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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 30, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at six. right now on fox5 new details on an fbi raid in a northern virginia neighborhood. what the search warrant is revealing about why federal agents showed up at this home. plus, temperatures plummet blow freez ing. dangerous cold is here for the weekend. then a fire leaves dozens of families without a home. security is tight n and festing is underway for a big new year's celebration . and we bring down the top presidential tweets of 2017. your news starts right now. we've learned tonight an fbi raid in northern virginia is linked to terrorism. the raid happened yesterday at a loudon county home. here's some radio that we got last night in sterling. t
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this home is suspected of supporting isis and federal investigators now say that he was researching how to conduct an attack. fox5's lindsay watts has been going through the court documents and has new details. hey, lindsay. lauren and brody, we have this federal court affidavit and according to this, the suspect is named shawn andrew duncan. he's a us citizen who moved from pittsburgh to virginia over the summer. he is now in custody. the documents say the fbi was tipped off to duncan by a relative who say kun can had converted to islam, may have been radicalized and voiced a of westerners being headed in the middle east. that same month duncan and his wife went to wife with plans to travel to bangladesh. then this last june duncan's infant died. the autopsy was inconclusive. he gave police permission to review his phone and they found he was searchin
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attacks, weapons, body armor, surveillance, the fbi sayses the searches on his phone or comput er is indicative of an individual planning how to conduct an attack. the fbi got more information on duncan from a woman arrested for trying to join isis. she told investigat ors she communicated with duncan online and he towed her he wanted to join isis and attack the us. duncan was also linked to an isis recruiter. so the month's long fbi investigation brings us to yesterday. the fbi got a search warrant for duncan's home here on courtyard square in sterling agents say when they arrived, duncan ran out the back door barefoot then threw a baggy over agent's hez. inside that baggy investigators say was a broken thumb drive in a liquid substance. duncan was later detained and searched. no mention in the documents of his wife. for not you only charge we know of for duncan relates to
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with an intent to obstruct the fbi investigation. there could be much more to come, especially considering fbi agents were seen taking out a lot of potential evidence from duncan's home yesterday. neighborors we talked to out there describe him as cordial and friendly. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. meantime we want to talk about the weather. here's a live look outside at the capital. it's cold outside. it's within the winter. this should not have surprised anyone. >> it's been really warm the past couple of winters so we're sort of due for it. reality has hit us. it is actually winter kind of cold. >> it's worse than winter cold, i just want to tell you that because it is an artic air mass that has settled itself right over our region than a it is unseasonably cold. temperatures some 15 to 20-degrees blow the seasonal average and that's the pattern we're headed for. take a look. the artic air mass is invading a
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us. many people are feeling this just as we are and it's not going to get any better. in fact, it's going to get worse. right now 33 at zc, 27 at manassas. we've got 28 at baltimore, 23 at gaithersburg, 27 at within chis ter and 24 at martinsburg. we are seeing a few flakes that are flying by and that's because we have a low pressure with the front that's moved its way off. these are a few scattered flakes, nothing that's going to be what we had overnight into this morning. these are going to be gone in the next few hours anyway. if you see one or two passing don't be too surprised. if you take a look at ear night lowe's tonight in the area out id zoo of city unbelievable what these temperatures are going to feel like and that's because we've got wind chills to talk about. cold air is definitely reinforced for tonight as well as for tomorrow. new year's eve is going to be absolutely dangerously cold out there and so if you're heading anywhere just be aware of that. we're talking temperatures from tonight right into tt beginning
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aware of and i'll have more de tails on that a little bit later. back to you. dealing with the frigid temperatures can be tough, especially for people living on the streets. so if you need shelter or if you see someone who needs a place to say we want to provide you with some numbers that you can call. in the district contact the hypothermia shelter hotline, 1800 p 53 p 525. in montgomery county, contact the crisis center, 240-7,774,000. prince george's county has a homeless hotline, the number 301-864-7095 . in fairfax county contact 703-222-0880. to find a list of the shelters and the number of beds available there. aa reston community dealing with shock tonight after two of their neighbors were murdered. this morning, a memorial service was held in herndon for scott friker an
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the couple was shot and killed last week in their home and police say the boyfriend of their daughter is responsible. family and frens tell us the frikers have been trying to break up their daughter's relationship because the 17 year old boyfriend reportedly held neo nazi views. new tonight, a centerville man is facing several charges after investigators say he tried to rob someone and attack them with a machete. a man told us he was approached by i knack chan on heritage drive thursday night. he's accused of trying to t take the man's money and wallet before starting to swing the machete. the victim wasn't hurt . in yarned the cause of anne arrundel the cause of an apartment building fire is under investigation. it happened on southern hills drive. one person who lives there received treatment the at the hospital for serious injuries related to smoke inhalation. the firefighter is also recovering from a mine oor burn injury. the fire
