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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  October 24, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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expwhru can call it the tuesday take down. a family freud within the gop. two republican senators break rank, made scath ing comments about president trump. as you can see on the run down on the side of your screen that's what we're talking about tonight at five and 6:30. >> i have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so mr. president i will not be come police and the or
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we have to do what we have to act and do what we have to when we have a leader such as we have a ed look eras we have now. corker and flake both critical of president trump. flake will not seek reelection. there may not be a place for me in the current republican climate or current republican party. >> david lub in is a professor of government in the school of public affairs at the american university. let's start with fits. >>reporter: how many times have we stood here and said we've never seen anything like this and we've never seen anything like this today. earlier in the day you have bob corker stopping just short of calling the president of the united states a liar and then a couple of hours later there's arizona jeff flake announcing that he will not seek reelection and then go
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a tribe of the president. there have been other presidents that have other fights within their own party. linden johnson, i'm going to clean thup a little bit . he'd rather have one of his opponents leaking outside of the tenth than leaking inside the tenth. the number that is starting to leak inside the tent is starting to grow every day. who knows where h goes. let's bring in professor lub in. i'm just curious. what is your take on this? a lot of people were saying it was great to see jeff flake stand there and say it is a cop out because he was losing in the election. >>reporter: in that sense it's a big win because it's clearly his party. if you're n
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on the other hand, presidents are normally trying to get strong incumbents, particularly in states that are kind of purply like arizona to run for reelection. until 20818 in any case, you know, senator flake will be there and along with senator corker have now declared themselves essentially free agents and are in a complete position to derail the president 's agenda. but the really extraordinary thing is that i cannot ever recall a president being called out by a senator from his own party as a threat to democratic institution s in this country. >> speaking of, let's play the sound from bob corker right now and we'll talk to fits. i want to talk to you on the other sides of this. you guys can easily check what's occurred and know that much of what he said is untrue, but all of that
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untrue. so he's utterly untruth ful. >> so that was from bob corker and today fits we heard from a little bit at the white house press briefing. they went back to the talking points that bob corker wanted to be secretary of take it. bob, coulder nt what ted to be part of thissed administrationment these are two senators that did embrace donald trump as a candidate and their party's nominee. well, what you you didn't hear at the top of that sound, jim, was the question is he a liar. corker hesitated for a minute before he proceeded to give an answer which basically got to the point where the senator doesn't believe the president tells the truth all the time. on the ground here the problem for the republicans right now is going to be this imperils their agenda . remember, we've talked at length. they were not able to get repeal and replace through. they had been stymied in their efforts to get immigration reform with you you tax cuts and tax reform were supposed to be the saving grace up here. tod
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where the president was coming up here to speak to his own republican caulks us. that got over shadowed in a big way and it got over shadowed in a big way because the president start ed this day on twitter calling the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee incompetent. you got three senators that are out now talking at length about how this president has problems with his own agenda and with his own party. as this moves forward that job is only going to get tougher and look at the calendar . this midterm election is just over a year away and they're not making anything easier on themselves. we heard just a second ago from senator corker. let's listen in to hear what senator flake said, a little bit more of what he said today on the senate floor. it is also clear to me for the moment that we have given up on the core principles in favor of a more advice raleigh satisfying anger and
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i am announcing today that my service in the senate will conclude at the end of my term in early january 2019. >> he so professor, tom mentioned we've heard certainly from john mccain. now we've got corker, we've got flake. some people say this is just the beginning. we're going to start seeing more and more come forward. i wonder what your take is because my thought is no because most people don't want to stand on the the side of what they caught trul. i think a lot of time politicians are more concerned about getting reelect ed. politicians are concerned about getting reelect ed and normally that's actually pretty a good thing because that means they have to listen to us. in this case, you know, what's interesting is we've yet to see some someone denounce the president and say i'm going to take him on either within the presidential party. yef didn't do that, either. he just said i'm getting out of the race. you can
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where is the action behind it? that's actually the problem. when our sort of republicans who believe that the president is not normal, doesn't act in a way consistent with our democratic values going to take him on directly within the party and not do -- or march out of it and not simply take their marbles and go home. >> before we go, you get the last word, fits. i just want to say let's make no mistake about how this is being perceived in the white house tonight. this is viewed as a rick try. they have not been happy with jeff flake from the moment they got into townment this is a victory for president trump. he drives out somebody who has been a critic of his from day one. they don't view jeff flake type republicans as true republicans steve bannon was very clear on this last weekend. they want to dry the jeff flakes of the republican party
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republican party sc as steve bannon sees it is better off without jeff flake. >> as you said, this is a vicary or at least the white house cease it that way. professor, fits thank you very much. at the white house press breeferg sarah huckabee sanders says can you point to a particular point where senators cork error flake did not vote. >> they could do not that. >> the white house issued an end of year deadline for lawmakers and we heard some details today fox5 ronica cleary has that angle tonight. what is going on in. >> hey, jim and shawn. it's funny, i like the way you put that about a side show. i have to wonder, i don't know if i'm giving too much credit, not enough credit, is it like look at this fighting all over here while we on the other side don't pay attention to tax reform and maybe we can just push it through andic ma it p
