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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  October 25, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now at 7:00 a robbery shooting attempted robbery and shelter in place order for a local college campus. it's all part of what has been a wild overnight for police in d.c. and montgomery county. and rights now, at least one suspect is still on the run. >> plus disturbing new details about a man accused of trying owe torain and call a woman in prince george county and how he managed to fly under the radar wearing a court odded gps tracking device. >> and is the republican party successfully coming together for tax reform this year or is it splitting at the seems. >> if you're waking up this morning here's a live look outside. yes, you're welcome, for this dramatic and beautiful sky this wedsd
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october 25. >> in fact let's get a check of waej avenue traffic. tucker and erin both standing by. tucker starting with you. >> cooled off overnight. temps in 40s and 50s at this hour and cooler day today. i'll have the the details and weather forecast weekend forecast as well coming up erin. >> problems on the roads this wednesday morning. big delays upper loop braddock road crash blocking two left lanes and 270 parking lot to beltway crash montrose roadblocking left shoulder. metro rails are on time and full look at travel next. holly and allison. >> all right. thanks, airport, appreciate it let's begin at 7 aeming following a wild morning a break of news. police are serving for a suspect possibly connected to i robbery and shooting in sl ver springs. >> and attempted robbery in northwest d.c. all of this coming to end near catholic university where students were on high alert overnight. and our annie yu is liver in silver spring now with the story. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, allison and holly, that's right this is multi-juri
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out here taking place in montgomery countsy and d.c. police. we see the last of montgomery county cruiser yuingts pulling ought there, and where i'm standing is sort of the area where montgomery county police were focus is in on their investigation. we actually saw them taking photos of bloody sneakers and canvassing grassy area in front of homes and this is the 900 block of must hampshire avenue as you know this sits rights next to the main access road of knew ham sure eave. these homes do. and they were out here for quite sometime. i would say six hours and police have not provided much about the victim but they do tell us that this person was robbed at gun point and then shot here. and then now is at the hospital being treated. and with when we first got here there were five to six police cruisers and detectives obviously processing the scene and canvassing walk around looking for evidence and i want to show you some video of the scene where it all ended and the suspects took off from this area and in a black nissan sent ra headed to d.c. and a sergeant on scene told me that
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park police officer that quickly informed d.c. police about where the car was headed and they were able to track it down and ultimately it crashed over at taylor street and hawaii avenue near catholic university. and one person was taken into custody, second person got away on foot. and police tell us they found a handgun inside the car and items stolen from the robbery that took place out here in silver spring. and that second suspect that they're looking for is described as a black male in his early 20s. and tall, 6' 1" dreadlocks and there is also another attempted robbery that happened around the same time around 1:30 that was cedar street in northwest. and police are looking into whether all of this could be connected as well. and so cedar street attempted robbery of truck driver there at 7-eleven possibly connected to this incident as well. that's the latest from silver spring maryland, annie yu, fox news. >> and on top of breaking news over nights from louisiana. two men shot to death
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campus of grambling state urts. this start as a fight in dorm room and spelled out to campus courtyard where the shooting happened one victim was students as grambling and other was not enrolled there and the shooter still on the loose. and we expect to learn more details today about the arrest of this man. wanted for a murder at house party in arlington back in february. "fox5" the first to confirm that jason allen johnson is now in custody. he was arrested in new york city on charges of related to the killing in virginia. and now johnson this man has been on the run since please named him a suspect in the sloolting and killing of michael gray following a dispute at a party eight months ago. it is now 7:04 and "fox5" getting abcs and unkouvring new information about a story that has so many of you h haiking your head. d.c. man already charged with serious sexual assault out owe on the streets held a able to attack again. >> we learned that man was able to tamper with the gps monitoring device while out
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following up for us live at superior courts. what a story, kristin. >> what a story is right l ladies good morning. we're following up on this story again involving a manure good owe to see on your screen in more details about what led up to this attempted alleged attempted rain wreath outta of prince jourj county. take a closer look again on screens, this is 23-year-old cahari edwards. you see there. he he was as you mentioned wearing gps monitoring device for sexual assault he allegedly committed last month in d.c. and was let back out on the streets until his court hearing which was set for this friday. and now according to court documents on october 16 he allegedly tampered with his gps monitoring device. but pretrial services did not have him immediately arrested. and then three days later on october 19 they september a notice to the court to have edwards essentially put back in jail until his hearing.
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transpired there and then on october 21 that's when edwards allegedly tried to rain an 81-year-old woman inside her home as we mentioned in prince george county. he was arrested that saturday morning. however, when it came to the notice we initially described to you there, court records show that the judge didn't get that bond until the monday after which was on october 23. so we asked d.c. chief of police peter newsham if this was oversight in justice system. here's what he had to say. >> is there a failure in the judicial system in this case. >> i think that's something we need to take a look at to see if there's a failure. one thing i want to say we have a victim who is is victim of serious crime out there. whenever i hear a story like that it makes us all feel uncomfortable that we had somebody hurt by a suspect that could are have been in custody. >> whenever something like this happens we have
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if mistakes were made. people may question was this a person that should have been released to the community in the first place. those are very, very difficult deition es that judges make all the time. >> and now when we asked pretrial services why they didn't arrested wards rights away they could not give us definitive answer here instead ended up citing federal brivcy laws in this case. reporting live at d.c. superior court house this morning. christine leon "fox5 local news". >> thanks, kristin. >> yes. >> and they're here to stay. >> i think they really might be here to stay. >> they have 80s -- >> and temperatures well above normal. let's get to it. show you the latest. this is the weekend to get out next couple days get out and we start the get the the storms with big winds over the
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>> they happen to blow away from the the yards. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> hate that. >> no, i actually like that. >> wink and nod tuck. . >> 57 reagan national and 54 dulles and cool are out there daytime highs 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and mid 6 owes lightser today. upper level low over great lakes that gives us rein reinforcing shots of cool air here for the next few days. 6 today. chilly tonight. back in the 40s in the city. probably 030s north and west tomorrow morning. take a jack the when you heat out this morning. details on weekend forecast big football game sunday and halloween forecast in a minute. >>. >> thaw, tucker. >> erin let's talk traffic. busy morning today. >> such a busy morning i feel like what i walk into the studio late had you know there's something bad going on. upper loop braddock road crash blocking two left lanes. look at that delay as you come up springfield iment change parked outer loop volume
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as we move things over rights now we also have a parking lot on the topside of the beltway in college park. this used by new hampshire avenue 95 to 270 spur 34 minutes red zone and earlier crash georgia avenue cleared and second reported by coalsville road. you can see basically parked there and give yourself extra time you need it. if you keep to east west highway or secondarys sur surrounding beltway factor in extra time for morning rush as well. 295 southbound 16 minute trip from par mar line to 11 street bridge. 295 northbound between benning road we're dealing with crash blocking two left lanes. use caution in both dire directions. heavy traffic north and southbound benning road 295. 95 dealing with usual volume. 25 minute trip beltway to 14 street bridge. main lanes packed by duke streets and hov looking good. all metro rail lines on time. 270 volume clearing up back to you holly and allison. >> 7:09 now a school bus driver on eastern shore charged with driving under the
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maryland state police say dale clark junior stopped yesterday afternoon in queen and's current quoy. they got two 911 calls to. >> reporter: the bus was driving erratically and the only person on the bus at the time. >> and off duty prince george county volunteer fire chief is under arrest. it all started when mreevr in waldorf responded i a man threatening to sklash slash tires on his girlfriend's car. they spotted matthew foulner a pickup trum truck. he returned to the scene 9 minutes later in marked silver hill fire department vehicle only to flee again. fouler was eventually stopped and taken into custody. and he faces several charges including 49 traffic cita citations. >> braeinging overnight capital hill vice-president vice-president mike pence casts a tie breaking vote on the senate floor a banking rule that let's consumer join tingt to sue banks or cretid card companies to
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financial dispute. it ebb courages to undo regulations gx op argues harm the free market. measure now heads to the president disk for signature. >> the republican led house about to take the next step towards tax reform. potentially setting up a big win for white house. >> while trump is trying to rally house gop is suffering casualties. wisdom martin is live in the newsroom with details, wis. >> republican leaders in congress are trying to stress party unity and have enough unity in party to get tax reform done. we'll see about that. not everyone on board with president's agenda. >> president trump would got answer questions as he left senate republican luncheon yesterday and would later stress unity on twitter. so nice being with republican senators today. multiple standing ovations most are great people who want big tax cuts and success for the u.s. but there was coordinate fairy moment after the lunch
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>> i rise today to say enough. >> arizona republican senator jeff flake announced his retirement. his seat was in jeopardy and he's been a freak rent trulp critic and from senate floor didn't hold back. >> reckless, outrageous and undig fewed behavior has become excused and count countenanced as telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless outrageous and undig fewed. >> and toad that ongoing feud between president and tennessee senator bob quarker who was also retiring now. message from the white house, the president doesn't mind. >> he wants people to be in the senate that are committed to actually moving ball down the field and i don't think these two individuals necessarily have been as focused on that and the president wants to get things done. >> democrats seem to delight in escalating trauma. >> senator ano oneed he's not seeking reelection. >> senate majority chuck s shumer learned of flake's retirement
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reporters offering a broad smile in response before he walked away. >> democrats are certainly hoping to depend benefit from discord within the republican party but house is poised tomorrow to passe judgeet which would lie the the ground work for tax reform. holly, allison. >> thanks, w with is. travel alert this morning for american airline passengers issued by the naacp. >> and plus capitol hill security breach. questions this morning after a heckler known to authorities made his way into a press area where the the president was meeting with lawmakers
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z2ktqz z5yz
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y2ktqy y5yy ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. >> welcome back.
