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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 26, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪ straight ahead, a deadly shooting in prince george's county. we're live at the scene in hyattsville with the unfolding details. and fighting flames in frigid temperatures. investigators in northern virginia are now looking into the cause of a massive fire that broke out on christmas. plus, the non so friendly skies. united airlines in trouble again. caught in the middle of another controversy this morning. a local teacher says she was booted from her night to make room for a congresswoman. we'll tell you how the airline is responding this morning. and it's not over yet. another shopping rush is about to begin. what you need to know about your returns and how to snag the best deals before the new year. good day
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♪ we got dole for you. it does not going cost i was thing all you got to do is sit there and watch good day dc. on this tuesday. >> don't threaten the people. >> december 26th. hey, welcome to the show. maureen, steve -- >> i think i'm kevin. >> and frozen over here. >> frozen. >> iseman. >> disney frozen. >> your not disney pros frozen. you're some other kind of frozen. >> i be chiron the number one animated film of all time? >> no. kevin mccarthy, ladies and gentlemen, with the snowflakes. >> i like it. >> we like it. >> happy holidays to you. >> vick my hand, too, kevin. >> good to see you. good to see you. welcome. >> thanks for having me on the couch. >> there you go. >> fun. >> welcome. we'll see what happens this morning now. first up, if you gotten a phone call from number very close to your own number, it's happened to me probably happened to you. theoriux bow calls and they are on the rise. scam cost something people big bucks. we'll tell you what's being
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how protect yourself. >> all right. i actually got one unrecorecognd number it said scam alert. >> on your phone. >> i know. why these people almost have my number calling me. >> i know. i never answer unidentified numbers. i don't care what they look l like. >> my unidentified numbers are coming from where i'm report originally in you port news, chesapeake and hampton the same number from the same city every single day. good do you answer them. >> i never answer it. that's why they keep calling. that's the same with me i never answer. >> like insurance or mortgage company. very strange. >> we'll talk about it first let's take live look outside on this tuesday morning much it is cold out there. i mean frigid temperatures greeting us this morning. and you should not expect much of a warmup this afternoon either. let's check in with tucker barnes see what's in store for us today and throughout the week. good morning. >> hey, maureen, in fact today will be the warm one with a high temperature forecast to be about 38 degrees. so that gives i was sense how much cold air w
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as we are going to have pretty extraordinary cold temperature particularly when we're looking at winter chills with potential to be 0 degrees around here for -- to time over the next several days. cold temps to stay. current numbers we are now up to 31 at reagan national. notice the winds not nearly as gusty or as blustery as yesterday. out of the west northwest at seven. we'll have some breezes today. you know, five, ten, perhaps 15 miles an hour. that's giving us a wind chill of 24 so please make sure you're ready for cold one today. even though temperatures will be in the 30s it won't feel terribly warm. we've gotten this pretty stubborn little cloud deck across the 95 corridor early this morning. and we're thinking it will push east here. you can see a loft clearing out along 81. we shall turn partly sunny this afternoon it will remain chilly for this time much year with temperatures in the upper 30s. then we'll get another cold front tonight which is going to bring us even more cold air for the day tomorrow.
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don't get above freezing i think by tomorrow night early thursday we can have wind chills around here near 0 degrees. so much more on the seven day forecast coming up. but you can see those temperatures the reason i showed it to you now unseasonably cold for the next week. in fact this may be one of our coldest stretches we've had in couple years time across the washington area. okay, guys. i'll hoe show that you seven day coming up in a minute. >> let's start our news right at 9:00 o'clock with a deadly overnight shooting it happened outside of a home in prince george's county. that call came in about 2:15 this morning. >> kristyn leon has been following this story joining us now from the scene with the latest. kristyn. >> reporter: good morning steve and maureen this is what we know so far. we actually got a better vantage point here this morning. police say a man who lives inside this house, this white house here shot a man outside of his home. now that man was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. right now detectives they were gathering as much evidence. they were
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search until were in this driveway here you see the perimeter that's closed off and just evaluating the scene and looking into what happened here. >> we are trying to determine if there was any relationship there was several witnesses inside of the home which were speaking to and try to to put all the pieces together. report roar again one man is dead here in the shooting as you just heard police right now are trying to figure out the relationship between the shooter and the victim and also what led up to this shooting early this morning. so again we will keep you posted on any other developments in the story and let you know obviously what happens from here. right here and online fox5 for now reporting live from hyattsville, maryland, this morning. kristyn lee only i'll send it back to you. >> 9:05 is the time. developing overnight in spotsylvania county, virginia, officers who are looking for suspect who fired a gun at police on interstate 95. state police say it happened around 11:30
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officers were in pursuit of a vehicle in the northbound lanes of 95 when they heard gunfire. northbound lanes were shut down for a period of time overnight. while police investigated. ♪ time right now 90:00 sick. new this morning, a small smoke alarm likely saved a live today overnight fire crews in montgomery county responded to a house fire in chevy chase on cummings lane. these are pictures of the fire scene and aftermath which were posted on twitter. when fire crews arrived the homeowner was already outside thanks to fire alarm which woke them up. the fire began on the first floor and spread to the second. investigators believe the fire was an accident and likely began because of an electrical pro problem. damage to the home is estimated to be as much as $400,000. also developing this morning, a massive overnight fire broke out inside an antique store. the mount vernon section of alexandria. it happened along richmond highway near mount vernon highway. the foyer caused a wall of the building to partially collapse. the one problem that one of
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to regroup and switch gears to put out that fire. >> we began with aggressive offensive attack. but shortly thereafter because of the fuel load and fire volume and concern for the age of the building, evidence that the building could possibly collapse we withdrew from the structure. >> up to 100 firefighters were working this fire non one wasn't inside at the time. no injuries were reported. the united states is come cutting annual donation to the united nations by almost $300 million. after the un condemned the trump administration's decision to move the american embassy to israel fox news correspondent david lee miller has the det details. >> reporter: the united nations has agreed to a budget cut back following the negotiations with the us. president trump u new jersey critic has repeatedly said the world organization is mism mismanaged. >> while the united nations on a regular budget has increased by 140%, and its staff has more than doubled since 2000 sand, we are not
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line with this invest. >> reporter: un am bass dough nicky haley says the u new jersey core budget of 5.4 billion will be reduced by $285 million about 5%. no specifics on how the money in the new budget would be saved. but a statement from the u.s./un mission said "in addition to these significant cost savings, we reduced the un bloated management and support functions bolstered support for key us priorities throughout the world, and instilled more discipline and accountability throughout the un system. the us is by far the largest contributor to the u new jersey budget paying 22%. $610 million this year. that's more than double the next largest contributor japan followed by china, germany and france. 31 of the poorest member states pay 1,100th of a percent. about $28,000 a year. the budget cutting announce many follows a vote in the un general assembly. rejectin
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decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capitol. ambassador hail lee under scored the lopsided distributions following the un general assembly vote against the us. >> when we make generous contributions to the un, we also have a legitimate expectation that our goodwill is recognized and respected. when a nation is singled out for attack in this organization that nation is disrespected. what's more, that nation is asked to pay for the privilege of being disrespected. >> reporter: latest united states nation budget reduction follows another un budget cut that was urged by the u.s. the un peacekeeping mission which has separate funding slash it billion dollars budget by 600 million. washington still picks up the largest portion of the peacekeeping tab of $2 billion a year. in new york, david lee miller, fox news
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9:09. happening today, the montgomery county council will vote on bill which would allow residents to pre pay proper taxes. many are trying to take advantage of a pre-payment option before president trump's tax plan goes into effect. on january 1st, deductions for state, local and property taxes will be capped at $10,000. the theory if you pay your property taxes before the law takes effect, you can avoid the cap for one more year. >> a lot of people will be looking a the that. 9:10. still to come this morning it's a holiday tradition in the district and one most beautiful catholic churches in the world. we'll take you inside christmas in the ba system will he what of the national shrine. >> winter storm blasts the northwest and north east making this one of the busiest travel days of the year extremely dangerous. ♪
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i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay. ♪ all right. welcome back. it is currently 9:13. christmastime is certainly special here in washington, d.c. and especially at one of the most beautiful catholic churches in the world. more than 15,000 people walked through the doors of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception for christmas mass this year.
