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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. . this is fox 5 local news at the 6:00. on fox 5, new developments in the murders of a husband and wife in northern virginia. tonight a teenager is accused of killing them. what we're now learning about the motive. also tonight, a fire in maryland forces families out of their homes days before christmas. >> it was the worst day. >> they're receiving a message of hope for the holidays. a look at the temporary spending bell that's keeping government funding a big shake-up at the america america organization, and your forecast holiday travels.ast minute - your news starts now. that's where we want to begin with the holiday
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taking a live look outside right now at the washington monument. >> many people are busy with last minute traveling, and probably some shopping ahead of the christmas holiday. time is running out. let's check in with gwen for a look at what you can expect outside. hey there, gwen >> today brought exactly what we did anticipate and that was clouds and some rainfall. i know, everybody wants the snow. however, mother nature was not cooperating today at all. because we had rain across many areas, take a look at this national satellite radar map because i want to tell you anybody traveling from the deep south all the way through to the northeast are running into problems right now, because that's where we have a lot of active weather, and some snow, some rain, some wintery mix, and there are many as a result of that. here at home, as the rain continues to head through, we'll see some lingering through before we get a bit of a break, if you are going out to do last minute shopping or maybe some of those holiday
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time for those parties. make sure you grab your umbrella. it's not going to last all night long and even today, it was sort of off and on throughout the afternoon. so it wasn't a heavy rain but i can't rule out you won't ruin r run into a shower. temperatures are it other side of the story, how could it be 63 this close to christmas? we're not even in florida. but it is. strong southerly wind heated up today. it was on the muggy side. we will have a big cool-down headed or way, be prepared for that. area temperatures into the 50's and the 60's. and as far as the winds are concerned gusty out there, bringing in that warmer air. so here's your evening planner. by 9:00, cooling down to about 38 degrees, 37 by the 11:00 hour. what to expect? things are changing. enjoy today as it was cold arctic air is
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once again, it's complements mother nature. full forecast and of course the christmas forecast. here is another look at some of the stories we're following tonight. a teenager accused of murdering the parents of a girl he was dating in reston virginia. police say it teen killed scott and buckley confricker yesterday morning and turned the gun on himself. the teen survived and is recovering. they were trying to get their daughter to break up with the teenager. a lot of unanswered questions in the shooting death of a young girl in aquasco maryland. police were called to st. phillip's road around 10:00 last night, when they arrived, the girl was dead. investigators say she suffered a gunshot wound to the upper part of her body. police trying determine what led to the shooting and who may be responsible. still not a word on what caused a fire in the adam morgan neighborhood of dc. the fire broke out last night in the addict of a one story
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building that houses several stores on 18th street. firefighters tried to battle the fire, it became unstable and they had to quickly leave the building. they continued to fight put the fire from the outside and eventually got it out. fortunately no one was hurt to virginia where a man is facing charges of reckless driving aged police say he crashed his vehicle into the side of mcdonald's restaurant in mclean, inspectors will examine the restaurants to make sure it is sound. a fire damaged three homes in the district on 21 it's southeast around 4:00 this morning, firefighters tell us fire started in one home, the heat so intense it caused an's adjacent home to catch fire, the second home had sprinklers and that helped limit some damage but a third also sustained damage from the fire. overall, nine people now homeless and need another place to stay. >>. remember t
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add bad one, firefighters are spreading hope for the holidays, several families who were displaced in that devastating apartment fire were given gifts by the crews who helped save their lives. fox 5 angelie hemphill was there >> it was the worst day of my life. because i had to want. >> reporter: 12-year-old will never forget the day her apartment building burned to the ground just before christmas. >> if it wasn't for the people banking on doors, all of us would have been hurt. >> reporter: she and her mother tracy lost everything in this blaze that ripped through several apartments off curtis drive early tuesday morning, left almost 20 people homeless, some jumped from the balconies to escape the flame or had to be rescued. but just when all hope in the holidays was lot of, prince george's county firefighters many who responded that day and save
