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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now at 7:00 demanding answers. this man takes as texted rain kharps it's a few weeks after he was arrested for a similar crime. why was he out on the street. tracking this store by dr. from the districts to prince george county. >> and on capitol hill today special visitor the president has a lunch date with republican senators as they turn their focus to overhauling nation tax code. >> and nice start for skins. things looked good early own an then they played the second half. burgandy and gold ache waking up di feeted this morning. >> if you just wake up this morning you heard that bad news sore didn't about that and house this live look outside on tuesday october 24. >> and got a quick look on weather and traffic. tucker and airport standing by. >> rain will out here and beautiful tuesday afternoon to look forward to. details on the warm in a home.
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how are the roads. >> right now at 7:01 take a look at video out of carolinas same storm system that brought us gustsy rain overnight packed a punch to the south. knocked out power to us toes and downed trees and left an airport in rups. the hangar a hangled mess of metal. as many as 7 tornadoes touchdown in the carolinas and eight people in one current county were treated for minor injuries. national weather service will be on hand today and survey the damage. >> a water problem overnight. water main break in the area near 6 and virginia avenue southeast and enough to cause one car to get stuck in high water an mud and have to be towed out. water main reware pair work continues and some will continue to experience low pressure
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water at all. >> learning a d.c. man facing serious sex assault charges was out on the streets and able to strike again. >> latest happen egg this past weekend not even a month after the first violent incident. kristin leon is live from northwest with what we cov covered. kristin, good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. that's right he is supposed to appear in court this friday. matter of fact. 23-year-old again he's a -- aus koodz ofaldly sexually assaulting a woman at a d.c. gas station. take a look at him now. 23-year-old kerry ed wartdz on your screen chbl the first incident happened september 25. he sexually assaulted a woman he apparently was giving rides to. and according to court documents in this particular case edwards" grabbed the woman by her neck and bent her over saying "you're going it take this,
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charged and prosecutors asked for him to be released before his hearing this friday. he was aon high intensity supervision and now a month later edwards is accused of trying to rain a woman inside her home in prince george county. now, million dollar question this morning here is why was this man allowed back on the streets initially to begin w and now when we asked prosecute beers this they couldn't give us a definitive answer. of course we will let you know what happens here going forward in this case. we're now reporting live this morning d.c. superior court kristin leon, "fox5" hole n news. >> president heads to the hill today keeping congress on form. >> details still well, allison what we have so far are proposed tax rates and not
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everyone likes tax cuts and paying for them will be the crux of debate as president comes to congress today to hopefully twist arms. >> a meeting of mind between white house and congress. president trump plans on joining gop senators for the first time today at regular tuesday lunch. on the table, tax reform. >> thank you for hosting us. >> the president's daughter traveled to pennsylvania yesterday to push the white house message and move forward or first major rewrite of the tax code in simple forms. it demonday stratizing fax codes. simpler is better. >> making simple means getting rid of things and shifting cost of proposed lower rates and democrats are not on board. >> the american people should know that the money to pay for that giant tax cut for rich is coming from somewhere and it's
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pocket books. >> members of congress from high tax states for example will baulk at reducing deductbility of state and local taxes an significance to cut the size of popular tax referred 401k retirement plans ran into dead end from president who said on twitter there will be no change to 401k. this has always been great and popular middle class tax break that works and it stays. >> and that shows just how difficult it is to go after specific tax deductions as a way to pay for lower rates. back up to you in the studio. >> thanks. in two weeks voters in virginia will go to polls to elect a new governor ralph northham and ed gillespie in a close race. today we'll talk to northham in a few minutes. and he'll joins us at 7:30. .
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05 now and 6 and rany roads out there. tucker is here with what we can expect. most ever the rain is out of here. gradually clearing skies and temps in the 70s. woo! >> we'll have presidents at times 15 to 20. that's worst of forecast as rainp moved through during the overnight hours one more mild day this afternoon and then cool are air really starts to get in tonight. actual cold front moved through in the last couple hours. just east of bay there. and you can see the rain showers and cloud cover. lifting off north and east. we have leftover cloud cover here. once that gets east of us we should gradually turn sunny in the afternoon. should be a pleasant tuesday for us. daytime highs in the mid 70s. all right i'll give it all away now. temps in the 60s. wednesday, thursday, friday, if you like the eight day forecast
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as well. halloween looks upper 50s, maybe 60, dry. >> dray okay. >> thanks tuck. >> that's good when you're in costume. >> more coming up. >> let's check in with airport and see roads. >> breaking news out of virginia commute. parking lot on 66 eastbound side vienna metro near nutly street. that's a complete cou and adding extra time to your commute. aside from that one nasty conditions maryland outer loop college park crash new hampshire avenue you see left shoulder there blocking tractor-trailer and we're seeing a lot down there. as we forward things alone delays linger inside the beltway. crash into shoulder shevly 4 410. delays linger beltway to 95. be prepared if you are waking up to get to buoy.
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westbound side out before 6th street and navy yard exit crash backing up us across the 11 street bridge and sluggish and crash ohio drive involving fuel spill on westbound ramp 66. ramp is on and we have shoulder close the now. crash blocking shoulder 270 northbound before 109. 37 minute strip 71 to 70 northbound side delays there southbound side remains jammed 5 minute trip 70 and 109 as you make your way rockville this morning and as we look wide jammed up on upper loop bottom sides of beltway branch avenue wilson bridge. sluggish annandale and seeing bigger delays 95 northbound and souk as you maiing your way outside topside of bel beltway. all metro rail lines on time. steve, allison. >> former major league baseball player and analyst ray knight face aggravated assault and battery charges after police say he got fight with 33-year-old acquaintance. happened sunday knight's
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both had visible injuries and both went to hospital and knight was taken to jail. which is when "fox5" paul wagner caught one him yesterday who did not want to go into too much detail what happened. >> i don't want to comment. i think that the process will take its place and i just know anything i stay is not going to matter until the process works itself out. >> witness who's called police say the two men fight ago period. to have been drinking and although knight denies he was drinking. he's due in court january. played for reds, mets and orioles. >> world series kicks off tonight on "fox5". coverage starts 7:30 tonight astros in los angeles. game one pitching battle coupling of number uns with. clayton kershaw just after 8 and then after the game stay tuned to "fox 5 news" and final five. >> tough night for redskins looking to get win against division leading philadelphia eagles. unfortunately treat
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burgandy and gold and wisconsin back to breakdown the loss. >> not good in primetime and not good when beat by division rival. first time since 201 philly swept washington. eagle alone in first place nfc east 6-1. washington led 10-3 second water and eagles scored two straight touchdowns 17-10 going into happen. show you more highlights now. highlights from the game. rocky first quarter. eagles initially had only 29 total yards offense and then they started clicking. for them it was second water carson wentz chopped up the redskins defense finding receivers all over the place. four touchdown passes and then third quarter, eagles scored 21 unanswered point after ends with to it clemens and towards the enter of
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tossed a perfect pass who managed to keep feet inboupdz. eagles hold the best record in nfl. it was not all about wins because kirk cousins through for 00 yards and 3 touchdowns. who knew who you he did this but that was a back breaker. look at this. they're all around him. looks down and pops up and gone. all right. now back to kirk cousins, 7 yard touchdown pass third quarter. >> here's the deal. >> break it down. >> here's the problem. >> what's the problem. >> this is a problem. vernon davis tightened. jordan reed, tightened, top two receivers on the night. the rest of receivers nchb existent. brm this and chris thompson running bag. these are top rereceiveers on the team. starting and backup and running back as top receiver on the team you have a problem. i said this at the beginning of of season it's not about kirk but who he is throwing the ball too. know pierre garcon
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deshawn. you have to find somebody to throw the ball to. >> tyrell prior has been a bust so far. last night he got benched or whatever you want to call it he didn't do much. this sish u. you have to have rereceive isers that you can throw the ball down to. good to have jordan reed and davis and dump it off to chris thompson so but you have to have a guy you can throw reshe vev are the ball to. >> let me throw another number at you. >> three another number at me steve you. >> talk about receiving game in two losses to philadelphia this year combined the skips leading rusher in those two games combined is who? chris thompson. >> kirk cuz ib. >> kirk cousin. >> 40 awe yard. >> right. >> so basically you're saying that your top two receivers are your tightened and backup tightened. your top rusher and your two losses is quarterback. >> i think that's speaks volumes. >> carson wentz number one trending topic in washington
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rushing yards career high for him last night. next up redskins they play the cowboys who came off big win against 49ers both team 3-3 eagles separate themselves from everybody elimination. um ezekiel elliot is still playing for the dallas cow cowboys. >> that doesn't help. >> that doesn't help. >> abandon embassy one building sticks out like store them d.c. up scale neighborhood. what can be done. beau biden bob on this story. >> update on possible serial killer in tampa. concerned residents gather for a town hall meeting last ni night, 7:1 3
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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about one on 66 up by veryen a checking with erin in a couple myth. details on traffic there. wet roads never seem to help. >> changes from -- >> doesn't seem like it changes. >> david bowie changes♪ >> and analyze it as much as you choose. >> weather is changing slowly. cooler weather will really not get in here until tonight. rain showers that moved through they're out of here and left with breezes. 63 washington. and we got a few spots upper 50s. you may want to check early. mid 70s later today. all right my first time of day to go out and look for cold air. 28 degrees and gradually
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28 degrees and gradually am we gradually clear things up and we return sunny and mild this afternoon. dry afternoon for all things outdoors. and should be nice afternoon nor you with one more warm day before we cool it down later tonight and there you go wednesday, thursday, friday, more like october. temps 60s and overnight low in the 40s. 50/50 weekend. saturday looks good and maybe sun rand foyer cowboy redskins game sunday sglavrn that's 4:30 game right. >> yes. 4:25. >> all righty. it's not primetime. okay. we don't do well in primetime. unfortunately breaking news ut of 66. all lanes blocked at nutly street. and serious crash taking out center lanes. off ramp working nutly street anden left shoulder squeezing by because wear down to left shoulder before the beltway. we're
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we're seeing really big delays. want to show you this view. you're completely parked leading to nutly street waiting to get to left lane previously all lanes bloktd. parked for miles. it's taking you close to hour to 2 34 sutly road to dri driveway. you'll see major delays as crash lipingers. avoid 6 eastbound centerville to beltway now. we'll keep you updated on drive times. see if you can find a work around. this is topside of beltway that's been a mess all morning. outer loop crawl. ought are loop before new hampshire crash blocked left shoulder and 45 minute delay route 1 to 270 spur slow inner loop because of wet roads. looks like things clearing up a bit in terms of rain and crash blocking shoulder inside the beltway. delays start buoy to bement way and get heavier 20 minute delay beltway toy cheverly at 295.