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fox5's anjali hemphill has more. take look. ♪ >> reporter: as the songs of angels filled these golden halls, thousands stood in the church pews basking in a gentle winter light on christmas day at basilica of the national shrine of the many mack queue late conception in washington, d.c. for decades christmas has been celebrated here and everyoe is welcomed. as they rejoiced above, down below hard-working volunteers made sure everyone was fed a delicious christmas dinner. >> we receive such joy from being able to share. share. christmas present to be able to be here and to serve others. >> reporter: valencia camp says this is the 41st year she has helped to coordinate this meal for people on christmas who are a lone or in need. people come to sit, walk and
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>> they have strangers sitting together with each other. we have strangers volunteering side by side with each other. and it doesn't matter the age or their parish or anything. they're here for a common purpose. >> reporter: like the santana familiarly from companies at a ricoh who say this is more than just a dinner it's a reunion long in the making. >> for my family this is my first time here altogether. i'll visit with as many as i can and dressed like this the kids think i'm santa. so that is adds special note to it. >> reporter: stan has technically already come and gone the archbishop of washington cardinal donald wuerl says the spear christmas should be remembered all year long. >> christmas is all about god loving us and asking us, love one another. imagine what this world would be like, imagine what this city would be like if we actually put that into practice and tried, tried to love one another and sometimes in very simple ways. >> reporter: in northeast, anjali
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news. >> incredible. >> one of the most beautiful churches i've seep in my life. >> it is. >> you go there. >> i go. there. the domes they just redid one of domes repainted it it's so gorgeous. they have different chapels inside the basilica. if you've never been go tour. you don't have to be cam lymph. just go to see it. >> you can spend all day in a church finding new interesting things. >> you do when i go to new york city i walk into the churches and light a candle for my grandfather it is just incredibly architecture. especial until d.c. since we live here we forget. >> religious structures are just amazing. saw the blue mosque and hydra sophia. >> in instant bull this past week. you talk about those structures date back to fifth century when you're talking about that many years before we were a country. >> go to steve's instagram he has so many great photos from his trip in turkey and bud pest. >> posting more throughout the week. president trumpe
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familiar until their private mira lago resort but he didn't forget about the american people before the special day was over the first couple greeted the nation with a christmas tweet and also video message. >> at this time of year we see the best of america, and the soul of the american people. >> we renew the bonds of love and goodwill between our citizens and most importantly we celebrate the miracle of christmas. >> president trump also claimed he is responsible for bringing back the merry christmas greeting in a tweet he said, people are proud to be saying merry christmas again. i am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished bountiful phrase. merry christmas! in the meantime the pope continued his christmas day tradition at the vatican. he also you've his christmas message to call for negotiated two state solution in attempt to end the israeli palestinian conflict. this comes after president trump spark tension with his recognitio
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israel's capital. british royal family stepped out yesterday for christmas to go to church. the usual crowds gathered to watch and for the first time prince harry's american fiance' meghan markle tenned it is rare for a significant other to be invited before the wedding. >> here in the district we were only dreaming of a white christmas. but good portion of the country ended up actually getting a white out christmas. severe weather ripped across the northern part of the united states. the winter wonderland may have been beautiful but it had some bad timing falling during the busiest travel time the year. >> lots of americans got to enjoy a white christmas. >> it's gorgeous. the best christmas present we could ask for. strong winter storm out of the rockies brought self feet of snow much of the midwest. the northeast got its share as well and some parts received three to 5-inches of snow per hour. although it fell less rapidly in most areas with any snowfall there's always a catch. hazardous driving
9:19 am
motorists across the country were advised to stay off the roads monday and for good reason. crews responded to countless accidents, crashes, spin outs and pileups. massachusetts state police lowered the speed limit to 40 miles per hour from boston to the new york border. many drivers were purposely going even slower. >> the windows get icy and the windshield wipers aren't very effective with the ice. >> near zero visibility was the biggest problem in places like erie, pennsylvania. it om took a light coating of snow to make those roads slippery in the seattle area. parts of washington state got barely an inch overnight, but it was enough to make driving a slippery nightmare. >> i'm stuck in the middle so i can't go anywhere. >> people out walking had to contend with frigid tempe temperatures. the temperatures in mason city, iowa, monday, negative 3 de 3 degrees. >> it's cold. cold is cold. you got to adjust. >> all of that snow on the roads combined with freezing temperatures made driving at night eve
9:20 am
we hope everyone drives carefully and gets home safely. i remember when i lived in the state of washington. how bad it was because seattle doesn't really deal with snow that much g right. >> on the coast. >> on the coast. they deal with a little bit but when it snows it's pretty much like here, well not like here, they freak out. >> everything shuts down. people are in panic they start driving crazy so it's an adventure. it's crazy. >> yeah. >> all the snow and things that happen. >> it's beautiful to look at if you don't have to go anywhere. >> exactly. >> look out the window say that's nice. i'm going back in my house. >> be safe out there. >> tucker was saying parts of northern pennsylvania got over . 53-inches in two days. >> can you imagine living in buffalo, new york. >> that would be awesome. i like cold weather and snow. >> cold weather is one thing. when the snow is up to your head. >> that's cool, though. >> when it starts in october and ends in march. >> never ends. >> i'm good with that. for some reason they know how to operate gone to school. >> you lose and within elections in chicago based on your snow removal. if you can't function and get your ward cleane u
9:21 am
of there. >> about what you do for me. >> go to google maps any time it starts flurrying here it's just red. completely -- no one knows how to drive in the snow. >> before we start that war again. are we wimps. let's not do it. >> still ahead a new power player in the world of business. we'll tell what millennial women are doing to make a big impact on the start up world in first take look at our top stories this morning. new details on to horrific small plain crash in florida. united airlines at the center of another controversy involving a passenger this one from d.c. and caught on camera, a protester' as tempt thwarted why she wanted to disrupt the vatican' nass tiff have the scene. want she was or was not wearing at the time. those stories and more next in headline. ♪ ♪♪
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♪ >> 9:24 right now. check on what's happening some of the other stories making headlines on this tuesday morning. first up, down in florida ntsb investigating the cause of that small plain crash that killed maryland couple. five people killed in all. the maryland couple 26-year-old baltimore teacher victoria worthington and 27-year-old university of maryland law student peter worm worthing top, j authorities say that plane went down christmas eve morning just after take off. investigators think heavy fog played a role in that crash. sigh of relief for many in southern california a bit after fire officials say the thomas fire is not expected to continue to spread but already become the largest in
9:25 am
thomas fire began decemb december 4th. so far it has burned more than 273,000 acres. that makes it the largest fire in california modern history. dc teacher accusing airlines of booting her from area first class seat to give it to a member of congress. jean marie simon was at bush international airport in houston last week when she noticed tech text congresswoman sheila jackson lee get he is cored on to the plane before everybody else when it came time for her to board the gate attendant told her her system wasn't in the system any more. she maintains -- airline said simon canceled her flight. she said they canceled her reservation to com date the congresswoman. they reached out to simon to apologize and offer her compensation. >> caught on camera at the vatican a protester tried to snatch a baby jesus from the vatican nativity scene that protester not wearing a top before the pope delivered his christmas
9:26 am
she shouted god is woman. security personnel quickly able to stop her. she's part of the ukraine group called pep minute. that same group staged acellular protest in 2014 and stole the statue for being arrested. >> finally it's a port o potty that became a holiday sensation this starred when it was left behind at highway construction site in my sore reach instead of getting angry, nearby neighbors decided to decorate it. port o potty was dub the magic toilet and went viral on social media. neighbors decided to set up a donation bin and started collecting canned goods, coats and cash all to donate to charity. the local official said typically wouldn't leave it here but we will this time. >> steve since it was a port o potty uh-uh mentioned it went viral, viruses. >> okay. it's a little bit of a reach. >> all right. >> as tucker would say, you've got to stick the landing. >> i was trying. >> i was trying to do a steve related transition. >> i would have laughed more if i wasn't directly looking at wisdoms toes pace entire time. >> the whole time wisdom i
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>> i knew it was bad but i had to item it. >> you took the shot. >> you got to throw them out. >> even wisdom will appreciate you taking the shot. >> you got to take the shot. even though it was an air ball. that's okay. >> did i hit the rim. >> no, air ball. straight air ball. [ laughter ] >> still ahead mel len ya'll women taking over the start up world. wee take look at the key to their success next. >> robo calls are on the rise so what's being done to stop them? fox5 is getting your answers this morning. >> you see what i mean. viral. >> oh, yes. >> virus. ♪ z2momz zi0z
