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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in maine and other parts of the midwest are in the single digits . the worse may be still to come. sue palka starts us off with what to expect here. >>reporter: at some point i'll be talking about a pattern change, but itself it's not now in fact, we are expecting a reinforcing blast of artic air to come into town later this h week. a check of temperatures right now, it's cold. it's not as wind disi as it was yesterday . the wind chills aren't terrible. it's down to 14 in manassas. it's 24 in d.c nineteen for frederick and gaithersburg as well as baltimore. a check of the wind chill temperatures not a whole lot different than the air temperature, it's uncomfortable out there. you want to limit your time as we go through the next several days. we have to really say you've got to watch it over the next week or so. tomorrow we'll get a little moderation, maybe into the 30s. here's what's up with tomorrow. we're going to be watching a
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storm system taking shape. it's going to deposit some significant snow at the coast and then for us it whips in dangerous cold that follows behind that storm and that is in the friday, saturday timeframe. speaking of snow, while we don't have any advisories here in our area, look at this, we've got winter weather advisories all the way down to the jacksonville area in florida. they run right up the cost all the way to main and in our area we have some winter storm watches that will gin tomorrow night for the coast al area. four to six inches possible. this is a watch so that means the potential is there much it's not in the forecast yet. but that would be arriving around thursday morning commute. so it could be quite challenging for areas especially over at beaches and on the other side of the bay . right here locally maybe some flurries along i95. a possible coating. that is it. no advisories for us just yet. we're going to especially keep an eye on this sysm
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going to your knowledge you to bund l up and take every pre caution. thank you very much . new tonight the search is on for two men who police say tried to kidnap an eight year old girl this morning in a tacoma park neighborhood. luckily she was able to get away and get a good look at one of those men. kristin leone is live tonight off of elm street and pine avenue where all this took place. >>reporter: we're actually driving on pine as we speak right now. this is the area again as you mentioned where police say this incident took place. i want to give you a better visual now of where we're at and where police have been canvassing all afternoon. check out our dashboard video right now. you could see, this is the street or this is the general vicinity i should say where police have been -- several police cars since school let out this afternoon at around 3:00 just making sure that those kids walking home, that they get home safely to their families. we're told at around nine:15 this
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waiting outside waiting for her dad to take her to school. that's when she told police that two men in a gray van approached her and they used one of the oldest enticements in the book here. they offered her candy to right to lure herein side. well, the little girl, she did not fall for it and she ran inside the house and told her dad what happened. before the two men took off police say that little girl ended up getting a really good look of that passenger in the vehicle. it's because of the little girl's description that police say tonight they have a better idea of who they're searching for. i thought it was very impressive how much she could remember in the brief encounter for being so young. but it's really helpful obviously offering children candy is one of the old things that people do. i mean you, gelt creative with it, but it is something that since i remember my mother telling me about. there's petty crime, as
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mentioned, but nothing along the lines of trying to kidnap anybody. i'm really shocked and horrified. now, neighboring schools like the one you see on your screen were told of what happened this morning and obviously were on heightened alert because of it letting families know of the incident. as i mentioned before, the little girl did not get a good look of the driver, but he did get a good description. she told police what she saw or who she saw this morning. police say tonight that passenger, they're looking for a light skin ned man with hazel eyes. he has a pimple right by his left eye and a flower tattoo on his left hand and he was also seen with a silver nose ring they described that. so he was also last seen wearing a black hoodie with a stripe. so if you happen to have any information on
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man or any information on this investigation, if you have surveillance video from your home, police are asking for your help tonight. you're asked to call tacoma park police, as far as the vehicle goes here, police say that they believe that the vehicle has d.c. plates and that there were dents and damage to the side there. that's the lat est on this story. for now reporting live here in that quoam a park, kristin lee oafnlt i'll second i back to you in studio. >> a local man at the center of an isis investigation is now back in jail. the fbi raided sean duncan's home on mri he appeared in court for the first time today. tom fits yerld was also in that courtroom and joins us live from alexandria to tell us what that was all about. >>reporter: this was a fast haryks only about five minutes in left. this is the individual in question. this is sean duncan. it's a photo taken from his own facebook page. we learn in the court affidavit that his facebook, his
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was called an an encrypted messaging app were all key parts of the fbi and justice department investigation. in fact, in these court documents it was said that duncan's own twitter handle translated from arabic meant the islamic statement of fast forward to friday that was when in sterling , virginia, the fbi and justice department officials raided duncan's home. now this was after what we have now learned was a two-year investigation dating back to february of 2016. now, in court today duncan didn't face any terrorism charges, what effaced was an on instruction of justice charge. now, why is that? it turns out when the fine raided that hours, duncan was home and allegedly ran out of the house in possession of two items, a flash drive and a memory stick that was broken. the fbi told fox5 today they actually weren't planning on arresting him on friday, only did so after he tried to flee the scene
