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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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alert. deep freeze causing problems across the dmv. and live in fairfax with the impact it's having on school buses and all in ahead of snow many of you will wake up to tomorrow at this time. >> out with the old in with the new. phew new fashions and new announcements of two retirements. >> and "fox5" sdlusive every day local here's owes that work in 911 centers and answering call when you have an emergency. >> if are you just wakingp a beautiful live look outside on wednesday morning. january 3, 2018. absolutely georgous tuck you're right. >> very protestty. bitter cold temperatures not letting up. let's get to tucker to a quick look at the forecast. cold this morning, tuck. >> visibility fantastic. >> incredible. >> beautiful view. >> what's not beautiful
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i'll have all the details on owe all right. guys, back to you. >> as we talk about extreme cold it's impacting schools in greater d.c. region. couple closures. arch bish ol carol in d.c. closed today because of plumbing problems caused by cold and barnaby manner elementary school oxon hill close because of water main break. delays in virginia clark county schools delay one hour. page county schools and frederick county virginia schools on a two hour delay. >> in west virginia, berkley, grant, hardy and jefferson country schools you're on hour delay and western maryland, alleghany and garrett county schools both delayed two hours. >> for the kids going to school on time there were several chmerkovskiys
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several chmerkovskiys inclouding good morning, allison, steve, when it's cold liking this and there's certain schools in montgomery country without heat and here in montgomery county buses are affected by the cold. what happened, over the last two weeks kids were on lengthy winter break and none of the buses got work in. many stalled. some wouldn't start yesterday as thousands return back to school. we're told 8700 bus routes new county were -- there are 8700 bus routes in outy and 200 were affected and left hundreds of students waiting out in the cold for up to an hour in temperature like this morning in low teens. very verks cold. the county is reporting a bus delay or two due to bus trouble or breakdowns. students that attend montrose in alexandria section they'll be
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due to bus trouble. by 30 minutes. same goes for some of you who attend holmes and cooper. glasgow has a minor delay. clearly this is better situation than yesterday and still we're experience ising same situation with buses not starting and/or stalling out. we're told parents can continously check the web sites. and i want to goat visit they're out fixing problems as they arise. we saw mechanics batteries and we're told half buses are ten years old or newer in the country and mechanics are constantly helping to maintain them. as quu sigh clearly some couldn't handle the ridge id temperatures and hopefully things will workouts and improve. and a much betser situation
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you're talking five or six cools delayed versus 200 bus routes impacted yesterday. so hopefully we stay on this track. but it's certain sli cold out here. montgomery county they had fair share offish as you and not significantly affected by the bus routes or situation area more so heating they have richard montgomery high school not working properly and had to move. has the latest. >> thank,autopsyy, cameer middle cool in south the building did got have electricity or gas all day and hazmat crews were called in to cleanup the mess. nearly 200 student are due gabbing from winter braerk today and good news classes will go on as planned. developing overnight prince george county fire crews put out a
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townhouse on carissa lane in laurel. pictures from that scene broke down to 4:00 this morning and everybody in the home was able to get out okay and nobody was hurt and four adults and two kids have to find a new place to stay. >> d.c. fire crews called to apartment on parkland place late nast night anding at photos from that scene. cold weatherproofed chal challenging and spet spite what happened it was quickly brought under control. >> old man winter keeps coming. wait until i show you the temperatures. we'll throw snoy in the mix as well. >> because it's cold will stay right there. wind chills tomorrow afternoon watch the storm closely. we'll look at that in a se second. let's start with temperatures as you are running out this morning and 15 in washington and most of the region is in the single digits.
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sgaijersburg and dull is two and mannasas now negative one in mannasas and just one degree in culpeper and eight quantico. and everybody hof to a cold start. winchester we don't want to forget about you in the mountains. wag a storm development winter storm warnings to florida this morning. costsal areas, georgia, south carolina, north car line a. hard hint in the winter storm. myrtle beach, charleston. much of north car line aand look that sneaks up the coast and impacts us as well. late tonight and early tomorrow morning period of snow around here. generally washington and points south and east. i'll talk totals or expected snow totals and timing coming up. 33. >> fingers crossed on that. >> that would be big. >> that would be huge. >> several days. >> tuck, thanks. >> maul miracles getting freeze being mark here in jan. >>
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tough out here this morning and a lot of people took the day off and now we hit the roads this wednesday morning it's cold and water main breaks and plenty of crashes out there and baltimore washington parkway 98 crash blocked northbound lane and initially was blocking lanes that's no longer southbound side needed to free up. that's coming off the beltway and southbound side it will take you 20 minute to get 198 to beltway. new crash before boundary channel drive looking september are lane. a lot of jammed traffic. 395 pretty clogged u outer loop after 1 0 spur we have a crash being monthing right shoulder. traffic moving and heavy. outer loop 95 to spur a good 5 to 30 minute. that's a look at traffic.
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>> you never want to joke about nuclear war. yesterday it game counsel with who's is bigger. >> the latest volley oyn witnesser set off concerns about a conflict with north korea north korea after the communist regime took steps overnight to restart official communicate kaitionz. live outside of the white house now with more on this story, mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve, allison. as we know this is not the first time president trump called out north korea on d dwiter but ai lot of people looking at differences to a nuclear button. and we see how serious the situation has become. >> president trump button to launch a nuclear strike say large briefcase. the so-called football nearby and carried by military aid in a war of words so far and speaking figuratively
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president shot back and he bragged about a nuclear button on his desk and said kim jong-un stated the nuclear button was on his side all times it. i, too, have a nuclear button and it's more bigger and poweller full one than his and my button works. >> it's a tongue and cheek comment about a serious issue. >> he calls this harsh reality and regime is nuclear and missile technologies. >> and closer to that as we think about it. >> hard line stance is at odds with south korea hoping to onen new lines of communications with the neighbor. >> north korea can talk about anyone they want u.s. will not recognize it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons they have. >> north korea and south korea
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communication lines for the first time in two years because north korea is sort of floating the idea of sentdzing a delegation to next month's wiptser olympics in south korea and south korean officials confirmed this morning those preliminary nary scts begun. live outside the white house fox local news. >> congress getting to work today and new faces in the crowd and lieutenant governor of minnesota smith was aappointed to fill the seat vacated by former senator al franken. she'll be sworn in today with alabama select doug jones who says he's ready to get to w work. more than 40 years in the senate hatch said he will retire despite calls for concerns. republican senator says he will not run for reelection and all eyes on 2012 mitt romney expressing interest in the utah seat. >> developing this morning
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19-year-old paralyzed after he was shot at a new year's eve party in anne arrundel county. >> doctors say the college students and star football player will survive but football dreams are lookly shattered. bob barnard this morning live in receive earn, maryland with this story, bob, good morning. >> hey, good morning, steve, allison. larry arim was sholt at a house party basti li road on new year's eve. he's a 19-year-old sophomore at marshall under arrest west vir vr a defensive end the football team and oakland, this was a party and the apparent gunman was a party goer tweel told larry was shot in the back by a stray bullet. there are reports he was trying to protect his girlfriend. a 17-year-old was wounded and and survived.