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♪ >> man. kevin is dropping some -- >> this guy comes on the set. >> i know, right? >> talking smack. >> kevin just tried to make another joke about singing. he's like wisdom who sings that let them keep sinking it. >> an oldie but a goodie. >> let's keep that it way. >> you saw who laughed when he did that. did he. >> like i said air ball. that was brick. boing, boing, boing hit the backboard just like that. >> you got on the board this that time. >> i'll get a swish before the end of the show. 9:30. >> who run the world? >> apparently not me today. >> girls. >> thank you for specifically millennial women fox business tracy looks at the rise of millennial women entrepreneurs. >> reporter: the fast paced world of businesses and start ups
9:31 am
power player at the center of it all. millennial women. and a new study is finding the key to their success may be all about confidence. founders of many of these start up say the idea originated from a need in their own lives. live. wants to be informed and just they're busy and outread to create a different form of news to fit into their lives. >> tech wear -- >> i wear the stuff that doesn't do anything, my jewelry i wonder if i can make it smart haven't it help me and do more than just decorate me. >> reporter: or travel? my luggage broke and i was looking for something to replace it and they're just wasn't a great option in the market. everything was either high quality and super expensive or cheap but i knew would it fall are a part. >> reporter: whatever the motivation millennial women are making a huge impact in the starter world. a new study found that 83% of millennial women want to own their own businesses. for those who already do, 75% expecting profits to increase in
9:32 am
>> you know i think there's a culture shift in, um, in recent years where there's been lot of very vocal very strong women who have been successful respective fields that then get coverage and that in turn inspires other women to take risks or take chances or start businesses and then they get covered. >> they're showing no signs of slowing down. we have well over three and a half million active subscribers which is really unprecedent. >> for this generation of entrepreneurs, it's not just about local looking ahead it's also about looking to the next generation. >> women have been smart and brilliant and creative and entrepreneurial. since we've existed. but i think the media interest in these stories is great because it inspires the next generation and gives them something to look up to. >> reporter: in new york, tracy, fox business. all right. let's switch gears now and get
9:33 am
all morning long we've been talking about how cold it is outside. in fact he used the word frigid earlier. right? >> i certainly did use frigid. i'm not sure if i was talking about weather what we were talking about. yes, i did use it you were talking about weather this time. >> okay. >> frigid, bitter. >> bitter. right. >> one of words, washington other words can we use. >> there's a joke but eyeing fit what it be. >> you got two minutes to figure the out. >> you got it. >> very cold temperatures to start the day frigid and bidder will be used over the next week or so daytime highs are really going struggle around here to hit the freezing mark later this week. so today daytime highs forecast to be in the mid to upper 30s although you can see we're not there yet. with the cloud cover it will be slow to happen. but today -- here the deal. today's forecast to be the warm one in the next week or so with eventual highs in the mid up to per 30s. 31 now at reagan national. everybody at or below freezing even in the 9:00 o'clock hour. 32 in leonardtown. fredericksburg 32. 28 dulles. look at the mountains in
9:34 am
24 in hagerstown. 27 winchester. so very cold start at the day. and this is just extraordinary. i'll take up into parts of canada minus three in chicago is pretty impress si. minus eight in minneapolis. look at international falls minus 24. big trout lake where one day steve and i will visit pipe minus 28 these are actual air temperatures. swan river minus 21. all of this incredibly cold air is going to modify but kind of move to the south and to the south and east over the next couple of days and the core of the coldest will be park over the upper midwest in particular over parts of missi minnesota ad wisconsin. lots of cold air on the way. there's your high resolution satellite/radar. you can see we got pretty cloud deck d.c. up towards baltimore but there's in clearing off to& the northth west. i think we'll gradual the get partly sunny this afternoon it await the arrival of our next cold frontal. i showed you those cold temperatures north and we have. our n
9:35 am
tonight winds will pick up there might be a flurry overnight and very very cold tomorrow. in fact we're concerned that by tomorrow night early thursday, we can have wind chills approaching 0 degrees for parts of the area. so look at those daytime highs. tomorrow 30. thursday 28. could be a period of light snow friday and/or saturday. still not quite sure about the timing or how much that might be but we have to watch it carefully. clipper system and then look at your new year's eve and new year's day forecast. highs in the 20s overnight lows in the teens. with wind chills once again right around zero. so you know the bottom line here is we got to take the cold seriously it's going to be on the dangerous side for several days over the next week or so as we get into the new year. >> all right. guys. you know how many people will be walk aig round in party dresses and jackets and 19 year degree weather on new year's eve. >> i hope they layer. >> heed your warnings. >> right. >> is it weird i want snow so we can have a fox5 sleepoverik
9:36 am
down the street. >> that's fun for you. >> those are my favorite we get to do sleepovers at the hotel. >> you work like 20 hour days. >> so what? it's awesome. >> so what? >> it's family time. >> i'm just kidding, kev, i would love that. >> you would. > tucker you're a fan of those. >> i love it. >> we have great time. >> never participated. >> i don't know we have a great time. >> i always have a good time. >> the stories that come from it are always epic. >> right? >> i'll say. >> we'll fine out. >> remember that time... i got to go. >> typically just sleep the entire time. >> it's a lot of fun. missed out on the fun part apparently. >> i enjoy those. 9:00 arthritic is the time right now it's problem familiar to all of us. your phone rings and it's an automated voice on the line likely trying to rhee rip you off in some cases. those pesky robo calls are surging across the nation with americans now getting about 2.5 billion per month. fox5's lindsay watts has the details and a look at what you can do about these calls
9:37 am
>> reporter: how often do you get scam calls? >> sometimes twice a day. >> you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. >> i would say at least five or sick times a week. >> irs calling uh-uh owe a certain amount of money. >> very annoying. how do you stop it? >> reporter: if it seems like you're getting morrow bow and stamp calls lately, it's not your imagination. they are surging. >> this is certainly the biggest issue that we've dealt with this year. i actually get them myself. >> reporter: patrick webber is with the federal communications commission. regulate the here are not immune to the problem. >> i get robo calls from the same thee digit prefix of my own cell phone. >> reporter: you may have noticed this, too. often the number calling you is close to your own number. it's called call spoofing. >> it's working because i definitely pick it up thinking it's a family member or something. >> it's just another way for them, for these illegal scammers to get you to pick up the phone. >> reporter: if you've ever
9:38 am
wondered how it works, we'll show you. i just downloded an app that let's me call anyone i want from any number i choose. i'm going to call my photographer van just pick number at random, done and call. and it's as easy as that. at best these calls are annoying, and at worst people are getting ripped off. we asked the fcc what's being done to stop this? >> we're empowering phone companies to actually block calls before they even reach a consumer's phone. >> report earlier this morning the fcc changed the rules. for the first time phone companies can block robo calls that appear fraudulent. there is still a question of whether phone companies will charge you fourth service. the fcc is also working with a phone industry to authenticate the caller id you see on your phone to help prevent spoofing. finally, the agency is cracking down on scammers who get caught. >> just this year alone we've
9:39 am
$200 million against illegal robo callers. >> reporter: while nothing can totally eliminate the billions of calls, the fcc says this will at least help quiet down your phone. >> the number you have called is unavailable. >> consumers will see a decline in robo calls they receive. >> there are few things you can do yourself to pre 15 these kind of calls. on both iphones and androids as well. you can block numbers. there's also an app that blocks illegitimate rob bow calls for it's called no mo rob bow it won a competition by the federal trade commission. it is also a good idea to make sure that your number is on the national do not call registry. >> although when you're on that registry, which i think a lot of people registered for you still get calls. >> you do. > what's the point? >> is there a reason you don't answer my calls it says kevin your best friend. >> that's probably why. >> yeah, that's why. i know exactly who it is. >> i'm just wondering. >> hang on. no mo rob bow
9:40 am
>> no mo. >> i'll text you kevin. >> okay. >> when it came up in that story lindsay it said scam likely on the phone. >> i got that last -- >> did you have to sign up nor. >> didn't sign up at all. i just got it what a pleasant surprise. i didn't recognize the number but it said scam likely. okay. hang up. >> not going to answer that one. >> i never answer a call where i don't recognize the number. >> i don't either. >> if you're not programmed in my phone and you kell me you won't get me. >> really? >> it's that simple. >> you need to get a hold of me leave a message. >> what if it's unerring emergency. >> leave a message. >> you check it right away. >> i hit delete. >> if a number i don't recognize if i see the same scam number come up an actual random number i've never seen come up before -- >> you'll answer it. >> i do. >> i'll answer it. whatever when you get unknown calls. >> i feel like something is happening, an emergency with the family. >> don't all your family members have your number. >> keep in mind, intern internay sometimes also. i have family where are.
9:41 am
>> nope. >> every last one of your family has your number. >> leave me a message. >> wow. >> really? >> yeah. i'm in the answering unknown call. sorry. >> i'll check the message right away if it's something i'll call back. >> after 30's its 30 seconds. >> your school's school if it comes up unknown, click. not doing it. >> wow! >> unknown, unrecognized -- >> all that money. >> wisdom is legitimate scrooge. in real life. the only difference i will answer kevin's calls. >> you'll answer kevin's calls. >> but i a put a time limit on them. >> i appreciate it. >> maybe i'll do that. speaking of me we have interview coming up with cat williams very funny comedian. we all know and love him as stand up comedian as well as an actor from friday after next. he's in new movie called father figures. >> there he is right that. he play as gentleman on the side of the street loo is hitchhiking a ride from ed helms and owen wilson. he may or may not be a serial killer. we'll have more from that coming up next right here on fox5. stay tune. >> it also don't pick up hitchhikers.