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court documents also detailed versions of what they say were his activities over the course of this investigation, which include talking to fbi informants about his support for isis they say and allegedly using up on the internet information about how to make bombs and how to purchase weapons on the internet. now, he is not done here in koamplet he is going to going to be back here at this on us house on monday for what's called a detention hearing. at that time the us attorney's office tell us we might learn more about the charges related to the isis investigation in all of this. this was also the very first time we got a look at him since this raid on friday. he was dressed in a gray t-shirt which had an american flag on the back and curiously in the bottom was written herndon police department supporter. we'll learn more about this when that detention hearing gets underway here monday at 2 p.m. for now we're live at the us district courthouse in alexandria. >> a local family is demanding
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killed during a traffic accident involving a metro transit police officer. sixteen year old derrick stanton wases crossing crane highway at chads ford drive yesterday when he was struck by a marked metro k9 union trufnlgt the officer gary what tal ka was off duty and on his way to work at the time of the accident. a preliminary investigation reveals that stanton may have walked right into oncoming traffic directly into the path of the approaching patrol car. the victim's mother says she has a hard time believing that. eric is a child that most of us look right and look left. he looked right left , right, left before he crossed the street. i knew what they were saying wasn't true. authorities are urging anyone who may have witnessed the accident to call maryland state police. a young girl is recovering tonight after being hit by a car. it happened around 9 a.m. at the intersection of pa
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brooks drive in suitland. prince george's county police say the victim was taken to the hospital with critical injuries the big question is was the victim in the crosswalk we she was hit. right now i don't know that yet. we don't know that yet, the investigators are till working it out right now. this is truly a sad situation. do you guys have cameras in the area to kind of tell if she was in the crosswalk at all in. >> i'm not sure where the camera s are. there are cameras at certain intersections here. there will be part of the investigation that we will work through. police say the driver did remain on the scene and is keep thing with the investigation. still to come the possible reason behind widespread reports of flu cases nationwide. congress has plenty on its to do list as 2018 gets underway. the major issues that law makers will focus on first. if you have an idea for a story you can call the
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>> the latest wave of sexual misconduct allegations hit advise media. it suspended two senior executives following a new york times report that un korched covered allegations of sexual harassment. andrew creighton reached a settlement back in 2016 with the former employee who claims she was fired after she rejected an intimate relationship with him. the chief digital officer mike gentleman morrow is accused of making comments to a former employee in 2012 and allegedly pulling a former employee into his lap in 2014. peter maertin's is retiring amid sexual abuse allegations. he announce h
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three decades of the ballet theater. last month three dancers announced. he has been disscharnlged since the charges surfaced and has been cooperating with the investigation. today is officially senatorial franken's last day in the senate. he announced his resignation last month after multiple women accused him of misconduct. frapgen has not announced what he will do yet, but he plans to remain in the public eye. tina smith will be sworn in in as his replacement tomorrow. every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves. for me that time is soon approaching. senator or oncoming traffic hatch announced he will not seek reelection. he has served more than 40 years in the senate. he chair the power ful senate finance committee and was a major force in getting the tax over haul through congress. the 83 year old says even
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leaving the senate he's still devoted to public service and loose forward to the next chapter in his life. his retirement could open the door for mitt romney. he is reportedly interested in runni o days into the new year, lawmakers have a big agenda in front of them. some of the big issueses facing the republican controlled congress include avoiding a government shutdown. mark westerner says he's frustrated a del budget deal wasn't worked out before you the year ended. january in past years hasn't been relatively not that busy. that's not going to be the case this year. we should have done more of this in december. one of the things that frustrates me is a former governor and former business guy , congress too often kickses the can. we should have done, for example the budget should
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year began on october 1. we have to find some c get the wors just the beginning. congress has to deal with immigration re form and infrastructure. meanwhile a change in in immigration policy could make it much more difficult for highly skilled workers to retain advise as while employed in the united states. right now the proposal is being considered by the trump administration. visas can last up to six years, but the change would make it so the employees coming from another country wouldn't dysplasia work worker from that period of time. if implemented an estimated 500,000 to 750,000 indian immigrants could be deported. this could also extras drastically disrupt how companies opter in the united states. widespread influencance a activity, maryland and virginia. experts say it's too
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the flu season will be this yeermt the early start of the outbreaks is attributed to the low effectiveness of the vaccine and possibly the cold temperatures gripping much of the country. so far more than 30 people have died from the flu this season. still to come, sushis going to break down our chances for snow later this equal woo. the extreme cold is leading to rodent problems. the store where a viewer saw these mice running around coming up next.