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metro rail lines on time. 270 southbound a parking lot as well back to you guys. >> 7:18 now and we turn to tampa, deplore day, and intense search for suspect between three seemingly random killsings in one neighborhood. the mayor spoke to people telling them to remain on high alert and don't be afraid. they're telling locals to avoid walking home at light and keep porch lights on. they can't help feeling anxious since police admitted they don't have information -- much information about the killer. >> the problem what we're wondering about they don't know nothing about the killer. so we don't know what's next or what's in his mind. >> we need to you call us and let us know what's going on. that's how we'll catch this guy. >> tam pay says vur veil freps night of first murder may have captured possible suspect but they have little information. >> new details about
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niger that killed four green bar a. they did not call for help into the hour. many questions remain how it all unfolded. and for the very first time we're hearing from widow of sergeant la david yn son saying that she felt disrespected by president trump whp he called after her husband's death. >> you this many morning d. crk leaders grapple with ongoing prob wlaem to do with abandoned embassies now eye sores in city's up scale neighborhoods. >> for years there was nothing that could be done thanks to diplomatic protection. could that change. bob barnard is live in northwest with the story. >> good morning, guys, yes, one d.c. council member wants to change this. 22 and r street not far from calarumba. look what
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this former consolate at 7 and r and basically it's eye sore for this neighborhood and as i mentioned recently sold 10 years and now the pakistani government onened a new foreign ministry and it's considered diplomatic energy although that's been revoked. state department is caught in middle of this and property has been sold to investment company that wants to do something with it. make townhouses or something out of this. but you know individual properties however that tax lien has to be paid and pakistani government says we don't have to pay u.s. or local taxes. so, this property should be resolved sometime soon. but it's been this way for ten years. i want to show you a photograph of the iranian embassy around the rn coulder on massachusetts avenue. it's been
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since also i want to show you video of a property four doors from where we're standing, former serbian embassy and yuk slaveian embassy and me an mar and other side embassy of cypress. mary shay says it's about time to put together a list had of property i its and come pet the state department and those governments that walked away from properties to get rid of them. sell them. problem a lot of governments say we don't want to walk away from properties they're valuable but expensive to renovate. it's stuck there. and i'll fell you we have been reporting on this moran than a decade and associated press is taking a new look into this and again d.c. council may be is going to start doing something about this to push this hard to get rid of these eye sores in sox d.c. finest neighborhoods
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it's interesting iranian embassy you don't ties and yukoslavia doesn't exist any more. >> you would think property would go back to jurisdiction. >> that is state department d.c. >> and of course the tax issues as well they're trying to work out. >> virginia governor race around the corner. >> turning live in a few minutes sitting down with ralph northham dem caltic candidate for governor, it's now 7
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smiling sparkles. how do they clean the toilet, grin at it? (laughs) stop laughing. the stomach flu is not funny. get a cleaner with bleach in it. good, you can smile now. clorox means clean.
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>> hey, welcome back. 63 in washington. the rain, overnight, out of here. and we have cloud cover and breezes south and south west 11 gusting to 20. but it should turn into a very pleasant day with daytime highs mid 70s and i got the front right here. that pushes further east and we'll see more area more sunshine this afternoon. pleasant day. cooler are air didn't get until later tonight. one more mild day. then cooler tonight and cooler temperatures middle of week and daytime highs tomorrow don't get out of 60s and we'll keep that pattern around here thursday and friday as well. nice afternoon. clear and breezy, 75. erin. jam cam time. >> ut, oh. >> shoulder is getting by 66 eastbound. big accident cleanup.
7:27 am
and how many lanes blocked. off ramp open and left shoulder squeezes by. because of that look that delay. 3 minute 234 to beltway. >> no way. >> that's hour and 23 minute ride. >> not okay. >> coming in from centerville, mannasas, you may want to yump off to get around thatment once you hit fairfax county parkway you are not even going 20 miles an hour. and nothing compared to 66 eastbound. keep it to "fox news morning" we'll be right back
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♪ >> live look outside right now.
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out there although it looks like most of the rain is actually stopped around the d.c. area. check in with tucker in a few minutes and get the fall details when it comes to the forecast for the day today. first at 7:32 weeks out now from the virginia election. voters will go to the polls to elect a new governor and it's had a toward miss that fact since the ads from both candidates seem to be ever everywhere. >> now i'm listening carefully to donald trump and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. >> ms13 is a mess. yet ralph northam voted in favor of sanctuary cities that let dangerous illegal citizens back on the street. >> ed gillespie wants to end a woman' right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions. >> we know ralph northam skipped economic development. >> some of the issues raised this election
7:31 am
fox5 wants to help cut through the negative ads gone straight to the candidates so you can be most informed when you go to the polls in two weeks. joining us this morning virginia lieutenant governor ralph northam democratic candidate for governor. >> great to see you thanks for having me. >> how are you feeling two weeks out. there's a tremendous amount of enthusiasm across the quell. we had vice-president joe biden with us. president obama was with us on thursday night. a lot of excitement. we want to make sure the detrimental policies going on in washington don't affect virginia and we're ready to take virginia to the next level. we're talking about jobs. we're talking about world class education for our children and access to great health care in virginia. that's the virginia the way and that's what resonating witness voter. >> i want to break down some of those the issues and some we saw in those ads in just a second. first, though, where do you get are, when you're talking about feeling good right now, what do you use as that measure? when we look at the polls you had a pretty good lead that lead now the average polls look the polls go from one to 14% right now.
