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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 10:00. >> right now at 10:00. >> another night of arctic frigid air and dangerous wind chills but there's a warmup on the way. i'll have the details coming up. >> plus, the search for a missing prince george's county man last seen nearly a week ago becomes even more urgent with the bone chilling cold. we talk to his family tonight. >> plus, president
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fights back. >> very excellent student came out made billions and billions of dollars. >> his message to the author of the new book "fire and fury" which questions his mental stability in the white house. >> america's longest serving astronaut passes away. >> a figure skater pushes back at the judges who she says robbed her of a spot on the u.s. olympic team. >> big changes are coming for metro riders. how it could impact how you pay to ride the rails. the news at 10:00 starts now. >> we begin tonight with the bitter cold weather. >> man, is it cold. today temperatures just barely got above 20 degrees and the wind chill made the air feel even more frigid. record low temperatures in those awful -- and those awful wind chills are plaguing much of the u.s. tonight. >> in new york city the wind chill was minus two. in boston, negative 10. >> yeah, boston has had nearly two dozen days of below freezing weather. this cold is
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chaos at area airports. let's take a live look outside here in d.c. if you've been outside tonight, you know it is cold. but there is some good news on the horizon. a warmup or you could call it a warmup is heading our way. >> gwen, i have a feeling it's going to feel just great. >> it's going to be welcome with opened arms by everybody. i think we're all kind of like over this already. well, we still have to deal with it for a little while longer. temperatures across-the-board in our neighborhoods ranging from nine to 15 degrees, 14 in d.c. as matt pointed out we're not alone. good portion of the country getting this arctic express in place that really has been plaguing us for quite awhile now and we are all ready to see it get out of the picture and before long, hopefully it will. but in the meantime, here's a look at what we're headed for for tonight. we do have winds currently sustained anywhere from seven to 12 miles an hour but they
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anywhere from 17 to 22, much improvement from earlier. we have wind chills ranging from one to 6 degrees below and that's what we're headed for with some dangerous wind chills with a wind chill advisory five to 15 below expected. all have more details and a look at that warmup a little later for you. lauren. >> thank you, gwen. in this frigid weather the district is using its cold weather emergency plan to help prevent hypothermia especially among the homeless. this video was taken earlier today from the kennedy recreation center in northwest. it's just one of more than a dozen warming centers across the district. the d.c. cold weather emergency plan was activated last week. it will likely continue through the weekend. for more information or if you see someone who needs help, call 311. the cold weather taking its toll on area water pipes. working -- work crews with wssc dealing with dozens of water main breaks in montgomery and prince george's
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county. utility company urging residents in affected areas to be patient. they say crews are working as quickly as possible but they are scheduling repairs based on the number of customers affected and the impact to major roads. the cold snap forcing howard university to delay the start of its spring semester. classes were supposed to begin on monday but it will be pushed back a week and will now start january 16th. the university spokesperson says the extreme cold we've been experiencing has ruptured pipes and caused power outages on campus. repairs are expected to take several days and while classes won't start, university will be opened for business on monday and the residence halls are opened for students. >> firefighters in montgomery county say a mistake lighting a fireplace is to blame for a massive fire in olney that damaged five townhomes. this was the scene last night after the fire broke out on foxwood terrace. investigators say someone inside a townhome used a
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fire in their fireplace. the fire caused a million dollars damage and left 20 people homeless. still no word on what caused a house fire in northeast. the fire broke out overnight on anacostia avenue. no one was hurt in this fire. tonight the red cross is assisting the people who live there and helping them find another place to stay. in the past week, the red cross says it has responded to 29 incidents in the d.c. area helping 100 families totaling nearly 300 people. >> ♪♪ >> developing tonight, a desperate search for a missing prince george's county county man and it has made all the more urgent by the cold. police say daniel dehaven vanished from the beltsville costco parking lot on tuesday. fox5's evan lambert spoke with his family and he joins us live from the beltsville fire department where the family will continue
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search tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, lauren, these are the fliers that the family has posted for daniel, danny dehaven. they will be back here in just a few hours at the beltsville volunteer fire department to conduct another search for him. he has dementia. he's 65 years old. we want to show you his picture. we'll get it up there on the screen for you. this is daniel francis dehaven. he is known by danny, as danny to family members and he is nonverbal. he is considered critically missing because of his dementia and the fact of these frigid temperatures. he was last seen by his family around -- on tuesday 11:30 in the beltsville costco parking lot. a family member went to get a shopping cart and then dehaven was gone. it's now been four days. this morning volunteers gathered to search for him but they didn't find him obviously. on wednesday the day after he went missing they also canvassed the area.
