >> that's excellent. >> you can layer up while you're waiting for it to start. you can leave them there and run off in your short sleeves and t-shirt which you will need because you'll heat up fast. >> very very cool. it should be good amount of sunshine mix in with clouds from time to time i think the runners will like. vick degrees at the start. 71 by race's end as we just heard from some of the folks we had in here at 9:30 that's going to feel more like 85, 90 if you're running the race. satellite/radar it's quiet. it's calm it's going stay quiet
10:27 am
head through the weekend. temperatures warming up nicely. 70 already in d.c. feels good outside. manassas 56 degrees after starting at 43. culpeper 65. to show you how much warmer it is versus this time yesterday. 11 degrees warmer than this time here in washington. 13 at dulles. warming up nicely. today's high 75. feeling more like september, late september day than a late october day. 77 for fredericksburg. 78 for culpeper. weekend forecast, a plus. few more clouds than we've had the past several days that's the only quam. quick degrees for saturday. sunday 77. rain is in the forecast. mostly next tuesday. that's our next chance for rain here in d.c. and behind it, we will turn chilly mentioned this earlier some of the mountain peaks just out west of town may see the first flurries of the year towards the thursday time frame next week. there's the seven day. hard to complain about anything you see there. just the rain next tuesday. >> looks beautiful and no skips game on sun day.
10:28 am
on sunday. beautiful day. >> enjoy. >> as we send it back to the couch. good luck to everybody rupping the marathon -- running the marathon on sunday morning. we've done zip trips. we've done college tours. this time next year we'll dot maureen marron pep recallly. >> you realize i have to start training today. >> monday is good. >> we'll see you at 6:00 a.m. >> maureen. >> can we talk about the name maureen though. >> that's actually like my first name my real name name is not maureen. i told you guys this, right. >> yes. >> why you looking at me crazy. >> it's just the way i look, maureen. [ laughter ] >> never mind. i'll tell you guys. >> her name is maureen. >> putting spotlight on the talented men and women on the university of mary washington after the break. some members of the cast of hit musical little shop of horrors will join us live with a special performance. we'll check in with
10:29 am
1 it's always disappointing, when something gets watered down. at air wick, we believe scent should be experienced the way its intended: pure. discover air wick pure freshmatic, with no added water. and now, try pure free ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
10:30 am
a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
10:31 am
♪♪ i do like this musical. >> little shop of horrors. >> ♪♪ >> i've never been to musical. >> ponder that while we say good morning to -- they're good. steve martin was the dentist. >> right. >> yeah. and the women from martin latisha.
10:32 am
the university of mary washington and that's where we find annie and kevin. they're showcasing campus talent. good morning. >> hey, good morning. we just got amazing preview of this song. we can't wait for you guys to hear the sinking of suddenly susan. let's talk about -- suddenly seymour my apologies. let's talk about grace here at the university of mary washington. talk about this incredible show you've put on and starts november 2nd. >> we're in rehearsal for little shop of horrors opening novembe. extraordinary musical really shows off our talent in the department of theater and dance. we have a great program. we have graduates working in professional theaters all over the country. we're enormously proud of what we do with our students and the lives they create for themselves. >> it is a great program. you've been here for 25 years you've really seen not only the campus grow and change and evolve but the program in theater and dance grow. so how -- take us back. it was established back in 1913. it's come a long way. >> that's r
10:33 am
i think the program has grown tremendously the arts have been embraced in the commonwealth of virginia we're getting enormously talented students that's a lot of pro -- allowed our program to grow significantly. >> greg, talk bout choice of this particular show. i loved the movie. the broadway show. talk about why this show, why now. >> well, small ensemble musical last year we did very large musical tend to alternate it gives our students to chance to work with a variety of music styles. this show has different of musical styles in it and that's why we chose it. >> at what point in the show does suddenly see more happens it. >> happens kind of halfway through. >> yeah. >> obviously a classic moment. >> it is. talk about -- was that something you specifically filmed you wanted to nail -- you want to nail the whole thing. >> nail the whole thing we want to nail the relationships between the characters and why they're in this world together and what this enormous plant has to do and how it affects their lives. and so we're working on all of it. >> feed me seymour be in the script. >> it absolutely will
10:34 am
>> yes, i love feed me seymour. >> anybody can come see this starting november 2nd. it's at klein theater here on campus. >> that's right. tickets at fred >> run the second through the 19th of november. plenty to time to see it. let's see it now. >> it's awesome. we'll get out of the way and let the students take it away. >> suddenly seymour. ♪♪ lift up your head, watch out. here take my kleenex, wipe that lipstick away ♪♪ >> ♪♪ show me your face, i think things were bad but now they're okay ♪♪ ♪♪ suddenly seymour, a standing beside you, don't need to make up, don't have to pretend ♪♪ >> ♪♪ suddenly