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and larry is paralyzed from waste down frn that shot that hit his spine. and nrend are with him at shock trauma baltimore at the hospital there. one family friend who "fox5" spoke to lasts night said everybody that knows and loves larry is devastated. and good willing to family. and graces his people to god's earth and this has to happen. and the violence when does it stop. >> as far as we know at this point, no gunman was identified again it was someone who was at the party here on bastil road and as far as we understand larry was not the intended target. it was a builtet not intended for him and is parized this teenage rear from howard county whose appearance football career seems
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over guys. >> and it's a horrible story. really is. thank you for that report. >> still to come this morning a big premier of fox's new primetime show 911 is tonight. >> first hear from 911 hero. >> out of prince george county you'll hear straight from the people that took that emergency 911 call time now 7:1234 we'll be right back. passs'
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passs' >> live look outside this morning. trouble in the region this water main break on st. barnabus road in oxon h hill. same break that closed barnaby manner elementary school today. no school at that particular school and those workers happen to be out in the bitter cold this morning. >> warm is wreaking havoc on everything. maybe it stop tuck are i demand it. >> and guys are working yesterday. >> trying to stay warm. >> i love it. >> hard on the extremities. >> and all right. let's get to. it cold temperatures first story. and once again, we have look at that i think it's first negative number we had locally this winter so far. negative one in mannasas. and two dulles and zero b
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old zero martinsburg and one in call pep erin r5 fred fredericksburg and another very, very cold started and now we throw this developing storm system into mix and you see it taking shape in northern florida. winter storm warnings extend northern florida up to coastal areas of georgia and south carolina and north carolina to maine. incredible expansion of this expected storm. we fwoo have advisories locally. this expanded since we went to bed. st. mary and calvert county under winter weather advisory and thinking is we'll like lake see winter weather advisories pulled further north and west. we're not done with possibility of some well we're expecting light snow across the region late tonight and early tomorrow morning. how much are we looking at dusting to two inches here and higher amounts south and east. and if you have questions about the snow
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it's not a of snow but fact every flake will stick. we've seen snow events that cause half ak on the row ways. it could be those situation tomorrow. >> chemicals and stalt don't work effectively when it's so cold. >> thanks, tuck. >> xhooup commute may as well be a monday. >> and we're learning how to drive again after a long holiday break. seems everyone did not head back yesterday and they're out. chopper over the northbound bw parkway delays. yes, these are headlights coming at you and this is do you to result of earlier crash at 19le. it was affecting southbound and northbound side and southbound side cleared 1st and you can see they're actually fine. although those taillights showing slow traffic. it's headlights northbound delay and it is pretty heavy beltway to 198 crash site and even a little beyond that as we go to maps. it looks like some delays were heavy as you got up
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maryland. bw parkway slow in recovering, 395 northbound on screen here crash before boundary channel drive and blocking center lanes and squeezing by and we'll see slow traffic as you try to get to 35. there outer loop after 270 spur crash still blocks right shoulder and heavy outer loop and delays are extensive from 95 to 270 spur. takes 30 minutes do stretch on outer loop. back to reality here let's look at traffic, steve, allison. >> caitlin thank very much. >> there's a. >> first one is the one we all have every day. >> 911 what's emergency. >> clip from new show coming to fox called 911 witnessed on hoor owes that help people every day. >> good morning, we're hearing from local heros that answer those calls. >> marina marraco has that story. >> it's a story we first brought when you it happened last november. "fox5" was on the scene and we spoke
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watched hope lvsly while two people inside pleaded for help and tonight for first time you'll hear from real life heroes. >> it's on fire i see fire down there i see fire. >> okay i have the fire department on the way stay on the phone how many people trappeded in the house. >> it's a lady she can't get out. >> 5,000 calls a day prince george country 911 call center is third buzzest in country. >> i have calls that still with me that call stuck with me a couple weeks it's all i could think about. >> on any guch day someone's life on other end of phone is on the line. >> it's hard not knowing exactly what's going on because you can't see. you're goose based on what someone is telling you an crying and screaming and panic that doesn't help you. >> he said don't go in. there's no room for error at all. someone none.
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>> and there's people trappeded in the home female in wheelchair and trying to find location and male who is second first personed in the hospital. >> fair takes the 911 call. >> prince george county 911. >> hi i need someone to come yes you can dom address right -- >> what's address. >> there's a house on fire. >> partner venicia collins is reading notes live on sxur screen and relating it to first responders. >> there's someone trying to break the window out close to the drive way to get out of the home. >> copy, 29 making entry. >> i have to make sure that i give them every single detail. >> at this moment it's life or death. >> and the only sthing they have to go by is what you tell them. they don't have a computer sitting in front of them. >> getting that explicit information like we're getting that particular day obviously is a testament to the call tear and dispatchers
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>> ripard riley was first firefighter to arrive on lorraine drive temple hills and neighbors watched hel helplessly as son rushed fwhook the burning home to save his wheelchair bound mother. >>ed in the house. >> he tried backdoor i tried side i kicked side door open i wish i could have gotten in there sooner i feel so bad because i have grandparents. >> adrenalin and determination to save lives in instivkttive for first responders. >> they go in and bring her out and she's in the front yard that was a big relief and then i reminded them there was a second victim. >> there were two people pull out correct. >> they wept back and and they found him and brought him out. i knew i did my job. >> for these two quhom took this frajic call last november there's a parts of the job that is always a question mark
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that is always a question mark. what happens after the call ends? >> wonder if they made. it i knew they made it out of the house but did they make it at the hospital. >> i can't tell you how many times i cried all wait home. the person calling 911 could be worst day of their life and we have to understand that and treat them with withty and respect. but the bad thing is we never, ever, get closure and that's a very, very hard thing. >> these 911 call takers and dispatchers say the calls never get easier and unlike first responders on the ground they really know how it ends and leave work wonder physical victims she helped made it to see another day. unfortunately in this fire they did everything they could and ultimately both son and mother died at the hospital. >> shout-out to all those literally that first connection hopefully to saving lives down the road. >> still ahead this morning. rats on
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pesky rodent causing problems for one airline. >> first today national fruit cake toss day. many receive fruit cakes during holidays sadly i did not. >> i never received one. >> i wish i would. not everybody likes them okay to celebrate simply toss your fruit cake and see how far it would go and post attempt on social media with attempt fruit cake toss. toss it away -- don't toss it. >> towards you. >> seems like this is dangerous thing they're heavy. okay anyway i like fruit cake
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>> alaska airlines calling in skerm exterminator after a rat got on a plane. at the airport in california. how fun is that? paerm where boarding portland oregon flight and rat jumped from jet way on to the plane and they cancelled flight. >> yeah they did. >> they rebooked on later flight. >> at least you knew it not like you were up in the air and see something securey around. >> let me say something to you. i would be so upset. >> i thought you would going to go samuel jackson son us. >> i think snakes take care of rats don't they what would you rather. >> okay, tucker good morning. >> i would rather see a rat over a snake on the plain. >> a rat secureying everywh
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everywhere. >> 15 in washington. looks likes a new record out at dulles. much of the area in single dimming its. we'll start with cold temperatures and hoping to gets temperatures to freezing later today and clouds this afternoon. developing storm system this is the one you probably have been hearing about. it will really intensify off the coast later tomorrow and tomorrow night. bombo genesis and a lot of wind at us and period of snow late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're not impressed with accumulations that we're expecting and every flake will stick and we're likely to have travel issues this morning marley as you get further south and east. southern maryland and eastern shore that area there will be more significant snows there. look at cold behind t 20 friday. >> time for jam cam with caitlin. >> all right ring jam cam. >> you know i like to be in bombo genesis i'm not sure about yourself. >> outer loop i believe we're looking at here or 395 i'm sorry we've had return to traffic i guess you could say today.
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people seemed to take additional day off. 395 trying to get looks like coming from vdot virginia. aside from that outer loop delays 95 to 270 spur is. we'll look at that and water main breaks have been an is issue. cold temperatures. that is all ahead. streev, allison. >> two sisters in new mexico using spare time to help strangers and likely never meet. they're helping them stay w warm. they started new hobby in november and started to crochet scarves. they don't keep or sell them they tie them around telephone polls, signs and lights for homeless stuck out in the c cold. >> god put in my heart my calling it to help others to serve it makes my heart warm that i see that person and i'm like oh, my god look they're wearing one of
7:28 am
it because sometimes we pump into people while doing it and we actually give them the scarf. >> each said not lost employees take me with you if you're cold stay warm and god bless. >> nice gesture. >> ahead at 7:30 future of redskins this morning and what's ahead in the new year for burgandy and gold. >> and why chocolate might disappear from store shelves. uh-huh.
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♪ gorgeous. isn't that pretty? that's live look outside right now. yup, 7:30. gorgeous, gorgeous sky. we're happy to bring that you shot this morning. it's cold, but, you know, tuck says it might get up to 30 to today. maybe 30. maybe above freezing or maybe at freezing. we'll see. gorgeous. okay. tuck is getting a picture i'll wait on it for just a second. you got it. welcome back, everybody. 7:30 rye now. firefighters in virginia's capitol starting the new year with a good deed. they were able to save a swan that was frozen in the water. that swan was stuck for hours in the middle of a frozen pond.