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>> again we're losing couple minutes of daylight per day this time of year. 59 in washington. >> baiing change in weather pattern. cooler times here daytime highs low 60s and overnight lows in the 40s tonight. maybe locally even 30s. by early tomorrow morning. you you see the fronts yesterday hanging up there to the east. all right. 7 day keep it cool next couple days.
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today. i think we'll get more sunshine by thursday and friday afternoon. weekend 50/50. saturday looks good. sunday not so much. skips and cowboys sunday afternoon. let's home running game it ready to go right erin. all things halloween on tuesday looks fantastic. weather-wise. and daytime highs 60 and again should be perfect there. in time for trick or treaters tuesday afternoon. >> i look forward to halloween every year. >> it's a fun time of year. >> when i was a kid adults didn't get into it but now they do. >> i think it's just aas fun adult halloween parties. inner side braddock road crash being fwloing shoulder tow truck on lobe. traffic lowing main lanes. hov looking shoomer. we'll switch it over for maps and cameras now. showing what you are dealing with. you can see past it it was brokenp. upper loop from springfield to past pradic
7:18 am
outer loop okay. as we switch things over for a look at utter loop topside of beltway drive time 40 minutes to get from 95 to 70 spur a andelier crash georgia avenue cleared. right now crash blocking right lane and shoulder it's a mess of volume. upper loop volume pigging up as well to bw parkway. as he we switch for drive times oyrt loop delay 50 inbound twelve min trip red zone to beltway to new york avenue. 13 minutes there. new york avenue bladeensburg jammed eeing and typical heavy volume nayler road on in and 29511 street bridge to baltimore washington parkway 39 minutes on northbound side. that's because of crash by benning road. northbound 295 crash benning road causing a ton of additional volume out there. as we look at maps. southbound 295 bw parkway to 11 street bridge a 15 minute trip. mixed in with typical
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half hour beltway to 14 street bridge. >> all the metro rail lines on time. 66 has improved earlier crash in mannasas cleared. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin, this morning with u.s. capitol police examining security pro sears you're after a breach yesterday allowed protesters to get close to president trump. >> trump is tree son. >> police tell us ryan clayton of sterling virginia managed to get into capitol without proper credentials. he was few feet from the president and started yelling at him and throwing russian flags. he got by using expired visitor's pass and blending in with media. chad was there and talked with "fox5" last night. >> i've been told he has not been
7:20 am
authorities. i've also been told that senior capitol security officials are upsets with this. the terms a few minutes ago egg on face and this was a failure on multiple levels. >> clayton was arrested and charged with unlawful con conducts. >> maryland governor larry hoke an is calling on state attorney again tool weigh in on peace cross controversy. hogan wrote to attorney general brian frosh that the case was wrongly decided wlaingt week after federal appeals court ruled decades old memorial war memorial is unconstitutional on friday the governor called it outrageous and over reach. he wants am i cuss brief filed and it would not add state to litigation. >> naacp taking bold action after multiple african-american passengers claimed they were discriminated against by american airlines. >> civil rights
7:21 am
>> civil rights group is issuing travel airlines. bob barnard is live you this morning at dulles with reasons y what's behind this bob. >> apparently drew brewing sometime now. naacp issuing travel advisory last night and has to do with incidence that passengers claim were in their opinion sfwrim torey by american air lines. i want to show you part of the statement from the naacp which reads in part this, naacp for several months now has been monitoring pattern of dis disturbing incidents reported by african-american passengers specific toe american airlines in light of these confrontations we very today tape the action of issuing national advisory alerting travelers especially african-americans to exercise caution in that booking and boarding flights on american air lines could subject them to disrespectful discriminatory or unsafe conditions and in
7:22 am
release last night naacp talks about passengers being african-american passengers being kicked off flights after having disputes with white passengers and that they're wanting to get aisle seat instead of middle seat and they change it and it changed back on them and they go to try to resolve that and it's not revolved to their liking and even incident in the last ten days where new york city activists it amika mallory who helped organize march on washington says she was kicked off a flight because she complained about seating. now american airlines has issued a statement in response to this and it reads in part we are dispointed to hear about this travel advisory as our team members diverse community of gate agents and pilots and flights attendants are proud to serve customers of all background. avenue day americans -- america is committed to creating a positive safe travel experience for everyone
7:23 am
who flies with us. now the naacp is asking for a meeting with american airlines officials and american airlines in its statement says it will grant that meeting that will happen. as far as travel advisory guys it goes into effect today basically and is indefinite according to naacp. >> all right. bob barnard thank you very much, bob. >> opioid crisis taking a huge toll across the nation especially in d.c. region. >> a new article tease a close look at addiction and better understanding of what it me means. we'll talk more about this ahead at 7:30. author of that article will join us live
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>> welcome back. cool temps to start the day. cooler weather pattern to look forward to to enjoy over the next couple days. will feel like october here. 57 washington. winds northwest at 8. sun is up as awe speak and will turn into partly to mostly sunny today. sunshine here shortly. we have a cloud deck throughout early. upper level low will be responsible for spokes of cool are air that come down and reach our region. a front comes through earlier this morning to the west and we won't get rain but get to shots of cool air here over the the next couple days. that will keep temperatures close to where they should be. overnight lows in thes. 64 today. cool tonight overnight lows in
7:27 am
30s north and west early tomorrow morning. cool temperature tomorrow 60. looking to ward to weekend. looks like rain unfortunately sunday afternoon for skins game and that hour halloween looks fantastic tuesday. >> jam cam. 7:27 now and we're taking a look at jammed up traffic. we also have ray crash old ox road shaw lanes blocked sterling causing delays on secondarys and this is winner of jam cam. 39 minute trip college park 95 to 270 spur and second blocked shoulder coalsville road. 66 eastbound delays diss dissipatesing in mannasas normal congestion. all metro rail lines on time. keep it to "fox5". we'll be right back.
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♪ welcome back everybody. 7:29 on wednesday morning. nice looking sky out there. 57 degrees to start off your wednesday. let's check your top stories now at 7:30. a wild overnight for police in d.c. and montgomery county as well as local college students. police say a robbery and sh shooting happened in the 9300 block of new hampshire avenue in silver spring around 1:45 this morning. two suspects fled after a car -- after car that crashed their car near catholic university. one suspect captured. the other still out there on the loose. catholic university under a shelter in place order for about an hour overnight. but the all clear was given. new information about the infamous trump dossier that's the do you mean which contained allegations about the president including the claim that russia has embarrassing information on him which could be used for blackmail. it was researched and written up by former
7:31 am
we've learned hillary clinton's presidential campaign and democratic national committee helped to pay for this dossier. special counsel robert mueller is investigating collusion between russia and the trump campaign his team questioned the former british spy who helped to compile the claims. game one of the world series in the books now. dodgers took the lead early chris taylor taking dallas keuchel deep off the first pitch for solo homerun. and it was a hot game. record heat. we're talking physically hot. record heat for the world series game 103 degrees out la la land but it wasn't hotter than the dodgers pitcher, oh, no clayton kershaw, he was on fire ! striking out 11 batters over seven innings. final score dodgers leash astros one. game two stays in la tonight. coverage begins right her on fox5 at 7:30. stay tuned for the game after the game rather for hour news. fox5 news and the final five.
