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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. at 10:00, tragedy on the tracks. >> we got cars everywhere. down on to the highway. >> several people dead and at least 100 sent to the hospital. after an amtrak train in washington state jumped the rails. we're live with the latest on the investigation. a helpless dog visibly neglect asked found in a northern virginia community. the tonight, the search for the pet's owner >> getting rid of rats district. crews are using dry ice to eliminate the rodents. news at 10:00 start now. first following breaking news out of northeast dc. take a look at your screen, crews on the scene of a house fire tonight. these are live pictures flames broke out at an apartment in the 1400 block of downing street around 9:00
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we're told crews rescued two women one taken to the hospital with critical injuries. the other for evaluation. a firefighter suffered minor. >> the fire is still under investigation. we're also following a developing story out of southeast dc tonight. the scene of a deadly shooting. >> we're told someone opened fire in the 1800 block of. fox 5 evan lambert is live at the scene with the latest. evan? >> reporter: tony an a n c commissioner an youth worker both say a teen i was shot and killed. we're near at the douglas community center, there's a park, a playground, we understand that the shooting happened on those basket ball courts. police spent much of their time focusing on the area and on the basketball courts. they sit right next to a playground with
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there were shell casings all over. police eventually brought dogs to sniff the area. kids play at the park connected with the community center all the time. police so far have not confirmed the victim's age or identity. the anc commissioner in sweet said the shooting appeared to stem from an argument between teens. >> you can't even go to a basketball court and enjoy playing basketball without being subjected to gun violence. young person, a majority of these shootings are happening between the young kids. and some of these young kids parents know they have guns. and they don't have no respect for life, nobody. >> as far as we know, there's no suspect in custody at this time. we also have no information about a motive. live in southeast, evan ram better, fox 5 local news. . we're
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about the deadly amtrak train derailment in washington state not far from takoma. >> several people killed and dozens taken to the hospital. after 13 train cars derailed hitting several vehicles on the road below. fox 5 marina marraco joins us with latest and the investigation. >> reporter: authorities confirming three dead and more than 100 others are injured. these are pictures from that derailment officials say this morning's run just south of seattle washington was the first for passengers on a faster new route with brand new tracks. there were 80 people on board the train as it traveled 80 miles per hour. the high speed train plunged off the overtime pass and on to several cars on the highway crushing two vehicles. initial reports suggested at least six people were killed but now authorities are rectifying that number and confirming three deaths. >> those rail cars being on the side of the freeway dangling off the overpass, very
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the fire service to do rescue. we had firefighters putting themselves in very dangerous place and they did a great job of searching all of those cars, took a lot of extrication tools. it wasn't easy for the firefighters to get threw, they were using jaws of life, air chisels and different forms of saws to be able to get into some of the crushed cars to get access to people. some of the rescues were done by ladders. it was just a difficult place to be. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating the derailment. amtrak said those new tracks were tested out weeks prior to the first run this morning. tony? we have an update to a story we told you about last night. the silver spring man who's car full of christmas gifts was stolen has now located his car. but he doesn't have it back just yet. steven hawkins said the tow company that's holds it in hyattsville is asking for several $100 in fees before he can
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he just doesn't have the money. especially because he just spent hundreds of dollars on gifts for his family. those gifts were inside the car. now they're gone. hawkins tells us police located his car abandoned in southeast dc. police are searching for a person of interest after a toddler was shot in southeast dc on saturday. it happened on pomeroy road. police tell us children were playing with a gun before the incident occurred. the toddler is expected to be ok. police are looking for 27-year-old edward lee reid. reid is currently wanted for escape and should be considered armed and dangerous. meanwhile, police in virginia are trying to track down the person in these photos, who broke into a thrift store in manassas over the weekend. we're told the suspect threw a rock through the front door of the house of mercy and took money from the cash register before getting away. if you recognize him, you're asked to call police we're also learning about a big drug bust in winchester virgin