9:42 am
hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter)
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9:44 am
♪ give the man a ride. >> he can easily be a serial killer. >> are you a serial killer? >> i am not a serial killer. >> you just emphasized word serial. like i'm a killer but i'm not a serial killer. >> that was totally unintentional. >> our not saying i promise i'm not a killer. we can give you a ride but... those aren't too tight, are they. >> almost kill you. can't kill you. [ laughter
9:45 am
>> almost kill you. can't kill you. >> unfortunately that is funnier than the whole movie. >> wow, okay. >> all right. >> was that my swish? >> what. >> was that my swish. >> it was a bank shot but it didn't go in. >> we're still waiting. that was clip from the new movie father figures and i sat down with cat williams eye like a lot of comedians unfortunate al lot of comedians on their very funny in movies and stand up i found cat wil williams, to be interesg but very subdued and very chill. over the years a lot of -- >> curious. like a cat. [ laughter ] >> see what he did. now that was a swish right th there. >> that was a swish? >> that was a swish. >> all right. >> all right. >> i feel like if i said that you guys would be booing me because it came from steve it's okay. over the years i sat down with a lot of comedians robin williams my favorite because he was so on when you talked to him. people like that but will ferrell and tina fey lot of comedians are very low in pe person. as was
9:46 am
his stand up versus comedy but also could he see any of his characters in movies doing stand up cam dee. watch this. >> obviously you've been doing stand up for so many years i'm wondering in stand up you have an audience reaction you can gauge and see how the audience is reactioning and play off that laughter n a movie while people can laugh in the seep, your set has to be quiet. can you talk about the idea of delivering comedy in two different environments like t that? >> yes. but for me it's not two different environment, because i don't -- i don't do that with my stand up crowd. i'm not counting on their la laughs. >> okay. >> and using those as cues. i'm trusting that this conversation that we're having you're going to get out of what i got out of it f i say something and you don't laugh, that does not change my trajectory at all. >> hmm. >> that wasn't a part for you. that was a part for somebody else. we'll get t
9:47 am
um, the freeness of that dialogue i have in stand up and so when i'm doing the movie i'm trusting in the same beats. i'm still entertaining for the same audience. i'm still trying to make sure that i hit the marks that they need me to hit. and so in some cases it requires to you dial it all the way up and in cases like this it requires to you dial it all the way down. >> hypothetical question. you obviously play with characters in films before. could you see a character of yours trying to do stand yup. >> which one do you think would succeed in that aspect like trying to do stand yup. >> a character you played. >> all of my characters. [ laughter ] >> would make mag any of accept stand ups because they all -- they all get that thing. if it's, um... if it's money mike from friday after next or the guy in first sunday, it doesn't -- i
9:48 am
he's a truth teller and he can go on stage and he can be funny. he's got the beats.eats. that's catt williams from father figures the movie is playing figures now. i would love people to tweet us #gooddaydc what did you see at the movies over christmas. seven are eight films hit theater, jumanji and star wars. zen us your review using the hash tag good day dc. wisdom and i have been discussing star anniversary wars all morning. i'm curious where our viewers are about the film. >> the other good thing about catt williams if this movie is bad he has eight more movie lives left. >> this is a joke that i would love to make but if i made it, i would get crushed. >> you know why. >> why is it funny when steve says it. >> steve has home couch advantage. [ laughter ] >> that was troublely pretty good, too. >> that was really good. by the way. boo! >> now you want to boo me. it went in. i don't know if you boo me. >> that was swish. >> i lik
9:49 am
advantage. >> eight lives that might be your best one this morning. >> eight movie lives. >> he can have nine -- eight bombs but one solid success. >> there you go. >> all right. >> he's been in quite a few. >> that's not going to do well at all. >> dunkirk was much better. >> no you haven't seen scene dunkirk. >> i saw it. >> he claims to have seen it on plane. >> it was a you some. >> still ahead, holiday tradition in the dmv. six flags america gotten a winter wonderland makeover. >> look at that. we sent erin como to check out all the fun much she's going to join us live after the break with all the delicious details. >> look at you. >> some more of what? >> how can i have some more if i never had a s'more? start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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♪ ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale.
9:52 am
wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. ♪ all right. 9:52 back right now it's a winter wonderland at sick flags america. that's because some holiday magic has transformed the park. we sent erin como to check out all the fun and, boy s she having fun. erin, it looks amazing out th there. >> we are having so much fun. denise stokes will join us she's the communications director at six flags. we had a little bit of s'more melt down.
9:53 am
>> crackers were crushed. >> crackers are crush so we had to get new graham crackers. it's cold out so we can roast some smores. >> perfect weather for roasting smores. families actually love this when they come to six flags america for holiday in the park. and so we're asking the question, what's the perfect snore for you? the golden brown or charcoal does i'm saying golden brown. indira our photographer was giving me a s'more lesson i haven't roasted smores since i was ten years old we'll get these nice and toasty and make our little sandwiches. yours is ready. okay. i think mine is too. shake it off. then what do we do. >> blow out the fire. >> blow out the fire. >> and then -- [ laughter ] >> we're both left handed. so -- >> it's still burning. >> careful. >> help me. [ laughter ] >> okay. so now we just -- all we do is do like this and then we've got our own smores. >> that looks so good. >> i'm sure there are people that really experts at this
9:54 am
but holiday in the park is open every day this week from two confidential until 9:00 o'clock. we got here early. that's why there's no crowds yet. but, um, we are so excited about it. we love it. roasting smores is the big -- >> i'm making a mess out here. >> it kind of turn out i think. >> it looks really good. >> i think did you. >> you if did a great job much this is one of the family friendly activities. it's cold, ya'll. where we hiding inside between live shots. >> we're hiding at the saloon we traditional holiday meal, ham, turkey and dressing and also a live show that we put on inside of the saloon it's called rocking the north pole because that's the section we're in right now. we're in the north pole second. >> i love it it's beautiful inside where we showed you before sitting in front of a christmas tree. it is so festive here loca round and even though christmas was yesterday, we have have new year's to look forward to this weekend and ya'll are open all week long a lot of rides are going to be open. so what family seem to enjoyhe
9:55 am
>> we just did one things roasting the smores. they absolutely love that. they love our shows. we've got four shows we're doing. three of them are new. and so, oh my gosh, then, of course, there's a thrills. there's the rides that we have for people. we've got roller coasters, mind eraser, roar, apocalypse, wild one those are all going these are things that families love. >> a great time out here even though it's cold that fire pitt really does warm up. you look at the decorations. now i know that santa was very busy yesterday. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. >> obviously a lot of work to do. but we have santa's house here. we'll check it out in a little bit. we will do that. see maybe if santa is home. i don't know if he's home yet. >> we'll check 17 santa is home. we'll show you his house. coming law later after that we'll check out some of the looney tune shows another another big family favorite here. >> kids just love the looney tunes. >> i love them, too. but i consider myself a 30 some old year kid who obviously needs a little work with her s'more. i could put the m
9:56 am
i'm having multi tasking issues. i'll make you one indira. it's an all right job. denise did better. we'll work on that before we see you again in the 10:00 o'clock hour. i'll tell was it's cold, it's festive. we're enjoying ourselves at six flags. >> erin, you'll get it you just need s'more practice. >> oh, steve. >> that's another shot that goes in. >> how many baskets has steve made this morning. >> three baskets. >> what's the best movie fea featuring a s'more? >> what was the movie you were just quoting. >> the sand lot. >> best scene ever. >> one of the best scenes. >> okay. >> camera coming right towards me. >> nice. >> before we head to break right now how about a little coffee time on good day d.c. because if you've been eyeing our cool good day dc mugs,. >> wait a minute. >> there's our new pictures were you using these last week, too. >> i've never seen this before. >> we now -- brand new photos to go with our new mugs. >> both doing something you never do in photo. >> what's that. >> smile. >> all right. >> that was swish. >> that was swish. >> no, it wasn't. >> that was a lit
9:57 am
>> he's telling the truth. >> that was turnovr. we have a new good day d.c. mug to give away. the perfect cup for that great dunkin' donuts coffee. head to or our facebook page at d.c. to enter our mug contest. one lucky winner selected by random drawing but hurry up, you only have from now until 11am to enter. time right now 9:57. back in a moment. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ silent night ♪ ♪ holy night ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪
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i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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♪ strata head on good day at 10a, star-studded celebrations. from the rock to the kardashians a look how some of
10:01 am
stars spent the holidays. and one bad apple. last week the together joint dropped that battery bombshell and new word this morning that iphone ten sales are tanking. and no spoilers here but here's something about star wars the last jedi you may not have known. it has fans of the series geeking out and looking for something fun to do with the family over the holidays? our erin como is live at six flags america checking out holiday in the park. all right, d.c. let's do this in three, two, one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ all right. let's get it started right now at 10:01. it is tuesday, december 26th, 2017. >> i do want to mention by the way we are going to be doing box office and movies around 10:40 in the show. >> cool. >> tweet us your movies you saw over the holidays #gooddaydc we want to let you the viewer be the movie