7:32 am
>> in the last week seen the average 55 to 6%. that's very close race. do you look at the polls, do you go with what you're hearing from constituents from other folks, gut feeling washington do you use to measure that confidence. >> really all of the above. main wal we hear when were travel across the commonwealth an lot of enthusiasm and just this past weekend we knock on over 200,000 doors in the commonwealth of virginia. so getting great reception and people like i said they're just tired of the negativity that we're seeing from the other campaign. they believe in the virginia wage they believe in jobs. they believe in education, health care that's what's resonating with the voter. >> let's go back to the some of the ads we just showed. you had the famous ad saying the president was narcissistic pancake. do you stand by that. >> absolute. we also stand by the detrimental policies coming out of washington right now. the travel ban, the muslim ban that's going nothing more than promoting and provoking fear monger around the commonwealth pulling away from daca and
7:33 am
health care taking away health care from over 30 million americans. we just can't do that in the richest country in the world. i remind people all the time, steve new york city individual, no familiar should be one medical illness away from financial did he mice and if we let them do what they're doing in washington that's where we'll end up. >> so we hear from outsiders so many times that this race being one of only two governors raises that are out there this year. did this really is a referendum of the presidency right now, of president trump. do you feel that way as candidate? >> obviously virginians want someone that will stand up to the detrimental policies coming out of washington. i mean we have a candidate that we're running against who is nothing more than a washington lobbyist, and virginians they want someone that will take us to the next level and again make sure that everybody has jobs. we brought in over 215,000 new jobs to virginia in the last three and a half years. our unemployment rate has gone from 5.4 to three-point 7%. it's the lowest it's been in nine years so good things are happening in virginia. people recognize that. >> now, the neck ad
7:34 am
your opponent in this race and this is one that i think may go back what lot of people saw this time last year when we came to the presidential election one of the criticisms here it just literally by putting ms13 and ralph northam in the same ad together that might have lot of ears perk of perking up. how do you combat something like that. >> people know i'm pediatrician i'm taken care of sick children and their families for over 25 years. medical director of our pediatric hospice served in the united states army for eight years. so for someone to talk about me supporting ms13 gangs it's it's finally hit its target in mr. trump because he's now tweeting about it, but it's inaccurate number one and ads are despicable. they're doing nothing more than promoting the hatred and bigotry coming out of washington. our campaign different. we're talking about the virginia way and so there's tremendous contrast. >> how much of the campaign though has to be touting your successes versus arguing back against ads like that? look, let's face it nobody is perfect. no politician is perfect
7:35 am
if they say you missed this number of meet to go some people it's not a big deal. to the op pone that's a huges ae how do you counter things like this now to try to push forward war you're looking for. >> we showed up. i was -- i fought in the military for eight years. i took care of wounded soldiers during desert storm. i've taken care of sick chi children. i've served in the senate for six years. virginia senate and now as lieutenant governor for four years. in contrast, my opponent is a lobbyist. only time he showed up when he gets paid. so there's tremendous contrast between of two of you. >> let me ask you, a couple other questions while we're going here. one, when it comes to the overall picture right now, obviously -- if you win this race, this is something that the democratic party would desp desperately need right now. is there a fear, though, because of what happened in the election and you just talked about knocking on all these doors this weekend that's what democrats seemed to leading up to the presidential election and then when that didn't happen, when hillary clinton lost that election, are you worried that lot of democrats now are going
7:36 am
saying does it really matter. >> i don't think there's saying empathy. when i ask people, please remember to vote. oh, yeah, i am they say it with conviction a lost enthusiasm and again we have a great ticket in mark running for re-election as attorney general, justin fairfax the lieutenant governor candidate and we have great candidates running for the house of delegates. so we're going to win all three statewide and pick up a number and i hope we get majority back in the house delegates so that final we can go back on offense and stop playing so much def defense. >> i'll get to to in just a second. hit on couple issues real quick. gun control big news across the country. >> sure. very typical democratic party might look at this different than gop candidate would. but what realistically could you do if governor of virginia to have some type of gun role that is not in existence now. >> i have unique perspective on guns i served in the united states army. i have seen first hand what assault weapons do to human beings it's clear we don't need assault weapons on our streets and in our society. i take -- >> it's such a
7:37 am
though. >> it is but i think virginians are ready for responsible gun ownership and things like universal background checks and there's a tremendous contrast again, my opponent has an a rating from the nra he won't give up his question nary. we'd like to seaway said about responsible gun ownership versus mine mine. we have differing opinions as we deal with responsible gun ownership. >> you talk about economic reform and attention towards school. where do you get the funds for that in the state of virginia. >> there's power in every child and we he'd need to make sure all of our children in have a have access to world class education system. our teachers, my wife is a teacher, k through five science teacher, our teachers in virginia are making $7,500 less than the national average. so revenues are up to virginia. we have to make public education a priority and that's what i plan to do as the next governor. >> revenue is up is a good thing but challenge to keep revenues up in the state. last thing i want to ask
7:38 am
cam r you're in great mood accept the skins lost last night. a lot of talk about the redskins maybe find agnew home at some point. would you lobby to bring them into virginia. >> our doors are open. our lights are on. we're ready for the redskins to move to virginia. >> you're ready for it will you make a push for it. >> we're going to do everything we can to help them. we're real excited it would be great to have them in virginia. >> do you know anything that we don't know the a this important about them coming to virginia. >> no. just anxious and do everything we can to help them into virginia. >> listen, wish you the best of luck. appreciate you joining us a couple times you've been with us. best wishes. the election two weeks away. >> thanks very much for having meek steve. >> we have an invitation out to ed gillespie to appear with us before election day we want to make sure we give each candidate equal time. his campaign says they're wo working on dates and times. we'll keep you posted. ralph northam thanks for joining us. >> thank you, steve. >> seven cot 38:00. take a short break. head over to tucker and get a check on the forecast. >> steve, full forecast in a just a minute. sunshine to look forward to and another mild day. how e
7:39 am
>> much better than what i'm dealing with the roads. 66 eastbound an hour and 20 minute day from manassas to the beltway. latest oh and that crash as we continue. continue. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> 7:41. rely
7:42 am
bad split. two companies ending a relationship now. one of them sears obviously that goes back more than 100 years. sears will stop selling whirlpool appliances after the two companies got into a fight over prices. in memo sears says, they will deplete their whirlpool inventory maybe you'll get a good deal. sears is not been doing so well over the years. the struggling store has been the leader in selling appliances but the company losing its grip in the market. >> that's big. i thought you were going to tell me sears and roebuck. i'm not ready for that. that's old school. okay. why regift when you can reject. target allowing online shoppers to purchase a present and send an e-mail to the recipient before they send the gift. so the recipient can accept the gift or they can change it. target also offering free shipping beginning next month. and most of its holiday gifts are under $15. so int interesting but stra. >> delta airlines telling apic
7:43 am
game. at land based airline has more than 1,000 open flight attendant positions for 2018. the competition pretty stiff. delta says it is conducting 35,000 video interviews and another 6,000 in person interviews to fill those spots. well after the break tuesday talkers with our friend sarah fraser. why shouldn't you punish your kids for lying. >> also window or aisle seat what your seat on airplane might say about you. it's 7:43. ♪
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♪ 7:45 right now. the morning just rolling right along. tucker playing the air drums. saul well. 62 degrees. man, that rain last night, it felt good when you opened the windows but it was -- >> wake you up. >> woke me up. >> it did? >> um-hmm. >> maybe it was some weird drip, drip, drip. i have a little surprise later when i get home. >> you don't want that drip drip when the windows are closed. >> exactly. >> that's another problem. >> exactly. drip, drip, drip. >> rain out of here. looking the improving conditions. still got the clouds this morning once we get those out of here we'll be in for generally sun she conditions this afternoon and another very pleasant afternoon. temps in the mid 70s with less humidity than yesterday. one more mild afternoon. cooler weather gets in here tonight. let me mention the breezes out of the south here. cooler air is lagging and won't get in here tonight. we've had gusts 20 to 30. 15 to 20 this afternoon and cooler weather getting in here later
7:47 am
daytime highs tomorrow in the 60s. we should in the mid 60 force daytime highs. running well above normal here the last week or so. 63 now in washington. 61 in quantico. you can see some 50s breaking out to the west little cooler winchester 52 degrees. 55 in martinsburg this morning. fredericksburg 58 degrees and breezes out of the south and again the front is actually just east of us. but the winds haven't tran transitioned yet still out of the south and will be for much of the day today at times gusting to about 20 those are your sustain winds at 12 here in washington. rain showers done with those. the exception if you're watching east of the bay you've got couple leftover sprinkles and showers but as a front continues to kind of lift off here to the north and east, big parent low up here in the great lakes responsible for it. we will see gradually clearing skies. you can see west virginia and western virginia that we got clear skies out there and so we'll see plenty of sunshine this afternoon and dry conditions later today. all right. the setup for the next couple of days, big area of low pre
7:48 am
winds will be breezy at times here at 20 to 30. one more mild day and then by tomorrow, 60s maybe even upper 50 if's you're well out to the west, back in the forecast but really nice feel here, nice october afternoons to look forward to wednesday, thursday and friday with temperature in the 60s overnight lows cooler back in the 40s and low 5 50s. weekend 50-n-50. rain showers for the skins/cowboys game at 4:25 sunday afternoon. we'll have to look out for that. erin is back -- how is 66 looking. >> nightmare. i was just talking with steve about that because he's getting asked questions on twitter about it. i want you start with the metro delays. orange, blue and silver line delays in both directions. medical emergency at potomac avenue. moving over to 66, so we do have more traffic moving. exit ramp is open and we also have three lanes getting by right now. but this crash at nutley street still blocking the right shoulder. and we have such significant residual delays. left shoulder blo
7:49 am
this morning. 66 eastbound an hour and 20 minutes just to get from 234 sudley road to the beltway. and those delays extend well i don't know sudley road back into gansville. have some patience. try to avoid 60 eastbound right now. westbound side is good. except for rubberneck passed nutley but eastbound side is getting the worst of the morning commute. as we forward things along right now, we are seeing outer loop delays 43 minute drive disable tractor trailer from earlier crash on the left shoulder. 43 minute drive from 95 to the 270 spur, very crowded, inner loop is okay there and as you make your way out 50 on the inbound side 19 minute delay from 202 to 295. 295 southbound jams as usual. also seeing delays on new york avenue inbound there is a crash out by bladensburg road. earlier crash cleared by surratts road on branch of a northbound in clinton and then as you make your way out on the freeway, delays on the southeast southwest freeway westbound crash by the navy yard. we got you covered. 270 southbound still a slow roll. back to you.