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can't help but wonder. we just spent the first eighth minutes of our show talking about the battles of the gop and this is nothing new for this administration when at the end of the day the whole point of today and the whole point of what republicans say they're focused on before the end of the new year is supposed to be tax reform. something that most republicans, if not all of them should be able to get behind. it's just fascinating to think about the dynamics. to get some perspective on all of this i spoke with grover nor quits, a name of our viewers are probably familiar with. first we spoke about corporate tax rates because that is a really controversial piece of this administration. i'll tell you if there is somebody who can make tax reform a little bit more interesting and use some very unexpected language, it's grover. take a listen to what he had to say about america's fault for our current corporate tax rate. take a listen to this . when american companies compete w
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we're at a disadvantage. our government, not something that \china\china does, it's our government being stupid and damaging our jobs and our dunts r opportunities and our lives. to call the american government and stupid and fat, whether or not you agree with that, it's certainly one way of describing it. and then the other thing that he said today that was really very strong words. he said right now no matter what you feel about the tok market he as, i quote, the economy still you can sesment he says that we need this tax reform to improve the economy. of course that is a conservative philosophy and belief. a lot of people don't really feel that way. at the end of the day on 5@6:30 we want to know how you feel these issue s will affect you. so we took to the streets to just basically you you ask you the question if republicans can get this done, do you you think that tax reform is going to change your life? take a listen. i
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percent. it's going to make the deficit go through the roof and it's noting whying to benefit any of us except corporation and very rich people . i disoapt know much about the tax reform but i don't believe it will change my life. >> it will affect everyone's lives. you reform the taxes, it ultimately means everyone is going to end up paying less if you look the at the plan carefully. whether it will affect me, i'm sure it will. my always does. my, thats always go up. they've never gone down it didn't matter what income bracket i was, in it always went up. we had a good laugh with that last guy, whatever happens i'm going to pay more taxes. we'll have to see. republicans are sellingette it that that won't be the case, but he had a funny perspective on it. i was in the the news roop. you were in the white house briefing. you askedded sarah huckabee sanders a e question and i heard you quote
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the economy sucks. i thought ronica has gone rogue. then i realized you were quoting grover nor wits. >>reporter: i figure anything goes. the things that are said i did check with our boss if i could say that on air. i made hur to attribute it to grover. >> that was important. thank you, ronica. we've got two weeks to go until virginia and it go to the polls. we'll be right back. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
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worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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do you look at the polls. obviously virginians want somebody to stand up to the poll ticketed events. we have a candidate that is nothing more than a washington lobbyist. virginians they want somebody to take us to the next level. we brought in over 215,000 new jobs to virginia in the last three and a of that a years. our unemployment rate has gone from 5.4 to 3.7 percent. it's the lowest it's been in nine years. so good things are happening in virginia and people recognize that. i want to let you know that fox5 has invited republican nominee ed gillespie to aea
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the dates and times. we'll let you know when that happens. if you're watching now, come on in we'd love to have you. former maryland congressman donna a evans and she is running for prince george's county executive >> good to see you. >> good to be here. >> this came about recently. why did you decide to jump into the race. >> i've lived in prince george's county for 35 years and i believe in service and i decided that i really wanted to serve locally to make sure that i could bring some of the skills and the issues and things that i learned in the congress into prince george's county and i'm looking forward to both serving and also to the race. this is going to be a big difference from serving in congress on capital hill. why local? why this county executive position? a. well, you're absolutely right . i mean i think, for example, i worked on issues around transportation from a policy level. well, in prince george's county we
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ability locally to focus on economic development around our metro taition rgs using our transportation hubs in order to bring in economic development in the county. so i feel like i'm in a really good position to be able to, you know, govern in a way that brings jobs, creates opportunities for our young people in prince george's county >> if elected as county executive you you would also have to work with governor hogan , a republican obviously. you you have a little experience working with republicans in congress. is that something you're reet pretty faith full, you believe you can do, work hand and hand with the governor. >> i do. when i was in congress i worked with the governor in his office around issues of transportation and other priorities for this take it. governor hogan is up for re election, too. we can't predict what is going to quom of that election. i just know that i have the ability to focus on strengthening
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system, bringing some novation to our county and then focusing on economic development that is not just factored around federal government and federal resources in a really shrinking environment, but it's about the 21 stfer century. do you think there is anything wrong with the county that needs to be fixed. >> very clearly i think that many people agree that our education system is not where it needs to be from the 21st century. from losing head start funding which is critical, $7 million a year, to make sure we can lower class size and improve performance of our students. we still are down at the bottom in maryland counties when it comes to performance of our students. we want to prepare them for the 21st century. i think i'm in the position to make sure that we can bring about the kind of change that is going to result in having people who are fully prepared to enter into the economy, go onto higher education, enter into trade schools. i'm excited about bringing that kind of
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prince george's county and really to my home. >> thank you so much for coming in. we certainly appreciate it former congress woman donna edwards now running for prince george's county county executive >> we appreciate it. he wasn't supposed to be allow in the cap l toll. how did the heckler get so close to the president. we'll talk about it on the other side of the break.