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play the role of santa. for these families who worried they would be forgotten this year [cheers and applause] >> it's not going to replace everything but at good start with the gift cards and the toys and you can see the joy and the children's face that they will have something for christmas. and feels really good. >> while there's still a long road ahead, tracy and her daughter are so grateful for these gifts. and a chance to recognize these he heros. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and say thank you. >> we were coming down off the balcony. he was there to help me and after he helped us to get off the balcony. he led us to his ambulance where we got on the stretchers,
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shoes, no clothes, nothing, he gave us blankets, everything, he was just a beautiful person, he helped me and my baby. he kept my baby besides me. in prince george's county, angelie hemphill fox 5 local news >> wow. when she saw him. she knew that was the guy that helped her and then he's there to help >> amazing. >> imagine what those families have gone through all week and to think that now at least something they have is a bit of christmas. >> good job. >> for sure. next an e-mail scandal leads to a big shake-up and a closer look at what's in the temporary spending bill keeping the government funded. >> if you're still looking for the season's must have toys this weekend, well, you may notice they're more expensive than you might have expected. we'll explain what could be to blame. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪
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. the resignations come just a day after the huff posted sexest and degrading e-mails. nearly 50 former miss america winners signed a petition calling on haskell to step down. he apologized for this comment but attacked the story and today he lost his job. we're days away from christmas. usually thousands flock to bethlehem. >> this year we're seeing violence in bethlehem as palestinian protesters can clash with israeli troops. the protests
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week in response to president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the state capitol of israel. on thursday, the u.n. general assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn the president's decision. we're taking a closer look at what's in the temporary spending bill keeping the government funded for about another month. fox's peter doocy has more >> i feel good about this year, and i think we've made a difference for the country and beginning to move it right of center. >> reporter: and congress is going home, lawmakers funded government long enough to avoid a shutdown at least until january 19th. after that, there's major uncertainty about how your tax dollars will be spent be whether or not the nsa can have the tool to spy on people. what happens to people brought into this country illegally as children and what kind of government assistance victims of natural disasters will get since the senate never even had a vote on $81 billion worth of hurricane an
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that passed the house with the help of democratic yes votes. puerto rico's governor things hunting on that bill means the commonwealth will come out with more >> with respect a bill that attends to our medicaid needs for puerto rico. >> democratic leaders had been demanding a daca deal by the end of 2017. thursday, when the congressional hispanic caucus realized democrats were softening their stance they pleaded with chuck schumer to stand firm to no avail. now, nancy pilosi appears poised to use it as leverage before the next spending measure is extended >> it's the process. >> reporter: the looming daca issue appears to be a rare policy proposal that republicans are ready to work with democrats on. >> you don't go so far that you can't come back. >> diagnostic said a daca flicks will find its way to the
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comes to an agreement that the white house can live with but the majority leader isn't in are a hurry >> the president is giving he is till march. >> reporter: do you think democrats will give you that long? seems like schumer might be waiting to use that as leverage >> schumer is trying to push it forward and i understand that. but there is no emergency until march. >> reporter: house leadership announced they're not going to work the first week of january as originally planned, they will be back the 8th with raises all kinds of questions about what kind of a long-term budget deal they could possibly put together before the threat of another government shutdown eight days later, on capitol hill peter doocy fox news you'll find plenty of company if you're catching a last minute flight for the holidays, tsa officials say up to 400,000 additional airline passengers will be passing through security checkpoints nationwide each day, the tsa is employing an additional 1400
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officers at the businessiest airports, the tsa wants to remind people who are flying of one new rerestriction >> any large electronics, any personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone need to come out of the carries on, please put them in a bin, nothing above or below. that's a new policy started getting implemented this year. >> she also said you're better off not bringing wrapped gives with your carry-on baggage, they might be opened if a screener needs to see what's inside, better to use gift bags or boxes, and the tsa said arrive two hours early if you're on a domestic flight. three hours early if traveling internationally. it's a time of year we're inspired to give but the better business bureau is reminding us it's important to be on alert for potential scam, the bureau said charity scams on the rides and especially seeing an uptick in at the time. ing scams, and the bureau said there is one