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marijuana, $700,000 in cash, and drug paraphernalia from a home in winchester. officers were delivering a warrant when they smell marijuana coming from inside. police arrest todd men and antonio as tea yo and joseph from winchester. a germantown man in custody charged with breaking into a gun store in frederick, maryland. police arrested this man, dillon fox. investigators say he smashed out the front window of the store on rosemont. tried to get inside but left before officers got there. facing a whole host of charges including burglary and destruction of property guilty is the verdict in the trial of a first u.s. police officer charged with attempting to support the islamic state a jury in alexandria convicted 38-year-old nicholas young in federal court after a week-long trial in virginia. young was a police officer for the mr. transit
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was arrested last year after being targeted in a sting operation. prosecutors said young bought gift cards he thought would be used by the islamic state. but the person he gave the cards to turns out was working for the fbi. president trump outlined his new national security strategy, which will be used to guide his next three years in office. the strategy focuses on four main themes, securing our borders, promoting economic prosper tea, preserving peace through strength and advancing american influence abroad. mr. trump faulted previous u.s. leaders for failing to look out for the nation's citizens. he also took time to highlight the accomplishments from his first year in office. >> when the american people speak, all of us should listen. and just over one year ago, you spoke loud and you spoke clear. on november 8th, 2016, you
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[cheers and applause] >> the president's terrorist congress said to be the first of several to come over the next few months. at least four senators including two democrats come forward urging senator al fridge to rescind his regular nation, the wave of democrats calling for franken to resign was quote the most hypocritical thing he's ever seen. another source senator patrick lee he from vermont had a private conversation where he said he regrets pushing for him to resign, earlier this month he announced he would step down. as congress deals with its own assessment paper bags it's turning attention to the private sector, congress woman carolyn maloney introduced a bill that would stop companies from being able to write off sexl
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as a business expense. on how many harassment cases they have. >> when employers don't have to disclose these internal settlements, when there's no public record about abuse, it can cause great harm to victims, other employees, who may not know they're working in a harassing environment or who the harassers are, and even the public at large. >> the problem maloney described is exactly the system congress set up for itself. since the late 1990s, congress paid out nearly $60 million in harassment settlements, those settlements kept the names of the harassers secret. some of the biggest figures in entertainment aimed at fighting sexual misconduct in holiday. it will be chaired by neat at a hill, the law professor famously came forward in 1991 accusing clarence thomas of
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confirmation hearing. the new commission was formed by contingent of media and entertainment executives, including disney netflix and mar mount pictures vice president mike pence is postponing his trip to israel so he can take part in the tax reform vote if needed. he was set to leave for the middle east tomorrow but the white house said mr. pence is pushing back until january 14th. the vice president felt it was important to be in the senate to see the tax cut through to the finish line. dc mayor bowser announcing a new plan to crack down on the rat. a new tactic using dry i can say produces carbon monoxide which is deadly to rodent and helped control the rat inflammation other major cities. mayor bowser urged residents to do their part like making sure garbage stays in the
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and clean up after pets because certain types of rats are attracted to pet waste. >> they need water. they need food. you know the food they really like? pet waste. so there's more public education that we have to do around that as well. >> use of dry ice led to a 95% reduction in rodent activity in boston and it's been used more frequently in cities like chicago and new york. let's hope it works here. >> also makes the rats think their in a cool night club >> they have a lot of fun. >> get to dance. coming up ripple effect. how sunday's blackout at the world's busiest airport can impact your travel fans lindsay is live in virginia. what are you working on. >> reporter: is a sad case of a animal cruelty has a happy ending. take a look at the dog found in this reston neighborhood, yes. that is a dog under all of that
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fur. up next, we'll show you her incredible transformation. >> happy to hear that got a happy ending. we'll look forward to your story. how about today's weather? do you like those temperatures? nice to leave the coat at home? you're not going to need it tomorrow. we'll let you know what to expect tuesday, a first look at your forecast when fox 5 local news at 10:00 comes back.