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opioid abuse has really taken toll across the nation. here locally leaders from the district v have a and maryland have been working together to find ways to combat the crisis. and some say understanding the word addiction is really the first step. national geographic did a cover story on the science of addiction in its recent september issue. the article says, drug use can change the wiring in an addict's brain but researchers are working on ways to actually counter that. so joining us now from new york is national geographic writer fran smith author of "the science of addiction" article. thank you so much for being with us this morning, mrs. smith. >> thank you very much for having me. >> you know, i feel like addiction being a disease is not just a moral failing, you know, it's something that scientists have been saying for while. but in this cover story, is it that there is new gro ground-breaking research that's been done to help better prove
7:33 am
people? >> yes, there's been a ton of research that shows that addiction really associated with lots and lots of changes in the brain. it causes the brain to really focus attention on this one thing, this object of desire and really blot out other things of value, family, relationships, career, and at the same time it causes the front parts of the brain, the frontal regions to really -- the parts of the brain that are responsible for exercising judgment, assessing risk, those parts are really compromised. so this whole picture has really convinced lots and lots of people that addiction is a chronic relapsing brain dis disorder. >> you know, it's intereting. it's hard to convince people of that and sometimes i think it's even hard to convince the people that are abusing that have the addiction that that it actually is a disease. but can you talk specifically because the article goes in
7:34 am
addiction highjacks the brain and physically changes the wiring. >> right. highjacks is a word that we hear a lot in addiction research, and what that means is, it rollie takes over the fundamental mechanisms that drive desire. the fundamental mechanism that is control desire. so the brain is completely out of balance in that sense, and -- and it's something that will power is not -- it's very hard to overcome that kind of thing, and even people who quit and who go through recovery and struggle with that often relapse even long after the addictive substance is out of their system so there's something very fundamental in the brain that is affected by addiction. >> i find it fascinate wagon you have found but i found it equally as intriguing w
7:35 am
article when they were talking about the treatments, once we have a disease we then want a cure fort disease and there's a lot of new things, be it different medicines or this trance cranial magnetic stimulator, you know, where someone literally goes doctor's office and, you know, they're brain gets hooked up to something rewire it and treat at diction. >> yes, we tell amazing story about a patient who tried that treatment, and it really -- it's electric pulses to the brain, and it's painless. it's an experimental treatment. it's yet to be proven but this patient that we write about in the article had struggled with cocaine for years, recovery, relapse, recovery, relapse, and went through this treatment and is, s cocaine free and has no desire for cocaine. there are also lots of medications that actually are available now and good treatments particularly for opioid addiction and they're not used nearly as much as they could be to benefit the people who need them. >> i'm glad you brought that up, because before we
7:36 am
the us surgeon general did first ever report on addiction, you know, and said 21 million americans suffer from he had addiction. that's more than people suffering from cancer. and yet still people have a hard time seeing this as disease. but now with opioid crisis we have 91 americans dying dale from the opioid crisis. do you think that really is what has been a turning point in order for to us get a handle on this disease? >> it's definitely been a turning point in public awareness of addiction, and what it's all about. i was in huntington, west virginia, one of the places that's been hardest hit by the opioid crisis and i spoke with a former law enforcement official. he'd been the chief of police down there and now he's working on the opioid crisis and he said, you know, we're not going to arrest our way out of this problem. people need treatment. we need preventio
7:37 am
we really need to treat it as the disease that it is in the way we would treat diabetes or heart disease, making treatment available and without the stigma that's attached it to. >> fran, we sure appreciate your time this morning and more importantly your insight. it's the september edition of national geographic and i think we'd be hard pressed to find anybody that hasn't had addiction affect their live somehow, you know, be it personally or via someone you love. thank you for the work that you've done. >> thank you. >> all right. tuck, let's head on over to you. holly, cooler temps moved on in, and here to stay the next couple of days. daytime highs today only in the mid 60s, and wake up with cloud cover. i think we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon. let's get it to and show you the numbers. 57 now in washington and you can see that cool pool of air just off to our north and west. lots of 40s even 30s beckly this morning 33 degrees. so chilly. chicago looking at 38. big sprawling pool of cool air off to the north and west up across the great lakes, and little spokes of energy drop down into our region and we'll see anoth
7:38 am
this afternoon. bottom lean keep it dry later today but likely have periods of cloud cover as that cooler air works on through with daytime highs about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. there you go. 63 degrees at 5:00 p.m. nice dry wednesday afternoon for you. seven day has got the skins/cowboys forecast and all important halloween. talk about that in just a minute. erin? >> i cannot wait to get halloween candy. right now, 7:38. and we are dealing with delays are improving top side of the college park parked by new hampshire a crash on colesville roadblocking shoulder. inner loop volume increasing but moving from connecticut avenue to bw parkway. we're seeing delays on 270 southbound unfortunately 109 to the local lane split. about an hour commute. we had earlier crash by 28 and by montrose that have since cleared. one by the split as well. give yourself extra thyme. metro rail lines on time. we'll take look at your virginia commute as we continue.
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november in denver, colorado. mcdonald's is finally replacing the dollar menu. the company rolling out a new value menu with items priced at a dollar, two dollars and three dollars. the dollar menu was pulled back in 2014. >> chipotle out with halloween discount this year on oct october 31st, next tuesday, the fast food chain will be offering three dollars burritos, bowls, salads and tacos to anyone who comes in wearing costume. from 3:00 p.m. to closing. >> okay. >> i got to seat rules. can i just do bunny ears? >> i think so. >> okay. >> as long as it's after 3:00. and heads up. which it pohle staff has sole discretion to determine whether your costume qualifies for the discount. >> well where is the fair in that? >> none. >> okay. >> i think bunny ears would be passed by all employees. >> thank you. guess what, today is national greasy foods day. so take that ship pottily. we're going somewhere else. okay. today is dedicated to indulging in foods like pizza, french fries, fried
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although it's not the healthiest of choices perhaps it's okay to indulge every once in awhile. grab your favorite greasy dish and time to pig out in moderation. >> i'm in. okay. today a brand new episode of fox5 true crime podcast the mansion murder glass sarah fraser has in depth look at the fourth episode. we'll talk to sarah next. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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>> it is 7:45. let's give you a loca towed good day d
7:46 am
a lot of great stuff in store today. r and b star brian mcknight will be live with us today. erin talks with funny lady tina fey about her mean girls musical now playing at the national theater. plus actor kevin czar bow you know him as hercules. he'll join us live to dish about his latest project, and giselle bryant. >> love it. >> she always looks good. you know she'll be looking good when she stops by. she's from the real housewives of potomac. all righty. tucker barnes, good morning. >> good morning. fall temperatures have finally arrived. >> yeah i they're here. >> took better part of a month but they're here. overnight lows back in the 50s and 60 today's. perfect if you want to get out enjoy few of the leaves changing colors. >> how are colors doing. >> that's a good question. >> oh. >> i have an answer. >> oh. >> yes. perfect, holly. we're moderate right now. peaking out in the shenandoah, and over the next couple of days, i think that we too will be peeking although my personal view is the colors have
7:47 am
muted this year really with the warm temperatures and humidity we had earlier in the month the leaves really like to cool dry mornings to get those colors going and we just didn't have whole lot of that this year. send me picture tucker fox5 that's my twitter account or send me instagram or facebook if you like. some of your pictures we'll start to post them of the trees turning colors. hey -- or the leaves turning colors on the trees. 57 now in washington. we are finding fours out there. fredericksburg, good morning, 4. 46 in culpeper. 43 this morning in winchester. martinsburg down to 47. it has cooled off. 52 in gaithersburg. it will be a cool day. daytime highs only in the mid 60s, and bit of a breeze out of the north and west currently at 8 miles an hour. it won't be terribly strong today but at times we'll have winds about ten to 15 and that will kind of lock down that cool feeling particularly with temps only in the 60s. what we're looking at real cool pool of air off to our north and west and little pieces of energy dropping down into the mid atlantic much we had one move through this morning. we got another one on the horizon back into ohio that bring us cloud cover. we're not