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for when someone is asking for a donation. >> one of the biggest markers are red flags of charity scams is a high pressure, high emotional sales pitch. >> again, the bureau suggests doing your own research online before donating to a cause. if you're doing last minutes shopping, some real grinches are causing inflated toy prices this season >> they're buying up the season's must have toys then reselling them at huge markups, molly lime has more. >> hi tech software is the new threat making it tougher than ever for mom or dad to find that must have toy at its regular retail price >> we're having sales popping up on major retailers that are then sold out in
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resell the goods and reply the ill gotten gains, this year's target finger links, laura oliver run as deal watching website >> i definitely had readers that told me they had their finger link in their carts and when they gone to check out, it's been gone. >> reporter: the critter should cost about $18, but now online as much as 1,000 bucks, the other super nintendo nes classic. many retailers try to block the botts. >> how do you know the difference between a grandmom with 14 grandkids who got the same holiday gift and somebody who's a bad actor and trying to resell this merchandise somewhere else? it's very difficult. >> reporter: new mexico senator is among those working to expand a law that already prevents bots for the use of mass purchasing theater or concert
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it's too late for this christmas, laura oliver suggests instead of paying the markup that scalpers mark up online to consider writing an iou. fox news tell that to your kid who really wants that gift. here's an iou. as soon as the price falls down. you know the pressure is on for parents to get these gifts. and some are just saying -- you got to pay it. you really want to go. it's a shame, but the grinches won out. >> for the last few months, a local family in dc police have mourned the loss of a fallen officer >> his two children have a special way to keep his memory alive. you'll want to see this one coming up. >> when the kids open up and it's -- i immediately knew >> how a fellow officer puts special meaning into this
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dc police family, barry east man was killed in a car accident as he headed home >> he was a dc police officer stationed at 3d. he left behind a wife and twins. well, just days before christmas, one of his fellow officers gave the twins a special gift to help them remember their dad. >> the christmas tree is up, the house decorated for the holidays. pictures nearby show the love officer barry eastman shared with his wife and twins. two days ago, more love arrived in a home that is feeling so much loss. these two bears for asher and violet >> when the kids opened them up and i saw it come out. i immediately knew it was his shirts >> the bears were hand made by barry's friend and fellow 3d police officer rebecca warner >> loved them, they've been sleeping with them every night >> the material used to make the bears came from barry's uniforms, the eyes made o
6:22 pm
buttons a blue tie and the npd patches on the feet also his >> my daughter said that she's happy to be able to hug dead made from his shirt. >> reporter: barry worked on the force four years, his wife jennifer said he loved being a dc police officer. he died in september in a traffic accident as he was heading home from an overnight of shift. jennifer said she'd rather not focus on that day. instead, think about how her husband was loved by so many who wore the same uniform. >> we appreciate it so much, and the entire department has been so supportive and compassionate reaching out, and we're really proud to be part of the npd family. >> as you can officer warner did such a nice job. those bears looked greatly we asked to speak with her but we're told she's a little camera shy but a wonderful thing she did for the
6:23 pm
that is going through so much this year. it was my honor to meet family and so nice to welcome me in and the house is decorated and there's pictures of officer eastman. you can just imagine what they're going through this holiday. >> especially hard during the holidays. what a thoughtful things, these guys will have a forever nice comfort for them >> what a great idea. switching gears, some folks are headed out there to do a lately shopping, there's not much time left and i got to tell you today felt really good. >> bright and early this morning, i was out in the stores for a little while. >> before they got busy >> before they got busy and as i was coming out, the sprinkles started to kind of -- the rain got a little bit light >> will they stay around >> it's not going to stay around too long. we'll get a bit of a break, we'll have a little bit tomorrow but you know what? it's not a
6:24 pm