10:02 am
>> cool. >> all you have to do do hash tag good day dc. whether or not you saw star wars, jumanji, whatever was out, pitch perfect three. all the money in the world. molli' games. the post is in washington, d.c. the shape of water. since we're in d.c. we get a lot of these bigger movies first. >> 280 characters to review your movie. >> #gooddaydc. no cursing. nothing profane we'll show you your review you let you be the movie reviewer. >> how many characters did you need for star wars review. >> three. >> what is it. >> bad. >> very bad movie. >> three words. >> the end. >> i'm surprised you don't get paid to do movie reviews. >> that was really really good. >> deep thought provoking stuff. >> wow. >> don't waste your time. that's four. >> okay. >> there you go. >> luke skywalker stinks. >> all morning long, people. >> i also didn't love it either. i'm very luke warm on that. >> all right. >> good talk. >> luke -- >> i got it. >> give me that one. >> give him that one
10:03 am
>> i'm luke warm on star wars. >> i can't. >> i'll give that you one. >> blew the lay up. >> i'm luke warm, man how do you not get that luke skywalker didn't love the film. >> oh, my god. >> we have some serious business to talk about now. want to get to the latest on that deadly overnight shooting man was shot outside home in prince george's county. fox5's kristyn leon has been out there all morning long with the details joining us with the latest. kristyn. >> reporter: good morning, maureen much this is what we know so far. police say a man living inside this home shot another man outside of his home. that man the one who was shot was taken to the hospital where he later died. right now police are gathering evidence and just going over what exactly happened here that led up to the shooting. >> we are trying to determine if there was any relationship. there was several witnesses inside, of the home we're spoke to go and trying to put all the pieces together
10:04 am
have been made in this case. we will let you know if there are any other developments going forward. rye here on and oh line. fox5 for to you reporting live in hyattsville, maryland, this morning, kristyn leon, fox5 local news. >> thanks, let's check what else is making headlines this morning. massive overnight fire broke out antique store in the mount vernon section of alexandria right along richmond highway near mount vernon hoy way. officials say that fire caused a wall of that building to partially collapse. also, one of the hydrants wasn't working they had to regroup, switch gears a bit to put out those flames. a lot of americans got a chance to enjoy white christmas. good section of the mid section of the country in the northeast had snow. winter storm out of the rockies brought several feet of snow to parts of the midwest. parts of the northeast received three to 5-inches of snow per hour. all of that snow on the roads combined with freezing temperatures created hazardous driving conditions so folks who were able to stay inside on christmas day probably a good thing. crews responded to countless accidents crashes spin outs and pileups. here we didn't have any snow and we didn't have much traffic either. hope y
10:05 am
bad news for apple right now. analysts have lowered shipment projections for theism phone x because they say demand fort phone such a big hit months ago is now dropping. thanks to the high priced point and lack of interesting innovations they say. instead consumers are opting for less expensive models like iphone eight and eight plus. apple iphone x the most expensive hand set yet. folks say maybe it's not worth the price. coat counting on the phone to boost shipments market value approaches the $1 trillion mark. final al florida man had christmas day melt down over the claims that his clams were too small. the 51-year-old man named -- ordered seafood crabby's seafood shack. needless to say the meal made him crabby. [ laughter ] >> he refused to pay for the meal saying the clams were unacceptablely tiny. don't know if he eight them first or not but he call 911 not once, not twice but three times to complai
10:06 am
it is not an emergency, sir. i know you're upset after the third time he was charged for misdemeanor nor mig using the emergency service for hissy food outburst. >> ridiculous. >> ridiculous. over clams. >> as i said earlier -- >> settle it in small clams court. [ laughter ] >> you guys are on foyer today. >> now that was amazing. >> see, you see how that works. nothing but net. >> can we get that swish, swish. >> man that was good. >> sorry. >> 10:0 sick is the time right now. >> ♪ >> threats right. that's for steve's shot right there. >> steve got four baskets. >> i'm considering my luke warm a basket. >> everything else is bricks. > here's the problem. you charge. you know how they offensive f fall. thou offensive foul. you don't get the bucket. >> you still got 50 minutes left. >> you got time. >> a lot time left in many game. let's see what else is tenning this morning, shall we? let's talk about this. president trump couldn't stand nfl players kneeling in protest during the
10:07 am
and a year marked by sex scandals, russian doping and the deadly hurricane. it's ban topic of discussion since former san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick initiated the protest in 2016. kaepernick says the goal was to bring attention to racial inequality and police brutality. >> all right. meanwhile, singer lord has canceled her show in israel over politics. for international super stars deciding whether to show up to your own concert might imply what side you're on, israel or palestine last week two of her fans publish an open letter asking her to cancel a performance planned for june of 2018. after consideration she released a statement saying i've received an overwhelming number of messages lenders to can settle show. i'm truly sorry to reverse my commitment to come play for you. i hope one day we can all dance. >> that's interesting. if playing video games for
10:08 am
is for me, you may be making yourself sick. the world health organization even officially classifying as a mental health condition known as gaming disorder. it's define as an obsession that takes precedence over other life interests. estimated 5% of gamers have a problem and the world health organization has yet to link other technologies to disorders like smart phone or internet addiction. >> what do you guys think. >> i think that's 100% legit because before i had children i used to play those video games and i -- it would be so engaging we played madden and so engaging that you would be down there for a couple of hours. wait a minute. i just spent four hours playing four football games on computer in the basement. >> but it was awesome. >> it was awesome but then you realized there's more than sitting in the basement playing video games. >> it's good when you win. i used to plate sports games. when i started playing like the, i don't know, all the other games people play for hours
10:09 am
hours i was terrible at them. then my problem i'd be like i just spent four horse not even getting through the first two levels. now that's just like a total waste of time. at least if you're winning -- >> you had to get to the point where you are winning at first you stink and the more you play it the better you get. you're getting competitive and then you're -- next thing you know you're trapped in the basement. >> my jam was always nintendo 64. mario cart 64, golden eye. i just recently got an s super nintendo classic. those games still hold up today. there's a -- everything in life there's a mediocre balance. >> what does lauren think about you and video games? >> i don't like play them 20 hours day. >> how do you even fine the time. >> once week for an hour. >> that's not bad. >> everything is good in moderation. >> fast food. >> when i bought the kids -- that was one of my concerns when i bought the kids play station four you won't be playing this three and four hours at a time. everybody gets an hour on the play staying. do you care it together. however you wanted to i3 kids, three hours that's it. >> on the positive if you're going to win you have to be focused and goalri
10:10 am
there's a skill you can apply to life if you can at a ick that skill with you. >> absolutely. >> that's a good way to lack at it. >> i feel like i'm getting ol older. >> what's wrong with getting older. >> no, no new york city it's not a bad thing back in the day games came out they weren't as violent as they are now. >> no, no. >> i can't imagine being a parent and gets these systems haven't m rated games you wack i was round and shoot people. >> you don't have to buy the games much it's that simple. >> it's crazy. >> it is bad. way different than when i was growing up. >> ota lot are catered towards adults. all those war games they're not designing that for kids. they're designing that for adults. >> brutal. >> the adults let the kids play it -- that doesn't happen in my house. >> i just miss donkey kong and mario cart. >> me too. >> you have the classic now so you can enjoy it. >> what was the one you'd be in the car,. >> f0 or there was bunch of different ones. grand tourismo. >> that was awesome for ps2. >> yes. >> dude that was an awesome game. >> all showing our age. >> maureen is like whoa. >> why am i
10:11 am
>> d.c. teacher accusing airline of favortism booting her from her first class seat. to give it to a member of congress. jean marie simon said she was bush international airport in houston texas heading home from guatemala last week coming back to d.c. when she noticed texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee get he is cored on to the plain everybody else. simon said that was fine but when it came time for her to board in first class, they gate attendant told her first class ticket was no longer in the system. airline maintains simon canceled her flight. she says the airline canceled her reservation to com date jackson lee. they reached out to apologize and offer hexene saying. i don't know what really happened here f i don't cancel my flight don't tell me i cancel night flight. second of all if you were apologizing to me and offering me compensation you know you canceled night flight. >> you're in the long. >> you're admitting. >> you're in the wrong. >> don't do it. >> as we're sitting here ta talg boise eighty three in the show about these marking calls we get. i j
10:12 am
here a call from area where i live in -- >> answer it. >> answer it. >> see what they say. >> put it on speaker phone. >> you should have put it on speaker phone. >> okay. i'm hank and it. sounded like serious. does was eight rob bow call. >> i have sirius xm. >> 757. >> they were trying to sell you something. >> you're all right. >> you're all right. >> i never answered the phonon air before. that was kind of cool. >> neck time put it on speaker phone. >> 10:12 is the time right now. you wish you got a christmas present from wizards baller john wall because he got all 15 of his teammates a $40,000 rolex watch. >> wow. >> wall surprised the team yesterday with the gifts. and if that's not extravagant enough all the watches were engaged witness players initial. the whole pack casm costs $600,000. you got to really love roar teammates if you're doing something like that. >> really. >> how would you like to be the other guy that spent $10,000. >> or thousand bucks. >> darn it, wl