10:35 am
to provide you, sweet understanding seymour is your friend ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ suddenly, seymour, is standing beside me ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:36 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:37 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> my goodness. i have the goose pimples. >> university the mary washington. >> good job. there's the information running from november 2nd to the 19th. go down there and support them and check it out. beautiful voices. >> i have seen it. i realized i have seen a musical before. purple reign. >> little bit. >> i have not seen the stage version. >> there you go. >> you can see your -- do you consider to be yourself a fox5 fan. we would love to be able to hang out with you. we can't promise musical isn't the studio. unless wisdom martin decides to sing. >> we cannot say what we will be. don't tell them. >> fox beat free friday enter for the ultimate halloween experience as we will select 15 lucky people to win two tickets to join our live studio
10:38 am
on objection 31st see maureen dress up as t swift. >> the show starts at 10:00 all winners and guests must arrive by 9:30 in costume. winners and their guests must be 18 or older. all costumes must be appropriate for television. >> right. >> wisdom will judge that. >> i will judge. go to fox5 d.c. facebook page from now until 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win. don't wear your prince 1990 something outfit with his behind out and think you're getting in the studio. >> don't do it. >> 15 winners selected by random drawing that drawing will happen october 23rd. complete rules available at fox5 fox5d.c../contests. make sure you're 18 and have an appropriate contest. >> always one of the most fun shows we do. >> we're going to dress up. that's the big surprise. always fun. >> coming up the king of salsa.
10:39 am
>> machel montana. >> wow! >> right? he liked it. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry sorry. [ laughter ] >> international audiences,
10:40 am
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♪♪ hey, last hour we had smooth jazz now it's time to turn all the way up in our neck guest will surely make you do just that he's one of the best known singers in the caribbean and h
10:42 am
the music business. we're talking about the one and only king of machel montana who started sinking music at the itch of five. since then he's dominated the genre with several chart topping albums this weekend he'll be popping his hits through at various events throughout dmv starting with the wizards game. before he hits that stage he's here to perform his latest single fast line. police welcome machel montana. take it away! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:43 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:44 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:45 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> whoo! >> machel montana. good to meet you. >> good morning to you. >> soca king. a pleasure to be here. >> honor to be here. >> thank you very much. before we talk about what brought you to the dmv i want to talk about what's been happening in the caribbean. all these devastating hurricanes. you're playing an integral part getting to them. talk about what you're doing. >> we're having a concert caribbean strong. we're bringing the caribbean artist come and support, raise our funds. build homes. and most importantly show soldi lar are the. all caribbean islands stand together. i'm helping them in this time of need. >> i'll give you longer crutches so you can catch your breath
10:46 am
and your effort. you're in the dc region sharing your talent here performing at howard for the homecoming and also at the wizards game. >> yes. >> a lot of people they hear soca but they don't know soca. how international is it and how do you think people res ninety-eight with different people. >> we had who let the doing out and turning me on, hot hot hot. it's the sun of the caribbean. it really represents the soul of calypso. the sound of the caribbean. you can hear right now music justin beiber's music jennifer lopez you hear that pete. >> let's not sleep on you wok a lot of these major artists. you're infusing their music with soul and caribbean music. >> i love it. >> definitely. >> now when you watch younger generation coming up in the genre what words of wisdom do
10:47 am
>> we have this idea of cow crossing over trying to be international. it's more important to be yourself. to be pure, to be caribbean. i look at the disaster and i see puerto rico screaming out, hey, we are americans, too. but you know you're caribbeans first. experience who we truly are. we have to be confident who we are and know ourselves. dig into the real roots the real history the caribbean and i've been performing at barclay center at jay-z and stevie wonder two nights ago on tuesday night with tidal for hur wayne relief. about me going out and performing. not trying to be hiphop. not trying to be pop. >> hold trying to who you are. when you show your art and who you true you are people receive it better. >> of course. it's natural. they feel it too. >> what's next for you? >> next for me? going into the studio i'm head heading to india. i'm very spiritual. i love my meditation. >> you're traveling. >> it's based on african and indian culture i'm trying t
10:48 am