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got a tip that he may have been spotted in silver spring but that did not pan out. today we spoke with his son. >> he's nonverbal. he can answer yes or no questions. but he won't be able to carry on conversations. really kind man so he's going to be open and friendly if you call his name. as we get farther from tuesday, more exposure is really our focus. we need to get the message out there because, you know, it's -- it's going to be a collective effort to find him so at this point as much attention on this as possible is what we need. >> reporter: and again, anyone with free time is being asked by the family to come here to the beltsville volunteer fire department and volunteer their time tomorrow beginning at 11:00 for another search for danny dehaven. anyone who spots him is asked to call prince george's county police. live in beltsville, evan lambert, fox5 local news.
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>> ♪♪ >> our other big story president trump is taking aim at the author of the new book "fire and fury." michael wolff's book paints a harsh picture of president trump but today the president has some harsh words of his own. fox's rich edson has details. >> he was never in the oval office. >> reporter: president trump is attacking author michael wolff. his book claims the president is like a child, needs instant gratification and everyone around him questions his fitness for office. early saturday morning the president tweeted in part "my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart. i went from very successful businessman to top tv star to president of the united states on my first try. i think that would qualify as not smart but genius and a very stable genius at that. "a few hours later at camp david the president said wolff's claims are nonsense. >> we didn't have an interview and i did a quick interview with him a long time a
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but i don't know this man. i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things. that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job. >> reporter: the president is at camp david for meetings with senior administrators devicing their legislative agenda and strategy. >> we hope 2018 will be a year of bipartisan cooperation. we believe there will be a significant number of democrats interested in helping us accomplish. >> reporter: president trump is responding to reports claiming he directed white house officials to pressure attorney general jeff sessions against recusing himself from the russia investigation. the president said everything i've done is a hundred percent proper. at the white house, rich edson, fox news. >> still ahead, a northern virginia gymnastics coach is under arrest. what he's accused of doing. >> plus a fox5 follow-up tonight after a teenager is hit and killed at a busy maryland intersection. we've learned the
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some time now. how state highway officials are responding. >> and major change is coming if you ride metro. this could impact how you pay your fare. we've got the details as fox5 news at 10:00 continues after the break. >> ♪♪
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. >> ♪♪ >> loudoun county gymnastics coach is facing charges of sexually assaulting a young gymnast. ryan wen of sterling yesterday. he worked at mgva gymnastics studio in ashburn. the victim told investigators he inappropriately touched her when she was at the gym last month. the sheriff's office is investigating. >> the intersection where a prince george's county county teenager was struck and killed had been previously inspected for safety concerns and safety improvements had been approved more than two years ago. but work tonight has yet
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begin. marlo maddox moved into this neighborhood next to 301 and chadds ford road this summer. he says he immediately noticed how dangerous this intersection was for pedestrians with no sidewalks, no crosswalks. >> i would just cringe just looking at someone trying to cross that intersection. >> so he wrote to the county and the state. he was told in an e-mail in october that new safety measures were coming but a date wasn't given. then this week maddox wrote to mdot again after hearing about the death of derek staton. asking again if the project had been scheduled yet. >> it's very hard to characterize it. i mean, frustration, anger, disappointment and it would be unfair to all the parties involved to say that this tragedy could have been avoided but it's clear that as of right now as we speak, that no pedestrian aids at that intersection. >> today mdot engineer peter
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it was moved to the design department and he wasn't sure why the project hadn't begun yet. maddox says there is no time to waste and hopes by speaking out publically, the intersection that worries him so much will finally be improved. >> as long as that continues, pedestrians are going to be at increased risk for injury or worse. >> and by the way we did reach out to the maryland department of transportation. they sent us this statement. they said in part at this location there are engineering enhancements in the design phase and we are developing a construction schedule. >> heads up for metro riders now. starting on monday, you can no longer carry a negative balance on a smart trip card. metro is encouraging riders to sign up for auto reload through their smart trip account. that will ensure a passenger always has money on his or her card. au
