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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the district. plus, a look at some of the biggest scandels of the year. your news at 10:00 starts now. >> happy new years eve, festivities have already started and we're just two hours away from midnight right hire. >> as we prepare to ring in 2018, all eyes are on the weather. this is one of the coldest new years we've seen in decades, temperatures are going dangerously low, so if you are going to be outside make sure you're dressed appropriately. >> right now live look outside, old town alexandria caitlin roth more on how low those temperatures will go, caitlin? >> probably are bridge most comfortable on your couch, because it is so cold, and those windchills pretty brutal during the overnight hours. so let's see where we stands right now, we've been talking about it since literally christmas day, 2018 off incredibly cold start. frigid temperatures paired with these really not great
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like lower single digits. winds increase it, will feel sub zero in so many of our suburban spots, straight through the district, so that windchill advisory out until 9:00 a.m. monday. new years day. air temperatures in the teens to the single digits, only seven in winchester, nine in manassas, 17 in the district, right now. >> wind fairly light, still deliver windchills in the lower single digits, feels like zero, feels like five in d.c., nine in quantico, 15 in fredericks berg, it is really during the overnight hours that i think we will start to become the most uncomfortable. so revelers out tonight, even stepping outside at midnight, why not, 17 degrees the air temperature but again it feels like it is in the those low single digits. by tomorrow morning, as we are up early greeting the new year you will be greeting the new year feeling like it is below 0 degrees, the morning windchills at one below in washington, three below
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list, no one exempt, talking all of the northeast, majority of the country starting offer one of the coldest new years days in decades f we only got to 24, that would tie record for the fifth colds he is new years day ever. forecasting 25, but it will be very close, lot of sunshine out there, so it is not bad for traveling, but it is very cold and that cold is not going away any time soon. i'll have a look at your first week of 2018 still ahead in my seven day forecast, marina, caitlin, the colds isn't topping people to go out and ring in 2018 here at home, celebrations are underway at first night alex andre a fox5 evan lambert joins us live from the big event tonight. evan, looks like you're staying warm, can't blame you. >> definitely, but here at the art center there is place used to actually be a realtor pediatric owe factory. now it is a great event. venue, we have the local band from alex andre, a the grandsons rocking in here, we have the
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dance floor here, as well, liver music all throughout alexandria tonight, in multiple locations, this is just one of them. also, been talking to people about reflecting on 2017 and 2018. she is an actress from this area, from virginia, so talk about maybe one of your best moments in 2017? >> this year i got to promote a new tv show, really looking forward to, and 10,000 follower ers on instagram, to be body positive, which is amazing fun. >> i what's your wish for the new year? >> i want to continue encouraging women and grow my acting and i hope everyone has a great year, as well. >> everyone having fun in alex andre, a family friendly event. it goes
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leading to up that big event, the fireworks, here over at the potomac, that of course at midnight. so, there is still time to make it out if you decide you want to get in on this excitement. for now live in old town alex andre, a evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> new tonight from montgomery county on this frigid evening, firefighters were battling yet another house fire. this one in silver spring. this fire broke out around 8:30 on dennis avenue. investigators there rescued a woman from the home we're told she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. one firefighter was also injured battling the flames, but is expected to be okay. investigators tell us the fire started in the chimney then flames shot through the roof and the attic. this fire caused about $400,000 in damages t has been an unusually busy weekends for montgomery county firefighters, battled at least eight major fires in the past 48 hours, those fires have caused more
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damages, and forced dozens of people from their homes, early this morning, firefighters battled this blaze, on dottie terrace, in dancertown, investigators say it was caused by heat from the chimney igniting nearby flammable materials. the family got out safely, as well as their two cats. >> we now know the identity of man involved in a officer-involved shooting in the district last night. he is kevin tally of northeast. officers were called to eight street northeast to investigate a burglary. when they arrived they confronted tally, and this is the weapon police say tally pointed at them. police shot tally, he did survive and he's being treated at the hospital. police say the weapon you're looking at turned out to be a bb gun. >> new surveillance images after man robbed a business on benning road in northeast, detective say this morning the man pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the register. and employee handed over that money and fortunately no one was injured.