7:50 am
much much it's tuesday morning it is time for tuesday talkers and allison and i talk all the time. >> i know. >> we need to bring in a third person to the equation to actually, you know -- >> to balance -- >> balance us out. a little more. sarah fraser bring the good topics. >> i like to set it and for you two and let you two just, you know, dive in and i just sit back and watch. [ laughter ] >> yes. sarah. >> allison, i need to know your advice on this. >> okay. i have an answer. >> i'm going to sit back and listen to you. >> i'm have a total answer. >> this story blew my mind i never really thought about this. should you punish your children for lying? >> yes. >> we're talking about kids under the age of 12 years old. >> yes. >> do you? this whole article says you shouldn't. >> wawa is the basis for this article, please tell me. >> all kids lie. all kids lie and they see it from television they see from it their own parents because we all tell -- i'm in the parent, you know. we tell white lies basically and we don't want to you are hurt someone's feelings they're inundated all
7:51 am
little had while lies so they are going to essentially emulate that and then lie so you at least according to the article should not be pup initiating your kids. >> i totally disagree. >> you do? >> 100% disagree. >> i think this is great. >> i feel honestly like lying is the basis for so many other issues later. so you lie about this. you push this. then you, you know, push it somewhere else, and in extreme case i truly believe like a straight up liar will steal, a liar will, like, hurt people because they're protecting their lies and you have to catch that behavior really young and know that there's a consequence for lying and i'll go even further. not just lying but trying to be slick and getting around something. i always tell my kids when they were little, you know, mommy is smarter than you. like you think you're super smart right now, and you're a little brain think if's i just hide this stuff in my room or this bad grade i don't tell you, i'm going to know because i'm an involved parent. >> right. >> and that
7:52 am
because it sets you up for behavior down the road that is detrimental to not just other people but yourself. >> i think that behavior, too, the lying becomes almost a mechanism of itself. you can -- if you want to construct a bad planned to something else, you're like let me bidder bill the lie first. let me big that back story. >> right. >> create my plan how much i feel i can get away with. >> i will say to that article, not all parents lie. and not all parents just let their kids watch tv with whole bunch of liars in it. i don't know who these people are. >> if you do have inquisitive kids they might say the only risk you face though if you are as sarah said telling white lie to protect that child in a situation. >> right. >> the kid might say, well, mom, why did you do this. >> right. i have perfect example about that. here's an example about that and this is super personal but i'm going to tell you how real it is. >> i love these stories. >> i asked my mother, you know, i was like a teenager, starting -- i was dating or whatever and i asked her about like, you know, how old she was when she
7:53 am
to take it to next level with a boyfriend or whatever. >> okay. >> and she was not forthcoming with what she said. >> i know. >> then later i found out. we talked about it. i'm like mom, who cares i'm not going to judge. when my girls asked me i absolutely told them the truth. i absolutely said that i wish that it had maybe waited for this reason or good time for this reason. but i think that in this dangerous society we don't have room for those lies and so i would just encourage parents, you know, look, i did some things that i wish i hadn't done or i did some things right, let me tell you and let's learn from that. i think that's parenting. >> i do agree with you. >> if you said 30 instead of 35 it still would have been okay. [ laughter ] >> so cute. >> time magazine article gives like three things you should do. praise your kids, ask them to tell you one truth of the day and essentially really emphasize that that truth is important. >> i don't have time for that article. >> do you, were you raised that way. >> which way? >> like you
7:54 am
pushing the truth. >> oh, no. >> look at how steve turned out. >> i don't know if we want to use that as basis for anything. >> rebuked. >> where you sit on airplane tells a lot about your personality. are you an aisle seat guy or window seat. >> i know where this is going i am 100% window seat. >> me too. >> i think for different reason than you're about to say does this was a psychologist who breaks down where you sit, what it says about your personality. people in the aisle seat are much more sociable people. they also usually have hard time sleeping getting comfortable on planes they like to be on the outside, you know, space, seat, and then also they usually are more uncomfortable about bothering someone to get up gone to the bathroom they prefer the aisle seat. people who sit closer to the window we're selfish. we have no problems asking someone hey do you mind moving so i can go to the bathroom. or -- >> once again i don't agree with that at all. >> i don't see that either. >> i like to look out the window when i fly. what's the problem. >> i just want to see what's out there and to me it make the flight go a lot faster. >> right and i don't mind, f thers
7:55 am
middle and. that's me. >> i always feel bad if i have to get two other people to get up to move, i usually wait until somebody is already up and hey, you're up i'm going at the same time. >> absolutely. >> we're also people that sit closer or sit the window seat -- >> people who insist on it, i must sit here by the window, i think those are the people they're talking about. >> really selfish. >> don't you think so. >> because it's just like what i prefer to do. i'm not going to have panic attack. >> i'll survive wherever i am. there are some people who don't like the window for that reason. they don't like to see that they're up above. people dislike flying it's almost like another layer if you sit on the window you can see what's happening out there. that's not me. i love it. i love looking out the window. >> me too. >> seeing what's out there. >> me too. >> i don't think those are -- we're not the hard core audience. >> we're not the selfish window sitter. >> absolutely. i have no problem. steve, i need to you move. >> i would rather check out on flight look out the window than talk to the random
7:56 am
know, you know how it is some people that just talk, talk, talk when you get on the plane. >> that's when you put the headphones in. >> exactly. even if the music is not playing. >> that's what we do to tucker in the morning sometimes. >> good morning, tuck. >> not right now. >> i'm a middle seat guy. i'll be hadn't never. >> yeah right. >> by choice, though. >> got a chance to meet people. get chance to talk. >> and look out the window the best of both world. >> he should have been scolded when he was younger. >> his mom should have said no lying, young tucker. >> she should have, you're right. 61 in washington. we'll be in the mid 70s later today. still got the cloud cover. rain is out of here. anywhere between tenth and half inch rain overnight pushing off to the east and north. we'll clear it out pretty quick and very pleasant afternoon. mid 70s around here with some breezes. we are getting breezes out of the south but cooler air tonight and nice weather to end the week. wednesday, thursday and friday cooler temperatures highs in the 60s. erin you're middle seat, right. >> i prefer the aisle seat. >> i do too if i've h
7:57 am
cocktails before the flight because i have to go to the bathroom. >> you're the obnoxious middle passengers. >> you like it to make friends, right, tucker. >> right now, blue, orange and silver line single tracking due to medical her at potomac avenue. now, as we move over for look as nasty crash on 66 at nutley street blocking the right shoulder as well as the left shoulder even the lips have reopened. we are in for a nasty backup. it will take you an hour end 20 minutes to get from there 34 to the beltway. we have a crash reported by sudley road in the backup. keep it to fox5 news morning. we got you covered on this gloomy tuesday morning. ay morni.