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including two children. a dozen families need a new place to stay tonight after fire destroyed parts of a gaithersburg condominium development. they were rushed to a nearby elementary school where they are receiving help from the american red cross. fox5's teisha lewis reports. >>reporter: frigid temperatures and snow greeted families forced to leave their homes in the we hours saturday morning after a fire swept through the potomac oak condominium d. in gaithersburg. i'm just happy that everyone got out and everyone is safe. i don't know what to think at this point. dmoip how bad the damage is. i'll just have to make that assessment when these guys are done. andy green lives a loan. he's one of a dozen families a wakened by screams to get out. what did you see and what did you hear when all a of this was unfolding. a lot of banking, a loft screaming, people trying to help each other get out. you are displaced, tell us what happened. it was five in the morning. i just hear
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the door and they were just screaming fire. i thought it was gunshots for a second because the banking was so hard it was gun shopts. i didn't want to run to the door if it was gunshots. i said get out and then we come out and the two buildings were on fire. we're just waiting to see what happen at least a hundred firefighters responded to the scene and not only did they fight this fire, gu they battled freezing temperatures. snow and water. that quickly turned to ice. right now the investigators will try to determine the cause of the fire. it looks like in it was in the upper areas. back when we arrived the fire was already through the roof. fortunately no serious injury. i believe the only injury thus far is to a police officer that had to little smoke inhalation. fox5 has learned the fire start ed in the attic and was likely burning for an extended period before a resident returning home called
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after smelling smoke. a call that likely saved several lives teisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> it seems like we'll never stop hearing about hillary clinton. thousands e-mails re lease from an account of a top clinton aid. we're going to break down all the new developments coming up. it's one of the biggest celebrations for new year's eve and new york city is preparing for all the crowds. how police plan to keep everyone safe in 2018. 2018.
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the daughter of eric garner has died folgt a heart attack. eric a garner died in a new york hospital after a week-long stay she was 27 years old. her father eric died after a police officer subdued him with
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hold in 2017. ericka became a voice of brutality after his death. widespread government protests are taking place in cities across iran. protestors say they're upset about a rhys interest spike in food prices and iran's weak economy. the anti government protests took place after loyalists to the government held their own demonstrations. earlier today president trump tweeted a message of support. we're learn ing about a major document dumb from the state department linked to hight's e-mail. they complied with the freedom of information act and release thousands of e-mails from hew man a bean. they found and dween's e-mails on her former husband's laptop. reporter report the state department has release about 2800 of e-mails and of those so far we know of at least five that
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classified information. these e-mails cover about a four-year span of time of hillary clinton 's. they are clinton's schedule and travel plans. but even a lot of those mundane e-mails are heavily redacted. as for the five e-mails the state department later deemed to be classified four of those are almost entirely re dacted but the other includes talking points for a phone call with saudi arabia's foreign minister in november 2010 which was largely to warn him about wiki wikileaks' plans about sensitive plans. i deeply regret the likely upcoming wikileaks disclosure and i seek your help in preventing wikileaks from undermining our mutual national interest. this new batch of e-mails are from ahum a and dean 's private e-mails. they were discovered by a the fbi on a laptop that she shared with her husband anthony weiner while he was being investigate
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sexing with a minor. they. the group's president said they are again calling on the justice department to take action. i think four and a half million people with security clearances that allow them access to classified information such as this. they all know what the rules are and i guarantee most of them are upset that hillary clinton and hmm a and dean got away with these outrageous violations of the law. james comey testified on capital hill that investigators chose not to recommend any charges against and dean because investigators believed she did t not know what she was doing was against the law. i'm garrett tenney, fox news. >> happening right now, new york city preparing for one of the coldest new year's celebrations since the 1960s. security extra tight for the ball drop in times square in the wake of recent terror attacks in addition to snipers on rooftops there will be additional police officers, explosive sniffing dogs and trucks
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each block. that's soggy have zero interest in ever doing. and it's going to be so cold. although with all of those people they keep you you warm. all a of your new thousands of friends. eleven greece or something. miss me with that. >> dress warm, everybody, if you're going up there. it is a shortage happening nationwide. why airlines say they are in need of commercial pilots. >> i'm going to apply. >> new gig. there are thousands of people them, we're talking about the president's tweets, why not. if you can believe it we have the top of his tweets in 2017 coming up.