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if you know anything about the incident or recognize the suspect. >> a warning tonight from north korea. leader kim jong un claims the country has completed its nuclear weapons arsenal and says the us should be aware these weapons are a reality not a threat. this message came during his annual new years day address. kim jong un says his country achieved historic feat added he has nuclear button at the ready on his desk. it is customary for him to make new years speech every year. >> new details tonight about the new years eve shooting in colorado left one sherrie deputy dead, responds today noise complaint at apartment complex south of denver where man who barricaded himself inside after unit started& firing. fox's will car reports. >> a hands full of deputies walked into onslaught of gunfire early this morning, in highland ranch colorado about 15 miles south of denver, responding
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call, the suspect evidently making a loft noise, when the officers walked into the apartment, the suspect unloaded. firing more than 100 rounds. four deputies were injured, one deputy, zachary parish, was shot and killed. two civilians were shot, as well, suspect not being identified at this point was shot and killed by members of a regional swat team. authorities say the gunman was someone who was very familiar to local law enforcement. mother sieve unclear at this point, we've learned that he used a rifle in his attack, evidently waiting for officers to arrive. deputy zachary parish was 29. was married and had two young kids. a heart breaking lost for both his family and fowl owe officers. >> we are deeply sad ends by the loss of zachary. when i sat with his wife and held her hand, i could see in her eyes, her life was over, and i've been a blessed sherif
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things happen to me, wonderful savings, my deputies have been shot, ran over, and they've survived. it was very difficult today to go see zach the lasts time. >> as the investigation continues, procession led deputy parish's bod fry a hospital in little ton to the medical examiner's office, and president trump waited on twitter saying my deepest condolances to the victims of the terrible shooting in douglas county at dc sheriff, and their families. we love our police and law enforcement, god bless them all. we've learned that the remaining victims all have non-life threatening injuries. >> will car, fox news. >> what a sad way to ends the year. >> right of course last weekend one week ago we had two lowden county deaf youth is shot, responding to a disturbance. they were both okay, but horrible that this happens as frequently as it does. coming up next, trang did in costa rica watch we learned
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american citizens. >> plus a shocking discovery inside a texas hotel room. police revive what was found just hours before a massive new years eve party. >> and, one day after president trump voices his support for protesters, the message from the iranian government, that's still ahead. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> a look at some of our other top stories tonight, in kansas, a vigil to honor andrew finch will was killed by police thursday. officers were called to a home for a report after shooting and hostage situation. when finch came to the door, police shot him. the call, police received, turned out to be a prank call. a man in california has been taken into custody for that call. police believe the prank call may have stemmed from an argument over an on-line video
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>> in houston, a disturbing discovery. police found stash of weapons at a hotel where there is a big new years eve party helping tonight. started when police responded to a call about an intoxicated man. investigators searched that man's hotel room and found a ar15, a shotgun, a handgun, and ammunition. this was at the hyatt regency which holds one of houston's largest new years eve parties. no word if the man was planning to attend or why he had those weapons. >> and new details tonight about the deadly plane crash in coast it rica, learning that ten americans are among the dead, two costa rican crew members also died, the government says the charter flight was heading to san jose when it crashed into a wooded area and caught fire. witnesses there say the plane appeared to have problems shortly after taking often crashed rescue teams struck told get to the site because of it remote location. >> the anti-government protest in iran are turning violent. two demonstrators were killed in overnight clashes. and this is coming as the
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iranian president is criticizing president trump for supporting the protesters. fox's ellison barber has more from washington. >> iranian president addressed the nation for the first time sunday after violent clashes between anti-government protesters and police forces, left two people, dead, said people have the right to protest but violence is not okay. to coordinate and commute kate, saturday at least 200 anti-government protesters were arrested two anti-government protest remembers killed at a rally in the city of derud. deputy of security for the province governor said their investigation has found evidence of the involvement of extremist groups, he also said, quote, during the clash, that took two lives, no bullets shot from police, and security forces at the people. opposition groups dispute that claim, they
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fire on protesters. they posted videos on line which appear to show protesters bleeding from bullet wounds. >> at one point, pops can be heard in the distance as people rush out of the crowd, caring a person. these protests began because of economic woes, unemployment, the rising price of basic goods, but the protests no longer seem to be focused on economic concerns alone. they now seem to be about the system, government that the protesters see as corrupt, in a statement the opposition group said, quote, the protest movement will accept nothing short of the removal of the islamic regime, and establishment after free democratic iran with new government define by a constitution guaranteeing the right of every iranian citizen to live free of oppression and discrimination with justice and equality. these are largest anti-government protests in nearly a decade. in washington dc, i'm allison barber, fox news. >> coming up: new look
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security measures in place around the country, as thousands get ready to ring in the new year. >> and what is at the top of the list of a long list of things congress wants to tackle in 2018. stay with us. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> recline and unwinds winds with some popcorn, listing the most anticipated movies of 2018. >> and new years aftermath. we share tips on curing that holiday weekends hang over. don't miss it tomorrow on fox5 news morning.
