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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 20, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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as you wake up this wednesday morning no complaints yet. >> all right. 4:29 is the time and we start with some major news now. you might be seeing a text -- tax cut coming from capitol hill. >> it passed the house bill and now it has to go to the president's desk. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, celebration among house republicans was dampened a little when it learned the senate had to make technical changes and later today the house will get another chance to get this bill across the goal line. the senate took the massive tax we form bill last night. a plan said to touch every corner of the american economy. republicans believe that deep cuts to corporate taxes and temporarily lowering individual tax rates will spur growth but the bill comes with 1.5 trillion price tag added to
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not a single democrat voted yes. they warned tax overhaul will ruin the country's financial future. >> we believe that this product will do two extremely important things for the country. number one provide middle class tax relief and number two, provide business changes that make us more competitive. >> today, marks a great vi victory for the very wellthy campaign contributors and at the same time as the deficit of this country is driven up by about 1.5 trillion dollars. now, president trump was in a celebratory mode tweeting the u.s. senate passed biggest reform bill. and he went on to give time on there saying it will go to a final vote in the house this morning and then if it's approved there would be a
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conference at approximately 1:00 this afternoon. the way things will go down today as far as we can tell the house conference committee will meet at 8 trying to reconcile the changes made last night in the senate and making sure the house matches up all the language the same and immediately after that the house takes its vote and as it passes it goes on for signature and those tax changes at least a lot of them will take effect january 1. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". >> 4:32 is the time now. voters in virginia have proof that every vote counts. virginia democrat shelly simons won her house by one vote. after a recount in the district of new port news. it's a critical and historic win for the democratic party. democrats and republicans in the house of delegates will be splitting that 50/50 taking full control from reps for the first time in nearly two decades. >> the house administration mm
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sex harassment and discrimination on capitol h hill. it shows office of compliance paid 265,000 in taxpayer found settle sexual harassment claims over the past decades. one claim was 84,000 payoff to set harassment claim against texas law maker blake f farenhold. he came forward to announce he will not seek reelection. >> 4:3 is the time now and new developments into the "fox5" investigation in grade fixing in prince george county schools. during the board meeting we learned school officials knew more tan a year ago some students were graduating without meeting requirements and that's long before state mandatesed audit reached same conclusion. findings of the school board audit conflicted with statements by by ceo kevin maxwell. >> time now is 4:33. new this morning construction on maryland's purple line is moving forward. a three jud
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maryland does not have to update environmental study for the land around that planned line. purple line will run from bethesda to new carrollton and it's scheduled to open in the year 022. >> and district trio three washington redskins named to the 2018 pro bowl nfl made at announce. tackle threats williams and guard sherman and linebacker ryan kerrigan have been selected. this is the first time they had three bowlers in back-to-back seasons since the 2012-2013 season. >> take it to the court the washington wizards took on the new orleans pelicans last night. wizards won but the headline on it is hilarious slamming 116 to 6. it was 116 to 106. wizards take on the nets this firday. >> okay. >> it's okay. >> did the other team show is up? >>
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>> i think people get it. >> yesterday was beautiful. >> what a day? 62 degrees. sunshine, walked the dog. all perfect yesterday. >> how is the dog. >> the dog is great. >> haven't seen him in a while. >> ready for christmas. >> i'll have to bring him in one day. last time he was here he was squeaking all over the place. satellite and radar lots of clouds. clouds around for today and showers will stay to the so south. as far north potentially as maybe fredericksburg could squeeze out a frichingl sprinkle or two. most of the region is fine. 53 reagan national right now. you're looking at the high today. temperatures won't budge much in this. dulles 4, bwi marshall 50. we're coming down off the w warmest day of september. furthest this month yesterday afternoon. so, 48 degrees i'll go by 10:00 we'll lose five degrees or so. temperatures holding steady thanks to cloud cover out. there we'll get p
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at sunshine and more clouds than anything. that's weather. we'll accepted to you to traffic. >> taking a look at roads right now. you can see traffic is moving despite construction and disabled vehicle 270 northbound by middle brook road right shoulder blocked norm and southbound side looking good. camera wide open is in the district and that says you make your way north capitol. moving maps along we also still have ongoing construction. it is 3:55 closed in both directions for monocacy river bridge you can keep to 270, 80, or 85. and as you make your way inner loop we're looking great between pennsylvania avenue and woodrow wilson bridge. problems yesterday. not case now. metro picks up at 5. questions erin fox d. contribution on twitter wisdom and maureen back to you. >> 4:6 coming up on "fox news morning" a massive, massive leak exposes data of 123 million u.s. household. >> a
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news to wrong number leading to her announcement to go viral. >> a live look across the region 4:36, 53 is the temp. back in a moment.