7:31 am
that frozen pond and they broke up the ice around the swan which eventually climbed up the embankment and headed to a nearby neighborhood. love it. lottery fever just keeps on growing across the united st states. so nobody hit the big jackpot the mega millions last night. so that jackpot has now grown to $418 million for friday's drawing. how coincidental 418 is my favorite number. this is as the powerball jackpot stands at $440 million for tonight's drawing that's other one this is only the second time both major lotteries have reached this amount at the same time. i'll be back. i'm heading to rodman's get some tickets. steve, over to you. >> lot of skins fans would like to hit lottery not just a winning season but getting to the big game. it is decision week fort redskins the season is over. the healing begins for the players who have been hurt all season. what about for the fans? what happens with kirk? he has meet and greet coming up on friday maybe he'll riri veal this future plans but probably w't
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what's ahead for the new year fort jr. broken kins liz with the washington post. we don't typically talk redskins this time of the morning but such a big thing right now. not just the kirk season. the end of the season relook back and reflect. with the new year let's look forward right now. i guess number one the injury bug that was with this team. is it something that can be prevented or not? >> you'd like to think so and like to think that there are ways that the team can help players, um, you know, get in shape before they start sustaining all the hits, and recover after the hits. and there are a lot of players who in this era believe in yoga and pilates and working their soft tissues. so they're going to look into that and it needs to be a priority. >> literally had almost half of the active roster. >> yes. >> equivalent on injured reserve this year. >> yes. >> which seems to be an out liar compared to past seasons. can you look at that now with the glass half full and say, okay, if anybody
7:33 am
thee it would be a better team or this is football these things happen you have to be prepared. >> sure. i think the decision to bring back coach jay gruden for a fifth season fans are pretty split. if you want to make the case for gruden you, definitely point to injuries. i think that's a legitimate thing. i mean, to close jordan read, chris thompson two of your key player makers on offense, the first round pick in the draft, again, to injury, i would argue that had they had all those players available, they would have won two or three more games minimum and that probably would have put them in the playoffs. >> i didn't happen, though. >> no. >> let's start with a couple of things here. liz, you covered this team for a very long time. >> yes. >> that decision to keep grey jay gruden, good decision or not? >> i think it was good decision. dan snyder and his 19 years of owning the team he's been through eight coaches, and if there's one broad umbrella, um, dysfunction witness redskins i think the past two decades it's
7:34 am
so i think there is an argument to be made for staying the course with the coaching staff. or with gruden and we'll see what he does with his staff. >> right. gruden stays on. yesterday he has his end of the season. >> yes. >> press conference. what did you take out of that, what he said? anything stand out to you? >> probably the luke warm summation of kirk cousins se season. um, he complimented kirk fort 4,000 yards which is third consecutive year of 4,000 yards. did a lot of good things but they missed the playoffs, and had a losing record, and quarterbacks ultimately are judged by losing records. so it wasn't a resounding thing like he's my guy. >> right. >> we're going to grow together. and he's complimented him throughout the season. so it wasn't a smack down but it was just kind of clear eyed frank, you know -- >> if we were to read into that, would you look at it like we're trying to soften the blow if he does leave for the f
7:35 am
him, or do you look at it this can go either way. if we do keep him we said, okay, we didn't say anything bad about him. >> right. right. those are good questions. i don't see gruden as a guy with a lot of guile. he's pretty frank. but, upping, the thing -- the thing that made the nfl so successful it's a bit of par paradox. so it succeeds because fans develop this attachment to the players. but it also succeeds because owners don't develop an attachment to players. they're not sentimental, and it's always a business decision. and because of the redskins inability to sign kirk cousins when the price was lower. >> right. >> they're looking at now having to pay an exorbitant amount to keep him from leaving and so they're not able to say, is he a good quarterback? can we win with him? not question is, is he a franchise quarterback? is he like one of the top five? that's an extraordinary bar. >> much more business decision
7:36 am
>> yeah. >> look, every other media outlet in the country saying, denver is a great fit for him. we've seen carson palmer retired in arizona. does he stay or does he go? what's your gut feeling now. >> my guess he'll go. i don't think the skins will pay what he takes to franchise him. he hasn't shown a lot of interest in negotiating toward a long-term deal. i think in his case, it's not about i want the top dollar. i think his decision will be based on he wants to play for a team that is stable. an organization with a history of stability. he wants to play for team that believes in him. and he wants to play for a team that's going to contend for super bowls. who wouldn't want that? but that's consistently his criteria and it's hard for us to i think realize that he's had no say in this workplace for six years. >> um-hmm. >> and who among us wouldn't want to have a little self-determination. >> at least the opportunity. >> yeah. based on the three tighe criteria you gave in the last
7:37 am
three years i think he's zero for three witness skins. >> i think so. >> liz, good to talk to you. liz clark long time washington post sports reporter. let's turn things over to tucker and check on the frigid for forecast. >> steve, got a new record. new record fell this morning. dulles airport hit 1 degree. that beats the old record i think it was eight set back in 1979. so record this morning out at dulles. 15 in washington now. three in pittsburgh. minus two columbus. listen, culpeper manassas areas near zero this morning. very very cold start to the day. developing storm system northern florida. we've got winter storm warnings extend through good gash the carolinas right up through the eastern shore and new england. and we'll watch this storm very carefully take shape over the next 24 hours. bottom line for us, we'll have a period of snow around here late tonight early tomorrow morning particularly south and east of washington. that's where the heaviest of the snow will be i'll show you expected snow totals in just a minute but that will be the big story. we're going to get dusting to maybe an inch
7:38 am
locally by tomorrow morning but it will stick. all right. your planner for today, hoping to get temperatures above the 3l sunshine with clouds this afternoon. okay. plenty more weather in just a minute. katelyn who's mon or i don't know very very busy. >> roads. yesterday was a delay. still on vacation. we're all back now and tomorrow just wait, tuck, throwing snow into the mix i believe most of our snow we've had so far really been on the weekends. so yeah. tomorrow will be a test. 395 northbound right before boundary channel drive you see this crash right here. moved to the right shoulder. not blocking any lanes but slow traffic around that curve and then as you merge through 395 northbound, so that is a jammed spot for you, elsewhere outer loop after 270 spur still have this crash that block the shoulder. i can see the police presence still on the right-hand side of screen causing slow travel th there. also 395 up towards seminary road jammed to traffic as well. these are all just slow spots but we do still have pennsylvania avenue northbound at suitland parkway a crash
7:39 am
fox5 will be right back. ♪
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♪ well brace yourself. there's bad news for apparently chocolate fans. the world's chocolate supply slowing melting away. >> according to various reports
7:42 am
the sweet treat could be extinct in mere 40 years. >> okay. >> what do you mean? >> well -- >> we'll still be around. >> yes. >> researchers say the natural source of chocolate is in danger due to warmer temperatures and fungal disease. mars the maker of snickers and m and m's teaming up with scientists to work on solution. yes, please come on. >> don't raise the prices now because of something 40 years now. samsung using with battery. eight users are unable to charge their battle batteries. a small number of users experienced problem and vied advising them to get warranty replacements. back in 2016 that major recall after dozens of galaxy note seven phones caught on fire because of defective batteries much this time around it's just few. just a few it might catch on fire. just one is -- >> okay. not a good start to the year for sp
7:43 am
been hit with a $1.6 billion lawsuit. spotify accused of playing thousands of songs without a license. in the lawsuit, wicks son music publishing company claims spotify never paid for the songs by artists like tom petty or woser, neil young and the doors just to name a few small bands you might have heard of. that's incredible. spotify has yet to comment on this lawsuit, though. >> still ahead in his latest movie fur a fan of liam neesen you know his time of film and the latest one has him as businessman caught up a criminal conspiracy. >> we're talking about the new thriller. our kevin mccarthy goes one and one with the actor next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i mean fort picture it looks absolutely beautiful. lots of sunshine out there. looks very comfortable. >> you should have seen the sunrise. it was gorgeous. >> really great start to the d day. from the perspective of everything but the temperature. from the perspective of being inside. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> outside or working outside please bundle up. it is very very cold. how cold? we'll get your forecast from tucker in just ten seconds. >> all right. let's get down to business much lots and lots to talk about. let's start with the good news. allison, i think we'll get above freezing today. [ applause ] >> all right. yes, round of applause. >> thank you. >> above freezing i mean maybe 33 degrees. clouds build this afternoon. we're looking at this light snow late tonight, early tomorrow morning for parts ofhe
7:47 am
i do think it's going to be problem. i'll tell you why in just a second then whipped chills subzero maybe minus ten, maybe minus 20 for parts of the area by late thursday and friday. so we are just not done with this extreme cold. 15 in washington. want to point out dulles now at 2 degrees. dulles has shattered their old record set back in 1979 of 8 degrees. it was one there this morning. so that's a brand new record for us. ten in leonardtown. we need music or something for new records. eight in quantico. five in fredericksburg. one in culpeper you get a sense of how cold it is another very very cold start. we're fine. sunshine you saw that in the live shot to start the morning. developing winter system down here. we've got winter storm warnings that extend all the way along the coast of the carolinas and into parts of north carolina and then right up the eastern shore up into new england and it's just extraordinary places like charleston two to 4-inches of snow and ice later today. okay. here's what we're expecting the storm is going to deepen and very rapidly intensify later tonight and during the day tomorrow and
7:48 am
of snow. if you're well south and east, and light snow in the immediate 95 corridor we're not talking about a lot of snow here locally but the thing that has his concerned the temperatures have been so cold and will remain so cold every flake will get a chance to stick to the pavement so that will be a big concern tomorrow morning. blizzard conditions boston, eastern new england, this storm system is really going wrap up. they're talking about potential for 60 or 70 miles per hour winds along the cape. it's going to be unfortunately a disaster up there. all right. real quick alerts. yes. winter storm warning now this is where the heaviest of the snow will be salsbury, ocean city we now have winter weather advisories for calvert and saint mary's county. maybe two to 4-inches here and lesser amounts for us. but we are looking at the potential for those advisories to be expanded further north and west later today. so how much snow we talking about? i think general al dusting to an inch in the immediate 95 corridor then higher amounts as you get south and east. i've treated this tucker fox5 if you have questions about the snow or look carefully at that snowfall forecast.