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people out there braving the bitter cold tonight are surely seeing extra item is your -- security at new york city hot spots. applies here in the district, new york city and other major cities have stepped up security measures, tisha lewis reports. three, two, one, happy new year! >> new years eve organizers test dropped con fit my the air on friday as preparations continue for the famous ball drop in times square. but as last minute preparations are underway for
10:21 pm
eve celebration, one thing on everyone's mind is the frigid weather. the national weather service forecast it will be 10 degrees sunday night, a windchill below zero, making it the seconds colds he is new years eve in new york city's history. >> i don't think this year it is safe to be out here in this temperature. hopefully they'll put warming stations up. >> you will be packed in here with so many people. it is like all of those penguins, you know, they get all of that heat mass going. so i don't think it would be that bad. >> the arctic chill nationwide has officials worried about hypothermia and frostbite by the some cities have canceled their outdoor celebrations. philadelphia is adding warming stations for their police officers. >> the new york police department is taking extra security measures this year to protect times square following two terror attacks in the city, in as many months. >> you will see an increase in heavy weapons, bomb squad personnel, radiological
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technology to include over 1,000 cameras in and around the area of times square for the event. >> aviation unit will monitor the event from above, while vapor wake dogs sniff out bombs. there will also be more police officers in hotels and offers towers overlooking times square. a response to the las vegas shooting in which a gunman shot through his hotel window killing 58 below in the worse mass shooting in us history. in fact, las vegas which hoses the second largest celebration in the nation, has tripled its security budget for this year to $350,000, and have more than doubled the number of national guard troops. >> this year, along with those spotters, they will be accompanied by snipers, individuals in possession of rifles to ensure safety if a threat is recognized. >> tisha lewis. >> president trump is spending new years eve at h
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florida, says the president has been briefed and will continue to monitor security effort for new years eve event around the country. president trump spent part of the day golfing, he also invited about 60 members of the coast guard to join him on the green earlier this weekend. >> and in 2017 republicans succeed in the getting their tax bills signed into law, democrats pick up major victory in the alabama senate race. so what does 2018 hold? fox news correspondent garrett ten i has more on all that congressional leaders are hoping to accomplice. >> a couple of aisles opens that may be able to get bipartisan support, for most, rebuilding america's train structure, the white house tells us they are looking at about $200 billion in federal spending to rebuild roads, bridges, rales and waterways. democrats want to bump that funding to up about a trillion dollars. another hot button issue the white house wants addressed is immigration reform including
10:24 pm
protect those brought into the country illegally as children, and president trump said he's willing to do that in exchange to ends to migration and the immigration lottery system as well as boards err wall which democrats say is a non-starter but senator lindsay gram is still optimistic. >> we need the wall, not a complete 2200-mile wall, we need border security, mayor that i up with the dream, that there is a deal to be had on immigration. >> republicans like house speaker paul ryan are also identifying number every issues that aren't expected to get much democratic support including reforms to entitlement and welfare programs which many consider untouchable. >> piece of this, what we will fight against, that's the privatization of social security, it will be the diminishment of medicare, medicaid, we know it is on the block for our republican colleagues in the house. >> next weekends president will hash out for 2018 with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell at camp david n washington, garrett tenny,
10:25 pm
news. >> in the vatican city pope francis delivered his new years message, urged people to take responsible for their actions saying 2017 has been marched by war, lies, and injustice, afterward the pontiff walked across saint peter square to shake hands and pose for pictures before he visited life size nativity. tomorrow he'll hold mass to mark the church's' world day of peace. >> still ahead tonight, another look at the frigid forecast. caitlin will tell you just how long this cold snap will last into the new year. >> plus new year celebrations are underway around the county and the country i should say, a look at some near and far. fa. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> here is another look at some of the stories we're following this new years eve, dc police chief said his department is investigating yesterday's officer shoved shooting, they responds today eighth street northeast for burglary, responding officers confronted a suspect, kevin tally. investigators say he pointed a weapon at officer and refused to put it down. that's when officers fired at the suspect, weapon recovered is a bb gun. >> fire investigators in montgomery county say heat from a chimney sparked a house fire in dancertown this morning. fire broke out at a 3-story home on dodi terrace it, caused $300,000 worth of damage. one firefighter was hurt battling the flames but expected to be okay. the family got out safely along with their two cats. and frigid temperatures, thousands of folks braving the cold outside ringing in