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whenever a card balance falls below that $10 mark. something to keep aware of. >> joining us now is gwen. gwen we want to talk a little bit about the weather. not only. i tired of this weather it's so bitterly cold but the energy costs that we're all going to be faced with in a month. >> heating bills are going to be up there. >> a lot of people have been talking about this more than the cold today the warmup could be coming. >> it is coming, definitely coming. starting with tomorrow but tomorrow just slightly relatively speaking but after that we're really going to see a huge change. >> great. >> everybody's happy about that and welcoming it as well. well, take a look at the temperatures and up and down the midatlantic right now. it is cold there as well because that arctic air has settled in through a great portion of the eastern united states. it's only eight in new york city four in pittsburgh, 14 in d.c., minus three in beckley but look at the wind chills for
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unbelievable. minus 19, minus 16 in boston is what it feels like and one in d.c. here at home, yes, we are still under the gun with the arctic air mass. nine in hagerstown, air temperature, nine in winchester, the same in gaithersburg. 12 at manassas and winds are still gusting in some areas. some 16 up to 23 miles per hour. not quite as strong as they were earlier but they're still there. take a look at the wind chill values, minus five in gaithersburg, wind chill advisory in effect tonight through sunday and very dangerous conditioning as a result of this. it only takes 30 minutes for exposed skin to freeze so you have to be very aware of this, frost bite hypothermia very real possibilities if you're in this weather and not taking care of yourself. don't leave your pets outside. it's just as dangerous for them. temperatures will be on the rise, yes, i'm happy to say we do have warmer weather coming your way back to you. >> we aren't the only on
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dealing with all this cold weather. record low temperatures are in store for parts of the northeast and the great lakes this weekend. >> fox's bryan llenas fills us in on this frigid air across the u.s. >> reporter: an arctic blast freezing much of the northeast and the great lakes area. some daily temperature records are threatened to be broken because of this weather and there's a wind chill advisory as well. that wind chill advisory in effect for much of the northeast region especially when you're talking about wind chills of minus nine in pittsburgh, minus two in new york and negative 10 in boston during the day on saturday. in new england, the wind chill actually expected to hit negative 25 to minus 40. the type of temperatures that can cause frost bite in about 10 minutes. sunday's low in boston could be negative four, which would be the coldest january 7th in boston history beating out negative two back in 1896. boston is about to have 13
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32-degree weather which would be the fourth longest streak in boston's history. there's also travel chaos. a possible gridlock situation at j.f.k. airport in new york city. passengers complaining they've been stuck on the tarmac in their airplanes without food or water for five to 20 hours. we spoke to passengers at dulles airport. >> you want our luggage and i want to know where -- how i'm getting in j.f.k. >> they did what they could do the airport but the airline definitely did not do what it was supposed to do. >> reporter: take a look at this video from that mount washington observatory in new hampshire. a man blowing bubbles that freeze instandly in the air. you can see him actually holding the bubbles as if they were baseballs. mount washington new hampshire is now tied for the second coldest place on earth saturday tied with armstrong, ontario. the temperature at the summit in mount washington a
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negative 36 degrees. that doesn't even include the wind chill. in new york city bryan llenas, fox news. >> man, i love new england, love the boston area especially in the summer but right now those people every winter have to go through so much whether it's a ton of snow or 4 degrees. >> wonder what temperature you get a bubble to do that. >> well, weren't they saying it was a hundred degrees negative or something like that. >> feels like. >> i saw some reports in new hampshire. maybe it wasn't quite that much but that's cold, really cold. coming up tonight democrats are renewing their fight against president trump's proposed wall. why they say it could trigger a government shutdown. >> but first major fitness club is raising some eyebrows over its new policy about what its customers can and cannot watch on
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>> ♪♪ >> trending tonight u.s. figure skater ashley wagner fighting back after she was not chosen to represent the u.s. in the winter
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south korea next month after finishing fourth the 26-year-old ripped into the judges for the score she received. she said in part i am absolutely okay with them being strict on my rotations. that's what i think u.s. figure skating should demand of their judges but it needs to be across-the-board. i don't necessarily feel like it's been that way at this event. wagner won the bronze in the winter olympics in russia. >> a major health and fitness club has decided to ban certain types of programming, namely cable news. >> as fox5's cori coffin reports it's raising eyebrows and getting a lot of attention on line. >> reporter: most gyms offer a variety of entertainment program from your favorite news shows to maybe your favorite lifestyle programs but one gym is entering 2018 by making the choice for you. they're turning off cable news networks. new year, new you is how the saying goes. at lifetime fitness, it's a whole new policy. they're