7:48 am
today but we'll get cloud cover this afternoon. kind of a partly sunny afternoon, and we're just going to keep it cool and dry around here fort next couple of days as that area of low pressure sits up there and spins, and continues to deliver cool air around here. so mid 60s today. only about 60 for daytime high tomorrow, and then we'll warm it up little bit as we get into the weekend with daytime highs back near 70 by saturday you can see a couple of cool days here wednesday, thursday, friday. warm it up saturday, one-day special unfortunately rain here for the skins/cowboys game. big game on sunday. it's a big one, erin. >> a huge one. >> it's a big one. >> after what happened sunday, we need a big win. >> pretty much a must within situation. >> yes. >> halloween looks fantastic. sunshine temp boss 60. perhaps if you're wearing that mask where you sweat. >> don't talk about that. that's bad. >> right. you don't want to worry about it this year. >> let's go with the fun makeup. i got tweet asking if i was wearing jog joggers. i'm not the exciting part about this jumpsuit it has pockets so
7:49 am
for exciting stuff going on. sarah fraser is in studio and she's laughing and she has fabulous boots on today. ly we'll move over to traffic. a crash cleared 295 by benning road. nasty delays. northbound from the 11th street bridge to bw parkway the 50 split 40 minutes. you may want to avoid the northbound side coming from the beltway take the beltway to fief team you have other options. 395 but 295 northbound gross right now. southbound side typical delays 50 inbound 202295 jamming up and we're seeing about 50 minute trip from 234 sudley road to the beltway. earlier crash in manassas that cleared awhile ago. usual flow of volume westbound traffic looking really nice right knowledge as you make your way out on 395 look at that 37 minute ride the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes quiet. main lanes bum to bumper a lot of volume on the freeway as well two and from the third industry tunnel f you are taking metro look at that. it's all clear. all green, all good on your metro commute. we were
7:50 am
george's county traffic light outages earlier this morning. still use caution. treat this intersection as though you would a stop sign. that is 193 at 201. again we'll keep updated on your commute 270 southbound usual volume from 109 to the local lane split to the belt wage that's your traffic, guys. back to you. >> thanks so much. the fourth episode of the fox5 true crime podcast the mansion murders debuts today available for download right now. mystery still surround the horrific murders of savopoulos family and their housekeeper back in 2015. and even though many others were in with suspect darren wint when he was arrested he's the only one in police custody the only one charged. detail some consider strange. ♪ >> they make the arrest of wint tonight. you got the other folks with him in the car, in the truck, you got money. >> yes. >> boom they're turned loose. nobody sells is are a revved. what's going on? it's hard to know. i mean, are these people who cut a deal? are these people who are out work fog the p
7:51 am
>> all right. that was a short clip from today's new episode and again it's available for download right now. joining us now fox5 contributor and podcast host sarah fraser. good morning. >> hey, allison. >> that's voice we haven't heard from before. >> it is. there's two new people that we introduce on episode four, and as you just heard, that was greg mccreery whose a former fbi criminal profiler. he and jim tray numb a former dc detective both have really great careers. sat down with us for long time, and kind of gave us some real perspective on his story and one of the big -- elements of this is from the start. d.c. police and authorities came out and there's more than one person involved. that night there were five people with darren wint and none of them have been arrested or name. we were told that you'll hear more about that. aiding an betting charges can sometimes be hard to stick and of course d.c. detectives have hard time in that moment, you know, making that decision. but there's some elements of that
7:52 am
questions. so we'll really look at that episode four. this is another big episode. >> okay. also, big because we have -- we talk exclusively about one of those people that was around or with darren wint jordan wallace. >> jordan wallace is another person in this story that has left people with a lot of more questions than answers. >> he was the drive, right. >> he was the driver. he was savopoulos' driver and he was questioned a couple of times by police, and then i'll let you listen to the podcast as to what happens after that, but we do have a clip from our reporter marina moracco about jordan right after this incident happened. take listen to this. >> he did the interviews with police and we tried to get him and the best we could do was find pictures of his instagram that associated him with savvas savopoulos. he would post pictures, driving the porsche that was amy' cars that was later found burned saying, you know, microbe is so cool. i'm so lucky to have this job. so he didn't really have at leastot
7:53 am
webs he didn't show that he had any sort of dislike towards his bosses. he showed they loved his job. he was a race car driver. that's how savvas and him met because philip shared that same passion of race car driving. that's how they met jordan. but he's still a character that we can get down to the bottom of who he is because he completely went mia. >> sarah, what is the deal with this if there were five people, what tells,. >> you have to listen. >> we have to don't loud it. >> yes. >> do we get any answers. >> you get a much better context of, you know, there's -- first of all, jim and greg paper an entirely different picture of darren within last week's episode was very controversial. you had samantha wint who spoke favorable of him but we hear entirely different side a lot going on in this episode. and then also you hear -- we were told by many, many people on the record you need to look at the arrest warnt
7:54 am
>> let's talk about that. >> arrest warn leads to lot more detail in this case that public doesn't know about. that's really what we do. so i think you're going to get just a different picture about this than and maybe more answers to, okay, could this have been a person that did this by himself or, you know, or were others involved? good all right. just at this point without giving away too much -- >> right. >> ,, what is your sense of this whole case as it remains a mystery today. darren wintery mains in jail. court date not until next year. >> yeah. you know, there's a lot of elements going on about this, and we're the first to really do a podcast in a crime sort of in true time. and the trial is set for september 2018. darren wint plead not guilty to all charges. he is a eight wagon that trial. so i think that you're going to be finding out a lot more very soon is kind of what i know. is what i'll say. but you
7:55 am
podcast. >> that's what we need to do. >> right. >> czar remark thanks for all your hard work. >> otherwise i could give it all away. >> just a reminder you said it's ready for download now. here's how you do all that. listen to episode four go to i tunes or the podcast app on your phone, your iphone, search for the mansion murders and subscribe. now we launch new episode every wednesday with extra behind the scenes videos on our website just click on podcast. that web page will also have all of our old stories related to the case. we have also set up a special facebook group connected to the fox5 d.c. facebook page and there you can give more updates, get them on the series and the case and also discuss i'm sure you're getting lots of theories and feedback. >> tons of theories much tons of feedback. the videos are very important. you'll find out in episode four how much geography play as part in a murder investigation like this. so that's something i never new. check those out. thanks allison. >> thank you very much. tucker over to you. >> sarah, how long are the podcasts? i'm curious. >> about
7:56 am
>> i can handle that. >> exactly. >> i have a short attention span. >> we wanted uh-uh wanting more. short short. >> i've got women if my life the same way. >> 56 in washington. winds out of the north northwest at eight. looking at daytime highs in the mid 60s. yeah. that's upper level low off to the north and west and cool pool of air and this is going to continue to deliver cool air for us over the next couple of days. here we go. 64 today. cool tonight. temps in the 40s back near 70 on saturday. and looks like rain on sunday. erin? >> my favorite thing when you say stuff like that you laugh at your own jokes. [ laughter ] >> it makes it that much better. right now the outer loop 42 minute ride 95 to the 270 spur. we're seeing just heavy volume from earlier crashes by georgia avenue and colesville road. traffic on the inner loop heavy to bw parkway. heavy traffic on the southbound side of 270 earlier crash cleared but it's a 61 minute trip between 109 and local lane split. all metro rail lines on time. residual del
7:57 am
road. at least half hour delay there avoid 295 northbound from the bottom side of the beltway and keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll have more traffic in a few. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin. neck at 8:00 no tricks, just treats. we'll take closer look at halloween candy and tell you which ones are best for your little monsters. >> and us. don't think we don't dip into the back. >> us ghouls. >> we are going to play little game where we have to guess which candies are better than the other one. that's coming up in the next hour. >> which tastes better or better for you. >> better for you. >> oh. granola. granola.