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>> we're back with what is hot on the web. >> hol shol here with what is going on in social media. >> white house chief john kelly is is under fire this morning after he apparently add black republicans for resumes while addressing trump administration lack of diversity. he asked for resumes at a gathering meant up to date on tam reform. he asked them to spread the word that the trump administration is hiring. kelly says he did not say african americans when he asked for resumes just talented young peopl
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heads to the united kingdom in 2018. the president and british prime minister theresa may announced a working visit to london which will happen in february and it will not include a visit with the queen. a planned meeting with the queen will not take place until the president makes a full state visit. >> let's switch years now. a massive data brief that left 123 million household exp explodes. alterex released a wide range of details mortgage information and phone numbers and number of children in the household. now earlier this year they said the database has since been secured. the preach was earlier in the year and they say it's been secured. >> jeopardy host alex trujillo trebek is in hot water. while interviewing davis about being army master arm is aunt
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teary her job must have been hard not because master sergeant or in the the arm didn't but because she's a woman. she took the comment in stride and handled it like a pro and finished in second place. >> and finally, talk about a happy accident. newly engaged sharland will is sent her engagement news text and selfie to sarah michelle geler she was trying to send to sister and send to geler she posted news to facebook congratulating will is. >> now sarah michelle geler has to get a new phone number. >> you know it makes me wonderfy dial one number off mine who might it be. >> who might be on the other end. >> probably -- >> it could go hor bally wrong in so many different direction. >> who is this, click, thanks, ali. 4:31 it the time. three native american xh
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recognition by maryland's governor. >> and police search for a chief causeing a local charity big time. >> how beautiful is this all lit up the christmas tree. oh, my goodness. christmas less than a week away. all right. going to break with a lovely shot. 53 degrees. back after this if your skin had a wash tag what would it say? 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type,
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>> i'm now is 4:44. senate overnight passing gop tax bill. legislation goes back to the house for a revote today. that is after khapings were made because of senate budget rules. the bill could be on the president's desk by tomorrow afternoon. >> a central figure in the catholic church died. bishop bernard law has been in the hospital in rome. he died at the age of 86. law was boston archbishop 1984 to db resigned over allegations of covering up priest sex abuse scandals. >> federal investigators looking into amtrak derailment in washington state are focusing on whether distraction was a factor in the crash. they wonder if the engineer may have lost situational awareness. the train was traveling more than 50 miles an hour over the speed limit when it derailed. >> and good morning to you thank you for joining us.
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happy wednesday. >> woo. >> december 20 good morning to you. >> i just chucked coffee it need whad i needed it to do. >> coffee in the morning that's a miguel is song. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, too. >> halfway through the workweek and holiday weekend awaits. >> did you finish shopping. >> almosting. >> did you start your shopping that's a better question. >> let's move on the weather. >> stay away from that one. cloudy and cool. mostly done. i promise for the one or two people that make it there the day after christmas. cloudy and cool in the d.c. region. not as sunny and warm as yesterdayen holding on to warm cell this morning. cool, not cold. 51 gaithersburg and 50 baltimore and cool are north and west. 4 fred rikdz and i 46 westminster and mannasas dropped to the 30s. it depends where you wake up this morning for exactly how it feels. jacket weather. temperatures won't move anywhere today. you see all this cloudyness
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thanks to a storm system which is going to pass south today. we won't get a whole lot of rain. future cast, clouds our way. rain staying down south. maybe a pocket of drizzle as far as north as fredericksburg and the odds are low there. sunshine back tomorrow. quick look at the two day forecast. clouds today, 50, more sun, 46. that's weather, over to erin for traffic. >> 4:47 now tracking wednesday morning commute and as we take a wide view of the dmv look at the scene. r green. traffic now kenilworth at eastern avenue northeast and norm and southbound wide on ebb and super light volume on major and crash free 95 dale city good and 50 through buoy quiet and waldorf looking good and bradywine and 6 through fairfax looking good and secondarys in sill sprer spring are quiet. volume pinging up northbound side of main lanes of 95. not enough to cause slow do downs. route 1 well as well. 270 frer
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good and metro picks up at 5. questions erinfoxdc on twitter, back to you. >> all right. 4:47 tractor-trailer time. continuing coverage on our investigation in grade fixing in prince george county public schools. >> we learned some school officials knew more than a year ago some students were graduating without meeting requirements. "fox5" anjali hemphill live in upper marboro with more details this mrning. good morning. >> good morning, guys, this is a significant development. it all comes from internal audit that only came to light after "fox5" confirmed it existed. and it shows that prince george county public schools did own investigation into all of this back in 2016 and it revealed that there was mismanagement of student records including those of graduating seniors. and that was here last night at the board of education building there was a meeting here a board meeting where tempers flared over this news. listen to what one maernt to say.