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>> we're about to ring in a new year. maybe you're looking to make a career change. i'm sure this is really easy for people to do. just apply and they'll let you get behind the con rolls . the aviation industry is in need of commercial pilots. they'll let anyone do it. as baby boomers get older many pilots will be retiring and they need replacements for those pilots. some experts say it's the airlines that are to blame for the shortage and they could be facing problems soon. >>reporter: i always knew i wanted to be a pilot. it was the luck of the draw kind of thing. scott frank's love of flying could not be better timed . the recent graduate from metro state university
6:19 pm
veer is entering an industry in desperate need of commercial pilots. there are restrictions in terms of how many pilots there are but it hasn't really hit home yet. the next hit is going to be in the next three to five years. the industry will need 10,017,000 new pilots in north america and 637,000 worldwide. yes, there is a pilot shortage. now, major carriers are following the lead of regionals and sarting to fill the pipeline the at the collegiate level. having a promise wiel you're still in the academic environment is price less. aspiring commercial pilots used to come up through the military or regional airlines. places like msu's worldwide indoor airport train students who are being interviewed for major carriers. i can pretty much skip the regional area and just go straight to
6:20 pm
there is no shortest and say some airlines got themselves into this situation. and some of the other ultralow cost carriers who don't work with more accepting conditions at the large global carriers. regional airlines have already been forc ed to increase pay and offer signing bonuses which was something that was unheard of ten years ago. now they're going to have additional competition from the big dare yers which are dipping into the big colleges. >> the tsa is raising awareness of their lost and found program at dulles international airport by tweeting out pictures of items passengers left behind. is that your walker? common one s include glasses, keys and phones, but sometimes more unusual ones pop up like bowling balls and bike helmets hets. oftentimes people think of it as a s
6:21 pm
want to bother track down because it's not inexpensive, but you stop and think even perhaps something as old as a three or four stuffed child, for a child who has lost that stuff ed animal, that might not cost enough to replace but the emotional sentimental value and the crying child it's probably worth a fortune. or if you've wanted a bowling ball for christmas and didn't get it just go claim the one they have there . the tsa typically hoaltdz onto things for 30 daze you can call the lost and found section and they'll ship it to you. if they left their it in caps and colts they're going to want to get those for tonight. if they did, they're in big trouble. it is cold. i want to on a serious note let everybody know this is dangerous cole. this is cold where we're talking hyperthermia,
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be out there. be careful with the party go. don't be hanging out on the deck. the reason i was mentioning that, we didn't get a gradual decrease in temperature it kind of came out of nowhere. it was so warm before. >> exact limit we got an artic blast. we have more than one artic blast we're going to have too teal deal with because by the end of the week we're going onto have another artic blast. a reinforcing shot comes again tomorrow. right now we're seeing a few flakes here and there across the area. there are a few flakes out there right now, just a little bit of not light snow here and there, but nothing that is going to stick around, 33-degrees right now, but feeling like it's 23. winds are from the northwest and that's part of the issue. we're going to get some pretty strong north westerly winds that are going to kick in and that's going to give us some
6:23 pm
wind chills. you can see the dividing line. look at these temperatures, only 14-degrees right now at pittsburgh and 11 in colombia. these are air temperatures. you can imagine what the wind chill factors are as i said a little bit of that flurry activity, light snow kind of push prognosis its way through. not much that's going to be sticking around, but we do have winter weather advisories, warnings and wind chill warnings as well for our areas to our far west and along the l alleghany front with the wind chills. they can see it feeling like minus 20-degrees there. here at home, though, winds are gusting right now anywhere from 17 up to 21 miles per hour and the wind chill factors right now in the teens for the most part, a few 20s, but as i said it is going to get worse. by the 9:00 hour to be about 26-degrees. the flurry is will be out of the way . temperatures will be falling rapidly tomorrow, 24 for the
6:24 pm
sunsets those temperatures are going to really start to drop and the wind chills will be dangerous. more coming up a little later. back to you. we knew president trump had a fond ness for twitter before he came president and after he hint ed he might not tweet as much when he got to the white house. turns out that wasn't the case at all. turns out white house correspondent has the impossible task of breaking down the top tweets of 2017. over 2400, that's the number of postings from president trump's twitter account since he took office back in january. his most popular of the year, this one retweeted almost 3,730,000 times about cnn with that in mind we have fashioned our own top five trump tweets of the year checking in at number five wouldn't love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, ease