>> there's a little bit of light rain out there, there's still rain on radar, so we'll still have some tonight. we get a little bit of break and we'll have more once we get into tomorrow, here's a look at radar, if you're traveling anywhere, this area here right up to the northeast, this is the bullet. really check ahead for your flight. because not only is there heavy rainfall through here, there's snow and wintery mix all the way to the northeast. not bad in the midsection of the country, but take a look over here into the four corners. we got colorado dealing with snowfall there, make sure you call ahead. airport delays? well, for this area, yes, definitely. take a look. these are the number of airport delays here, the ones that you see shaded here in red and in yellow. so there are a few and you might the want to just be sure that yours is not included. here at home. we're dealing with rain, and you know, as lauren pointed outlooks like it's raining, it actually is and quite hard. take a look at this yellow here and this red. this is
6:25 pm
to heavy rainfall we're having moving over the i95 corridor heading across dc, so just be aware of that on the back side of it, we will still see lighter rain, we'll get a little bit of a break and it will end up moving out then we'll be dealing with it again later tomorrow, right now, here's what we got this heavier rainfall, national weather service also mentioned maybe a little rumble of thunder. i don't see lightening or anything in this right now. but we are definitely talking heavier rainfall. temperatures are next. it warmed up into the 60's, colder air is and way. and i'm talking arctic colder air, an arctic air mass, wind will be gusty pushing in from the south but we'll get a shift and they will end up moving in from the north northwest and that will cool us down behind an arctic air mass with another front coming through, here's a look at the what we're talking about, sunday 46 degrees. monday, christmas day, 39 degrees. sunny and windy. seveda
6:26 pm
a bit. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. krmenchristmas came early f hundreds of children in alexandria >> they gathered at the samuel tucker elementary school. battalion chief willie bali helped organize the event. he said it would not have been possible without the efforts of a lot of people. >> we have tons of volunteers here today, there's volunteering their time and also volunteer, donated these gifts, we have our police department, fire department in alexandria, sheriffs, 911 dispatchers, the whole community came together, just to make a difference >> willie bailey said about 500 youngsters turned out today and each child got a chance to pick out two toys they liked. he began collecting donations for today's give away, a couple of months ago. and thanks to the community, for all of the hard work.
6:27 pm
together like that. >> it is it's not easy to organize that but boy, so many people this season are about giving back. they really, really think about what they can do for others. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year >> next. we're back, check of your headline >> a look at the inside industry of bullet-proof clothing, the owners of the nation's first ballistics clothing shop located here in our region. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang!
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. here's another look at some of the stories, a teenager is accused of murdering the parents of a girl he was dating in reston virginia. police say it teen killed scott and buckley coh, on fricker. the teen survived and is recovering, reports indicate that the frickers were trying to get their daughter to break up with the teen over his alleged neo nazi views. prince george's county police still trying to figure out why a young girl was shot and killed last night. it happened on st. phillip's road in aquasco maryland when officers arrived, the girl was already dead. investigators say she suffered a gunshot wound to the upper part of her body. police are investigating to try and figure out what led to the shooting. firefighters in prince george's county offered a helping hand to several families displaced in an apartment fire. fire crews handed o
6:31 pm
those resident whose really lost everything. the fire broke out early tuesday morning on curtis drive in hillcrest heights, residents say they are forever indebted to those firefighters. bullet-proof clothing, this is a growing and fascinating industry. now, the first company in the united states to provide high end bulletproof fashion is turning head. cori coffin is in fredericksburg virginia with the story. >> fredericksburg virginia, the perfect place to do sidewalk shopping. especially on the holidays. there's a little store called aspedo, it's got fine men's clothing but it's got bullets that the window, you may be wondering about that. today we'll take you inside the united states first clothing store that also sells ballistics material. let's go. taking a look at the sushths you might do a double take finding out theca
6:32 pm
>> he use the lightest material >> he found company in 2008 as a clothing line, namely custom suits. fast forward to senior year, hider meets robert davis during a class project to sell a proceed overseas. >> the idea came to us, how about we combine armor and clothing together, realize there was nobody in america doing it. coming from such an opposite side of the spectrum in formal ware, and going into armor, we look at a completely different way. >> reporter: before they could present their project, they had top government agencies calling them. >> it's been a roller coaster. i wouldn't have it any other way >> i couldn't test it out for myself. but they showed me what the product does behind the material >> the bullets were stocked. >> reporter: their covert clothing attracted the likes of foreign dignitary, government officials, executives with high risk jobs and even celebrities.