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story that there was a interpal audit done by prince george county officials in 2016 and where they were already aware of of all of the issues that were brought by the minority board members of this county. >> you knew the entire time when were getting up here doing your press releases that you were misleading the public and you were lying. >> reporter: since this all started there's been a small group of board members that alleged top down corruption to boost graduation rates here. "fox5" over the summer spoke to teeners who say they were forced to change grades of failing students so they could graduate and it prompt aid state audit that found some students are graduating without meeting state requirements, however kevin maxwell and board chair adamantly denied there were issues, wrong doing, knowledge of wrong doing when it games to graduating seniors. our
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where he said he was unacquire despite that internal audit. take a listen. >> that went to you in may of 2016. >> yes. >> how can you say you didn't know this was happening. >> that was copied to me. it was not my audit to actually go through myself and respond to at that moment. but our folks took that seriously and looked tat. >> begun you read the audit that said stuments were graduating even though no evidence to show they earned diploma. you read that. at that time you knew it was happening. isn't that correct? >> i knew that audit found that there were cases. i asked my folks this is what our folks do that went to dr. tally and mason. and they were charged with working with their people to confirm. that's how audits work. >> news of this internal audit all came the same night dr. maxwell presented a plan of of action to address that now recent state audit. meanwhile "fox5" spoke t
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other board members that told us they were never made aware of that prior internal audit and we also got the same answer for the county executives office. if you wants to read the full audit it's on our web site live in prince george county. anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> thank you very much. 4:5 is the time. developing this morning a virginia non profit dedicated to helping others and what happened a chief was caught on surveillance raiding registers at the house of mercy in mannasas. the man's face was covered and he was wearing a hood didn't and gloves. he broke through the glass door with a look on saturday night. we're told he got away with cash and caused a thousand dollars in damage. >> maryland governor larry hogan has given the tribe indian status. that means that the tribe will qualify for federal, state and non profit assistance. maryland indian status has been granted to two other tribes. >> coming up on "fox news morning" lady gaga getting rtd for a long stay in veg.
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on small screen can add title of mom to resume. >> it's time to add break to resume at least for now. 4:51 is the time and 53 tempment back in a moment
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time is 4:54 actress on skooby do, norm, died in her california home after a long battle with illness. the actress had roles on soap operas and the soap opera days of our lives and tv show abby twelve. >> lady gaga moving to sin city. pop star confirming upcoming two year residency in sin c city. she will take the stage at park theater
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oldmont he carlo. >> actress mindy calin is a mom. she gave birth to a baby girl named katherine last friday. she herself has not announced the news. her most recent instagram promoted oceans 8 yesterday. over the summer she said she was excited to be a mom pa because she co-openly criticize parents. the child's father has not been identified. all right. 4:55 is the time now. good morning to you michael thomas. after yesterday i don't know how you can top that. >> we can't we'll go down a little bit. >> sunny, beautiful yesterday, high 62. warm so far this month. dulles 60. bwi 60s. 60s for all. normal highs should be 45. hope everybody enjoyed it. we'll head down the next couple days here. 38 to 5 before the bus stop. lot of clouds out here. after school 45 to 53 and temperatures
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from where they are here as you wake up and get out of bed early this morning. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast 50 today later on this afternoon and a51, 5. 46 tomorrow with more sunshine back feel like wpter for the the first full day of winter bhi the time we get to friday mix with clouds 54. shower chances back saturday and sunday. christmas eve and christmas day could mix a little bit? we'll watch that forecast kind of has to be hammered out a little over the next couple days. that's weather over toe erin for traffic. >> 4:56 now and we're taking a look at roads and seeing quiet conditions. this is live look 95 as you head past maryland 198. we're wide open southbound side, northbound side bwi looking good. bw parkway both directions quiet and flowing freely. crash free. no issues 32. inside the beltway quiet through bethesda, silver spring. looking good northwest d.c.. outer loop past new h
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congestion yet. you're winning earlier than 5 a.m. and hitting roads. no issues there. virginia majors quiet and metro service picking up at 5. questions erinfoxdc on twitter and wisdom and maureen. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" we continue to follow the latest from the thomas fire which is larger than new york city. >> new numbers show how much congress paid out to settle sexual harassment claims. >> headd to break across the d.c. region. 53 degrees.
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>> him lateive victory. lawmakers handed trump first him lateive win of presidency. this afternoon the house is expected to follow suit. >> right ow down the middle. single vote leads to even 50/50 split in virginia house of delegates forcing democrats and republicans to share power usually reserved for one party. >> and looking live outside on this wednesday morning. little cool right now. actually i think it feels mild out there. 53 this time of year. we're expected to warm up another mild day. not as good as yesterday but still good for this time of year. >> no complaint. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. i


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