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>> well quom back. things got off to a rocky start when the president got into the capital. take a look. that was a heckler shouting trump is trees on and threw small russian flags into the air. the protestor had an expired visitors tornado watch's pass. how did he get in? >> what's the deal? how did this person get in here. >> we have lea
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few minutes here that he apparently entered the us capital through the house side and came through a check point in the ray burn tunnel. there's the ray burn house office building which is over on the house side of the capitalment the president was lunching in the capital itself with republican nors. he came thraw a check point with an expired visitor's pass and then made his way all the way over to the second floor of the capital, close to the senate chamber. that's usually a pretty secure area. it's usually pretty secure when the president is up here. we have these hard passes . this is a congressional pass that you're supposed to have here. he didn't have anything like that. they were checking these passes pretty strenuously throughout the day. nobody else noticed himment he's a local man. clayton ryan of sterling, virginia, 36. he has been charged with unlawful pro test on the capital i've been told that he's not been with cooperative with authorities. i've been told that snr capital authorities are are upset
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with this. there's egg on their face and this was a failure on multiple levels. when there's some sort of breach and obviously there's breaches that we don't hear about. i would imagine tomorrow on the hill you would see, i would presume, more security. we have to go through security checkpoints to get into the building. you have to have an official appointment. visitors have to be escorted on a your too. you you might have official business. you get a special pass for that. the fact that he was able to get in and blend in with the press and not have any sort of hard congressional press pass is a big deal. he came all the way from the house side, got over to the senate side. to be clear here, he went through two sets of magna tom terse, but it's still alarling. >> understood. >> thanks for bringing us up to speed. we certainly appreciate presht it. snoop dog is renew ing his freud with president trump.
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>> really.
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>> welcome back, it is not just jeff flake and bob corker snoop dog reignited a freud with president trump. he is using a campaign song against him h. the president says he wants to make america great again. we'r ing whying to make america trip again. the rapper is criticizing the commander in chief for his recent tweets of criticizing football players for taking a knee. he he shot down a clown dressed as the president in a music video. >> there you go. let's talk about singer kid rock, too. he he is ochtionly hanging up his political ambitions. so the out spoken president trump supporter today announced he will not be running for the us senate seat in michigan. he
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stern he decided to stay out of politics. it was the worst advice i ever gave myself. would you you believe, this was a ploy to build up hype for a new album. are you you serious is this all this was in i'm i'm not going to buy it. of course it is. >> his wep website filled with kid rock for senate. he he said where would somebody get that idea? >> it was out there a lot. i don't know whether it's true. i thought i read something that steve bannon suggested he do it some of the early pollings said he might do well. he said not to run for the united states you senate and none thes less he'll promote his new album. >> that's what they do. we're going to have to come up with a new way to promote ourselves, too. we'll come up with something creative. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: drake is now deep in his 30's and had a birthday party last night. ♪ happy birthay to you ♪ harvey: leonardo dicaprio was there. leo and drake both dated rihanna, yet they can hang together, have fun together. >> drake and leo have ated every girl. so there's no girl the haven't both dated. harvey: in fact, t may be offensive if they both haven't dated somebody. >> i know. harvey: wait a inute, you dated and i didn't? >> katy perry, she crashed a edding. it was katy perry plus30 to 40 of her members. >> she's like such a star. i'm going to crash this weding. i always wanted to crash a wedding and then she invites 30 of her friends in as well. i would be livid. >> what happens if you're


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