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the bone chilling temperatures that have left region shivering this week could be responsible for the surge in water main breaks. since friday wssc crews have responded to more than 630 water main breaks. in fact, take a look, this was the scene in hyattsville this morning. a water main shutdown work right before 42nd place. the cold may have caused a pipe to burst. kramer middle school doesn't have
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water flooded out the basement over nievment the pipe burst in the boirl room. the nearly 400 students who attend the school are due back from wirnt break tomorrow. water main break-in silver springs lead to this flooded basement. the 8-inch main ruptured on new hampshire avenue and lead to massive backups. it createdded dangerous conditions for drivers . even the sidewalks were covered in ice. the water main break affected at least a dozen customers. we showed you this not long ago, baltimore streets and cars covered in a thick layer of ice following a water main break and it could take a few days to clear the streets because of the freezing temperatures over the next few days. if you spot a water main break-in your area you can call d.c. water, v.a. american water or the arlington county department of environmental sciences. another impact of the cold weather is an influx of mice. many of them are securey ing to find food and shelter. take a
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video of mice secureying around a department store, forman millions. if you want to prevent these little pests from targeting your home, make sure to match up any holes, remove trash and set up traps. i know the mice are probably more scared of us, but i wouldn't have been able to pull out and record that. what's weird about mice. i don't mind thesm. you me hear me say that all the time . i'm just feeling sorry sorry that are trying to survive. >> they just freak me out. >> i have things that freak me on you, but they don't usually have fur on them. this cold might be one of them. it feels like it's been going on forever i was looking back to christmas day is the last time we even touched 40 greece and of course it went downhill all day. we actually started christmas at my house with
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>> that's always fun when you're having people over? a. the wind is better now. so we're not dealing with the wind chill like we had yesterday. i have a little bit of good news and that is tomorrow, we may be able to get into the 30s. do you like that? are you feeling that? this is what we hit today , 26 at reagan, dulles 25 and bwi coming in at 24. if we hit the 30s, definitely soak it up because there's still plenty more cold air is that going to pouring out of the artic and heading in our direction. you can see chicago is four des, detroit five, tamm tampa is cold every where except for phoenix and sand daig on. is that about it. the entire nation is also experiencing what we are experience ping and tonight we'll definitely head down into the teens. no single digits, but widespread teens and not much in the way of that wind chill. here's what i'm talking about for tomorrow afternoon. thirty-seven in fredericksburg, worth a trip, wouldn't you say in 35 for manassas and
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thirty-four for the district. definitely chilly but not as bitter cold as today was. beyond tomorrow night, there's something we have to watch and that is two pieces ofeny that you see right here are going to come together and start to form a much bigger storm near the bahamas. that storm comes up the coast tomorrow night and it looks like it's going to be quite a wallop, a winter hurricane we're going to call it for new england and up toward canada. this is the area of low pressure and we're going to see this developing and coming up the coast tomorrow night. it could produce some light snow here. right now no advisories because it appears as though the storm is too far out to see to give d.c. area too much snow. at the beaches, several inches could be possible. then you add the wind in and you have blizzard conditions from boston all the way through the canadian province. new york may get several inches out of it as well . the concern would be thursday morning for our frens watching down at the beaches. look at widespread advisories.
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advisories or winter storm warnings and up in our area we have some winter storm much what s. if this gets changed to a warning then this four to six inches might happen. this is potential for this. that would lewis and. might include some sides on the side of the bay. maryland we're going to have to watch this for you as well. the track would be very important. again, light snow maybe here in the 95 corridor, but most of the potential foray cumulation is east of 95 and closer to the other side of the bay. so we may see some light snow here and it with being so cold we do know that sometimes that a little bit of snow can be a hazard. right now we think light snow is possible, but then probably the bigger story beyond the snow is the extreme cold that it pulse in friday and saturday, very bitter wind chills. in can pennsylvania, look at some of the single digits at night. we're just going to describe friday as extreme cold with a temperature of
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chills well blow zero as those winds kick up again. it's very cold on saturday. we start to climb out of it a little bit on sunday and then kind of a site for sore eyes next monday and tuesday. temperatures in the mid 40s. if we see a pattern change it's going to wait until next week. there are only a few signs of that right now. a little hope. we always have hope. spring will come at some point. and we will complain about the heat. coming up next, hitting the gym. one of the motion common new year's resolution. we'll find out one christmas class wants you to get in shape while in the buff. i like these award-winning cheddar puffs.
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newed personal fitnessry and a, julia roberts and tom cruz and no you can't sign up for those classeses launching its newed work out sessions this friday. the nude classes are designed to be a total bod dwi workout that usings your body weight as existence to work the glut, legs and core working to make you feel good. the classes that the celebrities are in probably aren't even signed up. 5@6:30 is next.
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>> happy tuesday, everybody. president trump is back in washington and setting his sites on new battles including trying to build on last year's momentum and run in congress. this is what we're talking about tonight at 5@6:30. first a lot of people were saying what would the president's resolution be? would he not tweet as much. >> right. the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrup iran and regime. all of the president that president obama so foolish ly gave to


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