6:25 pm
he's fired? the president's war on the nfl anthem protest boiling over both on the stop stop and online. mr. trump tweeting if players want to continue to go to games if you keep disrespecting our flag and country you'll see change fast. the transgender ban, the president tweeted the u government will not accept or allow transgender be allow to take part in any military memo. how did you learn of the president's decision. >> well, when he sent out the tweets yesterday. >> same one everyone else did, i saw it on the new gls number three, bee lingered that's how he referred to the attorney general jeff sessions back in july. sessions who the president has repeatedly ridiculed from the russian probe seemed to take the hit in stride . it's kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong
6:26 pm
number two, lordy, tapes. i've seen the tweet about tapes. i hope there are tapes. former fbi gym comey testified that he orchestrated the leaks with the president because he thought it might lead to the appointment of a special prosecutor to lead the russia investigation about which the president tweeted james comey better hope there are no tapes of our inquiriesation before he starts whreeking to the press. number one, wire taps. this explosive tweet lit up the twitter verse back in march. terrible, just found out that obama had my wires tapped in trump to your just before the victory. though critics fouled at the suggestion that the previous administration quote wire tapped trump trump tower. the government did wire tap some presidential members. contact if i if i, you remember that, th
6:27 pm
tweet from back in may, the one that spawned \count\countless internet themes and theories like so much in life we still don't know what that was all about. in washington i'm kevin cork, fox news. >> lines, as someone knows how to make a top five list. if contact philadelphia philadelphia was ka philadelphia philadelphia, it's not in the top five. you don't get to mention it on the back end. you can find thousands of tweets better than those. >> fighting words. >> in my pin. we're back with a check of your headlines next. plus we continue to follow allegations of grade fixing in prince george's county schools. we'll have new details coming up .
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this is fox5 local news at six. here's another look at our top stories, an fbi raid carry ud on the in a home in sterling yesterday is related toker t wrist many. the raid was part of an investigation into a possible radicalized isis supporter. authorities arrested shawn duncan. he is accused of destroying evidence and obstruct ing justice but could face more charges. facing charges of malicious robbery a long with being drunk in public after investigators say he tried to rob someone and attack them with a
6:31 pm
approached with a a ma shat i. chan refused to hand over the wallet. a fire raised through a condominium development in gaithersburg this morning. the fire broke out at around 5 a.m. at the poa tom motor vehicle oaks condos. we when the firefighters arrived the flames spread through some buildings and some residents were trapped inside. they got everyone out as they battled the fire amid the frigid temperatures. no one was seriously hurt. the fire left about a dozen families home less. fox5 continues to followup on the grade fixing scandal on prince george's county schools. just rhys eventsly we uncovered new information finding new top leaders knew students were graduating without meeting requirements. fox5's lindsay watts has been following this and continues to press for
6:32 pm
answer. >>reporter: my children, our children, our teachers has been disgraced by what has happened in our school system. in the most recent school board meeting parents were refused. when you go to the polls this november, vote them all out. some calling for the board's ceo to resign. prince george's county knew about mismanagement of student records. this after fox5 uncovered shocking new information. i you a that fox news broke a story that there was an internal audit done by prince george's county officials in 2015. we've told you how a recent state audit found that prince george's county students are graduating without meeting requirements and mismanagement of student records. turns out the school system performed its own audit a year and a half ago that found these same things. yet top management at the school system never mentioned it in the lead up to the state audit. instead they adamantly denied that t
6:33 pm