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news. no more cnn fox news msnbc or c nbc. lifetime wouldn't go on camera but told us in a statement this is based on many member requests and its keeping with the philosophy of the gym to keep out negative content. it's a decision that comes with mixed reaction. >> the gym being a respite away from political conversation, i think that's absolutely all right. i think that's good. i think it -- i think we should focus more on the commonalities in that spaces. >> gym goer that appeals to me. not a decision i would make personally for our club just because how important politics are in d.c. >> reporter: skyler says people schedule their workouts around their shows. >> if that's what motivates you hey as long as you keep it to yourself i think that's all right. >> reporter: the problem is some don't. >> we had to put signs out. people were coming in pretty frustrated so we said hey please come in and work out and work out your frustrations. >> reporter: but lifetime isn't the first
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in 2017y pulled cable news after customers got into fights. >> bp;5eátáthe news is >> reporter: lifetime says if they really want it customers can still get their cable news fix through wifi on their own devices. it will remain to be seen is this a bold new decision for this gym or are members are going to make the call and they'll have to change their policies. tell us whether you think this lasts a few days a-few months or permanent. let us know on fox5's facebook and twitter. >> we'll check your top stories including the latest on the search for a prince george's county man who has been missing in these dangerously low temperatures. >> president trump continues his fight against the new book "fire and fury." those details coming up next. >> ♪♪ >> plus gwen coming back with a check of your frigid forecast.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 10:00. >> here's a look at some of your top stories tonight. a desperate search is on for a missing man in prince george's county. police say daniel dehaven was last seen tuesday at the costco parking lot in beltsville. family members and volunteers searching for him today but still haven't found him yet. they are very concerned because dehaven has dementia and can't communicate well and the frigid temperatures we've had these days is making it even more worrisome. >> as we get farther from tuesday, more exposure is really our focus. we need to get the message out there because, you know, it's -- it's going to be a collective effort to find him so at
10:31 pm
attention on this as possible is what we need. >> police are asking anyone who may have spotted him or know where he might be tonight to give him a call. we now know a mistake lighting a fireplace is to blame for that massive fire in olney that damaged five townhomes. the fire broke out last night on soft wood terrace. investigators say someone used a flammable liquid to restart a fire in a fireplace. that fire caused a million dollars damage and left 20 people homeless. this cold snap is forcing howard university to delay the start of its spring semester. classes were supposed to start on monday but will be pushed back a week and will now start january 16th. a university spokesperson says the extreme cold we've been experiencing has ruptured pipes and caused power outages on campus. while classes won't start, the university will be open for business on monday and
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residence halls are opened for students. >> ♪♪ >> president trump taking to twitter today to defend his mental fitness and boasts about his intelligence. it's his latest pushback against "fire and fury" a book about the trump campaign and administration. in a tweet the president said "my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being like really smart. ." he added that going from successful businessman to reality tv star to president on his first try would qualify as genius. meantime the president spoke from camp david today with key gop leaders house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. president trump took time to fire back at the book's author michael wolff. >> i never interviewed with him in the white house at all. he was never in the oval office. we didn't have an interview. and i did a quick interview with him a long time ago having to do
10:33 pm
but i don't know this man. i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit. >> "fire and fury" was released yesterday. in just hours it sold out at several local book stores and became amazon's number one best seller. the president also addressed the thorny issue of daca: he says he wants to continue the program and allow dreamers to stay. mr. trump says he would be willing to support daca but in exchange he wants stepped up border security. >> we want the wall. the wall is going to happen or we're not doing daca. we want to get rid of migration, very important and we want to get rid of the lottery system. in addition to that we want some money for funding. were he need some additional border security. these are great people and we need some border security. >> meanwhile the trump administration is telling lawmakers it wants $18 billion over the next dece
10:34 pm
a wall along the border with mexico but democrats say the president's plan could ultimately cause a government shutdown. fox's garrett tenney has more. >> reporter: this plan is the first detailed blueprint we have of the trump administration's vision for a wall along the u.s.'s southern border and it calls for a major expansion of border security. the "wall street journal" viewed a coach document which was shared with a number of senators on friday and reports the first phase of the plan would cost $18 billion, take 10 years to complete and include more than 700 miles of new and replacement barriers along the southern border. the document also reportedly lays out the changes to immigration policy that president trump has demanded to be included in any deal to address daca and allow the dreamers to remain in the country. >> we want the wall. the wall is going to happen or we're not going to have daca. we want to get rid of chain migration. very important and we want to