7:49 am
a lot of weather to talk about friday, saturday maybe we get to 20. caitlin i've done. >> i've tweeted caitlin roth fox5. along with the traffic it is the snow tomorrow undoubtedly going to cause issues. water main breaks have been the story all week. here's our latest one in marlo heights maryland. this is on saint barnabas road. you can see crews are out there doing what they can. it is so hard. you got to feel for everyone working in these conditions and trying to stop something like water main break where obviously that water freezes so quickly. but people have to get around and there are some lane closures on saint barnabas as a result of it. let's go to the maps and i'll scholl that you sight, and the residual traffic as a result. 5400 block of saint barnabas road near wheeler road. the left lanes eastbound and westbound on saint barnabas are closed. right lanes are open. you saw those right lanes squeezing by otherwise the left lanes that are closed as you try to work around this issue right north of beltway. going to be some problems in that section of maryland with that water main break. there are several out there. here's another one in rock
7:50 am
hunger forward drive at frederick avenue. had this basically all morning. still block the right lane on hunger forward for drive and finally in annapolis, ridge road at cyprus road water main break one lane open in each direction on the sight. icy conditions not just for this one but for all of them. just be careful around these sights. jammed traffic, go slow, could be icy out that. that's a look at traffic. steve and allison, over to you. ♪ >> you hear the music. you know it's time for fox beat. kevin mccarthy is here right now. >> one and only. >> yeah. >> you had a chance to talk to liam neilson again. >> yeah. >> every movie he does has taken something else do i remember correctly you talk to him about this he doesn't love doing these kind of movies? >> he's feeling too old, right. >> that was a story that he came out with toronto national film festival he was going to retire from action films. i spoke to him about how many action scripts he receive after doing the first take ken he speaks about that in our interview he's in the commuter. let's take look at a c
7:51 am
this new film. watch this. >> first time on the commuter train. >> i'm sorry, have we met? >> no, i'm joanne anna. >> michael. >> what if i asked to you do something that could profoundly affect an individual on this train? >> i don't understand. it's just one little thing. someone on this train does not belong. all you have to do is find them. >> why would i do it? >> in the bathroom there's $75,000. that money is yours if you do this one little thing. >> i thought this was hypothetical. >> you have until next stop to decide. what kind of person are you? >> all right. so -- interesting. >> interesting concept i spoke to liam knee september about -- you wouldn't believe all of the train scenes were actually shot in a studio in london. it looks so realistic. >> the same train as the one you were on? >> that would be really funny if it was like murder on the orient express
7:52 am
i spoke to him about how they were able to pull that off. what kind of person is liam neeson. how many action scripts he received after the first taken and how important is family to him in regards to his career overall? >> watch this. >> the actual line that it's based on i traveled here in new york. i've traveled on 70, 80 times over the years. >> wow. >> but we built a one carriage and half a carriage that was able to move. >> wow! >> 30 feet like moving into a station. >> i was amazed when i saw the first cut of the film. i thought, my god, this was all in studio in london. >> the question what kind of person are you, it's a loaded question to ask someone because it's kind of hard to describe yourself. but if you were to say what kind of person you are, would you describe yourself as an actor, what would you say about yourself if someone asked you that question on train? >> if it was like
7:53 am
talk a bit more. that's too broad a question. >> one thing i found interesting. i've been watching you foreman. dark man. >> oh, my god. >> shrined leer's list. you made so many incredible films. you take on taken. you start doing some great action films as well. i was curious how the scripts changed once did you the first taken. were you just getting loaded up with like action type movies? was that -- >> there were a few but, um, some were just like overt. that didn't have a real basis, a real story line, you know. um, so i think i've been trying to be careful about what to p pick. i think audiences aren't stupid. they want topping your character, the situation is based on something that they could probably identify with, you know. >> that line patrick says to you in the bar which i thoughtas
7:54 am
the most powerful line he says, like, you lose your job and you're questioning whether or not you're a goodman. says something about like look at your family. that's the definition of what you are as a person. >> yes. >> i'm curious you've been acting for so long. act sag great business to make money as well but i'm curious, is that something you also believe in, you look at your family and the live that you have. you compare that to yourself as well in regards -- >> sure, sure. that's the foundation stone, you know. once you get married and have kids, that's, n becomes your focus, your anchor, because you have to provide for them. you have to educate them, and that never changes. i think you're certainly when you have kids as a friend told me looking at my first born, years ago, he's now 22, he said, you know, you're oh hostage for the rest of your life. she said i'll be it a willing on
7:55 am
you're a hostage until, fork the rest of your life. >> he's always been a very low key type of guy. he's really interesting interview. >> except in the action scenes. >> he's interesting because a lot of these acts and comedians and action stars a lot of them are very chill people in real life. i think that's why they like acting so much because they just get to explode on screen. >> right. >> it is interesting, though. he re really has been chasing tn which would be a good book for him actually. >> the first taken was really good. >> great. >> then it seems like you said -- >> non-stop. >> unknown. >> hasn't quite gotten back to that. >> it's like bond with the sweetness because it's about the kid in taken. >> right. >> which is what he said. he likes to have the story line, not just the action. >> i appreciate he's still out there. he dealt with very big tragedy with his wife many, many years ago. >> that's right. >> obviously you can tell the family is very important to him. him speaking on that and he takes on action movies literally have something to do things that people
7:56 am
>> of course. you are very important to us but we have to say goodbye. tucker -- >> good to go. commuter opens up the 12th of january. >> it's tucker time. >> we got a lot of weather, kev. >> we do. >> i'm wearing shorts today, though. >> you look good in those. 18 now we warmed it up 18 in washington. we're hoping to get it above freezing later this afternoon. i do want to mention we're hoping to get it above freezing. it will be right around the freezing mark. develop storm system south, and it looks like this will make a play at parts of our region with snow overnight tonight, early thursday morning. i'll have details coming up next hour how much we're expecting i want to give you a quick reminder here. we're expecting snow tomorrow morning and that a lot of extreme cold behind that storm system. winds will howl 20, 30, 40 miles an hour. wind chills maybe minus ten, minus 20 by thursday night and friday. >> caitlin, your turn. >> hibernation weekend again. plan on being inside. it is stuff out there this morning. we've got several crashes and also many water main breaks due to genasoft such a cold morning. indian head highway right before the beltway a crash right now. speeds
7:57 am
leading up to it. so very heavy traffic northbound on 210 in maryland as you try to access the bell way. outer loop after the 270 spur a crash out there that block the right shoulder. so, yes, it is slow but it is at least moving there on the outer loop and this actually the outer loop seeing improve many here from 95 to the spur. 30 minutes that's a long time. but still that doesn't look so bad. all right. lastly, saint barnabas road 5400 block near wheeler road water main break and we've got both eastbound and westbound sides of saint barnabas closed right lanes in both directions are open. that's a look at traffic. fox5 news morning right back after this. ♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ this is fox5 news morning. good morning. thank you very much for joining us this morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on this wednesday morning, janua january 3rd, 2018 here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. deep freeze causing school closures and delays in parts of our region. all this ahead of some snow that you will be dealing with at this time tomorrow. part of what what's being called a winter bomb cyclone and tucker will explain all of that coming up in just a second. >> with the frigid items ands out there can come problems in your own home. old pipes, new pipes, does it matter? are they both at risk of freezing in this weather? we're going straight to the experts. and who's nuclear button is bigger. figurative. the war of words between the president and north korea
8:01 am
leader heating up against as north and south korea take major new steps today to actually talk with each other. 15 degrees out there. let's get you a live look outside on this wednesday morning. >> let's get over to tucker for more on the frigid weather. what we're talking about today, tuck, we'll be doing it again tomorrow with more cold and friday with even more cold. we're just getting started. >> in fact, party is only halfway over as far as the extreme cold. let's go right to the maps i want to show was we're looking at for current numbers and we are up to 18 at reagan national. but believe me that's the warm spot by good ten, 15 degrees through much of the area manassas now 0o set a new record this morning at dulles. 1 degree got got to go back to 1979 to break that record. we did it this morning we shattered the old record. six in fredericksburg. starting with cold temperatures hoping to get it to the freezing mark today. that would be good news we do have this storm we'll talk about on the horizon. we'll bring parts of our region, snow overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. i'll let you know how much and the timing on that coming up in just a couple minutes. guys. back to you. let's stay with that
8:02 am
extreme cold impacting schools across the greater dc region. archbishop carol high school in d.c. is closed because of plumbing problems caused by the cold. barnaby manor elementary in oxon hill is closed because of a water main break. in in virginia delays clark county schools delayed one hour. frederick county, virginia, and page county schools are delayed two hours this morning. in west virginia have berkeley grant, hardy and jefferson county schools again in west virginia you are on two hour delay. western maryland allegheny and garrett county schools on two hour delay. >> all right. for the kids going to school on time several challenges including buses that in some cases just don't start. >> annie yu is live in fairfax county with that part of the story. annie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and steve. that's right. some of these buses in fairfax county and in montgomery county just can't handle the frigid temperatures. and basically what happened was the kids came back from a two-week winter break yesterday and a lot of these buses like the ones behind me, they have been sitting in the bus