7:58 am
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this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. >> it is eight alt m on tuesday morning, october 24th, 2017. here's what's on for i don't care five news morning menu. first up a local man facing a itemed rape charges but he was just arrest add few weeks ago for a similar crime. this morning, the big question, why was he out on the street? plus severe storms slam parts of the southeast leaving a trail of damage behind. >> nd cress police still trying to track down the gunman who shot a little boy playing outside his d.c. apartment 12 years ago. we rewind to the crime and take look at the murder of dante manning. >> first though a live look outside. what beautiful sky
8:01 am
tuesday morning. 62 degrees right now at 8:00 o'clock. weather traffic an 8:05. developing overnight the same storm seasonal that brought us gusty rain really packed a punch to our south. parts of north and south carolina hit with some significant damage. you're looking alt at right here. there are reports as many as seven tornadoes touching down last night in the carolinas. right now, about 100,000 homes and businesses in north and south carolina no power. several school systems will be closed or delayed today due to the damage. well this morning a big question fox5 is searching for answers on. why was a d.c. man charged with serious sex assault few weeks ago, out on the street this past weekend when he allegedly struck again? >> fox5's kristen leone is working on this one she's life outside the dc superior court now. kristin. >> reporter: good morning, that's right. this 23-year-old man is actually supposed to be due in court this friday here at dc superior court,
8:02 am
sexually assaulting a woman a month ago at a gas station here in southeast d.c. take a closer look at that man. now on your screen. this is 23-year-old kerry-edwards. now the first incident happened on september 25th. police say he sexually assault add woman. he had apparently been giving rides to. according to court documents here edwards quote grab the woman by her neck and bent her over and then said quote you're going to take this expletive. he was charged with first degree sexual abuse but again prosecutors have asked for him to be released until his court hearing. now we learned he was under high intensity supervision with gps monitoring there. now, edwards is accused of trying to rape a woman inside her home in prince george's county. again, the big question this morning you guys is why was this man allowed back on the streets from the beginning? initially to begin with here. so when we tried asking the prosecution yesterday about this, they couldot
8:03 am
definitive answer in this case. of course we'll be staying on top of this story and let you know what develops here. for now live at d.c. superior court this morning, kristin leon, fox5 local news. >> 8:00 thirty four three. dc residents experiencing water outages this morning because of a water main break. water flooded the streets along sixth and virginia avenue in southeast around 4:00 this morning. one even stalled out because of the flooding. crews were able to repair the break and drain the water but some people who live near the break could be having trouble with their water still. city officials say it will take about six to eight hours to restore. former charles county school aid accused of sexually abusing students now facing more charges. grand jury had already indicted carlos bell on 119 charges and this past friday bell was indicted on even more charges of abusing 28 identified alleged victims. and 14 unidentified alleged victims. bell is still being held without bond. police say t
8:04 am
deadly shooting rampage at his workplace in maryland will be tried in delaware first. 37-year-old radee prince killed three co-workers and critically injured two others at counter top business in edgewood, maryland, last week. after a ten-hour manhunt he was arrested in delaware. police say that prince will be tried in delaware before being put on trial in maryland. ♪ there are new details on that triple shooting at a park in alexandria. police say the shooting was a murder suicide. they say the 19-year-old gunman killed a 17-year-old girl on north picket street then shot a 15-year-old before turning the gun on himself. police haven't given many details about the people involved but a friend of one of the victims tells fox5 that the gunman was the ex-boyfriend of the 17-year-old victim. nearly 6,000 people in prince george's county have signed a petition to shut down largo liquors on landover road. they say the store owner went too far over the summer when he made a citizens arrest inside o
8:05 am
here's the surveillance video. it shows the own are in jay kim tackling a customer and arresting him with handcuffs after that customer got into altercation with a cashier. in a second video kim helped police take down a man asked to leave his proper. kim is not a police officer or a licensed security guard so the question is, is it legal for him to tackle and cuff a customer? >> generally speaking certainly the police tend to diss favor citizens arrest. they discourage it for sure because citizens run the risk of being injured personally in the event while they're making the arrest. >> in maryland, under certain circumstances, a citizen's arrest is lawful. now fox5 tried to ask kim about the incidents, then he did have an off duty officer escort our cameras off the premises. ♪ 8:05 right now. 60 degrees. it's going to warm up a little bit, right. >> one more day become back in the 70s. mid 70 today's and then cooler weather gets in tonight and tomorrow. >> okay. >> i mean pleasantly cool
8:06 am
60s. yeah, there's some breaks in fact we're going to watch the clouds get on out of here and more and more blue sky and more sunshine to look forward to as we get into the afternoon hours. little breezy out this morning but the rain we got overnight anywhere between tenth and half inch of rain long gone so we'll see things get better around here. gusty winds of change. the leaves will be falling. i've notice -- i haven't notice add lot of color yet, have you. >> not here. >> little drab. >> no. >> all the warm temperatures we had earlier in the month. >> i was up in hagerstown area over the weekend and up north -- little further north beautiful bright colors. >> looking good. >> not here. >> maybe i'll have toughen which are up there this week. reagan national 61. cold front come through east of the bay and taking the rain with it. the clouds will be dragged along as well and we will gradually see conditions get brighter and brighter this afternoon with expected daytime highs on the mild side again. low to mid 70s a little later today and dry afternoon for you. co
8:07 am
and 60s back tomorrow. let me mention real quick breezeway round today. gusting to about 20. little bit of a breeze. great afternoon. >> all right. got to enjoy it if it will be the last 70 force while. >> bite end of the weekend maybe highs in the 50s. >> oh, all right. then we'll be all in on fall erin. >> i will say the drive to loudoun county was beautiful. a lot of beautiful colored leaves out there. right now we have a live look dave rye sack out on 66 eastbound by nutley street. you can see several cars involved in this crash that are blocking now the right shoulder previously all lanes temporarily blocked and that is caused a huge delay this morning. to show you thou get around let's take look at the drive times. they are improving but they're still pretty nasty that's the above view of the crash we showed you from the ground and drive times just so you wands you're up against much still 71 minutes it's an hour and 11 minutes to get from 234 to the beltway. super jammed up there. a crash by sudley roadblocking the shoulder in the backup. new crash on the inner loop by braddock road. because of that 23
8:08 am
interchange to 66. it is a crawl right there. all of your main lanes. aside from that one outer loop has been heavy all morning earlier crash before new ham sir avenue cleared. 44 minute trip from 95 to the 270 spur. as you make your way out on 270 northbound earlier crash blocking the shoulder by 109 still about half hour to get from 121 to 70. the majority of the congestion breaks up after 109. southbound side about half hour between 70 and 109 improving there. 109 to the beltway increased volume metro dealing with residual delays, orange blue and silver close sr. look at that next, guys. erin, thank you. washington nationals television analyst ray knight facing assault and battery charges after fairfax county police say that he got in a fight early sunday morning with an acquaintance. this happened at knight's home in the alexandria direction of the county. knight didn't want to talk about what happened but denies witness accounts that two -- the two men fighting including knight and the other man were drunk. ♪
8:09 am
well ray knows a thing or two about the world series this year's version kicks off tonight right here on fox5 coverage starts at 7:30 astros in los angeles for game one against the dodgers. the pitching battle dallas versus kershaw. first pitch 8:00 o'clock ton tonight. the first time the astros and dodgers faced one another in the post season since 1981. stay tuned after the game and that's when houston was in the national league. stay tuned for fox5 news and final five. >> let's talk football, too. if we must. skins on the road in philadelphia last night. kirk cousins versus carson we wentz. the two combined for more than 600 yards and seven touchdowns. cousins did his best to keep the skins in the game. wentz and eagles did better. carson wentz with four touchdown passes two late in the first half snatching the momentum a away. kirk cousins 303 yards, three touchdowns eagles came out on top 34-24
8:10 am
abandoned embassies a problems that can only exist in d.c. >> right. parental growing problem because called an eye sore in the district. >> muss a special lunch date on the hill. president donald trump meeting with republican senators as they turn their focus to over hauling the nation's tax code. it's 8:10. stay with us. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making.
8:11 am
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♪ tuck, we'll give you a few extra minutes here because we love to celebrate the cen
8:13 am
>> this time of the morning. >> can't wait. you got a lot of good times. >> let's get to work. time for my first five photo of the day we got a happy, happy smiling face. >> yes. >> hello key era. >> fox5 photo of the day. sierra. >> let me say it again. >> cute as can be. >> she is just two years old. and just started taking gymnastics. >> she did. >> that's exciting. >> yeah. >> isn't it amazing how quickly you can go from walking to simply walking to doing gymnastics. >> oh, i know. to tumbling. >> right and pretty sophisticated. >> right. >> um-hmm. >> few decades later you can't really get out of bed without help. >> exactly. tying your shoes becomes a problem. >> the cycle of life. >> all right. >> enjoy it now. >> in addition to gymnastics she loves to sing and color. >> okay. >> and she gets up each and every morning to watch pock five in the morning with her family. >> i know she looks like a little love bug in that lav lavender. >> she does. such a cutie pie.