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ith zero down and a complementary first months payment. . this is certainly going to pull at your heart strings, fairfax county police are investigating an animal cruelty case after a reston man discovered this near his home, a ball of fur that is actually a little dog, she was unrecognizable and malnourished but making amazing improvements. lindsay watts is live with the story. lindsay, what do we know? >> reporter: tony first i'll say i was with the dog earlier. and what a transformation. we'll have that for you in a moment. this is the neighborhood where she was found in reston near
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chad colony courts. police believe this was somebody's pet, she was either abandoned or got out. investigators are now working to track down that owner and find out what happened here. >> where is your little face, buddy. >> reporter: rescuers believe she's a hits sue, the matted fur the beginning of the next the dog faced's struggled to walk with overoh grown nails, a skin and eye infection that will likely blind her in one eye. she's also deaf. >> it's severe. it's one of those that you, if you would rank, it would rank up there. >> reporter: fairfax county animal protection officers got the dog last week, they think she's about eight years old and don't believe she's a stray. she had no ticks, flees and there's no evidence she was living outside >> it kind of tells you that the dog was an indoors dog. >> reporter: after just a few days of care, incredible progress. she has a signature
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she still can't believe she's free of all of that fur. two pounds worth was removed. >> she just sleeps all day mostly. but she seems to be in good spirits >> her foster mom is calling her bity because she's still to skinny and malnourished but the medication help add lot. as she continues to get better, police want to find her former owner. find out why this poor pooch was in such bad shape. >> i can't say if it's somebody that was being neglectful or maybe an elderly person that couldn't attack care of the dog. >> reporter: officers were out canvassing this neighborhood earlier trying to get information on the dog's former owner. the thought is maybe that person has additional neglected pets or leak you heard, maybe that person needs help or assistance themselves, the hope is that bit tea will be continuing to get better and soon will be available for
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fox 5 local news. we're learning more tonight about the deadly plane crash in indiana that killed three people. the small plane took off from kansas city missouri and was headed to frederick, maryland. the single engine cessna crashed saturday in indiana about 70 miles southeast of indianapolis. it was owned by somebody that lists an address in potomac, maryland. in addition to three people, a dog also died, a second dog survived. tonight, georgia power is investigating what may have caused the power outage at hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport. it's the world's busiest airport. officials believe sunday's power loss may have been caused by a burned cable at an underground facility. the power outage led to the grounding and cancelling of hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded in georgia and across the country. more than 400 flights cancelled alone. the outage may
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tomorrow. >> powerful winds continue to hamper firefighters efforts in southern california. crews had to battle the elements as they tried to push back against the enormous thomas fire. with thousands still battling the inferno, nearly 20,000 homes were threatened, most evacuation orders standing some people were allowed back home this weekend. meanwhile, funeral services were held yesterday for cori iverson, the 32-year-old firefighter who died last week while battling the flames. let's take the outside for a little holiday cheer. olney maryland. we're taking a look from skyfox. look at this holiday light display out there. >> it's beautiful >> it's gorgeous, can't imagine the amount of work it takes to put that together. these are the kind of things people love to go out and about in the neighborhood >> at nice night to do it. >> at perfect night. i'll tell you what if you want to get out and walk and
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holiday lights tonight has been very mild and tomorrow will be too. we'll start to see changes late tomorrow night and some cooler air will come back in to town. you get another do-over, it will be a mild and that display in olney is gorgeous, if that's one person's property, that is a lot of work. thank you for the view from skyfox. and let's talk about our high temperatures today. at 56 degrees, that is ten degrees above average for this time of year. considering that last week, we had three little snow events, this is pretty surprising, isn't it? 57 degrees at dulles, and bwi be 56, a check of temperature, another day that features spring be like temperatures for december. and tuesday is going to see likely hitting 60 in many areas. currently, 47, one degree above average high for the day. manassas winchester, 50, culpeper at 43, hagerstown 50. bottom line it's not going to be that cold, i don't see anybody as we check the overnight l
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temperatures getting much colder than about 35, we'll stay around 44 degrees here in the city. a check for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning, about 38 to 45 degrees. we'll describe it as cool. not cold. and after school, a delightful sunny 58 to 63 degrees, enjoy your tuesday, get out there and see the holiday lights and we'll talk about chances for rain coming up later this week with the seven-day forecast. sarah and tony? >> thank you. a big announcement tonight from mr. tony perkins. going to tell you bited after the break. excited. coming up tomorrow morning on fox 5, dr. mike is breaking down a new study about the effects of rainy weather on your joints, sh, a nte moore will perform christmas music live in the loft and a sit-down with patty labelle? that's a big show. that's a big show.