10:35 pm
in addition to that we want some money for funding. we need some additional border security. these are great people. and we need some border security. we need ice. but we want to make sure that in terms of what we want and we -- we want daca to happen. >> reporter: democrats are slamming the administration's plan for a border wall including senator dick durbin who said the president may be pushing congress towards a government shutdown with this latest proposal adding it's outrageous that the white house would under cut months of bipartisan efforts by again trying to put its entire wish list of hard line anti-immigrant bills plus an additional $18 billion of wall funding on the backs of these young people. several items not included in the plans were where along the border this initial phase will be built and how the white house plans to make mexico pay for it. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. >> it has been four years
10:36 pm
airlines flight 370 is and the 240 passengers and crew on board. but a new search is on tonight. an american company called ocean infiniti will try to find the plane. flight 370 took off from kuala lumpur in march of 2014 and was heading to beijing when it disappeared. we're told ocean infiniti will only be paid if workers find the plane. >> ♪♪ >> switching gears and talk about that bitter cold. another cold night on tap. good news, though if you look here at the masonic temple, maybe some warmer weather on the way, gwen. >> definitely some warmer weather on the way. i'm really happy to tell people that with my seven-day forecast because believe me us forecasters have been the bearer of not so good news for the past while. >> calling me everything in the book matt. >> it's been rough but whe
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least we don't have all that snow. >> exactly. you know what, i'm the person who is going to bring the smile to your face, how is that? just turn the frown upside down. all right, let's have a look at what we're talking about here because tonight is a night, though, where we really, really have to be careful with those dangerous wind chills that we're dealing with. and then we're going to see at least some sunshine by the time we get to tomorrow and that's at least some good news out there. so, wind chill advisory in effect tonight right through until sunday morning. lots of sunshine. not quite as windy tomorrow either but we're still going to have wind chills so we're not out of the clear just yet from those. temperatures are finally going to be on the rise, a yay!, drum roll, lots of applause for that. and we have actually a chance of maybe a little bit of icy mix maybe with precipitation on monday so that might be the downside to the week. 14 degrees right now feeling only like it's one outside in the nation's capitol. elsewhere 10 at martinsburg, hagerstown only nine, westminster only at nine. famous gaithersburg pay attention to these lat
10:38 pm
maps you'll see some numbers with some minuses nine at fredericksburg 12 at culpeper. winds from 17 to 22 miles an hour. however, we still have that cold northwesterly wind. that is what we're going to turn around in the beginning of the week. so, wind chill advisory in effect, yeah, quickly passed that wind chill map but wind chill advisory in effect for tonight into sunday. it's going to feel anywhere from five to 15 degrees below zero. so you have to take this seriously because it's dangerous. exposed skin can freeze in just 30 minutes. hypothermia, frost bite, these are the two main things that can happen if you're out in this weather for any extended period of time so you really got to pay attention to what those symptoms are so you can identify them for yourself or for anybody else. and please don't leave your pets outside. very dangerous weather for animals. ridge of high pressure, an arctic ridge continuing to build in. this will move out by sunday but in the meantime we are going to still deal with that cold air, that arctic cold
10:39 pm
and those wind chills. we'll get a break, however, by monday when that ridge does exit and opens the door for a pretty nice southerly flow to kick in. 20 degrees tomorrow by midday. by the 11 -- excuse me 11 by the 8 o'clock hour and 4 o'clock it will be 23. here's what it's going to feel like during those times. 10 it's going to be -- at 10:00 a.m. it's going feel like it's 10. 11 only in d.c., 13 at quantico. sunday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon);pñ feeling likeoãit's nine at dulles and 11 at d.c. and here's the 6 o'clock hour. so, bundle up. so, we're going to see some rain that's going to kick in with this frontal system when we get into monday. the surface will be cold. the arctic air will still be in place. it won't be quite as cold as it has been but i can't rule out that we won't have rain and maybe even a little bit of a wintry mix with it. by tuesday morning with whatever moisture we get, it's going to be a little icy out there in some spots so you'll have to be careful. fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast for you. here's where we start to see the numbers rise. thank goodness. 37 degrees by mondayi
10:40 pm
rain and mix possible. but then we're heading right up to the 50's, almost near 60 degrees by the time we get to friday. that's a welcome sight. thursday and friday, could see some rain. enjoy the warmth. we're going to right back after the break. don't go far.