10:13 am
>> you stole my thunder. >> next year take out after john wall. you can all give us -- kevin. >> $600,000 gifts. >> kevin you'll be lucky if you get six-dollar gift. >> he's not kidding. >> i'm not kidding. >> i tried to get a smile out of you won't give it to me. >> the smile doesn't cost a thing. i'm just saying. this is just for you. >> that's a wisdom smile. >> that's what he does in his photos. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> merry christmas. >> these two. >> nice move by john wall. no doubt about it. >> my gosh, can you imagine. >> yes, i want to imagine. >> engraved you want to imagine. engraved rolex. >> yes. >> wow! >> write that off. when you get something like t that. >> that's pretty expensive. players do this all the time. i don't know who it was, somebody gave all their teammates in football the offensive line some jet skis. they do this all the time. not like they're hurting for money. >> you've got to like the guys you're playing with. >> what about the money to charity. >> i'm sure does he, too. >> a little frivolous. >> here's the thing a lot of them already have
10:14 am
up, organizations for that so and -- they do that as well. but this is kind of -- that's a lot. >> john if you're watching, more people here could use a watch. >> just saying. i don't want a watch for 40 grant. give me a car. keep your watches. i got enough watch. >> don't look a gifted horse in the mouth. >> give me the watch, i'll trade it and get a car. >> ding, ding, ding. >> used 2015 corvette. >> go ahead. >> still ahead -- somebody give this man a corvette. >> john wall. >> okay. good day dc casting some shade this morning. every morning some people might say. kyle anthony media guru for the shade room he's joining us live with hottest gossip of the year. >> first after days of anticipation the kardashians reveal their first christmas card. >> i can't wait. >> but one member of the clan was a no show. a chance at redemption for mariah carey following her performance flop last new year's eve and gal gadot opens
10:15 am
heart warming moment. the celebrity dish is coming up next. that moment was wonderful. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
10:16 am
10:17 am
>> ♪ before let's see. how many years? >> monk enough. time for got day celebrity dish much that's what time it is
10:18 am
kim k news. >> kim kardashian west ended her 25 day long saga of holiday photos with quite a bank. if you want to call it that. take look. yup. this is the kardashian jenner clan revealing their official christmas card on monday. the final photo comes after the family teased 24 different photos from their christmas shoot which included three shots of mason, pennel pee, rain disick. north and saint wick hanging out with key and kanye. baby dream kardashian getting spoiled by i wasn't tee khloe. kylie jenner supposed to be pregnant, right? she's a no show. >> okay. >> rob kardashian also missing from the picture. >> okay. >> but there you have it. the kardashian jenner christmas card reveal. >> i'm a little surprised -- that. >> i don't know if we can pop that image back up again. to me the one thing the kardashians have been great about putting themselves in the center of everything
10:19 am
large and in charge. >> right. >> and here it's like you can't even really -- see them. >> it's very subdued. i think this family is trying to rye invent themselves. doing softer. they're doing little more quote up quote normal. that's my take of it because they're christmas card has been telling in years past. one year they had bruce -- who was bruce jenner if a cage. if you're looking into themes he was caged as bruce jenner now he's caitlin jenner. the mom being very domineering. i think like these subliminal messages that was their cards. just my take on it. >> i think it was so many people they couldn't get in front of the camera all at the same time. they had oh spread themselves out. >> put them in all the seasons. >> i think that's what happened. >> they're trying to keep up with the tree. >> we're getting there. >> we have four minutes left. >> wisdom -- try to keep up with the tree. >> another turnover. >> i'm with him. that one was -- >> yeah. >> shot taken. shot taken but it was tno
10:20 am
>> mariah carey, let's talk about her. one of the greatest of all time. she's getting a second chance. a second chance. remember that awkward performance on new year's eve last year. >> who could forget? i'm sorry. ♪ this is not it. clearly. this is not it. [ laughter ] >> mariah carey blamed the botched performance not being able to hear all right awed crow track. get ready for take two she's returning to the stage on new year's eve for dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. so i'll get you she's going to get it right this time. >> seem knock it out of the p park. look at that closet. >> she is fabulous. >> yeah. come on mariah we're pulling for you. >> close the door and lose the keys. >> let's do it. >> to infinity. >> all right. i heard this song couple times. >> gal gadot opening up about the host harm warming moment she is experienced this entire year a moment she had with her daughter up with her daughter when reviews of wde
10:21 am
she call the films director patti jenkins and the two gushed about the positive buzz on the phone and after gal hung up her daughter got teary eyed hug her and said i'm proud of you mommy. gal says as a mother she'll never forget that special moment. i know the feeling. >> i didn't even know she had kids. >> remember she was pregnant they had to cgi the belly. isn't what you said, kevin. >> yeah when they were filming wonder woman she -- >> she was pregnant. >> pregnant in some of the scenes they put a green sleeve over her belly then took out it out digitally. it's very cool how they did t that. >> interesting. >> i remember when i interviewed her for that sleeve she had just given birth to i believe her second daughter and she was in a lot of pain but she still did the interview that day. >> she's awesome. >> she's wonder woman. >> wouldn't woman in real life. >> here's something about star wars the last jedi you may not have known. actress carrie fisher was behind some of the movie's funnier lines. director ryan johnson told people magazine t
10:22 am
will she influenced him. we don't want to give anything away. you'll just have to see it to check it out. she died last december at the age of 60. >> were there funny lines. you said the movie was crappy. >> i'll give kevin a shot at this. >> do you think there were funny line in the movie. >> listen, i don't have a joke here. >> right. >> i thought some of the funny lines specifically for the luke character were not great. >> right. >> there were some lines that work i don't know which ones specifically were carrie or not. >> i didn't think they were any of them were funny. >> not so light, mork dak side. >> that's another layup for steve. >> i don't even think that's funny. >> the ball didn't get even get out of his hand there. >> it did. it beat the shot clock. >> you were hating on me and loving on steve. >> he does have home couch advantage. >> that's true. >> any ways. >> 38 minutes, kev. >> we're going to get one. we'll get one before the show is over.
10:23 am
see you after this. back with more. >> oh wow is that. ♪ wow.
10:24 am
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>> we're back on the air. >> 10:25 right now. >> where shall we go now, kevin. >> we were rocking dwayne the rock johnson promo videos. >> you're not supposed to tell what happens in the commercial stays in the commercial. >> all right. i think we're tossing to tucker barnes. i think he's going to tell us weather the weather is -- whether the weather good or
10:26 am
>> we've been working with kev on his delivery. he's very funny man we need to get the timing down a little b bit. much like nature does with the weather. >> you wouldn't know it from watching this show. >> wow. >> that was a flagrant foul right there. >> two for one here. >> wow. >> kev, we love you. >> no, i don't love you. >> oh. >> you can do that, kevin. >> now it's getting mean and personal. >> wow. >> let's do it. yes, we're looking at temperatures right now which have finally hit the freezing mark at reagan national. it is cold out there. it's been cloudy all morning here. 30 up in baltimore. let's see 26 in hagerstown. 28 in winchester. and let's see 33 in fredericksburg. temps day in the mid 30s. enjoy it. i know. temps in the mid 30s enjoy look what's on the way. minus two in chicago. minus 16 in far governmen
10:27 am
nationals falls minus 23. they're just extra or how cold it is just to the north and west there. with temperatures negative 20. negative 25. negative 30. and modified chunk of that said he had heed in our direct. several modified chunks of that headed in our direct over the next several days. we'll burn the clouds off partly sunny this afternoon mid 30s our next front arrives later ton tonight. winds will pick up and a colder day tomorrow. daytime highs tomorrow only about 30 and i just tweeted this out. i don't remember the last couple of years seven day forecast that featured that much colder on it here in the washington area. and again we could have wind chills approaching early thursday morning and again sunday, monday have wind chills approaching 0 degrees for parts of the area. so please take the cold seriously here. we can have several days where we don't get the temperature above freezing mark and that causes lots of problems with the pipes. the rivers and creeks will start to freeze over some of the ponds. take the cold seriously that's the latest from here. kev, i'm enjoying the sho
10:28 am
>> thank you tucker. >> a compliment in itself. >> you know i love you very much even though you're very mean tomia me sometimes. [ laughter ] >> that's a double technical right there. tech on both of you guys with the crying and then -- oh, my gosh. >> getting riri motion al. 10:28 is the time. still more fun from six flags america. >> erin como is out there this morning checking out everything that the holiday in the park has to offer. it's absolutely beautiful out there. it's cold but it's pretty. she has all the details coming up next. ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
♪ all right. here we go. so you know we all want the inside scoop on the latest celebrity gossip our neck guest he has his name is kyle anthony dmv native turned social mode ya star one of the faces behind the uber popular celebrity gossip website and instagram accounts the shade room. get on it. which by the way has 11.2 million followers home. >> your family there in the wings hello family. hometown boy done very very well. the shade room blowing up. >> yes. >> my goodness.