back in june, fox5 a showed you teachers and staff who said they were pressured to change students' grades to make sure they graduated. the staff knows exactly what's happening, so it's widespread. it prompted four school board members to write to the governor saying there was a systemic effort to fraudulently boost the graduation rate, a significant achievement of school ceo. q. kevin maxwell and part of the reason his contract was renewed for furthermore years, a yearly compensation package of fearly half a million dollars. maxwell called the board members' claims politically motivated to try to get rid of them. the false allegations about our graduation rates strike at everything that prince george's county schools stand for. the allegations that were made are reckless. when those accusations are made they're not about improving the system. those accusations are made about trying to disrespect and turn over
6:34 pm
in prince george's county. but in our most recent interview, we confronted maxwell about the school system's own audit and he admitted he did know in 2016 some students were graduating without meeting requirements. when the board members came forward with these claims that some students were graduating who shouldn't, you you called it all politically motivated, but you knew at the time that there was something to this. so why didn't you just come forward and present the internal audit findings at that point? there's a difference between the what and the how. when we do audits and we do these to improve our practices and to get better and again we do a lot of audits. while the recent state audit found nears nearly 30 percent of recent grads it was in a \am\many sa many group should not have graduated or dwnt have the records to show they should have it did not find there was system wide intimidation or corruption to boost the graduation rate. when you're graduating students who don't meet the
6:35 pm
that is a definition of wrongdoing. new information keeps coming out. if i refuse to believe that these career-long educators in theetion 24 schools all desaided to graduate students that did not meet the requirements for graduation at the exact same time in the exact same way. the questions and anger from parents isn't go away . you knew the entire when you were getting up here dog your press releases that you misleading the public. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> a great job by lindsay to stay on this story as long as they has. >> it affects kids. there's nothing more important. with those l a gas stations out there , even if you you got your grades the right way, it puts a paw ore everyone's grades. >> a maryland state trooper is breaking numbers. a staggering number of drunk drivers he's ar rested so far coming up on fox5 local
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
this is a peak time for dui ar rests mainly because the l holiday season. trooper anthony wallace says he pulls over every driver he witnesses to tuberculosis impaired because at the end of the day it is about saving lives. as trooper wallace patrols highways around maryland with a focus on metropolitan areas like a district's maryland suburbs and outside baltimore he has pictures of several victims of drunk driving vic timings right above his disash. he has been on the on the job for four years . we rode with him tonight . estopped someone not for drunk driving but for oaferl
6:39 pm
part of the state's seven trooper state police impaired driving reduction effort with a sole focus on stopping drunk drivers. wallace says he looks for people driving well above or blow the speed limit, ignoring read lights. his high arrests could be attributed to the passing created by seeing the drunk driving can cause for families. she is thanks for me every single christmas. kind of open her eyes and change the way she was living and operating on a daily basis with the impairment. she's been clean and sober -- i just got this year's christmas yard. she's been sober since 2014. seeing people going to the catherine's cause in carroll county and see ing the family members and seeing how their lives are affected. not for a day or
6:40 pm
after their loved one has been killed but for the rest of their live they're going to have to live with this. the drunk driving enforcement unit has made more than 125 arrest since it formed in 2013. reporting on the road in montgomery county, evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> not that people needed any more motivation, but with trooper wallace out there, get an uber tomorrow night. or a lyft or any other sober ride. the other thing we keep seeing are the officers who are out there trying to do this work and then they end up getting hit while sther ' standing outside of a vehicle. so obviously be safe. please, have fun, but be safe. next we take a look at the stories that made headlines in 2017 for all the wrong reasons. plus it's technology that we could use during our winter weather. the you unique way that this car is taking on the snowy road. who is driving that thing in
6:41 pm
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when it comes to scandals, 2017 has seen its fair share from politician tsa and celebrities hit with sexual harassment allegations which are scandals to the big oops at thes on yeah, which is not really a scandal. it was wild. a look back at some of the trauma this past year. >> lala land. an ethic blunder at thes on asker when large audience large audience labd eclipsed moonlight as best picture, but moments later. i'm sorry,
6:44 pm