8:14 am
great smile, too. >> all right to send us your child's picture go to facebook page fox5 dc send it on in. > i sound like an old person when i see young kids like that. enjoy it now because they get old so quickly. >> okay. move along. we don't know you stranger danger. >> 61 now in washington. >> it's so true. they grow up so fast. >> hey, look at detroit and cincinnati and chicago now 40s and 50 in detroit and cinc cincinnati. those cooler temps headed in our direction later this evening. so we have one more mild day to look forward to. cooler air you see off to the north and west represented in blues will move in in for cooler weather pattern by the middle and end of the week. wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures on the cooler side than today. cold front has come through. rain overnight between teppth and half inch of rain. still raining along just east of the bay. stevensville, let's see cambridge still getting light showers. out towards ocean city. that will all lift off to the north and east and we will all be looking
8:15 am
conditions and sunshine by afternoon and again pleasant afternoon. temps will top out in the mid 70s later today. little breezy at times but dry afternoon for us then the cooler weather gets in here. wednesday, thursday and friday cool. weekend 50/50. saturday looks great. sunday could be rain showers around and big football game sunday afternoon at 4:00 4:00 o'clock. with the skins and the cowboys. hopefully -- >> the biggest. >> yes. >> weather conditions will cooperate for that game. >> thank you tucker. >> um-hmm. >> hope so. don't want to rely on the running became with dallas is bringing. >> good point. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. nearly a week away. good morning, err are inn. >> good morning. 8:15. and crash in the process of clearing 66 on the eastbound side. we had live picture. tow truck just left. 66 eastbound at nutley street blocking the right shoulder and exit ramp. you see the tow truck is still there. all lanes open. deal with delays 60 eastbound 71 minutes an hour an 11 minutes i got that math down, guys, i'm so excited, from 234 to the
8:16 am
really nasty volume out there. if you're wonder wagon is up with 66, this is just the result of a big crash from earlier this morning. as we forward things along, we also have a new crash dc police traffic letting know the 1100 block of new hampshire northwest closed. a lot of volume picking up in the district as usual. inner loop 30 minute delay just about from the springfield interchange to 66. crash by braddock roadblock the shoulder. aside from that one as you make your way out on the outer loop 45 minute slow down still completely parked by new hampshire avenue from earlier crash. 95 to the 270 spur nasty delays there. speaking of nasty delays, things improving on the northbound side of 270 after earlier crash by 109 cleared. things improving on the southbound side by 109. never mine. i was going to make a clever transition but no longer applied. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, erin. well new details about the ambush in niger that killed four green berets. the soldiers may have been set up. marine general joseph
8:17 am
investigation but is asking for patience. meanwhile, we're hearing from the widow of sergeant la david johnson for the first time. she says that she felt disrespected by president trump when he called her after her husband's death. >> happening today the president pay as visit to the hill. the president will for the first time join the republican senators weekly lunch to discuss tax reform. the president's daughter ivanka meantime traveled to pennsylvania yesterday pushing the white house message and moving forward on the first major rewrite of the tax code in 30 years. >> tax reform will impact everyone. simplify indication will impact everyone to the positive. it democratize the tax code. simpler is better. >> the goal is to get an overhaul of current tack code into law by the end of the year. it will be a challenge though democrats not on board with the shifting costs and proposed lower tax rates on the rich. ♪ 8:17 right now we continue to follow an issue that's been problem i
8:18 am
what do you do with the abandoned embassy buildings. they're huge buildings but now in some cases eye source and some of the cities most upscale neighborhoods. now that the sun is up fox5 bob barnard getting a better look at some of these run down former embassies. bob, good morning. >> reporter: allison and steve, good morning to you. yes, we're in the 22nd hundred block of r street northwest, and this is going to show you good example of what we're talking about. directly behind me is the em bas see of cyprus. not a problem here but just to the left here, this is the former yugoslavia embassy. the serbian embassy. if you can just see the front. we can see the inside but if you look at the front it's rough and especially if you look up at the roof line. you can see compared to the embassy of knee meow march next door you can see how bad this is compared to how that looks and this is just one of a number of properties. story we've been telling you about for years here in d.c., where this former yugoslavia embassy has b
8:19 am
taken by the state department. the city says we can get a lot of tax dollars out of the this proper watch are we going to do about this? if you pan off to the right here we'll show on the other side of the embassy of cyprus, this is a former pakistani consulate building which has been abandoned for ten years. it's at the corner of 22nd and r and you can see there's plywood boarding up the windows. there are other windows in the front of this property that are broken out. this has recently been sold at auction but there's still attacks issue here. the diplomatic status of this property was revoked. the city imposed some taxes on it. the investment firm that bought it would like the pakistani government to pay those taxes. the government of pakistan says hey we moved our foreign ministry. we really didn't want to get rid of this property but we're not paying the taxes so it's caught in limbo. what and the to show i was photograph of a property around the corner on embassy row massachusetts avenue. former iranian embassy. basically has been ban donned for nearly 40 years since 1979. doesn't look as b
8:20 am
but, again, just one of many properties that now d.c. council member mary shaye has decided we want to do a little former -- formal inventory get a list of these properties. try to work with the state department. if they been abandoned and do something about it because basically they've been left there many. so there is a bill before the d.c. council to try to get a grip on this situation. again, that we've been talking about for long time. the associated press doing some new reporting on it overnight, and that's where it stands. these are property that is have been let go. the governments say they're too expensive to rehab but they don't want to give them up and the state department says they don't want to just take them over for fear of tit-for-tat situation. we took one of their buildings here in the us they'll take one of our embassy or government buildings in their country. so they don't want to start that kind of a war but they also wanted to something about it knowing that the city is basically and the neighbors left looking at these eye source.
8:21 am
>> bob, just to go back to round one, step number one, am bessie iranian embassy, for example, iran owns that building and the land it's on, correct, because it's their embassy? >> reporter: it's government property even though the like the caretaker is technically our state department but, yeah. like this is again this is cyprus. that's technically the government of cyprus property. they have diplomatic immunity. if i go in there and walk into that building it's as if i've gone to that island. i've gone on their proper that's the problem f we don't have relations with these governments any more, but basically our state department really doesn't own the property. it's that government's prompt, and the city and the neighbors these are beautiful neighborhoods. >> right. >> are stuck in the middle. >> seems like such great buildings you can make so much more, you know, so much better use out of. >> oh, my gosh. >> do something else. thanks bob. it's an interesting problem and
8:22 am
if you sever diplomatic ties with the nation you would think it would go back to the united states government. okay. >> do something with it. still ahead, battling bullies. young girl using books to inspire others. 8:22 right now. back with more after this. ♪ ♪♪ at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
13-year-old girl in tennessee wanted to find a way to battle bullying so she wrote a book and now she's going around the state reading it to kids and young adults. the book called stop bullying. it's about a boy who gets picked on boy another student and solves the issue by standing up for himself. gordon says the plot is based on her own experience back when she was in the first grade. 8:25. speaking of school, you know what time it is. >> ♪ >> class is in session. good morning, professor. >> your favorite professor is feeling reinvigorated after a couple weeks off and ready to teach the class. >> did he say favorite or one of them. >> allison seymour got an a in class. >> steve, we're trying to lift your grades. >> i'm stopping caring. >> he does care. top of the report card. sunshine we're giving that b. we got cloud cover early this
8:26 am
will be nice sunny afternoon much winds will be out of the south at 15 to 20 much that's c. afternoon temperatures in the 70s that's a b. hey f you're lucky enough to have that student erin como sitting next to you, that's an a plus. >> obviously. >> yes! >> overall -- >> i feel special. >> overall we've give 8b today. queue my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> you realize why he said that, allison, you are the one who is next to erin como. once again you get the a plus. >> aww. >> yay ! >> entire curriculum is just stacked against mow. >> it is. >> um-hmm. >> hey, erin. >> good morning, my desk mate and best friend. [ laughter ] >> taking a look at traffic right now. unfortunate allot of drivers probably not happy. okay the good news we'll start you off with orange, blue and silver no longer single tracking delays from earlier medical emergency at potomac avenue. let's get to the bad stuff the roads. this is a crash still causing big slow downs 66 eastbound at nutley street, because of that, we are seeing a delay of an hour and ten
8:27 am
beltway. the beltway a disable car by braddock road from the springfield interchange to 6632 minute ride. 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge is 38 minutes and gw parkway southbound the beltway to the 14th street bridge just about half hour. and not better news in maryland. look at all of that jammed up traffic. the camera is by new new hampshire avenue. 42 minute drive from 95 to the 270 spur. 50 inbound is a red zone. 295 northbound 22 minutes from the beltway to the 11th street bridge and inner loop from branch avenue to the wood dough wilson bridge 21 slow miles an hour. a little bit of rain in the area and that's what we're dealing with. fofox5 news morning will be rigt back with more news, weather and traffic. ♪ for health care tion would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion -
8:28 am
veterans, children and the disabled. john adams: higher costs, less coverage, hurting virginians. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
8:29 am
what are we missing here, janet? because with citrusy peel shine, i might as well be spraying orange juice on...grape juice. get serious, get a cleaner with bleach in it. that's right...i'll get it. clorox means clean.