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i'm from virginia and i wish everyone a happy
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. t p has some big news for us >> i'm thrilled about this. on january 16th, i will start a new venture, i'm going to be reuniting with my best friend donnie simpson. donnie and i worked together in radio many years ago, we're going to team up again to do that. i'm so excited. it will be fun, it means i will be leaving fox at night. i'll be here another four weeks
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staying with fox and be joining the morning show, rejoining the morning on fridays and saturdays getting to do some fun stuff, be part of good day, hang out with annie yu on saturdays and it will give me the chance to spend more time with my son at home he's 14 years old. he began high school this year and i miss him. i don't get to see him during the week. now i'll be able to see him >> it's a huge development. and we really are going to miss you nights. you've been with us four years but i completely agree, family first. doing what you love. you're so creative, you've also loved radio. is it not your first love after your son and wife >> i love doing all of this, tv, radio and i'm very blessed. i get to do both now. so that's great >> do you know there are robot that is run the radio stations? i know your hatred of technology >> not from 3:00 to 7:00. there you go. i'm here for another four weeks.
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to talk about twitter cracking down on violent content. we'll be right back.
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this is santa claus making an unconventional entrance at a major public square in bergdahl. digit, the traditional chimney and scaling a high-rise tower. jolly old st. nick made a pit is to have on pots platt a after a sack of presents dropped he face add dizzying climb from the top of the tower, 100 meters down to the cafe on the 24th floor with only a rick rope ladder to watch him. children watched inside the cafe as did tourists on the sidewalks. he made it down safely good for him. coming up the newest details out west on the deadly amtrak derailment in washington state. the news at 10:30 continues right now.
10:30 pm
10:30. >> at 10:30, the country's first ballistics clothing shop in northern virginia. we'll take you inside the booming bulletproof clothing industry. and rex tillerson once again weighing in on the rumors about his job status. the vatican stepping up security ahead of christmas. the new threat that has officials reassessing security. the 10:30 starts now. off the top at 10:30 be investigators still trying to figure out what caused the deadly train crash >> r in washington state. >> it was the amtrak's train first ever run along a faster new route. marina marraco joining us with the latest on the crash >> authorities confirm three people are dead and more than 100 others are injured. these are pictures from the highway you can see the train dangling from the overpass. officials say this morning's run was just south of seattle washington. it was the first for passengers on a faster new route with brand new tracks. there were 80 people on board that amtrak
10:31 pm
traveling at 80 miles per hour. amtrak said those new tracks were tested out weeks prior to the first run this morning. to a developing story in the district. we're told a teenager is the victim of a deadly shooting in southeast. this is video from the scene in the 1800 block. investigators say it happened on a basketball court near douglas community center. right now, there's no word on a motive and police have not made arrests. president trump unveiled his national security strategy. focuses on four main themes, securing border, economic prosper tea, peace through strength and advancing america influence abroad. the u.s. will cooperate with other countries in a way that protects american interests. bulletproof clothing is a thing and this is a growing industry. the first company, based in columbia gained notary rye tea when he shot his way on camera to profit product works >> the first company in
10:32 pm
cori coffin is in fredericksburg with the story tonight. >>reporter: fredericksburg virginia, perfect place to do sidewalk shopping. theories a little store called aspedo. but also got bullets in the window be we'll take you inside the united states first clothing store that also sells ballistics material. let's go. taking a look at the suits, you might do a double attack finding out they can stop a bullet >> we use the lightest materials in the world >> it was a clothing line namely custom suits. >> freshman year out of college. >> reporter: fast forward to senior year, he meets robert davis during a class project to sell a product overseas. >> the idea came to us, how about we combine armor and clothing together, realize there was nobody in america doing it.