10:30 pm
first night featuring lot of fun for the entire family including arts and crafter, music, and of course food and hopefully some champagne, there are two dozen indoor venture, so if you don't have to be outside or don't want to be outside on such a cold night, you can still catch them inside, and of course the big fireworks show over the potomac will be happening at midnight, and i'm so certain that those folks are all counting down to midnight, because it is incredibly cold out there. >> interesting to see if the crowd out there will be impacted because it is so cold. i knew that event usually bridges out a lot of people but doesn't you want to stay inside. >> a lot of people i'll be on the couch, and that's okay, a cold week, we know night after night it is pretty touch to be outside maybe go, peak out. >> the coat will not just cut it tonight. lots of layers. >> i know, you can't have exposed skin specially when dangerous cold, with the windchill advisory we had in effect tonight. mainly for early tomorrow morning, too,
10:31 pm
outside in 2018 pretty touch. that's something saying something, tough week. incredibly cold ends to 2017/beginning to 2018. and it is not going to end with just the first of the new year, we will say that, live look outside on this last night of 2017. you know, this is one of the more extreme rounds of weather. i feel like we've had. we really didn't have much last winter, cold or snow. it was pretty quiet through the fall. we are actually in the middle of some very dry weather here in d.c. no snow, really to speak of, with all of this cold weather, which in my opinion feels like a waste, but other may have different opinion. we don't have any snow or really much of anything in the seven day forecast, back to the cold, windchill advisory in effect until early tomorrow morning, bitter cold start to 2018. yes it is a dry week ahead, but sunny, and that will be paired with temperatures that are 20 to 25 degrees below normal. temperatures continue to fall later on this week, we have
10:32 pm
not even seen the worse of the colds yet. next weekends looks pretty tough. temperatures outside right now, these are air temperatures under clear skies. and almost full moon, that will be supermoon, by tuesday, january 2nd, it is beautiful looking, but it is not beautiful to be standing in this air mass, 17 annapolis, 17 in the district, air temperature of nine in the single digits foremen as is. all across the country look at this, it is four in buffalo, 2346 boston ringing in the new year in a couple of hours, two in chicago in the northern planes, these are air temperatures so far below zero with windchills only going to 20 below, so it is 11 below in annapolis, one below in fargo, 20 in great falls. just see the power down straight from canada, unbelievable cold, and it is going to look like that through the rest of the week. satellite and radar all quiet across the country, nothing to speak of, few showers across northern california, northern florida, southeast george, a but arctic high pressure, i'll tell you
10:33 pm
stronger than there is you can't get any storms to penetrate. you can't get anything but dry, very cold weather, and that's what we've got overhead. here is the windchill advisory which is basically the whole area, it runs through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for windchill values, sub zero, so it will feel like ten below to about zero. and values as we get to about 1:00 a.m., just after the ball drops, feels like two, in washington, five in gaithersburg, three below, these are all below zero, at dullos. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., new years day, where ever your plans take you, it will be dry but will feel like one below in washington, four below in baltimore, five below in annapolis, yes, what we would call bitter cold, not accustomed to it here in d.c. or anywhere across the country. so what's in store for us as we start off a new year? more arctic air, yes, plenty of it, fresh rounds coming straight down from the north pole. high temperatures only in the mid 20's there is will make it one of the colder new years days in recent history. in fact, we only hit 24, that would be the fifth coldest new years day ever for us he
10:34 pm
washington. here is your planning forecast, if you are going to be out and about, 16 to start you off at 8:00 a.m. get to the low 20's by about noon, by 4:00 p.m., high temperature of just 25. elsewhere you are looking at high temperatures ranging from the low 20's, to the mid 20's there, 25 manassas, 26 can't quo, 24 in leonardtown. seven day forecast, notice these lows are basically in the teens all week long. so unfortunately those electric bills, we're just going to keep going here. twenty-seven thereon tuesday. few more clouds here on wednesday, 33, i guess this is a break, but still bitter cold start to the day, see temperatures get to the low 30's there. the cold continues, here is the next wave, more significant with high temperature of just 22 thereon friday. twenty-five, frigid, saturday. and then looking at sunday, yes, high temperature every just 30 degrees. the cold continues, no snow so far on the seven day forecast, not watching anything, so just dry but very chilly weather going through the first week of 2018. that's a look at your seven day forecast,