6:33 pm
even ballistic vests done through aspeto, but these college buddies have their sights set higher. >> we're getting to armored helicopters, armored vehicles and in 2018 we're adding cyber security >> we're excited to take this brand and continue to make it a global brand. >> so even though this business started right here in fredericksburg, as it turns into a global entity be i asked the owners, any plans on expanding? they tell me as far as the brick and mortar goes, they plan to stay right here where everything began. reporting from fredericksburg, cori coffin fox 5 local news. a heads up if you're planning to use a dc driver's license at the airport, maybe over the next couple days, tsa agents won't let people through because they don't believe they're american licenses. apparently that's been happening, it's become such an issue that eleanor hunt norton wrote to the head of the tsa. she cited a case
6:34 pm
thanksgiving where a dc resident almost missed her flight because an officer refused to accept her district of columbia license as a valid id. travelers say they don't understand the confusion >> it's ridiculous. our nationally capitol people should recognize that washington, dc and dc stands for all district of columbia. >> the confusion started in 2014 when dc updated licenses to comply with the real id act. that changed the wording on the top of the card to the accident district of columbia instead of washington, dc. because of the confusion though, the wording has been changed back to washington, dc. if you're stressing out about navigating your way around the airports this holiday season, don't worry. a new apple feature has you covered at least in some airports. the new apple maps feature is able to guide you through at least 35 airport terminals around the world. it will show you where the check in desks are, security checkpoints and even the
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operational in new york, chicago and la, then also bwi among others, so far not reagan or dulles. i see dulles. reagan is easy. >> bwi is easy >> something like chicago o' hare or big huge lax they're one that is sometimes confuse me >> you see more people walking around like this. >> coming up, a special delivery for a gold star family. >> dc mother reached out for a little help this holiday season, how a small charity helped in a huge way. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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believe with me. they received a last minute call from a dc mother desperate. she just
6:38 pm
served overseas and said she needed help. couldn't handle preparing for the holidays. they showed up on her doorstep. >> we're here to >> one local family stepped up in a huge way to help another who they had never met before. >> we're here to give you christmas. hi, sweet girl. >> hi. >> christina collins and her children worked with a flood based charity called believe with me to give the gift of christmas. jordan's husband recently died after serving oversea >> they're not in a place to do christmas for themselves, there's two daughters and a mom, and one week ago our family sent out an e-mail to our friends in mclean saying we need these items >> donations came boring in between that and help from believe with me. they had most everything they needed gifts to pile under the
6:39 pm
tree. a complete dinner >> there's mashed potatoes, turkish, h am >> and plenty of deck durations >> here's some extra christmas decorations if you want to do more decorating and here's a star. >> reporter: our fox 5 photographer got a chance to get in on the action >> amazing, this was such a great blessing. i am so grateful >> we'll put this on your front door in honor of your dead >> believe with me has worked in the past to provide gifts for cold star children but this was the first family in the dc area to receive an entire gold star christmas. >> this was her husband, this is her dad. so this is the man that we're here for today. thanking him for serving our country. god bless you, you've been through a lot. >> thank you so much >> we're so happy we can just bring a little joy and a little hope. your dad is not
6:40 pm
>> jordan was so touched, she wanted to know what she can do to return the favor next year >> let me know whatever i can do to be of help to someone else. >> absolutely. >> i'm all in >> we feel blessed our family can do this, we feel blessed to be part of this group and the look on that little girl's face and the joy that mom had when i called and told her we were doing this ask absolutely what the holidays are about. >> merry christmas everybody. >> was jordan's 10-year-old olivia. jordan also has a teenager daughter who couldn't be there. because she helps support the family by working. she couldn't get off work for the day. all the girls had asked for were winter coats. again, believe with me is a small charity and christina collins is trying to help it grow. she wants everyone watching right now to help spread the word, especially with so many gold star families here in our area. >> winter coats is all they
6:41 pm
for, they're getting so much more, shows you the need >> what a great life lesson, the mom teaching this is what this is about, this person died helping us. what great >> and now that family wants to participate next year to help another family. >> love it. coming up, a special proposal at a local high school is all caught on camera >> that he is didn't just light up the sky in california. take a look at this. how it lit up social media from coast to coast. coast to coast.