10:33 pm
coming from such an opposite side of the spectrum as former ware and going into armor, we look at a completely different way. >> reporter: before they could present their project, they had top government agencies calling them >> it's been a roller coaster. i wouldn't have it any other way >> i couldn't test it out for myself. but they showed me what the product does behind the material. >> all the bullets were stuck >> their clothing attracted the likes of foreign dignitaries, government officials, executives with high risk jobs and even celebrities. even washington metro that these ballistics vests done through them. they have their sights set higher >> we're going to helicopters and armored vehicles and in 2018, we're adding cyber security >> we're excited to take this brand and continue to make it a global brand. >>reporter: even though this business started right here in fredericksburg, as it really tus
10:34 pm
asked the owners, any plans on expanding? they tell me as far as the breast cancer and more tore goes, they plan to stay here where everything began. reporting from fredericksburg, cori coffin fox 5 local news. this story has been going on. secretary of state rex tillerson rumor to be on his way out the door, he down played that while posing for a photo with francis's foreign minister. >> that's ridiculous. >> well, president trump in a tweet said tillerson is not leaving calling reports suggesting otherwise fake news. president trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capitol of israel has sparked protests around the world. and at the united nations a resolution was introduced that demanded the president rescind his order. 14 members of the u.n.
10:35 pm
counsel voted in favor of the resolution but the united states vetoed it. u.s. ambassador nikki haley called the resolution an insult. >> it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good in addressing the israeli palestinian complicate. today, for the simple act of deciding where to put our embassy, the united states was forced to defend its so far rent tea. the record will reflect we did so proudly >> the vetoed resolution called on countries to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in jerusalem. extra security at the vatican after terrorists openly threatened to attack during the holiday season. police are on the ground checking to see if everyone who wants to enter st. peter's square. they're monitoring everything fed back by security cameras. italy has not been hit with a major terror attack but the country is taking threats seriously attornege
10:36 pm
sessions said his department will not let up fighting violent crime. speaking about the rise in violent crime blaming it on illegal drugs. >> whether it's meth, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, this is a supplies which we've not seen before and it does bring with it more violence. >> sessions talked about immigration and said the trump administration is looking to end immigration and believes people who follow illegal path to citizenship should be granted permanent residence but illegal aggression has to end republicans plan to introduce an $81 billion disaster relief. no response to recent hurricane, harvey, ir ma and maria cost as much as $200 billion in damage. it could be paired with a stop
10:37 pm
a holiday tradition of giving back. >> we'll take you along for a ride as local first responders pitch in to help families in need have a merry christmas >> best part about the season, jim and sarah, can i also suggest getting an unexpectedly nice and mild day is also kind of a treat of the season. today's high temperatures into the mid 50's and get that he is, as we look at your planner for tomorrow, it is a cool start at 46 at 8:00 in the morning, by noon, we're 55, and by 4:00, many of you at or above 60 making it one of the warmest days so far december, do we have any other warm days in the run-up to the christmas holiday weekend? i'll let you know with seven-day forecast is just minutes away. you might get more than a kiss if you're under the missile toe, the cold and flu symptoms will reach the peak between december 25th and january 1st, the regions that could hit the hardest midatlantic and sou
10:38 pm
no ill feelings for investigators the dow a breaking a record for the record closes in one year, the market gauge hitting it's 70th all time high for 2017. the s & p 500 finishing in record territory and the nasdaq crossing seven thousand for the first time ever before end, the day just below that historic level. something else up, home builder confidence hit the highest level in 18 years. contractors say they're optimistic about a rise in the economy and a droop in regulations. forget soup and salad. how about soup and pretzels. campbell is buying snack makers snyders, it's best known for snyders of hand over pretzels. that's my kind of food pyramid. that's business. i'm ashley webster. webster.