8:03 am
those two weeks without engines running and so when they came in on tuesday morning some of these stalled, some wouldn't even start up and so we saw about 200 routes being impacted by this yesterday and we're seeing the same thing. not as bad as yesterday but we're seeing the similar thing happen this morning. what you're looking at right now is the fairfax county website for bus delays and if you take look here, they're citing break downs, bus troubles. we've got two buses headed for holmes middle school running behind by 30 minutes because they broke down. a bus for cooper middle school also broke down. so there's a 30 minute delay. some businesses for fairfax high school, south lakes high school and mount vernon high school are running behind by 20 to -- 52 tone 20 minutes, and then off bus headed to montrose alternative learning center in the alexandria section of the county. they are experiencing bus trouble and running hyped by 30 minutes and then whitman middle school as well. glasgow middle school citing a minor delay there. but out of 8700 bus routes in th
8:04 am
routes being affected. that's compared to 200 routes yesterday so the good news is, this is much better situation than yesterday. but we have seen this list growing by the minute, and with the frigid temperatures not going away any time soon, there's also talk of snow tomorrow. schools officials say they're trying to do everything they can to make sure students aren't left in the cold any longer than they have. this is video that we shot earlier this morning bus drivers got out here around 5:00 o'clock to do maintenance checks and also there was a inmates fence crew out here foxing problems as they arrived. we saw mechanic switch out batteries on couple of buses they were checking tires and engines and things like that. so this type of thing will continue into tomorrow morning as well, and we'll continue to monitor the situation out here, but, again, students having to stand outside in the bus stop in these frigid teen temps certainly not a good thing if they're standing out here longer than they have. so we'll continue to monitor what's going on but for now we
8:05 am
the studio. >> annie, thank you very much. 8:04. developing overnight in prince george's county fire crews put put out a blaze on a townhouse on clarissa lane in laurel. everybody got out safely but four adults and two kids now need a new place to stay. ♪ 8:05 right now. temperature jumped a little bit. feign degrees. >> actually 18 degrees. >> 18 degrees. >> all right. >> 18. little better. >> going up to what today. >> hoping to get to the freezing mark today. that would be the warmest it's been in days and days. we'll take it. >> keep on climbing. >> which is good news. sunshine the first half of the day. lots going on extreme cold this morning. little storminess tomorrow. >> busy time in the weather department. >> yes. getting tired. let's go to it. 18 now in washington. manassas still zero. one in culpeper. four dulles i mentioned dulles shattered an old record that went back to 1979. it was one this morning out at dulles. let's see. three in winchester. five in frederick you get a sense of how cold it
8:06 am
just brutally cold the only reason we're warmer in d.c. and annapolis we're close to the water that's holding the temperatures up. the thermometer at reagan national right on the potomac. storm system taking shop across northern florida. winter storms warnings extend from florida, yes, florida through the carolinas, eastern shore, and then right up into new england where they're going to get blizzard condition. we're get going to get snow from this storm system late tonight early tomorrow morning. d.c. points east and south will see the bulk of this activity, and the further south and east you go the heavier your snow totals expected to be. we're not talking about major major storm here but as you get down towards salsbury and ocean city they could see upwards of six to 10-inches of snow in some spots. >> that could be lot much lesser amounts. i want to mention the advisory has been expanded to southern maryland including calvert and sane mary's county the winter weather advisory may get further pushed north and westward up towards d.c. how much we expecting in d.c. i'll show you expected snow totals in just a minute. but for t
8:07 am
33 degrees again snow totals what we're expecting for snow totals in just a minute. >> all eyes on us in the morning, right? >> yeah. it should be here for morning show tomorrow. >> thanks tucker. >> caitlin has a look on the traffic this morning. 8:07. >> it's not so bad today. everyone is back finally. yesterday was kind of our break still people on vacation. of course tomorrow with the snow timing is unfortunate so we'll be with you through it all. southbound 270 let's check some travel times for from you 70 to 121, 48 minutes. you're in the red there. very as you take 270. yesterday we didn't see many problems on the majors as he will like everyone took the second off. now we're back to reality. southbound 95 route 32 to the beltway 16 minutes. slow traffic there all know not totally jammed. outer loop is jammed from 95 to the spur. you've got 40 minutes there when he had earlier accident right by the spur right beyond the spur that of course doesn't help compounds those issues. let's check virginia eastbound 66 this is 234 and the beltway. you're down to about 35 minutes on that slow
8:08 am
can see right there. westbound, though, does look fine. all right. inbound route 295 baltimore washington parkway 17 minutes from 295 to the third street tunnel. it looked jammed last time i look going into the third street tunnel. district is slow as well. and we've got those water main breaks it's been a busy morning with them yet again although cold temperatures in rockville hungerford road we still have the right lane block due to water main break it's on hun hungerford road where you hit frederick avenue at wisconsin at rockville. indian head slow. that is a look at traffic. city and allison. >> congress gets back to work today and new face in the crowd today. >> midnight tina smith resigned as lieutenant governor of minnesota. smith was appointed by minnesota's governor to fill the seat vacated by now former senator al franken. smith will be sworn in today along with alabama senator elect doug jones who says he is ready to get to work.
8:09 am
meanwhile, after more than 40 years in the senate utah's or ren hatch announced he will retire at the end his term despite calls from president trump for hatch to keep fighting after seven terms republican senator the republican senator says he won't seek re-election. now all eyes are on 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney who has expressed interest in the utah senate seat. ♪ >> get to the major developments over night fort korean penn 99 saul la. officials knot from the two countries north and south korea communicated on hotline silent for nearly two years. >> president trump is shaking things up again on twitter taking name at north korea leader kim jong-un. the president's provocative tweet compares the size of each country's nuclear button. fofox5's melanie alnwick is live at the white house now with more. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. it was a new year's day address that north korean president kim jong-un said his now nuclear capabilities are completed, and th
8:10 am
mainland is within its nuclear strike zone, and president trump countered on twitter with what some say is yet another threat of nuclear war. now all of this coming after north korea's sharp warning monday to the united states. president trauma many responded on wither quote north korean leader kim jong-un state stated that the nuclear button is on his did he know at all times. when someone from his depleted and starved regime new jersey him i have nuclear button. it's bigger and more powerful than this and my button work. north korea reaching out to ally south korea. north korea would like to send a delegation to next months winter olympics in south korea. south korea proposed meeting next week. we have lee started communication but some see the overtures by president kim jong-un just a way to buy time. >> this latest statement by kim jong-un about negotiating with sout
8:11 am
propaganda to lull the gullible government of south korea and a lot of gullible americans into thinking that there's some kind of opening here. >> reporter: by the way president trump does not actually have a nuclear button on his desk. instead it is what a lot of people have called the nuclear football. a briefcase that contains the nuclear codes, nuclear procedures that is carried by different military aid rotates around in the president's entourage. live outside the white house, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. 8:11 right now. young maryland man paralyzed after he was shot at a new year's eve party in seven ren maryland just 19 years old larry aaron expect to do recover but doctors say the college student and star football player will be paralyzed from the waist down. police say someone fired off a gun at a party striking him and another teenager officials are still searching for that gunman. still to come this morning the bitter cold continues to grip of the much nation nation it's not going to
8:12 am
we're going to feel much colder temperatures. we'll take look at the up pack next. >> how is it possible. horrific scene in peru. dozens are dead after a bus tumbles down a cliff. details on the dangerous roadway being called into question. ♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. and i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping.
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♪ tuck, we have a very important week of fox5 fires fives because it's extremely cold. >> first ones of the year a
8:15 am
of pressure. >> right. >> right. >> we've nailed it every time, though. >> the old snow suit remember when your arms are sticking out like this when you're a baby. >> aww let's city we got it. fox5 first five photo of the day. we got pippa. >> love this picture. >> like a young tucker barnes. loving the snowfall. >> i love it. >> i do, too. this pippa, everybody she's great big three years old. mom says pippa loves loves loves the snow and is hoping for more than wint weather. >> when you're three it's so great. >> it is so fun. what do you mean. >> when you're 43 it's amazing steve. >> little fleece. what a cutie pie. >> it's in the fun to drive in. i get it pippa and her mom start each and every morning by cuddling up and watching their favorite fox5 right here. >> hopefully -- look at her. >> great picture. >> gorgeous head hair. look at those curls. >> does catch the amazement. i love it. >> that's great picture. >> pippa we love it i've got good news at least a chance for snow late tonight and errly tomorrow.