6:42 pm
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. that sounds familiar, people heard the iconic sound of big ben's bell. the first time since august. the palace of westminster's elizabeth tower fell silent for a four-year renovation, last time the big bell went silent was in 2007 for refurbishment. the next time the city will hear the tones will be at 1:00 p.m. on new year's day. >> makes you feel like you're there. take a look at this unique take on music. nor we gen composer recently performed at london's festival ha
6:45 pm
phone, an ice, he headaches the instruments using chain saws and pick axes and instruments used in london were made in nor way and shipped over in special containers. a lot of making >> fair to say he takes summers off? a whole in taiwan trying to attract customers with an under water christmas tree in their swimming pool. looks like santa there, sue before a differs are wearing santa claus hats and exploring the sunken boat display. you can see them waiving to onlookers and taking pictures with the sub merged 12 foot christmas tree. if you've been on social media in the past 24 hours, you may have seen this. no, opt at all >> 24 second maybe. >> lights in the sky over los angeles last night. >> many are questioning was it a ufo or
6:46 pm
will carr has the details from los angeles. >> reporter: wow, talk about friday night lights. this light show in the sky over los angeles setting social media light with speculation >> is it a ufo >> there's another one coming out of it. is that a ufo? >> reporter: despite the resent revelations to investigate ufo sightings in this tweet, it wasn't a ufo, nonetheless one from north korea. the falcon nine rocket launched from southern california >> i never seen nothing crazy like that in my life >> why the cool light show? it's physics, mix water have any pour and you catch stunning images like these on camera. watching this play out in
6:47 pm
do the lights justice and most people had no idea that it was successfully carrying satellites, instead they were wondering if we were experiencing independence day over christmas in los angeles, will carr fox news. glad it wasn't that. >> could have been >> quite yet. >> no, that had to be pretty wild to look up and see if you don't know what's going on >> could be a new form of transportation for santa maybe. >> taking a space ship now. the weather not so bad today, some people are hoping for a white christmas. not looking that way >> not going to happen here, no. today was first of all exceptionally warm. plus we have rain, which we're still dealing with, now we'll take a little bit of a reverse in terms of those warm conditions, hopefully you enjoyed that mild weather today, but it is about to change. >> bundle up. >> very drastically change, we're talking arctic air moving .
6:48 pm
now, we've had showers off and on all day, i said this yesterday, that it was not going to be a total wash-out, definitely was not a wash-out. periods of rain, light to moderate, we have a pretty heavy line moving through, the showers will continue into the evening, sunday starts plenty of sunshine and then we'll see rain moving into the later part of the afternoon hours, get out early if you want avoid that and get that last minute shopping done. arctic air is coming in. cold for christmas eve, and snow light possibility of seeing a little bit of that. here's satellite and radar for you. the deep south all the way to new england is where we have delays in terms of air travel if you're heading anywhere, just be aware of that. otherwise, things are not so bad in the other parts of the country, but right here now, we have this real heavy line of rainfall coming through, it's causing ponding on roads also so do be careful if this is where
6:49 pm
you're driving or headed to in the next little while until this gets out of here, because some of this is coming down pretty heavy and we picked up pretty strong wind gusts and you'll feel that if you're on the roads in this weather. 43 miles per hour wind gusts in dc because of that rainfall, elsewhere, 30 at dulles, 21 at quantico, 22 at annapolis and 20 at fredericksburg, winds gusting at 36 at culpeper. the other side of the story is these winds are moving in from the south, and we've had that southerly wind flow all day. that's what boosted our temperatures, and today's highs were some 20 degrees warmer than they should be for today for the seasonal average. take a look at the national map. colder air well to the north and we got moderate air flow look at us, into the warm sector here, hort lived because this arc air will move down behind an arctic fronts tonight and tomorrow, be prepared for that.