10:35 pm
back to you. >> thanks, caitlin. so it is very cold here, but here is a example every just how cold it is in other places around the country. north warn warn state an entire town has frozen over, from the city of linden, people reporting hearing trees snapping in the weight of the ice, cars and utility polls are frozen, roofs are covered in icicles, suddenly not seeming so bad here after all. local resident are saying they've never seen an ice storm quite like this before. >> police than zero nine minks away from ringing in 201-6789 you are looking right there on your screen at live pictures from times square where thousands of people are braving the cold, to celebrate the start of the new year. and security specially tight this year, fox's lauren blanchard reports. >> temperatures here in times square, not keeping revelers away, bitter cold, unprecedented blanket every security marking this new year. >> three, two,
10:36 pm
>> keeping all of these people safe, a major concern, the more than a million party goers going through pat-downs and bag chest zero checks. >> there is so much police around and they checks those pretty well when we come in here, so i think it will safe enough. >> following the terror attacks and concerns here in new york, and october shooting in las vegas, cement barricades, and trucks, filled with sands, block entrances cents to times square, and snipers have been stationed in highrises overlooking the crowd. plus, thousands of police are positioned all over. >> very heavy undercover presence specially in the hotels because they learned from las vegas so nypd not only on the game but ahead of the game. >> says president trump has been briefed on security measures across the country, despite reminders of potential danger those gathered in times square getting into the spirit of the
10:37 pm
>> i didn't spec it to be this cold. i know it will be cold but not this cold. >> despite the coal temperatures and windchill well below freezing, this is still one of the hottest places lauren blanchard, fox news. >> i can't imagine, people wait hours upon hours. >> with the security measures, probably have to get there very early. >> packed in, and temperatures like there is i just can't imagine being outside for so long. not for me. rough night. coming up a look at the stories trending a we say good-bye to 2017. >> including this video, airplane pilot takes wedding proposal to new heights. plus after a year of devastating fires, the rebuilding process is underway. more on what it is going to take to get california's wine country back to peak performance. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> i want this day for the rest of our lives, i want to spends the rest of my life -- >> talk about taking a engagement to newspaper heights. this skywest pilot propose today his girlfriends before taking off from detroit last week. his girlfriends, just happens to be one of the flight attendant on board, looks like she said yes. the pilot pulled a ring from his pocket, got down on one knee and she accepted. passengers on board were a captive audience, i'm sure everyone would love to see something like this. >> people broke neutral applause. >> nice. >> now to this heart-warming story out of colorado, pup which born with deformed legs has new
10:42 pm
animal shelter building this prosthetic cart. it took four weeks to design, build it, donations covered the 500-dollar cost for the cart. shelter officials say the pup seems to like his new set of wheels, and he's getting around just fine. >> group of guys in russia they got together and collected some car parts, with a goal in minds. they wanted to decorate a christmas tree, using head and tail light. so, that's what you're seeing there. quite a site when it was all finished. >> very cool. >> the same drivers also used spare parts to design a count-down clock to the new year. >> wow. >> and while many of us associate december 31 with new years eve, it is much more than that of doors. today is national champagne day. a day for something. as you probably know champagne is often the drink of choice to help ring in the new year, the real vintage stuff produced only in champagne france, but now
10:43 pm
days, get sparkling wine from pretty much everywhere across the world. earlier this year california's wine country faced incredible devestation, as wild fires ripped through hundreds of thousands of acres, and destroyed thousands of homes. >> but tonight a region hit hard is on the mend, for the new year. fox's adam housley reports from nap a. >> it is -- we know we will rebuild. we know it will be a nice building again. so we are -- >> says he has hope as he looks over the spot where the winery once stood. the october wilds fires raged through wine country killing 42 people. and burning down nearly 9,000 structures. >> it is important for people to come back because we depend on tourism and the rally is still beautiful and still a good time to advice. >> i we do need to put people back to work. we do need to make sure that our wineries, our restaurants, our tourist industry, you