8:16 am
morning. >> pippa, send me updated picture tomorrow. go to our fox book page fox5 d.c. >> enjoy the snow. >> we love it. 18 in washington. don't be fooled that's the warm spot. much of our area single digits. dulles one that set a new roar. we had minus one in manassas earlier. so very very cold start to the day. we're hoping i'll sweet out tucker f fox5 if we do hit the 32 degrees major milestone for us. >> yes, it will. >> tweet me. >> it will be the first time in 2018. big storm system taking shape in northern florida. >> i see what you did there. >> places like charleston are going get 4-inches of snow. places that never get snow are getting it hurt pell beach incredible. this storm system is going to crank up into a big bad beast. >> oh. >> sounded creepy. [ laughter ] >> is it really? >> it's going to undergo bomb know genesis and deepen rapidly extremely vong winds will come out of the north and north and west and dump heavy snow north of us. we can expect light sno
8:17 am
morning. and when things wrap up here i want to show you our expected snow accumulations a dusting to maybe an inch here in the immediate washington area. maybe 2-inches that would be our high end and then higher amounts as you get further south and east. there are winter weather advisories for southern maryland now and winter storm warnings for the lower eastern shore. don't be surprised if this didn't get push a little bit this snowfall forecast we'll be fine how much snow we get later today. extreme cold is a big bad storm and give us 30, 40 miles an hour with wind chill minus 20. >> we've heard these terms thrown out psych clone hurricane type things for new england. will they get hurricane strength winds up there. >> 60, 70 miles an hour forecast along the cape. pretty close. >> okay. better to be here. >> yes, it is. >> even what we're dealing with. >> caitlin g morning. >> it definitely is. with all that talk you'd think a dusting to 2-incinches but there will be other impacts that will give us enough
8:18 am
bomb psych clone a dusting to 2-inches here. that's okay. all we need. that will give us our fair share of issues. speaking of metro right now no problems all morning until now. green line single tracking due to track problem. we've got delays in both directions between naylor road and surgeon avenue on the green line. expect some delays at least for the time being. because of that track problem. back to some travel times. inner loop not so bad as you're going from maryland into virginia crossing the woodrow wilson bridge eight minutes from branch avenue to the bridge. host, the outer loop us a get into maryland, not so great. we had earlier crash beyond the spur it look like that cleared but from 95 to the spur that will take you good 39 minutes there eek 6635 minutes from 234 to the beltway and northbound 39522 minutes to get from you the beltway to the 14th street bridge. it was actually pretty quiet on our majors yesterday so the fact that we're seeing everyone return to work today honestly southbound 9516 minutes that's where route 32 to take you to the bell way as well. that is a look at
8:19 am
steve and allison, back over to you. just a devastating bus crash in peru leaves at least freight people dead and three others missing. the bus tumbled off of a cliff as you can see right here downton oh rocky shore. 57 people were on board head to do peru's capital. the bus was struck by a tractor trailer and fell down that slope. this happened along the roads there are treacherous to begin with. this narrow stretch of highway has earned the nickname the devil's curve. and you can see why. ever watch those travel shows you know just how tricky it is to maneuver some of those roads. parts of the united states bracing for what's being called as tucker just talk about winter hurricane a mix snows snow and freezing rain. >> while we are dealing with subzero temperature this brutal winter weather about to dump snow along the east coast and parts of the country that rarely see any flurries at all. maureen umeh joins us from the news room with the details. mo. >> good morning. we're gearing up for a dusting to 2-inches of snow. that will begin falling overnight into the early
8:20 am
hours. another round of bone-chilling cold for millions of americans. >> you thought you were cold last month. but you can't cold. now you're cold. >> reporter: but it wasn't just low temperatures tuesday. parts of the northeast saw arctic blasts of snow and sleet as many people were back on the roads aft the new year's hol holiday. outside buffalo, new york, heavy snow and whiteout conditions caused a massive pile-up and on interstate 90. dozens of cars and tractor trailers were involved. even more vehicles were push off the road into the snow. >> you couldn't see gosh darn thing in front of you. everything was blurry. there was complete whiteout. >> reporter: icy roads put a dallas area police officer in the hospital. dash cam video shows a car sliding on the slippery road bear missing the officer who was responding to another accident. subsere rotem hers in chicago tuesday helped push the city towards its longest cold snap in decades. chunks of ice could be seen fl
8:21 am
frozen chicago river. surprisingly alaska is seeing unseasonably warm temperatures. the high in anchorage tuesday 4t lost on the locals. >> i guess for january it's pretty unusual. usually it can be like negative 30 around this time of the year. >> reporter: the severe cold hissing most of the country is being blamed for at least a dozen deaths. we'll have live team coverage starting tomorrow morning as this winter hurricane slams the east coast. steve and allison, back up to you. >> all right. another couple of days to deal with it. on this cold day, how aboutt sunrise this morning over the chesapeake it looks lawsuitly gorgeous taken from one of ice breakers hard at work over the past couple of days down by smith island off the coast of surgeon maryland. the view doesn't quite show exactly what they're dealing with, but look at this. this was another view of the ice breaking operation around smith island yesterday. >> would you you. >> 70 miles south of the bay bridge.
8:22 am
runs from smith island to the other parts of the eastern shore is still running so the ice breakers out there doing their job. some of the things we don't always think about when we're -- >> incredible. >> -- land locked and warm, right? >> that is amazing. >> a lot of folks out there working hard. >> president president trump getting in on the award shows. sort of. the commander in chief planning to host one of his own. >> 8:22. back with more after this. ♪ ♪♪
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8:25 am
♪ again a live look outside looks absolutely beautiful as we look at alexandria this morning. but, man, 17, 18 degrees right in that ballpark at reagan national airport. just up the river. what you're looking at right there. sunshine make it look pretty for sure. >> a lot of new game shows out this award show season right around the corner. the president took to twitter last night saying i will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year on monday at 5:00 o'clock. subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news media. stay tune. no words on nominations so apparently just going to be winner announced. yeah. okay. 8:25 right now. >> speaking of winners it's time for our favorite teacher -- wait are we doing school or not? >> hang on. we have to advance through all
8:26 am
the maps. i don't know how that happened. >> ♪ >> three more maps and then we can do school. >> cold today. >> friendly professor has been distracted -- >> a little snow overnight. >> with weather. >> seven day forecast. >> now we're ready. it's time to go to school many. >> now we can go school. >> all right. >> yes. >> sorry professor is little late. let's get it to. weather report card. i got dry knuckles. >> it's really dry. good right? >> um-hmm. >> maybe it's because you had the air-conditioning on. >> just for a second, tee. it was hot in here. hey, you want a bad grade, kid? sunshine, b. sunshine, b. afternoon. winds will be lighter than they've been that's a b. afternoon temps i should have probably given that an a because for the first time in 2,003 -- >> what. >> 2018. >> oh -- >> you weren't close. >> glory days, 2,003. >> above freezing later today. possible snow day tomorrow. that's an a plus. >> please, get me out here. >> what happened? >> give him the hook. >> ♪ >> what happens in the teacher
8:27 am
lounge seriously. >> really. >> 2003. >> man. i'm telling you that -- >> drinking leftover eggnog. >> something great happened in to 003. >> it will pass you by. we have that snow day tomorrow no teacher in class. we all get a break from class. >> zone years ago. >> yes. remembering way back. let's take look at some of our slow spots out there right now. 95 northbound at back lack road this crash that blocks the right shoulder use caution there pretty slow coming out of northern have a have on 95 as we all finally return back to work and school today. also, 395 northbound from the capital beltway to the 14th street bridge you're pretty slow there. moving but it is fairly jammed i guess you can say. and also, aside from 95 and thee 95 northbound, we'll stay in northern virginia. we've got 66 eastbound you are pretty busy between 234 and 495. as you get to the beltway that stretch will take you about 35 minutes. finally the outer loop from 95 to the 270 spur good half hour for that one. steve and allison, back over to you. >> thanks so much
8:28 am
this morning is cold, going get much worse later this week. >> that opens up some dangers for your home on serious note. bob barnard will go straight to the experts. tips on how to keep your home safe during the next couple of days in this frigid weather. >> late on good day d.c. the new season of the x files premieres tonight. yes. show creator chris carter gives a sneak peek what we can expect this time around. 8:28 ♪
8:29 am
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eight-year-old was waiting outside for her dad to take her
8:31 am
two men approached in gray mini van. girl said the men offered her candy so she ran inside her house and told her dad. police say she was able to give officers a good description of at least one suspect. >> i thought it was very impressive how much she could remember in the brief encounter for being so young but it's really helpful. >> obviously, offering children candy is one of the old things that people do. i mean there's all -- get creative with it but it's something since i remember my mother telling me about. >> talk to your kids about it, too, because there's one example it certainly work for the child to be able to get away. police do not have good description of the driver but the passenger light skinned with hazel eyes, a hoop nose rink a flower tattoo on his left hand and a pink pimple near his left eye very descriptive from that little girl. told the van had damage on both sides and may have dc plates. if you have any information about anybody who matches that description, please get a hold of the police right away. 8:31 right now.