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8:00 am
>> good morning. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. manhunt in montgomery county robbery in silver spring leads to chaotic chain of events overnight and puts college campus on lock down. this morning, one suspect is still on the run. disturbing new details in the sexual assault case. police say a d.c. man managed to ditch his court supervision then tried to rape and kill a woman. we'll tell you how he was able to do this. former president george hw bush is apologizing to hollywood actress for alleged sexual assault incident. we have the details on that coming up. first, though, life look
8:01 am
ou yeah. sun all the way up, of course, 8:00 o'clock in the morning on this hump day wednesday. weather and traffic on the 5's coming up. >> all right. we'll start the news this morning with breaking news. fox5 has been all over this morning. now ever since we went on the air at 4:25 we've been following this. on going manhunt for a man after series of crimes and crash of the suspect' cars near catholic university. >> annie yu is live in silver spring with more now. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning to you, steve -- excuse me, wisdom and allison. yeah, at this hour still, hours after this happened around 1:30, police still searching for the one man that they weren't able to take into custody when the accident happened over in dc. this is seen -- this is one of two scenes i should say behind me is 9300 block of new hampshire avenue, and around 1:30 this morning, montgomery county police they came out here for robbery an shooting and we're told that one person was robbed at gun
8:02 am
and then the suspects fled. now the victim right now is in the hospital recovering. so that is the good news. but the suspects here left the scene in a black nissan sentra and takoma park police officer an alert takoma park police officer that spotted the vehicle and quickly alerted d.c. police to that vehicle so they're able to track it down quickly and it crashed near hawaii avenue which of course is near the -- near catholic university. i apologize for that. near catholic university. that is where the car crashed and so there's the video of that. two suspects were in that vehicle. one was arrested. the second one did get away on foot. we're also told that a handgun was recovered inside that vehicle along with the stolen items from this scene here in silver spring. so police are now searching for that second suspect. we're toll he's a tall man, 6-foot one, thin build, a man in his early 20s with dread locks and d.c. police
8:03 am
to hear from you if you have seen him. meanwhile, because of all the scare and the unknown, you can imagine catholic university on edge there. they did put campus on alert in temporary lock down mode, however, that was lifted shortly before 5:00 o'clock this morning. and so right now, we have the victim recovering from his injuries so that is good news. but still the suspect on the run at this hour. that's the very latest here from silver spring maryland, annie yu, fox5 local news. >> three minutes after the hour we're also following breaking news out of louisiana. two men shot to death on the campus of gram bling state university. this apparently started as fight in dorm room and then spilled out on to a campus courtyard where the shooting happened. one of the victims was a student at gram bling state. the other not enrolled there. the shooter is still on the loose. let's go to northern have a have now we expect to learn more details today about the arrest of this man wanted for murder at a house party arlington back in february. fox5 was first to
8:04 am
allen johnson is now in custody. he was arrested in new york city on unrelated charges. johnson had been on the run since the police named him suspect in the shooting and killing of michael gray during an argument at a party. we're learning more about the dc man who was arrested for allegedly attacking a woman over the weekend as he already faced serious sex assault charges in another case. >> now we now know that he tampered with his gps monitoring device. fox5's kristin leon is live at d.c. superior court with the latest in this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom and allison. we're getting a much better idea this morning about what led up to the recent alleged aggravated or -- excuse me recent alleged attempted rape that happened out of prince george's county involving the man you're about to see here on your screen. take closer look there. this is 23-year-old today harry edwards. he was like you mentioned wearing a gps monitoring device for sexual assault. he allegedly committed l
8:05 am
month in d.c. and was let back out on the streets. now according to court documents, on october 16th, he allegedly tampered with his gps monitoring device. but pretrial services according to them did not have him immediately arrested. then on october 19th, they sent a notice to the court essentially asking for him to be, to, come back to jail. but nothing transpired there. then on october 21st that's when edwards allegedly tried to rape an 81-year-old woman inside her home out of prince george's county. he was arrested later that saturday morning. host, when it came to that notice that we were talking about, court records show that the judge didn't get that until the monday after this all happened which was on oct october 23rd. so we reached out to dc police chief peter newsham about this and asked whether or not this was a major oversight on the justice system and here's what he had to say. >> is there a failure in the judicial system in this case? >> i think that's something we got to take a look at to see if there was a f
8:06 am
one thing i really want to say, you know, we have a person who was a victim of pretty serious crime out there. so, you know, whenever i hear a story like that's correct upping, it makes us all kind of feel uncomfortable that we had somebody that was actually hurt by a suspect that could have potentially been in custody. whenever something like this happens, we have to go back, we have to take look and see if mistakes were made. you know, people may even question was this a person that should have been released to the community in the first place? those are very very difficult decisions that judges make all the time. >> reporter: when we asked pretrial services why they didn't initially arrest edwards in this case they didn't give us a specific answer here. however they did cite federal privacy laws. for now reporting live outside d.c. superior court house this morning, kristin leon, fox5 local news. ♪ all righty. >> got the kids out there raking leaves. >> not yet. i don't have them out there raking leaves yet because i prefer the mul
8:07 am
leaves when they fall on the ground, they're fertilizer i run over them with the lawnmower. >> that's actually a very solid point. >> we have way too much leaves to do that. >> no such thing, allison. >> is that right. >> you got a lawnmower you got a mull cher. >> yeah. >> yes. >> you got to a real big lawnmower when it gets to be, park. >> that's what i'm saying. that's a whole other things every thing. rains a little bit and forget it. you're not going to move the leaves. >> i keep saying i'm going to invest in leave blower. >> i'm going to invest in neighborhood kids. >> yeah. absolutely. >> i got three. you want invest. >> sipe them up. let's get to the forecast here. autumn it's going to feel like it the next couple days. daytime highs only in the 60s today. something we've not seen a lot of the month of october. so might want to consider a jacket here, as overnight lows fallen back in the 50s. vick at reagan national. dulles up in baltimore 51 degrees looking at satellite picture cool pool of air north and west and continues to deliver cool air into our region over over the next couple of days. for a change,
8:08 am
will actually going to feel like october around here with daytime highs in the 60s. chilly tonight overnight lows back in the 40s even here in the city kind of a partly sunny afternoon it will be dry later today. if you're going out and about. i feel like i'm getting nothing but wrap today. i'm wrapped. there you go. >> don't be angry. we all get it. >> yes, tucker make me -- honor for me to be up here. i need you to be happy. >> i'm happy. >> okay, thank you. >> hi, erin. besides sharing is caring. share your time with me. >> you got it. >> he's like giving the dirtiest look right now. inner loop before springfield interchange crash moved to the shoulder traffic flowing okay right here. thens you mack your way out 395 northbound still bit of a parking lot. it's a little bit clearer but 30 minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge hov lanes looking good and then as you make you're way out on 6649 minute trip from 234 to the beltway all metro rail lines on time. delays on metro buses from an earlier crash on kenilworth. back to you guys. ♪
8:09 am
another member of the republican party says that he's had enough and does not plan to run for re-elect. the announce many follows a battle of words between the president and some of his republican critics. arizona senator jeff flake made the announcement after describing the president's behavior as quote reckless, outrageous and undignified. senator bob corker announced earlier that woe not seek re-election after the president tweeted about him multiple times calling him a quote light we weight. vice-president mike pence cast a tie breaking vote on the senate floor. his vote repealed a banking rule that would let consumers join together to sue their banks or credit card companies to settle a financial dispute. now, it's an evident for the gop to undo regulations that republicans say harmed the free market. the measure now heads to the president's desk for his signature. there's new information about the infamous trump dossier the document written by a former british spy. that contained shoc
8:10 am
allegations about president trump including the claim that russia has embarrassing information about him. we've learn hillary clinton presidential campaign and the democratic national committee helped pay for this document special counsel si robert mueller is investigating collusion between russia and the trump campaign. wisdom, over to you. all right. how about little sports? talk world series right now. dodgers pitched past the astros to take game 13 to one. it was a hot one in los angeles. temperatures soaring to more than 100 degrees. tucker barnes you like hot weather out in california? >> no, you don't. you're a tender vegetation. hottest world series on game record the heat was so intense clayton kershaw even had to change jerseys but it doesn't slow him down. he had one of the best performances on the mound. cruising into the seventh inning he struck out 11. gave up just three hits and no walks. as for houston dallas was also doing well. solo homerun in the first and two run shot in the sixth
8:11 am
deal the deal for the dodgers. with both aces throwing well the opener zipped by in two hours and 28 minutes the fastest world series since game four in 1992 between toronto and atlanta. game two stays in la tonight. coverage begins right here on fox5 at 7:30. stay tuned after the game for fox5 news and the final five. allison? >> all right, wis, thank you very much. coming up, the naacp is warning african-american travelers not to fly with american airlines. we'll explain what this is about next. next.