moonlight, you guys won best picture. the mixup was corrected in the middle of lala land's exception speech, with the quas and crew of moonlight going onto accept the award. kathy griffin creating a bloody mess after a photo surfaced with her holding a mask of president trump's blood i face. she said she was sorry. united airlines, two security officers violently dragging a passenger off the plane when a passenger refused to give up his seat. the ce ceo issued a public policy for the incident. you might want to call him pill quos bi, cosby denies charges and a judge declared a mistrial after jurors failed to reach a verdict. the new trial is set to begin in the spring. dof
6:45 pm
fire for what some called a raciallien sensitive commercial the soap qup saying it missed the mark and thoughtfully representing women of color. dozens of women come forward accusing director harvey weinstein of harass president, assault and even rape. the movie mogul was dismissed from the weinstein company annex peld from the academy motion picture of ashts a and sciences. weinstein denies the allegations . the weinstein story creating a ripple effect with dozens of men accused including kevin spacy, lou i ck jeffrey tamm bore, ben afleck, sylvester tornado watch is it a loan and former bush. matt lawr terminated from nbc after an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate
6:46 pm
complaint. the network has reason to believe it was not an isolated incident. rose was fired by pbs after several women accused the former cbs this morning host of harassment. harassment allegations shaking up washington as well. alabama senate candidate roy moore accused of dating and in some instances sexually assaulting teenage girls when he was in his 30s. he denies all of the allegations. the people of alabama had more in common than to divide us. moore ended up you losing the seat in the december 12 election against democrat doug jones. democratic senatorial franken shown in h this photo placing his hands over lee and tweeden in twieks. several other women accused the senator of touching them appropriately. after mounting pressure the
6:47 pm
after john colorado conyers announced his own resignment. we'll be covering it all for you right here. interesting that billow riley wasn't mentioned. trending tonight, if it weren't for the cameras inside of a liquor store in tennessee no one would believe that a ran koon was to blame for breaking in. the road rack koon climbs the shelves and knocks down several bottles. in total did about t $250 worth of damage. one researchers wants you to prevent you from risking your health. she wants to make ice cream with unsaturated fat by making it with a liquid oil to reduce the health risks. it could be test ed on raised tonight production scale next month and we have to ask why. i thought she was going to get rid of
6:48 pm
about self driving cars these days but they can get you through a snowstorm. this is from finland. yeah, they know sphorm. they developed a self driving car just for winter. they say on snow this car probably drives better than you it's traveled as fast as 25 miles an hour on a snow covered road. pretty amazing. i don't know if you guys have been behind a self driving car. >> i have actually. >> it's kind of creepy. does the car know there's a stop sign here. >> they say that's the way it's going. i don't think i trust it . i don't trust myself in the snow. i don't trust other people. it's scary. it is scary. you have to be careful. tonight we want to talk about some icy patches out there from a little bit the melting from today. it's going to get really cole. you could see some black ice. especially the ramps and the overpasses. stay away from the self driving cars out there tonight, that's way say. it's going to be a cold wofnlt cold is definitely t
6:49 pm
tonight and for tomorrow, new year's new year's eve and i am speaking dangerously cold conditions out there. right now let's take a look at where we are. we have 33 in the nation's capital. twenty-nine at fredericksburg, 27 at dulles, that's the same for manassas. twenty-four at martinsburg and 27-degrees at frederick. now, the winds have been an issue the and they are going to continue to be an issue. they why aring ing to be imus ticketed event for the next few days or so. you get the wind chill fact or, that's what it will feel like when you step outside. the winds are gusting from 18 up to 23 miles an hour in our era. it feels like it's only 12-degrees in winchester, 14 at dulles, 14 at martinsburg, 12 at westminster much that's a preat ticketed event good indication of what we're speaking about. as we get into the next 24 hours or so. these numbers are really going to drop significant limit wind chill factors are going to be by tomorrow night in the single digits. definitely
6:50 pm
your new year's eave you have to be aware. we have the frontal system that moves through, ahead of it we're seeing a few flurr ies here and there. it's going to staip per off before too long. we have a little 350es of energy that will move. don't be spiced if you surprised if you see a flake or two tomorrow afternoon. winter storm warning to areas to our far west and north wetion wind chill advisories awell. the wind chill values will be anywhere from minus ten to minus zero over the next 24 hours or so. that's a good indication of just how cold it's going to be out fl. it's going to be doled here. cold air is going to be reinforced with another artic shot for us. wind chill factors , take a look the at timeline. it's going to feel like it's only eight in zc. as we progress sunday at two in the afternoon it feels like it's only two and that pattern contins