8:30 am
>> 8:30. low clouds still going to stick around for a little bit. it's still a little damp out there. the sun will try to peek through later. hopefully all of the rain out of the way. we'll check in with tucker in couple of minutes. talk about the shooting a little boy playing outside of his d.c. apartment. now this happened 12 years ago. but many of you still remember how much it touched a nerve here in d.c. >> police chief at the time charles ramsey so angered that he offered a huge reward. it is still standing today. >> talking about the murder of dante manning. it's never been solved. but the lead detective now says he came awfully close. fox5's paul wagner has this morning's rewind to the crime. ♪ >>
8:31 am
dante manning was shot back in 2005 right here on this sidewalk on 13th street northwest. it's a story we covered extensively. the reward shot up to $125,000. here's what happened. ♪ >> we have the worst situation. you know, an innocent bystander who's little boy, nine years old, shot in the head while playing. >> miss, miss, miss! >> he's breathing on his own right now is my unders understag but very critical condition. he took a shot right to the face and lodged in the back of the head. >> about 9:55 this evening, we had a lone blackmail that was on the corner right over here and there was firing from a handgun down
8:32 am
don't know at this point who he was shooting at. >> we'll put some pressure incredible pressure on these little thugs around here until somebody gives something up. >> we still need help from the public. wife gotten some calls but we don't have enough coming in to be able to piece together enough to find out who is responsible for this. we're offering a $10,000 reward. >> at this time everything is focused on dante, you know, we just want him to pull through. we're praying for him. letting god handle it. >> i'm devastated. >> he fought for his life for more than a month. but tonight a tragic ending to the young life of dante manning. nine-year-old died this morning at children's hospital. four days after being taken off life support. >> i'm a detective with the metropolitan police depth. every case i've been involved in, an arrest was made without problem and this is the only case i've been involved in in the neighborhood where an
8:33 am
i believe we were close to making an arrest. >> do you believe you know who was standing on the corner down here that night shooting at someone up the street? >> yeah, based on the information we gather, yes, i do. >> and you know who that person was shooting at? >> yes. ♪ >> i do remember receiving a call, individual telling me he had information on day tan manning's murder i talk to the detective in virginia and he the detective told me yes, he was a witness in the case. this information was good. a lot of information did check out but i couldn't find a eyes to help me confirm some of the things he was saying that occurred here that particular night. >> he said once he stole the
8:34 am
the area abc building where dante manning was murdered, he went up there to buy drug. while he was there buying drugs he was robbed of that particular gun. he said the guy laid him down, took his money, took his gun, and he left the area and never came back. at some point later, he found out that the guy who robbed him was here in this enabled in front of the building where the murder occurred. so he told the informant he came up here, he saw the guy, and he stood on the corner and fired shots at him and at that time he did not know until later on in the news that a kid was shot during that particular time. the gun was later recovered in the same area in the third district was three block from where dante manning was shot. >> report roar the two people that you have come to the conclusion at least that were probably involved, they're not walking the streets? >> no. based on all the information that i
8:35 am
investigation, those are the two people who at this particular point could bring some type of closure to this particular case, and one going 40 years plus. another one is doing life. >> i never met dante. a lot of people say dante used to come to the boys and club where i was volunteer. i never met him personal until i can recall, and it always just -- just, just why? why it occurred? and for me to be the detective on the case, i couldn't bring close shower to it in a neighborhood where i'm rooted w i know everyone. man, this thing will haunt me forever. it really is. that's the truth. ♪ >> little surprised both the people that were --
8:36 am
serving a live terms they can't get somebody to talk. >> get a confession. dante deserves it. >> sure does. nice to have closure in that case. it's good stuff from paul wagner as we take look back at since 2005 folks trying to solve that crime. 8:36. switch gears and talk little weather right now. good morning, tuck. >> good morning. cloud cover lingering. rain is out of here we're looking at cooler item which are not so much today we'll be back in the 70s today but tomorrow as the cooler air filters in later this afternoon ton night. big change in air mass. 61 now in washington. you can city cooler air not too far off to our west. columbus 46. 50 up in detroit heading in our direction later on tonight middle of the week temperatures will be back close so where there should be in the 60s cloud cover still lingering here. the showers are generally east of us. you can see east of the bay h here. the front has come through. it will take a few more hours to get the clouds out of here. by afternoon mostly sunny conditions. little breezy winds out of the south here at 15 to 20. they could gust at times to
8:37 am
temperatures one more day of it. get out and enjoy nice afternoon. 75 degrees an dry day. >> yes! >> yes. that's great news for the dupont circle high heel race this evening. >> it should be perfect conditions. ideal conditions maybe they'll set some records. >> that's so exciting. >> yeah. >> right now not so exciting what's happening on 66 this morning. this is a crash involving a bus. it's still blocking the left shoulder part of the right lane blocked as well. dave rye sack from the scene offering this picture. traffic is flowing much better past nutley street than when it was park earlier. let's switch ever for a look at our maps we still do have pretty heavy residual delays leading to that point. still an hour and ten minutes from 234 sudley road over to the beltway the inner loop there's a disable vehicle by braddock road. just over half hour to get from the springfield interchange to 66. 395 northbound just over half hour to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and the main lanes gw parkway yellow zone it's improving slightly from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and in maryland, still dealing with a lot of
8:38 am
outer loop that's the camera behind these drive times from that point to the 270 spur. about 15 minutes to get from the beltway to new york avenue on 50 issue. to 95 northbound 18 minutes from the bell way to the 11th street bridge and the inner loop branch avenue to the woodrow wilson bridge improving. residual delays on the orange, blue and silver earlier medical emergency by potomac avenue. deep breath. that's your traffic. back to you guys. >> allotted to cover. we've heard about speeding tickets. what about singing tickets? >> one man hits a low note with police and is slapped with a fine we've got the details after the break. ♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ hi ted, glad you could join us! ♪ ♪ ♪ give it a try. mmm. give that to me. ♪ ♪ ♪ (laughing) ted? ♪ ♪ ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ i love that song. trending this morning turn down the tunes or face fine much that's exactly what happened to one man in canada. he was driving to a store in montreal the '90's hit everybody dance by c and c music factory came on the radio. >> he obviously could not contain himself but instead of just grooving along and dancing in the car seat he had to start sinking along that is until police surrounded his car. his singing sounded to them too much like yelling and screaming and they slapped him with $118 ticket for quote screaming in a public place which is apparently prohibited in the city. my question to you, allison is, if you got a $100 ticket for singing in your car. >> yeah. >> would you rather at least be a song
8:42 am
like or just a random song that came on the radio you'll be associated with that song forever. >> it doesn't matter. can't you sing loud until your car? >> you still get the ticket. >> people are playing music that loud i don't understand why you can't sing. >> rye. >> well that's canada. >> we shall see. >> it's not here. >> sing away. that's right. >> sing it loudly. >> if you get a ticket we're in the paying it. >> we're not and we didn't tell you to do that. >> did not. let's check in with holly and wisdom and find what's coming up gone day. >> what's up guys. >> good morning looking to get some answers after d.c. man accused of second assault was put back the streets. where he allegedly struck again in maryland. >> also at 9a, abandoned embassies. run down and quite the eye sore in many neighborhoods. so what can be done with these buildings? we'll be live with a possibility. >> all right, you know what time it is. >> that time. >> put up the good day guest list right now. i'm get out the smelling salts for the ladies in this one much this is one of your favorites, holly. this is a guy
8:43 am
marini you know him from second in the city and dancing with the stars. he's going to be here in the loft. he's going to be live at 10:00 o'clock. >> you mean back in the loft? >> he's been here before. >> return visit. yes. >> okay. all right. >> how we roll here. >> okay. >> listen also joining him two other famous faces actress katie sack off and hgtv host anthony corino from kitchen cousins both life in the lot of all here for an parent event. we'll find out about that today. plus we have a sneak peek at the new season of stranger things as we talk to two of the stars. >> and he won the third season of hell's kitchen this morning rock harper is in our kitchen. all right. the often imitated but never duplicated number one good day d.c. just minutes away. >> all right. we look forward to it. >> um-hmm. >> it should be great up next kevin will join us with entertainment news this morning. the thing is what will we talk about. >> hey, steve and allison. brand new show is on netflix right now called mind hunter an incredible show by the look into the mind of a seria
8:44 am
how two fbi agents are interviewing serial killers to try and find out what motivates them to do the type of crimes they do. i sit down with the cast coming up next right here on fox5 news morning. ♪ morning. ♪♪
8:45 am
what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'. introducing clorox with cloromax. cleans and help protects. ♪♪ easier cleanup is the beginning. what comes next is everything. ♪♪
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♪ >> we're getting better. i mean look just the difference from left to right. al don't get a sinking
8:47 am
if you could see right now allison is -- >> she's going all out. >> singing versachi on the floor by the bruno mars. >> you weren't singing. >> i was lip syncing. >> any who, you can get a ticket for lip syncing, tucker. >> who knows. who knew you can get a ticket for singing too loudly? >> i agree. good kind of like yelling. >> right. >> right. >> crazy story. >> seems a little harsh. >> seems a little harsh. >> winter -- not winter. this weather headlines. we are clearing out. you saw there in the live shot. particularly the capitol turning partly sunny. by afternoon we'll be mostly sunny. beautiful afternoon with mild conditions back in the mid 70s think afternoon. little breezy out there this morning and we'll have breezes this afternoon that will get close to 20, perhaps gusts to 30 this afternoon. and then cooler weather gets in here tonight and the middle and end of the week featuring much cooler air in fact daytime highs won't get out of the 60s and overnight lows back in the 40s might have few spots touch the
8:48 am
30s by thursday morning. 62 now in washington. 61 quantico. notice the 50s breaking out here to the west. 54 out in winchester, 58 dulles. and in manassas and culpeper 58 degrees. certainly cooler than it was 24 hours ago. there of your winds out of the south they'll continue to be out of the south today even though our front has passed through as we got a big area of low pressure off to our north. eventually the winds will shift and cooler air will start to work in from the north and west and we'll be looking at whole new weather pattern around here later tonight and for the remainder of week. rain showers didn't amount to whole lot at reagan national. little more than a tenth of an inch. half inch at dulles needed rain lifting to our east now east of the bay still getting light rain showers. but we're generally looking at better conditions improving conditions around here for the next couple of days. all right. what's happening, jet stream big dip this is typical what we might see at the end of october and cooler weather pattern. cooler pool of air off to the north and west start tapping into highs in the 60 ace round here by tomorrow and that trend
8:49 am
week. weekend 50/50 saturday looks good. sunday could be rainy for the skins/cowboys game sunday afternoon. we'll have to fine tune that forecast. potential is there for shares and temps in the 60s sunday afternoon. that is weather. back to you. >> tucker, thanks very much. if you need a job, delta airlines is highering. they are on the hunt for fresh faces the atlanta based airline looking to hire at least 1,000 flight attendants. >> wow. >> they want to do it before next year. delta says interested applicants must have a high school degree or ged. and must be at least 21 years old by the first of the year. the company says entry level flight attendants earn about $25,000 a year. the company is based in atlanta. i don't know for sure that's where they're doing the interviews. maybe they'll do them online they're already started interview people trying to fill a thousand positions. >> wow. all right. >> do you get some perks of air travel. >> yeah do you.