8:12 am
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. what can you do with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 from dunkin'? settle a debt. make a friend. save the day. or keep 'em both for this handsome devil. with two bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for $5 the future is in your hands. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ time for cuteness. i love this time of the day. >> okay. >> we got wisdom a special gu guest. >> oh yes. >> poetry and pros. >> we'll see -- are you prepared to right a little high queue. >> i'll work on it. >> time for my first photo of the day. >> aww. >> we got halloween cuteness. >> she looks like she's dancing. >> she does. because this is thriller. >> that's a skeleton, right. >> yeah. that's a skeleton. >> she got big heart. >> that's so cute. >> all right. get ready to meet the cutest skeleton you've ever seen. >> not spooky at all. >> ariana everybody. >> aww. >> she's little one. oh, wow just three weeks old. >> she's a little one. >> she's so precious. >> she full of smiles and you can tell from this really cute picture already
8:15 am
>> yes. >> all right. she's one of our early morning specialists she likes wake mommy up early. you know why? >> why? >> so she could have little something to eat. >> well all right. she doesn't demand much. >> no. >> cute as can be. >> what sweetie. >> all right. before we move along -- >> so cute. >> wisdom has little something for you. >> this one is a easy one. >> here it goes. ariana, you're costume is on fleek, hope you have a fabulous week. >> that's pretty good. >> yeah. i mean -- [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> that's insta pro. [ laughter ] >> we got to keep the -- allison epp kite simple. >> that's why. >> she's so precious. >> yes, she is. >> we can have talk about her little chin, her little cheeks. >> we didn't have time for that. producer would have been wrapping me. vyke gone on for days talking about the cuteness. >> to zen us your child's picture go to our fox book page fox5 d.c. we love
8:16 am
>> once again aunt allison is available for babysitting. >> careful you'll get called on that. >> i haven't yet. i keep waiting. i'm here. >> i got kids you can babysit. >> no, the babies. yes. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> 56 now in washington. cool pool of air north and west. chicago 38. beckly, west virginia, 33. we're actually going to be feeling like fall around here or october for the next couple of days with daytime highs in the 60s and overnight lows in the 40s. looking across the country really the biggest weather note southern california 100 again this afternoon just in time for baseball. so they'll be in for another hot day. i saw mary hart and larry king behind home plate last night. >> we thought there would be no stars there. >> and there weren't. [ laughter ] >> dang. i'm sorry. that was my inner voice. my bad. >> this isn't good day. >> i'm sorry. [ laughter ] >> i stand corrected. >> keep it news see. >> i understand. >> i'll have the seven day coming up in a minute. >> all right. thank you very much. >>e
8:17 am
>> erin, good morning. nothing worse when your inner thoughts accidentally make it out of your mouth. >> it's my fear. >> i did not mean to say that outloud. >> it's my fear 24 hours day. mine, too. especially with such a long show. got to keep it together. inner loop before springfield interchange crash over to the shoulder. new crash 395 northbound by boundary channel blocking a lane adding to the delays on 395 coming up the beltway. as we take look at 395 you can see this is delay before that crash. 32 minute trip the beltway to the 14th street bridge. main lanes crowded. hov lanes looking okay. as we forward things along 66, still just under an hour about 51 minutes. a lot of heavy volume through manassas and centreville from sudley road to the bell way that's what you're looking at. westbound side looks good. volume in arlington this morning. we take look at some delays. okay. northbound 295 since a crash cleared at benning road, we're seeing residual delays, 13 minute trip. yellow zone from the beltway to the 11th street bridge. southbound side heavy as usual 6 minutes from maryland down to the 11th street bridge. that bridge is crowded as well. at least m
8:18 am
guys. >> thanks, erin. 8:17 is the time. d.c. men will spend three months atv in arlington. judge sentenced williams to four years in prison. suspended 105 days he'll have to serve. he'll part of a large group who drove along arlington boulevard last april and dropped his cell phone during the ride and police were able to track him down. ♪ 8:18 now. the senate easily cleared disaster relief bill on yeserday in an 82-72 vote which push funds to those affected by the string of wildfires to in trio of hurricane much eighths arthritic $.5 billion relief package with more than 18 billion going to fema. another $16 billion of aid money is set to bail out the national flood insurance program, and $600 million will help california recover from wildfires. congress is expected to consider more disaster aid next month.
8:19 am
president george hw bush after r assaulted her during a photo shoot. 34-year-old heather lynn starred in the amc series turn washington's spice she says while promoting the show four years ago the elder mr. bush touched her back side as they posed for picture. in statement the former president said it was attempt at humor and not meant to offend the actress. naacp taking bold action this morning after multiple african-american pastor claim they were discriminated against by american airlines. >> civil rights group is issuing a travel warning for african-americans itemed to fly witness airline. fox5's bob barnard is live this morning at dulles with the reasons behind this action. good morning. bob. >> reporter: hey, allison, wisdom, good morning to you. this follows a number of complaints of passengers who said they were basically kicked off flights for complaining about seat assignments or not being moved up to first class with other passengers that they were traveling with when they should in their opinion.
8:20 am
for a travel advisory and let's put you -- put on the 15 here part of the statement. basically what the naacp is saying in this. for several months now,. naccp has been monitoring pattern of disturbing incidents reported by african-american passengers specific to american airlines. in light of these confro confrontations, we have today taken action of issuing a national advisory alerting travelers especially african-americans to exercise caution in that booking and boarding flights on american airlines could subject them to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions. now i mentioned there were a couple of incidents that the naacp talked about. one that made news about ten days ago was the activist the new york based activist tamika mallory says she was kick off a flight from my ammo to new york after she complained she was issued a middle seat. she change you had it toenail seat and cng
8:21 am
seat w she complain the pilot kick her off. that touched off a social media fire storm. now here from instagram model eva marcel. >> so when i got word that my girl tamika mallory was kick off an inner loop airline flight i was completely outraged. i mean i must have faced some type of racism and injustice when it comes to american not too fond of the airlines but this has gone way too far. we as the people have rights. we have financial power, and so what we need to do is to use our power top right these wrong. there's absolutely no way american airlines should be getting any of our money and any of our dollars treating our people the way that they do. i will not be flying american airlines any more. i ask that you don't fly american airlines any more and we need a verbal apology from corporate as well as a change in policy as far as the way they deal with people especially people of color
8:22 am
>> reporter: now, american airlines has issued a statement in response and it reads in part "we are disappointed to hear about this travel advisory as our team members diverse community of gate agents, pilots and flight attendants are proud to serve customers of all backgrounds. every day american is committed to providing a positive, safe travel experience for everyone who flies with us "the naacp is asking for a meeting with american airlines top exec executives. american airlines says there will be a meeting. they will meet to talk about this as for this travel advisory against american, the naacp says they want it to start today and last indefinitely. guys. >> bob barnard, thank you very much. 8:22 right now. aft the break, tucker has your weather report card. so if you're familiar with the show do you not want to miss that. >> erin has another check of your morning commute coming up so stay with us. ♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
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>> it is 8:25 op this hump day. the leaves are changing out there. might be not be the vibrant colors, okay, but you know. changes. >> i'm not missing it. >> change is still a foot, wis, don't you fret any. >> okay. >> i'll be patient. >> it's a special time of the morning. >> what happens now? >>♪ >> class is in
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>> okay. i'm a visiting student so be kind. >> we got a special student in class today, allison. >> yeah, we do. >> everybody, say hi to our student wisdom martin. >> hi wisdom martin. >> hi. [ laughter ] >> mr. martin -- he's shy. >> you will learn almost nothing i can guarantee that you and count the minutes until you get out of class. >> i'm already counting. [ laughter ] >> let's do it. hey weather report card for the day. sunshine a mix of clouds and sun today give that b. winds will be out of the north and west at about ten to 15. give that b. after new noon temps in the 60s. only in the 60s today. b. hopscotch at recess, you guys realize you're looking at the sham champion from swans field elementary school. >> no way. i will take you any day. >> you don't have chance against me. >> nope, i'm the champion at adams community school. let's do this. >> swans field elementary school super swans. we got you. >> queue my music. ♪ i'm hot for teacher ♪ >> oh,y
8:27 am
>> and turn. all right, thank you so much prof barnes. erin, good morning. >> since wisdom sanu student he'll he's welcome to join us for lunch today if he wants to o what do you think? >> i don't like school food. >> no? >> i don't like my teacher in particular to just hopscotch through the classroom. >> just trying to be nice. [ laughter ] >> wisdom is like, nope, not having the school lunch. looking at metro silver like line expect delays to wheel the reston east. 395 northbound before boundary channel drive crash block the left lane. big delays because of that seeing slow downs 37 minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. be mindful of that metro delays, delays on the roads. i'll bet allison seymour will still have lunch with me even though wisdom said nom that's your look at traffic. >> any day. we'll see you at lunch, erin, okay. when we come back, we'll see like, upping, you'll eat halloween candy. so which one is better, like, for example, m and m's
8:28 am
than snickers. that kind of stuff. we'll tell which you one is the best for you. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. we also got a new musical that comes to the district and it's going to be -- >> so fetch. >> yes, that what you just said. we'll talk to tone in a if any about bringing her hit movie mean girls to broadway. >> we'll make fetch a thing. ♪ ♪♪ introducing clorox with cloromax. cleans and help protects. ♪♪ easier cleanup is the beginning.