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>> ♪♪ >> tense moments on a canadian runway after two planes collide. one of the planes had just landed at toronto pierson airport when it was hit by an empty airplane that was pushing back from a gate. you can see the fire near the tail of one of the planes. all 168 passengers and six crew members were evacuated. >> astronaut john young has died. he passed away at his home in houston following complications from pneumonia. young was nasa's longest
10:44 pm
serving astronaut beginning in 1962. oh flew to the moon twice and walked on it once and he later commanded the first space shuttle flight. he was also nasa's only commander of four different space vehicles. young was 87 years old. nasa tweeted their condolences with a message today. nasa and the world have lost a pioneer. hollywood is also mourning the loss of one of its own. jerry van dyk has died at the age of 86. he was the younger brother of dick van dyk. jerry is best known for his role in the tv series "coach." how nominated for an emmy four times. he also played dick's brother in the dick van dyk show. >> awards season officially kicks off this weekend with the golden globes and the president's own raspberries to the media. fox's mike cantor has those stories and more in a look at the week ahead. >> reporter: sunday it's the 75th golden globes award. the show is often called on
10:45 pm
awards ceremonies and is one of the few that honors achievements in both tv and film. it airs live at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. on monday another awards ceremony brought to you by president trump. trump took to twitter last week to announce his most dishonest and corrupt media awards saying subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news media. tuesday all eyes turn to the korean peninsula. north and south korea set to hold talks ahead of next month's winter olympics. according to seoul discussions will focus on the game as well as other issues of mutual interest. wednesday chocolate lovers rejoice it's national bittersweet chocolate day. while bittersweet chocolate can be eaten raw it's often used for baking. in addition for making
10:46 pm
treats it helps lower blood pressure can reduce memory and brain function. on friday president trump will undergo his first presidential physical examination. it's custom for presidents to go through a yearly physical to prove their fitness for office. the exam will take place at walter reed national military medical center with the results to be made public by dr. ronnie johnson. and that's a look at the week ahead. i'm mike cantor, fox news. >> straight ahead tonight the nfl playoffs begin today without the redskins but will they be without kirk cousins going into the next season? brody has details coming up. >> big question, right? another big question. you feeling lucky? we're just minutes away from tonight's powerball drawing. do you have a ticket. >> if you only went for us on break. >> no, we don't have them. not going to be me and matt but just how much is up for grabs for tonight's jackpot. we'll take a look when we come back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> all right, so we're back talking a little football. >> and we're talking playoff football which means we're not talking about the redskins unfortunately. >> too bad that it is year. >> a lot of injuries this year a lot of stuff they had to deal with. amazing they got to .500. almost .500, seven and nine. >> maybe next year. >> maybe next year. every year. hey, it works for the cubs. the redskins playoff dreams, well, they went out the window a few weeks ago. skins fans will have to ponder which team to root for. l.a. rams team coached by former offensive coordinator sean mcvay but anyone just not the eagles. chiefs driving alex smith to hill, that boy has got some jets. 45-yard catch and run. he punched it in two plays later. kc up 14
10:51 pm
to demarcus robinson. chiefs 21-three lead at the half. third quarter same score. marcus mariota scrambling third and goal he's got to get a touchdown here and look at this. he throws it and it is deflected back to himself and mariota takes it in. that is a pass completion. a reception a touchdown all in one. that was set off -- thatd set off a big come back by the titans capped off here. eric decker scores the game winning touchdown. titans move on, they win 22 to 21. maybe one day kirk cousins will turn his fantastic stats into playoff victories. will that happen in burgundy and gold or other colors. fans paid as much as $60 each to get a glimpse to "the q" b's planning an event put on by fox5 it's grant paulson for charity. the question everyone who paid that money wanted to know does kirk cousins want to be a washington redskin. >> the short answer is yes. the short
10:52 pm