8:50 am
industry that amazon just cannot crack. the company is shutting down amazon wine division at the end of the year. amazon tried to work with regulators to change existing alcohol sales laws which currently make it difficult for companies to sell alcohol as retailer and operate as a marketplace. wine will still be offered through amazon just not under the amazon wine branding. taco bell has a treat for candy lovers. >> yes. >> just in time for halloween. >> yes, kevin. this this one is for you. >> they're testing out new two desserts. there is the kit kat chock company dilaa las queso dill la. >> and the twin caramel chock low dilla being the common theme there like a quesadillas but chocolate. chopped up candy bars folded is flower tortilla and grilled. they cost a buck each. if you want to try it you'll have
8:51 am
they're available only at select locations in wisconsin. which is weird. >> kevin you only get one. do you go with kit kat -- >> kit kat. >> or the 26. >> kit kat or -- twiz. >> i'm a twiz. >> forever 21 released like a taco bell brand of clothing. >> um-hmm. >> for my anniversary my wife we actually bought each other -- i have a awesome sweatshirt now 30 bucks or whatever it was. >> right. >> my phone case is taco bell. >> i've seen that line there. >> like 20 bucks or -- september or eight bucks. >> why you dope have the endorsement yet i have no idea. >> all on my own. i paid for all of myself. i'm obsessed with taco bell. i'll be trying that for sure. >> the merchandise is cute. i saw sweatshirt with the logo. >> mine is s white with all the taco bellow goes. i'll tweet a picture. it's kind of cool. >> what else is going on today. >> the best tweet of the year. i'll set this up for you guys. let's show the tweet. blake lively tweeted this out yesterday about her husband ryan reynds
8:52 am
looking at here. blake live system married to ryan reynolds the gentleman on the left cropped out and cut in half essentially. the gentleman on the right is ryan gosling. so obviously she's saying happy birthday, baby, to wrong person. cutting her husband out of the photo. here's why she's doing that. that went viral. it's everywhere. the reason for that is the next photo here. this is -- if you can get rid of the lower third here, ryan reynolds is essentially wishing his wife happy birthday a few months ago, cropping half of her out of the photo that had 1.4 million likes this was her revenge on getting him back. so essentially calling ryan gosling her baby. which is pretty awesome. >> she took it to the next level. >> she did. >> that's not like, it's another dude. >> it's pretty awesome. ryan reynolds is mazing on twitter. he always makes these funny jokes about his kids. my kids tried to surprise me for my birthday this morning i totally heard them coming and snuck out to start a new life somewhere else. >> he and his wife both have sense of humor. >> he's good
8:53 am
>> brand new show on netflix called mine hunter. i'm five episodes in. >> take look. >> 40 years ago your fbi was founded hunting down john dillinger. now, we have extreme violence between strangers. >> we travel around the country and teach fbi tech next to cops. >> our criminals born are are they formed? >> psycho paths are convinced they're nothing wrong with them. so these men are virtually up possible to study that you have found way that near perfect laboratory conditions. >> hello, ladies. >> that's what makes this so exciting and potentially so far reaching. >> can't like everything we do. we're talking to serial killers. >> serial killers. >> new terminology. >> how do get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy thinks. >> what's happening in the 1970's two fbi agents -- >> retweet on that last one. how do we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy
8:54 am
>> they're developing the psychology of murder and get close to the real life monsters. interview real serial killers based on true events to try and find out why serial killers do the claims they do. i spoke to the cast of the show and fascinatingly enough i wanted to know when they watch the news now does it make feel like how they would investigate or interview a murderer. watch this. >> i'm so if as nayed by the psychology of everything that's happening within this show. how you play these characters does it change the way you perceive things that are happening in the news. >> like when you see murders in the news or like things that are happening disturbing in real life, does it -- do you think differently about it now. >> absolutely. >> that you play these characters. >> when stephen paddock killed 58 people in las vegas a couple of week ago, the first and that i did was call john douglas. >> really. >> john douglas who wrote the book mind hunter our show is based on famous fbi profiler. yeah, because, um, i was really curious, um, what were the questions that he would would be
8:55 am
>> what did he say? >> he said that, um, um, it's the opposite of creating a profile because when you're creating a profile we don't know who the killer is and we're trying through process of elimination you know to try to fine the move likely category of person that he comes from. whereas in this situation, we know who the guy is. we just don't know why did he it. do you see what i mean? it's about trying to figure out the why of it all. trying to figure out, um, what his relationship was with those victims. what did they represent to him? why did he choose those particular people? and you know, what were the warning s signs. leading up to him committing this crime. so all of those questions and i find that, you know, now whenever i see an incident like this, these are the things that i start thinking about right away. >> the show really devils into that. they're doing interviews with real life -- like actors playing the murderers but it's such an interesting couldn't cement, and before this time period the term serial killer had not be termed.
8:56 am
the '70's. >> yes. so far from the season we're watching it's in the '70's. serial killer had not become a term yet. they're understanding the sequences of how they kill people and why they do it it's on netflix now. david finch directed a couple of the episodes. >> see you in a little bit. we'll be back to check on the forecast next. ♪
8:57 am
♪ >> 8:56 right now. before we get to good day final check on weather and traffic. >> all right. well 66 has been nightmare all morning. >> terrible. >> still about an hour delay to get from manassas to the bell way. >> great. >> the best news you can bring us, erin. >> sorry. >> you're super nice. >> that's the only delay. don't feel out virginia drivers elsewhere. everybody is in it together. drying out tuck. >> when i was traveling i saw a british meteorologist. the weather will be 75 and su sunny. goodbye. >> there you have it. >> very nice. >> can you say that british accent? >> you had some more time but now your time is over. >> we'll see you for good day. we hope you do too. >> no goodbye.
8:58 am
8:59 am
lph northam: i'm candidate for ragovernor,am, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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>> straight ahead, severe weather sweeping through parts of the southeast. strong winds knocking out power flipping cars and leaving behind a trail of damage and destruction. our area dodging the worst of the storms. tucker is track wagon to expect for the rest of the work week. a d.c. man arrested for trying to sexually assault a woman but just a month ago he was arrested for sexual assault. so why waylaid back on the streets? we break it down. simpler is better. >> the first major tax code rewrite in 30 years now a family affair. today the president heads to capitol hill for a meeting with the minds with congress. but the president's plan means big cuts and so far democrats are not on board. we'll have the very


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