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like the holidays. nashville tv star and singer this week on good day dc. looks look santa claus may make a stop at the bank, he could make up to $50,000 during the holiday season, best of the best charge as much as five hundred dollars on christmas day. being santa can be costly. it could cost more than 1,000 bucks. >> but it would take a lot of santa gigs to come up with nfl owner kind of money. shawn diddy combs says he wants to buy the carolina panthers, the owner is selling. former team employees accuses him of sexual misconduct. he posted his desire to buy the team and if that happened he would hire coldin kaepernick. he's saying he wants i
10:43 pm
opener group. packer fans battling the elements to make sure they're ready. thousands showed up at lambeau field to help remove snow on a shoot that carried it down below, it's a chance for them to give back and be part post packers community >> they would volunteer -- tat's one place they would volunteer to be at lambeau field to shovel the snow that the how packers fans are. of >> they're so devoted. spent some time with a packer's fan over the weekend >> we have a couple of them in the building. >> yes, we do >> i had to ware a cheese head as a result of a loss to a packer's fan >> didn't do that again, did you >> i won't bet against him again. no shovelling for us. >> no shovelling at all >> no sweeping. >> on edge of winter, we've got mild days and we have another one coming tomorrow. so yeah, if you haven't finished your running around tomorrow is great
10:44 pm
leave the heavy coat in the car, because it's going to be a comfortable afternoon. we start out on a cool start in the morning, we're already here in the district at 46 degrees, so that's not exactly baum me but for this time of year, it's still a bargain. we're a little bit on cloudy side. i think at least we're above 35 and maybe as warm as 44 degrees in a lot of spots tonight. so you already know we're going to be even warmer than we were today on tuesday, some places will be at or above 60 but we're chillier on wednesday and colder by thursday. thursday's temperatures will likely drop back down at least for a little bit into the 40's, which is average for this time of year. 46 is the average. so we were well above it today, we'll be well above it tomorrow. we do have chances for rain, they really increase later this week, not snow but rain. speaking of snow, three
10:45 pm
is the 21 it's at 1129. it's nothing but the warm stuff. a little bit of snow passing through new england, nothing causing problem, we have the clouds, we're not going to go see much in the way of shower, a few slight sprinkles of rain through pennsylvania but it will stay liquid, no the frozen and these are the high temperatures we expect to beat tomorrow to make the one of the warmest days we've had so far this month, tuesday we're forecasting 60. 47 degrees here in the district now we still got a few places near 50 degrees, very comfortable, fredericksburg down to 38. one of the few places in our area that's even in the 30's right now. check, to the north, boston is 36 and chilly new york city 46, but hey be even chicago and detroit and all the areas to the south and west of his in the mid 40's, that's the wind direction, we know because our southwest winds continue tomorrow, we got nice mild hours to get through tomorrow afternoo
10:46 pm
at frontal boundary that will cross us tomorrow night. it's the leading edge of chillier air that will be back in town on wednesday but comes through dry and again before it gets here, we're mild into the upper 50's's low 60's across the region. 60 for dc, suburbs north, 59 for frederick, 55 hagerstown, martinsberg 57, fredericksburg you could be as warm as 62, quantico at 61. our futurecast keeps us on the dry side tomorrow. we stop this at 10:00 and nope most clouds don't get across the mountains. watch to the south, pointing this out if you're going to be traveling wednesday, especially wednesday evening, there will be a little system passing by through the carolinas that will produce rain. gets clouds up into south side virginia, but that's about it. we'll keep the good weather rolling, for tonight, 44 degrees in the city, mostly cloudy, not too cold. winds continuing out of the southwest at five and it will be a warm wind direction tomorrow with a pickup in breeze southwest ten to 15
10:47 pm
up to 60 with a lot of sunshine be a nice mild day, on our fox 5 seven-day forecast coldest day is thursday but still bright. 53 degrees on friday, with showers rolling in late. so these are the weekend showers we were talking about and looks like the wettest day is saturday. we may pop to 61 on saturday. so another really mild day for december. cooler again for christmas eve, which is sunday. 50 and right now, the outlet look for christmas day 48, i will tell you we're keeping an eye on the temperatures because the computer models are all over. some of them want to warm us up for christmas, the bulk of them keep them close to the 50's and upper 40's, we'll keep a close eye on that forecast and update as we go through the week. >> that's your seven-day. to prince george's county where a holiday tradition is helping some of the oldest and youngest and the neediest enjoy a traditional christmas dinner >> he said it's more than three decades