8:32 am
you're keeping your family and pets safe, but there's another big consideration that may be getting the short shift. talking your home itself. >> if you ever dealt with frozen pipes you know what we're talking about. faulty heating systems they can all cause serious and expensive problems during frigid weather. so a little maintenance ahead of time can go a long way. bob barnard in chevy chase showing how to minimize the damage during the worst of the winter. what specifically bob we should be looking out for. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeah, a lot of it's common sense, but you really have to think about it when the weather is this rough outside. cold outside. it can be cold inside as well. we're at the chevy chase firehouse it look like your kitchen i'm sure as well and we'll be in the living room in a minute. >> joining us is pete piringer with montgomery county fire and ems. >> pete good good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: we're starting in the kitchen. i was on water main break. we've heard a lot of pipes breaking inside people's homes. one of thing high mentioned yesterday you can and we've heard this again just listen to the
8:33 am
on a little bit of a trickle. tell me about that. why would you do that. >> we do it when we're on the scene of the fire keep the water flowing it doesn't get stagnant and more opportunity to freeze. just little bit of a drip enough to keep it so it will not fr freeze. so any house that has exposed pipes or outside wall poe then shallly can freeze of course you can open up the bottom of your sink. >> reporter: like the cabinet. >> easy thing a little heat. your kitchen sing has outside pipe, you know, wall outside wall. >> a lot colder right here. >> exactly. exactly. >> this allows the heat from the kitchen to get in here and keep these pipes. any difference between pvc piping and your old copper and metal piping. >> absolutely. they all break at certain points of course we've had he can treatment cold weather and usually when you have fluctuation of temperatures whether it be indoor or outdoor or the sun comes out for a little while the pipes expand and of course copper gets cold and the plastic, upping, pvc is plastic, so --
8:34 am
well. >> both can rupture. >> reporter: you leave this on trickle. we reported this before. do not use your oven as heating source, is that right, pete. >> not a good idea. of course, it might give some immediate comfort. >> temporary comfort. >> but any -- there's an open flame associated with that you can catch things on fire. we stage that. >> reporter: i didn't do this but you're right don't leave anything combustible. paper or hand towels. >> dish rags york. >> reporter: let's go to the into the living room here. this is a gas fireplace. >> yes. >> reporter: that, you know, can have issues also puts out cash mocks. you've had some fires that you've responded to just in the past week or so with people leaving real fires going and not safely disposing of some of the ashes. is that right? >> typically this time of year our fires are associated with heating systems whether it be a furnace, usually trash or imus tilts around it. we've seen with over use and thgs
8:35 am
wood stoves, furnaces, boilers are all those heat source, space heaters but we've had number of pretty significant fires associated with heating systems. chimneys, fireplaces over uses, overloading. the over use with a new inserts if there's little crack or opening there, the heat combustibles nearby catches the chimney on fire with wood built around and you can have pretty significant fires. >> reporter: i didn't realize. some of the new construction it's not, like your typical brick fireplace and, you know, chimney where you could -- how do you over use a fireplace. the newer ones you got to be careful and a metal can. tell me about that. >> you can over use and overload a fireplace. so you have to be careful. this can is full of smart ashes. and what i mean by this is -- how we want to you dispose of your fireplace ashes make sure they're cool put them in metal cn with a tight lid. but a little water on it and keep i was it way from anything that might burn
8:36 am
not on your deck. not in your garage away from anything that might burn. >> reporter: thank you, pete. of course if you have a generator, whether you lose power oh or not, remember don't run the generator indoors. if you have to, if you lose your power, keep that out of the garage. don't bring it in the house, guys, because of the carbon monoxide issues as well a few things as we're suffering here now, just temporarily in this cold, to think about to keep your home, your neighbors, your property safe. >> good tips, bob. thank you very much. i'll be doing that myself. thank you. >> let's find out how long we will be suffering so to speak. tucker temperatures cold for how many more days. >> spring gets here in march, steve. we should be goodbye then. >> right around the corner. little better today. we're hoping to hit the freezing park. if we do we'll have some kind of party in the weather sent. 18 at washington. dulles 1 degree dulles. shatter add record that went back back to 1979. just he can trially cold. minus two in clubs columbus. to in pittsburgh. watching a storm system taking shape. the good news the bulk of the energy will be off
8:37 am
the bad news it looks like we'll have period of snow overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning generally washington points east. heaviest of the snow will be southern maryland particularly the lower eastern should have we have a winter storm warnings there are their advisories heaviest of snow four to 8-i 8-inches in this advised area in pink. lesser amounts as you get north and west this is now a winter weather advisory for saint maries counsel too tee, calvert county and i would expect the weather service will likely push those advisories north and west up towards dc later this afternoon. maybe an inch, maybe a little more than that here in the immediate washington area tomorrow morning but it will all stick. more on that coming up. 33 today. we're hoping to get above freezing. caitlin we're having fun this morning, right? >> i ate something going a blizzard cake for breakfast. so i'm totally prepare. it was delicious by the way. look for that in your local grocery store. blizzard cakes they're made in turkey. i don't know about that. but steve made in turkey. blizzard cakes. >> all right. baltimore washington parkway this is our latest crash that just came in. earlier one that cleared. traffic was fine. now we're back to somero
8:38 am
road and it look like we've got a crash on the southbound side so that's where we're seeing some jammed traffic leading up to it. northbound, though, you've still got delays. we did earlier crash at 198 there are northbound delays as well as southbound where it look like speeds are down to 41 miles an hour but probably less than that. if you can deal with the sun glare suite tweeted from d.c. police, this is azusa bridge right lane is blocked due to crash on the northbound pennsylvania of a prior to barney circle where the left lane is blocked. so that's kind of confusing. but basically on the azusa bridge we've got the right lane block as you get on to northbound pennsylvania. so that will cause some jammed traffic right there. 95 northbound at back lick road a crash which block the right shoulder as you come in from northern virginia. very slow traffic on 95 northbound much that's look at traffic. steve and allison, back to you. >> i like you work the weather words right into your breakfast as well. ed sheeran getting simpson's ma
8:39 am
guest cameo on the hit cartoon. >> all right. we'll be right back. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ live look at the capitol right now 8:40 this morning. pretty but you see the steam in the background there, and gives you a better idea how it is. always more prevalent when the temperatures are very very cold and clear out there and we have combination of both this mor morning. 17 degrees right now in the nation's capitol. ed sheeran. >> you didn't applaud. >> see you sunday on fox. >> oh, no, they're time in time to the beat of my banking. >> ed sheeran will be touring in spring feel. not the first time time he made cameo on tv show he was game of thrones last year got a luke warm reception. which i never real understood. >> i either. >> whatever. fans of the show weren't happy about it. so we'll see if fans of the simpson's enjoy him being on that show. simpson ized into the carton sunday night right here on fox5. >> he look totally like he lo
8:42 am
>> i thought so. too. but fans didn't look it let's check in with holly, wisdom, maureen or combination of the free. which combo do we have today, hell he well hello. >> like winning the lottery picking the right numbers. >> except winning lottery would have gotten you a lot more money. >> a lot more other things. >> you always win when you watch good day a10a and nine too. you'll begin hearing tucker and mike of course they've been t talking all morning long bracing for bitter one-two punch. bitter cold, then some snow. we'll have live updates all throughout our two hours of good day d.c. >> also at 9a when moments count they are on the other end of the phone. i'm talking about 911 operators ahead at 9:15 the real life heroes who help us in the dc region. >> all right, wis, you know what time it is does. >> what time is it? >> it is time for the first good day guest list of 2018. >> wahoo! >> didn't we have guests yesterday? >> any way. okay. ahead at 9a it's something some of you may have thought about wi
8:43 am
how do you really ditch toxic people from your life? what are the real words you use to do it we are going to get expert advice. >> plus a new sx files premieres tonight on fox5. i had an opportunity to chat with shore eighty eight wis chris carter. kevin goes one-on-one with actor liam neeson. >> we'll go live to hollywood for the latest celebrity dish with tmz. your latest good day d.c. moments away. >> thank you wisdom and holdly. >> in the meantime 8:43. coming up next kevin mccarthy shockingly has entertainment news for us. >> thank goodness. >> very true, steve and allison, tucker teched me every single night saying kevin i can't wait to see what you have coming up in your segments this week. tucker, here we go buddy. an video apology from logan paul for the controversial video he released on new year's eve. new justin timberlake album and tell hugh is head lining coachella this year. tucker is already dancing. he can't wait for this segment.