8:29 am
ext is everything. ♪♪ welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. you stand out in a crowd. and are pulled together. you follow your own lead and show your strength. always comfortable in your own skin. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
8:30 am
>> how does that look toou
8:31 am
>> 55 degrees. >> i feel like that's the most, um, changing in color of leaves that i've seen so far this season. maybe i just haven't been paying attention and need to do better job. >> no. they're saying the color is a little muted. is it because of the lack of rain? the lack of rain, tuck? >> that the trees -- yeah, not the bright -- the humidity. >> okay. so basically, it was so nice and warm we enjoyed that, but it means that the colors are not as vibrant. >> right. okay. >> as we thought but that's your live look outside on this wednesday morning. so when it comes to halloween, kids and canny go hand in hand, right and look, parents, we know you sneak -- you don't hike this one i'll take that one for me but can you hit the sweet spot when it comes to pick the best options? >> consumer reporter steve noviello is live in dallas, texas, with more. good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: good morning. it's all about helping your kids make better choices and making better choices for yourself when it comes to what you will hand out a
8:32 am
now, nobody is recommending recg told your kids to eat carrots instead of kit kats you'd change the channel. then everybody loses. so here were go as we throw through all of these keep in mind two thing. sugar couldn't at the present time and sugar exposure. so what is the better for you option when we talk about chocolate? light -- milk chocolate or dark chocolate? >> chocolate. >> give us a hard one, steve. dark chocolate of course. >> yeah, we're starting easy for you. dark chocolate is better. milk chocolate diluted with milk solids, cream and sugar. dark chocolate not only better choice because it has less sugar and less fat it contains more of the original company can he bean which has antioxidants and we love thing like that. okay little bit harder here. sweet tarts or pixie sticks, believe it or not one of these is better for you than the other? >> i say sweet tarts is better. >> i'll go sweet tarts because something about powder being inside a little packet that just doesn't seem right to me. [ laughter ] >> powder inside a straw never ends well for any
8:33 am
okay. but actually in this case it does. >> what? >> pixie stick is actually the better option for you here. here's why. sweet tarts are harder. they take longer to dissolve in your mouth chances you'll chew on them and get caught in the crevices and stick around. pixie sticks completely soft. dissolve faster and will likely wash away more completely with your mouth's own natural saliv. dumb dumbs or blow pops h-1 is better? dumb dumb. >> i'm going to go opposite on this one. use that -- blow pops because again, the name dumb dumb just sounds bad to me. [ laughter ] >> well, you would be a dumb dumb not to choose them, okay? [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> this is all about sugar exposure here. these will bathe your team in sugar way longer than the smaller dumb dumb plus of course they've got that sticky gum center in them which sits inside of candy which is never a good idea. finally for you, when it comes to sour,hi
8:34 am
for you option? jolly ranchers or sour patch kids. >> i'll go jolly ranchers watch do you say? >> i'm going to follow allison gone jolly ranchers but again this is about sour patch and kids. sounds bad. [ laughter ] >> all right. of course we should say any sour candy have extra acids in them which really wreak havoc on those pearly whites so best to stay i was if you can but if you had to choose the same sour sensation in jolly rancher is much better enjoyed is sour patch kid they're softer and of course not nearly as sticky as a jolly rancher which he is special physical your kids have braces or anything like that can really do damage. so knowing what we know, what's the best in show? >> the milk dark chocolate. >> the dark chocolate. >> there you go. >> good to see you guys. >> but i like the milk choc chocolate. can i do eight little bit in moderation? >> on halloween. >> everything in moderation. maybe milk chocolate followed by a good brushing of the team. >> i'll take that steve nov noviello. thk
8:35 am
>> good to see you. >> that's why i don't let my kids eat candy. that's not an issue in my house. >> is that a true story? >> that's true story. i got snickers -- >> i eat them. >> but do as i say not as i do. >> i do remember hearing as child myself. >> there you go. >> all righty. tucker, good morning. >> i can't afford to eat canny that's my problem. sticky, forget it. >> tell me about it. >> right? >> milk duds new york way. >> we've put kids through school. good morning if you're watching. >> and you're welcome. >> right. >> 56 now in washington. 38 out in chicago cool pool of air north and west keep getting waves of cool airy enforcing around here the next couple of days. bottom line low to mid 60s for daytime highs. 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. we're not going to get rain but clouds back into ohio they'll slide in later today with another round of -- reinforcing shot of cool air. 64 today. cool tonight. 30s north and west by tomorrow morning. 60 tomorro
8:36 am
more about sunday and tuesday but we got two big events coming up. big game this weekend and halloween of course tuesday looks good. erin? >> well, it is 8:35. and we'll taking a look at your traffic. we're still big delays on 395 northbound before drown degree channel there's crash you can see it zebra stripe area blocking part of the left lane as well because of that the hov lanes and main lanes are dealing with some big delays toward the 14th street bridge. the good news once you get closer to the 14th street bridge things do open up. but 395 you can see you're actually still parked in the main lanes just the hov lanes that are moving better. 45 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge this is the biggest delay on 395 we've seen all morning if you're skipping the roads and taking the rails silver line delays due to earlier train malfunction at will he fan please sam volume in college park on the outer loop. that is your traffic. back to you guys. can i have candy. >> of course not. we were talk about the survey. we were going over the answers. >> we agree. we
8:37 am
coming up this hour -- mcdonald's is finally replacing an old favorite. what you can expect at the golden arch that is will give you more bank for your buck. >> pass me the sweet tarts. >> i'm eating the snickers bar. >> okay. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie
8:38 am
lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. dear suspicious snackers, it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. hood is the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years,
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it's packed with satisfying protein. new to your local dairy aisle! ♪ 8:39 is the time right now. we take live look outside on this wednesday morning. it was a cool start, but things are going to mildly warm up to a certain degree. we're going to get tuc
8:40 am
talk all about that. in the meantime this morning, though, let's talk news. 8:39 is the time. young boy makes donation to president trump after hearing the chant in chief's salary is only dollar. 19-year-old alicia davis watched as president trump took the oath of office in january. he was overturned when he heard his parents talking about the campaign promise to take one dollar salary. he decided to spot the president three dollars out of his own allowance. president president trump zen the money back and toll him to make a impression in miss community. >> good day d.c. continues to follow all the developing local stories including disturbing details about a d.c. man who tried to assault and kill a maryland woman. he had a gps monitor on. we're life. also, at 9a, it's a murder mystery that rocked our region. a family murdered inside their mansion. episode four of our fox5 true crime pot podcast that digs deeper into
8:41 am
and we have another exclusive in it. all right. roll that good day guest list. it is a must watch wednesday. r and b star brian mc knight is going to join us live today. erin talks with funny lady tina fey about her mean can you tell us musical playing at the national theater. >> kevin zorba you know him as hercules will join us live to dish about his latest project. giselle bryant from real housewives of potomac stops beach your number one good day dc just few minutes away. >> thank you very much, holly. all right. up next, kevin mccarthy has your entertainment news. hey, kev. >> hey, allison. late actor paul walker's daughter hassled her lawsuit with porsche. plus mark wahlberg is hoping that god will forgive him for an earlier acting role of his. we'll tell was that is next, and also we remember the first african-american actor to ever within an emmy in the comedy category and all that and more coming up next on f
8:42 am
morning. don't go anywhere. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> beautiful. looks like a painting. >> it is gorgeous. >> absolutely. >> what do those clouds tell us, tuck? >> those are fair weather clouds. so that tells us we'll be in for quite afternoon. >> is that an official name, really. >> fair weather cumulus clouds. >> okay. >> they usually signify quite weather conditions. >> that's weird we would fair weather friends. you would think we have quite surrene goo
8:45 am
>> but yet it doesn't mean. >> friends in fair weather, right? >> hmm. okay. >> right? >> yeah. >> all right. hey want to get out. beautiful day to get out and check out the leaves. kev, no peeping for you this weekend. >> what do you mean? >> just say yes. >> just say yes. >> okay. >> there you go. >> guys, excellent. high color off to the west here shenandoah valley really peeking over the next couple of days winds will be with us for the next week or so. periodically and i think we'll lose the leaves pretty quick. get out and joan them the next couple of days as we get into early november they will likely be falling off the trees shortly. 56 now in washington. cool, gaithersburg 49 degrees. 50 fredericksburg. culpeper 47. 46 this morning martinsburg. and in winchester. just few clouds out there early. see that little bit of cloud deck right there working right across the city and 95, and we'll be in for a partly sunny nice fair weather day but cooler day than yesterday. yesterday we made it back to the 70s today low to mid 60s and littleie
8:46 am
upper level pool cool pool of air. dropping little pieces of energy down into our region reinforcing the cool air around here. the reason i mentioned it we'll probably get more clouds this afternoon we shall keep it dry and keep this pattern around the next couple of days. daytime highs cooler than what we've been looking at low to mid 60s overnight lows tonight will be chilly night. 40s in the city. 30s off to the north and west by early tomorrow. 64 today. notice the cool weather pattern for the next couple of days. saturday looks good. we start the weekend with sunshine an bit of warmup up near 70. should be nice saturday. but by sunday we'll get rain showers and let's hope the skins got their running game intact because they'll need it sunday afternoon against the cowboys as it looks like it will be wet out there. good news is by tuesday, halloween, lots of sunshine and quiet conditions for our trick or treaters tuesday afternoon highs about 60. guys. come on wisdom, skins got this. >> i'm picking the skins to win. good we don't want that. [ laughter ] >>
8:47 am
>> all right. hey, time right now is 8:46. voters won't be rocking a ballot for kid rock. diehard trump backer says he will not be running for the us senate seat in michigan like he had mentioned. kid rock port reportedly told howard stern he decided to stay out of politics and added that mulling over a senate run was the worst advice i ever gave myself. meanwhile former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has reportedly signed a million dollar book deal. the new york post report that is kaepernick's book will be publish by random house but according to espn kaepernick is still looking for publisher recently filed a grievance against the nfl owners for control lucien saying his social active viv kept him from being signed by another team. >> united airlines will adding morrows allowing more passengers to snag a seat. adding 21 economy seats to bowing planes over the next few years. they'll also be adding 50 lie flat business seats.