6:51 pm
your monday as well. we are speaking really dangerously cold weather. we want you to be care ful. it only takes 30 minutes for exposed skin to get frostbite. if you feel it's a like of feeling in the affected area, the skin feels a little waxy to the touch. the other issue could be hyperthermia. we want you to be aware of that as well as frostbites. don't leave your pets outside in this weather. it's just as disaing russ for them. new year's eve will be a cold one. if you're heading anywhere, dress warm to be out there, folks. we're not joking around with this. take a look into the week, the cold air stays in place keeping an eye on a possible low pressure system developing off the coast by the end of the week. >> often being a d.c. sports fannies an exercise of futility the disheartening bad moments have out weighed the bad moments for about 25 years now. for once we're not focusing on that as
6:52 pm
we're focusing on the good moments. there were the typical washington playoff let downs, but let's forget about those for now and thinks about the moments they made you rise out of your seat and say oh, my goodness or something skim lar that we would have to bleep out. number five, game six of the playeroffs, the caps were down in the third period of the potential series. over time and then in over time the leaf leaves went home with sudden desginate. the caps went onto lose again to the penguins this performance from johan sen as one fans won't soon for gevment number four, another playoff moment, game two of the nlds, the nats down three-one when bryce harper strikes a moon shot to the last row in right to tie the game complete with fans out of their seats going news. harner like he does an epic bat flip,ve
6:53 pm
ing out of their seats and then ryan zimmerman, the nats elder states man followed that up with this. his own three-run blast, this one barely scraping over the fence beat cubs and tied the division series. the nats lost in game five but again we're not focus cussing on that arlington resident is an ultra marathon. he completed the world marathon challenge finish ed seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days. not only did he finish the marathons he excel led averaging two hour 45 minutes a record time for this world marathon challenge. number two, john wall blowing the roof off the verizon center so much they had to change the name. that's why. >> that's why they changed it. it wasn't money. hit one of the biggest shots in wizards history forced a game seven and sent what was then called t
6:54 pm
center into a frenzy. i probably made this one a big too high because i was there, the atmosphere was electric there was nothing else like it. number one there was a winner in d.c. in can pennsylvania, there was two. i know it's hard to believe. the women's lacrosse team at maryland is a per remember yell power house win ning titles including the 2017 women's title this year. they've been waiting for the mens' team to catch up and match them, finally the men did it this year. they matched their female counterparts with their first national title since 197 5, the third time any university has swept both the mens and women's large audience yos national titles. >> congratulations to both of them. and it's maybe something people forgot about it. lacrosse. we've got lacrosse. it's what we government lacrosse is such a big deal in the state of maryland from the youth level to high school to college. really cool that both the men
6:55 pm
q. the guy with the mare marathons. >> if you look up michael ward and. you can look up the marathons. each day they're flying from each place after did ding all doing this running. and his feet probably hurt. >> all right. how do you keep from dropping the ball on a celebration? well, if it's new year ef you drop the ball. how organizers are making sure nothing goes wrong on the big night. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
the organizers of the new year's eve ball drop in new york city testing things out, braiferg the cold. they made the switch was working to illuminate and race the ionic ball. this new year's eve likely to be one of the cold est on record. it could reach 11 1 # degrees, just a few degrees shy of the coldest new year's on record back in 1917 when it was 1 degree at midnight .
6:58 pm
should stay inside and watch the ball drop. >> definitely. it is really going to be cold cold here, also >> 8:00 on the plus, catch us there really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way.
6:59 pm
zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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>> today on tmz... >> j-lo and a-rod had a taco party. you were all invited, assuming you were a kardashian or otherwise. >> just the most talked about taco night. they -- >> how many tacos do you think actually got ate at their party? probably didn't eat anything. >> we're having 40, 60 people. let's get 30 tacos. that should be sufficient. >> prince harry and obama had a sit-down. they did a rapid fire of questions. >> he should have went ahead and said boxers. >> how do you know he's not commando? he might not wear any underwear. >> oh! he's the commando in chief. >> kendrick lamar,


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