10:44 pm
supported by the people who really care so much about it. >> one of the top five most visited areas in the country, the two weeks of fires, came at the region's busiest, during harvest season. and while 22 wineries were either damaged or destroyed, there are more than 600 others in napp a and sonoma open for business all be it with more room than anyone wants. >> most people are very surprised. they're expecting to see chart areas, burned areas, and they're few and far between. >> there is destruction here. in santa rosa thousands of homes gone, families lives changed forever. but much of it in residential areas affecting people more dependent now than ever on steady income, most likely tide to the tourist dollar. >> there has been an immense amount of support for family and friend, and just the community in general. >> the best way that anyone interested in supporting napa valley right now would be
10:45 pm
come advice. >> i while the thomas fire also this fall is now the state's largest ever, the wine country fires are the most destructive in history. with estimated damages, into the billions. while cigna role a winery hopes to reopen in two years, they need to be creative, taking wine tasting directly to people's homes, other wineries doing what they can to reconnect with others, because booking down 50% from last year. in napna valley california, adam housley. >> hopefully 2018 will be a better year for them. >> it could be a great time to visit with tourism down usually prices cents go down, as well, so if you have been want to go book that trip. >> and some parts not as bad as other. >> and the wineries are still going. >> the wine is still good. >> a lot of wine. still flowing there. coming up as we near the ends of 2017, we want to take a last look at some of the more scandelous headlines. >> top moments that caught everyone's attention coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> whether it comes to scandels, 2017 has seen more than it fair share. >> politicians, celebrities, hit with sexual assault allegations, to that big oops that happened at the oscars. >> fox's ansley ehrhardt takes a look back at some of the drama that unfolded this past year. >> lala land. >> an epic blunder at the oscars, when lala lands eclipse dollars, moonlight as best picture. but, moments later. >> i'm sorry, no, there is cents a mistake, moonlight, you guys won best picture. >> the mix-up was corrected in the middle of lala land acceptance speech, but the krass and crew of moonlight going onto excep
10:50 pm
cathy griffin creating a bloody mess after a photo shoot of her surfaced with her holding a mask of president trump's bloody head. the comedian initially said that she was sorry but then later revoked that apology. >> united airlines faced public relations nightmare in april. video shows two security officers violently dragging a passenger off the plane when the pass inning refused to give up his seat. ceo oscar munyos issued public apology for the incident. you you might want to call him pill cosby, accused of drugging andrea constand before performing sexual acts. he denies the charges, judge declared mistrial after jurors failed to reach a verdicts. new trial set to begin in the spring. dove also coming un fire for what some called is sensitive racial, the soap company saying it missed the ma
10:51 pm
representing women of color. >> dozens of women come forward accusing director harvey weinstein of harrassment, assault, even rape. the movie mogel was dismissed from the weinstein company annex pelted from the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. in addition to several open investigations, by authority. weinstein denies the allegations, the weinstein story creating a ripple effect, with dozen every men accused including kevin spacey, louise k, jeffrey tam bore, ben afleck, dustin hoffman, nick carter, sylvester stallone, former president j h.w. bush. >> today's show anchor matt lauer terminate from the nbc after employee filed a complaint about inapropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. nbc news chairman andrew lack said it was the first complaint lodged against lawyer. but the network has reason to believe it was not an isolated incident. journalist charlie rose was fired from cbs and his prominent interview show
10:52 pm
after several women accuse the former cbs this morning host of harrassment, including groping, and leud phonecalls. harrassment allegations shaking up washington, as well, alabama senate candidate roy moore accused of dating and in some instances sexually assaulting teenage girls, when he was in his 30's. he denies all of the allegations. >> the people of alabama have more in common than to divide us. >> moore ended up losing the seat in the december 12 election against democrat doug jones. democratic senator al franken shown in this photo placing his hands over leanne tweed end in 2006. several other women accuse the senator of touching them inappropriately at campaign event. after mounting pressure, the senator resigned. this just days after democrat john conyers facing his own allegations announced his retirement. >> with 2018 right around the corner no doubt there will be more of these scandels in the news, and will be covering it all for you right here.