touch of a forty three cash india. learn the roots and bring that caribbean representation in my foundation. >> where do you find your inspiration? >> i knew you were going say that. let's put up the information about your adventures here in the dmv you are at the wizards game tonight. >> yes. >> yard fest today. >> today. >> today. >> you give me the run down. >> i'm leaving here going to the yard fest today. about 1:30 then i go tonight the caribbean night at the capitol one arena. who you root fog. >> of course washington. >> come on. i got to be -- [ laughter ] >> tomorrow night i'm at saturday night life the hyatt legend see marshall. it's going to be hour long of this. >> i see. >> show us a little fine wine. >> ♪♪ >> it is slow. >> it is slow. >> you got to do it slow
10:49 am
>> all right. 10:48 is the time. >> we're headed back to fredericksburg quickly. after the break for look how the university of mary washington celebrates homecoming. we're going to be right back. >> maureen night not. [ laughter ]
10:50 am
10:51 am
vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
10:52 am
♪♪ that's how i get down on friday. >> if you can hear that and don't move in some sort of way. >> something is wrong. >> you're missing a really good time. that's absolutely right. >> yeah. >> i love that. >> all right. speaking of better place, a happy place, let's get out to kevin and annie right now at the university of mary washington because it's home come there and they've been showing us all the university has to offer this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. we are out here at the university of mary washington. we have ken tyler the athletic director here at the
10:53 am
school. big day for you tomorrow. talk about what's going on. first of all introduce your amazing players here. >> we are thrilled to have fox5 here first of all thank you soap for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> we've had tremendous morning. >> it's great to be an eagle and certainly with you guys here today. we've got our women's soccer team here. >> nice. >> we got some men's rugby players. >> yeah. >> women's rugby over here. [ cheers and applause ] >> we got men's soccer over here. >> and a little bit of lacrosse and rowing and little bit of everything. >> little bit of everything. so that's unique. you all don't have football team but we have a lot of unique sports like rugby here. equestrian team. talk about what that's like for students who want to, you know, come to the university of mary washington. >> well, first of all, you need a great snapshot of that tomorrow. we don't have the big football game that some of the larger schools have but if you want to great day of athletic action you can have field hockey, mens and women's soccer men's and
10:54 am
rugby and volley because right here all on the same day. >> isn't he great. >> all in one place. all for free. at our amazing battleground athletic complex. watching our talented student athletes compete. it's a great day. >> 12:30, correct. >> 12:30 we'll get thing start. >> how long. >> it goes all day long. all day long. we hope everybody comes out enjoys the biggest party in fredericksburg. >> you wanted to speak specifically on the division three element because there's a lot of unique elements in that division. >> um-hmm. >> we're proud to be members of ncaa division three a lot of people don't realize that division three is actual the largest of the three divisions by a long shot. and specials until light of some of the scandals that have happened at the large division one lately we believe division three is the purest form of inter collegiate ang let's let ticks our student athletes compete for the love of the game and they are committed and talented and exceptional just like some of the students who were singing earlier. >> they were amazing. >> great students here at the
10:55 am
and we in the athletic department are proud to serve as the front porch welcoming people to our beautiful campus. see all the terrific things that we have going on. >> kev, are you finding most students come here because of the sports programs that you all offer? >> y our student athletes have been actively recruited by our coaches. many more several years during the recruiting process and they find a fit that makes sense for them academically, socially and athletically. and we're really proud of the success they have not only while they're here at mary washington but when they graduate as well. >> ken, we talk about the unique elements of this school. there's no greek live here. no fraternities no sororities non football. talk about creating that unique element and having that as a school. >> i hope you got a sense today even without those things we still have tremendous campus spirit, traditions and enthusiasm and we'd like to think athletics play as big roll in that. we certainly take a response -- take our responsibility as gene
10:56 am
feel and spirit very very seriously, and we produce winners on the field, in the classroom and in the community. >> i love it. >> you need to be a spokesperson. >> i had ken tyler back in my day. you were awesome. >> walk around me and say things all day. you sound so cool. [ laughter ] >> all right. well, guys, it's going to be big big weekend as ken said the biggest party here in fredericksburg, virginia. thank you scott university of mary washington for having us. >> we've had an awesome morning. learned a lot about the campus. big big family out here. thanks, guys. >> quick reminder real fast tomorrow 12:30 to -- >> all day long tomorrow at the battlegrounds. >> whoo!? [ cheers and applause ] >> let's go, eagles! >> let's go, eagles! [ applause ] >> let's go, eagles! >> let's go, eagles! >> let's go, eagles! >> university of mary washington. >> yes.
10:57 am
>> beautiful day, beautiful weekend. get out and enjoy the awesome weather. we will.
10:58 am
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