8:44 am
fox5. ♪
8:45 am
♪ man, we're happy that we got a little bit of sunshine out there. makes the chilly temps feel a little bit better. >> it always helps. >> it always helps. >> psychologically if nothing else. >> um-hmm. tucker barnes is standing by. you know what, appreciate the sun because i don't know how much snow we'll get tomorrow this time with the snow. >> we're not going to have a lot of snow but the issue that we're looking at allison it's so cold, you know,ve
8:46 am
>> um-hmm. >> chemicals are less effective and the salt and that kind of thing. again we're in the talking about major snow but major cold which continues. could we get it above freezing today? i hope so. yeah, we're thinking 32. so hopefully we will. you'll see the clouds builder this afternoon high clouds starting to move at this hour. snow tomorrow morning, this is aft midnight probably between about two, 3:00 o'clock in the morning and ten, 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning a period of snow generally washington and points east. we'll take close look at that and look out the wind chills once again minus ten. maybe minus 20 with some very gusty winds behind this big storm system that will be cathedralling off the east coast later tomorrow. all right. current numbers 18 in wash washington. actual air temperature. manassas zero. dulles hit a record this morning of one shattered the old record set back in 1979 of eight. 14 in leonardtown. 16 annapolis. the reason d.c. and annapolis little warmer we got water nearby. so that's holding the temperatures up a little bit. okay. storm system taking shape. not just d.c. we're concerned all
8:47 am
ly carolinas, hurt pell beach, charleston, you get up in lower eastern shore up towards long island and cape cod, all going to be hard hit. hard to believe we're talking about a mix of snow and freezing rain for parts of the carolinas and then we'll be concerned locally later tonight early tomorrow morning. storm system far enough east this will not be a major hit for us but it will get close enough i think we'll general vol period of snow washington and points east late tonight early tomorrow morning, again, every flake sticks it's not so much the amounts but the fact that it's snowing very cold environment. that storm system will really crank blizzard conditions expected in northern new england tomorrow. how much snow? general al dust to go maybe an inch. maybe a few spots particularly prince george's county, charles county closer to 2-inches and then the higher amounts to the south and east. there are winter weather advisories for southern maryland and winter storm warnings for the lower eastern shore. behind the system which will be out of here by probably noon tomorrow, the winds pick up and look out. wind chills early friday late thursday could be minus
8:48 am
some more extreme cold around here for the start to our weekend. all right. that's all i got, guys. become to you. >> that's enough. tuck, thanks very much. new york city taking new steps now trying to stop terror attacks they've installed large metal posts around times square and other popular areas. goal to stole stop cars from driving into crowded spaces after halloween attack that kill eight and injured 11 more. one of the faces of the me too movement is hollywood about to put -- one of the faces in hollywood is about to put a close up on her live on activism on the e network the five part series will chronicle rose mcgowan's activism perhaps for the release of her memoir brave and her clash with the hollywood machine behind casting couch secrets. mcgowan became one of pillars of the me too campaign she accused of harvey weinstein of rape. the first part of citizen rose is set to air january 30th
8:49 am
>> d.c. khalid taking on new winning team. he's weight watchers new social media am bass don and welcomed with oprah itself. he'll represent the brand on snap chat, twitter, instagram and facebook. waist watchers spike sin the announcement was made. isn't that nice that you have those millions of followers you just tweet about something and get paid. >> it's genius for them to have tapped him. that's a whole market that is ingenious. i can't wait. >> win/win. >> all righty. >> ♪ guess despite regard album sales taylor swift is dealing with troubling knew when it comes to her reputation tour. some fans upset over her high ticket prices and that's not a all. according to ticket master website the tour which kicks off in may has yet to produce a single sell out. this is swift's first tour in two years. don't even get m
8:50 am
ticket prices. >> you know i like to say it's like -- it's not even -- i don't know if it's completely out of the artist's hands or not but it's like these tickets get bought all up by the secondary marks and then it's not really even ticket master. >> i know. the artists are promised -- >> out of the her hands though. >> promised a certain amount of money for doing the show and the row motors have to get it back and they get it back by you paying to see them. >> steven. >> hi, kevin. >> allison. i'll see dj khalid tomorrow. i'm heading to la to cover the fox television shows. he'll be there. puff daddy will be there. which i'm very excited about by the way. i never met p dead did he be before. >> have you made chaled. >> no. but specifically my favorite rapper of all time to s biggy. puff daddy produced his track record to die -- album ready to die. him and cal lead have
8:51 am
here on fox5. >> i'm interested to see puff daddy, p diddy. >> sean combs. >> the love piece was a joke. >> p diddy. i would call him mr. combs. >> all right. i love him by the way. >> any ways no way out one of the best albums of all times. logan paul yesterday i know tucker has been awaiting this video all morning long. >> right. >> we discussed this whole story yesterday logan paul youtube blogger who released a very disturbing video on new year's eve he found a dead body in japanese forest commonly known as japanese suicide forest. yesterday we discussed this all. we showed his twitter apology on written but now he reece lease add video apology very emotion an has 7 million views on twitter came out late yesterday and tucker, enjoy, sir. >> i made a severe and continuo
8:52 am
and i don't expect to be forgiven. i'm simply here to apologize. i want to apologize to the internet. i want to apologize to anyone who seen the video. i want to apologize to anyone who has been affected or touched by mental illness or depression or suicide, but most importantly, i want to apologize to the victim and his family for my fans who are defending my actions, please don't. they do not deserve to be de defended. i don't expect to be forgiven. i'm just here to apologize. i'm shamed of myself. >> all right. so that's logan paul's apology and if you want to see the full video go to his twitter page we don't have a ton of time to discuss we'll move on to coachella. the coachella lineup was announced yesterday the includes a ton of huge artists you may have heard of let's take look at the videos here. beyonce' will be on the bill, also, eminem, the weeknd will be ther
8:53 am
this is taking place between april 13th and the 22nd on the ends you can go to twitter to check out the entire lineup. a ton of artists. i like to go to one of these 81 year if i can. >> me too. >> i've never been able to go before. >> steve you went didn't you. >> i went last year. >> how was it. >> i loved it. >> like woodstock essentially? >> no. i didn't go to woodstock good i know you didn't we've seen video of woodstock. i'm not saying you went to woodstock. 1960 something buddy. >> it's huge 100,000 people but it didn't seem as big as what it looks like. if that makes sense over a very large area. >> it looks cool. multiple stages, too. >> yeah. it was lot of fun. >> real fast justin timberlake released a video announcing brand new album going to be releasing on february 2nd. the music choice very interesting for him. >> okay. >> take look at the video he released plus you can hear snippets of some of this songs and you'll see farrell at the end. watch this. ♪ this album is really inspired by my son, my wife, my
8:54 am
but more so than any other album i've ever written where i'm f from. and it's personal. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> feels like mountains, trees, camp fires, like wild west like now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i feel so earth thee. just where you are in your live right now. >> that is smash. ♪ >> i'm interested in hearing it. revenant and -- >> you think it's video for one song or trailer for the album? >> it seemed like the revenant. alejandro gonzales directd that
8:55 am
>> i'm excited farrell is one of the greatest producers of all time. farrell if you heard the new nerd album he's all over the place with talent. >> yeah. >> i'm interested to see him touch different types of music. >> thanks kev. we'll be right back. >> when does it come out. february 2nd. >> cool.
8:56 am
tenning this morning, a group of drinkers in a small newell zealand town created their own island to get around local band on -- ban on alcohol during the new year holiday. why alcohol was banned on new year holiday i don't know. the town bans consumption of alcohol in public places between december 23rd and january 6th. sounds like a fun time to do that. so they created an island out of mud in the mouth of a river and it work because technically they were in international waters excluding them from the ban. so as long as you want to sit 15 people on a table all crowded next to each other in the heat because it's summer down there, knock yourself out. >> you know how much you want to drink to be doing all that. >> right. why couldn't you just go inside. >> a plus for creativity. the bathroom facilities aren't great. [ laughter ] >> nor the raft to and fro. >> right. that happen. >> any way. >> how is our traffic here? >> all right. well everyone finally hit the roads. i guess people extended their new year's
8:57 am
we're on the roads our latest crash is 270 southbound before you hit 370. police and fire on the scene of the crash. pretty nass team 30 minutes to get from 70 to 121 southbound on 270. >> all right. tuck. steve if you were playing drinking game last night you bet one for the record low at dulles you'd be a winner. >> we did get a record? >> dulles hit one. we're hoping to get it to today. snow late tonight early tomorrow morning not lost snow but the timing not going to be great for the morning commute tomorrow morning. i'll have all the details on that and then just bitter cold right into the weekend. look at that high temp ace round 20. >> homework i'll ask you on good day if we have a record for wind chill if they keep those records going. >> that's a good question. >> homework for you. i'll see you for good day next. >> one minute? >> yes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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♪ straight ahead, our first chance for snow in 2018. at this time tomorrow, parts of the region could be covered as major storm makes its way up the east coast. and with temperatures below freezing for days now, anything that falls will stick to the roads. we'll have the latest on the storm's track and possible snow totals. a bigger button? president trump and north korean leader kim junk 91 a war of words with some of the highest stakes possible, nuclear war. while it's not the first time tweeting about the region it shows just how deadly serious the situation is gotten. we'll have a live report. ♪ >> you never consider a


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