10:48 pm
this is just fabulous. just fellowshiping, giving, sharing, that's what the season is about. >> it's a police escort taylor made for the holidays with santa riding shotgun on a fire truck. >> every year, they come and we really appreciate it. look season seniors. >> florence all bright lives here a home for seniors getting special gift baskets of food courtesy of the different public service agencies in prince george's county. >> christmas meal with the trimmings, the poultry, the bread, the vegetables, the fruit. everything they need to prepare a christmas dinner. >> this is our 33rd year of doing the food baskets. >> reporter: the day started at
10:49 pm
station in springdale at my fire chief ben barkdale >> we have the public service agency, police, fire, sheriff, corrections, dispatchers >> as a resident of prince george's county it's always good to give back to the community. so many times you see children and families and things like that that are in need and when they look at public safety, they don't necessarily see we're here, we're part of the community and we care and we help. >> reporter: this is put together by the prince george's county public safety assistance program. with help from outside organizations donations of food and money. >> by friday, we'll have 2000 food baskets out. >> reporter: helps with public relations >> something like today, brings joy to the heart how we're able to help them have a merry christmas. >> reporter: they're going to river dale elementary school as well. >> a lot of the kids, you know, are afraid of people in uniform. this
10:50 pm
to help at least with one of the schools, these are good people >> in the same sense people don't see in the middle of the night in may and the middle of the day in september, these men and women will be out there protecting and serving this community. so this is a great time when they have a moment to do something that doesn't involve our discipline. >> reporter: on this occasion, putting smiles on a lot of faces. >> you're right about that. >> santa. >> in bladensburg maryland. bob barnard, fox 5 local news ho ho ho. he's having a good time. >> i can't blame her coming up next on 10:30, twitter cracking down on hate speech >> how the social media site is target and working to get rid of violence and harassment. ♪. ♪ ♪.
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. you're sitting in stop and go traffic. cruise control could be the solution. but experts say it could be redesigned to keep a steady distance between cars as well. even with an update, the feature would only work if enough drivers used it. >> that's weird. >> yeah. talk about facebook. facebook admits it may not be the best way for you to spend your time, mom. the company admitted that using its site could result in feeling worse about yourself. have you looked at our fox 5 facebook page? sometimes people have opinions, a study conducted users who sent or rece
10:55 pm
through what others posted tend to harbor bad feelings about themselves afterwards >> maybe stay off of it >> if that was a possibility. >> twitter cracking down on violent and inappropriate content. the company says new rules target hate is symbols, abuse and unwanted sexual advances and plans to ban accounts for associating with hate any accounts fail to a abide by the rules will be suspended. investigating the potential threats of ufo. the program started in 2007. officials claim it ended in 2012. backers say it's still hanging around, most of the research was undertaken by an aerospace company. many parts of it are still classified. at 11:00, a dog in fairfax county left abandoned and hardly recognizable. we see h
10:56 pm
as a search continues for the people who did this to her. . an investigation underway after a teen shot and killed in southeast. fox 5 live at the scene with the details when we come back after the brake. the brake. break.
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to. duncan donuts brewing up a winter sold stace. the beer's release is being timed to coincide with the winter solstace, which is 11:28 a.m. thursday. they feature full roasted coffee flavor reminiscent of freshly ground beans with a cream me mouth feel. that's the news at 10:30, i will see you
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the news at 11:00 starts now. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00, >> we got car everywhere, and down on to the highway >> a high speed amtrak train plunges off the tracks. the latest on the investigation as the question now turns to how >> this dog hardly recognizable is left abandoned. the search is on for the owner responsible. plus, a new security strategy from the president, the fate of a police officer accused of supporting isis is decided. and rats be gone. a new tactic to fight the rodents in the district. we start way deadly shooting in southeast. police tell us the victim is a teenager. >> the search is on for the suspect who opened fire. fox 5 evan lambert is live with the latest. evan? >> reporter:


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