6:50 pm
temperatures 55 at dc, 52 at gaithersburg, 50 at dulles, cooler to the west, 46 at winchester, 50 at martinsberg as the colder air starts to move in. overnight lows into the 30's and into the 40's. we have a winter weather advisory from 7:00 p.m. sunday to 7:00 a.m. sunday, expect to see anywhere from two to four inchings of snow showers there. here we'll see christmas eve a little bit of wintery mix, nothing that will stick around, might see a passing flake by the time we get to christmas day but other than that, not much, 39, cold and windy we got windchills that will feel like it's in the 20's. tonight we're talking 40, seven-day forecast now, take a look. here you can see where the temperatures really start to dip. daytime highs are only going to be in the 30's. overnight lows in the 20's. i want to tell you definitely christmas day windchills will feel like it's in the 20's. >> man. >> wow. >>
6:51 pm
florida. sorry about that >> rub it in. . >> that's fitting for christmas >> just would be nice to have the snow >> i'm glad all of the things i need to keep outside for the party like beverages will stay cold. few years ago, when it was 70, we were like, what can we do? >> you just keep them outside >> well, when it's that cold, why not? 20 degrees is like an extra refrigerator. >> makes sense >> takes up less space. looking for love this holiday season? you're not alone. said we're approaching peak dating season, the online dating service says it begins december 26th day after christmas and runs through valentine's day, during that time, it sees 50 million messages sent and 1 million dates take place, the busiest dating day of the year is january 7th. i'll bet because everybody puts it off over the holidays. >> you don't want to get a gift or something >> your busy with your family, you know,
6:52 pm
>> exactly [cheers and applause] look at that. a high school football coach gets down on one knee this week and asked the love of his life, a choir teacher to marry him and he did it in front of the entire audience at the seneca valley high school winter concert. fred kim sang the frank sinatra classic the way you look tonight and his wife to be said it's a moment she will never forget. >> when i first saw that story, adorable. looking for a way to spend the holiday weekend? we got you covered >> kevin mccarthy shows us the new movies and gives us his take what's going on in theaters coming up next. screech
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
jumanji. it serves as a sequel. it pays homage to robin williams brilliant performance and the first was one of the my favorite moves of all time, the new film is completely a different take on the story that exists in the same universe, which is why it serves more as a sequel to that because they refer back to robin william's character, it opens as four teenagers in detention who find an old video game console with the game jumanji. they get sucked in the game and become the characters they were playing in the game. this creates a lot of comedy considering jack black's character is actually a teenager girl. jack black steals the film. the chemistry is great and the concept is clever especially if you're a video game fan, the rock is fantastic.
6:56 pm
performance was kevin hart. it's entertaining and worth seeing i gave it a 3.5 out of five worth seeing, next is steven spiel berg's the post which tells the "washington post" publishing the pentagon papers in the early 70's, tom hanks and meryl streep absolutely fantastic and spiel berg began sheeting this movie in the end of may of this year and it's coming out. it's incredible. the timeliness of this film as well as how he did his signature style and quality in that short of a period of time. the film is masterly shot on 35 millimeter film and balances out where you even find yourself wondering what's going to happen? that is the key to a great story teller, you get so suspended in disbelief you forget what you already know about the story. that's amazing i gave the movie a 4.5 out of ve
6:57 pm
2017. next is the greatest show man starring hugh jack man, it's about p t barn am a. the music and the sound track i found to be a better quantity element than the movie itself and the film is one of the best sound tracks i've heard in years. all the performances are amazing. jackman, i felt the film's pacing was off and way too rushed and i didn't find myself focused on a particular story line, also the lip sink for the songs pull lid me out of the movie at times,000 i gave it a three out of five. great sound tracking decent film. also i saw pitch perfect three. i liked it but didn't love it. the first one is still the best but i enjoyed spending time with these characters again. the third film though i felt was a little bit unnecessary if you want to spend time you'll find it to be a decent film not great. the first one still the best. you can find my reviews at kevin mccarthy tv on
6:58 pm
kevin mccarthy, fox news. >> i kind of want to watch pitch perfect 3 >> we'll see you tonight. ♪ ♪ [ splash ] [ horn sounds ] dang! ok, i gotta run. hey, wait, there's something i need to tell you- dang. dang! dang! dang. dang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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>> today on tmz. >> alex trebek did not get the memo. he shamed a woman for her rank in the army. >> that must be really tough for a woman. a master sergeant is giving orders most of the time. >> is it possible that alex was saying this replace of sympathy? >> what is no? >> alex rodriguez got a brand-new private jet. a gulfstream. >> if your girlfriend is jennifer lopez, you have to do more. >> he is planning for the future. he needs a bigger one for the kids. >> it's a family jet. >> this is like a volvo. >>


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