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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  October 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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blocked by barnes, ball one. >> john: rarest lighters, primarily likes to throw a lot of cutters. he's gotten over the top of slater that you saw breakdown right there. this is more to what he likes, going out of the plate, he's got the power gap to gap. the ball that gets in jams him a little bit. >> joe: that's up the middle of a bum a base hit by gattis looks to his dugout as he celebrates going down the line, it's a one-run game. >> john: the reason that's a difference is if kenley jansen were to just come in the ninth and a one-run game and pitch to get three outs obviously he's much tougher. if you can make him work to get six outs and still have a chance to tie it up
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ideal for the astros. >> joe: now the tying run at first with only one outcome of the matter is yuli gurriel. strike one, we may be going back to what happened in the bottom of the seventh inning. will harris getting around that error and the wild pitch, nobody else. the dodgers failed to score thanks to back-to-back strikeouts for outs number two and three. >> john: a great bullpen makes a one run looked like two and a two-run lead looked like before. now you're within shouting distance.
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>> joe: popped up, right side, foul ball. bellinger, two out. now the better will be mccann. now a word from t-mobile. >> for every home run hit during the world series, t-mobile will donate $27,000 for hurricane recovery. >> john: this is the eighth inning, he does take a long time to get the ball to home plate. correa is the runner at first has not attempted to steal in the
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two 2 for 3 during the regula, not a big part of his game this year. tying run. mccann, ball one inside. gattis stole 14 bases two years ago, 13 last year. not a huge lead. strike one to mccann. they're almost to the point in the dodgers in fields where it would be hard to cover. turner is way off the bat, he's closest to second base. seager is the only guy on the left side of the
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here's a 1-1. 2-1. >> john: how many times are you going to get multiple hits against jansen? you just don't think about it. it's a calculated risk if you allow that to be part of it -- especially here in the eighth inning -- i understand you want him to hit a two run home run, now the count is in his favor. with two strikes i would be more apt to take that chance to try to get to second base. >> joe: 2-2. the numbers for mccann against jansen.
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nine years in atlanta, three years with the yankees come up first year with houston waits for a 2-2. tied him up, didn't swing, it's a full count. now correa will go. >> john: a lot of body, maybe not the bat. that's exactly what it was, good call. sometimes the body makes it look like you've swung especially from that view. >> joe: runner goes, 3-2 pitch, struck him out
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but the astros a run closer. rbi for correa, here's the strikeouts that ended thtop of the eighth. dodgers lead 3-2. ed storage. and verizon is the best unlimited plan. what if it's like h2 and o?
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>> joe: another good one here at dodgers stadium, now's the time we could do even more for hurricane recovery efforts, every time you tweet or retweet hashtag #hr4hr, t-mobile will donate another two dollars to team rubicon and hurricane recovery efforts. chase utley takes a strike from the new right-hander joe musgrove. >> john: change of, slider, curve, occasional cutter. big right-hander. >> joe: utley is 0 for 2 on the night. that's in the air to left, gonzales back. nice running catch to start the bottom of the eighth. a couple things are in play her here. justin verlander will try to rally in the ninth inning to get him off the hook, he's gotten them
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times in the postseason. he can lose while allowing only two hits. the last started to lose a world series game allowing two hits or if you were was of the yankees. in the final game for at dodger stadium, a sweep of that year the dodgers. he also allowed to hits, frank howard head of both of them a single and a home run. that would be a category of a tough luck loser but the two hits one by pederson, one by seager left the park. it's now a 3-2 game as kike hernandez has his first at-bat. >> john: not every homer was on a bad pitch, justin turner had a real good pitch. his third at-bat, he wasn't able to get to and got to that one. that's where we stand
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>> joe: the last time a team won a world series game with two hits or fewer, that's because of their pitching from hill to maeda, two watson, to stripling too , tomorrow. >> john: he'll get a day off tomorrow. >> joe: 2-1 pitch, fouled it back here. in the ninth inning against jansen, marwan gonzales, josh reddick, and then the pitchers spot.
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>> joe: started last nigho short, on his knees, correa. it shows you just how talented he is. two out, nobody on, back to the top of the order in chris taylor, now a quick word from t-mobile. >> tweet #hr4hr and it t-mobile will donate two dollars to hurricane recovery. >> joe: another good game at dodger stadium, the pitching has been awesome the first two games on both sides. >> john: i think every game has the same makeup. it's who executes when end right now the dodgers have executed the sixth inning twice with two runs. the astros are close in getting there closer to getting their offense going for the dodgers keeping them at bay. >> joe: could a fastball 94 from mgr
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walks. i would bet that he's more upset about the two out walk to chris taylor than he was about the home run that followed. >> john: they were two great pitches, just missed. to either one of them could have potentially but the strike or the hitter could have went after it. they didn't. two out walk, two run homer. >> joe: here's a fly ball into left, back is gonzales and that will send game 2 into the night, kenley jansen looking for a six out sasave, bottom of the order coming up for the astros. down one ♪ ♪
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eymoon. woo! maui!! boom open to the armed forces, the dod, veterans and their families. navy federal credit union. >> joe: ninth inning begins right now, three have been to dodgers trying to go up two games to zero. second baseman logan forsythe come up behind him is utley. marwin gonzales, to strikeouts and a walk.