[cheers and applause] i feel that it's been a real positive six years. obviously we don't have a super bowl rings to show for it we don't have playoff wins but it's a privilege to play here. i would be foolish to say i don't want to be here. i mean, it is truly a dream come true and a privilege to be here. now obviously it's not that simple or that easy and we have time to figure all that out and, you know, work through all the circumstances that have to take place to feel really good about that but i do feel the short answer is yes and now let's work through it. >> to a local team that's actually won a championship recently james madison going for back to back title. in the red zone pass is picked off by nate a big man. johnny on the spot. time winding down in the first half james madison trying to get something going. look at this catch. up and
10:53 pm
whew. circus one handed catch. dukes would set dell for a field goal. trail 17 to six at halftime. fourth quarter the dukes block the field goal. giving them this chance. down 17-13. fourth and 16th. going for the win. the dukes trying to go back to -- no. north dakota state survived. they win their sixth national championship in seven years. 17-13. to basketball. wizards hosting the bucs and all-star at the vault. second quarter whiz up, john wall weaving up and under. puts the wizards up. they come right back. the greek freak wasting no time. he's going to shake and bake and then a little drive to the lane for his open. 34 points, 12 rebounds. now on this play watch the esp between wall and bradley beal. sees the screen back door open beal cuts and makes it.
10:54 pm
wizard turn a little defense into offense. converts one of his 16 assists. wizards can't hold on they lose 110-103. >> little esp. when you're teammates for that long you know it's going to come. you doing that, i'm doing this, okay throw it up there. >> i want to know what a shake and bake s you always talk about that. >> i don't know, just doing shaky looking things. yeah, shaking him. >> we're back in a moment. >> ♪♪
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10:57 pm
>> we are just minutes away from tonight's powerball drawing. $570 million up for grabs. it comes one day after a single person won friday's mega millions jackpot worth 450 million bucks. that winning ticket was sold in florida. let's hope the powerball is
10:58 pm
sold around here. >> speaking of pure luck, virginia's 94th district house race was decided this week by simply drawing a name out of a bowl. >> fox5's ronica cleary was there for the historic moment and she has the story now. >> for the drawings we print slips of paper we each candidates' name on them. we will then insert them into film canisters and seal the canisters. >> these are brand new canisters from amazon. >> we'll then place them into a bowl stir them around and pull out the winner effort the bowl for historic occasion hand crafted by a virginia artist on loan from the virginia museum of fine arts. with the canisters placed inside and mixed within seconds democracy fell into the hands of random chance. >> the winner of house district 94 is david yancy. >> reporter: democrat shelley simonds sat motionless holding the hands of her husband and daughter as the names were drawn and her opponent declared the vto
10:59 pm
virginia state board of elections appeared calm in spite of the significance of today's drawing. >> i don't feel calm on the inside. i'll tell you that. but i do trust the system so i trust that the general assembly had these conversations about how to handle ties when there wasn't a case facing them. >> reporter: and while yancy did not attend, citing inclement weather, simonds would not immediately address whether she plans to take legal academics in light of today's results. >> yesterday i offered my opponent a deal that would have made this final. he did not take the deal. and, therefore, for me all options are still on the table. do i think it's fair? you know, it was a long, hard election season and it does seem like a sad ending to the story to have to end on a game of chance. >> it does seem so strange, doesn't it? >>
11:00 pm
from over. >> news at 11:00 starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> all right, right now at 11 o'clock hope you're inside, hope you're warm. the bitter cold continues. but some relief is on the way. your full forecast is coming up. >> plus, the search for a missing prince george's county man becomes urgent with the bone chilling cold. we'll talk with his family tonight. >> and president trump fights back against the author of the new book "fire and fury" which questions his mental stability in the white house. >> first at 11:00, this bitter cold. >> oh, it is cold, isn't it? the temperatures didn't even get out of the teens today and the wind chill made the air feel even more frigid. record low temperatures and those dangerously low wind chills are plaguing much of the u.s. tonight. >> in new york city today the wind chill was minus two. in boston it was negative 10. boston


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