10:32 am
what exactly is the shade room. how did it come to be the. >> shade room was media website founded back in 2014 it offers celebrity gossip 24/7 we're up morning and night. >> yup. >> we have no days off. i see it when i say constantly updating from celebrity news to just, upping, individuals you guys are doing it. do you actually go out and fine this stuff or people send it to you? >> we go out and fine it and people send us stuff we have to investigate. like we're the first things to put things out we have to investigate everything. >> you definitely make sure there's some merit it to you don't just put it out there. >> no. because it's kind of like we're people trust us. we don't want to be putting owls false stories everything that people send us of two really investigate it which can be a little nerve racking because you kind of are so go with your gut on certain things because sometimes you'll get tea and it comes from one person. >> i would imagine with the competition being so fierce all the
10:33 am
trying to do stuff. how hard is it to vet stuff and know that you got to vet it before you put out there. i would imagine you want to be first, right. >> um-hmm. >> how hard is that. this is your job. you're the one who cure rates all this. how hard is that? >> it's he can treatmently hard because you want to make sure that you're putting out truthful information so like i said you just kind of have to go with your gut and your instinct and it's basically what i learned at pepper dine, i garaged from pepper dine university i learned lot of investigative tools that i've applied to the shade room. >> that's right folks he just didn't start doing this. we went to school for this much he's professional. >> got my degree. >> got his degree and doing amazing with it. is there anything you won post on the shade room. >> we don't post about people's children. >> okay. >> we try to refrain from doing things like that. >> but anything else is like fair game when it comes to like nude picks of cele celebrities l put cupcakes on your -- i get it. >> you know but other than that he were pretty much
10:34 am
anything. >> okay. since we have you la we want to get inside dirt on a couple of things, right? i know you came with the tea on some people. the biggest star obviously beyonce'. you've got some words on her. what's going on here. >> i'm going to bring some of the hottest stories we talk about on the shade room that we broke. one of them dealing with beyonce' when she was interest with her twins. we were the first ones to put out when she was actually going into labor. we roommate hit us and she said, hey, i work at ucla hospital i'm not spelling supposed to be telling you i just scene beyonce' security team come in here and move everybody out. i don't know if ya'll want to put this out. i was telling her, okay, this is one person. telling me this. how do i know it's if it's really true. okay. well, i went on her page. i see she work at a hospital. okay. i trust her. go with my gut even put it out there and then a month later when beyonce' drop the picks of the twins on her instagram
10:35 am
had their birthday it was jean 13th we put the article out june 13th it proved to be true. you had it i love that you call people who give you tips and whatever roommates. >> yeah. >> shade roommates. get it. very clever. very clever. tyrese what's going win this dude. >> tyreece had crazy year. he was involved in -- he had his child abuse case his ex-wife allegedly accused of him putting his hands on his ten-year-old daughter to the point where he couldn't sit down and this caused him to kind of spazz out on the internet with the couple, you know, rants on instagram. he said that will and jada give him a couple million dollars. >> no we didn't. >> he also said his wife was pregnant and was expecting a b boy. she later came out and said, all of this was alternative facts and he put the blame on prescription drugs for his cr craziness. >> okay. >> then our last one, um i want to tell you about dealt with rob be china. rob china had a crazy relationship i saw it
10:36 am
the drain from the beginning. >> i think everybody did. when they got together. okay, how did that happen and why? >> exactly. so i guess when rob found out china was allegedly ch cheatingn him he took it the wrong way. instead of going at her face to face he decided to drop her news all over the internet and we were the first to grab those. i was up and i was like ooh, ooh, ooh. putting picks up and he ended up getting his instagram deleted and china wants a lot of him for him to make this case go away. >> your job seems like it's so much fun but we know it's hard work. doing what you do. for anyone out there who wants to maybe go in this type of work what is your advice. >> i would say really have to really want to in it. it's not -- from the outside looking people think the shade room is just ooh it's fun. i want to post this. no you really have to learn the business. it's an actual business. it's not for fun. it's fun but it's not -- >> it's work. >> you have to work. we have to t
10:37 am
kind of like what you guys do. you have to make sure it's accurate. we have a whole audience. we provide news 24/7 so you have to really work. >> he's working. kyle home down boy down very very well. come back any time. >> i like it. >> especially when you're dropping tea like this. >> okay. >> the shady room if you're not following him start following him. it's the place to be. >> malibu warmth factor from pepper dine. >> at kyle.anfernee if you have the scoop. >> 10:37. hot day in the park making magic happen today and it's not that far from dc. >> winter wonderland is a great place for familiar tolls head for holiday fun. erin como joins us live next. there she is right there. hey, erin como. she's got more coming up. >> hey. >> and still ahead star-studded holiday we'll show you some of hollywood's biggest they'll and how they spent their christmas. the fox beat i n
10:38 am
on fox5. stay tuned. >> you're like holding court right now. >> i am holding core.
10:39 am
10:40 am
♪ >> 10:40. let's head back tout to erin como. holiday in the park making magic happen today. >> there she is again erin como. >> looks comfy. >> she sure do. looks comfy. good morning. >> you know what, guys, i am so happy right now. santa and mrs. claus they a late night. big
10:41 am
of snuck into santa's house right now i have my partner in holiday spirit of crime denise stokes. thank you for opening the door and let us show everyone what it's like in santa's home. >> snuck in. we broke in. [ laughter ] >> i was trying to be a little secretive about that. we broke no santa' house but he's sleeping right now. a lot of milk and cookies yesterday. beautiful in here. >> it really is great in here. and take a deep breath you can smell the cookie smell, the baking cookie smell it. >> smells like that. i don't know yes if you've ever seen the movie elf, santa, i know him! i'm done with that. >> let's just see here. let's see what we got. >> isn't it beautiful in here. >> santa normally sits in that chair. the kids were telling him what they wanted for christmas. >> families take pictures and all that kind of stuff. got a lot of picture taking opportunities at holiday in the park as well. we're open from two to 9:00 p.m. today through january we've got a 29.99 ticket. 29.99 for
10:42 am
holiday in the park. >> it's hope from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. bundle up, get out here. they do have great indoor theater if you're a little too cold. if you can bundle up you can ride all the rides while you're here. >> oh, my gosh everything is open except for gotham city. so we've got our roller coasters going, thrill rides going the whole nine and of course we've got lots of food glorious food that's what people love. >> that make me so happy. if you could smell the cookies in here if you can smell them through the d of tville awry want a sugar cookie covered in sprinkles and frosting much that's what it smells like up in here. >> it d it's great. we love this time of year. holiday in the park is a family favorite. we love our families to make a it tradition. >> the deck raises are great. i traditional think warm tepp temps with six flags waiting in those lines sweating. coming up in about ten minutes we'll show you some of the looney tunes show. >> oh, yeah it's outdoor show. kids fall apart they love it. they love it.