8:48 am
th don't worry, though, the amount of leg room per seat will stay the same somehow. >> how is that possible. >> don't worry about all of t that. they just -- let's just believe what they say. >> oh, my goodness. >> on the at long last mcdonald's finally replacing the dollar menu. customers can expect to found a new value priced menu when they visit the golden arches. the company has rolled out new menu with times that will cost i was dollar, two dollars and three dollars. the dollar menu was pull back in 202014. here we go just do not mess with you pick two for 250. >> mc pick two. >> yeah. can i get a pick two. >> that will be in your head all day people. >> you're welcome. >> i lived on the dollar menu in college. i had one right across the street from george mason, university mall. oh, my god. i would go there. i would get two double chesburgers plane. a small fry, a small drink and then they have the best soft serve ice cream on cones. >> five dollars. >> not a vegetable in sight. >> the mother in me. >> why do youhi i
8:49 am
i do too. >> any ways. on -- >> kevin is here now. on more serious note here, a lot to cover this morning. let's start off with paul walker lawsuit was filed by the late actor paul walker's daughter against porsche. that lawsuit is now finally been settled. now obviously mr. walker passed away in november of 2013 after being killed in a car crash. meadow walker filed a wrongful death suit with porsche after she blamed the car company for her father's death. porsche separated -- filed a separate lawsuit with his father. walker was killed in 2013. the porsche he was riding crashed into tree and burst into flames. >> i was in la i was in movie screen and didn't believe it. very shocking thing. very sad but -- >> it's interesting she would sue porsche. i mean the ran into a tree. >> yeah but i mean there's a lot of details to it that i can really -- that i don't know specifically to get into about the idea of the car going that fast and, i don't know
8:50 am
there's lot more details than i'm aware. >> that she has a case somehow. >> moving on now. do you remember the film booing ego nights. >> of course. great film. my pin probably arguably one of mark wahlberg's best movies. >> it's not actually a lot to choose from. >> he made some good ones. this was good. basketball diaries. but moving on, mark wahlberg making news by saying that he hopes that god can forgive him for that role. now in recent interview with chicago ink the actor said "i just always hoped that god is a movie fan and also forgiving because i have made some poor choices in my past. boogie nights is up there at the top of the list "wahlberg did this interview next cardinal at the uic pavilion in chic shock in an evident to quote draw young people into the church. let's discuss this. >> i feel like it's artistic and interesting moving forward like kind of movies is he going to make now. >> he's a father now. >> right. i will say that he andis
8:51 am
has had an attitude about different people who are not like him and he has comes to terms and said i was wrong in how i used to think. that's more meaningful. that's more meaningful and so, i hope he doesn't -- you shouldn't be too hard on himself this is art. >> i agree. even it's interesting, though, a lot of actor do's decide to make these changes after they have kids. i was even speaking to george clooney about this the other d day. sounds like i'm name dropping but i really was about having two twin kids. >> the twins. >> i asked him if he was going to change the way he chooses his movies. yeah when they become five and six i'm going probably start making more kids type films. because he doesn't really have much kids films on his resume. i think going back and reg regretting a role you played. that roll kind of really launched him and put him out there in huge way. it was big role for him. i don't think this career -- >> like you said a lot of actor do's that. they take roll they think they'll do something with it and it flops. halle berry did cat woman. >> that was bad. >> very bad. >> a lot of bad
8:52 am
>> i understand what wahlberg is saying. if i were him i would not want my kids to watch the ending of that film. >> there's a lot of films out there. >> there are a lot of films out there. >> shouldn't want his kids to see the transformers movies to see the brothers. >> brothers -- four brothers was good. >> yeah. okay. he shouldn't want them to see that. >> there's lot of movies he shouldn't want them to see. >> transformers four and five you need forgive for. soap and benson start robert gillenhaume pass add way yesterday at the age of 89. we discussed this earlier. he made mystery when he became the first african-american actor to win an emmy in the comedy category. supporting emmy in 1979 for soap and then the leading emmy in '85 in the comedy category in the spin off of -- to are benson and both times he made history gillenhaume had famous role in the lion king voice actor in that film as well and his career lasted over 50 years. he was also nominated for a tony award. as i always say your work will live on
8:53 am
>> yeah. >> i saw people tweeting about him yesterday just the outpouring. for me personally i wasn't alive when soap aired and one years old when benson started airing. he didn't have much of a role in my up bringing in regards to rolls i love the history and him breaking new ground. >> he's such a class act. >> rah dickie is classic. >> growing up i didn't know he was him. >> right. >> now i do. >> it's interesting from benson, from the show benson, you would see -- i saw him do that smile in the opening credits every time i see that i hear the song, that little song. he was an mazing actor. >> i love what he stood for. >> most definitely. >> he was amazing. >> roll expanded in benson which is really really cool. lieutenant governor i believe he played. >> yup. >> ♪ >> cool. >> oh thought that was going to be the theme song for benson. >> actually that's -- >> we'll be right back. >> you know empties something somebody else's music. >> this is
8:54 am
he's sampling. >> i believe that's the isaac brother. >> kendrick is sampling. >> hi, tucker. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously, and for making this a priority, for all of the victims out there. mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. ♪ look at this beautiful woman. time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. >> happy birthday. >> very lovely lady in red. ss
8:55 am
she was nominated by her granddaughter monique fraser. clara is celebrating a big birthday today. [ applause ] >> she's turning 100 years yo young. >> clara has been a loyal fox5 fan for many years her favorite time of the morning any time tucker barnes is on. >> aww! >> awning lot of ladies say that as well. >> absolutely. >> monique says clara feels like fox5 is part of her extended family so thank you so much for the love, miss clara. we appreciate it. >> um-hmm. >> love and in that red for sure. party on the tarmac. southwest airlines employee in new york dancing his way to fame. >> all right. this video was taken at the greater rochester international airport. the southwest passenger captured chiron ash berg busting a move. he's a rap agent who likes to add little pez zazz to his task. >> he's a rap agent or ramp. >> ramp. >> he could be a rap agent and trying to break into it this way. >> the video up low to do facebook on friday
8:56 am
has 50,000 shares. >> this is all cute unless i'm on the tarmac and trying to get on the ground. >> right. >> look here, dancing rapper, tarmac man -- >> keep it all business. >> yes okay. >> are you a bitter traveler. >> flying makes me nervous. >> okay. eat a snickers that. will help you. >> that didn't help me on the flight. >> all right. if you're on a diet, don't lessen to this because a day to celebrate the worst foods for your waistline. we're talking about it is national greasy foods day. >> the day is dedicated to indulging in foods like pizza, french fries, fried chicken although it's not the healthiest of choices, whatever, it's okay to indulge every once in while. so today is national greasy foods day. >> i'm afraid i celebrate this day every day. >> my favorite greasy food i guess french fries. >> pizza. >> fried chicken. >> um-hmm. >> chicken wings. >> yeah. >> greasy is just -- >> anything dipped in ranch dressing. >> um-hmm. >> greasy is good
8:57 am
last check of the weather and traffic. >> 395 is backed up we still have crash scene at boundary channel drive. northbound side toward the pentagon, sorry, it's back up. >> all right. it's been that week so far for you. >> it's tollly been that kind of week. what about you? never good to be backed up. temps in the 60s later today. >> true story. >> overnight lows in the 40s. >> he gets so caught up in his joke it's hard to move on. >> so funny when i laugh at my own jokes. >> seven day coming up. >> it is national greasy food day, tuck. >> wow! >> good day is next. >> or is it? >> ♪ >> ♪♪
8:58 am
at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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♪ straight ahead, flying under the radar. disturbing now details about the man accused of trying to rape and kill a woman in prince george's county. how police say he manageed to it while wearing a court ordered gps tracking device. a manhunt for montgomery county to d.c. rob bro an shooting in silver spring leads to chaotic chain of events overnight and puts a college campus on lock down. and the russian scandal. hillary clinton's presidential campaign and the n d.c. in hot water for allegedly funding the research which led to the now infamous trump dossier. plus new episode of our mansion murders true crime podcast is out today and it features another exclusive in


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