10:53 pm
fox news. >> less scan lust 2018. >> let's see if that can happen. last look at the final forecast of 2017. >> hour until new years, stay with us, back after this. his. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> with the new year comes new changes and new tech, fox's mike kantor with what's copying g up for the first year of 2018. >> sunday, get ready to say good-bye to 2017, because it is new years
10:57 pm
staying at home, make some noise as you ring in the new year. some big financial changes are coming in 2018. the republican tax plan, officially takes effect monday. it has been called the gop most significant legislative victory this year, and is the first major tax overhaul since 1968. also, on monday, 18 states set to raise their minimum wages. the list includes hawaii, california, vermont and new york, the last time the federal minimum wage was raised was in july 2009. tuesday is national personal trainer awareness day. losing weight, getting healthy, two of the most popular new years resolutions, with gyms, and trainers, seeing big bumm unless memberships during the first month of the year. >> thursday, samsung unveils it new processers, account oc. most of the details have not yet been revealed but the company has called it it flag ship processor, leading many to believe it will power the you upcoming galaxy s9
10:58 pm
plus. grab your gadgets, because saturday is national technology day, whether attached to your phone, computer or tablet, holiday celebrate modern innovation, and how it affects our lives in both work and play. that's a look at the week ahead. fox news. >> if you have been outside this evening, to walk your dog, probably are wishing it looked something like this. this is sunny key west florida, and what you are looking at is an on all event in the town called the docks on walk. it features a parade of pups and their owners, more than 200 dogs, dawn costumes for this parade, and this is the 11th year for the event. oh, it looks so nice and warm, there. >> i know, i wish we were in key west. >> right? >> next year, i was going to say, but next will do, too. it just is an hour. >> i know, really. and yes, obviously all we can talk about the is the cold. final chest of the forecast. this is what we are looking at
10:59 pm
as wein temperatures mainly in the teens, 17 here in the district, but there are some single digits showing up out there. and windchills, already, below zero in some spots. this is just so tough to be outside. one below in gays erring percent, seven in the district what it feels like revelers outside right now do have the windchill advisory, that's in effect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so, new years day, probably one of the colds he is in decades, i think you have to go back to 1940. >> if you are doing any travelers, no issues, the whole first week of 2018 looks pretty rough. twenty-seven on tuesday, briefly above freezing wednesday, but that's incredibly briefly, because right back into the cold. it is dry all week, not really looking at any snow chances, just quite yet. twenty-two friday, that's back into the trenches of the very cold air, all the way into next weekend, yike t
11:00 pm
week. >> cold start to 2018. thanks so much for joining us, on this new years eve. >> that's right, we will see you tomorrow morning at 425. happy new years over. >> steve: welcome back, everybody. with your man, steve harvey. my friends called me and said i have been trending on twitter because of the cold. half-and-half. some people like it. some people don't. it's warm. i'm not taking it off. i'm going to get it in eight more colors. i am telling you the


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