10:43 am
house and we'll be right back, guys. >> loving it. don't get caught because santa knows if you're naughty or nice. >> 10:42. we are hear with the fox beat today and there's a lot of films that happened in the box office this weekend including seven films that opened up between december 20th december 5th 2 films opened yesterday molly's game and all the money in the world. >> can i call time out real quick. >> sure. to be eligible for an award it has to be by december 31st. >> there's been a lot of movies come out in december. >> that's why they do that. by the way if you're reading our screen right now we asked our viewers to use hash tag good day dc to send us in their reviews of movies they saw over christmas if you want to continue doing that use the #gooddaydc we want you the viewer to be the movie reviewer this morning. while we do the box office. let us know what you thought about the films and we'll put them on our screen. >> they're clean no profanity. yeah a lot of films that come out, any movie that comes out doctor before the end of the year eligible fora academy
10:44 am
the post only came out in new york and la and d.c. >> it counts. >> it counts for the academy awards even though it didn't go nationwide it still had a run in theaters before the end of 2017. >> okay. the post might not be in your market yet like tennessee or whatever it might be but it's in d.c. and new york and la. >> very cool. number one at the box office this weekend woeful yous star wars the last jedi this made estimated $100 million between friday and monday which is christmas day. now it's expected to do about over $800 million worldwide as of yesterday box office receipts and i know wisdom and i were discussing this. we both didn't love it much it's also not doing as well as the force awaken. the force awakens ended up with 2 billion at the end of it after all is said and done much this film is calling behind because the polarizing reviews. people saying and agreement basically what you and i have been saying people are l likingt in some aspect but not loving it and then some ppl
10:45 am
right don't like the direction the film was taken n i didn't like the luke skywalker direction and we discussed that mull pell times over the past couple of week. next up jumanji welcome to the jungle. number two at the box office. huge success obviously for the rock and the cast here. did $52 million between friday and monday. 69 million between wednesday opening and christmas day. the film made well over $100 million altogether international alley on reported budget of about 90 million. in was an interesting counter program considering it opened up close to star wars and did very very well for the families. i enjoyed jumanji i thought it was a lot of fun. >> did you see it wisdom. >> not yet, no. >> maybe -- jack black steals the whole movie. >> it's kind of cool concept bunch of teenagers playing video game in detention they get suck into the game and become the avatars. girl you saw on screen a 16-year-old girl becomes jack black. so she's 16 years old stomach stuck in -- >> okay. >> you have to act as h
10:46 am
>> it's very very funny the rock is a nerdy kid whose now in this gigantic muscular body as the rock. >> i don't see a lot of movies in the theater but this is one that i would go to see. >> it's not a remake. >> nice little escape you like it. >> it's more sequel to the classic robin williams film. robin williams a five out five. one of my favorite movies of all time. >> i'm guessing by all the money in this we'll see more rock kevin hart clan briggs. >> central intelligence did really well. i loved central intelligence. >> that was good movie. >> they're great together. finally pitch perfect three opened up with about $26 million in his first four days from fry today it to monday. i thought it was an unnecessary and forgettable add to the trilogy i think it needed to go i don't know the second one. first one was great. second one was. good this one was just forgettable and more of the same. moving on now, what did celebrities do over the christmas holiday? really cool posts on social media including this one.
10:47 am
sly together on christmas of two my favorite actors as kid. two of the biggest action stars. >> do you think he commissioned that statue or they just gave him one. >> i'm pretty sure they gave him one. i've been to the one in philadelphia. it's a mazing. >> that's in his house. >> he's rocky. he made six or seven rockies. >> i think it's awesome. >> yeah. >> i think it's really really cool. let's get on to something that's very adorable and very very funny. i really loved this video. as five hill i don't know views already on instagram. this is the rock dwayne the rock johnson yesterday on christmas and this is video of his youngest daughter. watch this. >> here comes dwayne clause. here comes dwayne clause right down dwayne clause lane -- [ laughter ] >> bringing toys -- no. >> merry christmas. >> he said okay, merry chri christmas. >> 5 million views. the rock is incredible on social media if you don't follow him on instagram or twitter. posting very funny videos posted
10:48 am
you for making jumanji number one. >> that is funny. >> that is so cute. >> i love he posted a picture of his older daughter i forgotten. >> from his first marriage he has daughter and she's actually miss golden globe this year. i don't know the exact title but she'll be the one that is going to be at the golden globes she was there for the nomination very proud of her obviously and his ex-wife danny garcia producing partner on all his movies. >> that's how do you it. >> she still manages parts of his career. >> they have seven bucks production company. >> we don't have time for jennifer lawrence. she did good things for chi children' hospital. >> i didn't see star wars but i saw dunkirk on plane over the weekend. >> not biting. >> it wasn't as good as kevin said it was. >> not biting.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> all right.welcome back at 10. all morning long we've been showing you some of the holiday magic six flags america the park transformed into winter wonderland and for family fun. let's check in with erin again along with some looney tunes characters to see what else is going on
10:52 am
>> maureen, it is fun out here but it's so cold i'm doing my cold wiggle dance to stay warm. denise stokes communications manager. bundle up if you're headed out today. >> 80's cold but holiday is the in the park is more fun when the cold outside. >> yes, it is. because all you need is hot chocolate bundle up bring the kids outlook at this cool show one of the many you have here. >> this is half yourself a looney tunes christmas. so because we've got the looney tunes character. holiday in the park. we've got a 29.99 ticket for one day admission to the holiday in the park. and oh, my gosh,. >> you guys have shows like this all throughout entire time? >> oh, yes. we've got a show inside at the grand theater. we've got one inside at the saloon. we've got warming stations outside. we roasted smores earlier. >> i had such a good time roasting smores with you and year both left hasn'ted you should have seen how that went down. it was good time. we have bugs dressed up like santa. >> yes. there's other characters that come with this. the kids and
10:53 am
they absolutely go crazy when the characters start doing their thing. >> this is so cool. let's sit down and enjoy a little taste of the show right now. i'm still in the holiday spirit. christmas was yesterday. santa was busy you have the whole week and holidays spirit up until new year's. >> we're open every single day two to 9:00 p.m. from nounal until january 1. holiday in the park at sick flags america. twenty-nine pine 991 day ticket admission. i love that. you can get better than that. >> there's only so much shopping people can do. after that, bring the whole family and people in the neighborhood, too. it's holiday in the park. >> most people have the week off. if do you, you're lucky enjoy it. you know, it's calm here right now but once the families and the kids and the friends all head out here and the lights are up at night it's just so fes festive. >> we dot christmas tree lighting every day at 5:00 p.m. >> even if you didn't get your full christmas experience this weekend you can still get the tree lighting. you can still come here and enjoy all the activities and the smores keep you warm.
10:54 am
look at them with their little candy canes. >> yes, there's music and different smells we smelled the cookies in the stan house. you can smel smell pepper minut. >> i feel like a big kids. you can feel the holiday magic. up until this weekend you still have week left to head out to six flags holiday fest this is so cool. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> we've had such a good time. denise is so fun and your laugh when we were making smores i'm telling you made my day. >> look at them. >> you can take some great pictures here, too. >> oh, my gosh, yes. you can take fantastic pictures. we just love it. so hopefully families will want to come out and spend this last bit of time together the last of the year. >> yes. >> i love it. >> here at six flags america. >> don't do where i did. wear a gloves an hat. you need more than just a scarf. remember your socks because i forgot mine. back to you. >> oh my goodness. >> you got the front row seat it doesn't do you any good if you're
10:55 am
dress appropriately. >> erin, can you tell denise her aura her spirit is oh warm and inviting and we appreciate that from her today. >> and every day really. >> maureen, i agree. indira and i our photographer we've been having the best time chatting with denise off camera. maureen says your aura and spirit is oh fabulous and we appreciate you so much. >> thank you very much today. she's a friend of fox5. we love her. >> maureen said send her some tickets. that's what she's trial really trying to get at. >> maureen said send me some tickets. [ laughter ] >> that wasn't it. that wasn't it. >> oh, my goodness. good all right. erin get inside. get warm. >> much like the cat williams thing she did not deny that. >> what happened was -- >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> you got the seven day. >> i'm just hanging out. >> if you're a fan of the royals a new listing for what's being called the job avenue lifetime. >> what is it. >> i'm trying to ignore tucker. >> being a king or queen?
10:56 am
>> queen elizabeth is hiring an aspiring chef at buckingham palace. the position entails prepping a wide range of menus for various events like staff dinners and luncheons to make things more excite the new hire may have a hand in food arrangements for prince harry and meghan markle's royal wedding in may. >> so tucker let's just say you got that job. what are you preparing for the royal wedding? what would folks -- >> make her fine cup of tea and a stover's pizza. >> stover's pizza. >> lasagna. >> and then i'd follow that up with a bag of chips the next d day. >> excellent. >> all right many something there 7eleven. the queen has never sampled. >> taco and cheese tikrit toes. >> i'm sure queen elizabeth has never had those. >> maybe eastbound do weather. 38 today. i just tweeted out that's probably the coldest seven day we've had in a couple years time here in d.c. make sure your heater is good working order. quick reminder don't star the generator in the garage and that kind of
10:57 am
>> be actually careful. temperatures in the teens. make eight very save rest of the year into the new year. >> thanks guys. >> thanks for joining us today. >> kev, it's been our pleasure. >> love you guys. >> love you buddy. the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. >> announcer: happy holidays live on "the wendy williams show" ." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you for tuning in. [cheers and applause] these are my people. i love them.


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