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kenley jansen has 16 saves in his big-league career and it came last year at wrigley field. >> john: the astros would love to get a big swing and tied up but i think if they can get on base and create a little more havoc for jansen, he has to speed up his delivery when there is a runner on. coming into this game, 52 out os have been successful. >> joe: showed no inclination last inning. hits one of they are to left center field back at the wall, it is gone! tied game in the ninth, marwin gonzales!
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it's a 33 as gonzales has his first home run of the postseason. >> john: it couldn't come at the bigger time. you cannot pull a cutter but if you allow the cutter in the spin to go to that natural swing the other way, it might've been he was late but the power and the speed of the page is what got in the gap. i said it, the astros have to dent the bullpen, it has been that difficult for big league hitters to score off the dodgers. >> joe: one of the eighth, one of the night, josh reddick takes a strike. marwin gonzales had a two-run double in game one of the division series at home against boston. he had gone 45 straight plate appearances without an rbi and he goes opposite field on jansen to tie it. reddick pops it up right
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for forsythe. this dodger stadium is stunned as they've seen their lights out closer give it up. >> john: the cutter against left-handers is at least 270 on the year. if he tries to pull that pitch, no chance. he lets it spin in the swing get the distance needed to get the home run. we've already seen some home runs carry farther than they would have, we've talked about the heat. right now all houston cares about as they get to keep playing. >> joe: 759th inning runs including the postseason. the 75th ties this game, carlos beltran comes off the bench to bat for joe musgrove. >> john: this doesn't
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dodgers are going to lose the game. obviously a tight game but it sets up a better now for the astros with all that the dodgers have had to use. >> joe: beltran hits wanted to center, two out. bases empty, here comes springe springer. on base twice tonight with a walk and a hit. scoring up and down this line up for the astros, that starts with springer at the top. a.j. hinch's team has tied it. big at swaying up by a springer one.
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of the season it's a condensed playoff. you're asking guys to do more than they've done during the regular season. it seems easier to do it in condensed form. six outs is six outs and jansen is trying to get that sixth out now. >> joe: a blown save here in game two, his first in the postseason. one ball, one strike on george springer. >> john: the hardest job for a closer is when you blow a safe, keep the game going. this is one of the best in the game, that's not going to bother him. keep the game going, give your team a chance to win it in the bottom half. >> joe: the d
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the big bats, seager, turner, and bellinger. the dodgers blew two leads in the ninth inning or later this season but they won both games. he allowed a three-run home run to matt adams on july 23rd at the dodgers won the ball game. 3-1 lead is now a 3-3 game. 1-2 again. springer watches at the skiff in there, 2-2. >> john: even if the astros don't win this game you feel a little bit better that you're able to do something that seemed like it was an impossible task and that's score off of kenley jansen. the other run wasn't discharged to him, he came in with a runner on second to the eighth grade >> joe: that goes against the
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giles, the closer for houston gets ready to pitch the bottom of this ninth-inning. seager, turner, bellinger. three at home run threats coming up. that is fair down the line off the bat of springer. left fielder hernandez lost its footing and there is a double, there is the go-ahead run at second with two out. third a time it springer has been on base tonight. >> john: a much better sign up for throughout this game. now a runner in scoring positio position. it's a little bit close but the outfielder gets to the ball and it slips and makes it a much
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he gets over there as fast as he can and right now, bregman, you wouldn't want any other guy in the astros lineup is goodies he has been in the first two games. >> joe: double and a run scored, he's 2 for 4. alex bregman the 23-year-old second overall pick in 2015 from lsu. brimming with confidence. takes strike one. >> john: would like to hit something middle in.
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>> joe: left side, seager, inning over but tehran is is in. it started with marlon gonzales, any one of which could end game game 2. the marwin gonzales have given of the astros hope with a game-tying leadoff shot in the top of the ninth. game 2 is tied at three. ain'ty about laundry! we'll do anything, seriously anything, to help your money grow. people just walking in my house... ally. do it right.
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♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ it's here! it's here! it's here! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> joe: saturday on fox we've got a great matchup. the game of the year in the big ten, number six ohio state hosts number two undefeated penn state at
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eastern, noon pacific on fox, every game is everything. marwin gonzales has tied it with a home run to leave the top of this ninth inning, we about how a.j. hinch is going to have to go to some guys, lost a little confidence in the alcs. that includes the closer hard throwing right-hander ken giles. >> john: it's a huge and income ascended into extra innings and you start flipping your pen around, it's a little more advantage. >> joe: that is just fouled on the third base line off the bat of corey seager who has one of just the two hits tonight for the dodgers. the dodgers have three walk-off wins in world series play, the last one, kirk gibson. game one
11:29 pm
>> john: 99 to 100 mile-per-hour fastball but they wipe off slider down is what giles loves to go to. heart of the order. >> joe: seager at 3 for 6 after sitting out the nlcs with a bad back. 1-1. giles gets the outside corner, strike two. >> john: that was the previous at-bat against verlander were he got the outside part, tried to go back out there and seager took advantage of it and went with it that way. >> joe: good pitch down and income i struck him out, one
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that's the killer slider. >> john: downward and a unique slider, kind of like brad lidge who used to be with the astros. straight down, when you see 99 miles per hour and a fastball, it's tough to react and see the spin. >> joe: one out, justin turner who hit a walk-off home run in n game 2 in the nlcs here against the cubs. ball outside. turner one hit, but a big one. two out, 2-run home run last night in the sixth inning, but the difference in the game. 1 for 7.


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